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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 11, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> what does that mean? >> they have to officially file it before they can prescribe it. >> my goodness. it's like a controlled substance. doctors, so much information today. >> thank you very much. >> see you next sunday. we start this hour with a fox news alert. finally free and said to be safe. 16 -year-old hannah anderson is about to be reunited with her father after missing for nearly a week. her alleged kidnapper shot dead by fbi agents, tactical specialists, during a confrontation late yesterday in the idaho mountains. >> jamie: good morning, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters". i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. following that week-long manhunt that expand five states and sparked multiple amber alert, they were spotted at a camp ground. >> we had a lot of resources in that area, both on the ground and aerial resources.
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it's my understanding that the camp site was spotted from the air and that the ground units were sent into that area which eventually led to the confrontation. >> eric: hannah is now safe and sound. will carr on the ground live in cascade, eye idaho. >> reporter: good morning, eric. the local paper here in boise sums it up. suspect killed, teen girl safe. throughout this entirer ordeal, authorities said it was their top priority to make sure that hannah anderson came out of this safe and sound. they say that she is. she's at a hospital near boise. she's being evaluated. they tell us that she's in good shape and set to be reunited with her father later today. earlier this morning he actually spoke on "fox & friends" and over the phone described the moment that he found out that his daughter was safe. >> it crumbbled me. it was -- it was nerve wracking, and it was exciting all at the same time.
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so it was very, very emotional. very much emotions right now. i'm sorry. i'm not really focused because i'm trying to get ready to go here. >> reporter: and as he races to get here, the fbi is on the scene at the camp s-te where all of this went down yesterday, trying to figure out exactly how this shooting did go down. that's about five or six miles from where i'm standing right now. they're also trying to figure out exactly what led up to this. they tell us that an fbi agent shot and killed dimaggio in a very remote area, a camp site in an isolated part of the wilderness. apparently this is an end to a week with a lot of strange twists and turns. last sunday dimaggio's house burned to the ground in san diego. inside authorities found her mom and her brother on monday. an amber alert went out. authorities say dimaggio allegedly killed her mom and brother and kidnapped her. wednesday a horse back rider
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said he spotted dimaggio and hannah in a very isolated area very close to where everything went down yesterday. with all of this, there's still a lot of questions, eric, throughout the day. we're hoping for more answers from authorities. back to you. >> eric: when we have that reuniting with the father, we'll bring the very latest developments and get back to you when that happens. thanks so much. jamie? >> jamie: an update now on the embassy and consulate closures. 18 have reopened in the middle east and africa today. the obama administration had ordered those closures a week ago after intelligence officials intercepted conversations suggesting possible terror attacks on the facilities and other u.s. interests. yemen, which is highlighted in red here, still remains closed. steve centanni with the very latest live from washington. this is really serious news this week, steve. what's the status? >> reporter: yeah. that's right, jamie. you know that embassy in yes, ma'ayemenis closed because it le heart of the latest terrorist
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threat. as if to prove the point, terrorists were able to blow up a natural gas facility and kill four soldiers in a port city today about 2 hun miles south of the capital where you see the u.s. embassy here remains closed. now, here at home, lawmakers say the president's understating the danger from al-qaeda after the latest threat forced 22 embassies and consulates to close last week. >> the action of closing these embassies shows they're able to mount threats everywhere in the middle east against the united states of america, and they are playing in ways that can -- that are going to pose challenges to the united states for years to come. >> the threat's real. what i call the narrative of the president saying that al-qaeda is on its heels, the struggle is over, let's go back to pre9/11 mentality is a very dangerous narrative. >> reporter: the president friday acknowledged the threat from al-qaeda does continue.
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listen. >> although they are less likely to be able to carry out the spectacular homeland attacks like 9/11, they have the capacity to go after our embassies. they have the capacity, potentially, to go after our businesses they have the capacity to be destabilizing and disruptive in countries where the security apparatus is weak. >> reporter: but the president said the core of al-qaeda in pakistan and afghanistan has been seriously undermined. jamie? >> jamie: stevsteve centanni lin washington. we appreciate the update. meanwhile, this as well. we have to report about some carnage across iraq. a string of bombings killing at least 69 people and dozens more were injured. the attacks targeting families that were celebrating the end of the holy month of ramadan. there are signs the attacks were coordinated by al-qaeda. investigations continue, and many of them happened within an hour of each other at cafes and
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markets. the u.s. already condemning the attacks and offering a $10 million reward for any information that helps kill or capture the leader of al-qaeda in iraq. >> eric: to politics now. new jersey governor chris christie is leading in the state polls as he faces reelection in november. but right now two other polls show he's also the frontrunner for the 2016 republican presidential nomination. in the national primary race, rasmussen reports shows him leading with 21% out in front of senator marco rubio, former governor jeb bush, senator rand paul, and congressman paul ryan. a wmur poll in new hampshire shows kristi leading in the primary also by the same 21%. senator paul is second at 16%. former governor bush at 10%. paul ryan and senator rubio round out the top five. before governor chris christie gets the republican nomination, he has to beat his democratic
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rival, new jersey state senator democrat barbara bruno. polls show him almost 30 points ahead. what would a chris christie presidential campaign be like? brad bliekl blakely smiling on e right. you worked for president george w. bush. brad, how much does he have to win by in november to potentially send a national message? what do you think? >> if you look at the polls as you suggested, eric, he will win handily because he's delivered. don't forget. new jersey is a blue state. he's a republican governor in a democratic state. he has to face a democratically-controlled senate. look at what he's been able to do showing bi-partisanship, balanced budget, creating jobs, taking on the teachers union. his leadership before, during, and after superstorm sandy, so his leadership is his greatest strength. that's why you see his poll numbers so good even beyond his state, so i think he'll win handily unless something
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unforeseen happens in november. that sets him up to be certainly the frontrunner as we start talking even now about 20 60s d the presentation rate. >> eric: he's got a feud going on with rand paul and some in the republican party he's alienated. >> the republican party isn't homogeneous. we have a lot of different important issues that we agree with and some we don't. one thing you can say about governor chris christie which is his strength is nobody has ever coming out of a meeting with him saying gee, i wonder what he thinks. that's where leadership comes in, so let's not forget he's a republican governor in a democratic state. when and if he should decide to run for president, he's going to have to run to the right in order to get the nomination because you have to be selected by the party before you're elected by the people. >> eric: how does he run to the right to get the nomination? look how the reaction he had when he hugged president obama and gave him a big greeting
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during hurricane sandy. >> well, he will find issues upon which he can differ when he was governor because being governor of a state, especially a democratic state, your first and foremost focus is the people of new jersey. as he looks broadly to national issues, he will be able to be a little bit more conservative, running as the presidential republican nominee than he will be a governor in a blue state. >> eric: maybe not a real big hug. we see president obama in this video, you know, hugging, grabbing him, putting his hand on him. >> eric, he did what was necessary for the people of his state, and weave we've seen thas cooperation and his willingness to reach across the aisle has helped the people of new jersey recover from superstorm sandy. certainly obama debit win because he got a hug from chris christie. >> eric: the guy you worked for after entering the white house, george w. bush, won by 63%. 31% for gary more row who was
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the democratic. does chris christie have to get above 69% to send that message? >> not at all. texas is a lot different in make up than new jersey. in new jersey democratic registration far outnumbers republican. the fact that he's doing so well as a soon-to-be governor up for reelection proves he is able in an area now in our country where we're seeking bi-partisanship, he's been able to do it with a record of having a senate and an assembly of democratic leadership as governor. he's been able to lead democrats as well, so this is a strength of chris christie's, not a weakness. > weakness. >> eric: speaking of democrats, hillary clinton. what do you prognosticate a chris christie-hilllhillary clin battle will be like. >> that will not come to fruition because the country is clintoned out. you had a community organizer come out of nowhere and take her
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in the democratic primary. i think she's much weaker in 2016 than she was in 2008. >> eric: what, joe biden? >> i would pray if joe biden as a republican is their nominee. i don't see joe biden being in contention at all. i think there are other democrats that have yet even to be talked about that like barack obama could spark fire within the democratic ranks. >> eric: like who? >> well, i think there's bayh, there's booker, there's a lot of young democratic leadership out there that i think could be very attractive. look at the brothers in texas. one is a mayor, and one is a congress person. there are a lot of young talented both republicans and democrats have that the american people will come to know as we get closer to 2016. >> eric: we'll put this to a teflt in 15 minutes. we have a segment about hillary and what the main stream
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immediatmediais talking about. we'll be discussing that. brad, always good to see you. thank you so much as always. >> a pleasure. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: this was such a tragic story. police now in east haven, connecticut identifying the four people killed when a small plane crashed into two homes on friday. there were dozens of people that turned out last night for a memorial service to honor the victims. the pilot of the plane has been identified as 54-year-old bill hennensgard. you see him on the right. yohe was with his 17-year-old sn maxwell on a college tour. their plane struck two homes, killing a 13-year-old and a 1-year-old baby inside. investigators are looking into the crash, but they say so far they've found no obvious signs there was anything wrong with the plane. >> >> eric: man, is there extreme weather in colorado. at least one person has been killed and three people are missing today after major
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flooding and mudslides. just look at that. sudden downpours triggered those fast-moving flood waters in an area that just went right through the waldo canyon fire last year. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center with the latest. rick, is it over for the folks in colorado. >> well, i'll tell you what. these things are happening because they're getting very quick downpours. an inch and a half of rain fell in a 30-minute period tha acrose higher elevations. the waldo canyon fire that happened just over a year ago left all of that ground completely bare. you get the water through there, and it rushes all of that water in, and then a lot of the boulders and debris, and the color of that was all gray. this is all here along the front range. there's denver. colorado springs is to the south of it. a much smaller town just higher up in towards the mountains here. take a look at what happens with the future radar this afternoon. we start to see the moisture return across the area. this is a future radar product,
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it's a forecast simulation of what we could see later on today. you see these oranges and yellows moving through. that's not good news. you get maybe even an inch of rain falling in a short period of time. you get those floods. they've seen that happen actually multiple times this week. it's been about four big floods that moved through the man toe springs area since we had the fire last year. we'll see more of it. obviously that water is all gone. we could see more of those kinds of events that cause that. i want to tell you real quickly. we've seen a lot of flooding this week across the plains and in towards the nashville area. over the next few days, another two to three inches of rain there. no rain out across california where we've needed it desperately because of the silver fire burning just to the west of the palm springs area. i've gotta tell you. temps creeping up, but great news, eric. they've got the fire up to 70% containment without any help from the weather. that's great news. they'll probably have that fully contained shortly. >> eric: those downpours that suddenly hit, it's happening all over the country. thanks so much. >> jamie: major nidal hasan
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accused of turning on his fellow soldiers by going on a deadly rampage at fort hood, and now some of the victims and their families say it's a betrayal and it's being compounded by the actions of the u.s. government. why they're upset, and a new trial that may try to right the wrong. that's straight ahead. >> eric: we just told you about chris christie in the white house. next comes hillary clinton. you know she's being touted more and more for president. today the new york sometimes "nd madam president. the prospects for hillary in 2016. a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> jamie: more bad news for yang key slugger -- yankee slugger alex rodriguez. why his own team slapped him with a $150,000 fine. when i'm on my feet all day, my lower back acts up.
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>> eric: to voter fraud now and jail for another politician. he was running for the massachusetts state house and was charged with faking absentee ballots. we've seen that before for trying to steal elections. he pled guilty to forgery when registrations for 300 voters were changed from democrat to unenrolled. he will serve four months of the sentence. as it turned out, he lost the
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g.o.p. primary in the race anyway. and in ohio, 30 police officers are so are in hot water. they apparently registered to vote at precincts and not at their homes. they apparently did that to make sure their home addresses were monitor made public -- not made public. authorities say registering where you do not live is a felony. the hamilton county board of elections will spell out what is legal and what is not. several people have already been convicted of voter fraud in cincinnati including a former poll worker sentenced to five years in prison for voting multiple times an in last year's presidential election and other contests. of course, if you want to follow more of this, go to twitter, @ericshawn on fox for the latest cases. can you imagine how long four years of waiting feels as you then step into the court martial of accused fort hood shooter nidal hasan which began in texas last week?
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well, it is offering little solace to some of the shooting victims and their families who feel they've been forgotten. they've even said they feel betrayed by our government. joining me now is captain glenn solmacy who has published two of the things he loves the most. he's a lawyer, professor of lag, jag, and he teaches ag th at tht guard academy. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> jamie: the twists and turns are unimaginable for lawyers and also for americans, average people watching the family. let me show you the face of one of the people i'm talking about. this is former staff sergeant alfonso lunsford. he survived being shot seven times, and he also was not given a purple heart, and he's not receiving benefits. i want to ask you your opinion. active terror if it had been declared would have gotten him everything. workplace violence which designation remains, not so
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much. >> that's correct. i mean, if it was designated as an act of terror, he would be receiving a purple heart. there are benefits associated with that and financial benefits for the families of those that have been deceased, that were killed by hasan. you have this major difference, but i think the department of defense is really methodically going about this, trying to expect that the case would have been tried not four years later but perhaps one to two years later. if you had declared it as an act of terror, the whole court martial process might have gotten muddyied or if he would have been sent to guantanamo bay or to the court martial. >> jamie: whose decision was that, captain? >> the department of defense at the highest level. >> jamie: they decided it was not an act of terror. go all the way to the white house? >> i don't think so. i wouldn't know something like that. >> jamie: so let me ask you this. at this point with these families watching this unfold with nidal hasan representing himself, having to be potentially cross examined by this alleged terrorist, one of
8:23 am
the things that really bothers the families, and i want to get your take, is they are going ahead with a civil suit. >> correct. >> jamie: we saw this like with o.j. simpson. you've got the criminal suit, and sometimes you win or lose. then you can go civilly. this is what they're saying. it came out in a senate investigation report, and i'm quoting. the department of defense and the fbi collectively have sufficient information to have detected major hasan's radicalization to vi lint islamic extremism but they failed to act effectively. what can these families hope to accomplish in that court? >> you know that the preponderance of evidence is different, the standard of proof is different in a court martial like any criminal trial. it's beyond a reasonable doubt. in a civil suit, it is preponderance of the evidence, so it's only 51% more likely than not that they should have conducted themselves in a way to notice that hasan was acting in a way that was radicalized or that he was removed. so i think they can go ahead and proceed, the families can proceed regardless of what takes place in the criminal trial and
8:24 am
move forward with a suit against the department of defense. is that likely to be successful? probably not. the reality is as hard as it is for these families to see what's going on, they have to stop and wait for the criminal process. >> jamie: wait? it's been four years. >> i agree. >> jamie: here's staff sergeant, former, because he's had seven gunshots. i've talked to him. i've interviewed him. i especially feel his pain because i lived for two months at fort hood, texas where this trial is taking place, where the tragedy took place. i've been in the exact readiness center and i've seen the faces of courage and commitment as they deployed. they've suffered this tragedy. why is this not enough to get them the relief they're seeking. >> you have a normal criminal process in a court martial procedure. it takes time. as we know, many cases take many, many years to proceed. in this case, though, it does seem particularly long. as i said, i think the department of defense is
8:25 am
expecting it to be much quicker than it has been. it's a tragedy for these families, terribly tragic to sit and watch this take place for the families of the victims and for the victims who are watching this, wondering whether they'll be cross examined or not by this obvious enemy of the you united states. >> jamie: all he wanted to do was serve, this staff sergeant like the others who paid the ultimate price or who were injured. tell me why. i have a difficult time calling this admitted terrorist major nidal hasan. why has the military not stripped him of his rank? why is he not dishonorably discharged the day hein court i went from the wrong side, the military, to the right side, jihad, and i killed these people. >> fighting the taliban. it's hard to imagine. an active duty major serving along side the men and women in the armed forces of the united states in a state of war says he's fighting for the taliban
8:26 am
against us and we have to call him that. >> jamie: and pay him. >> it's difficult to comprehend. one of the items that's true in military justice, it is very much innocent until proven guilty like any other court in the united states, and it's hard to swallow. it's tough for me to take. i don't necessarily in conversations refer to him as major, either, but -- >> jamie: are you satisfied that justice will be served in the court malcourt martial. >> no question. i think the judge is doing a superb job. there's no question he's seeking to become a martyr by his conduct in the courtroom. the colonel who is overseeing the trial as a military judge is doing a superb job. at the end of the day, justice will be served. >> jamie: i'm so glad to hear that. i'm sure the families are, too, based on your vast experience with these cour court martials. thanks for your service and thank you for being here. eric? >> eric: thank you so much. good to see you. three u.s. soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. we will have an update on this latest attack against our own.
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>> jamie: and hillary clinton. she may be trying to lay low as she considers a possible run for the white house, but the media is making it difficult to stay out of the spotlight. our political panel, fair and balanced, weighs in. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody. it's time for a quick check of your headlines. u.s. military officials are reporting three u.s. soldiers were killed in eastern afghanistan today. u.s. soldiers in the region rarely involved in combat opposite handed over security responsibility to afghan security forces early this year. firefighters in southern california say the massive wildfire there could be contained by as early as tonight. it's the silver fire. the new york yankees have slapped alex rodriguez with a $150,000 fine for missing a meeting with major league baseball and seeking out a
8:32 am
second medical opinion without notifying the team. the third baseman is appealing a long suspension for alleged involvement in a steroid scandal. >> eric: we told you about chris christie and poob run by the new jersey governor for the run for the white house. hillary clinton has been getting a lot of attention, especially this morning. some analysts are saying clinton is being painted as a sure win for the 2016 white house race. will be it that easy? let's bring in our panel. ron and christy, good to you see. 15 minutes ago republican analyst brad blake man said don't put your money on hillary. according to the media, she's a sure bet. is she. >> the biggest threat to hillary is the calendar.
8:33 am
we're still over three years away from the 2016 election, two and a half years from the iowa caucuses. that's an eternity in politics. the truth is, of course, anything can happen. the last time we saw this was with mitt romney who was the early frontrunner. we saw the republicans sort of date a series of other frontrunners before eventually settling on him. if that's what happens with hillary as well, the real question is whether that process makes her a stronger or a weaker candidate in the end. >> eric: ron, do you think the democrats will date for a while until they settle on hillary? >> it looks like they're trying to settle on hillary for a while. it's been the hillary show for the last couple months. nbc and cnn are making a documentary about her. she just had a high profile meeting with the president and a separate meeting with the vice-president. you know, she is definitely laying the foundation, and i think it's a very dangerous game because what goes up must come down, and you know, like in the
8:34 am
2008 primaries, you know, she came in very strong. she's in the exact same position she was in. she failed miserably because while everybody knew who she was, she had a campaign that was disorganized and was off message. i think that's going to be a big problem with her. time is not on her side here. >> eric: let's take a look for a second. exactly what they're saying this morning, two big pundits. this is what the "washington post" writes about president hillary. at this point hillary rodham clinton has been awarded the democratic nomination virtually by default. and declared the clear favorite to win the general election against her as yet known opponent. madam president is in the "new york times". she's soaking up a disproportionate amount of energy and attention as though she were already madam
8:35 am
president. she's supposed t to be making speeches. but instead she's around every political corner. do you think she'll get a third term? >> i don't know. i agree with everybody that's been said, there's certainly a danger about nominating her for president too soon. i also believe hillary learned a lot of lessons from the 2008 campaign, particularly as it pertains to the media. in '08 her campaign was seen as somewhat combative with the press, and they responded in kind. i think we remember in the new hampshire primary when she got emotional and the press just had a field day with it, just acted like it was christmas. this time she's been having a lot more fun with her image. you'll see on her twitter profile, she calls herself a pant suit aficionado. i agree that the last time was more clunky. i think they've been much more strategic this time. we'll see.
8:36 am
>> eric: ron, what about all the controversy? you've got benghazi, and we have all the stuff that happened in the '90s, travel gate and all that sort of stuff. you go on and on with the long list. what happened to clinton fatigue? >> that's exactly right. i do think the american voters are somewhat desensitized over hillary clinton. they know her and what she's about. you know what? the media has a great way of building somebody up early on and starting to tear them apart over time. the democratic primary process hasn't even begun yet, and while the media is crowning her, that's an excellent place to try to take her apart. if i were republicans, i would be focusing on building up their own cane, make sure their own candidate is someone who will connect with people, someone who is on message, someone who can headache on hillary clinton. >-- take on hillary clinton. >> eric: who yo do you think it will be? >> oh, my gosh. there's so many out there. you have chris christie, marco aruba he yo, there's a litany of
8:37 am
those. i think we're going through the right process of sorting it out. >> eric: last word. how do they sort this out? she's got three years ago. man, that's a meat grinder out there. >> well, we've already seen a preview of the republican message against her which seems to be just that she's old. that's the message that i think is really going to back fire on them. one thing that's very new about hillary clinton is she could be the first woman president. if her campaign finds a good way to capitalize on that, this could be really interesting. >> eric: some would say that's pretty strong, ron. >> obviously you're talking about the first female president, but she has to have a message. she can court female voters, yes, of course, but you have to have a solid message behind that, and you have to sell that message. what that is has to be different from what it was during the 2008 primaries because clearly she wasn't connecting. you cannot ride on the fact that you were the first lady and you were a senator and secretary of state. you have to talk about the future and what are you for? what are you going to do to change things? that is what president obama
8:38 am
hasn't been able to change now, primarily jobs and the economy. >> eric: that's the tact for the next three years. certainly we'll have front row seats. thanks so much. >> eric: take care. jamie? >> jamie: fox news alert. rhode island police are issuing an amber alert for a 2-year-old boy and they're asking for your help. state police say two people were found dead in an apparent double homicide in johnston and the little boy, isiah perez, is now missing. authorities are searching for 22-year-old malcolm crowell, this is his picture, believed to have abducted the boy and police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. at this point we don't have a description or they haven't released a description of the vehicle, but we will bring it to you as soon as it's available. >> eric: you know, americans have been forced to evacuate the u.s. consulate in pakistan amid rising security fears in that country. does this mean that washington, perhaps, should now reevaluate
8:39 am
our relationship with islamabad? we'll report, you decide, coming up. ♪ when i'm halfway into your heart ♪ ♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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>> eric: the terror threats that closed the embassies and the taliban just waiting us out in afghanistan? liz trotta sees a connection. for a look beyond the news, here's her sunday commentary. >> the president has a track record of magic thinking. the technique is classic. if you repeat it enough times, people will think it's so. contributions don't matter -- contradictions don't matter because people are biz and don't expect anything from their politicians th. murky scenarios are the best you'll get. when it comes to the war and the dangers of the terror universe, mr. obama is a masta carefully d front for five years, trying to
8:44 am
obscure the sad conclusion that even if he understood the folly of the war in afghanistan and the mortal danger of islamic domination, the commander-in-chief wasn't letting on. the president's learning curve has been steep and erratic. first vowing to pursue the afghan war, then caving into the celebrate generals and now trying to save face for a lost war he never intended to win. frankly, the grand game doesn't interest him, not as much as realizing his domestic philosophy to redistribute america's wealth. some journalists are recalling what he said repeatedly during his 2012 reelection campaign. he said the war in afghanistan is ending. al-qaeda is on the run. osama bin laden is dead. mr. obama has also claimed that al-qaeda's core leadership is decimated, and who can forget during the first presidential run in 2008 when he vowed to root out al-qaeda, close
8:45 am
guantanamo and improve america's moral stature around the world. then the drones came and the world sees us as merciless. merciless is what we should have been a long time ago in this conflict. new strategies and double talking generals reduced warfare to an academic exercise, shape shifting and parsing above the gravity of the enemy's threat, playing the stump master with slogans, anything to avoid saying outright what the average american knows. terrorists are alive and waiting for the big jihad payoff. why shouldn't they be when in 2009 the president announced that he was adding a token 30,000 u.s. troops to our afghan force at the same time he revealed his plan for a phased withdrawal. this was a courtesy to an al-qaeda and taliban actors who now had an expiration date for america's war.
8:46 am
obama's heart was never in victory, just in political survival, and of course, last week the danger facing us from the islamist stalkers came home. u.s. embassies and consulates shut down through the the middle east and africa, headlines screamed impending doom, but thosnospecifics on what this isl about. why announce the threat at all? government officials almost always insist they can't talk about terrorists' chatter because the enemy might get a peek into our intelligence methods. benghazi may have spooked them so the story goes. up witone can't be too careful . perhaps, but the president is an artful dodger. after a dozen years of war, we're still worried about the bloody reach of al-qaeda. let's not get lost in some argument about whether it's core al-qaeda or a franchise from yemen. the latest commanding general in kabul wants more troops, so much he asked the "new york times" for space to air his views.
8:47 am
meanwhile, an epic debate rages about how many troops we should leave behind after 2004 teen. well-placed threats in the press warn that if president karzai doesn't get in line, mr. obama may pursue the zero option, no troops. why not just pack up and the last aircraft out drops another billion dollars in cash on the gray stones of kandahar. even alexander the great moved on after he won the war. >> jamie: a kidnapped teen is soon to be reunited with her father after a tactical unit shot and killed her alleged abductor. the latest on her harrowing ordeal coming up for you in a live report. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal
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>> eric: even more car bombs have hit iraq this morning, repeating yesterday's terrible day of carnage. conner powell at our middle east bureau in jerusalem. >> reporter: this weekend's attacks are the latest in a surge of violence across the war-torn country. iraqs were out in the street celebrating the end of the holy month of ramadan when a string
8:52 am
of car bombs ripped through several busy market, mostly shiite neighborhoods, killing 60 people, injuring hundreds more. this violence is not new. there's a massive uptick in sectarian fighting in recent months. those sunnies have been atacted and targeted as well. the violence in iraq reaching levels not seen in years. it's estimated that more than 4,000 people have been killed this year alone in sectarian violence. the united states has condemned this most recent violence, saying those who attack civilians are, quote, enemies of islam. of course, it was just 18 months ago that the last u.s. troops left iraq. since then the violence has been growing, stoked in part by the sectarian and bloody conflict across the border in neighboring syria. the conflict in syria is really just making the violence in iraq much worse and taken a bad situation and just sort of made things even worse. it's a very unstable situation right now, eric.
8:53 am
>> eric: all right, conor. it's a tragic situation. we hope it doesn't continue. conor powell live in jerusalem, thank you. >> jamie: security forces in pakistan remain on high alert after intercepting the threats we've been talking about to major military sites. those threats prompted the u.s. state department to evacuate the consulate in yemen. the question is how about the money the u.s. sends to a country that might be unable to assure the safety of not only our citizens and diplomatic facilities but their own? joining us now is international security expert michael kay. michael, welcome. good to see you again. >> good to be here. thanks. >> jamie: one of the reasons i wanted to have you here is the news that's breaking right now is that they have thwarted threats and actual ongoing almost terrorist strikes against a mosque and their own military facilities in pakistan, a homicide bomber thwarted, at least. but if they're having trouble controlling their own facilities, how can we count on
8:54 am
them at some point when the ban and evacuation is lifted to protect ours? >> i think that's a great question, jamie. i think what we have to be cognizant of is the security landscape in pakistan at the moment is incredibly fragile. there needs to be a fusion between policy and military strategy, and in my experience in the 20 years that i spent hunting al-qaeda, i think there needs to be a strategy for me as a dialogue between desire and possibility. i think what the u.s. is becoming increasingly frustrated over the desire of pakistan prime minister who is the outgoing to actually attack and take some action against militants and insurgents within the country. >> jamie: you have concern about leadership there because of a tolerance of extremism. >> absolutely. i think the leadership is by example, in my opinion, and the incoming prime minister has lots of baggage coming with him. he was subject to a coup in 1999. he's known to tolerate extreme
8:55 am
religion and has been subject to a serious amount of corruption himself, so the ad administration in the u.s. in the future has to develop a real strong bond or relationship with pakistan because pakistan is absolutely key to success in afghanistan. they're both hand in hand, in my opinion. >> jamie: and the border clearly puts our folks that are serving at risk between kwanzaa and pakistan -- between afghanistan and pakistan. let's put up the full screen i made about the money. show us the money. in 2010 we provided 4.3 billion dollars of aid to pakistan. it has dropped. 2012 confirmed at 2.1 billion. maybe as low as 1.2 billion in 2014. where are we spending that money, and do you believe it's efficient and effective? >> i think again another really good question. the fight against terrorism isn't just about military support. the international aid that you've just highlighted there is all about improving the educational structure within the country. it's about improving the judicial system because once you
8:56 am
arrest insurgents, you've got to have and i a buil an ability toe them and make sure they're secure in jail as we've seen with these outbreaks.-3 i think that is very important. i think from the u.s. perspective, they have the strongest and most capable military in the world in terms of intelligence and equipment, but it also needs the pakistan government and the afghan government in order to carry out its strategy in terms of chasing insurgents and militants within the country. >> jamie: we raise the issue and hope the cooperation happens. i have to leave it there, michael. i know you'll be back. thank you so much for being here with your expertise. >> thank you. > >> jamie: we'll be right back. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for at insurance.
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>> eric: thanks for joining us. >> jamie: have a great day, everybody. saving hannah. the week long search for a missing california teenager coming to an end. the 16-year-old rescued by fbi agents at a remote carbon monoxidcamp site inidaho. we'll have a live update on this developing story all throughout the show. and irs mess. just when you thought things couldn't get worse, news the agency is still targeting conservative groups and that it could create a massive security breach trying to keep up with obama care. what happened to baseball? what drug scandals and some see as lax punishment is doing to america's pass time. all that and a story you might not believe. a california surfer who


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