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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 14, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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bulletproof vests. make it more comfortable? >> i guess it has got to be. >> you handled that extraordinarily well. i think it's an interesting story and one we'll continue to watch. >> thank you for your help. >> support. >> thank you for joining us. >> "america live" starts right now. we start with a fox news alert on a rapid escalating crisis at in the hour in egypt. the current vice president just resigning a short time ago in protest over the deadly chaos that is seemingly spinning out of control there now as we start brand new hour of "america live." we are learning that there are bodies being carried through the streets after the egyptian military launched an early morning crackdown against the supporters of the muslim brotherhood and ousted president mohamed morsi. straight battles raging ever since for more than 12 hours now. security forces firing tear gas
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canisters into the crowd sweeping in then with bulldozers to clear out the camps or sit-ins that have been inhabited by so many people over the last several weeks. there are reports of 200 people dead. the numbers are all over the place in this and we caution you about that. under the cover of all of the fighting we're getting reports that churches are being torched and that christians are being targeted by the muslim brotherhood supporters in cairo and in other cities. we're also getting images in this hour like this that show reporters running for cover as police launched an early morning raid in what looks like an urban battlefield. now we also sadly report that britain's sky news, our sister network in england, confirmed that one of their veteran cameraman was shot and killed in cairo.
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a news corp colleague gunned down in this fighting early this morning in cairo. the violence and the bloodshed exploding across that country now erupting in nearly a dozen other cities including alexandria. no signs right now that any of this is letting up. covering this developing crisis from our bureau in jerusalem is leyland. what a difference the last 24 hours has made. >> reporter: incredible how much it changed in the last couple of hours. right now there's a state of emergency declared in cairo and as we speak a nighttime curfew is going into effect. one of the first of "extreme" measures that has been taken by the government there to try to bring calm to the streets of cairo. the streets of cairo are anything but calm. we want to get right to video that we have found that has been put online by one of the big newspapers there. a private newspaper or reliable newspaper showing not only the army taking shots with ak-47s
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but these are members of the muslim brotherhood firing at the security forces. this refutes the muslim brotherhood's claims that their protests have been peaceful. it's unclear in terms of how many people have died but also at whose hands did they die? were they shot by the muslim brotherhood gunmen you see here or by the army as they moved in? there were two protest camps the army says they control. the muslim brotherhood has been there for six or seven weeks camping out saying in the mohamed morsi, the democratically elected president of egypt was reinstated they would stay in camp. the airplane gave thrmy gave th leave and the violence spiraled out of control as hours went on inside cairo and spread into the streets and also into other parts of egypt. we've heard reports of storming of government buildings. the burning of christian
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churches because christians support the army there. going forward, it's very difficult to see what is going to happen or predict this but the fact that the vice president has resigned in protest saying there were many more peaceful ways to end this could mean the beginning of the unraveling of the civilian government there. the army has remained defiant with this emergency law put into effect. i will end with this. the muslim brotherhood protesters in the street are chanting right now with our blood, our souls, we will defend islam and with chants like that, many now are saying they prefer mart martyrdom setting up a violent next couple of days. >> as egyptians battle in the streets over their future, we will see who is fighting and what they are fighting for there because there's a lot the stake and a lot of players in this.
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just months ago the u.s. was embracing the muslim brotherhood backed government. mohamed morsi was the legitimate leader of egypt. our next guest believes that was a terrible mistake because few americans, he says, realize how powerful the brotherhood really is and what their real goals are in terms of the threat that they could pose to western culture and to the united states. we'll talk to him in a little while. stick around for that. in the meantime, i want to get you to the other fox news alert today. an investigation under way into a devastating plane crash that happened this morning near birmingh birmingham alabama's airport. it the plane originated in kentucky and it crashed. look at these incredible pictures. it literally broke in half as it came to approach and burst into flames. the pilot and co-pilot both gone. both fatalities in this crash. at this hour we're learning new details from eyewitnesses. one saying she heard what sounded like engines sputtering
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and then a very loud boom. we heard reports this morning about a sonic boom sound that was heard in the area. they also said it was on fire before it crashed but there's a lot to determine and a lot of investigation. by daybreak this morning, the enormity of this crash was seen here. one chunk of plane intact. the front section of the plane and cargo all around the plane. another piece was unrecognizable and flipped over the side of this hill. the smoke pouring out as emergency crews responded to that scene and jonathan has been following this throughout the day for us and he joins me now live once again from our southeast bureau. jonathan? >> well, ntsb investigators will look into the possibility of mechanical failure. they'll also look at whether weather played a role. there was rain reported
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throughout the morning. low cloud ceilings. investigators say at this point it's way too early to speculate on what brought down flight 1354. right now on the left side of your screen you are looking at live pictures from our crew on site just off the airport property. you can see that there are no homes in the immediate area where the plane went down. it's a grassy field just outside the airport perimeter fence. trees and power lines were knocked down and the two pilots onboard the aircraft, the only two people onboard, were killed and pronounced dead at the scene according to the birmingham fire chief. no one on the ground was injured because of this sparsely populated area. the crash is not interfering with airport operations according to local officials. u.p.s. confirms this aircraft was an a-300 series cargo jet. one of 53 in operation with the
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company fleet and was flying to birmingham from louisville, kentucky. the company released a written statement from u.p.s. airlines president mitch nichols that reads "we place the utmost value on the safety of our employees, our customers and the public. we will immediately engage with the national transportation safety board's investigation and we'll work on response efforts." that statement from u.p.s. as the ntsb is just now beginning its investigation into this tragic plane crash. martha? >> jonathan, thank you. another fox news alert right now to a federal courtroom in our nation's capital where jess jessie jackson, jr. was just sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. jackson will be receiving congressional disability pay despite his resignation. he's asked that his wife,
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sandra, be given probation and both of them apparently choked back tears as they addressed the judge this morning. the pair were apparently raking in a combined salary of some $300,000 at the time that they were spending the campaign cash and clearly mingling it for private expenses with political ones. that's the latest. 2 1/2 years for jesse jackson, jr. a teenager at the center of a national manhunt apparently going public a mere 48 hours after her rescue. hannah anderson apparently taking to the internet to answer questions about what happened calling her captor a psycho and saying that he deserved what he got. the 40 year old who was a very close family friend before all of this started was shot dead by the police when they found him. he had taken hannah. he had murdered her mother and 8-year-old brother in the garage of his home. we're joined now live from los angeles with the latest on what hannah anderson is reportedly saying already, will.
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>> hi, martha. this is a teenager who has been through a traumatic ordeal. police say that dimaggio killed her mom, her brother, and then kidnapped her and then saturday the fbi shot and killed dimaggio and rescued hannah and monday hannah or someone purporting to be hannah took to social media sites on instagram posting a picture of herself hugging a cat and posted a picture of her mom and brother and on another site that allows people to ask questions, she says she thought her mom would be the first person looking for her. when asked why she didn't run, she said, he, talking about dimaggio, would kill me and she says i wish i could go back in time and risk my life to save theirs. she is posting to get the truth out even though people haher da others have asked to leave her alone. >> the healing process will be slow.
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she has been through a horrific ordeal. i'm very proud of her and i love her very much. >> hannah says dimaggio got what she deserve. we reached out to the sheriff's office and they can't confirm it's hannah posting this but close friends told the local media near san diego that this is definitely her and we can also tell you that within the last hour one of those social media sites has been disabled. martha? >> will, thank you very much. so the white house is now condemning the fighting between the egyptian army and the muslim brotherhood and we have been watching these scenes as they play out in the streets but a new book claims that most americans don't understand how dangerous the brotherhood really is to the rest of the world or what they are actually ultimately hoping to achieve. that author joins us in two minutes. one of the biggest e-mail providers in the world says anyone using their service cannot assume their information is private.
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guess who may be reading your mail? we'll tell you about that and a new controversy involving the irs boss collecting almost $15,000 a month after refusing to resign over her role in targeting conservative groups. >> the supreme court dealt a huge blow overturning 100-year-old precedent that same basically corporations could give directly in political campaigns and everyone is up in arms because they don't like it. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies.
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more news breaking regarding the deadly chaos happening on the streets in egypt. all-out battles in more than a dozen cities in egypt right now after the government launched an operation to clear the muslim brotherhood protestors from two
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large sites in the center of the city and a well respected paper in the region posted this tape that reportedly shows muslim brotherhood members firing on egyptian security forces. you may remember the muslim brotherhood said that they were peaceful in their demonstrations. these videos appear to show otherwise according to at that newspaper. incredible what we're seeing on the ground there. we have a national security and terrorism expert and author of "the brotherhood america's next great enemy." >> good to be with you. >> what's the most important thing you want people to understand about this organization known as the muslim brotherhood? >> this is a group that's brothership is in egypt present in some 70 countries throughout the world. what everyone needs to understand is they are the granddaddy of them all when it comes to modern islamic terrorist groups. the muslim brotherhood spawned al qaeda.
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they created hamas and i make the point in the book that without the creation of the muslim brotherhood in egypt way back in 1928, there would have been no 9/11. that may shock some people but i say it without hesitation. everyone behind 9/11 from osama bin laden, khalid shaikh mohammed, hijackers, before they formed al qaeda they belonged to the muslim brotherhood. it's the gateway drug to islamic terrorism and if you want to understand all of this madness and war on terror, all chaos that we're seeing now, you must first understand the muslim brotherhood. it started with them and that's why i wrote the book. >> you know, during the elections in egypt it was a fairly close election. muslim brotherhood won. mohamed morsi was put in place. governments around the world including the united states recognized that democratic leadership but as soon as they took over, they really started to carry out some very different policies than the ones that they were elected on. tell me about that and also what
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you see -- what is their larger goal? what does the muslim brotherhood seek? >> i was not surprised to see mohamed morsi become a modern day pharaoh once he took over in egypt. the creed they live by reads in part jihad is our way. dying in the way of allah is our highest hope. martyrdom. that creed never changed even when muslim brotherhood leaders darkened the halls of the white house meeting with the obama administration. that is their motto. jihad is our way. what they want is law for one and all whether we like it or not. that's their ultimate goal really global islamic domination. that's what the brotherhood wants and they're working at it not only in egypt but around the world including here in the united states. yes. the muslim brotherhood has a presence here in america and
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muslim brotherhood connected individuals and i name names in the book are actually advising our government on its counterterrorism and middle east policies. it's the epitome of the fox guarding the hen house and you wonder why middle east policies are such a mess. >> you claim in terms of what they're doing in the united states, they are influencing moderate mosques to become something quite different than moderate? >> it's a big problem. i interviewed moderate muslims who don't want jihad who have told me i can't go on camera with you and show my face. you have to blur my face because i'm scared that the muslim brotherhood will kill me. will kill my families. the muslim brotherhood is muscling their way into moderate mosques here in america and they are effectively taking over the leadership of many american mosques. in the book i document case after case of how this is happening and the muslim brotherhood openly says, look, the islamic center, the mosque
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is "the axis of our movement." it's its beehive for the muslim brotherhood movement. it's a scary thing. >> i need to go but very quickly. a lot is at stake for muslim brotherhood in egypt right now. what will they do and who might come to their aid to try to hang onto power there? >> mark my words, the muslim brotherhood will not go quietly. i'm very concerned. why should we over here care about what happens over there? i'm very concerned that the suez canal will be a target for terrorism and if that happens, we'll all feel it here in our pocketbook. oil and gas prices will skyrocket and look for more provocations by the brotherhood, it's radical allies against israel. nasty things right now in egypt. >> your book is frightening and very interesting.
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thank you so much. >> thank you. right now there's an uproar over a stunt that happened at the missouri state fair and just moments ago the story about a rodeo clown mocking president obama became an issue at the white house briefing. we'll show you what they said about that. plus, a new report saying that google admits they're going through your gmail folks. why the internet giant says users should not be surprised by that. are you? outrage over the sentencing recommendation for two of the teens viciously beating a fellow bus rider seen in this video. you won't believe what prosecutors say is a fair punishment. even bill o'reilly is questioning this decision. >> it doesn't matter. >> they are children. >> maybe you don't understand what the criminal justice is here to do. >> i understand because i work it in every day. >> protect people. not feel sorry for the perpetrators. it's to protect people. these three almost killed a 13
10:22 am
year old. this feeling sorry for everybody business doesn't protect anyone.
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this just in from the white house briefing. what began as a tasteless joke turned into something of a national controversy it seems. it started over the weekend when a rodeo clown at the missouri state fair donned a president obama mask and made fun of president obama. a couple people in the audience were offended and complained and then the office at the missouri state fair banned this clown for life. he will not be back there any time soon. now some naacp members want a secret service investigation into the whole thing and possible criminal charges being considered. the white house was asked
10:26 am
moments ago for reaction to this. they said no comment. we'll show you what happened when a previous president was the subject of similar treatment. stay tuned for that one. that's coming up. right now a shocking report on one of the world's most popular e-mail services. internet giant google tells a court that gmail users should have no expectation of privacy in their gmail accounts and is looking at their online correspondence. we get the latest from our west coast newsroom. more good news, trace. >> google is facing a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating the wiretap law by taking and scanning e-mails and plucking out information to use in targeting ads. if you tell a girlfriend through e-mail that you're getting married suddenly you get ads for wedding dresses. the lawsuit is accusing or asking google to disclose exactly what information it is taking from e-mails and then to pay for damages.
10:27 am
google is asking the lawsuit be dismissed saying people have no expectation of privacy quoting "all plaintiffs who are gmail users consented to automatic scanning of their e-mails included for the purposes of delivering targeted advertising in exchange for using gmail services. google cites court rulings that say back in the day when phone companies would route your call, you could expect it to be monitor. if it was illegal to scan e-mails then filtering spam would become a criminal activity. those who filed the lawsuit have a much different take on this saying for years google systematically and intentionally crossed the creepy line to read private e-mail messages containing information you don't want anyone to know. and to acquire, collect or mine
10:28 am
value information from that mail. google has one purpose, to know and profit from what you are thinking about. remember, google was named by the guardian newspaper as one of the companies that give the nsa direct access to its systems. google denied that but also think back google got in trouble for using the street view cars for gathering information in neighborhoods. google then agreed to pay a $25,000 fine to the feds and move on. >> brave new world. thank you. more on that. all right. still ahead here. there are questions about what's an appropriate punishment after prosecutors asked a few months of probation for two of the teens who brutally beat this fellow classmate. this video is hard to watch. a 13-year-old kid under those bunch punches being landed on a school bus ride home and new
10:29 am
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more breaking news in this busy hour this time in a federal courtroom in our nation's capital. we reported just a little while ago that former congressman jesse jackson, jr., has been
10:33 am
sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. he pled guilty to misusing some $700,000 in campaign funds for personal use. jackson asked that his wife, sandra, be given probation instead of jail time but judge just slapped her with a year in jail. we're waiting to see if anyone walks out to comment on this case or the sentencing. if that happens, we'll take you there live. new developments in the investigation into the irs targeting of conservative groups. the woman who has really been at the center of this whole scandal pled the fifth as you well remember to avoid incriminating herself and now lawmakers demand access to what they have learned is a private e-mail account she may have been using for some business. that raises a lot of questions. those e-mails could be key to determining what really went on and who gave the orders that she said they basically received.
10:34 am
doug is live on this in washington. hi, doug. >> the law firm representing lois lerner will have no comment regarding the letter sent to her by the house oversight letter. that letter says "the fact that it appears that lois home is saved in your irs e-mail account raises concerns that you have sent irs documents to at least one nonofficial e-mail dress and that you may have conducted official business using nonofficial accounts." >> here's the lady that pled the fifth and wouldn't answer congress' question or the questions of the american people and now they conducted professional business on a personal account hiding it from the taxpayers and hiding it from the american people. we want all of her e-mails that deals anything with this scandal, we want that information. >> the committee knows that lerner sent a speech she gave to her personal msn account. the u.s. code states in
10:35 am
particular about this kind of thing. no officer or employee of the united states shall disclose any return or return information obtained by him in any manner in connection with his service as such an officer. >> we don't know who has access to her private e-mail accounts. she may well be violating section 6103 with an improper disclosure of taxpayer information which is a crime. that's significant. number two, you have to ask and i think it does point to a serious legal issue here. what was she planning on doing with those documents? >> the oversight committee letter to lerner request she send all applicable personal correspondents from january 1st, 2008 to the present and they want those e-mails no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 27th of this month. >> we'll see if they get them. thank you very much. all of this comes just days after a video surfaced of lois lerner in 2010. she gave a speech at duke
10:36 am
university and in it she discussed the political pressure as she characterized it that was swirling around the irs including demands that the agency do something to stop the flow of money from corporations to political campaigns. watch and listen to this. >> so everybody is screaming at us right now fix it now before the election. can't you see how much these people are spending. i don't know until i look at their 990s next year whether they have done more than their primary activity as a political or not. so i can't do anything right now. since she was placed on leave in may, she collected $30,000. that's good for a paid summer vacation. ladies, welcome. good to have both of you.
10:37 am
you know, at the very least when you listen to what lois lerner is saying. a public employee paid for by the u.s. taxpayer, why is she able to take this fifth? she should want to answer the questions. it sounds like someone was saying to her you need to reign this in. we can't have money going to the political campaigns. it's up to you. why shouldn't we have the right to hear happened from her? >> well, i do think we should have a right to hear from her. i think a lot of people were offended when she took the fifth precisely because none of us have that right to do that if the irs is coming after us, right? we have to answer their questions. so why shouldn't she have to answer our questions? you know, i have to say in terms of the video you just played, it's not clear that anybody was -- to me it sounded like there were people that were complaining. i don't know that there's anything wrong with that or there's anything wrong with what she said.
10:38 am
i think she needs to be transparent and if she is using her personal private e-mail account then that's obviously a problem and i think that that needs to be disclosed. >> so all of these things that need to be disclosed, monica, we were told by the president that he thought this was reprehensible and that this can't happen and you can't treat people with one political belief system different than people with another political belief system and that we know that this department was supposed to sift through and find out if there was political activity on the part of groups that want to be tax exempt. where are we? the president promised an investigation and it feels like nothing is happening. >> when the scandal broke, you said it. he claimed he was outraged and disturbed by the revelations here and promised to get to the bottom of it and now we have the president and his associates calling this and other things including benghazi phony scandals.
10:39 am
which one is it? i think the republicans actually are doing this in a very slow and methodical and deliberate way. the right way. they have some democrats along with them in this investigation looking at this. and they are slowly peeling back the onion skin and with every passing week we seem to get new revelations like this one. lois lerner using private e-mail accounts and maybe even fake alias accounts that we have seen other members of the obama cabinet use including the epa administrator, lisa jackson, doj assistant attorney general during fast and furious and we know there is a pattern in this administration. what different committees are trying to get to here are the facts. the facts will not be revealed overnight and that's why this investigation has a long way to
10:40 am
go. lois lerner is drawing a taxpayer funded vacation this summer. if you guys give me immunity protection, i will tell you what you need to know or at least what i know. the republicans have to tread carefully here that they don't make that deal and it's worthless deal. they need to make a proffer and have lois lerner turn over what she knows. >> do you expect when everyone in congress comes back to work she'll be compelled to testify again? >> i don't know if they can make her testify. i think that that's the whole question. if she's pled the fifth, there's an argument that because she gave a defense of herself that in fact she's waive ewavered th right. i don't know if they can compel her to testify. it would be nice if they could. she's been able to cloak herself in this constitutional protection and not have to answer the questions that people
10:41 am
deserve answers to. >> we'll see if she gets immunity. she's on paid summer vacation which is a nice deal. the fall may not be quite so pleasant. thank you so much. good to see you both. we'll see you later. administration has harsh words as security forces in egypt launch a violent crackdown on muslim brotherhood supporters earlier today. a live report coming from the state department in moments and colonel ralph peters is here with a warning about what he believes is really happening here. up next, what would be the appropriate punishment for two of the teens who brutally beat a fellow classmate on a school bus ride home? we'll talk about that. and the last thing that the president did before his vacation was to tell vets that washington was working on a massive backlog of benefit claims. today we will hear what a group is doing to help struggling soldiers and his solution for addressing the problems that he
10:42 am
says washington is just not fixing for our heroes. >> you have to attack this claims backlog. now -- [ applause ] the last time i was with you i pledged to cut the backlog and slash wait times and deliver benefits soon. i'm going to be honest with you. it has not moved as fast as i wanted. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server.
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[ bleep ]. >> that is hard to watch. [ bleep ]. >> we have seen it over and over again as today the sentence recommendations have come down for two of the three boys you see brutally beating a 13 year old who was on a florida bus trying to avoid kicking and bun punching come at him. a prosecutor asked for just nine-month probation to two main offenders and some call that absurd given the victim suffered a broken arm and two black eyes and his injuries could have been
10:46 am
worse. bill o'reilly questioned the sentence last night. >> he almost killed another kid. >> bill, children are still children. it is an adult act. it's a heinous, crew and atrocious act. they are still children. >> it doesn't matter. >> they are children. >> wait a minute. maybe you don't understand what the criminal justice system is here to do. >> i understand because i work in it every day. >> protect people. not feel sorry for the perpetrators. it's to protect people. these three almost killed a 13 year old. feeling sorry for everybody business doesn't protect anyone. >> is he right? joining us are former prosecutors and defense attorneys. what do you think about this sentence? nine months probation? >> i think it's ridiculous. bill o'reilly is 100% right and here's why. nine months of court supervision is not going to make up for the 16 years of a lack of parental
10:47 am
supervision that must have led up to this savaged beating. these kids, we don't pop out of our parents' wombs animals. it's learned behavior. either these kids are seeing mommy beat daddy or getting exposed to something at home that led them to think it was okay to break the arm of a 13-year-old boy. that is not okay. nine months of probation isn't going to cut it. they need a bigger message and bigger punishment and parents should be involved in the punishment. they have to learn how to parent those kids. >> that's the point i want to get to as well. >> i don't disagree with anything she said except in the sense we have a case like this every day all over the country and there's a distinction between an adult offender and youth or juvenile offender and often with juveniles the argument which is that let's look toward some type of rehabilitation opposed to punishment which might even be more negative. that's just the other side. i think it's a close call.
10:48 am
>> i wonder in this situation, it would go a long way -- if my son hurt a child. he got into a big school yard brawl, i would bring him in front of that boy and that boy's parents and say my son has something to say to you. we want to apologize in the most sincere way possible. what can we do to make this up to you? in there's an opportunity, the school to get involved here and the parents and how powerful would it be for them to make a television appearance and come forward with their sons and say we don't accept this behavior from our students and this will change. where is that? >> that would positively affect not only their own child involved in this but the victim and anybody else who might either be a victim or a perpetrator. one of the parents came out and didn't say that. one of the parents came out and said my son ain't never been no bad person. he got mixed up with the wrong people. that doesn't cut it either. that's not taking responsibility for the actions of your child. i don't know if any of these 16
10:49 am
year olds -- >> the other day he said my son is sorry. my son is sorry. let's go further with that is what i'm saying. let's get these boys to take responsibility for what they did, she remorse and apologize. >> your point is not only a common sense observation but it goes directly to consideration which is remorse. any time you're at sentencing if you show sincere remorse, i'm sorry wasn't sincere. we can tell the difference. i'm very sorry. i misbehaved. i throw myself at your mercy. something like that would go a long way. i agree with you. >> they could have seriously injured this child. >> absolutely. >> the bus driver said he thought they were going to kill him. >> the bus driver didn't intervene which is a subject no another segment. if the kids don't get a better punishment when they are 18 and full of two more years of
10:50 am
testosterone they'll beat someone up worse because they're getting away with it if they only get probation for nine months. >> one of the things that fired up bill o'reilly was that there's excuses being made for these kids. that people are saying they had a tough that is precisely why i'm saying what you need is -- we want to fix these kids. we want to make them understand the kids, make them understand the ramifications of their actions, to feel humiliated, feel shame, feel terrible and remorse, that's the only hope you have. >> there's no clear solution. sometimes i dare say, punishment in the term of prison will work. i agree with you. sometimes it might be negative and sometimes, by the way, probation can be rehabilitative, sometimes as my colleague can say it is a slap on the wrist and you got away with it. case by case. >> and the parents need to take responsibility for their actions. thanks so much. coming up, more breaking news out of egypt.
10:51 am
we're getting word the e-begiches police are n now -- e-begiches polinow -- egyptian police are rounding up leaders of the muslim brotherhood. stay with us. we'll be right back. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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all right. a fox news alert to the state department where we are waiting for the state department briefing. it is going to get under way any moment now. there is so much to talk about because the violent crackdown that began this morning in egypt is getting worse. we are now hearing there are arrests of some top political officials. brand new hour starting now with "america live." i'm martha mccallum, in for megyn kelly. egyptian authorities saying at least 149 people have been killed in attacks nationwide
10:55 am
throughout the course of the last 24 hours. here's a live look from cairo. things relatively quiet now that military leaders have declared a state of emergency. they have in stilled a curfew on the streets they say will be in place for a month all in reaction to deadly violence we saw playing out this morning. government forces began to clear out. we saw sit-ins part of the protests and we were told they would deal with those by peaceful means. it all changed dramatically in early morning hours there this morning. running battles in the streets as supporters of the ousted president tried to protest. deputy white house press secretary, josh ernest spoke with reporters early this morning as the president is on vacation in martha's vineyard. here is what he had to say. >> the united states strongly condemns the use of violence against protesters in egypt. we extend our condolences to the families of those killed and injured. we have repeatedly called on
10:56 am
egyptian military and security forces to show restraint and for the government to respect the universal rights of its citizens, just as we've urged protesters to demonstrate peacefully. the violence will only make it more difficult to move egypt forward on a path to lasting stability and democracy and runs directly counter to the pledges by the interim government to pursue reconciliation. we also strongly oppose a return to emergency law and call on the government to respect basic human rights, such as free codof peaceful assembly and due process under the law. the world is watching the government in cairo. we urge the parties in egypt and all parties in egypt to refrain from violence and resolve their differences peacefully. >> that was statement from the white house. what can be done is one of the big questions here.
10:57 am
in the meantime, let's go back to william bitters and get the latest reports that the muslim brotherhood leaders are now being rounded up and arrested. can we verify that? >> it certainly would come in from a number of different place is inside egypt. historically reliable sources inside egypt we have talked to say there is a round-up under way of a number of muslim brotherhood officials. this is standard operating procedure for the egyptian government. they've been dealing with the muslim brotherhood for decades. the army spent a long time rounding them up through the mubarak and sadat years. this is standard operating procedure and going to the top tier of the muslim brotherhood to try to keep them from encouraging people to head out to the scattered showers and already shut down some of the pro muslim brotherhood television stations and websites trying to get out the word in order to incite these kinds of
10:58 am
protests the army is trying to quell. a lot of the violence we have seen during these protests came not only from the army but muslim brotherhood. we have shown video of the muslim brotherhood taking pot shots as they came in with tear gas and muslim brother had ak-47s and burning churches in egypt in reprisal. the army is going back to the old day, if you will, in the '80s and '90s and 2,000s where they round up and outlaw the muslim brotherhood and keep these guys in prison so they could not have a ground swells of support. remember, muhammad morsi, ousted in the coup, he got out of prison about 2 1/2 years ago, 2011 during the first egyptian revolution, he broke out of prison and became a leadership position in the muslim brotherhood. this is something the egyptian security forces have been doing a long time is rounding these guys up, to try and clamp down
10:59 am
on the amount of incitement they can make and number of places and mosques they can speak in and those kinds of things and remove the platform and cut off the leadership head of the muslim brotherhood and keep the violence at a minimum and de-escalate things. >> it's like a cycle going around again. you look back in those years, they had very strong leadership of hosni mubarak, who obviously was a controversial figure and a lot of people did not miss him when he was taken out of power, however, he was strong, right? is there somebody in that position that is leading this side at this point, leland? >> that's where history repeats itself in the middle east very often here. you think about the fact anwar sadat, the leader of egypt during the '70s gave way to hosni mubarak, both members of the egyptian air force, very powerful members of the military. during mubarak's three decade is in power he built up the
11:00 am
egyptian military not only in terms of being a great fighting power, powerful stabilizing force in the middle east. he was a strong man. the egyptian military had its hands in all sorts of things in terms of the central economy in egypt and business side of egypt. the u.s. military trained many of the members of the egyptian military. if you had to pick out one man you say, who is the next hosni mubarak, it would be the general, the leader of the military that organized the coup just a couple weeks ago. he is quote-unquote not the president the leader where they've installed this puppet civilian government, if you will, led by a number of people including mohamed el baradei, the vice president and who resigned in protest of what's going on, said there were more peaceful ways to do this and i won't have more blood on my hand. if you see one strong man in egypt, it is a the general that
11:01 am
can lead egypt forward. it's important to note the largest protest we have seen in egypt ever was a protest called by ceci and have people come out and support him a couple weeks ago, a powerful man and well liked by a lot of folks but not just the muslim brotherhood protesting right now. >> thank you very much. egypt a critical american ally in the region, the question is how should the administration, how should the white house respond? what do they do at this point? we're waiting for the state department briefing. as soon as that gets under way, we'll go there. it was delayed last hour, we can only assume because of the crisis as they download the information from cairo to come out to speak about it. we'll see if there are questions about this video leland reported on earlier. let's look at it once again. the word was the muslim brotherhood side was protesting peacefully. what we're hearing about this video is it proves otherwise, it shows according to the reports,
11:02 am
muslim brotherhood members as well firing back at the army in the streets in cairo. so all of this continues to have a lot of question marks along with it. earlier, deputy white house press secretary john earnest was asked about how the administration is planning to react to all of this. >> over the course of the last several weeks, senior officials in the obama administration have been in touch with our counter-parts in egypt. we read out to you a couple of calls secretary kerry has made and calls between secretary hagel and his counter-parts and the military in egypt. d deputy secretary of state burns was in egypt last week and joined by his counter-part from the eu and diplomats from ea and qatar as well, all having meetings with officials in the egyptian interim government. senator graham and senator mccain also traveled to egypt last week. there are open lines of
11:03 am
communication between the united states and egypt. >> josh ernest from the press department of the white house. joining me now, colonel peters, author, welcome. so much to talk about. in terms of the white house reaction, he just details all the different conversations that have been going back and forth between chuck hagel and his counterpart, john kerry and his counter-part. what do you think about that? >> the white house statement was blessedly wishy washy. this is one of the rare times a weak, a tepid white house response is in order. my greatest fear is this administration, which is not thinking strategically but reacts to headlines, will try to cut ties formally with the egyptian military. there's a huge divide today, martha, between the do-gooders and appearsers in the west concern about this and apparent lin egypt the egyptian people appear to support this military move, as a film clip you just
11:04 am
showed demonstrated. the muslim brotherhood are thugs and are becoming terrorists. their reaction was violent. they are not peaceful demonstrators. ultimately, martha, we need to keep our perspective and not be driven by headlines. the enemy of the egyptian people and of the american people is is islamist extremism. the egyptian army is not an ideal ally by any means but they are a lot better than the medieval minded bigotebigotes, and terrorists among the extreme is islamists in egypt and elsewhere. this is a regional struggle. >> you're saying what the white house needs to do is watch all this play out and not sort of, you know, go after the military for this coup that they have brought about against the muslim
11:05 am
brotherhood democratically elected but turned out not to be at all what the egyptian people thought they were going to get during that election. but you have to work these back channels, do you not? is that not what josh ernest is suggesting the white house is struggling to do right now? >> that's right. that's why the statement was blessedly wishy washy. work the back channels. don't grandstand. all of this could have been avoided, as you just alluded to, had president morsi not betrayed egyptian democracy, this fledgling democracy and tried to force islamism on the bulk of the egyptian people. he was elected on a protest vote, not because the muslim brotherhood has the majority in egypt. people rued that vote very quickly as they sought to force the islamism on the egyptian people. yes, back channels, absolutely. by the way, we need to get over our narcissism and recognize what's going on in egypt isn't
11:06 am
about us, about the people in egypt and other peoples throughout the middle east struggling against the fundamentalist extremists who are our enemies, too, people struggling to build modern decent tolerant societies and so far, the obama administration's helped the wrong people, by and large. >> you know, i heard people on the street in egypt are angry at the united states. >> yes. >> you would expect to have some suppo support, you know, essentially for understanding their plight, right, and wanting them to get what they want, which is a stable democratic government that can ensure economy and bring back tourism in egypt. that is their only hope. what can we do, if anything, at this point to show our support for what the people of egypt stand for? >> we need to avoid knee jerk reactions. again, you're absolutely right, martha. the white house, this administration, managed a near
11:07 am
miracle of alienatie ining ever faction in egyptian society, first supporting morsi against the freedom demonstrators and belatedly switching to the freedom demonstrators behind the army, not behind the army. this is the most amateurish foreign policy administration i have ever seen in life. it makes the bush administration look like a bunch of strategic geniuses. boy, that's something. bottom line, we cannot determine egy egypt's future. the egyptian people have to determine that. we can only play on the margins and should try to play constructively and not automatically assume, ooh, military bad, peaceful protesters who happen to be thugs, good. i'm appalled by hearing so many western commentators condemning the military and seemingly siding with the brotherhood when the muslim brotherhood would put these people in jail or far worse. the egyptian people want a little bit of freedom.
11:08 am
the muslim brotherhood came to power and tried to take that little bit of hard won freedom away and now you're seeing the reaction. again, i don't like military coups. but the real coup was morsi and the muslim brotherhood did to that fledgling egyptian democracy. we need to get our priorities straight. our priority should be on the side of madernity, tolerance, progress, economic growth, decency, not on the side of b bigoted medieval, primitive, hate-filled religion directed against peaceful muslims above all because we should also remember that the victims of radical fanatical islam have overwhelmingly been decent everyday muslims. >> well, america can lead by example in -- >> yes. >> in some ways, in this kind of instance. your urging of caution is interesting and understood,
11:09 am
ralph. thank you very much. a volatile situation. we appreciate your insight as always, sir. good to have you. >> a reminder, we're waiting to see what will happen in that room at the state department briefing. we expect we will get even more reaction from the state department and administration from what's going on in the streets in egypt. you heard the white house mention a short time ago senator south carolina senator lindsey graham just wrapped up a trip to egypt. senator john mccain was also there recently. we just got off the phone with senator lindsey graham, hoping to join us in about 10 minutes and we'll get his thoughts on what is going on and what role america can play and what does it mean for the larger security situation in the world. we'll talk about that. plus, this, outrage still boiling over, over the rodeo clown that marked the president over the weekend. we'll show you the new twists and reactions we saw when it was a different president who got the same treatment. something to think about here.
11:10 am
>> and don't forget obama. >> and president obama. >> i know i'm a claun. he's just running around acting like one, doesn't know he is one. [ male announcer ] it's the adt back to school savings event.
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starting at $49 installed. adt. always there. offer ends soon. we are back with a fox news alert as we have gotten new sounds from witnesses on a de deadly plane crash that happened in alabama. the ups cargo jet went down in mississippi. look at these pictures. huge ball of fire at that scene this morning. it was about a half a mile short of the runway at birmingham international airport. sadly, the pilot and co-pilot were both lost, both fatalities in this terrific histororrific accident. we heard witnesses describing the scene. >> i got out from bed and went to look in the window in the back and a minute later saw a big flash in the air.
11:14 am
in the sky. i saw, i heard big big big explosion, big one. it was the crash of the aircraft. >> amazingly no homes on the ground were damaged. much more on this story coming up. jesse jackson senior is speaking about his son's two year sentence he just received for misusing election money. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i had to raise many questions to myself about did i confuse success with sickness. jesse's been driven to succeed, to be effective. remember, we got the water tank built out in fort heights, whatout was, arguing for the airport, something like that. i did not realizes when he began to take these highs and lows. bipolar was never part of my
11:15 am
lexicon, as a matter of fact, until he finally got to the mayo. and he did not even use that as an excuse for his behavior. he was remorseful. his record was a fact today in the sentencing and he is still recovering. jesse's been very sick. this time a year ago, i religion thought we may have lost him. he is strong enough now to accept challenges put before him by the judge. but this has been a very painful journey for our family. we'll talk more about it in days to come, but oftentimes parents, we objectify political public figures and if he were bleeding, you could gather a bandage. if you were -- break a leg, you get a splint, but if it's mental or emotional, it's less discernable. you have these highs and lows.
11:16 am
unless you really take time, i would say lastly, what occurred to me one day, st. peter paul said you should see about jesse. i had just talked to him. i said, he'll be all right. whatever it is, i'll talk to him. his mom went to see him, since she was in washington and they walked in the park and he began to cry. she said, you need go and see him quickly. i did, along and flew to washington. i said, let's go to the hospital right now. there was a surrender, no fight back. i knew something was terribly different. he was at the hospital two days and then out in arizona, but more observation. then the mayo detected bipolar. i think it became more graphic to me was when i called one day and said there's a great yearning for you to be here.
11:17 am
they really missed you. he said, did they really miss me? i said, yes. he began to cry and said, i think i let them down. his highs and lows, this is a distressful condition. i hope to learn more about bipolar. there have been so many people since we've been on this journey, on the airplane and downtown. my brother's bipolar, my father is bipolar. i think what hit me in arizona and in minnesota is the only african-american person there. many people who have it have no capacity to get diagnosis or get treatment. its potential to affect behavior is devastating. i'm glad the judge took it into account. thank you very much. >> jesse jackson senior speaking about his son, who has been sentenced to two years in prison for misusing election funds to the tune of $750,000. his wife also has been found
11:18 am
guilty. she will serve one year in prison, according to the sentence hat was handed down today. it has been quite a road. you heard his father talking about the physical and mental sick witnesses that he talked about his son having. there was no medical expert testimony as part of these proceedings. this is separate, really, in many ways to that. but he will spend, according to the judge today, two years in prison. and his wife will spend one year. quite a journey for jesse jackson junior. the next chapter of it begins today. we're going to take a quick break. we're coming back in three minutes from now with new questions for the white house after a rodeo clown mocked the president over the weekend and turned into a huge big deal, calling for secret service investigation from one camp. we'll show you what happened when this same kind of thing happened to a different president and got that same kind of treatment. [ bottle ] okay, listen up!
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11:22 am
lot of fox news alerts. a lot going on today and we take you to the state department where secretary of state john kerry has made a surprise appearance at this -- in front of this podium. let's listen a little bit to what he has to say about the situation in egypt. >> peace, inclusion and again democracy. egyptians inside and outside of the government need to take a step back. they need to calm the situation and avoid further loss of life. we also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law. we call on the government to respect basic human rights including freedom, peaceful
11:23 am
assembly and due process under the law. we believe the state of emergency should end as soon as possible. violence is simply not a solution in egypt or anywhere else. violence will not create a road map for egypt's future. violence only impedes the transition to an inclusive civilian government. a government chosen in free and fair elections that governs drast democratically consistent with the goals of the egyptian revolution and violence with continued polarization will only further tear the egyptian economy apart and prevent it from growing, providing the jobs in the future the people of egypt want so badly. the united states strongly supports the egyptian peoples' hope for a prompt and sustainable transition to an inclusive tolerant civilian led democracy. deputy secretary of state burns, together with our eu colleagues,
11:24 am
provided constructive ideas and left them on the table during our talks is in cairo last week. for my many phone calls with many eegyptians, i believe they know full well what a constructive process would look like. the interim government and the military which together process the preponderance of power in this confrontation have a unique responsibility to prevent further violence and offer constructive options for a conclusive peaceful process across the entire political spectrum. >> that's secretary of state john kerry, really echoing very much what we heard in the white house statement earlier, the united states government is urging calm and all sides to take a step back, to stop the violence in the streets, and that they are against the state of emergency that has been imposed by the military. john kerry speaking moments ago at the state department. we will stay on top of that story. any new developments, we'll take
11:25 am
you right there. back to this, we mentioned from the white house last hour, the deputy press secretary refused to comment when asked about a controver controversial clown skit that has got an lot of attention at the missouri state fair, the clown wearing a president obama mask the kind you see on halloween. the clown was chased by the bull as what happens at these rodeos. critics immediately lashed out calling it racially offensive. days later the outrage is still apparently boiling over with the naacp saying they really believe the feds need to get involved in all this. trace gallagher has the whole back story to set us up here. >> hey, marsha. let me set this up by showing you part of what happened at the missouri state fair when the rodeo clown put on the obama mask. watch this. >> and president obama. >> hey. i know i'm a clown.
11:26 am
he just runs around acting like one, doesn't know he is one. >> some in this crowd were amused, others were outraged. the state commission called this -- the fair commission called the stunt unkconscionabl, the republican lieutenant-governor said he condemned the act and so did a democratic state lawmaker. listen to him. >> we in the legislature appropriate money to the state fair for it to be the crown jewel of missouri it has always been. for something like this to tarnish that is terribly unfortunate. we need to have questions answered. >> so now the clown has been banned for life but the missouri chapter of the naacp wants more. they want state funding for the fair to be pulled and they want theand the department of justice to conduct a full investigation, saying, i'm quoting here, incidents involving individuals acting out with extreme violent behavior in movie theaters, schools, churches, political appearances and outdoor events in general
11:27 am
speaks volumes to the irresponsible behavior of all the parties involved, speaking about this rodeo. it's also important to point out rodeo clowns have been wearing masks and using props for years and years. for instance back in 1994, a rodeo clown used a dummy with the face of george h.w. bush to help distract the bulls. that rodeo clown wasn't fired. in fact, a profile was written about him in the philadelph"phi inquirer" concerning an old rodeo hero. then, remember this game of throne, when they used george w. bush's head on a spike for part of that scene? hbo apologized saying it was a prop mistake. nobody fired there and keep in mind that pearl jam also used a george w. bush mask and they impaled it on the microphone. madonna also threw a grenade at a figure of george w. bush on stage. martha. >> so, there's that to think about, trace. thank you so much.
11:28 am
julie joins me now, fox news contributor and david webb of the david webb show. what do you think about this? >> this is so silly. first amendment right, this clown can do whatever he wants. i'm a fan of president obama. i certainly believe anybody has the right to put on an obama mask and run around and say stupid fuf if they want. he's a clown. ove overreaction. >> what do you think of the secret service and have an investigation and reminds them of horrific violent acts in the past. is the that big a deal? >> as someone who's been to many rodeos. >> it's not your first rodeo? >> not my first rodeo or as the naacp like to call them, probably klan rallies. they put on clown masks and chased around and make fun of the clown not the person. they have done this with presidents over time. every president in some form, made a mask, nixon, it's been
11:29 am
done. what it is, let me just mock them for a moment. they're a bunch of weenies. the left are a bunch of weenies who can't take a joke and have to cry racism to try and create a political class. julie, i'll exempt you from this. with the exemption of julie, these are a bunch of weenies who have nothing better to do than really take something way out of context, martha. frankly, we have much bigger issues in this country but this is a great distraction, we're talking about rodeo clowns, we should be talking about the economy. >> i think it's matter of taste. i think it's in bad taste. think it was in taste to president bush and when madonna throws the grenade. i think they should be discouraged. we seem to make the leap in this country and bad taste and what you should say to your kids. and then we go to the secret service and naacp. >> it's in bad taste but you have to defend the right to do
11:30 am
it. you can't legislate stupidity or bad taste. >> they tried to use the law. they want tax money taken away from the rodeo, from the state fair. by the way, does anybody know that tax credits go to hbo for "game of thrones" bill maher or any of these? >> of course not. >> they are a bunch of weenies that have though better to do. >> not weiner's. >> worse than weiner in some ways. he can laugh at himself, sadly. >> i have to agree. this is ridiculous. lighten up, missouri. >> lighten up. they're tripping all over themselves. they want this in the past. from claire mccaskill on down, david, thank you. >> good to see you. back to this very serious story we're watching unfold right now and breaking news out of egypt, we showed you moments ago, u.s. secretary of state john kerry showing the united states strongly condemns the violence playing out on the street right now, the bloodshed in egypt.
11:31 am
the numbers are rising in so many cities all around egypt, alexandra and cairo and those dead in the streets. joining me on the phone is senator from south carolina, lindsey graham, who recently returned from egypt. senator, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you just heard john kerry and the white house condemning the violence happening in the streets. what's your take what we're seeing play out today. >> the first question, does it matter to us as a nation? >> yes, it does. you will feel this in the pocketbook at home if this continues and there's more violence. it will skyrocket oil prices and the suez canal as a vital economic artery for that part of the world. our military uses it. al qaeda will fill in any vacuum created by a failed state. it will probably be the end of the peace treaty between israel and egypt almost 40 years a source of stability. the stakes are incredibly high
11:32 am
to us from our pocketbook to our best friend in israel. the only way to stop this is for america to lead. this is another example leading from behind doesn't work. >> i spoke earlier with colonel ralph peters and said often he feels the white house needs to lead more. he said in this case, he feels like he wants them to hang back a bit. he doesn't want them to basically speak out against the military. i think that's one of his fears they will speak out against the military. we did hear sort of things around the edges, in some ways about that, from john kerry and the white house spokesman in terms of talking about respecting the outcome of the election, which is mohamed morsi, understanding the protesters in the streets, how do we characterize as a nation where we stand on this? >> we stand for free and fair election. we don't stand for mob rule. we stand for the rule of law and not the rule of gun. the muslim brotherhood backlash was real and deserved. they took the country down anñ
11:33 am
islamic fundamentalist road. they misread their mandate. the best way to deal with the brotherhood is bring about stability and order and have a new election and they'll get creamed at the ballot box. the worst way to deal with the brotherhood is try to put them all in jail and ignore the fact they exist. the best way to solve this problem is to create a dialogue between all groups in the country, have a new constitution and a new election. morsi would get beat badly if he were up for re-election. they will wind up making the guy a martyr and people in the middle will react against the military. i hope the military's smart enough not to overplay their hand. the best way for the muslim brotherhood to be marginalized is not be shot or thrown in jail, have the egyptian people vote them out of office and they would if there was another election. >> very interesting point. you look at who the voice of reason will be that emerges in this. that's what you need. you hear about the phone calls
11:34 am
going back and forth between chuck hagel and john kerry, who are they talking to? mohamed el baradei has stepped down and resigned. who are they talking to? >> we have a hot headed group. we faulked to general ceci, he's new and getting push to destroy the muslim brotherhood. the problem is the best way to marginlize someone is beat them at the ballot box, restore order. the military quickly should do that and have a new constitution voted on and new elections. there are elements of people in jail i think you could talk to. the worst possible thing is continue the violence. al qaeda will take advantage of this. oil prices will go up and egypt will become a failed state. you can't kill your way out of this box. that's what i've told the brotherhood. that's what i told the egyptian military. violence will not lead to the solution that they want. the egyptian economy is going to crumble. if the egyptian economy crumbles the whole region goes into
11:35 am
economic chaos. >> that is a very frightening picture, senator. just to hear you talk about egypt as a potential failed state, one of the greatest countries in ancient civilization. huge ally to the united states, decades and decades. to refer to egypt as a potentially failed state, you know, who -- is there a positive futu future? is there any light at the end of the tunnel? >> there is. >> is there some way out? >> there is. we know they don't like mubarak. don't like the strong man rule. arab spring is people will not live in a country where a few people have everything and most people have nothing. we now know they don't like islam islamic radical fullism. that's good news for me. they need a new start on democracy, get things in order and hold a new election. the light at the end of the tunnel is people will not go back to military dictatorship and don't like fundamental
11:36 am
islam. that's good news for me. get egypt stable, have a new election, keep this alliance. if it becomes a failed state, god help us all and israel is in a world of hurt. they would be surrounded by radical regimes. it's only a matter of time until al qaeda fills in these vacuums in egypt. >> that's the last question i want to ask you about, al qaeda, the opportunity for them to step into this vacuum. the suez canal is of great concern obviously. what, if anything, do you foresee as america's role to fill that vacuum and keep things stable so that doesn't happen? >> our friends are afraid and our enemies are emboldened. we've lost a lot of standing. this is a test for the president. i went over at the white house's request to deliver a message to the military that we expect you to transition to civilian control and that the brotherhood overplayed their hand and this backlash against them is real but the only way out of this box is a new constitution and new election. this is a test of american
11:37 am
leadership, from benghazi to cairo, to damascus, we're -- to baghdad, we're failing across the board. obama's foreign policy is not working. the middle east is literally in flames. and the biggest prize of all is egypt. if we lose egypt. if he egypt becomes a famed fractured state, i cannot imagine what israel's future looks like p. >> very interesting. it will be interesting to see what hillary clinton has to sane the upcoming foreign policy speeches how things are going in this region as well. thank you so much. good to talk to you. there are some revealing new poll numbers today that show president obama's approval rating nearing an all time low right now. is it simply a case of second term blues you see sometimes or something different going on politically? we'll talk to our panel next. as the white house claims it is working on the benefits backlog at the v.a., actor and first advocate, gary, is here to show
11:38 am
how his group is helping our struggling service members. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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new questions today about the president's recent poll numbers. the average of all polls at clear politics put these numbers together show him plummeting double digits at just under free%, only one point away from his worst ever. is this case of second term blues or is there something going on fundamentally between americans and the relationship with their president. joining us, ed rollins and both are fox news contributors. welcome to you both. what do you make of that number? >> the president is not succeeding at all. we are economically adrift.
11:42 am
economic growth is 1.7%, unemployment, almost 7.5%. his entire agenda on immigration and health care and the like is dead in the water. there are four scandals that are ragin raging. internationally, as you were suggesting, with lindsey graham, we are literally in egypt, north korea, iran. we are perceived as impotent and given the breakdown of the summit with the russian , the t reset policy is seeing this as failing. >> and that's the democratic view. >> go ahead, ed. >> i would say ditto. the president is hoping what he promised in the campaign he can implement. all the things doug said is very true. the missing element today is a leadership quality. no one looks at him today and sees him as a leader on the world stage or domestic stage. congress is a mess but he can't
11:43 am
fix it. he can't do anything to make it better. >> you look at that second term. you worked for bill clinton. >> i did. >> heading into that second term. >> right. >> he was in tough shape as well. he had been through a bit and he made strong pivots during that period. he started welfare reform and things uncharacteristic where people thought he would go. you get an opportunity as a second term president. never going to run again. it's legacy time, right? >> absolutely. martha, to pick up where ed left off, there was an absence of leadership evidenced since the election from president obama but also an absence of bipartisanship. the american people wanted the country to come together and indeed what bill clinton said was progress not partisanship and what obama said is the opposite. i won the election, we're doing it my way. the american people look at the scandals the problems, they say they want the country to come together to work to fix health care, to fix immigration, and most of all, martha, to fix the economy. >> i think he would say, based
11:44 am
on what we hear, there's no doing that. republicans will not work with me. if the president came out, ed, and said, look, let's get together at the table. i know you think we're having problems with health care, a lot of delays going on. the republicans hate the whole thing, tried 30, 40 times to get rid of it. let's sit down and hammer out a deal a revision on this everyone can be at least a little bit happy with, would that work or would the republicans all storm out of the room and say no way? >> some would. some would basically welcome the opportunity to sit down and say here are the weakness is in this bill and this is how we get it fixed. the key thing is there are no visuals. the president promised to create jobs. not sat down with business groups small or large and said, what is it you need to get this economy moving again. that's what he proemmised in hi campaign and takes every unemployment figure and runs sag better. people not working don't think it's getting better.
11:45 am
>> interesting you say creating visuals. i thought about that today. he's in martha's vineyard and every president is entitled to a vacation, most people agree with that. if you worked for the president, wouldn't you release a photo of him talking on the phone in the office section of the house about egypt rather than the golf picture today or control the fact that, you know, just give people that overarching feeling that they know the president is linked into what they're seeing in the streets in cairo today? >> absolutely, martha. we sent bill clinton before the re-election to jackson hole rather than mandatory that's vineyard for that very reason. bottom line, i saw the same golf picture you did, i had the same reaction. goodness gracious, i don't want the president wincing because he missed a 7 foot putt, i want him working talking to his secretary of defense trying to show the kind of leadership ed was talking about to demonstrate we can get a handle on our problems. didn't see it. >> do they not care about those visuals? >> they're not focusing on
11:46 am
visuals. the critical thing is you don't go off to a place where the richiest people in america go, hamptons or nantucket. no disrespect to any of those, at the same time a big bold step for this president would be to get on his airplane and get back to washington. you have the certificates secre running around and the secretary of defense running around and don't have the president when you have a war important breaking out and why would you send two republicans to represent you to talk to the military, what have you? why aren't you on the phone every single day talking to the egyptian leadership we're still funding to the tune of $2 billion. >> if it's a visual showing the president is caring and engaged working on it, it's stronger than being a visual thing. thank you. goods to see you both. coming up next, actor gary sin fwhinlgts
11:47 am
sinise to talk about whethat hi group is doing to help veterans in this country. he has been so dedicated. just have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. ::::::::
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11:50 am
today i can report that we are not where we need to be but we're making progress. we're making progress. [ applause ] so after years when the backlog kept growing, finally the backlog is shrinking in. last five months it's down nearly 20%, we're turning the tide. >> turning the tide according to the president speaking saturday on efforts to clear the massive backlogs of veterans claims for benefits. actor gary sinis has been a
11:51 am
tireless advocate on behalf of our military veterans and is involved with a huge list of charity groups dedicated to offering support to our brave men and women serving our country. it's a pleas having you here live. welcome. >> thank you. >> everybody's having summer vacation and doing that kind of thing. you have dedicated all -- so much time to these concerts across the country and building smart homes. tell us what you've been doing this summer. >> i have been doing that. a lot of traveling for our building for america's bravest where we build smart homes for severely wounded veterans. i've done a uso tour to japanned okinawa to play for service members there. i just got done. we had a great concert in pittsburgh for a young marine who lost both his legs and unfortunately has a traumatic
11:52 am
brain injury. we did a concert in pitt for him friday night. many, many concerts coming up. i have one in charleston, south carolina for the independence fund which bill o'reilly has been raising money. i've been involved with them for a while. we do a thing called lieutenant dan weekend. my band will be there september 14th doing a concert there to support the independence fund. you can go to to find tickets. >> what strikes you as you work with these individuals. because of everything you have done and bill o'reilly working on the track chairs, which is a terrific charity that helps people with independence, mobility, have their -- feel good about themself and having a future after they have devastating injuries. what do you get from doing this,
11:53 am
gary? >> i have veterans in my family. i'm motivated by growing up around veterans and close personal relationships with veterans in the '80s. i got involved with vietnam veterans groups in chicago. i played one in the '90s, a disabled veteran which led me to association with our wounded through the disabled american veterans. >> did you know when you played that role in forrest gump it would be a turning point in terms of your life's mission and the work you've done? >> no, it was a part in a movie and it was a good part. i very much wanted to play a vietnam veteran. i have veterans in my family and thought the story was good. it's a positive story of somebody who went through the vietnam conflict, lost his legs, went through the anguish and despair but came out on top.
11:54 am
that's the story of so many people who inspire me to serve. that's why i started the gary sinis foundation. i've been in that world a long time, met extraordinary people and there's a lot of need. the more i see things and visit people and support organizations that are working on behalf of veterans, i more need i see filled. the unfortunate prediction is that as time goes on we draw down from afghanistan, the effects of the war will fade into the background and service members that sacrificed so much in the dozen years of war we've been at it will fall through the cracks. it's important that nongovernment organizations pick up the slack where the government can't serve and try to do something. >> that's the great point right there. you were saying in the break, i said how are we doing with what the president talked about?
11:55 am
you said never enough. there's a backlog of benefits but people can get involved. we realize so much in this country on corporations that are extremely generous, individuals who are generous, what can you leave people with, something they can do small or large? >> on a small scale, there's veterans from every community, service members. you have gold star families, families who lost a loved one who are grieving. there are wounded warriors across the country who could need help in small communities. throughout the nation and -- i always tell people to just look within your own neighborhood, within your community. see what you can do. of course you can go to the gary sinise and see what we're doing and other great organizations we're supporting. there's a gap between what people understand about veterans and what they need to know. >> they can visit the website and see your concert in
11:56 am
september. you made such a great contribution to the theater and your acting life is tremendous. then this on top of it, you've done a lot of good. thank you so much for being with us. best of luck to you and everybody please, it's >> check it out. always good to see you. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
listen to the lady. a survey backs up the cliche about date, men and women believe men should pick up the check on the date. 17,000 people, 84% of guys and 58% of ladies reported men pay most of the time.
12:00 pm
even after they've been dating a while. the same patterns regardless of ages, north carolina or education -- income or education. i'm martha in for meg be. shepard starts now. >> shepard: a u.p.s. cargo jet crashes in a fiery explosion outside of birmingham, alabama and investigators are trying to figure egg figure out why. the coca-cola can company on defense after claims artificial sweeteners like as per tame may be bad for our health. the latest ad campaign. two of the stars of the real housewives of new jersey back in court today on dozens of counts of financial fraud. wonder if she flipped over any tables. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a state of emergency across egypt as the


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