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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 18, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> eric: have greahave a great . there's our twitter. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. shannon bream takes it from here. everybody, take care. new conspiracy theory, reports of a shocking new claim a member of the british military was involved in princess diana's death. is it just speculation or can the mystery behind the tragic night she died finally be put to rest. nasa eaves dropping. the nsa said it made mistakes when it accidentally tapped into your private communications. critics including those here in washington say that's not a good enough excuse. a fair and balanced debate with two key members of congress. hillbilly hoopla. one couple's camouflage wedding came true when a duck dynasty member crashed the wedding. plus, another baseball player off the roster. we'll tell you who he is. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live
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from the nation's capitol starts right now. and we begin with the chaos in egypt. egyptian forces cracking down on the muslim brotherhood as the military struggles to keep control of the country. they just raided the homes of muslim brotherhood members in an attempt to break up massive protests planned around the supreme court there. more than 800 people have been killed in violent demonstrations in less than a week. could the country be on the brink of civil war? leland vittert is monitoring the latest developments from our middle east bureau. leland? >> reporter: shannon, at least right now it appears some of the army tactics have worked. there are reports right now out of cairo that the brotherhood brotherhoodbrotherhood cancelled today's marches. whether they cancelled them because this is the end of the uprising, their armed insur insurrection or if they're taking break and licking their wounds remains to be seen. security is tight, especially around the supreme court where one of the muslim brotherhood
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marches were headed. gunmen in the force have tried to force their -- in the past have tried to force their way into the buildings. yesterday this was the scene at one of the main mosques in cairo, a number of muss muslim brotherhood gunmen had taken ref fugitive in the top of the mosque. finally the police moved in and fired tear gas. fought their way, room by room, into the mosque and removed a lot of the muslim brotherhood supporters, including a number of people wanted from the day before. to show you the amount of support the army has in that country, when the army then retreated out of the mofng and d the police came out after raiding it, they were cheered and carried on the arms of the crowd. there's clearly a lot of folks supporting the army there. the other thing the government's doing is thinking of outlawing the muslim brotherhood, and before that, rounding up much of its leadership including this person, the brother of the leader of al-qaeda and a
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well-known jihadist inside egypt. it was thought that he was trying to in some way launch an attack against the egyptian government, whether that was using militants from the sinai peninsula or weapons they had. it was unclear, but certainly he was arrested. members of the muslim brotherhood leadership were arrested as well. the army still very popular inside egypt. thgeneral el-s si. si went on television and said the army wants to turn the power over to civilian government. they're waiting to have elections, and they would like to have an inclusive political process. they will not tolerate violence which has been the army's ongoing march here going forward. they have a lot of support on the street. it appears the muslim brotherhood has turned into much more of a violent organization than something like a peaceful political party that they were in the past or wanted to be in the past. shannon, back to you. >> leland, thank you very much for the update. well, president obama has vowed to protect privacy rights
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when it comes to the national security agency mining for data that could stop terrorists as an important task. the president said that no one in the government is intentionally abusing the system, but there are new revelations of privacy v violations,. if congress and the white house aren't enough, one senator is calling for the supreme court to weigh in. >> reporter: hi, shannon. the national security agency defended its tactics this week as americans learn it violated thousands of privacy rules on thousands of occasions, ranging from area code errors to access legally protected communications. while some were unintended, others showed breaches of standard procedures. this week lawmakers discussed a failed amendment that fun fundamentally changed the way the agency could collect information. there may be something on the table next session. >> i'm hopeful we'll have another opportunity that might not be exactly the same amendment. this was an amendment to an appropriations bill, so it has
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to be written in a very particular way. i'm hopeful we'll have a way to amend some kind of policy legislation in the future. >> reporter: that being said, other lawmakers agree surveillance parameters pla para vital role in protecting americans, senator peter king as well as other lawmakers feeling the problem lies not in the program but the president's incompetence in explaining the role of complex met aa data collection. >> i fully disagree with what senator rand paul said. the fact is, john, look at this. take rand paul's own numbers. he said there's billions of phone calls being collected. that's not really true. assume he's being right for once. billions of phone calls being collected. juxtapose that with 2800 violations that were self reported by the nsa which should not violate anyone's rights. >> reporter: the white house reacting, saying in part while the majority of the incidents were unintentional, the agency
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is monitoring and addressing compliance incidents. back to you, shannon. >> li elizabeth, thank you very much. we'll talk about the deteriorating situation in egypt. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> i'll start with you and the nsa. more than 2700 security breaches, essentially privacy breaches, with respect to legally protected communications. they say it was inadvertent. is that a good enough explanation for you? >> well, it's not a complete explanation. it's accurate to say these are not intentional errors. nonetheless, there's a great number of them, and this is just one quarter, so it's very concerning, and i think there are a number of forms we ought to bring about. you mentioned at the top of the segment the meta data program. i think with all of our programs in the intelligence area, we have to ask three questions. is it constitutional, is it effective, and is it structured
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in a way to minut minimize intrn on our privacy. i don't think that program is structured that way. that data could be held by a communications provider. that would be much more respective of the privacy rights of the american people. we can still get the information we need by going to them when we think a number is connected to a terrorist plot. so i think some of the programs need to be restructured, and i think we need more safeguards and transparency in the court as well to deal with some of these problems. >> reporter: congressman franks, on the issue of transparency, according to the "washington post" looking into the breaches. they say they have documents that showing agency personnel at nsa were told to remove details and substitute more generic language in reports to the justice department and the office of the director of national intelligence. what does that suggest to you, if anything? >> well, it suggests that we must hold all of those individuals acutely accountable because the reality is we have a challenge of balancing our need to be able to ascertain where
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and what terrorists are doing while not at the same time doing something that would abrogate the constitutional rights of the american people. there's a way to do both. it means we have to walk a fine line. those people that are in charge of those processes must be held accountable to walk that fine line. >> i want to urn it to the issue of egypt as it continues to foment there today. there's been a lot of discussion about aid for egypt a, whether e take u.s. aid out of egypt to the tune of $1.3 billion a year. i want to play a little bit of what senator john mccain, republican, had to say today. he has since changed his position from his initial vote to continue aid to now his position saying it's maybe time not to continue that aid. here's what he said today. >> we know that the administration called up the egyptians and said look, if you do a coup, we're cutting off aid because that's the law. we have to comply with the law. in this administration, we did not do that. congressman schiff, what's your
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position on whether we should continue to provide aid, whether it's financial or military or otherwise, to egypt right now? >> well, i agree with senator mccain. the law is quite clear. this was a coup, but even beyond that, the law says if the military played a decisive role in toppling a democratically elected government, we have to cut off aid. that clearly was met here, but i also think that if we don't cut off the aid after this point, after all of this violence, we're basically sending a message to the egyptian military that they can do whatever they want and we're going to continue this spigot of military support. that eliminates any leverage we might have. we're probably not going to have much leverage in the near term and certainly some of our other allies in the region, like the saudi government is providing a lot of billions. even if we cut off our aid, nonetheless, i think it's important to establish our credibility with egyptian military as well as other militaries around the world that may be looking at whether they can conduct a coup and maintain support from the united states,
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so agree with the senator. i think we need to cut off the aid and help leverage that to reduce the violence and say egypt, you've got to put your country back on a democratic path if you want us to resume our support. >> congressman franks, final word to you. >> well, i just would ask where was the administration when they should have been asking these questions weeks and months and even several months ago when the morsi regime was abrogating the constitutional rights of its citizens. that's when we had the leverage and the challenge to do something about it. the sad par part is this administration's policies, whether foreman or domestic, have a way of disproportionately falling heavy on victims. this administration has been silent to the victims of the muslim brotherhood that is using these tragic days to use it as an excuse to attack churches, to attack people based on their faith, to burn churches, to even
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go after orphanages and schools. the dav deafening response of ts administration lets those victims continue to languish. i just have to say to you. we all understand the need to make sure that we have popular elected governments, but the history is replete with popular elected governments that created tremendous tragedy in this world. this administration now is in the position of trying to -- they seem to put back into power the muslim brotherhood which they helped put in power in the first place in egypt which is the original tragedy that caused all of these things to occur in the first place. >> congres congressman franks, congressman schiff, thank you both for your time today. >> you bet. >> thank you. time for you to weigh in. we want to know what you think about our hot topic on the nsa. does it matter to you whether the nsa security breaches were intentional or unintentional. does mote vas motivation matter?
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tweet to@shannonbream. word today that scott lard yard is looking into new allegations that princess diana and her companion, dodi fayed, that their deaths were no accident. >> reporter: on august 31st, 1997 on the anniversary of the death, british police received new information that the principaprincess of wales was ky members of the british military. scotland yard is, o quote, assessing the crenlt of the information given them to by the former parents in law of a former soldier. this unnamed soldier believed to have been a member of the elite british special forces coman doe unit. the letter reportedly claims he was behind the death of princess diana. on that august night,
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36-year-old princess diana and her 42-year-old boyfriend, dodi fayed, left a hotel in paris, france. their mercedes benz hit a pillar in a tunnel, and investigators concluded the driver's drunk driving caused the accident. others believe diana was murdered. as expected, there's skepticism surrounding this latest claim. >> we look at this every single year prior to the death of diana, princess of wales. i think the police did a thorough investigation prior to the inquest. that's why we had an inquest. the french did a thorough investigation, and they both came up with the same conclusion. i don't think anybody's doubted those conclusions. >> reporter: again, scotland yard said this is not a re-investigation into princess diana's death. we've received no comment from buckingham palace. shannon? >> brian, thank you. firefighters are hoping for
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a break in windy conditions today in their battle against a growing wildfire in central idaho. check out the pictures. more than 2300 homes have been evacuated in the affluent ski region as five more hot shot firefighting teams arrived to help. while it remains hot in the west, the stalled front will bring heavy rain to the gulf coast and southeast this week, and an area already dealing with flooding this year. we're in the fox weather center with janice dean. two extremes indeed across the west where they're not getting enough rain and across the east where they're getting too much. let's look at the wildfire condition across the west, especially the northwest down into california where conditions remain dry and hot and breezy. especially around the haley, idaho area where we're talking about the wildfire danger. temperatures soaring into the 90s in a lot of the spots, so way above average for this time of the year.
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the beaver creek fire, only 6% containment. temperatures well above normal and it's going to be breezy and no rain in sight unfortunately for these firefighters that continue to battle this blaze and dozens of blazes across the west. as shannon mentioned, we're dealing with too much rain across the southeast. four to six inches on the ground, and we could get an additional three to five over the next 12 to 4 hours, shannon. week keep you up to date. back to you. >> we know you will, janice. thank you so much. president obama made headlines this week by saying health insurance is a fundamental right. is he right? is it something we are all entitled to? ahead, a fair and balanced debate on that very question. plus, lois lerner is not off the hook yet. the woman in the middle of the irs targeting scandal took the fifth, but lawmakers think she may have broken the law by using personal e-mails for office business are now demanding she turn those e-mails over to them. [ male announcer ] america's favorite endless shrimp is back!
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shoit jekyll which out. >> shannon: check it out. cool new video out of japan. it was the highest plume ever recorded for this volcano.
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locals had to be safe covering their mouths with towels and wearing masks to protect themselves from the smoke filled air. the woman at the center of the irs targeting scandal may have to cough up her access to her personal e-mail account if some lawmakers get their way. fox news correspondent doug mcelway on the latest trouble for lois lerner. >> reporter: the letter sent to her requests that she turn over all official irs documents and correspondence in her private msn e-mail accounts. >> she wouldn't answer congress or the american people after taking the fifth. now we learn she's conducting official business on a personal account, in essence, potentially hiding it from the taxpayers, hiding it from the american people. >> reporter: the letter says in part, quote, the fact that it appears lois save in your requires e-mail account raises concerns that you sent irs documents to one non-official
9:21 am
e-mail address and you may have conducted business using non-official accounts. lerner sent a copy of a speech she gave from her irs account to her personal account. >> since we don't know who has access to her private e-mail account, she may be violating section 103 with improper kansas disclosure of taxpayer information. >> reporter: the code states, quote, no officer or employee of the united states shall disclose any return or return information obtained by him in any manner in connection with his service as such an officer. it is not clear whether learner's speech contain any tax return information. its mere existence in her personal e-mail account has piqued the committee's curiosity for more. >> we'll get to them, even if we have to use a espn. we're going to get those e-mails. >> reporter: that was doug mcelway reporting. >> shannon: her lawyer said no comment about lerner's private
9:22 am
e-mail account. the house oversight committee wants her to send all applicable personal e-mails to them by august 27th. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is catching heat for a crime fighting idea thrown out during a radio appearance. he said public housing residents should use fingerprints to get access into their buildings. the city isn't working on anything like that, but the outgoing mayor said he thinks it would help keep criminals out of residents buildings. it's similar to the stop and frisk policy bloomberg has supported, and a federal judge ruled that policy is unconstitutional. the city is appealing. christians and their churches under attack as violence and tensions rise in egypt. islamists are fo now targeting e pulpit. back home, a new study suggests that freedom of religion that our forefathers fought and died for are increasingly becoming less important to americans. you do not want to miss this report coming up.
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>> shannon: heavy security outside a mosque in cairo that was stormed by security forces yesterday. the government says it was concerned that members of the must be who were inside the mosque were planning another sit-in like the ones they broke up earlier in the week, sparking clashes that left hundreds dead. it's the bottom of the hour, and the turmoil in egypt tops our top story. peter? >> shannon, there's relative calm in egypt, but morsi supporters are planning additional rallies and that has the government tightening security, especially around the supreme court. nearly 40 churches have been torched or looted and more than 800 people have been killed in just four days of deadly violence. a possible new conspiracy theory about princess diana's death. british police say they're looking into new information, but won't give any details and
9:28 am
said they're not reopening the investigation into her 1997 death. sky news reports an unnamed source saying that a member of the british military was involved in her murder. the tip came from a british soldier's former parents-in-law who waited until the couple was divorced to bring the information forward. san diego mayor bob spill ner's first day back on the job is tomorrow. that will be a day that a campaign to remove him from office begins because tomorrow is the first time signatures can be collected. organizers need 15% of the city's registered voters to sign on. 16 women have publicly accused him of sexual harassment. i a surprise guest made one couple's wedding a dream come true. duck dynasty star willie robertson popped in on a camouflaged themed wedding in pittsburgh. the wedding was at a field and stream store, something the couple hadn't planned on. when they heard willie was going to be in town, they almost
9:29 am
cancelled. that's when the bride's mom cooked up this surprise. it was not his first wedding this year. the season four duck dynasty opener drew almost 12 million viewers, and his family threw a surprise wedding for his parents who also wore camo. >> shannon: did you watch the premier? >> yeah. i saw it. >> shannon: i actually got choked up. i love those guys. it was so sweet. what a fun surprise for that couple, too. >> yeah. >> shannon: thank you, peter. >> yep. >> shannon: president obama says he will do everything he can to make sure his health care law works, and in a forceful defense of obama care, the president called health insurance a fundamental right that republicans are trying to deny to the american family. >> a lot of republicans seem to believe that if they can gum up the works and make this law fail, they'll somehow be sticking it to me, but they'd just be sticking it to you.
9:30 am
>> shannon: all right. here's a fair and balanced debate from the executive director of public notice and an attorney and radio host, ebony williams. welcome to you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: ebony, i'll start with you. the president himself and his administration acknowledged a lot of problems with the law. it's a massive undertaking. they delayed a few key parts of it including the employer mandate, caps on out of pocket costs for consumers, all kinds of things, so fair to say that there are flaws that need to be addressed? >> well, i think that's fair, shannon, in the sense that any time there's something massive that this type of legislative stakes involved, yes, tweaking and corrective measure will be a certain part of that, just like we saw with, you know, the medicare expansion that we've had in the previous years. > >> shannon: gretchen, there's going to be a lot of pushback as this comes back, you know, heated up on the hill in a couple of weeks when lawmakers are back. there's a big debate over whether or not republicans will coalesce around an idea of tying government funding to defunding obama care.
9:31 am
but the president makes it sound there that republicans are trying to strip americans of health care. it is a right. the optics of it may not look so good for the g.o.p.. >> well, you know, the optics right now are really about the president's health care law. you have to look at what's happening. he says that the republicans are trying to gum it up, but the administration in its own right is sitting here, taking the law and pushing different pieces of it back. they pushed the employer mandate back, but then gave the ability for members of congress and their staff to be exempt from obama care. so the president is gumming it up himself, his administration, and it shows the corner stone of his first administration was a law that was too massive, to big of an undertaking and is creating so much uncertainty, it's starting to have a dragn 0 the economy. >> shannon: we've seen more and more public skepticism. you have to have the public on board because you have to have young, healthy people sign up in order to help fund an under -- you know, offset of cost of
9:32 am
older and less healthy individuals, but more and more public folks and polls show they're very skeptical about this. they're worried that you don't really get to keep your doctor, that your premium price really isn't getting down. promises that were made by the administration in getting the bill passed. it's now the law, but unless you get folks to sign on, it may not work. how do democrats feel about that and the president? >> well, i think you're right, shannon. this was very much based off active enrollment, but polls show a lot of people are very happy with a lot of things this package provides, staying on your parents coverage until 26, getting rid of the bans against pre-existing conditions and certainly eliminating those lifetime caps. so generally speaking, people actually are quite satisfied with the perqs and the benefits that this package will provide them moving forward. again, shannon, all we know is that the more insured americans we have, the better off we all are. ultimately that financial burden that falls on individuals who are uninsured, we all know at the end of the day it falls us n
9:33 am
us all collectively. the more people insured, the better for us all. >> shannon: you point out that lot of people are enjoying the perqs of the law, but the tougher stuff, the medicine they have to take, has been delayed. it's not going to be implemented along the same time as you're getting the benefits, so you know, is it a bait and switch? >> no. i would have to say -- go ahead. >> shannon: gretchen, we'll let you speak. >> having someone get on your insurance and stay on your insurance until they're 26 and pregifting mandates, that's a great thing. at the end of the day, it doesn't matter when you can't get into the doctor. you have no health insurance and you have a doctor shortage. the broken promises of this law far exceed what is going to be the benefit. the american public is very antsy, and it's causing anxiety in the job market. 953,000 jobs have been created in 200013. 77% of those have been part-time jobs. that's mainly because employers don't want to be responsible for the new obama care things they're going to have to pay for
9:34 am
for. they don't want to pay. they would rather pay someone less and have them work less and have more workers than actually have to abide by obama care. >> shannon: ebony, there are key unions -- wait. there are key unions who helped to pass the bill into law. that's one of the things they keep bringing up. they've raised their concerns with nancy pelosi and harry reid and with the white house saying the idea of a 40-hour work week is being undercut by this law. our members will lose the coverage they now eb enjoy. these people supported the bill and helped to get it passed. >> absolutely. but to be fair, gretchen, a lost those points you're making are purely splaive. >> they're not speculative. they're being reported in the press and people are having changes in their plans and their premiums are going up. those aren't speculations. americans are feeling it already. >> shannon: ebony, final kick word for you. >> absolutely. final word is this goes into effect october 1st. the supreme court has spoken. people that stop sabotaging this
9:35 am
health care package are seeing it do well in new york and california. people are happy about it. >> shannon: all right. we'll end on an agreeing to disagree. gretchen an ebony, thank you both very much. thank you. thanks, shannon. >> shannon: major league baseball issues a new suspension, and it's a big one. a big league star banned for 105 games. find out why and all the details ahead. remember the controversy over california's new law allowing trans gender students to choose which restroom and which locker room they feel comfortable using. there's a new development. more on that after the break. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. - hugs from beneful baked delights... - [ barks ]rs ] are crispy, oven-baked dog snacks with soft savory centers,
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>> shannon: instead of cracking down, police are handing out bags of andre andrea. doritos. thousands gathered along the waterfront to get high. it was once a protest, but that all changed. washington became one of the first states to make pot legal.
9:40 am
those dorito bags police hand out have a web address on them. people find out the guidelines for using marijuana legally. the first amendment is at the core of our freedoms as americans, but a new survey shows a shocking number of americans are totally uninformed when it comes to basic guarantees of freedom that we have. we have the executive director of the first amendment center and the ceo of the museum institute. welcome. >> great to be here. >> i thought we would start by reading this. this new survey shows that 36% of americans cannot identify one right that is in the first amendment. >> we've had it in place for 220 odd years. 4% couldn't name even one. 36% can't name any.
9:41 am
>> shannon: that's shocking. >> it's sad. part of it is the fact that we've got them so strongly, we tend to take them for granted. >> shannon: these are the underpinnings of our society, the foundation of our country. people fought and died for these. are you surprised or do you think well, americans are, you know, distracted by so many things. maybe your civic education isn't what it once was. >> we lead busy lives and people take them for granted. schools and parents and society, the press, we all should pay more attention with a very well-meaning emphasis on math and science. we left social studies not unfended but not as an much sis. we should get back to that. >> shannon: something more shocking, the survey showed 34% of americans said the first amendment goes to fa too far ine rights it guarantees. >> one number that worries me in our findings this year, and it's that one. that's up from 13% a year ago. we were in the field with the
9:42 am
survey about four or five weeks after the boston marathon bombing. it echoes a finding we found in 2002 which was eight months after the 9/11 attack. it went to 49%. we read that as fear being the greatest threat. we may want to adjust speech or how we view certain kinds of the use of certain freedoms. let's get rid of the these dre e domes that we have that define us as a nation. >> shannon: we see local ordinances and state laws and things proposed out there that limit what you can say about certain topics, whether it's how you feel about gay marriage or those kinds of things. the first amendment protects speech that is highly unpopular. that's the whole purpose of it. that'if it was popular speech, t wouldn't need protection. >> it's from both extremes. the westboro baptist church decision, not a very popular group. 98% don't like what they have to say and the way they say it, at least, but justice robertson writing an opinion said
9:43 am
something very important. the marketplace of ideas, this discussion where americans can find out what someone else is saying, if only to be better prepared to argue against it, is so important that even in that case, speech that offends so many of us had to be permitted. >> shannon: well, it is one of our fundamental freedoms. i wish we all knew more about it. we all have a duty and obligation to spread the word. i carry my pocket constitution. you probably have one, too. >> i do. >> shannon: we'll check in next year and see if the survey changes. thank you so much. we appreciate it. all right. when they're deployed, soldiers often make friends with stray pets and dogs. they're forced to say goodbye when it's time to go home. after this break, no dog gets left behind. ♪ test
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9:47 am
>> shannon: with soldiers overseas, they often bond with stray dogs who sometimes act as their protectors, warning soldiers of impending danger. they're also companions, of course, a break from the stress of war. but then when the soldiers go home, they're forced to leave their new friends behind, but not any more. thanks to one non-profit group who is working on this. joining us now from pittsburgh, staff sergeant danielle burton, her fiance, sergeant andrew clark, and their dog stinky. in philadelphia, the woman
9:48 am
behind the incredible reunion, the founder of no dog gets left behind. welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: all right. i'm not sure who to start with. sergeant burton being sergeant clark, which one of you found stinky or did you both, and why was it important to be able to reunite? >> i found her one night whenever we were out on convoy, and she somehow made it back to our base where everybody in our whole platoon just fell in love with her. >> shannon: what did it mean to you to have her around? >> it was great just having her around. she was -- she was a great morale booster to all the soldiers over there, to be honest. you know, somebody was having a bad day or whatever, just the presence of a little puppy just brightens everybody's spirits a little bit. >> shannon: trish, it's got to be tough for folks when they have to leave the pet behind having no idea how the dog is going to survive. what motivated you to come up with a plan to make sure these dogs can be reunited with their owners.
9:49 am
>> well, we in 2009 had a couple of life-changing events in our family. our nephew, chris, went to -- was deployed to afghanistan, and at the same time we lost our little stray dog, and i went on to make a donation and heard about this wonderful military channel documentary that was showing how these dogs were actually protecting the soldiers and giving them a sense of comfort and then also helping them when they came home. i said to my husband we just really have to help these people, these soldiers, and get these dogs home. the financial burden of getting a dog home actually falls onto the soldier. >> shannon: yeah. trish, i would imagine it's preapretty expensive to transpot them across the world. how does that work? what's the time line for getting the dogs back? >> it costs about $4,000 to get a dog home, and what our organization does, we actually just do the fund raising for the soldiers, and then we work with other organizations such as the puppy rescue mission who help us
9:50 am
get the complex logistics of getting that dog home from afghanistan here to the states >> shannon: let's check back with stinky and stinky's parents. tell us what it was like when you guys getting stinky back to the states with you you? >> i didn't understand the question. >> >> i'm sorry. i couldn't exactly hear. >> tell us what it was like when you realized you would be able to get be reunited when you got stinky, what was it like? >> jeesh, i was beyond excited when i found out that we would actually be able to get her home to the states. i didn't think it was possible at all. you know, i was under the impression we were going to have to leave her there. so just to learn that we would be able stew get her back was amazing and then to actually get her back in the states was -- it was great. she remembered who we were. it was like she never left us.
9:51 am
>> well, sergeant burton and sergeant clark, thank you so much for your service to this country. we are so happy that you are back together with stinky, who is adorable. and, trish, thank you so much for the work that you are doing. i know it means a lot to a lot of folks and in service to your country and doing this as well. thank you, all. >> thank you very much. >> the web site is there. we will tweet it out and put ton facebook as well. still to come, accident or murder? 16 years after her death, british police look into new information that diana's death could have been intentional. plus, a company that lost a large shipment in last week's deadly ups plane crash is now trying to do something good for the families of the two pilots killed in the crash. we will tell you about it coming up. when you realize you need to switch to verizon,
9:52 am
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>> shannon: time for a look at the top stories. divers in the philippines pulling more bodies from a sunken ferry that collided with a cargo ship. death toll 84 but were more still missing. divers had to jump into the water after captain ordered them to abandonship. california lawmaker is pulling his teenage son out of public school because the of the state's new transgender part. allows students to choose which locker room or restroom they want to use. the son who attends school in the san bernardino mountains worries encourage inappropriate behavior and son is horrified. the law will reduce bullying and discrimination against transgendered
9:56 am
students. royal mistake against baseball star. the kansas city infielder is out for 105 games after testing positive for amphetamines. he said he made a mistake when he used a substance to treat a medical condition and says he is sorry. investigators say the pilots of u.p.s. plane that crashed in birmingham, alabama received two low altitude warnings. the warnings came seven seconds before the claim crind trees and fell short of the runway. preliminary results do not show that anything was wrong with the plane itself. investigators also say they found no signs of distress calls from the pilots or of an engine fire. well, that crash wiped out an entire season of handbag. that doesn't sound really important physical you hear about the company that makes them. and with what the company is nw doing for the families of the pilots killed. fox news correspondent jonathan serrie has more. >> amid the wreckage of this u.p.s. cargo plane, a shipment of 13,000 handbags from india. >> christie grime is president of pre-set u.s.a.
9:57 am
a fair trade company that sells handbags and t-shirts to provide work for women rescued from human trafficking in call cut attachment the shipment aboard flight 1354 presumed a total loss in the fiery crash was insured. grime says that's not her company's main concern right now. >> our women are really devastated for the families of the pilots and they have been told and i'm really just want to do whatever they can to undergird them and support them. >> free set is now selling this memorial t-shirt. the company says it will donate 100% of the profits to the families of captain jr. and first officer shanda fanning. the u.p.s. pilots who died in the crash. >> we will work with u.p.s. to do that we have been a long-time customer of theirs in india and here in the u.s. and so, that's our desire to make something good out of something that is just, i mean, it's a terrible tragedy for their families. >> the t-shirts feature a bird design and being sold through the company web site.
9:58 am
u.s.a. dot free set in atlanta, jonathan seare, fox news. >> loved by millions and sudden death in a 1977 car crash shocked the world. 16 years later scotland yard is looking into new information that princess diana's death may have been no accident. i'm shannon bream hour two of america's news headquarters from the nation's capital starts with the death of princess diana and new revelations. looking into new claims not officially reopening the investigation. brian has the latest for us. brian? >> hi, shannon. the internet is abuzz with this story. nearly 16 years after princess diana's death on august 31st, 1977, british police have received new information another conspiracy claiming the princess of whales was killed by a member of the british military. sky news, our sister network in britain
9:59 am
reporting scotland yard is, quote: assessing the relevance and credibility of new information from a letter given to them by the former parents in law of a former soldier. this unnamed soldier believed to have been a member of the elite british special air force commando unit. the letter reportedly claims the soldier boasted that the military was behind the death of princess diana. the royal family not commenting on this latest conspiracy theory. >> this has to be immensely tough on william and harry. they do have what is known as a spoiling hatred of the media on many levels because of this reason and also because they do believe that the media helped drive diana to her death. in saying that they believe, as most reasonable people do, that it was just a tragic accident. >> 36-year-old princess diana and her 42-year-old boyfriend dodi fiad left the ritz hotel in paris, france on that fateful august night.
10:00 am
princess diana, driver killed when a mercedes benz hit a pillar. drunk driving caused the accident. conspiracy thirsts theorists believe diana was murdered. scotland yard says this is not a reinvestigation into princess diana's death. shannon? >> shannon: brian, thank you very much. the president tried to convince americans there have been no abuses when it comes to the nsa's data collection program. a week later, revelations of thousands of privacy violations have surfaced, mistakes the nsa is going principal school, elizabeth plan is in washington where both sides of the aisle want overside. >> americans learn this week the national security agency did overstep its authority thousands of times over and for years. whether it was a result of monitoring incorrect phone lines due to confusing country and area codes continue to triewive access and unauthorized storage to legally protected communications. an internal audit found the
10:01 am
nsa housed thousands of records past their five year expiration date. the news is stirring renewed calls nsa spy tactics. senator rand paul says it should and could be improved perhaps getting the supreme court involved if necessary. >> i think the president fundamentally misunderstands the constitutional separation of powers. because the checks and balances are supposed to come from independent branches of government. so he thinks that if he gets some lawyers together from the nsa, and they do a power point presentation and tell him everything is okay, that the nsa can police themselves. >> well, other lawmakers may not be so critical of the programs themselves, they disapprove of the president for not aggressively going after leaker edward snowden and also the president's failure to clear up misconception about privacy protections. >> it was not a problem. the fact is it worked. if you have 9.99% compliance. and you have self-reporting
10:02 am
errors, these came from internal report which then brks part of an overall ig report. so i'm on the intelligence committee. i am satisfied that we are told what the nsa is doing. >> white house emphasizing the violations didn't reflect willful law breaking and the detailed report shows the nsa is aggressively monitoring itself. shannon, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. we want to know your reactions to the latest nsa revelations, so we have been asking you, does it matter to you whether the nsa security breaches were intentional or unintentional. chris says yes, it matters when it comes to our constitutional rights it, matters. intentional or not, fourth amendment was still breached. steve says it's only the nsa's word the breeches were unintentional. has the nsa does anything recently at their word. keep tweeting us answers at shannon bream. we will read more of them a little bit later in the show. the woman at the center of the irs scandal is not off the hook just yet. lois lerner, the former director of the tax exempt
10:03 am
organizations unit of the irrelevancy has until august 27th to it hand over key emails to send from her personal account. g.o.p. leaders of the house oversight committee believes she may have conducted official business from her personal email account and they want to know if she broke the law. let's talk about it with liz chatter don, president of the chatter don group. and former spokesperson for george w. bush. well to you both, ladies. >> thank you. >> the president said himself he was outraged by this potential conduct targeting conservative groups and other political groups. he said he would not tolerate it if the investigation reads lehr what about the personal emails? >> what's ironic is that they want to invade her personal email in order to show that the tea party groups' privacy was invaded. i think at a certain point you have to say we have done everything we can do. we have looked at all the professional emails. we vice president found what we are looking for. we haven't found anything truly linking lerner to some type of scandal. we have got to let it go. at what point is darrell
10:04 am
issa going to stop this fishing expedition. just because is he not finding what he wants, doesn't mean he gets to keep going. i think what we have all learned in this scandal is yes. the irs probably overstepped its bounds in looking into these groups. frankly they looked into just as many liberal groups. >> that's not true. >> that's not true. >> including one i worked for. >> shannon: let's the be factual there were progressive groups. >> there were progressive groups. it's not only. i understand your point. it's not only tea party groups that were investigated. so, i really think at the end of the day, enough is enough. we have all apologized. the practice has stopped. no, i don't think we should get to go through her private emails. >> g.o.p. lawmakers say they have found things inconsistent even though she did take the fifth plus also say a few other things. this is not the first time there have been questions about use of a personal account. it may have happened in many administrations. this one we know former e.p.a. administrator lisa jackson. windsor. labor secretary now tom perez when he was 'about w.
10:05 am
dodge. -- doj. may be related to official business. >> absolutely. when you look at congress has an obligation to investigate and make sure if she is using her personal emails for federal business she could be in essence breaking the law. if she did not copy her federal account email account, then, in essence, she violating the federal records act. so, basically, we got to be looking at whether she violated that in the case of the personal email as well as, you know, also checking. the problem lois lerner is that she has a credibility issue. when you look at it, she has made statements that has been inaccurate. and so, for example, you look at the fact that she said that they were doubling the amount of cases that the agency had taken on, that wasn't the case. when you look between 2008 to 2011. there was somewhat of a jump. but it wasn't enough to say that it was doubled. again, she has made statements like she found that the news reports, for
10:06 am
instance, she learned about the issue through the news reports. that wasn't the case. you know, she had been -- learned about what was going on back in june 2011. as opposed to when she argued that she had learned about it back in march of 2010. so, these are the issues that we need to look at. that's why i think for congress, they need -- they have an obligation to investigate, especially when you are dealing with the scrutiny. you are dealing with sensitive, possibly sensitive taxpayer information. i mean, it takes it to another level when you are dealing with the irs and they have every right to investigate. >> shannon: her attorney says, liz's attorney says he is not going to comment on the private emails. they have given her the committee has until august 27th. do you think they get one piece of paper from her. >> absolutely not. especially if it's august. that's something that happens in august in 2000. everybody vanishes, i'm on vacation, my staff is not around. no, i don't think they will get a single piece of paper before august 27th. if this rolls until september and october, maybe. congress will be back. people will be more
10:07 am
focused. no, i think you will see nothing but stall tactics, absolutely not one piece of paper. darrell issa is not in town. i delaware he tee you is he at home or on vacation right now. >> do you think the g.o.p. risks looking like they are on a witch-hunt. >> i think the ones that is going to be in trouble is president obama and the administration. they are calling it still a phony scandal. when you look at it, he said that he was going to do a 30 day investigation. he said that the fbi and the department of justice would be involved. they have yet to contact any tax -- any of these tea party groups that were involved in these cases. so, in essence, i think the administration is ignoring it, they don't want to deal with the scandal. and so i think that the republicans, again, it's important that at least someone stays on top of this case, because if it would be be the shoe on the other foot and you said that the liberal groups wra tacked. but when you look at the numbers, clearly all of their applications were approved as opposed to 46% of the applications for conservative groups, they were the only ones approved. so, in essence if it would be the shoe on the other
10:08 am
foot, i believe that you know, the congress would have an obligation, again, to investigate. i think the democrats would be outraged and they would want an investigation. >> something i think you would both probably agree on. all three of us would agree on. it's hard to get anything done in august. we will see come august 27th which what is and isn't delivered and watch it into the fall. thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> fire crews are bracing for another difficult day battling a wildfire near the ski resort towns of hailey and sun resort in idaho. 15 square miles overnight to more than 158 square miles. dominic di-natale joins us with difficulties that fires are facing and apparently dominic, it sounds like this was sparked by lightning? >> certainly was, shannon, officials telling fox news that it's pretty tough to hold the containment line, a combination of the erratic winds and steep and sometimes terrain preventing the trucks from. creek fire bigger than the
10:09 am
city of denver by latest estimates. higher humidity and slightly better slowed the fire near towns hailey. advancing a mile and a half. that's a lot less compared to the six miles in the night we had seen on previous days of the fire spreading through canyon. it's these canyons, shannon that a lot of celebrities have built their second homes and subdivisions. fire officials say there is 1600 homes and mandatory evacuation in the sunbury area. not all of them belonging to the super wealthy though. got to be insurance claims even if the fire doesn't reach a lot of the properties. we understand from officials that a lot of the homes that are now smothered in red retardant they have to put insurance claims in for those. firefighters covered. having to layer the ground with it wherever the fire spots up. battle on at the minute. to save a hospital. that's very much the focus of beaver creek today. the new 30 bed hospital that is spot fire on the
10:10 am
hill above that they are going to try to quash that out with big -- this afternoon, shannon. that's what's happening. back to you. >> shannon: dominic, thank you very much for the update. >> a federal judge ruled this week that top leaders must answer questions and provide details whether whether they used personal email accounts to conduct official business and avoiding having to make public disclosures required by law. republican senator david vittert is demanding that e.p.a. officials provide answers and soon he joins us live. thank you for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. good to be with you. >> we talked about this in the context of lois lerner at the irs. others in the administration have been accused of using dummy accounts or separate personal accounts to conduct official business. why is that an issue? >> well, in the case of the e.p.a., we know it's happened in two different ways a bunch of e.p.a. officials, including lisa jackson used personal email accounts, nothing to do with the government. and many of them including lisa jackson, the former
10:11 am
administrator used fake names. it's a problem because it's a pattern that was clearly used to hide information from the public and from congress. it just wasn't an accident that happened a few times. it was clearly a pa turn, so that when something like a freedom of information act request is made, police produced all the emails on a certain topic. they do that from the government account, and then they effectively hide the sensitive stuff that's in their personal account or dummy account. and that's a real issue. it's a pa turn that's been going on across this administration. >> shannon: well, it's something that certainly concerned this judge the possibility that the email accounts were being used specifically to skirt the public dislorch laws. he said now that this conservative group sued trying to get to this information. the e.p.a. will have the trite question e.p.a. officials in person and in writing. i know also, have you september a letter out to these folks saying it it's time for them to cough up the true truth about these emails. lisa jackson is no longer the administrator at the
10:12 am
e.p.a. how likely do you think it is she is going to respond to any of these requests? >> well, we are going to go after it because the public has a right to know. we have been working on this for months. again, it's a big dealbecause a pattern used to hide important sensitive information from the public. and from congress. and generally, what's being hidden is a very cozy relationship between this e.p.a. and far left environmental groups. a lot of alliances and scheming if you will going on about how they are going to advance their left agenda through the regulatory administrative process. >> if lisa jackson does not answer your requests or these other officials, are we talking speeps? what's the next step? >> we're going to take it a step at a time. but if it comes to that yes, we would certainly look at that pool. however, in the senate side, we're not going to be able to do that because the chairs of the committee, who are all democrats, have that subpoena power. but i have been working a lot with house colleagues, who have that tool
10:13 am
available. so certainly we would look at that, if necessary. >> shannon: regardless of administration, how concerned should the average american be about this type of behavior by any administration, by any agency, because, foia requests, freedom of information act, we are shorthanding it, but that was meant -- sunlight on the system and let the public have reasonable information. and when that is not just skirted by accident in a few instances, but when there is a pattern of behavior, several different practices, designed to frustrate that, that's a big deal. i will give you another example, shannon. we have an email from within the e.p.a., the counsel's office, the chief lawyer's office to a regional office,
10:14 am
delineating ways they can frustrate the foia process. in other words, this is what we do to frustrate the foia process on a regular basis. that is, big problem. >> to be clear, e.p.a. policy does explicitly forbid the use of non-epa government accounts for business purposes. please keep us updated if you get a response and we will keep tabs on the story. >> absolutely, shannon. thank you. >> the head of egypt's military says he will not allow any more violence. 70 people were killed in protests yesterday alone there, and that puts the number of dead close to 900 in just four days. u.s.kers here in the had who been adamant about keeping aid flowing from egypt sound like they are changing their minds. today mccain and corker say they now feel it is time to end aid for his part. mccain says he wanted to give egypt time to try to get back on the path to
10:15 am
democracy. the bumpy one. still to come. it may be early. still possible contenders for 2016 square off surveillance program in the latest revelations. one says the other one has got his facts all wrong. and it's one battle that he didn't expect. told he cannot fly an american flag over his home. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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10:19 am
>> this is a warrant looking at any american data or any phone calls, it turns out they are looking at billions of phone calls every day. >> i totally disagree with that and i fully disagree with what senator rand paul said. that was a grab bag of misinformation distortion coming from him. >> shannon: debate about what the u.s.a. is and isn't doing is causing disagreement everywhere and bringing together some unexpected allies. early this morning, i sat down with john roberts who is hosting fox news sunday this week to talk about the key lawmakers he interviewed on the hot topics this sunday. then of course at the end of the week one of the big headlines the revelation that the nsa unintentionally or intentionally breached security, legally protected
10:20 am
communications, a number of times. it was one of your key points to talk about today. >> it was. and the fact that it was 2776 times to many people seems like a lot. you know, mistakes are made. but that's a lot of mistakes. when you put that question to congressman peter king who is a staunch defender of the? >> sa he brushed it off to say look there has been millions of intercepts if not billions of intercepts and fewer than 3,000 mistakes. that's infinite percentage of the mistakes compared to the things have you done right. many other people believe it's a fundamental problem here. violation of the fourth amendment and really needs to be worked out in congressional hearings. when you have got nancy pelosi saying that she is extremely disturbed by what's gone on, you know this is going to be a big issue on capitol hill. it is interesting to note though that many democrats see this as being a problem but many republicans don't. >> well, one who does, senator rand paul who you had on today, it was clear that he and peter king though of the same party clearly split on this issue. >> well and it's also a
10:21 am
fundamental difference in your politics inside the republican party. rand paul believes that the very existence of the nsa surveillance program is a violation of the constitution. so, he definitely thinks that that's a problem. he did say at the end of my chat with with him that given more oversight, and more stringent operating guidelines perhaps an nsa surveillance program is the appropriate thing to do. there is a big distance, quite a large gap of where we are now and something that would satisfactory him. >> rand paul, peter king, a lot of speculation about whether they may be rivals for the 2016 run for the white house. >> rand paul is obviously doing all the right things. he has been in new hampshire, he has been to wall, he has been to south carolina. in south carolina he was talking about national security. credentials on that a big question mark. does the apple fall far from the tree. is he playing his cards as close to the vest when you can when you are eyeing a run for the presidency. congressman king a little
10:22 am
more direct saying he wants to take a shot at it just as we were going off the air, i said to him, and this was -- this actually wasn't on the air, it was off air. i saw you at the big presidential debate back in palm beach in 20126 and you looked like you were just itching to be a part of it. he said you got that right. you read me right. i think congressman king may take a run at it. >> shannon: we shall see. very informative show. thank you for the preview. >> what we o.o. ---we do what we can thank you,. >> >> shannon: catch the entire show right here on the fox news channel "fox news sunday" airs right after america's news headquarters. we are getting so many tweets from you at home about the nsa. we wanted to share a few more. does it matter whether the nsa security breaches were intentional or unintentional. jeremy says it doesn't matter in the sense that it should never have happened in the first place. it's illegal either way. tabitha says no false sense
10:23 am
of security is worth the violation of our bill of rights. our first amendment and fourth amendment rights are being shredded. keep tweeting your answers, we would love to hear from you. tweet us at at shannon bream. the effort to recall san diego mayor bob filner continues today. he returns to office tomorrow. the push to get him out is one of our most clicked stories. peter doocy standing by in the newsroom are more. >> planning to submit a petition at the finish line of a half marathon today. they have until september 26th to get a little more than 100,000 signatures, that's 15% of san diego's registered voters. so far 16 women have accused filner of sexual harassment and despite calls from every single member of the city council, he has refused to resign. another popular story online, a korean war veteran who is fighting for his country again, his name is are a manned sunny knowy. he lives in federally
10:24 am
subsidized housing. and the four american flags he flies outside of his house were removed. management there initially told him he is not allowed to fly flags in public areas but later said they hoped to reach a compromise. sonny says he already fought for his flag and he was a proud and good soldier. finally, a chinese zoo has been busted for trying to pass off a dog as a lion. visitors were shocked when the african lion started barking. the head of the zoo's animal department says the actual lion is at a breeding facility. can you see what else is trending at shannon? >> shannon: how did coo that possibly go wrong? >> i don't know. i feel like this one was pretty tame. if it was the other way and someone thought it was a dog and it started roaring like simba. that would probably not. >> my dog says she knows what she is going to be for halloween. the search is on for the costume. thanks, peter. >> yep.
10:25 am
>> still to come, churches in egypt. christians are in the crosshairs. 70 more people have been killed in the chaotic protests. the very latest on that situation next. why one republican says democrats are winning the fight on obama care. we will tell you what he thinks. when you realize you need to switch to verizon, it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music.
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10:29 am
top story, egypt's military leaders are meeting today to discuss deadly clashes. the army's leader says he has no intention of seizing power. there is relative calm right now but nearly 30 churches have been torched or lewded and -- looted. a possible new conspiracy theory about princess diana's death. british police say they are looking into new information but will not give details and stress they are not reopening the investigation into her 1997 death. sky news reports an unnamed
10:30 am
source says the report is that a member of the british military was involved in diana's death. that tip came from a british soldier's former parents in law. they have waited until the couple divorced to come forward with the claim. and divers in the philippines are pulling more bodies from a sunken ferry that collided with a cargo ship. the death toll stands at 34, but 80 others are still missing. a nightmare for hundreds of survivors as well as they had to jump into the water after the captain ordered them to abandon ship. a showdown over funding the government and defunding obama care awaits congress when they return from the august recess. one g.o.p. congressman says if the administration wants to keep paying the bills, it's going to have to slash the cash for the president's healthcare law. but it's clear. not all republicans feel the same way. joining us now texas congressman steve stockman, thank you for your time today, sir. >> thank you for having me on. >> all right. let me ask you, it's august recess, have you been having town hall meetings? what are you hearing here
10:31 am
at home? >> yes, we have had several town hall meetings and they want us to hold the line against obama care. this president, we currently have is running around the country disavowing and asking republicans to fix the bill that he wrote. and it's a little ironic that we are getting the blame for something that no republican that i know of voted for. >> shannon: to be clear, what we are talking about is there is going to be a need to vote for government funding or the government will shut down. >> what some g.o.p. lawmakers are propose something tieing a vote on that to also making sure it is not -- it doesn't contain any funds for the president's healthcare law. as you know, there are those within your own party and certainly those across the aisle who say it's going to look like you are shutting down the government. that's going to hurt people and the optics are not good regardless of your underlying goal. >> well, the optics is exactly what i'm talking about. i was there in 1994 when we, quote: shut the government down. most people don't know this but we actually kept the government open it was the president clinton who vetoed the bills.
10:32 am
so i authored a bill that says keep the government open act which includes all the funding for all the government except for obama care. now, if the president chooses to veto this bill, he is shutting the government down. the problem is that republicans are terrible at communicating the message that we want the government open. and we offer a bill to keep it open and continue resolution. we are just not going to fund those parts. we we agree with the president that this needs time to be delayed. i mean, it's a disaster. he has admitted that by shutting parts of it down already on his own. >> shannon: how can republican does a better job. the white house is very skillful. democrats are very skillful at this. the white house and the administration spending tens of millions of dollars and roping all n. all kinds of partners to help them set healthcare law. how do you as a g.o.p. compete with that? >> well, not only that is he using taxpayers' money in some cases to promote the bill which is horrible in itself. i think we need to do a better job of graphics. and when we go out and talk, we shouldn't just use slide rules and
10:33 am
calculators. we should also show real people they are impacting by the bill. i have a gentleman in my district, don, who owns burger king he had to cut back employees under 30 hours so that he wouldn't have to fall under the stringent tax provisions in the bill. he is talking about possibly closing three franchise. these are serious issues for small business. and anybody like myself that goes out and has town hall meetings. you hear the small business people who are confused by the bill. upset by the bill. the only way we can solve is to stop the bill nits tracks. we already had a program called medicaid for the poor. all you had to do was expand to the people that were poor and couldn't afford healthcare and that's all we had to do. we didn't have to throw the baby out with the bath water. >> shannon: how do you respond to those including former top leaders within your own party who say that republicans aren't offering positive alternatives when you talk about repealing the healthcare law? >> well, we have offered positive alternatives. the problem is, in fact, i
10:34 am
just authored one now. the problem is that again, republicans are not great at messaging, we typically use like calculator and mathematical formulas and graphics that quite frankly the public doesn't care about or understand. i think we need to bring it down to the level of individuals and showing exactly what's happening to those individuals. i'm disappointed in our friends in the media. i'm glad you are doing this. but we should show cuss more on how it's actually impacting negatively the individuals across the country, especially small business owners which need the break. the president gave a break to big corporations. it's time now to give breaks to individuals. >> shannon: we see polling across the board from a number of outlets showing that there is a growing concern among the american public about how this bill is going to or the law is going to play out. congressman stockman, we will see you back here in a couple of weeks. thank you. >> thanks for having me. thanks. >> shannon: investors trying to keep up with all the twists and turns on wall street especially after the dow's disappointing loss on
10:35 am
friday. more data could shake things up this week. on top of it all, as always fox news business correspondent brenda buttner joins us with more on this. hi, brenda. >> the bulls taking a breather or giving way to the bears. a series of step decline sent the dow to biggest weep weekly drop in more than a year, surprise earnings from retailers hit hard both the low end, wal-mart, and the high end nordstrom worried about consumer spending plans will les buy, staples and home depope opening their books this week have something different to stay in wall street also watching for sale signs on main street this week. we get word on existing home sales and a report on new homes. plus, a read on the prices of homes purchased in june. the worry is that as mortgage rates go up. the foundation for the housing market will get shaky. investors blaming big band for jump in interest rates on mortgages. fears the feds will ease up on money. means higher borrowing cost
10:36 am
for consumers. mortgage rates are still at rock bomb levels if they continue to rise, the fear is that buyers will drop out. and so wall street, listening to the feds for more clues on when the central bank will stop its big bond buying binge. the minutes from the bond buying out this week. are the bulls taking a break. the dow dropped 4%. it's up 15% so far this year and the s&p 500 probably a part of your retirement plan, has gained 16%. investors taking some money off the table might make sense. but on the horizon, obama care and the prospect of rising interest rates that could make them think twice about putting more money back. in shannon, back to you. >> brenda, thank you so much. still ahead, some startling numbers from a new study showing veterans are having to battle government red tape just to get to their benefits. it's costing a lot of time and a lot of money. part of our regulation nation series. keep it right here and a statue some say has the
10:37 am
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fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder. get your first prescription free and save on refills at some say a statue at ohio church has healing properties because of its connection to the blessed mother mary. the statue strikes a resemblance to what mary would have looked like. one of the three girls say they were visited by maria. she was healed of inoperable cancer in addition to her granddaughter also being healed of cancer. she is the current reigns ms. rhode island. in j s the past 90 days. 65233 newly proposed federal regulations have been posted online by the government at caught up in the tangled veterans. study nor action forum
10:42 am
finds healthcare for example faced a tremendous amount of red tape that's produced quote absurd results and unnecessary delays. joining us now is sam, the studdie's author. thank you for coming, in sam. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: this is information that upsets every american who hears about this. they are upset. they come back. my understanding is there is hours of material, hundreds of forms they have to get through to get what's rightfully theirs. >> if you look at v.a. people alone, it's hundreds of different forms. we looked at hypothetical veteran looking for health and education benefits, it's 49 different forms. this is a problem that's been diagnosed for while. even va issued a report in august of 2011 saying we are going to streamline the process. gao said the department of labor, dod and va need to streamline the process and it's something that they said that they might fix by the end of 2015. which is certainly a long time for a lot of veterans. >> you tracked federal
10:43 am
regulations and you know he what's going on. did this case stand out to you to be any more egregious than the other violations that we see out there that really impacts people's every day lives. >> we wanted to look at the -- we know what a lot of individuals are going through waiting in some instances years for benefit claims. but, we wanted to see, you know, how much the va had grown over the last few years. has it been tremendous uptick. 20% since 2008 and 2009. that's something that's obviously having a profound impact for a lot of veterans. >> shannon: at the same time, we continue to hear how the backlog for benefits gross and grows and grows for the va. numerous calls that something be done. is there any way to get this beast under control so the men and women who served this country can get what they have earned? >> apparently one of the big problems is the transition. i guess the long awaited transition from the paper forms over to electronic and getting the va health benefits portal up and running. it's obviously an issue where there is apparently
10:44 am
a -- winston football field full of forms and paperwork. and they have pledged action on it it's just a matter of when those claims get processed. >> shannon: the worst impact of this is obviously our veterans and their real lives and the things they need and have earned. this also cost the federal government a whole lot of money all of this regulation which means we the taxpayers whether we are veterans or not are also paying for this inefficiency. >> correct. so v.a. total. it's actually -- it sounds like at lo. compared to 7.1 million hours of paperwork that veterans spend filling out applying for va benefits and claims. and that's up from roughly 5.9 million hours. now, there is no cost. if you would go to the web site. they wouldn't say hour and time cost anything. if you do the math. it's roughly a quarter billion dollars a year just in filling out va paperwork and forms. >> shannon: well, you said shed a lot of important light on this. thank you very much for doing it we hope it will be a wakeup call to those who can streamline this and help our vets. sam, thank you. >> thank you for having he
10:45 am
me. >> shannon: a whole lot of twitter and facebook users are are concerned about how safe their information is coming up a new app. strives to protect what's important to you. your intellectual property and privacy. the creator of the app. joins us after the break. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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forces are going after the muslim brotherhood in a struggle to keep control of the country. they raided mosques, churches and homes of the muslim brotherhood members in an attempt to break up plans for protests. more than 800 people have been killed in violent demonstrations since wednesday. more and more lawmakers here at home are calling for the u.s. to stop aid to egypt. the latest, including senators john mccain and bob corker. and the nsa controversy. lawmakers voicing concerns over the latest leaks that the nsa broke privacy rules. causing tension within the g.o.p. "fox news sunday" congressman pete king says the stakes were unintentional and the programs work while senator rand paul says more oversight is clearly needed. plus a possible new conspiracy theory about princess diana's death. british police are looking into new information but won't give out details and stress they are not actually reopening the investigation into her 1997
10:50 am
death. unnamed source are claiming that a member of the british military was involved in her death. the tip actually came from a abercrombie and fitch soldier's former parents in law who say they waited until the couple divorced to come forward with the new claims. moveover instagram. new app. launching soon that could give that one a run for its money. press gram is unique because it gives users ownership of all the photos they post. here now to fill us in and tell us more about it the man who developed this new ad app. john. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> okay. so, as somebody who is technologically challenged but does try on twitter, instagram, facebook, all those places shourntion what you are offering different? what kind of protections does it give that we don't have right now? >> right, so it is very simple. combines the love that people have for capturing photos, adding a filter but additionally publishing it to your own work press blog. rye taken all the rights related to that property.
10:51 am
meaning that you commercialize it the way that you want to. you retain those page use and grow your business or personal brand and the blog as you would like. which aren't available to users directly on facebook and instagram. >> do you think folks understand what happens to those photos. if you use their sites which are commercial endeavors, doesn't mean you can necessarily stop' that photo from being lifted and used elsewhere. >> correct. now, and that's one of the biggest things that i'm trying to create is awareness and a little bit of education around facebook and instagram. those are commercial entities. they are interested in taking you as their product and making money off of the work that you are doing. so every time you post an image, add a like or a comment, they are taking that information and they are using that as a monetaryization stream to pocket the dollars. we don't think of that way because we probably don't want to. that's exactly what they are doing. i want to give that power back to the user and say
10:52 am
you know what? that was your creative work that was your blood and sweat and maybe even tears captured on that image. you should have the right to do with it what you want. >> tell us how this will work. a funding stream from press gram? we know nothing is free out there these days. >> the app. is completely free. my hope is that we create an ecosystem where the artists and the publishers and the creators just like you are able to fund it through some really neat mechanisms. >> shannon: how does that work? would you sell ads on your own web site or your own portion of this app. where you would be posting? how is there opportunity for funding streams? >> absolutely. well, looking at institutional investment to help get this thing going even more after we release it in a few weeks. secondly, we very a lot of passionate users who like a lot of swag. that's a cool word for gear. so t-shirts and stickers although you might not think are a big deal, there is actually a lot of revenue that can be generated. in addition, since it's
10:53 am
attached to word press which is a very growing ecosystem. we are word press plug ins and themes that are associated with the actual ecosystem itself. >> intellectual property is a very important thing. something folks don't think about a lot. if you are using social media are using it. this is very interesting. we will keep an eye out with this. good luck with the launch. john, thanks for your time. >> thank you, so much. >> up next, a dream come true for a soldier and his daughter fighting cancer. and wait until you hear about this one. a gator with an achy bank spa like therapy. make you at home jealous about this fancy treatment. hey linda!
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>> shannon: another blemish for baseball. miguel out for 105 games after testing positive for amphetamines. he made a ms. stake when using a substance to treat a medical condition and that he is sorry. an army reservist got a tree friendship stationed in kuwait with when his 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer. after not being able to get home for most of her
10:58 am
treatment. he finally came home permanently. that's when the students stepped in to give the family that all expense paid trip to disney. even better, more important to the ending of the story, his daughter has now been declared cancer-free. the albino alligator is literally on pins and needles. he lives at the aquarium in brazil with his brother alibi. bino suffers from a curve in his spine that causes him back pain so he he undergoes weekly acura pun temperature treatments to help his ailing back. he seems like a pretty good sport. brand new video out of japan. check this out. this is a you have cano that's been erupting sending ash three miles into the air. in fact, we are told this is the highest plume ever roared for this volcano. local folks are having to hold towels over their mouths and masks to protect themselves from all of that ash and smoke in the air. we have been asking you if it matters to you whether the nsa security breach
10:59 am
breaches into your legally protected communications were intentional or unintentional. you have weighed in by the hundreds. william says the breaches show how flawed and vulnerable the program is so it doesn't matter intentional or unintentional. brian says no, because they were likely intentional, let's not confuse plausible didn't with truth. chris says the fact that anyone on capitol hill is unaware of nsa activity or surprised by it is only evidence of their incompetence. thanks for sharing today. i think we hit a nerve. you really weighed in today. that's it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" will be up next. john roberts is sitting in this week for chris wallace and has exclusive interview with senator rand paul. they talk about nsa to g.o.p. infighting. congressman peter king and senator richard blumenthal on the crisis in egypt. they talk nsa as well. i'm shannon bream. before we go. say a little see you later not a goodbye to one of our own. aaron mcmanis is leaving us
11:00 am
heading to the hill. there she is waving on the screen. our loss is definitely their gain. goodbye, erica. we all including erica remain proud and fearless. >> john: i'm john roberts in for chris wallace. new allegations rock the nsa. documents leaked why former nsa contractor edward snowden detail thousands of privacy violations by the agency after repeated denials from the white house. >> what you are not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs. >> john: we'll discuss with a key member of the homeland security committee and critic of the nsa kentucky senator rand paul. then, another week of chaos in egypt as the interim government's crackdown on supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi leaves hundreds of people dead. >> our traditional cooperation cannot


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