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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 31, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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after she posted a video of her five-year-old after -- pretending to be a superhero drinking beer. but she said he was drinking a smoothie instead. >> not a good idea. "fox & friends" starts now. >>alisyn: good morning. it is thursday, july 3 1. i'm alisyn camerota. the president proposing a so-called grand bargain but it looks like it can be more taxes and more spending. live from washington with the details. >>steve: a bombshell on the murders of four americans in benghazi. turns out we know where the suspects are hiding out. so why didn't we do anything about it? the answer will stun you. >>brian: he's out of is there. caught on camera. cops weren't looking, so this inmate made a run for it right out of the window
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and into an operating car. i'm looking for him now. right after the show i'm going to start chasing. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ "fox & friends" >>steve: you are not going to start chasing that guy. he's long gone. >>brian: he was going that way. i think the first thing you want to do when you escape from prison is go to a major city and go to a tv station. >>alisyn: he was dressed this all white so you should be able to find him. >>brian: or get a toasted almond. >>steve: there is one officer right on his tail. look for him. >>brian: looking at the two, the inmate looks in better shape. if you are in jail, train. >>steve: if you want to know where that guy is running around, we've got details in the news. >>alisyn: we have your headlines. overnight we have learned that a multistate stomach
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bug outbreak has left 370 people sick in 15 different states and it is traced back to bagged lettuce. the investigation by iowa and nebraska health officials found at 80% of people in those states infected had eaten a prepackaged salad mix, as i have last night. federal officials say the salad mix is not responsible for all cases of the stomach bug. there is supposed to be a house hearing today on the n.s.a. spying scandal but glenn greenwald says canceled at the last minute. why? because greenwald said president obama scheduled a hearing with democrats on the hill instead. greenwald was scheduled to testify. he is the journalist releasing snowden's information about the n.s.a. spying scandal. last night anthony weiner released a new campaign ad. he says despite his newest
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sexting scandal, he's staying in the race as mayor. >> some people are saying you may want to quit. i know there are some who say i wish that guy weiner would quit. they don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >>steve: is he kidding? >>alisyn: a new poll shows weiner dropping to fourth place among democrats. >>brian: who is in fifth? >>steve: he will be soon. >>alisyn: he was in first two weeks ago. talk about embarrassing, police in arkansas on the hurt for a prisoner who escaped jail. take a look because the escape was caught on camera, brian. the inmate jumped through a service window after his accomplice distracted deputies. he then sprints through a parking lot and darts into a waiting car. the car was found dumped minutes later with no sign of the inmate or his
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get-away driver. the prisoner was jailed for armed robbery. brian, get out there. >>brian: three minutes after the hour. president obama says he's offering republicans a grand bargain to save money, but g.o.p. leaders say it's not a deal. it's a ransom demand. we have the details in washington. is this a deal the g.o.p. can refuse? >> the president does have a new deal which would alter the corporate tax code but it's in exchange for more stimulus packages. his critics saying it is much more of the same. so what does it say exactly? he says he'll slash the corporate tax rate from 35% down to 28%. that is if republicans agree to finance job creation projects as well as nationwide stimulus programs. he also wants a minimum tax on foreign earnings. >> i'm will to work with republicans on tprorplg -- reforming our corporate tax code as long as we use the money from transitioning
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for a significant investment in creating ph*eupbdz class jobs. you've -- middle-class jobs. you've heard them debating. two years ago i announced the american jobs act, full of ideas that every independent economist said would create more jobs. >> what are the arguments from critics? this is a rehash of earlier administration proposals. house republicans and analysts are saying this isn't a compromise. it's not enough tax reforms and only more federal spending. >> further left version of a widely panned plan he already proposed two years ago. this time with extra goodies for tax and spend liberals. >> this is not about the budget. this is not about living up to the agreement he made in 2011. this isn't even about tax reform. this is all about how can i get more money to spend. >> the topic of the economy will be front and center on friday when the administration is bracing
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for the july jobs report. back to you in new york. >>alisyn: thank you. >>steve: later today bradley manning, they're going to start the sentencing phase at fort meade. remember it was three years ago that he leaked a whole bunch of secret stuff to wikileaks and wikileaks blasted it out across the planet. if you wanted to see this guy behind bars, he does -- he was convicted yesterday and he does face 136 years behind bars. but he was acquitted of the gravest of the charges, which is aiding and abetting the enemy. the government could not prove that he put the information out there to help al qaeda. >>alisyn: 136 possible years, but if he had been kweupbgted of aiding -- convicted of aiding the enemy he would have had life without parole. he may testify during the sentencing phase. he has said that he leaked all these things because he
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wanted to stop the military's blood lust, whatever that means. >>brian: he also released diplomatic cables that hurt our international relations. he also released stuff about the war we didn't want released. what i cannot believe -- i know it is inconsequential he's going to get 136 years or spend his life in prison, it looks like. but it is unbelievable they don't see this verdict that exonerates him for -- >>steve: aiding and abetting. >>brian: doesn't stand up. he gives it to wikileaks. he'll give it to everyone. they found that material in bin laden's house? how could he not be aiding al qaeda? >>steve: apparently the military judge who heard all the evidence felt it was not the intents to give it directly to al qaeda. it wound up in bin laden's house but that was not the deal. you were talking about the snowden case, edward snowden a couple of minutes ago. it looks like some wise guys when it comes to the
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legal stuff say the government's charge on aiding the enemy charge would make it less likely mr. snowden would be charged with that if they get their hands on him. of course right now he is in moscow. who knows where he's going to wind up. >>alisyn: you can find us all on twitter about that. we need to talk about the latest in benghazi because finally what we've been saying, at least here on the show and on your radio show constantly which is why hasn't anybody been arrested? why haven't we identified the suspects? i have always felt people focused on the erroneous talking point that we've forgotten the bigger story that there has been no justice for the victims. now we have a story. senator lindsey graham says they do know who the primary suspects are but they have not been able to arrest them because they haven't gotten the go-ahead to actually go and get
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these guys. >>brian: i can't remember any reporter/anchor that asked the question of the president, why haven't we gotten the guys yet? what about the picture in "the new york times" of the guy having a muslim -- having a m i mosa? the c.i.a. has said we know who the guys were because we knew all the terror groups located there because we were listening to them. so we could have rounded them up. but it's never been a priority and the american people never forced it to be a priority. >>steve: that's right. it looks like the administration is trying to slow walk it. we'll get around to it eventually. >>alisyn: why wouldn't we prosecute the people responsible for kill four americans? >>steve: so the people start to forget about it and it goes ahead and it advances what they're talk about right now. that's a phony substantial. keep in mind -- that's a phony scandal. keep in mind phony scandals don't result in four people
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coming back in coffins. meanwhile actor james wood, who is a big tweeter, he tweeted this about phony scandal and benghazi. remember this? now obama calls it a phony scandal. why do we shame ourselves tolerating his ability to move on? we'll be talking about benghazi with congressman jason chaffetz. he'll be joining the program at 7:15 eastern time. >>alisyn: one person they have been wanting to interview one of the marine colonels in africom. some said the orders to stand down came from afr i com. they have been wanting to interview one colonel. >>brian: that is colonel george bristol. they told everybody he can't talk to you, he's retired. turns out he's not retired. why is it important for him to talk before he's retired? when you retire you can be
3:11 am
forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement. let's see how forthcoming he'll be. here's the bottom line. there was a terror attack going on, whether you knew about it or not, you have to find a way to help these people. there was no plan. why was it okay for them to die? >>steve: we need some answers. meantime, yesterday in newark, new jersey, outside the federal courthouse it was a circus. we're talking about the real housewives of the big house. theresa, she told us -- they both face 50 years in prison. they're accused of exaggerating their income while applying for loans before the big tv show, real housewives of new jersey, and how well they were doing in a bankruptcy filing after the first season. charged with 39 indictments
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yesterday, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, making false statements on loan apps and bankruptcy fraud. there is a real possibility they're going to do prison time. >>brian: incredible with four little girls. for the record, theresa has been really nice. she was on the show three or four times. she is the breadwinner in the situation, she makes $33,000 an episode. it is her personality. he hasn't really had a job. he had a few failed businesses. he's the guy that could be deported if he is -- >>steve: he is an italian citizen. yesterday they had to surrender their passports. >>alisyn: this show and their antics yesterday have not been a high point for new jersey. the circus outside of the courtroom involved joe's mother, little old italian lady, dropping the "f" bomb to reporters. >>brian: that guy giving the finger. >>steve: the dad bent over and mooned reporters.
3:13 am
and then theresa, after she got back to her mont veil, new jersey, mansion they built on money they got through those loans, took off in a mercedes-benz s.u.v., blew through two red lights tows cape reporters -- red lights to escape reporters who wanted a picture. >>alisyn: when will new jersey get a break, i ask you? >>brian: we are stronger than the storm. >>alisyn: we are strong. >>brian: no reflection on alisyn. >>steve: 13 minutes after the hour. coming up, he's the goldman sachs trader charged with bringing the financial world to his knees. did he know what he was doing? stu varney says yes. coming up next. >>alisyn: imagine driving down the road and you get a knock on a window. the story behind the surprise superhero.
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>> greed for lack of a better word is good. greed works. greed catches the essence of the evolutionary spirit. >>alisyn: it seems life is imitating hollywood at the goldman sachs trial. fabrice tourre faces charges that he duped investigators on a mortgage deal knowing investors set for it to fail.
3:18 am
did his greed help sink the economy? stuart varney here to weigh in. can one guy's actions like this help sink the economy? >> no, absolutely not. but what he is alleged to have done did sink the economy and sink wall street. let's back up a little. when is greed, when is the legitimate pursuit of profit, when is that greed? answer: when you lie, cheat, mislead and defraud. that is what this guy, fabulous fabrice tourre. here's the story. he gets together a $2 billion pool of these mortgages and he sells little slices of this pool of mortgages around the world. he says you want to get in on the american housing boon, here's how you do it. he did not tell the investors that somebody else, a guy called paulson was betting against that fund, betting that it would lose, would crash and he would organize this fun. here's fab sitting in the
3:19 am
middle selling this pool of money but at the same tie he's got a guy who organized it betting against that pool of money. ultimately it crashes. investors lose $1 billion. paulson, the guy betting against it, makes $1 billion. >>alisyn: is this one bad apple or something about the culture that allows it to happen? >> very good. the allegation is you've got these young hot shots -- handsome, wealthy, young, running away with the world, cheating people out of their money. is that accurate? the jury will decide. that guy right there, he's become the public face of greed. this is the guy representing wall street that main street absolutely hates. and it's right on him at this moment. >>alisyn: what's going to happen in this trial? is there a lot of evidence against him? >> there's a lot of e-mails where he boasts about his position and what he's doing. of course he's got this handsome face, he's french, he speaks with an accent
3:20 am
and he's young. the jury will decide on this one. if they say guilty he faces a big fine and being barred from the system for life. he does not face jail. i suspect main street really wants to see a banker or a wall street guy go to jail. >>alisyn: and they want to make sure this never happens again. have we learned something? are there controls in place to keep it from happening again? >> in my opinion, no. i thind this financial reform known as dodd-frank, not yet anywhere near a success. >>alisyn: stuart varney, great to see you. you're coming up at #:20 -- coming up at 9:20 on fox business network. >>brian: that was a prompt from brian, of all people. thank you, brian. >>alisyn: next on the rundown, the war of words heating up between chris christie and rand paul. senator paul calling christie the king of bacon. guess what? our next guest says this is
3:21 am
actually good for the republican party because bacon is good. a group of bandits getting their inspiration from the ben affleck flick "the town" and they almost got away with it. ♪
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>>brian: quick headlines. a prominent ex-civil rights lawyer locked up on terror charges. he wants out of jail early because she has terminal breast cancer. the 73-year-old was sentenced in 2005 to ten years for helping a man convicted of plotting to blow up new york city landmarks relays messages behind bars. a celebrity chef and her husband of ten years making their split final today with a quick divorce. last month a photographer caught sachi choking lawson
3:25 am
in public. she says the pictures were misinterpreted and wanted a divorce because she didn't help him for misinterpreting the choke hold. >>steve: the spat between new jersey governor chris christie and kentucky governor rand paul heated up. both of them trading remarks over the n.s.a. spying scandal. yesterday it turned to federal spending. >> if senator paul wants to start looking to where he's going to cut spending, maybe he should start looking at the pork barrel spending he brings home to kentucky. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon. we have two military bases in kentucky. is governor christie recommending we shut down our military bases? he wants to be this great champion of national defense. what does he want to do? shut down military bases in kentucky? what this debate really is about is that in order to have enough money for national defense -- which i think is a priority for the government -- you have to be willing to cut spending in other places.
3:26 am
>>steve: who's right on this? and is this debate good for the republican party? let's talk to our republican strategist brad todd. good morning. what did you make of that give-and-take? you're the king of bacon. no, you're the king of bacon! >> i halfway expect at any moment we're going to hear more schoolyard talk than i hear from a three and four-year-old at a preschool. it's did not, did too. i think in the end it is a good debate for the republican party to have in the open. it would be worse for it to fester in the back room. >>steve: it started a couple of days ago where chris christie who apparently is okay with an n.s.a. spying program talked a little bit about how there is this strain of libertarianism going through both parties right now making big headlines. i think it is a very dangerous thought. was it a mistake for mr. christie to take a shot at libertarians? >> the republican party has, all of us as
3:27 am
conservatives have a libertarian streak but we can't have libertarian masters. that's the real question here when it comes to foreign policy. governor christie may have picked the wrong spot in talking about the n.s.a. or domestic drones where most conservatives agree with senator paul. but senator paul seems to have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory by trying to say he's the only guy who can attract younger voters because he wants a weaker foreign policy and i don't think that's true. >>steve: last night senator paul did talk about why is he taking a shot at me because i'm the guy who can grow the party with the younger voters. he's appealing to the libertarians out there. there are a lot of young people who are more libertarian than -- o would side with either party -- than would side with either party. you look at what the government is doing, a lot of people don't trust the government. >> nor should they. the n.s.a. and the i.r.s. scandals have pointed right to that.
3:28 am
but senator paul, again, always takes that debate one click too far by praising edward snowden whom i think most people regard as a criminal even if they are upset with what the n.s.a. is doing. that's why we have this give-and-take in the republican party. senator paul may be on to something we have to appeal to a younger demographic. i think his solution probably is not quite right. we need to redefine the conservative movement going forward for what that means, a broader conservative vision instead of a more narrow libertarian vision. >>steve: he's not the king of bacon. he's the king of sound bites. thank you very much. brad todd. coming up, this video is going to have you holding your breath. cops try to take down a teenager who stole an officer's gun. imagine driving down road and you get a knock on your window. that looks like superman. who is it really? superman has blue hair.
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you know what this means? life expectancy in the united states went up five years. [laughter] >>alisyn: you like that one. >>brian: that barney rubble, what an actor. quoting night shift. people at home will know. you heard about mayor bloomberg; right? it's unconstitutional to ban sugary drinks. we're allowed to kill ourselves. >>steve: deemed yesterday unconstitutional, the sugar drink banned. >>brian: we are constitutionally allowed to have that after-taste you can't get rid of. >>steve: like tab. >>alisyn: let's get to your headlines and tell you what's happening if you're just waking up because this video caught on tape there. it's a surveillance camera inside a police station in oregon. a teenager was hallucinating after taking the drug mushroom and went after the officers. as he tried to grab two of
3:34 am
the guns and pulled the triggers, it took nearly a dozen officers to restrain this boy. he's now facing serious charges. >>brian: they're accused of stealing. their plan to steal straight from a movie. "the town." >> don't move. >>brian: good movie. what happens next? we'll tell you what happened in real life. crooks used masks in new york before taking off with $250,000. the suspects are black but allegedly got latex mask to make them look white and they dressed as cops. the masks were from a company that makes hollywood costumes. the break in the case came when one of the alleged crooks sent an e-mail to the mask company offering an endorsement.
3:35 am
>>steve: oh man. they dreamed of following in their father's footsteps who died of september 11 related illnesses. according to an exclusive report in today's "new york daily news," 13 men were banking on a long standing policy of granting children of fire fighters who died on the job preferential status, but lawmakers declared that 9/11-related deaths not heroic enough to be considered in the line of duty. >>alisyn: oh my gosh. is it a bird? is it a plane? or could it actually be superman? [knocking] >> is it a joke? [laughter] >>alisyn: the latest
3:36 am
video. >>brian: who's that? spiderman? >>alisyn: apparently. the latest video craze, men dressed as superheroes hanging out on the backs of cars. it looks like they're flying. they ask the driver if they've seen him. the biggest concern? they could cause accidents. this says a lot. how is he flying? >>brian: jen says he's hanging out on the back of a car? >>steve: could be. >>brian: is he bendable? >>alisyn: he's flying away there. that's not the back seat. >>steve: so weird. >>alisyn: that's outside the car. >>brian: they can't figure it out. >>steve: unless he's 12 feet tall he can't be hanging on the window. if somebody can figure out how he does that, please e-mail us.
3:37 am
>>brian: i don't want bold superheroes -- both superheroes on one car unless there is a crime. one has to be in the city, one in the suburbs. you can't have both in a pickup. he looks way too happy. let me tell you what's happening in sports. major league baseball expected to announce suspension st-plg -- stemming from his biogenec i st probe. a-rod gets harsher penalties for lying to investigators and more. word is he was soliciting other players to go to bio
3:38 am
genecists. it is a basketball trick shot that will make you flip. that kid runs up a telephone pole and kh*ubgs a basketball 40 feet over his head without looking. the result nothing but net. the video was shot by an amateur basketball player who does acrobatic trick shots. what an athlete this kid is and how lonely it looks in the middle of the woods practicing. "kilmeade & friends" coming up shortly. >>steve: do you have your sights on that kid too? after titus? >>brian: it was a mistake. >>steve: you brought him up. >>brian: you're right. >>alisyn: let's go to maria molina for a look at the weather around the country. good morning, maria. >> good morning. i made friends with a neat
3:39 am
little buddy. his name is dave. he's up for adoption. we have a couple of puppies on the plaza up for adoption. he's from the north shore animal league. he's very peaceful here. he's a lab. his name is dave. we'll be talking more about that later on coming up throughout the morning hours here on aminu. let's look at -- weather. georgia, including atlanta, you have heavy storms this morning. grab the umbrella. you'll be looking at slowdowns on the road ways. the rain will make its way into the northeast especially tomorrow. temperature-wise across the country, triple digits in parts of texas. 102 the high in san antonio and also in dallas. new york city 83. chicago not bad. high temperature at 79. >>brian: maria, is the dog awake? >> yeah, he's awake. the best dog ever.
3:40 am
eight weeks old. his name is dave. he's a lab. i might take him home with me. >>brian: the only thing i question is giving human names to dogs. >>steve: what would you prefer? >>steve: something like butkus. >> if i took him home i might name him after a cloud or something. cumulus or nimbus. >>alisyn: patchy fog. that was our weather guy's name in college. >>brian: you get that name after doing weather or were you born that way? >>alisyn: i don't know. it might be a stage name or his parents might have been -- >>steve: here in new york, storm field. >> i've seen people who are weather people and their names are rain or even
3:41 am
freeze. >>alisyn: let's talk about how you're going to burn off all of the delicious summer treats you've been eating. >>brian: do you have a way? >>alisyn: i do. i have an activity for every single summer treat. for instance, ice cream sandwiches. do you know it is 166 calories. >>brian: if you want to burn that, surf for an hour. >>alisyn: yes. that's great. >>steve: you need an ocean. >>brian: and know how to do it. >>steve: if you don't have an ocean at your beck and call, let's say you had a half a cup of potato salad, how about instead you do mini golf, putt-putt golf for 06 -- for 60 minutes. >>alisyn: i'm usually eating when i do putt-putt
3:42 am
golf. >>brian: you want to mow your lawn? fine. do it for 60 minutes. that's if you want to have your two beers. >>alisyn: riding a riding mower you can burn off 150 calories? >>steve: i have a riding mower and i have a beverage holder. >>brian: you don't burn any calories and you're drunk. >>steve: hey, who mowed the lawn, honey? you did about an hour ago. >>brian: a half rack of barbecue ribs? if you want to burn that off, play kick ball. get eight people and find an infield and go play kick ball. and that rubber ball you gave up at gym and haven't seen since. if you want to feel guilt free and have an ice cream sandwich, surf for an hour. >>steve: if you don't want to do any of those things, studies have found
3:43 am
caffeine increases the rate at which you burn calories. if you don't want to do any of that stuff, drink coffee. >>alisyn: i also believe sleeping can help you burn calories because you're not eating during that time. just take a nap. >>steve: wait until 9:00 eastern. >>brian: coming up straight ahead, this is -- you guys talked through my segment. she bared it all in "basic instinct." but there is one thing sharon stone won't do despite mounting pressure in hollywood. >>steve: mtv's kennedy gives us a back stage pass. there she is. she's coming up. ♪ going to party ♪ like it's ♪ 1999 , slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think.
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or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, a a seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity. >>alisyn: she started sout at an intern at a radio station and went on
3:47 am
to become one of mtv's most famous deejays known by her middle name kennedy. >>steve: the kennedy chronicles: the golden age of mtv through rose-colored glasses reveals what went on behind the scenes of mtv's glory days. >>brian: she is a morning radio host. kennedy joins us live. you also are exclusive to huckabee, aren't you? you love him? >> no, i'm exclusive to stossel. how dare you. my tv husband is going to hit you with his staff. huckabee i'm sure is fantastic, but stossel is my main man. >>steve: you knew jon stewart when he was just starting out and he was cheap. >> he was cheap because he was broke. he was a new york comic living in a tiny apartment. he started out as a summer deejay. he would make the drivers laugh by speaking in
3:48 am
spanish. he would go -- [speaking spanish] is in the back seat. he would go to the mtv beach house to get out of his apartment when he wasn't scheduled. >>alisyn: you have great stories about musicians and celebrities from back then because it was all a free-for-all. one of the stories you tell in the book is you had an opportunity, it sounds like, to be mrs. michael jordan somehow? >> i like to think i could have been mrs. michael jordan. unfortunately there was a juanita joe -- juanita jordan at that point. i was with a supermodel friend. it was the 1990's. all vee jays had supermodel taped on their head. we went to a club in new
3:49 am
york and michael jordan was there. i had never been more star struck in my life and i had met rock stars and news makers and politicians but seeing michael jordan in the flesh dissolved me. >>alisyn: you made a bet with him. >> we started gambling. i had dice in my pocket, pulled them out. it was 1995. of course i had dice. we played. we wagered. he told me if i lost, i had to go to his hotel room. unfortunately at the time i had not yet achieved marital bliss. i was -- >>alisyn: you won? >> thank goodness i won. >>brian: your goal was to get knicks tickets. tell us how you accidentally cost miss teen indiana miss u.s.a. >> i was a judge in the
3:50 am
1993 teen pageant. it was the final portion of the show where they give their heartfelt speech. we had some really articulate women this year. miss indiana gives us a beautiful thought-out answer. so i'm torn between giving her an 8.6 and an 8.7. i lock in she lost the contest because of that! eventually somehow i think i pushed her over the edge because she went on to compete in the triple crown. she's not a racehorse. she went on to compete in miss usa and miss america. the girl who actually won... i'll 'til you off air. >> alisyn: the book is "the kennedy chronicles." it's great. >> brian: all based on true
3:51 am
stories. >> steve: the mystery of bigfoot heating up thanks to this new video. but is it real? that's next.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> brian: mystery of bigfoot is hot thanks to this video going fire showing what some claim is the creature in the forest of canada. is this real? is bigfoot canadian? soon we may be able to find out with the launch of the falcon project. it's a plan to use unmanned aerial drones to search for sasquatch. joining us is the author of the new book. welcome. how would you describe the falcon project? >> well, as you mentioned, it's
3:55 am
an attempt to -- or plan rather to utilize unmanned drones, aerial wildlife survey techniques that are well established, tried and true, in order to look for this elusive, evasive creature. >> brian: are you convinced -- why are you convinced it's out there? >> based on the evidence. my area of expertise is the evolution of human locomotion. the idea is very interesting to me. it's the footprint evidence that convinces me there is something out there. >> brian: now, we have now video, right now i'm looking at it. this could be bigfoot. i'm almost convinced. are you? why don't we ever zoom in? >> that's a big question in this case. i have seen that video clip. i haven't been contacted directly by any parties
3:56 am
involved. its vagueness makes it of little value. >> brian: right. here is my thing. what is bigfoot afraid of? have they heard bad things about human as soon as why does he keep running? why won't he come out and greet us? >> as any animal, any wild animal usually avoids human contact. those that don't are either domesticated or on the verge of extinction. so this very rare animal is adapted to reclusive, evasive types of behavior that avoids human contact. its intelligence, however, i think kind of tugs at that behavior and its curiousity gets the better of it. therefore, you have encounters, interactions with human population. >> brian: if i see him, i'm going to tell him we're friendly, not to be feared. the new project, falcon project that you're a part of and a new book. is bigfoot real? doctor, thank you so much.
3:57 am
>> you're welcome. >> brian: coming up, a shocking twist to the case of a woman who plotted to kill her husband, a husband forgives her. really?r really]? plus dessert all ju $14.99. me into red lobster, and sea od differently. right now, go to for $10 off 2 select entrees. good monday through thsday. ...and a great deal. . entrees. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it!
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, july 31. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. thank you for joining us. the president offering a up what he calls a grand bargain to kick start the economy. but he's offered this same deal somewhat before. so what's the point? rush limbaugh explains, straight ahead. >> brian: and a brand-new bombshell, the murders of four americans in benghazi. we know where the suspects are, so why aren't we doing anything about it? congressman jason chaffetz live straight ahead. >> steve: who is the highest paid actress in america? she hasn't been in a movie for three years. she's that rich. "fox & friends" hour two from new york city starts right now. >> hear ye, hear ye, that's the
4:01 am
news! god save the queen! god save the county of queens. >> steve: the town cryer thought brian's last name was styles. >> brian: 'cause we didn't punctuate the teleprompter. bet stern is here. also she's going to introduce us to incredible dogs up for adoption. >> alisyn: this one likes you. >> steve: what's in your hand? >> brian: candy. this dog was shake ago moment ago and he has really taken to me. i will know if my family is up because when i have a puppy on the couch, i usually get text messages around 7:03 that says, please, please, take him home. >> steve: i think he wants to explore. release the hound. >> brian: release him? like elsa in "born free"?
4:02 am
>> steve: kind of. >> alisyn: he's not going in where. >> brian: what about like kimba in the cartoon? >> steve: in "the lion king"? or simba? >> brian: there was a kimba on. >> alisyn: i just realized i'm stroking brian's thigh. >> brian: should i let him go? he seems happy. >> steve: just let him hang out with you. >> brian: the only thing worse than hitting a child in the face with a ball is hurt ago puppy. so a lot of pressure on me. >> steve: make sure he doesn't fall off. >> brian: yeah. we shouldn't reveal too much. let's keep that close, pal. how many times have you heard that? [ laughter ] >> steve: anyway, the four of us have some talking points coming up in just a minute. >> alisyn: i do have your headlines.
4:03 am
we have learned a stomach bug outbreak that left 370 people sick across 15 states can be traced back to bagged lettuce. the investigation by iowa and nebraska health officials found that at least 80% of people in those states infected had eaten a prepackaged salad mix. federal officials have not named the brand of salad responsible for the outbreak. they should. but they have said it is off all store shelves. health officials say the salad makes us not responsible for every case. they were supposed to be an update on the guardian scandal. it was canceled. greenwald said president obama scheduled a meeting with democrats on capitol hill instead. greenwald was scheduled to testify. he is the journalist who is releasing edward snowden's information about the nsa spying scandal. talk about embarrassing. police in arkansas are on the
4:04 am
hunt for a prison who are escaped jail. take a look. it was because this escape has been caught on camera. the inmate jumped through a service window after his accomplice distracts deputies. he then sprints through a parking lot and darts into a waiting car. the car was found dumped minutes later with no sign of the inmate or his get away driver. prisoner was in jail for armed robbery. someone is licking my arm right now. i hope it's the dog. she bared it all in "basic instinct" but there is one thing sharon stone won't do despite mounting pressure. the 55-year-old admits she won't go under the knife and says there is a sexuality to having imperfection. >> brian: she will not get her wisdom teeth out? >> alisyn: here she is looking flawless on the latest issue of the magazine. no one needs -- is this the dog? >> brian: yes. >> alisyn: he's been licking me?
4:05 am
>> brian: you would have pressed charges by now. >> steve: when you were doing the headlines, all we heard was no, that's when the dog was chewing on his button. >> brian: sorry about that. i have to train him. >> steve: there could be a reason a lot of news shows don't do a newscast with a dog on your lap. >> brian: broadcasting. this dog was set to be killed in north carolina and north carolina animal league saved him. >> alisyn: it's beautiful. >> brian: now look at that. >> alisyn: these other dogs, too, open for adoption. >> steve: that dog could wind up in your house. let's talk about what's going on in the news. pfc bradley manning yesterday got some bad news. he could wind up in prison for 136 years. he was convicted of 20 charges of leaking. it does show the government had a really good case in showing he did leak things to wikileaks. looks like according to legal scholar, the government may have overreached in proving he was
4:06 am
aiding and abetting the enemy, even though the enemy, al-qaeda, osama bin laden d have information about the wikileaks leaks in his house. >> alisyn: that was the toughest charge, so he escaped that one. that's the one that carried with it a sentence of prison without chance of parole. but he was convicted of 22 other charges and i think you said 136 years. the sentencing phase begins today. he did not testify at all during his trial. he may testify during the sentencing phase and explain just what he was thinking and why he did this. >> brian: two things happened. another person who feels entitled that they know more than the government feels they want to do -- they found out there was a dislike for war and he didn't like diplomatic documents. he thought they should be exposed. you wonder how this guy passed a background check to get access to this information. number two, the government has 92 million documents that are classified. people who know these documents say that there is no reason for
4:07 am
that number to be so high. i wouldn't mind a second examination of what makes something classified or not. maybe that would be something that we could profit from. >> steve: maybe the government is doing some stuff they don't want to us know, so they stamp classified on it. meanwhile, we got to see the president of the united states at the distribution center out in tennessee yesterday. he did another one of his speeches. he talked a little bit about the phony scandals that the republicans have ginned up. extraordinarily, he said that the keystone pipeline would only produce 50 jobs, plus -- which is pretty funny. plus he offered the republicans in congress a grand bargain. you know, everybody in washington wants a grand bargain a big deal to impact all of the taxes, but his grand bargain only would impact corporate taxes, reducing them a couple percentage points. >> alisyn: it's a start. this was a bipartisan idea and concept that would simplify the tax code.
4:08 am
>> steve: the whole tax code. not just part of it. >> alisyn: sure. it would help to have it simplified and it seemed like democrats were on board and republicans were on board. this is what the president came up with yesterday. he is suggesting simplifying the corporate tax code and lowering -- getting rid of loopholes and lowering the rate from 35 to 28%. but again, that's just for corporations. not for -- >> steve: not small business. >> brian: here is the thing this is what's astound being this deal, the president thought the corporate tax rate should be lowered for corporations. in fact, the republicans also believe it should be lowered for small businesses as well. but the president agreed to that in principle, says that would be something to increase the revenue in our economy and he thought it would be a good thing. if he says something he agrees on and says, i have an idea i'm going to give republicans something we agree on, as do we -- >> alisyn: he wants you to stop talking. >> brian: right. >> steve: so he's saying, okay.
4:09 am
the republicans -- there are a lot of democrats who would like a grand bargain where we blow up all of the tax system. he's just saying, okay. let's target that one little part right there, the corporate tax and have it go from 35 to 28. but he's holding the republicans hostage because he says, okay. we know you would like to do that, but any money that you drum up, you got to spend it on programs that i suggest on how to drum up some jobs. of course, he has not done very well at that. >> alisyn: the president also basically expressed his frustration and said that he feels as though he's had lots of ideas he's thrown out, but that the republicans have been an impediment and they've been obstructionists and so rush limbaugh had some thoughts on all the president's ideas. >> i've never seen a president get away with 4 1/2 years of not being seen as responsible for anything he's done when everything that's happened is because of him. he can't be stopped. the republicans don't have any
4:10 am
power. all they can do, maybe, if they get the cahones is stop things. but they can't make anything happen. the republicans are totally powerless in terms of legislation in washington. they have the house, but nothing in the senate. they can't stop him anywhere. so yet he's out acting like he's got to overcome all of this opposition and all of these mean people that want to prevent the american people from realizing their dreams, thesecardly republicans. >> beth: the truth is, max baucus and dave camp in the house and senate are actually meeting constantly -- >> steve: for years. >> brian: to propose revamping the entire tax system. this is something that would be part of a total tax revamp and was put in there in his speech, in my mind, in order to sound like, let me show that i'm willing to go halfway with something i've already agreed on in principle and then put the onus on the republicans to come up with something in response. >> steve: you know what? the white house apparently yesterday did release as well a
4:11 am
press release to clarify that the president would also like to raise taxes on individuals, not just businesses, and allow federal spending to rise higher as well. there is the president's hussite there. clearly this is not a serious offer. it's all about the elections. >> brian: 2014. >> steve: absolutely. because here, i got an idea for you. it's a grand bargain that's not really so great. but i get all the benefits and you get screwed. >> alisyn: let us know what you think. if lowering the corporate tax rate to 25% -- 28%, sorry, will actually help, help the economy and the country. >> brian: if you also want to adopt this dog, alisyn will fight you for it because alisyn, this dog has really taken to you. >> alisyn: i know. the dog must like my moisturizer. >> steve: is that what it is? >> alisyn: i don't know. >> steve: oh, look, he's smiling at you. i think this dog likes to be on tv. >> alisyn: i think so, too. you're very cute. >> brian: thank you. >> alisyn: oh, boy.
4:12 am
meanwhile, coming up, very serious story. family of a navy seal team killed in a chopper crash in afghanistan may soon get the answers that they've been waiting for. congressman jason chaffetz up next to explain that. >> brian: who is the highest paid actress in america? here is a hint, she has not made a move yeah in three years. >> steve: she's the riddler. >> brian: deborah winger hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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or unusual chaes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, or smuscle pain with fever,ing, rashtired feeling,ers, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effes are dizziness, sleess, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taki lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. having less pain -- it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. to hear more of phyllis's story, visit >> alisyn: two months ago, the parents of aaron vaughn, one of 22 navy seal members killed in a 2011 helicopter crash in afghanistan, they came forward demanding answers from the government and they joined us on sunday on "fox & friends." >> we want the truth. we want congress to have subpoena power so they can call
4:16 am
in witnesses and get to the bottom of this once and for all. and we're ready to hear whatever the truth is. we just want to know what it is. >> alisyn: well, someone must have been listening to their plea and now congress will be taking a closer look into this mission. representative jason chaffetz will be spearheading the investigation. he's the chairman of the house oversight and government reform subcommittee on national security. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> alisyn: let's talk about that terrible day, august 6, 2011, in which 22 of our navy seals were killed when the helicopter was shot down in afghanistan. what do we know about that day? >> well, evidently not enough because a couple of years after the event, the families still don't have basic answers. there really are strange things. we want to give the pentagon an opportunity to formally respond. but while this helicopter went down, they did recover the bodies, but then the families were told that the black box was not able to be recovered because it washed away in a flash flood.
4:17 am
so they recovered the bodies, but not the black box. then these bodies were cremated, yet the families showed me a picture, somebody gave them a picture of one of the bodies where it was gruesome. the bottom half of the leg was blown off. but certainly not in a state where it demanded to be cremated. then they also showed me a video which was probably one of the most disturbing parts of this, where a local cleric was blessing the bodies. these are american servicemen. but not exactly the most complimentary. talking about -- i'm paraphrasing that the infidels had done these terrible things. you have families that are very worried about this and i think they have some legitimate questions and we want to get to the bottom of it. >> alisyn: so now congress is investigating finally about this. in fact, i should mention that aaron's parents will be joining us in about an hour from now. what do you think is behind this? in other words, it sounds like you think there has been a cover-up of some kind. but what would we be covering up?
4:18 am
clearly the taliban shot it down. >> this is our most deadly event that happened in afghanistan. we lost a lot of americans best, including a lot of navy seals. i want to make sure that the families get the answers to the questions that they have. they feel like they haven't been able to get the answers to those questions. so if i can help facilitate that, if i can help unearth that, provide them the answers and give them some peace and comfort and understanding of what really happened, but again, i think to be fair we want to give the pentagon an opportunity to respond to this and now that's finally going to happen. >> alisyn: let's talk about another issue, which is benghazi, which many people believe there has been some sort of cover-up connected to. there are some reports that senator lindsey graham says that we today, or at least he in congress, know where the suspects are or who they are, but we have not been able to get the go ahead to go and arrest them. is that true? >> lindsey graham and i, along
4:19 am
with -- there are four house members, four senators, will be sending a letter. cnn reported this. but they actually went to benghazi and have talked to the head of the person who was in charge of al-shariah saying yeah, i was there. but our f.b.i. has never talked to these people and that's totally unacceptable. yeah, are there people out there that know something about this? yes. one of the top suspects evidently from the f.b.i.'s list is still in benghazi, a reporter went down and chatted with him for a couple hours. why isn't our f.b.i. doing that? >> alisyn: that's a good question. a general will be in front of congress. he is going to be able to talk he was part of africom. what are you going to ask him? >> that classified briefing, or hearing, starts at 8 a.m i do plan to be part of that.
4:20 am
look, he was in charge of special forces in northern africa. of course we want to talk to him. previously the pentagon had said he was retired. they couldn't find him, didn't have an e-mail or address. ends up he's still on active duty and i don't know how many 35-year people have the opportunity -- they can't find him. now they found him and we're going to get a chance to ask questions. >> alisyn: we will look forward to hearing those answers. thank you for all the information. >> thank you. >> alisyn: she was trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. now a shocking twist. why the husband is begging the court to go easy on her. plus, you swore you would spend less this year. turns out most of us have given up on those financial new year's resolutions. don't worry, this guy here to get your money train back on track.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
>> alisyn: welcome back. 24 minutes past the hour. 22%, that's how many people on welfare in washington that were able to work actually searched for jobs last year. they are required by law to look for work in order to receive those benefits. next, $33 million. that's how much angelina jolie made last year making her the fourth highest paid actress in hollywood. 2.1 million, that's how many viewers watched "shark nato"'s shared airing. up from 1.4 million who watched the made for tv movie when it first premiered. let's go over to the guys. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: i think that means us. have you brushed off your 2013
4:25 am
new year's resolutions or are you still going strong? according to a new survey that steve did, 22% have admitted to giving up on their goals to become more fiscally fit. >> steve: so how can you stay on track? joining us is our buddy, larry winget, best selling author and the pit bull of personal development. joins us live today. >> thanks for having me. i'm glad to be here. >> brian: why do we keep giving up? >> we give up for a lot of reasons. usually because it wasn't our resolution to begin with. somebody made it for us, especially in a couple when it has to do with your finances. maybe the husband decides we'd like to do better and the wife never buys into the thing. so emotional buy-in is always very important. >> steve: okay. that's one of your tips. also you say you get rich from giving up what makes you poor. >> that's the biggest -- sacrifice is always required in any area of success. you don't get skinny. you give up what's making you fat. you don't get rich, you give up
4:26 am
what's making you broke. if you don't go into this knowing you're going to have to give things up, you'll never be successful. >> steve: sacrifice, if there is some pain involved, people don't want to do it. >> that's why they quit, too. there is always some pain involved, which is kind of my second tip. you will fail. you always -- >> steve: so plan on it. >> plan for failure. we teach people how to plan for success and to expect success, but that's stupid because if you're going to change, and all change is hard, you're going to run into some walls. >> brian: can you give me an idea of planning for failure? let's say my goal is to reduce my personal debt or my goal is to get a certain car and i don't do either? >> what happens if you have a medical emergency along the way and you've got to use some of that money? what's going to be the contingency? you always have to have some sort of contingency planned so when those things happen, you'll be ready. >> brian: when you say have a plan, you write something down? >> most people just work from their brain. but resolutions and goals are not wishful thinking.
4:27 am
you must have a plan. i have yet to work with anyone in all my years who knew where they were on paper financially and had a written down plan of where they wanted to be on paper. you must write it down. >> steve: one of the things is after a while, here we are up to almost august, people are going, you know, i'm a little bored with this. i don't see a lot of progress being made. but they got to keep an eye on the prize. down there, i'll be doing okay. but right here, not so much. >> they need to also remember that they didn't get into financial trouble overnight and they're not going to get out of it overnight. you make small progress along the way and you have to be satisfied with those baby steps. >> brian: and you also say long-term, short-term goals, small and big. correct? >> exactly. if you can do something tomorrow that will make you feel better, good. >> steve: for dave ramsey who is watching saying, wait a minute, that's my beat, you've been talk being this stuff for a very long time. >> i wrote a best seller on personal finance many, many years ago and i had a show for a
4:28 am
while teaching people how to be fiscally responsible. >> steve: you're working on a new book and it's coming out? >> in september "grow a pair." >> steve: okay. >> brian: thanks a lot. great to see you. >> thanks. >> brian: that's a message to the crew. especially john. >> steve: pair what, pair of pants? never mind. >> brian: fox news alert. disturbing new threat on the leader of al-qaeda this morning. are americans at risk? >> steve: then never worry about your puppy getting lost again. we're going to show awe cool new tracking system that costs less than $15. you'll want to install it on your dog. >> brian: beth stern is here to tell us more [ female announcer ] it balances you...
4:29 am
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this i♪ nature valley. ♪ i've got something for you too. (announcer) fancy feast delights with cheddar. a meal that is sure to delight your cheese lover. now available in the classic form she loves. fancy feast. the best ingredient is love.
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4:32 am
[ laughter ] >> steve: what did he say? >> brian: is he scottish? >> steve: no, he's welsh. >> brian: your shot of the morning. latest video craze, men dressed as super heros knocking on car windows. they look like they're flying. how does it work? one viewer helped us figure it out. >> steve: sue wrote us, notice the size view mirror hanging out
4:33 am
mini van style door. and check out this pic, sure enough, she's right. we still framed it, it looks like the prankster is hanging right outside a mini van-type door. here is the thing, brian, apparently this is a youtube craze that is sweeping youtube land. we're going to try to this. we've got a car in front of our building. >> brian: we do not. >> steve: yes, we do. laura and the producer just told us we're going to try to recreate it within the next hour. i'll drive. will you be willing to be superman? >> alisyn: i have the blue tights waiting for you. >> steve: so does he. [ laughter ] >> brian: right. i got my own. yes. >> steve: all right! very good. game on! , game on! >> brian: you sure we don't have to talk to jason chaffetz or something? don't we have people -- i got the bigfoot interview out of the way. >> steve: now you get to be superman. >> brian: right. >> alisyn: wow. what could go wrong? >> brian: right. i'm not sure. >> alisyn: in midtown traffic.
4:34 am
>> steve: one of those gypsy cabs -- >> brian: it could happen, live television. >> steve: it could. we're going to do it safely. >> brian: now real quick before i become a super hero, some headlines. she was caught on camera trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. remember? >> if it's easier -- divorcing him, i didn't have to worry about the judgment in my family or breaking his heart. >> brian: a shocking turn of events, her husband no you begging a judge to go easy on her. >> steve: oh, boy. >> you can look in your heart today and just have mercy upon my wife so that she may not have to be away from me and my children for a long time because i know the young years of a child's life are the most important ones and i'd like her to be there. >> alisyn: that's true love. >> brian: that is true love. just because your wife tried to
4:35 am
kill u.s. no reason to hold a grudge. >> steve: what if she would have been successful? >> brian: right. he wouldn't have been able to plead her case. >> steve: okay. >> brian: so she would have been in trouble. so she's five years in prison, we'll see what's going to happen. >> alisyn: meanwhile, overnight a new threat from the leader of al-qaeda, vowing the terror group will spare no effort to free detainees at guantanamo bay. he made the threat in a new audio recording. he criticized the treatment of 166 detainees on hunger strikes there. some are being force fed by guards. al-qaeda claims responsibility for raids on two iraqi prisons that let more than 500 prisoners break out of jail. >> steve: investigators say the driver in that train crash in spain that left 79 people dead was on the phone going 95 miles an hour when the train derailed right there. that is twice the speed he was supposed to be going. they made the discovery after opening the train's black box
4:36 am
recorder. they say moments before the accident, the train had been going as fast as 119 miles per hour. the driver hit the brakes just seconds before it flew off the rails while going around a curve. he is now charged with negligent homicide. that man. >> alisyn: and one cat shows a poor pup who is the boss. >> alisyn: he grabs fido's collar with his teeth and yanks him across the floor. at one point the cat pools the pooch under the dining room table. is this a case of sibling rivalry? one thing is for sure, it's a strong cat. mighty cat. >> steve: new leash on life. brian, as we focus on -- >> brian: just use my torso. >> steve: okay, fine. can we focus in on brian?
4:37 am
shear brian with sports. >> brian: hey, let me tell you what's happening in baseball and then i'll go play with the dogs. major league baseball expected to announce suspensions expecting from its probe by the end of this week. it will be huge. officials met with union leaders yesterday telling them they plan suspending alex rodriguez and eight other players who obtained ped's from the antiaging clinic. they're expected to be suspended for 50 games. but a rod has harsher penalty for lying to investigators and word is marketing the stuff to other players throughout the league. nfl fans, are you dying for beer at the game but don't want to miss the action? you're in luck. the san francisco 49ers introduced an app that updates fans on the length of stadium beer lines and the length of bathroom lines. the app will also stream replays from multiple angles to your mobile device so you'll never miss a play. in fact, you could be your own director. that is phenomenal.
4:38 am
>> steve: bathroom lines? >> brian: yeah. 'cause people are having a better time, as marianos, having a better time at home watching the game. they have to make the in game experience more appetizing. >> alisyn: excellent. hi, maria. special guest, i see. >> good morning. yes, i have a very special guest with me. christine has been an intern with us here on "fox & friends" throughout the summer. now you're getting ready to head back to school, right? >> yes. i'm at villanova university studying accomplish. >> today is your last day. you've done an important job and now you're going to give a quick weather report. >> i am. >> tell everyone what to expect today, what the weather conditions are across the country. >> it looks like a lot of rain is going on today throughout the southeast, rolling through the carolinas and georgia, and we're going to see that same rain happen tomorrow in the northeast. so grab your umbrellas before you head out.
4:39 am
>> perfect. what are we expecting temperature wise? >> it's going to be a lot of heat. we have 110 degrees in phoenix. 97 in el paso and 102 in san antonio. >> yeah, dallas, 102. hot out there. what about chicago? >> chicago is actually going to be pretty nice. it's going to be 79. >> good for chicago. >> here in new york city? >> new york city is going to be 83. it's going to be a beautiful day. if you're here, come on out. >> great job. >> thank you. >> come on out, it's a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine, just a couple clouds. we'll miss awe lot. >> i'll miss you, too. >> one more semester, right? >> one more semester. >> sounds good. let's head over to brian who will be playing with the puppies. >> brian: right. look at that animation that. is so real, in fact, it is real. i'm here with kathy and beth, one of our great guests. you're a tech expert, beth, you love animals. you also are the author of "oh, my dog."
4:40 am
>> yes, i am. >> brian: i love that dog. what's his name? >> this is a catahula mix. we named her judy. she's going to be showing a lovely gadget. >> brian: you have this in motion activated dog paul. >> it's made by sharper image. when the dog or cat approaches it, it will open up. after five seconds of no motion around, it will automatically close. >> brian: look at that. >> it's great if you have stinky cat food. >> i need one for my cat. >> this is great for that. >> brian: well worth the $40. whistle activated gadget? >> this is a activity tracker. dogs and cats, over 50% are overweight or obese. it's a big problem. this monitors activity for the dog. it works with an app on a smart phone or ipad or tablet. it will tell you all the things
4:41 am
your dog is doing during the day, if it's getting enough exercise. >> brian: get out of here. >> it can automatically be sent to the vet so the vet knows if it's getting enough activity and what it's doing during the day. >> brian: why do all dogs love you? what's going on with this? >> i don't know. it's my perfume. all of these dogs are available at north shore animal league of america. they're ready to go. spayed, neutered. they'll all be really big. >> brian: in judy's case, fed. where is the pet hub? >> right here. it's $12 item. this is a tag that is scannable t. has a qr code on it. if you find if guy and off smart phone, you can scan this. it will tell you all the information about the contact information for the owner. you can send a gpsping so the owner knows where the dog is. >> brian: and find out how many facebook friends you have in common. >> this is a great way to keep
4:42 am
tabs on your dog. anyone that has a pet tag, 97% of them get found within the same day. this is a great product. >> brian: we also is a tag pet tracker. >> right. if you want to take it up a notch, this is the tag tracker. it's a gps built in device. you can know where your dog is at all times on a mac within your phone on an app. if your dog rooms too far away from the house, you can get an e-mail alert or text alert saying your dog is moving too far away from the hours it's run away and you'll always know where he is. >> brian: and this video thing? >> this is inimal. you can see what your dog is doing during the day. >> don't you have it on your dog? >> i shot some yesterday with my dog. i think they're showing it. >> brian: beth, as you know, we have anchors on the couch and they have a question for us. anchor, i forgot your names. what is your question? >> steve: a lot of people are e-mailing right now. how can they adopt these
4:43 am
critters? >> brian: how can we adopt these dogs? >> north shore animal league of america. visit us in port washington or log on to our web site. >> brian: we can go to your house? >> i will be there. i will hand deliver these dogs and they will be yours. >> brian: you are two pros, fantastic job. and there is chaos here. back inside, guys. >> alisyn: let me in! >> steve: cute, cute. >> alisyn: adorable. >> steve: thank you very much. >> alisyn: coming up, our wake up with us series continues. today ainsley is making the bagels. >> oh, no! i lost a few! sorry, i lost three of them. >> alisyn: we go behind the scenes to see what people are doing while you were sleeping. >> steve: plus, something completely unrelated, jennifer aniston strips down for her new movie. the one thing she credits for getting in shape. it's green. stop watching that kid
4:44 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if y can't stand the heat, get off the test track.
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get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st. >> brian: all this week we've been highlighting jobs where people work the same hours, the early hours as we do here on "fox & friends." >> alisyn: and today our series continues with ainsley earhart making bagels. nothing says bagels like ainsley earhart. [ laughter ] >> i didn't do it very well. they do it much better than i do. americans love our bagels. in fact, last year our country consumed more than 175 million bagels. so i suited up and went to a local bagel shop to see just what it takes to make that perfect bagel and i guarantee, you'll never look at your breakfast the same way. it's a common morning routine. you jump into a bagel shop, grab
4:48 am
some breakfast and you're on your way. but little do you know what goes on before you arrive. 2:00 a.m. here in new york city, we're standing in front of this bagel shop. there has been a crew inside for three hours. they arrive at 11:00 p.m. yesterday. i'm going to be their helper today. let's go inside. going to be very scary. first things first. i need the proper work attire. make some bagels. they sell three racks of these every single day. those racks hold hundreds of bagels and baking all is no piece of cake. for the perfect crust, it needs a good boil. this is how they do it, guys. look at all of these bagels. he made these last night. they come in at 11:00 o'clock at night. whoa! cool. then it's time to load them up. i've got this.
4:49 am
oh, my gosh. you need muscles. give them a quick inspection. they're slimy and soft. and get them seeded, salted and stuffed in the oven. look how much faster he is than i am. two quick turns in the oven and it's time to unload. this is going to be really heavy. whoa! oh, no! i lost a few. my job today isn't just about the bagels. i'm covering all the bases, from cutting, to cleaning, to make deliveryies. first delivery, the palace hotel a few blocks away. 4:00 a.m. here. it's so early. if there is one thing i did learn about the business of bagels, speed is everything. your store is going to open and nothing will be ready because i'm so slow, mike. the other big problem with me working here, keeping my hands to myself. gosh, these all look delicious.
4:50 am
i really want to eat them. how do you work here? that is so good. almost 6:00 o'clock. doors are opening here at 6. we'll start serving customers. good morning, sir. how may i help you? >> large ice coffee. >> yes, sir. coming upping right up? sesame and onion. 1.65. you can't beat that. the next time you drag yourself out of bed as early as you do, just remember you're not alone. do you like working early, early? >> i don't like working early. >> our series continues when we hit the high seas with fishermen and we're also going to do a ride along with a police car. >> alisyn: wow. >> so here you go. >> steve: fantastic. >> try at your own risk. >> brian: you made these? >> no, actually i didn't. so these are good. now you can eat them. >> alisyn: this is great. that was really a fun one. >> steve: next up, she wants to
4:51 am
hire a maid, but she's too freaked out by anybody being in her house. is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow has her diagnosis coming up. >> alisyn: a wine superstar attacked by a crazed fan? >> brian: wwe super stan? >> steve: stop whining for pain and swelling? apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours. but not just any cold. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps. logy delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold but not just any cold. to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. ♪ school's out for summer
4:52 am
[ male announcer ] from the last day of school, back to the first. they're gonna need a lot of stuff. stock up now and get 15% off school supplies through september 21st when you buy a back to school savings pass. staples. that was easy.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> steve: who is normal? who is nuts? it's the question we all ask once in a while. dr. keith ablow is here. good morning to you. >> how are you? >> steve: doing okay. number one, i'm very uncomfortable with people being in my home when i'm gone, even if my husband is home. when i return to work full time, i thought i'd hire a housekeeper on a regular basis, but i just can't think of somebody in my house when i am out. normal or nuts? >> let's go quickly. that's nuts! why? because it's high level anxiety or low level paranoia.
4:55 am
you got to dig down. find out who was at the gates, who was invading your boundaries? it's not now. it's back then. get to therapy because you don't want to live as a hostage to these fears. >> steve: okay. very good. number two, the city managers in my town are awful. all talk, no action. i don't see things getting better and i want to move. >> but my wife says i'm nuts to move the kids from the schools, and my friends. normal or nuts? >> your wife is normal, it's crazy. it's crazy to move over this. i donated this gorgeous swing, reclaimed pine to my town. they sent me a letter. you got to take it down. i didn't move. you should run -- don't move. >> steve: my husband is obsessed with news. he wakes up to watch it on tv, listens to talk radio in the car, to work, and has it on all day. is that normal or nuts? >> sounds a little obsessive, but it isn't nuts. why? because our economy is fragile.
4:56 am
our president doesn't like the foundation of american values and there are terrorists who want to blow us up. so turn up the volume. watch fox news. watch other news. watch any news, but don't be labeled crazy for watching it. >> steve: so it's not nuts to know what's going on in the world? >> no, it isn't. >> steve: all right. dr. ablow joins us once a week right here. if you've got a question for him, e-mail us and who knows, maybe dr. keith will say, you're nuts, on world wide television. thank you. >> you can hope. >> steve: all right. have a good week. straight ahead, hundreds of people waking up sick this morning with food poisoning symptoms. now we know what's causing it. you're going to want to hear that. while you were sleeping, anthony wiener released a new ad. what does he say? you wait. ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you...
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, july 31. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. thanks for being with us. the president trying to make let's make a deal, proposing a so-called grand bargain. but looks like more taxes or at least closing some loophole, plus more spending. is that a deal? we're live in washington with all the details for you. >> steve: meanwhile, don't like what the white house is selling? they've got a plan to change that. a new government nudge squad charged with finding the perfect spin to convince you to do things. wait 'til you hear about this. >> brian: just a poke, just a nudge. jennifer aniston strips down for her new movie. do i have to read on? she just revealed the one thing she credits for getting that hot body for, and here -- >> steve: did you just say hot body? >> brian: i did. >> alisyn: did you just end with
5:01 am
a prepare position? >> brian: how dare i? it's green. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ >> steve: it is the video that's sweeping youtube this morning. looks like a super hero superman out one window and then out the other, spiderman on the roof of the car. take a look, screen right. we've actually got a vehicle. we are going to try to recreate this particular vignette in that car. >> alisyn: i'll be driving. oh, no, you're driving? >> steve: i could be. and alisyn, you could be operating the camera. or you could be spiderman on the roof of the car. >> alisyn: i'm good with either of those. i don't understand why this
5:02 am
super hero flies into a brick wall, or even how he's flying to begin with. but brian kilmeade is going to recreate this. he luckily brought his blue tights, actually he's wearing them. >> brian: keeps me secure. makes me feel young. >> alisyn: and his cape. so i can't wait to see how you're going to do it. >> brian: i can't wait either 'cause i still can't figure it o. >> steve: because some of our viewers actually went frame by frame as they tivo the show or dvr it, so they go very slowly. as the camera pans around through the window, you can see the rearview mirror and you can see the guy is actually -- it appears that he is hanging -- watch, real fast. look in the mirror, right there. you saw the mirror for just a second. >> alisyn: what was he hanging by? >> steve: the door. the back door in the mini van. it's going to be a little complicated because we don't have a mini van. so we're going to -- you may have to fly. >> brian: right. that might be a problem. but again, steve, it's your idea. it's a three-hour show and not
5:03 am
everything can go well. i can always drive next to the car and always hit something. >> steve: then we'd have to fill out a form, it's going to take all day. you're going to fly. so anyway, there is a vehicle. we'll do it right out there on west 47th street. if you're in the neighborhood, drop by to watch tv history. >> alisyn: this is great. this is probably one of these things we should do a dress rehearsal before live tv, but we don't have time. >> steve: we just came up with the idea. >> brian: no, you came up with the idea and i have to do it. why is that? >> alisyn: he suckered you into doing it. so stick around. it will be a great hour. we have a lot of news headlines to get to because overnight, we have learned that a stomach bug outbreak that left 370 people sick across 15 states can now be traced back to bagged lettuce. the investigation by iowa and nebraska health officials found at least 80% of people in those states infected had eaten a prepackaged salad mix. federal officials have not named the brand of salad responsible for this outbreak, but they have
5:04 am
said it is off of store shelves now. health officials say the salad mix is not responsible for every stomach bug case, but it's not known what caused those other cases. there was supposed to be a house hearing on the guardian scandal but it was condition cab sold at the last minute. why? greenwald because president obama scheduled a meeting with democrats on capitol hill instead. greenwald was scheduled to testify. he is the journalist who is releasing edward snowden's information about the nsa spying scandal. and snowden's father revealing the f.b.i. wanted him to fly to moscow to convince his son to come home, but lon snowden says he refused to be used as a tool. talk about embarrassing. police in arkansas are on the hunt for a prisoner who escaped jail. >> steve: whoa! >> alisyn: take a look at how because the escape was caught on camera. the inmate jumps through a service window after his accomplice distracts deputies. he then sprint truce parking lot and darts into a waiting car.
5:05 am
that car was found dumped minutes later with no sign of the inmate or his get away driver. the prisoner was jailed for armed robbery. and also while you were sleeping, anthony wiener released a brand-new campaign ad. he says despite his newest sexting scandal, he is staying in the race for new york city mayor. >> sometimes people say to me, this campaign is pretty rough. you may want to quit. i know that there are newspaper editors, other politicians that say boy, i wish that guy wiener would quit. they don't know new york. they don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: i'm still reading. a new poll shows wiener dropping to fourth place among democrats. just two weeks ago he was in first place. and brian's favorite story, how did jennifer aniston get in shape for her latest movie role as a stripper? the 44-year-old admitting she put herself on a strict eating regiment. she ate mostly green,
5:06 am
specifically a lot of kale. i eat a lot of kale, by the way. but i don't look like that. >> brian: what is that? >> steve: it's kinds of like spinach. >> alisyn: it's a super food. it's a super food and has a lot of vitamins and great for you. however, i think she has to be doing something else. >> brian: what do you mean? >> alisyn: because my kale diet is not turning out those results. >> steve: you have three kids. you're busy all day. you can't spend 12 hours in a gym. >> alisyn: thank you! finally, someone on my side. thank you. >> brian: i will say this, i'm not saying i'm not on your side. but about jennifer aniston, she seems like somebody you want to hang out with. she seems like one of us. >> steve: you have said that many times. >> brian: really? >> alisyn: she's not listening. she happy called yet. >> steve: meantime -- >> brian: uncle kracker coming up friday. >> steve: that's right. meanwhile, president obama says he's offering a republicans a grand bargain to save money, but republican leaders say it's not a deal. it's a ransom demand.
5:07 am
we understandle goler is live at the white house this morning with the latest. >> the president is headed to capitol hill to meet with the house and senate democratic caucuses. this a day after he unveiled a new grand bargain and offered to rewrite the corporate tax code which republicans claim is driving business overseas if the money it generates is used for building roads and bridges and other infrastructure improvements. >> i'm willing to work with republicans on reforming our corporate tax code as long as we use the money from transitioning to a separate tax system for a significant investment in creating middle class jobs. that's the deal. >> the president spoke at an facility in chattanooga, tennessee yesterday. he said his offer was aimed at breaking the political log jam in washington, but he didn't seem optimistic about it and with good reason. mitch mcconnell said it was worse than the budget mr. obama proposed two years ago, which got no democratic votes in the
5:08 am
senate. >> it's just a further left version of a widely panned plan he already proposed two years ago. this time with extra goodies for tax and spend liberals. >> mcconnell will hear more of the plan. the president wants to put pressure on them to support the budget ideas when they get back in town in september. they'll have just a few weeks to pass the spending bill and a few weeks more to raise the debt ceiling. steve, brian, alisyn. >> steve: we thank you very much. >> brian: usually we're talk being all the legislation that's passing, the big rush in conference committee. we don't do anything anymore. >> steve: there is not much going on. when the president was talking about oh, there is going to be a grand bargain and you examine it, not much of a bargain. look more like he's doing political posturing for the 2014 election. >> alisyn: the president was on the road yesterday in tennessee and he was talking about how he says that his plan, he keeps
5:09 am
throwing out ideas to gin up the economy, but he says the republicans basically keep shooting them down. he says he has lots of plans for the 21st century economy and he says that the republicans have basically are getting in the way. basically he said, why don't they come up with any ideas? why tonight's they ever talk about anything? ignoring the fact that they do have a lot of ideas, but he doesn't agree with those either. >> steve: in the last congress famously the republicans in the house came up with i think 30 jobs bills and they just sat there because the president, did she did neither the president nor harry reid acted on it. that's the game plan. rush limbaugh was on last night with greta on her program talking about what the president is doing right now. seen a prest get away with 4 1/2 years of not being seen as responsible for anything he's done when everything that's happened is because of him. he can't be stopped.
5:10 am
the republicans don't have any power. all they can do, maybe, if they get the cahones is stop things. but they can't make anything happen. the republicans are totally powerless in terms of legislation in washington. they have the house, but nothing in the senate. they can't stop him anywhere. so yet he's out acting like he's got to overcome all of this opposition and all of these mean people that want to prevent the american people from realizing their dreams, these republicans. >> brian: he also brought up the term again for the third straight time and not counting jay carney and jack lew, phony scandals. >> steve: so they must be. >> brian: right. i'm just saying. obviously i thought at first it was such red meat that it had to be a mistake. clearly it's not a mistake. talking point. so if you want somebody to do something that they aren't willing to do, how do you approach altering their behavior? is there any way out there to shape america's thoughts without
5:11 am
them knowing they're being shaped? >> steve: you do the same thing we want to do with our kids, we nudge them. >> brian: no, no, we tell them to do something. >> steve: the less you tell, the more you nudge. >> alisyn: the white house has a plan that they plan to work with -- >> steve: that's a book by the way, the author used to be the president's regulation czar. that's where the numbering comes from. >> alisyn: okay. so the white house is going to be working with about a dozen federal agencies in order to influence americans' behavior and figure out a way of nudging them without legislation towards better behavior in the white house's mind. part of this -- one of the ways that it has worked successfully is with smoking, right? smoking has been a big pr push where now everybody thinks smoking is bad and my kids think it's a crime. when they see somebody smoking, they go, mom, that woman is smoking! but legislation in terms of blocking it and outlawing it in
5:12 am
restaurants and workplaces has also helped. i don't know how much it was nudging and how much was legislation. >> steve: that was more of a big hammer rather than nudging. it comes down to do the people in government -- are they the smartest people in the room where they know what they're nudging us toward is right? i read an example where once upon a time, transfats were considered better than saturated and unsaturated fat, that proved not to be true. the problem as well is sometimes a nudge can lead to a shove. >> brian: right. nudge, push, shove, poke, we don't know. here is the thing, don't nudge me, unless it's in the direction i want it to be. here is the thing, the only thing to worry about is obviously don't drink and drive. obviously don't smoke. it's good for you. however, if someone wants to use their agenda, nudge you towards tear agenda where you're being subtly manipulated to do something that they want you to do, that's the danger. >> steve: it is.
5:13 am
>> alisyn: yes, it's a fine line. so we will give you more information as soon as we have it. meanwhile, it's been two years since terrorists shot down a chopper filled with navy seals and still we have very few answers with what happened that day. now some fallen seals' families fear the government may be brushing the real reason under the rug and one of those concerned moms joins us next. >> steve: then, how did this super hero come up flying next to a car window? we are going to recreate this internet sensation, coming up live. we're still trying to figure out how toto -- how it do it. brian, relax. we're going to come up with a plan hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush?
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5:17 am
helicopter crash in afghanistan. many of them members of seal team 6, the unit that killed bin laden. so why are their families still waiting for answers? congressman jason chaffetz has vow to do investigate that deadly mission and he joined us earlier. >> this is our most deadly events that happened in afghanistan. we lost a lot of americans best, including a lot of navy seals. you have families that are very worried about this and i think they have some legitimate questions and we want to get to the bottom of it. >> alisyn: karen vaughn is the mother of aaron vaughn, one of the seals killed that day in that attack. good morning, karen. >> hi, alisyn. thank you for having me on. >> alisyn: we're so sorry for your loss and all of the pain that you've experienced connected to this. why do you think that there is more than meets the eye and that this is more than just a tragedy that day? >> alisyn, of course when we first got the reports of what happened, all of it seemed to make sense and we really had no
5:18 am
questions until the military brought us in for a debriefing in october of 2011. in that debriefing, we were given a complete overview, a complete scenario of what happened and the problem was they also gave us a document that contained 1250 pages worth of redacted testimony from people in the field. when we got home and started studying that testimony, some of the things didn't add up with what we were told in the debriefing, in virginia beach. so we began calling a few members of congress trying to get some simple answers and basically to give you an overview, none of the answers matched. >> alisyn: okay. >> so the question -- >> alisyn: yes. so i'm going to ask you about that. what are the questions you still have today? >> the questions we still have is, where did the information come from that the target we were actually going in for that night was actually in that valley? there is suspicion around
5:19 am
whether or not it was an ambush attack, something like that. i'm not saying any of these things are true. it's just questions that we have. another big question that we have is we were lied to by somebody about the reason we didn't return fire on the men who shot the chopper down that night. a lot of these things, let me just point out real quick, a lot of these things don't really pertain exactly to the crash. they pertain to the method of operation that is getting our warriors killed. this overall coin strategy that we're operating under. the rules of engagement that are causing our special forces and our other warriors that are over there fighting for our nation to lose their lives needlessly to rules of engagement that don't favor them, but favor the enemy. that's a lot of what happened that night that we want answers to and we want changes to. another thing that happened is they were denied preassault fire. and what that means is basically in any movie you've ever seen, old western movie or anything, when somebody is going into a hot zone, they yell cover me.
5:20 am
we all expect that. we anticipate that. but that was denied that night because we're on the hearts and minds campaign and that's a real issue for parents and wives and children who are sending their loved ones over there. we're not sending them to win the hearts and minds of anybody. we're sending them into war. when warriors are sent to be diplomats, there is a real problem there. so a lot of the suspicions around that night include that. but then also seven afghannies stepped on that chopper. they were not the men that were listed on the manifest. at first my husband and i thought that must be to protect their identities. but later we found out it was a big deal, it should never have happened. we also found out the investigative team was not made aware of that fact. that's a very serious fact and we want answers to why that was hidden. there is a lot of questions. >> alisyn: of course. you laid them out so beautifully and hopefully congressman chaffetz, now that he's taken up your cause, will be able to get you some of the answers that you
5:21 am
deserve. karen vaughn, thanks so much for sharing your personal story with us. >> thank you. thank you for allowing us to. >> alisyn: up next, your kids know her, they love her from the hit show "i carly," she'll join us in a second [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar, for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how're they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency.
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5:25 am
of -- to blow up new york city landmarks. >> steve: meanwhile, this. kids all across the country will recognize her as the co-star of one of the best shows on television "i carly." now she's getting her very own spinoff show called "sam and cat" and joins us live. gone to you. >> good morning. >> steve: this is fantastic. you do a good job, next thing you know, you got your own show. >> yeah. exciting. >> steve: tell us about the show. >> it's about two girls who are complete polar opposites and become roommates and start a baby-sitting business together and it sort of just shows their adventures and their fights and friendship. >> steve: it's like the odd couple -- >> it is. >> steve: if they would have been girls. >> or like laverne and shirley. >> alisyn: and are they making a guest appearance? >> yes, it's their first time they were reunited since the show. so it's like a super big deal. they were on set the week of my birthday. >> alisyn: cool!
5:26 am
>> brian: she also mirrors the comeback of manufacturing in this country. >> alisyn: i understand what he's saying. >> brian: how similar, it's scary true, but she is it understand. here is a clip of what sam and cat look like. >> you are the best baby-sitter ever! >> oh, that makes me feel so special. >> what does? >> that he thinks i'm the best baby-sitter ever. >> yeah. he said that to me. >> pretty sure he was looking at me when he said it. >> no, he was looking near you 'cause i was standing near you when he said it to me. >> steve: you're so lucky, you get to be the slob. >> i know. i love it. it's so easy for me. >> steve: the other guy it would have been harder. >> brian: what i liked about "i carly." it's a television show within a show. it's like the seinfeld show. when it was on paper, did you
5:27 am
understand it? 'cause it confuses me without the red blinking light on the side. >> yeah, it was sort of explained by our producer 'cause we're like we're doing a show, but it's not the show? how are we going to film that? is it different? it took getting used to, but by the fourth episode, we knew. >> steve: you got so many kids in your audience, we were just talking about nudging people. you could actually influence people on things like, for instance, eat your vegetables, kids. >> yes. i actually working to influence kids to do that. nickelodeon is teaming up with bird's eye vegetables and i'm partnering with them and trying to inspire kids to enjoy their vegetables more and see them as something to get creative with and have fun with. >> brian: that was a way, my daughter sent me a picture of broccoli. she just wanted to know -- she wanted me to know she was having her vegetables. i would feel better if she was eating it. she might have taken a picture in a magazine.
5:28 am
>> what if it's adjust picture of me holding the broccoli. >> brian: you would do it. if you were eking your vegetables, my daughters would eat theirs. >> we can all eat together. >> alisyn: that's great. great to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> brian: will you help us with a stunt we have to do? i'm trying to be superman. >> steve: he's got it fly. >> brian: have you done something like this? >> yeah. i've been attached to harnesses quite a lot. >> steve: she's going to help us with that coming up. and by the way, "sam and cat" runs saturday night j they, at 8:00 o'clock. >> steve: straight ahead, a brand-new bombshell on the murders of four americans in benghazi. turns out we know where the suspects are hiding. so why aren't we grabbing them? senator lindsey graham joins us with the answer that is going to shock you. >> alisyn: then how does this super hero -- flying up to a car window. we are going to recreate this internet sensation with brian in blue tights and a leotard and
5:29 am
jeanette's help. >> brian: i will be wearing a cape. >> steve: stick around clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy.
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5:33 am
for leading the attack that left four americans dead, including our ambassador, chris stevens, have been identified. so why hasn't the white house given the green light to arrest them? >> alisyn: justice for the benghazi victims being put on the back burner? south carolina senator lindsey graham has been at the forefronts of this issue and joins us now. good morning, senator. >> good morning. this may be the new low in a story that seems to get lower by the day. >> alisyn: is this accurate, that we do -- investigators do know who the prime suspect or suspects are in the murder of our four americans, but why aren't they being arrested, if that's the case? >> here is what we know, we know cnn was able to go to benghazi two weeks ago maybe a little bit longer, and get the head of ansar al-shariah, who is responsible for the attack, and meet the leader of that organization and get an on-camera interview. he said he was at the consulate, spot responsible. but nobody from the f.b.i., the
5:34 am
living government has ever talked to him and he's a person of high interest, according to our government. cnn found him in two hours. apparently we can't find him. maybe we need to contract out to the media to go get these suspects. but this is a pathetic effort to bring people to justice. >> brian: if this administration is known for its drone attacks and they are very confident that they've gotten a great deal of the al-qaeda nucleus why are they so timid when it comes to these guys? >> i've had special forces, operatives and intelligence community personnel come up to me over the last two months and say they've got great leads, so were other members who planned the attacks are located in libya and can't get approval to go after them. this is not a phony scandal. this is a effort to bring people to justice. i think if you've got these folks, you would find out how terrorists centered this was. it was not based on a video. neighbor they're still looking for the guy with the video and that's why they can't find these
5:35 am
focus. i don't know. but my belief is the people who killed our folks are wandering around libya and we aren't doing a damn thing about it. >> steve: we can't get the approval. i'm glad you mentioned the phony scandal thing. there are a number of scandal, problems for the administration. i haven't heard him tick off, yeah, the irs, that's a phony scandal. benghazi, a phony scandal. but that's clearly what they're trying to get people to think, is this is being ginned up by guys like you on the republican side to make this administration look bad. >> yeah. attack the critic. at the end of the day, we're almost a year out from benghazi, not one person has been put in jail, but cnn was able to find the leader of the organization responsible for the attack after a two-hour effort in benghazi, no one has been brought to jail. we still don't know if hillary clinton approved the consulate to be opened after it failed the security inspection. we still have no idea who changed the talking points to start this lie that it was a video riot caused by a video.
5:36 am
the basics of what happened in benghazi are unknown and the congress has never been able to interview one survivor. they're writing books, they're appearing on tv. this has to stop. this is not a scandal. this is a national security failure where four brave americans died and we're doing nothing to bring the people to justice, to understand how it failed. >> steve: all right. well put. lindsey graham, south carolina senator, thank you very much. >> alisyn: thanks so much. we also should mention we know a colonel is being interviewed from the house. he's from africom. some of the whistle blowers said that's where they got the orders to do what happened on benghazi, to either stand down or not stand down. so maybe we'll have more answers after this closed door meeting. >> brian: that is colonel george bristol. now your fox news headlines. the video caught on surveillance video inside a police station in oregon. a teen-ager walks in, tells officers he's overdosing on mushrooms and pleads for help. suddenly he begins hallucinating and goes after the police. they tried to grab -- he tried
5:37 am
to grab two of their guns. it took nearly a dozen officers to restrain the teen. he's facing serious charges. >> alisyn: straight from the movie "the town". a trio of crooks wore masks and used bleach to clean the check cashing store in new york before taking off with $250,000. the suspects are black, but allegedly got latex masks to make them look white. they all dressed as police officers. the masks were from a company that does costumes for hollywood movies like the new wolverine movie. the big break in the case came when one of the alleged crooks september an e-mail to the mask company offering a an endorsement. >> brian: right. the wayans brothers did something like that when they posed as women? >> steve: something like that.
5:38 am
meanwhile, they dreamed of following in their father's footsteps who died in the september 11-related illnesses. according to an exclusive report in today's new york daily news, 13 men have slipped in line to become part of new york's fire department. they were banking on a policy that grants children of firefighters who died on the job preferential status. but lawmakers have declared 9-11-related deaths not heroic enough to be considered in the line of duty. >> alisyn: who gave this traffic sign the green light? it's making drivers turn their heads quite a few times. [ laughter ] this sign says, "please slow drively". instead of please drive slowly. this is in auburn, california near a preschool. some think the mistake is on purpose, to get driver's attention and make them slow down. >> brian: somebody trying to save their job, saying i did that on purpose.
5:39 am
>> alisyn: he treats the medical ailments of the rich and famous on "royal pains." >> do pushups! here we go! one, two! >> what happened? >> feels like my brain is being shocked. >> i think the pain you feel is because you have an arrest 'til rear pain in your neck. we need to get to you the e.r. now. >> steve: very nice. the actor who plays dr. hank lawson on that show and directed that episode joins us live. >> yes, i did. it's awesome. we have that crazy spinning story. there is several accidents that happen in the spin class. and then there is this other story line with a woman who makes candy and they're in the kitchen of a guy who is kind of ocd on our show and the candy and the caramel fly everywhere. and to shoot this scene called
5:40 am
the hiemlich candy dance, we had to choreograph it and get seven cameras to shoot one take 'cause we could never reset it. >> brian: the good news about spinning is it's in the same place. it's not like if you had to do a bike race. >> right. you understand directing. >> brian: absolutely. i'm a born director. >> steve: this way we can be closer to the catering table at all times. it's a great show. >> thank you very much. >> steve: it's one of the big hits on usa. >> we're doing great. so grateful. >> steve: because you're so effective as an actor-doctor on tv, do you ever think to yourself, you know, a relative has an ache or pain. i can help them. i'm a doctor on tv. >> no. i never pretend i could actually help anybody. sometimes once in a while at an events or something, someone will come up and say, i just got stung by a wasp, what can you do? and somebody else will say, she's delirious because she thinks you can help her. >> alisyn: that's great. i guess everybody just likes seeing rich people behave badly. is that the secret to success? >> i think usa does a great job
5:41 am
of putting attractive people in a beautiful world, but we -- my character made a promise to take care of the rich and the poor alike. they called him the robinhood of medicine and we've stayed true to that promise. we have a great story line with officer don and his daughter molly, who i've been taking care of all season and that's the great thing about our writers is they stay true to the things they set. >> brian: do those two know at the end of the season they're dead to you? [ laughter ] >> they don't know that yet. i will always stay true to my promise. >> brian: you're in character. >> that's right. >> steve: check out "royal pains" tonight on usa. thank you very much and good luck, we'll be counting on you emmy night. >> brian: or you can stick around and help with us the super hero flying thing. >> i would love to. green screen and harnesses. >> brian: we have no time for that, no budget either.
5:42 am
[ laughter ] >> steve: the movie. straight ahead on "fox & friends," we're following a news alert. in less than an hour, bradley manning will be sentenced for leaking confidential american secrets burks prosecutors say that punishment won't be enough. peter johnson, jr. explains why. >> alisyn: she bared it on in "basic instinct." there is one thing sharon stone won't do despite mounting pressure in hollywood ♪ [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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5:45 am
>> steve: got quick wednesday morning headlines. housing prices are on the rise in cities affected most, affected by the economic down turn. the value of houses jumping as much as 19% in l.a., chicago, and dallas. she bared it all in "basic instinct," but there is one thing sharon stone won't do
5:46 am
despite mounting pressure in hollywood. the 55-year-old says she won't undergo the knife. talking about plastic surgery. she's admitted she's come close to getting a face lift, but never did.that's her basic inst. >> brian: fox news alert. less than one hour, a judge will sentence former army private bradley manning for leaking classified government information on the internet. manning found guilty yesterday of espionage, threat and fraud, but not guilty of the most serious charge. this is baffling to me -- aiding the enemy. why didn't that charge stick? peter johnson, jr., that's your question. >> good morning. >> brian: i'm shocked at that. >> i'm shocked at that, too, because there was proof, robust proof in the case that some of bin laden was -- osama bin laden was looking at the stuff that manning had released to wikileaks. so if that's not aiding the enemy, i don't know what it is. but the defense, with the help of a lot of liberal main stream people in the media in this country, concocted this theory
5:47 am
that somehow mr. manning was a humanist, was a person of charity, was a person who was upset about the gay policy in the military, and therefore, he had some desire to help people and make the world a better place. so he dumped hundreds of thousands of cables, downloaded the identity of all the troops in iraq and afghanistan, released videos indiscriminately, not even seeing half of them, and so he said -- >> brian: gave it to wikileaks. >> no, i'm the hero for investigative journalists. so the main stream media become idiots in this regard, the same people who give lip service to our wounded warriors and cry crocodile tears on the sets of television shows and say thank you for your service, thank you for your service, incredible what you've done. at the same time they lionize this idiot as someone who is trying to increase the analls of
5:48 am
investigative journals in america. i love investigative journalists. i've investigated things. but investigative journalists didn't build america and they aren't going to protect america. >> brian: i have a problem with the fact that if he was so proud of it, why didn't he tell everybody he did it. and if he gave it to wikileaks, how could he think he's not aiding the enemy? >> whether it's wiener or other issues, it's defining deviantcy down. can you believe, someone goes into the military, takes an oath of office as a private empty military, then goes overseas and decides to download hundreds of thousands of classified secret documents to the detriment of our troops and to our country, foreign policy is not an open field. foreign policy is classified. do we care about our own national security or care hour about the notion of oh, we need to protect the rights of
5:49 am
investigative journalists. we need to have everything open. everything open, america closes. >> brian: i think the big story -- that's very true. the biggest story is how he ever got clearance, how many other privates -- >> how many people in america get fired for releasing secrets about their company examines prosecuted? >> brian: thank you so much. we're going to make history straight ahead. it's the super hero surprise that's gone viral. so how did they pull it off? we create it with the help of hollywood in minutes. but first, let's check in with my own super hero, bill hemmer -- why are you laughing -- for what's happening at the top of the hour. >> tell ali i'm wearing my costume. i'll apologize for her. i'll see you on radio at 11:00 o'clock. >> brian: thank you. >> the price tag for health care just went higher, like billions of dollars more. we'll explain why. big line - up. karl rove, michelle balkman, senator mike lee and his efforts to defund obamacare. they're all here live, next hour, bradley manning is set for
5:50 am
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5:53 am
>> alisyn: happening right now. >> steve: all right. we've been showing you this morning this video from south ways where a guy, looks like superman, flying next to a car. how did they do that? >> brian: that's amazing! >> steve: we've had many of our viewer e-mail us, telling us we have an idea. right now we've got ali driving the car. we're going to recreate it. we've got mark director -- >> i'm directing. >> brian: here is your motivation. you're in traffic. frustrated. you don't expect a man to come flying next to you. >> alisyn: fox not. >> brian: get in character!
5:54 am
>> steve: next thing you see could be brian kilmeade flying next to the car. >> alisyn: traffic in midtown manhattan. here we go. >> you're frustrated! >> steve: you could use some help back here! ♪ >> brian: i hear you're frustrated in traffic. >> steve: we've got you! >> brian: let me do it again! this is how we did it. right here. high-tech nothing. right here. very impresssive. >> alisyn: he has a leopard cape
5:55 am
on. >> brian: so we're doing this and this poor guy from ups watching brian straddling us. another day in new york city. >> brian: it's important to hold up the deliveries. >> alisyn: you are revealing -- >> brian: this is even superman's cape. >> steve: i'm exhausted. >> brian: he's just a regular guy. he's a real man. i can't stop crying. >> alisyn: wow. i thought that worked well. >> steve: see you monday. you're hired. you have the job. mark, thank you very much for directing this episode of "fox & friends." by the way, we will continue from the streets of new york city in two minutes ♪
5:56 am
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5:59 am
>> steve: today we made news trying to recreate a viral sensation. there you can see ali stuck in traffic and brian kilmeade acting as superman. >> brian: i was! >> steve: flying next to him. ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause! [ applause ] >> brian: as usual, the paparrazzi gathered. give me some space! >> alisyn: what was your super power? how to stop traffic? >> brian: i was pretty much trying to calm you down because you were upset you were in traffic. we realized more crimes were committed while he was superman all around us. it was a distraction. >> steve: mark, you're a famous director. how was it as things go? >> ali was phenomenal. i felt in traffic she was upset.
6:00 am
>> alisyn: thank you. >> brian was great, he was great. >> alisyn: thanks. >> you're so welcome. >> steve: see you tomorrow. bill: that's an epic shot, isn't it? save that one. good morning, everybody. fox news alert. fireworks over obamacare because the price tag is going higher. some leading republicans pushing a new effort to defund the law entirely as we get more bad news how much it will cost all of us. good morning i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." heather is in for martha. >> i'm heather childers. nice to be here for martha maccallum. republicans are making a new push to kill the controversial law by voting against any new money to fund. senator ted cruz is saying now is the time to take a stand. >> we've got to win the argument. look, this becomes an epic battle. i don't think for a second


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