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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 31, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ring, bell. thank you. [ bell ringing ] it's not so horrible, if things go ten points we'll take it. hope you have a great day and you'll come back for the evening news tonight, fox news report at 7:00. it's the interview creating a firestorm a conservative fire brand getting in on the flap between chris christie and rand paul. >> i would like to say this to governor christie, he's not the only one who served in law enforcement. i was chief of staff to the attorney general of the united states and maybe mr. christie can get in front of the 9/11 families and tell them exactly how this nsa program would have saved a single life or prevented a single terrorist from entering this country. >> if chris christie were the republican in 2016 would you support him? >> i doubt it. >> it quickly went viral and the
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fight between two powerful republicans going strong. rand paul is here and like mark levin, is ready to react to this. >> i have nothing personal against senator paul. if we disagree on certain issues we disagree. his response seems to be he has something personal against me. that's okay, can he just get in line on that front. >> and here we go, welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and this is "your world" a controversial world. mark levin speaks as the top two low pressures raise a stink. we hope to get on chris christie soon, we've had him on a number of times in the past so hope springs eternal. we have kentucky senator rand paul. do you think it's gone too far? >> i think it's time to dial it down. we have enough democrats to attack maybe republicans can quit attacking republicans.
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i've said my piece on this. i don't like republicans attacking republicans because it doesn't help to grow the party bigger in the northeast, the republican party is shrinking, it's basically on life support so dividing up the party, which is already shrinking in the northeast isn't good. i've tried to spend a lot of time talking about some libertarian ideas and i don't like that being criticized that that can't be part of the party because i think that's actually part of the way we grow the party and i will continue to talk about privacy, about foreign aid, sending money to countries that are burning our flag, and that may not be popular with all republicans in washington, but it's very popular with republicans out across the country. >> but are you worried that it could be backfiring, senator, and by that i mean there's a move afoot to sort of disinvite you from a funding gathering i believe in new york next month. it doesn't appear to be going anywhere, but a number of new
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york related republicans, including those who were pushing for sandy aid, the same aid that you had referred to as part of the gimme gimme mentality are angry at you. >> wait, you know some of this, neil, comes from people who aren't fully discussing the issue. i actually did support sandy funding. i supported doing it one year at a time and paying for it by taking money from money that we're sending overseas in foreign aid. i was objecting to spending four years' worth all at once without sufficient oversight, without offsetting the cost by cutting so i was never against the funding. i was just against doing the funding without offsetting it with spending cuts. >> you know, senator, rifts come in both parties but this one seems to be particularly pronounced and one may be preceded by john mccain and your run-ins with him in the past and he told "the new republic" when asked whether he would support you if you were the party's nominee in 2016 over hillary
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clinton he said it's going to be a tough choice. what do you make of that? >> i think there was a chuckle that supposedly went along with that interview, and you know, john mccain and i are friends. we don't always agree on everything. we had a dust-up today on the floor over foreign aid because i think it doesn't help our country to send money to egypt particularly when we have cities like detroit and chicago decaying in our country that i don't think we have money to be sending overseas and so i offered to try to obey the law that says when a military coup happens you have to stop funding, then that money could be used for some bridge projects in our country and to help infrastructure when we desperately need it. so we have a disagreement on that. that doesn't mean i don't respect john mccain as a war hero and i try to keep things on a less personal way, less personal kind of a battle and i think with governor christie it's gotten a little too personal, so we're ready to kiss and make up. >> all right, it doesn't look at
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this point, sir, like he is and the gimme gimme thing i guess is what stuck in his craw. this was yesterday and you responded in a sense but i do want to you hear the full comment from governor christie from yesterday and your response to it. governor christie. >> senator paul wants to start looking at where he's going to cut spending to afford defense? maybe he should start looking at cutting the pork barrel spending he brings home to kentucky at $1.51 for every $1 and not look at new jersey, where we get 61 cents for every dollar, maybe senator paul could, you know, deal with that when he's trying to deal with the reduction of spending on the federal side, but i doubt he would because most washington politicians only care about bringing home the bacon so that they can get reelected. >> what did you think of that? >> well just not true. i don't vote to bring home any bacon because i told the people of kentucky when i ran for office there wasn't any money up here and i would try to vote to keep more of their money in kentucky by lowering their taxes but i wasn't bringing anything
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home because we were $1 trillion short. governor christie can't point to any votes that i've ever voted to bring pork barrel projects to any state. i do work to try to bring money home from overseas and use it here at home but really it's just not accurate. i would probably say i'm the most fiscally conservative or not one of the most fiscally conservative members of congress so it really kind of doesn't stick or make any sense. >> he's referring to the general sense of the states, sir, that new jersey spends roughly 38.3 billion in taxes that go to washington, and gets not nearly any of that back. in the case of kentucky, it's 26.5 billion and you get more than that back. >> none of that has anything to do with me. those formulas are based on poverty and i'm one of the leading proponents of saying to folks who are getting entitlements that i think if you're working and able-bodied, you shouldn't be on the dole, and if you are, cannot help
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yourself, then we'll find some way to help you but poverty formulas have nothing to do with me. i didn't create these programs so it's kind of a stupid point to blame me for poverty -- >> you tried to clarify that kentucky gets a lot of this because you have two big military bases. >> it is and it does have to do with military spending. >> they could say new jersey they have ft. dix, the weapons station, mcguire dix and air force base. >> the bottom line is what this is about is we're trying to figure out those of us who are conservative and who believe in a strong national defense how do you have enough funding? i'm willing to cut entire departments. in my five-year balanced budget i cut entire departments but i actually bring in military spending above the sequester level. void the sequester for the military because that cuts so much spending. my problem with some of the more liberal members of the republican parties, they're not willing to cut spending other
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places in order to preserve national defense. they're four national -- >> do you think there will be more spending with the liberal members of the party? >> it's hard to tell. for example if you want disaster funding and not willing to offset it with cuts i think that's a liberal proposition. if you want disaster funding but willing to cut in other parts of the budget or military spending but want to cut other parts of the budget that's a conservative notion. >> the severity of the hurricane if it hits your fine state, god forbid of sandy's magnitude and your residents were clamoring for their lives, would you argue the same thing? >> i would argue the same thing. we had tornadoes recently. >> sure. >> if there's going to be extra money come from fema, i would argue it should be offset, and i've consistently said that every time there's been a fema bill come up. i've put in an amendment to say it should be offset by spending
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cuts and i think, frankly, if the american people could vote on whether or not we send the money to egypt or to new jersey and new york, i'm all with them. >> what if that takes a long time, senator? the frustration governor christie showed at the time was that this was taking really, really long and the folks in new jersey were really, really hurting and they needed it. >> my amendment was the same day that they passed the appropriation. if they would have passed my amendment they would have gotten their money but gotten one year's worth and it would have been offset with spending cuts. >> gotcha. >> and the spending cuts occur over time but the bill would have happened at exactly the same speed of time. it's really about whether or not you want to have responsible government or whether or not you want unlimited spending without offset cutting. >> do you like chris christie? >> i don't really know him but i think the party's big enough for both of us. >> you're off to a bad start it would seem, the two of you. >> excuse me? >> you're off to a bad start, it
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would seem, the two of you. >> yes, but i think i'm an easy going guy to tell you the truth. i've had many dust-ups with the more eager for war faction of our party and we still get along, we sit next to each other at lunch and as far as i'm concerned we're still personal friends even if we disagree on some issues. >> i'm sorry, sir, if he were the nominee for 2016 for president will you support him? >> i will support whoever the republican nominee is? >> chris christie included? >> whoever wins and that includes chris christie. >> there had been thought the two of you would make a nice ticket, that had been bounced around. >> we're going to have to -- >> would you be interested in that? >> bell vae we'll have to patch up. i'm inviting him for a beer any time he'd like to sit down at the pub around the corner from the senate and have a beer. >> have you heard anything on that invite? >> it hasn't been formalized, i just thought of it. >> just now? >> we'll formalize it and put it in writing, i think we could sit
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down, have a beer and mend things and at times people have said chris christie has some libertarian leanings so it's ironic that we see him criticizing libertarians in the party or libertarian influences because some libertarians had high hopes he had libertarian leanings. i don't really know. >> do you think he drew the line maybe because of the 9/11 experience and so many lost in his state that he drew the line when it compromised our national security? >> i don't know. >> that it put many peoples lives in danger and we to deal with a lot of victims of those disasters. >> i don't know. i think it really has to do with a bigger, broader issue about whether or not we're going to be the party that protects the fourth amendment and privacy. i think we need to be the party that protects privacy and internet freedom. >> i think that's the least of it, senator. you're closer to the fire than i am but that seems like a very big philosophical battle being waged right now within the
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party. do you agree? >> we'll see. like i say, the offer to have a beer with chris christie stands. if he wants to break bread and see if we can find common ground i think it will help the party to not have us feuding. >> when you say break bread or have a beer you're open it to it being in trenton as much as d.c.. >> we could always negotiate a middle ground like philadelphia. >> real quickly, sir, while i've got you here, you're very concerned about pouring good money after bad in egypt and you say the president pushed and already broken what is a recognized standard of giving money to countries when there's a military coup or an overthrow, whether justified or not, that the money stops. where does that stand now? >> well, we had a vote on my amendment today and i informed both republicans and democrats that if they voted against my amendment they were voting against the rule of law. the law is very explicit. it says if there is a military coup all aid must end but i also
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think the aid is actually counter-productive. i think it's dangerous to israel because i think these tanks and weapons and planes could potentially be used by crazy strong man that could arise in egypt and used against egypt. i don't think they do any good for the people. they're not buying any bread. they're buying tanks that may well be rolling over protesters, they're buying tear gas made in pennsylvania that they spray the protesters with. we now have a military in charge that's disappearing people. we rightly criticized the soviet union for disappearing, torturing and putting people to death that are in criminal custody. they're not even announcing what's happened to the muslim brotherhood and i'm not a fan of the muslim brotherhood but at the same time i'm into the a fan of disappearing people without charges or trial either. >> senator rand paul, maybe governor chris christie is watching and we'll broker an agreement to get the two of you to chat.
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i highly recommend our italian hoagie sausage. mark levin did not stop there. he says you have to wonder how republicans handling of it is more phony. darrell issa is next. polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪
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up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- res. what's your policy? well levin digging in this time about how republicans are handling these scandalous investigations. >> speaker of the house is in charge of organizations these investigations in the house and he won't. they're flopping around. they're navel gazing. >> there seems to be a lot of smoke pursuing the potential for fire. >> because they don't think there's anything political in this. they're playing rope-a-dope, playing it safe, push through the next election, he wants to be speaker, cantor majority dipper. yip-dee-do. if they had been running effective investigations, one
1:18 pm
joint committee with some of the sharpest toughest individuals we know investigating benghazi, we'd be to the bottom of this already. same with the irs scandal. the president should be served with an interrogatory. it's been done before. >> my next guest is one of the republicans leading an investigation into probably one of the bigger scandals, the irs, house oversight committee chairman darrell issa. what do you make of that argument and levin crystallizes it among more angry conservatives of the party that it's your party, it's your speaker that sort of stonewalling this. what do you think? >> i guess he hasn't been in the meetings in which the speaker has said darrel, use all the resources you need, get it done. more importantly he hasn't lived through over 43 hours of depositions of people directly related to benghazi. we have about five times as much time per witness as the arb, as the state department had in their investigation. we're taking real time, these
1:19 pm
people are under oath. i'll put my investigators who do this day in and day out against anybody. we make sure the lie about benghazi got turned into the truth that there never was some sort of a video. we're the ones that proved it wasn't cincinnati, that went to washington and not just to washington but to the office of the general counsel. we're the ones that continue to do that. yes we're being blocked at every step of the way,ier we get black pieces of paper, yes we have less than 0.2% of one of the documents identified in the irs but we're serving subpoenas, interviewing people under oath and subpoenaing them as necessary and my committee is very busy. maybe he misses the fact that good investigations take time. we're doing that. we're going to bring lois lerner back and before we bring her back we're interviewing everybody that shows just exactly what a hub she was. >> bottom line just to put these doubts to rest if they are legitimate you're saying when it
1:20 pm
comes to guidance from the speaker, eric cantor, no one is saying, all right, this is going nowhere, why don't you cool it? >> i've got complete support of the leader and the speaker. they have helped me all along the way. >> but you're not getting help from the irs commission, right, that's what's bothering you? >> absolutely. this administration is the least transparent in history. they're making it very clear that what she said they don't do, they deny, they deceive, they delay. >> they say it's a phony scandal. >> you got to remember phony scandals are when you take individual wrongdoing and together they're somehow phony. individually every one of them, you know we've had the parents of the lost ones in benghazi and obviously in "fast and furious" with brian terry's family, these people are suffering. it's not phony to the loved ones left behind. >> where do you think it will go eventually? it seems like you really need access to these people, they're not coming to you, so you're
1:21 pm
kind of in a holding pattern, aren't you? >> no, we're getting to them one by one and whistleblowers come forward when they come forward. we reach out to them and eventually get them. you certainly saw deputy ambassador ambassador hicks and what a compelling testimony he gave. it takes time. we don't know where these things are going and follow the facts to where they lead us. we do follow the facts and we get the truth to the american people because they deserve the truth. >> thank you very much. i want to update you on a statement with aggressively responding to the irs and taking things strongly togree with anything to the contrary.
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they pat you down but is it the tsa that needs a shakedown? misconduct is up 26% in the last three years so what exactly are these screeners doing on the job? doug mckelway has more from washington. >> the report shows misconduct cases at the tsa have risen by 27% over three years, it documents more than 9,000 cases of wrongdoing by agents, the largest category, 36% was showing up late for work and improper leave but others were much more serious, it cites one case of a tsa theft network in newark, new jersey, that was led by a tsa supervisor. >> the supervisor was advising the tsa employ on how to steal contents of passengers' luggage. again, this has been totally embarrassing for everyone. >> there were other cases of workers caught napping on the job, another caught stealing up
1:26 pm
to $80,000 in electronics. it also documents inconsistent punishment. >> out of 56 cases of theft from fiscal years 2010 through 2012, 31 resulted in termination, 11 resulted in letters of reprimand, 11 resulted in suspension of a defined period and two resulted in indefinite suspension, and one resulted in resignation. stealing is stealing and these are instances of stealing from american travelers. >> the gao report cited minimal consequences for screeners who didn't see explosives in covert testing. they're sent to retraining but not dismissed. they said the 9,600 infractions in three years are not all that bad out of a workforce of 56,000. >> i'm going to have somebody that's going to do something stupid and it's going to get in the press and probably make 20 rounds in the press and, but for every one of those stories, sir, i will tell you there's probably
1:27 pm
ten more great stories about what our people do. >> the report lends support for those calling for privatizing passenger screening whether companies -- where companies can be fined for poor performance. some find the work itself whether it's done by public or private sector workers is unpleasant, the subject of ridicule and mind-numbingly dull which some contend is a recipe for inattention and mistakes. neil? >> the wrong place to be mind-numbingly bored, though. thank you. former new york city detective pat rossen says this is more proof we need to privatize the tsa. i was thinking how would that solve anything? >> well, the first thing, neil, is that by privatizing it, it would have the owners of the private company would have true skin in the game, in other words they would have the ability to lose the contract, nevermind being fined, if their guards produce sub par performances.
1:28 pm
inconsistent covert screening of explosives, if that occurred and a private company was holding a contract that bid out the contract and they're vetting and their supervision prevented their employees or facilitated their employees behaving like that, they would be at risk of losing the contract, nevermind a fine and that's the difference. it's the skin in the game. it's the penalty. >> would you pay more for that skin in the game? >> well then the post to direct labor you'd probably pay less because direct statutory labor would require all the payroll taxes, in other words, the feds pick up all the payroll, the fica, unemployment and so forth, that would be an all in number with the private company. >> say whatever it works out to hourly for the workers, in order to get better workers you generally have to pay them more, not all the time but a lot of the time. would we get more bang for the buck paying more bucks? >> definitely more bang for the buck but i argue you get
1:29 pm
identical or better bang for the buck at the same price point if you went outside of the direct labor and you went into third party private labor. >> you know, i always believe in every profession, pat, if you follow this more closely than i that you have your certain percentage of goofoffs and goofballs and charlatans. they're not in the financial tv news business just to be clear, but there are a lot who are just, they steal stuff like laptops, the case of the tsa workers, some who stole money and worse but they are more probably a small fraction rather than representative of all tsa workers. who is to say if you had a private entity handling this you wouldn't still have that. >> the immediate difference neil and i concur with you, there will always be knuckleheads. the discipline problems from tardiness to non-appearance at work and hygiene issues, they're comparatively minor.
1:30 pm
it's not catching explosives going through, it's inconsistent screening. the short answer would be simply that if those vetted employees were sub par, the vendor would just move them out to another location. they might put them into building security in another location and they would replace them with better vetted employees who are more supervised whereas the unions would prevent and block that. you couldn't arbitrarily move an individual until they had administrative procedures. >> former pat brosnan on all things secure. did you know the nasdaq put in a 6.5% gain on the month, the best since january 2012, all the major market averages including the dow, despite today's downdraft had a good month in july. can that continue? why something the fed said today hints that it will, after this. don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast. choose youroup, salad, entree, plus dessert
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and could really save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose your own doctor or hospital as long as they accept medicare patients. and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. you know i've been so busy trying to broker republican party pizza with chris christie and rand paul i forgot the markets, the dow up 4%, nasdaq 6.6%, best performance there in better than a year and the s&p 500 about 5%. here is the deal, though, the fact of the matter is the federal reserve seemed to indicate today that it's going to keep providing oxygen here and keep this $85 billion worth
1:35 pm
of treasury note mortgage security buying to sort of provide a floor for these knuckleheads, lizzie, what's going on here? >> the thing is what is this now qe infinity and qe eternity? qe, money printing what it stands for. when are we going to get off that kick? >> apparently not any time soon. >> that's right. i'm thinking walking into your studio the markets have been dependent on central bank -- >> just occurred to you walking into the studio, you did no research coming in? >> no i did but you're so inspiring it just lit something in my head, so since the '80s, i mean, what, the central banks around the world according to bank of america, merrill lynch, says the central banks added around $11 trillion, $12 trillion into the global markets. is this really our future? when are we going to get off of the central bank fix here? >> not any time soon. >> not any time soon. i'm wondering at what time and point, melissa, this turns into
1:36 pm
a bad story. >> over time when we see interest rates go up that's going to be the problem, because we've seen housing recover quite a bit and interest rates -- >> precisely because interest rates have been going up. >> exactly. all of a sudden we see interest rates going up, it will undermine the recovery that we've seen in the economy that's been based in large part on housing. >> that assumes they go up a lot, you envision they go up a lot? >> when the fedexities, yeah, absolutely. i think they go up a lot. >> they go up, let me back up. the economy is growing at 1.3%, right, in the first -- >> who's counting. >> no, but the thing is if it goes to 3% you're talking about 5% on the ten-year note and interest and mortgage rates, cash is dry powder. >> not you that are old or seasoned as me but you and i can remember when mortgage rates were in the teens, right? >> i don't remember that, no. >> you know my point, i kid but to make the point i know we've
1:37 pm
gotten used to the obscenely low rates but they have a lot higher and the norm is more like 7% or 8%. >> what i'm talking about here is this, we are so dependent on the federal reserve, fixing the economy, fixing jobs. what about the $2 trillion overseas in cash. cash is dry powder, get that money back home to create jobs here instead of being reliant on the federal reserve or government to do it all. >> when the fedexities interest rates go up and undermine the housing markets at the exact same moment the stock market falls apart. >> so you think this rally is more than a run of sorts. >> i think what the fed does is what they did in '04-'06, 17 little rate hikes. it could start in 2015. >> and then the genie is out of the bottle. i make many. >> because you're a genie genius. >> think about it if she's right on the inflationary thing and
1:38 pm
you're not hiking rates until 2015 you have missed the boat. >> what do you mean you've missed the boat? >> your hiking rates, addressing inflation that's rip roaring. >> it's not rip roaring now. >> but by 2015 if she's right and i have no reason to doubt her. >> i'm saying that you're already seeing the 30-year rise right now, you're already seeing anticipation of rates being higher. >> your genius is in fpn i'm asking this for fox news do you see inflation now? >> no. >> and do you think the federal reserve the risk is that it's falling behind a curve and missing a chance to nip this in the bud? >> no, i don't think inflation is the big specter down the road. i think the 30-year rises undermines housing at the exact same market time they get out of the money printing business you see stocks fall apart and the little recovery the benefit of the money printing evaporates. >> i think the food price
1:39 pm
inflation. when the banks start releasing that money to the economy you'll have inflation. the theme now should be how do you pass the baton from the central bank to the private government. that's a question to create jobs not be so dependent on the federal reserve and the government. that's all i'm talking about. >> that's something more than thinking up as you're walking to the studio you did bring something to the table. ladies thank you very much. we're 20 minutes away from melissa's fine show where she scares you frankly with this kind of talk but that's melissa, whatever works, i guess. she's on in 20 -- who needs the 5:00? this is no jive. okay, the same government embroiled in scandal is now hiring a team to teach you how to behave? you know what? this would be like me policing a ponderosa buffet. you don't want to go there. what the -- after this.
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all right, well who needs mom to nag when you got the federal government to nudge? the white house creating a team to make suggestions on how to modify your behavior on everything from saving for retirement to reducing energy costs. trace gallagher has all the details. hey, trace. >> neil the government says it wants to subtly influence your behavior, put a small team together to decide what's right for everybody. the official name of this group is called the behavioral insi t insights team and their goal is to make sure everyone reaches their goals, whether it be losing a few pounds or saving more for retirement. the guy who co-wrote "nudge" richard thalor is all for it, quoting here "i don't know who those people are that may not want a program but they are either misinformed or misguided. requestsome critics pointed out the government has made many mistakes. uncle sam once thought that
1:44 pm
trans fats were good for us and nudges can easily become shoves. if you're enrolled in a weight loss program or a retirement program, can you at some point opt out or would the state then become death and taxes and weight watchers are unavoidable. keep in mind the administration is beginning its recruiting in academia, sending a letter to an unnamed professor saying, quoting here "looking for people with strong analytic skills, experience designing, testing and evaluating randomized control trials, and a strong research background in social psychology, cognitive psychology and behavioral economics." make no mistake the government is already doing this in a dozen different agencies including hhs, health and human services, department of agriculture, and they say it's working for example, neil, did you know if you tell people that nine out of ten brits are paying their taxes on time and if you offer to clean out somebody's attic the
1:45 pm
government says at full cost they are more likely to get insulation in their attic to help with their energy costs. >> small things the government thinks will work for everyone. >> i appreciate those analogies and the diet you were starting on, trace, so you did redeem yourself my skinny, fit friend. trace gallagher in california, too far for me to reach. all right, thank you, trace. now look who is in the house, the judge and raising holy hell over this program. what's so bad about it? >> this is mike bloomberg on steroids. the government, the federal government which can't deliver the mail has no right trying to tell us how to live. no matter how good their ideas may be, it's not a proper function for the bankrupt federal government to spend money telling us to insulate our homes or pay our insurance premiums. if we don't do it we should suffer the consequences that will come from not doing it,
1:46 pm
rather than having the government on our shoulder nudging us. don't talk about weight. >> not with you. i'm wondering, what if there's a methed to the madness. what if you can encourage people to get insulation and all of that, everyone saves because energy bills go down countryside and it's just a nudge to say hey, it's a matter of cleaning out your attic, we'll do that. >> the minute we let the federal government begin to operate outside the confines of the constitution is when the constitution becomes meaningless and the federal government can do whatever it wants. >> what's the difference between that, sorry, and going on in britain, to trace's point, nine out of ten pay their taxes on time. >> i love our british friends particularly the ones who work with us. they have no constitution. they have a tradition so they have no written document that confines the government. the parliament can write any law and regulate any behavior it wants. >> the whole constitution is a big thing with you. >> the constitution is a big deal and it is with everybody who believes in freedom.
1:47 pm
if the federal government can do whatever it wants the constitution means nothing and we have no freedom. >> i want to get you embroiled in a little, that is this whole dust-up with chris christie and rand paul. what do you think, is it for the soul of the party? >> it is for the soul of the party, same for barry goldwater and nelson rock fellner the 6 '30 rockefeller in the '60s. reagan proved the libertarian and the big government republican can be on a ticket. reagan also proved that unless the republican candidate puts a fire in people's belly, unlike john mccain and unlike mitt romney, the republican candidate won't win and when he does put a fire in people's belly he will win. chris christie and rand paul are both my friends. i offer to host the beer drinking in philadelphia, midway between new jersey and
1:48 pm
washington, d.c., and governor and senator, i'll pick up the tab. >> that's philadelphia has to offer, maybe some cheesesteaks fine but i thought they should keep it in new jersey, our state, because we have some very nice italian restaurants. >> we do. >> very nice sausage and pepper shops. >> neil if it's in new jersey i'll pick up the tab only if you join them. >> well then i'm coming. then i'm coming. you think this is for the heart and soul. >> i think it is and i think the trend in the republican party is moving towards small government, towards a revulsion at what the federal government is doing in the obama years, and to some extent it did in the george w. bush ideas. governor christie is smart enough to understand that, senator paul is right in the middle of it. >> another offer on the table. i'm doing my part here to save the world and while i'm not trying to broker budget agreements i'm trying to broker
1:49 pm
peace agreements in the party and now the judge is helping us out. rand paul, governor christie, it's up to you, the judge and i are hosting a is mosmorgasbord rival all smorgasbord. one-time gop fund-raiser says not a moment too soon, these guys better settle fast for the or the is on its heiny. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast. choose youroup, salad, entree, plus dessert all ju $14.99. me into red lobster, and sea od differently. right now, go to for $10 off 2 select entrees. good monday through thsday.
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1:52 pm
if we can sit down, i'm inviting him for a beer, any time he would like to come down and sit at the pub around the corner from the senate. >> have you heard anything on that invite? >> excuse me? >> have you heard anything on that invite? >> hasn't been formalized. i just thought of it. >> open to it being in trenton
1:53 pm
as much as you are in d.c.? >> we could always negotiate a middle ground like philadelphia maybe. >> on the verge of brokering a beer summit with chris christie and rand paul moments ago. noel, you're worried this is a fight that's already gone too far? >> i think it is created diversity, and we need to be embracing diversity. i'm afraid it's going to cause trouble if it keeps going if the beer summit doesn't happen, so to speak, i think there's going to be a lot of diversity, especially among people that are going to be giving checks and that's what really concerns me. i'm up here for a birthday party, andrea rockefeller, a pretty big donor as well, and i am with someone that would be a
1:54 pm
potential donor saying these things are bad and this is a donor. what worries me are the ramifications long term. >> the parties always have squabbles. will they be subtle? >> i think it is a great argument to have. this is a debate to have, this is republican party, some key players defining what we're going to be about. i like things to be big, open, inclusive, loud arguments, debates, whatever you want to call it. this is good, not even in the mid term, these are two potential 2016 candidates, compared to the democrats, they have to talk about anthony weiner and spitzer and all of that, and we now have a republican governor who has a chance to dip his toes a little into the foreign policy issue, so that's a good thing for him, especially since it looks like the democrats are going to nominate hillary clinton judging by the calfal kad of funding and
1:55 pm
planning. i would like to see key players get a chance to stretch. i don't look as it as fights, i look at it as a healthy process. >> i heard you say this was akin to what the parties were going through in 1964, with the rockefeller camp on the left, barry goldwater on the right, and it was a landslide that particular year for the democrats. that's the fear, right, that it cuts to the core of what republicans are and might not be settled any time soon. >> you know, i don't like it. and the reason why, we have a branding problem. everybody knows this. and i think that what we need is camaraderie, and the last thing we need is -- and these are two superstars, chris christie kind of brings in the moderate, help with the youth back. mark zuckerberg did a huge fund-raiser. do you think he would do that for any other republican candidate out there, probably
1:56 pm
not. bringing diverse equals into the republican maybe, into the republican party. we have rand paul, i love rand paul, he is fantastic, chris christie, two of our big shining stars, with this tit for tat thing, which may be over, as we speak. they see you, neil cavuto, this show may have patched that up. >> i can only do so much. it is one crisis at a time. but enough about me. back to the reaction about me. do you think, cheri, that this calms down, maybe both realize we went too far with this. if we're going to fight about this stuff, fight about it later, but for god's sake, we have to keep people looking at republicans as an alternative. >> yes and no. i think camaraderie is different than having to agree on everything. this is the time for the republican party to have debates, i don't think it is unhealthy fight. we are the party to have it. this is where people will look at us. people will open their
1:57 pm
checkbooks, we are talking about social issues that tend to divide us. i have no problem with healthy debate between the two men, they'll get along just fine. >> we shall see. ladies, thank you very much. tomorrow i am not done, we will look at the israeli palestinian thing. for now i'm done. you make a great team.
1:58 pm
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hello, i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. the gang is back. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." well, it is coming up on a year since the terror attacks on our consulate in benghazi killed four americans. president obama promised to bring those responsible to justice, remember? >> we will not waiver in our kmisment to see justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake, justice will be done. their families and colleagues and all americans know this. their


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