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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 10, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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hit or miss, please send it to us. be sure to follow us on twitter. i know you are all on it. jeronfnc. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. on "fox news watch" -- what do you say to the cynics that go this is an overreaction to benghazi? >> one thing i tried to do as president is not overreact. >> president obama makes a post-prime time appearance. commenting on key issues and terror threats facing our nation. was this the right venue to make news? "the washington post" gets bought by amazon billionaire jeff bazzos. how did the media react to the news? what will this mean for the future of the newspaper business? >> you have the republican chairman -- i would say understandably miffed about these hillary clinton film.
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>> even some folks at nbc against the peacock plan to produce a miniseries about hillary clinton to run before she runs for president. and the head of the rmc takes a stand. demanding nbc and cnn drop their clinton projects. how will this fall in? oprah speaks out about the trayvon martin shooting. did her words help or hurt racial tensions? democrats have become the targets of late night jokes. >> yesterday was the president's birthday. he didn't let work get in the way of having a good time. take a look at this speech. >> you will interact with americans from all walks of life because -- our citizens can learn from you, too. >> judy miller, columnist and fox news contributor and jim pinkerton be contributing editor of the american conservative magazine. ellen ratner, top radio news
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service bureau chief. fox news contributor, richard grenell. "fox news watch" is on right now. the end of the war in afghanistan does not mean the end of threats to our nation. as i said before, even as we decimated the al qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, al qaeda affiliates and like-minded extremists still threatened our homeland. still threaten our diplomatic facilities. still threaten our business essay broad. we have had -- take these lets seriously. and do all we can to confront them. >> president obama at camp pendleton delivering a somber message about the threats we still face from al qaeda and other extremists. mr. obama also commented on the terror threats and the progress we have made against al qaeda
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when appearing on "the tonight show" with jay leno and answer questions on the issue at a press conference friday afternoon. jim, "the tonight show," was it the right polilace to talk abou such weighty issues as terror alerts? >> actually jay leno -- asked a lot tougher questions than "the new york times." maybe it was better. i have to confess, as an avid news consumer here, i'm suffering of whiplash because all through with 2012 we were told al qaeda is on the run. even after benghazi last september, still on the run. now we see -- situation where the embassy is being evacuateded and reminds me of watching the helicopters in 1975 and -- front page of the "wall street journal" on friday, will was a sign from the -- anti-morsi protesters saying obama, you can't fool your people in the world anymore. you finance back terrorism.
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that might be that's one protester. the general who is in charge of egypt said pretty much the same thing to "the washington post" last week. so i'm -- having a hard time processing what's happening here. maybe the mainstream media can help me sort it out. >> help us out with this. was this the right vent you on or was the president doing the step by step process by getting away from answering top questions from the mainstream media or media organizations that typically ask those questions? >> i think that's his m.o. he loves doing that. this was his sixth appearance on jay leno. clearly it is a lot easier to just shoot the bull with, you know, with jay, than face the white house press corps. ellen ratner. ask tough questions because they know the issues. he goes around them. he goes around us all the time and we let him get away with. >> it don't ask touch. >> sometimes they do. they started -- >> i see ellen from time to time at the white house. we are there together. when the news briefing takes
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place with -- the president, you people get around asking tough questions? >> i think people do ask tough questions. i think sometimes, you know, it is -- some of the tv people want to get that clip on so they ask the same question time and time again. different ways. i think that the tough questions are asked. my view is as any time that he can ask ask questions whether it is jay leno or anybody that would be good but i have to say that political came -- politico came out with the campaign of the week p.m. campaigning to getting back to being barack obama again. >> i saw that. what did you think about that? >> i thought for him it was the right venue because for this president, i think like built is key. i think that when have you issues like benghazi, when you have a lot of circumstances where he has been on both sides of the issue, lots of stories changing and inconsistencies domestic and foreign policy, i think it is for for him to get on tv and remind everyone you still want to have a coffee with me and still like me. i'm still the guy you voted for. i think that for him that was a big win to choose -- >> this is a president that
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wants to be popular and goes to a popular venue. in order to actually get the kind of support that he is looking for. what say you about his appearance on jay leno? a softer, gentler forum for him. >> yeah. why not? if i was the white house press secretary or director of communications i would continue doing as many softball interviews as possible. it is working for the president. why not? it is the white house press corps that is failing and, i mean, seriously, folks, if you just spent ninewatching candidate obama that al qaeda was decimated and now we are closing 22 embassies and consulates across north africa and middle east, that doesn't ring true. there is a problem here. and the press should be all over this. however, the white house press is a joke. on friday, jessica yellen, who is the cnn white house
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correspondent, is tweeting out that, you know, sources are telling her that the white house is going to react in a big way to more transparency with -- when it comes to the nsa issues. that source is a white house person telling her that they are just taking what the white house says and just regurgitating it. >> i see you weighing in on this. you want to weigh in. let me read something quickly. it is an op-ed from "the wall street journal." it says the disconnect lies in the failure to appreciate while al qaeda central has been badly weakened by u.s. counter terrorism efforts the group was never close to being extinguish and adapted. anyone else in the media see at this time same way. >> i think that's correct. just not what we were told last year. look, i mean, the president got away on jay leno saying we don't have a domestic spying program and media took that, too. nsa does not exist. tom bloomer at news busters caught a great example of where the media covered for president
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on "the tonight show" talking about the geography of ports and talked about the gulf coast ports. charleston, savannah, jacksonville. atlantic ocean. and the media -- ap -- words to cover him on that. remin reminds me. >> some big news for a big newspaper. stay tuned. we have a lot more. >> the ash "washington post" gets bought out. oprah winfrey gives her view of the trayvon martin shooting. did she say the right things? sn is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms.
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here's the headline in "the washington post" tuesday, about "the washington post." the paper has a new owner. billionaire jeff bezos. founder and ceo. buying the newspaper for $250
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million. that's a good payday for "the post." some called it a fire sale. big news for the paper but what kind of news is it for the newspaper business? let's get to our questions. what's this say about our newspaper industry being bought out by jeff bezos of "the washington post"? >> principle media can't survive this digital era until they are -- it is fitting that digital operation like amazon takes over. i think that -- we haven't really begun to think lou all the consequences of this. merrill brown sometimes on the show said to npr you have to understand there is an iron triangle emerging. they are connected now. and i think that's -- it is h ominous. >> sit ominous? >> i think individuals who have certain agendas or want to do certain things with newspapers buy them if they have the money. that has been a long standing tradition. how all of a sudden that one family becomes legendary and the
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print business. i think that -- bezos said what he had to say. he said that there is going to be change. but i'm going to stand by you if you are courageous and we will be courageous enough to do two things. get the second source, wait and second of all, to make sure that we go after the next watergate. he didn't use that word but that's what everybody is worried about. the business of only a wealthy old family can own a newspaper i don't share that view. >> i think that how we consume media has changed. has the content changed? i have to say that politico said -- bezos is customer centric and is in the metrics and delivery and that is what he is going to try to change. >> how do you think it has been from "the washington post"? >> if coach had bought it? >> they are saying thank god it is not the koch brothers.
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i think it is interesting to see the media react positively to this. real clear politics and politico. everyone has something nice to say. a lot of glorification of the grand family. a quote that said that they relinquish the newspaper they love in order to protect it. they wanted to talk to bus their families. i think it would have been very different had the person that came in to buy the publication not been ideologically consistent with "the washington post" already. this is a guy that donated to a lot of democrat candidates. i think that there was -- security in had a. "washington post" will remain "the washington post" and media is comfortable with that. >> how does this matter to people wrought side of the beltway and -- certainly way outside of the beltway. what does this mean to them? >> like "the washington post" or "l.a. times," all newspapers are really beginning to lose readers. and one of the reasons why they are losing readers is because conservatives have decided they
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don't have a fair shot with so many of the reporters. jeff bezos needs to understand if they want to bring back more readers then do real journalism. conservatives will come back and start reading "the washington post" if they just give as you fair shot and go after the president who is right now running our government and yet, you know, we have a "washington post" set of reporters who are not going after the president. >> all right. we have to leave it there for that particular topic on bezos. lot of people looking at that. also wondering why the koch brothers, why they are buy dash why their buying of the tribune paper is being protested. next, is a battle brewing between nbc news and their network? >> this miniseries is a total nightmare for nbc news. >> nbc's plans to make a miniseries about hillary clinton
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couple of years ago we had a debate traveling circus. i think it is about time we cut out those people that are actually spending their time and money promoting our opponents. i'm not going on sit around and let it happen. s that's all i'm saying. they can do it and i have the -- i can say no. >> chairman of the republican national committee standing his ground against plans by nbc and cnn to produce programs about hillary clinton leading up to the 2016 election. earlier this week he issued this ultimatum. >> it is appalling to know
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executives at major networks like nbc and cnn that donated to democrats and hillary clinton have taken it upon themselves to be hillary clinton's campaign hy clinton's campaign's campaign hy operative. it will speak about the rnc will neither partner with the networkss nor sanction primary debates they sponsor. rich, what do you say about this? >> you know, i think it's great for him. i think it's about time to have a leader that would push back. if there was a firewall between nbc and nbc news and nbc entertainment, maybe it would be believable now there is talk of alec baldwin getting his own show on msnbc. the lines have been blurred. i look at the today show, they are pushing out some sort of nbc movie or sitcom. the simple fact is, there is
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no real firewall. to do something about hillary clinton, the timing stinks. >> kelly: we should point out that cnn issued a statement pretty much suggesting the critics to wait and see. is this that a little too late to put that out there now? >> no, i don't think it's too late. if cnn not the news position wants to do a droy ri by charles ferguson who was tough, i say fine. let them come out in 2014. we don't even know she is running. it's freedom of the press. they can do what they want. [ laughter ] >> maybe she is not healthy and not running. >> even john edwards. let's not to do it somebody that we know who is running for president. >> if this is coming out on rand paul or marco rubio, that candidate was getting so so much attention even if there was negative. it gives them name
11:52 am
recognition. i have to say mr. priebus said she is making that he is making her look much more important. i thought that was very apt. >> i would say they kick it over to cable. >> kelly: speaking of being in a squeeze. remarks from oprah winfrey this week. >> it's so easy during this time trayvon martin paralleled. in my mind, same thing, but you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and see how far we've come. >> kelly: oprah winfrey making her first comment about the shooting equating the tragedy to the brutal murder of 14-year-old emmett at the age of 14 in august
11:53 am
of 1955. did she go too far with this? >> what she was reflecting what many african-americans feel. if she hadn't added the second part, if she didn't add how far car we've come but it was a sentiment she was expressing. >> just there is an insistence to make something about race that many people don't feel it's about race. i think it's unnecessary i think you can call for a coming together. you can condemn violence whatever your race may be and not make race a divisive issue. >> you can call for coming together only with honesty about the issue. for example, a month ago in florida, a white kid was on a school bus and was beaten within an inch of his life by three kids and jesse
11:54 am
jackson and sean hannity was only the one focusing. there have been a few of those crimes that oddly media isn't interested. >> two of the interviews she said we've come so far. i think she was fair and balanced about it. [ laughter ] >> kelly: and stating that we have come so far we should be able to discuss race without always revisiting the wounds of the past even though we should learn from the past where there is a reconciliation and healing and hopefully transformation where we can past this thing. i'm i being too optimistic. >> that is what martin luther king said. >> kelly: all right, next on news watch the new targets of late night jokes. ♪ (tires screeching)
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♪ >> president obama gave a big speech on the economy, a really big speech. it was longer than his last state of the union address. it was 20 minutes of anthony weiner jokes. michelle obama said she could take a whole afternoon and talk about barack's failures. [ laughter ] >> yeah, she was immediately hired by fox news. >> it's been a huge scandal in washington. it's been tough we weeks nor obama, irs scandal and
11:59 am
benghazi and rough week, heh? >> president obama turned 52 over the weekend applause. >> they now call him silver fox. most of the silver in the his hair was caused by fox. >> kelly: a new study released by the center important on media and public affairs at george mason university show that republicans are the only top targets for late night jokes. president obama and others in his party have provided the best material for late night gag from january to june of this year. president obama was the top dog followed by anthony weiner, only republican in the top ten was president bush and new jersey governor chris christie. that is wrap this week.
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thanks to our panel. i'm kelly wright. thanks for watching. keep it right here on fox news channel. ♪ >> heather: i'm heather childers and welcome. >> i'm gregg jarrett. glad you with us. the latest on the search for a missing 16-year-old girl and her alleged captor after a witness says he saw the two trekking through one of roughest wilderness areas in united states. >> heather: potential pitfalls the real reason why consumers aren't saving as much money as they think they are. >> gregg: mayor of san diego is quitting after


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