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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> that is your last call. make sure you go to and blog. we're all there. good night from washington. >> it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." >> nbc outrageously using a paula deen character to kill a trayvon martin character in an upcoming episode. we'll get to that in a moment. but first, a college student out for a jog shot by an african-american person who bragged about hating white people. and a world war ii veteran beaten by youths, two murders, two racially charged stories,
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but why are we talking about something that happens in america way too frequently, because we have to. because the mainstream media seems to report on crimes where the minority are victims. and president obama and eric holder seems to weigh in only when it fits their race narrative. i. e., if i had a son, you know the rest. two murders, likely motivated by race -- >> i think it is safe to say that there is very little white on black violence. it is usually black on black violence, so when you say it happens, it doesn't happen all that often. >> but the black on white happens at a far greater rate than white on black? >> yes, but it is still a small percentage on murders that are done. usually it is between minorities. >> can i ask you, is it a very
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high percentage of white on black crime? we heard president obama weigh in on a couple of white on black crimes. >> i understand that -- first of all, i don't think that anybody ought to weigh in on the crimes to begin with, but if you're going to weigh in on them it seems to me you ought to balance the scales. like al sharpton, jesse jackson did do it, is to weigh on one, which is the opposite. clear the slate, everybody shut up. >> that is the problem, it is called race poker. here is my chip, which is a white/hispanic on black crime, well, i have two white kids on a black crime, it doesn't weigh in. we should talk about the guy, though, he survived the battle of okinawa, was shot in the leg, killed by two teenagers in a parking lot. while those kids were killing hip, him, he was fighting for our country, i wish jamie foxx would
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wear that shirt. >> they don't even wear that right. jamie foxx wearing a trayvon martin shirt. >> this man was a better man than these two could have hoped to have. however, these two suspects have the potential to be great. but you also have the potential to be evil. and they chose evil. evil is the easy way out. and here is one thing that i think we should consider. i agree with bob, i don't think that on a federal level presidents ought to weigh in on any specific local crime because then it will never end, if you keep going back and forth. i do think, though, that there is something to be said about the punishment of these suspects, across the board. but there has to be some other way to have a deterrent, rather than just jail time. because apparently, they don't mind jail time.
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and that could be take the immediate family and say that anyone connected with a murder of x magnitude, all federal benefits including social security and medicare are gone. and maybe at that point they will start to realize that their actions are not just hurting delbert, who is a world war ii vet, but others -- >> what is the key of an 80-year-old man -- or shooting the kid walking down the street. >> it is important to note the 82-year-old was beaten to death, it is unfortunate that in an age when the world war ii vets are dying off that he had to go out this way. and people will hurt and kill you for five dollars in your pocket. and it goes to what we have been talking about. this young man who has been charged with first degree murder. he is 16 years old.
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he has a criminal background of bad behavior, assaults, rioting with a deadly weapon. as dana said, clearly, the justice system is not scaring these kids enough to the point where they don't want to go back. and i think it is a bigger question of the american culture, it is cool in the gangster culture to go to jail, it is cool to hate the california highway patrols. and there is something in the history, the rap culture -- >> let me push back a little on what dana said here. i think it would be a remarkable step and a very complicated step to do. but if for example, this kid had a grandmother who was a churchgoer and who didn't -- was trying to hold the family together the best she possibly can. she is associated with it, we would take away her benefits. i think we don't want to do it. >> but if the threat was there. >> but that would assume these kids would stop what they're doing -- >> i actually think in most of these crimes when we report on
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these stories and you read through, there is usually one person in their life they care about and they love. maybe they have been cut off from their fathers, but a lot of the moms and grandmothers are around. i'm just saying it would be an interesting threat, because the deterrent that we have right now is clearly not working. >> one deterrent could be a flashlight-free zone -- >> it is a great point. >> but it is funny, eric holder said something very important years ago how america has a cowardice when it talks to talking about race. when you talk about gang life, this is an issue that doesn't stoke his animus, right now the obama administration has discussed the closed door issues on bisexuals. i love them, they're fun but is this the appropriate subject
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when you have people dying on the street and issues that are being raised. as a result of the trayvon martin case. one of the positive thing is that it is being talked about, we are being brave -- >> again, moving on, it is a great point, we have a lot to get to. please don't ask for background checks on flashlights. as we mentioned at the top of the show, in an upcoming "law and order" episode, nbc will use a white lady chef to shoot a black kid, greg, this has to make your head explode. it is such a cheap -- >> it is "law and order." you have to understand that "law and order" is like a grade school project about issues. it is made to look important, but it is moronic. they have paula deen, and trayvon martin, all they need is
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nidal hasan. they always try to surprise you with their twists in "law and order," but they're predictable. it is amazing how much crap they can cram into 48 minutes. >> and the fact is they use headlines, that is how they get their story line. >> which in itself is not a bad thing. >> yeah, it is. >> look, they took paula deen, who has been vindicated, found not guilty of her racial issues and they're making her the shooter in the trayvon martin theme. >> it lacks any initiative on their part to actually come up with something creative. >> i'll jump in here, hollywood likes to have these big conversations because of the platform they have. they feel like they can have these big conversations, but what is important, they are dishonest. paula deen has been redeemed. the media has displayed the
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trayvon martin in racist terms. if we're going to have this happen, it would be nice if the culture has it in an honest fashion. i understand it is a show, not real. but when you're basing it off real events you should at least have a form of honesty in that portr portrayal. >> why would they think msnbc would not be a fair moderator? why would they get a notion that they could be biassed against conservatives? >> one thing, as opposed to talking about two things at the wrong time is that they could provide help in gang violence in these cities by putting federal authorities, fbi agents in the rest of it. and they also should get off the hip-hop industry, because they do glorify this stuff. and i haven't heard once out of the obama administration, for that matter, anybody willing to take on the hip-hop culture.
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>> obama says he listens to it. >> i know he does. we all know what it is. >> there was an opportunity today, chris cuomo had a one-on-one interview with president obama in the rose garden. they spent a long time. you would think they would weigh in on one of these race issues. did they talk about the world war ii vet that got shot? absolutely not. did they talk about the kids who shot the baseball player in oklahoma? absolutely not, it is gutless cnn, chris cuomo, you're gutless. how about cnn taking a chance and asking president obama some tough questions? >> i mean, if i were doing that question i would say don't you think as you look back in hindsight that it is probably not a good idea to comment on any of this stuff as president of the united states? because it is not going to end. but since you did with trayvon martin, could you tell us what your thoughts are about these other two and leave it at that? i just think it is never-ending.
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it is a game of poker, who is going to be the next victim? there will be one next week. >> but maybe in a way, if there is a positive element to this, with trayvon martin has forced the media to account for all different notions of race crime and hate crimes because they put so much into the trayvon martin and the george zimmerman trial that they look back and go okay. now, we have got to look at these other things, so maybe this has turned into the conversations that holder always wanted but he didn't expect it to happen this way. >> but dana, the white house, josh -- said he had no idea what they were talking about yesterday when it was all over the media. >> it was, i think he is really good as a spokesperson. i would -- one of my rules was i should never be surprised at the podium by any question. so that meant i over-prepared all the time. i don't know if you would ever imagine that, bob.
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>> no, not at all. those 500 pages of notes. >> if i could have anticipated that, i would have avoided a lot of pain. >> but when the shoe came you didn't have to duck. >> i anticipated the microphone hitting me in the face. >> you put them in a beside when you said the media didn't cover it, you said o-- the media covered it all day long. >> you -- what? >> we're talking about the shooting in oklahoma, which happened on friday, so saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, asked about it and said he was not familiar with it. now. >> no, no, but you said all the media was covering it. >> anything that is leading the drudge report, you should be able to cover. >> i haven't seen them cover this -- we have to get to the fort hood shooter, i don't want to call him major, do we have to
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still call him major? >> how about convict? >> the jury has come back with 45 convictions, katey, you want to weigh in on this? >> no surprise, this is exactly what he wanted. sentencing starts monday, he was hoping to get the death penalty. some of the witnesses and the family members will speak out for the first time on monday about their feelings and the way they feel about his conviction. well weigh in on what he gets as a penalty. and i really can't say what i feel about him on air, i'll leave it at that. >> it took a jury less time to decide he was guilty than it took the department of defense and the obama administration to determine that it was work place violence and not terrorism. so he is onconviction, not a terrorism conviction. amazingly, in america he gets to question the trial and his vict victims. and in any other country, he would have been killed immediately. there would have been no
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question of martyrdom, he would have been stopped right there. he chose the right place. if you're going to commit a crime like this and you want to get a ton of attention and advance your goal, hopefully what will happen on monday is the families will get a chance to express what they need to express and then there will be swift justice. >> he said during the close of this, he was in favor of the other side in the war. that he was -- he related to them. >> bs -- on him -- >> no, he said he was for the other side. i'm saying that is traitor. >> right, he also said he was afraid to deploy. >> he illustrates two very key points, positive that comes from this? how political correctness can disarm people through their thinking, not being able to call something what it is, which is radical islam, out of fear of being called phobia. number two, he knew it was a gun-free zone, and with that
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knowledge he used it and killed them, as the coward that he is. >> and coming up, pins and needles, waiting for the picture of kanye west and kim's baby to be shown. guess what? facebook friday time, for burning questions about all of us, go to, nothing is off limits. first, why president obama is blaming rush limbaugh for the grid lock in congress. and you can bet rush fired right back on that. we'll be right back.
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mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . i like how everyone here knows the words, it is great. president obama, not able to break the grid lock in washington on a budget deal. but i think he knows what is standing in his way. rush limbaugh, so why is he to blame? here is the president. >> i'm willing to do whatever it takes to get congress and republicans in congress, in particular, to think less about
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politics and party and think more about what is good for the country. and i've made this argument, to my republican friends privately, and by the way, sometimes they say with me privately, i agree with you. but i'm worried about a primary from, you know, somebody in the tea party back in my district. or, i'm worried about what rush limbaugh is going to say about me on the radio. so i got to understand, it is really difficult. i can't force these folks to do what is right for the american people. >> so you can get that mr. rush limbaugh got a real big kick out of that one, here is his reaction today. >> today, i am back to being his number one obstacle. your host, the doctor of democracy, for the past month, a has-been, and i should just go ahead and resign while i'm at
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the top. now i'm being back to being the northbound one obstacle, president obama seems to think that i'm something more than relevant, something more than an entertainer, the media overwhelming believe i was. who do i sue for whiplash? >> we talked about it before, obama complaining about rush limbaugh, it is like hugh hefner complaining there is another guy in the playboy mansion. relax, the media is so far in your pocket, they're choking on your lint. it is whiney. >> i agree, it is very whiney. does he have a concern on the right about the veracity of the anger from the right about decisions that may look like they're in favor of anything president obama is looking for? >> i hope so what he is saying is that rush represents a
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conservative voice. and there are republican lawmakers that are not acting in a conservative way, they're going to get called out by rush limbaugh. if that is the case, amen, thank you for voices like rush and sean and levin, i'm thankful they're out there keeping the republicans in line. but smaller government, lower taxes, smaller government -- >> that is not what they're talking about. and what they're talking about, obama is exactly right. he mentioned, by the way, republicans in the house. the fact is, if they want to shut down the government they will pay a huge price. if they want to default the government and be able to back up our currency, it is right-wingers like you. any time somebody has a reasonable thing to say in the republican party, they run against a tea party conservative -- >> you're calling me an idiot -- >> no, i said -- >> there was a comma.
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>> rwi. >> one thing that president obama is talking about is the lead-up to this fight and continuing to fund the government. and whether the republicans will fight to de-fund obama care, or i think a lot of them coming around to trying to delay it. it could work in the democrat's favor. >> well, considering president obama has already delayed it or big, bad corporations which he constantly dreams about, in addition to complaining about congress, i don't know why he would be opposed to that idea. but why is it that congressmen going back to their districts and talking to the people, why is that a problem with the president? why is that not something he is encouraging? we want to hear from people back home. what he also said in the interview -- >> they were paid -- >> just one more point on that. he talked about in that interview how republicans need to do the best thing for the country. and we're specifically talking about this obama care fight, right?
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and all the polling shows that obama care is not popular. the majority of people think it is a joke. it is raising prices. we just saw this week a bunch of spouses getting kicked off their health care plan. if we're really talking about what is good for the country maybe president obama should talk about why they're having this fight in the first place. >> you know what is at risk? the faa, all these things, if they shut it down because obama care, all of these people are going to get hurt for it. let them do it, i'm all for it. he and rush, and everybody else who buys into this crap that somehow or another to get to obama care, it is the law. you want to beat it, get more people elected. don't shut down the government. for pure politics, he should delay it. >> here is the metaphor, before the show i was really hungry. and at fox and friends, they get these big buffets, they have this big thing of pulled pork
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and i ate it. and i feel sick to my stomach right now. it is the pork you don't eat. >> i didn't even see that coming. >> let me ask you a question here, when you think it is important enough to shut down the government in order to stop obama care -- >> i would do anything to shut down obama care. >> you think o-- >> no, but i think the delay option is a very, very good one, and i actually think that there are some democrats, in particular, ones that are in tough districts to win re-election in 2014, who would say you know what? if we want to do this right -- they could make a case for it. i'm for obama care -- i'm not saying i'm for obama care, don't e-mail me. if a person said i'm for obama care and want to do it right. we just need a little bit more time. if they could actually get the delay done, that gives more times for the republicans to
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elect more people to shut it down -- >> would you be for it if you vote for it? >> i am for standing up what is right -- >> you would vote to shut down the government? >> i'm for fighting, whatever it means -- >> would you be willing to shut it down? >> we're not talking about shutting down the government. we're talking about shutting down non-initial parts of the government. >> oh, like air traffic controllers. >> i have to go. >> you should not eat pulled pork. >> it was there for six hours. >> it had a coating. >> i walked in, like what are you eating? >> now, ben affleck is going to be the next batman, good choice, we'll tell you what i think, if i have an opinion, get ready for facebook, questions posted on our page at "the five." don't go away.
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affleck, affl . ben affleck is playing batman, batman, as you know, a rich man who is fighting evil, sounds kind of republican to me. if he were where he wanted him to be, he would be a leader of fracking, his robin would be his tape worm, his daddy's trust fund acting as bat-mobile. or perhaps he would be leaking information to our enemies. it always is, for those who mock the war on terror, instead, we get a rich white guy, mr. affleck, who plays a rich white guy fighting evil, because it
11:32 pm
sells. it knows that on-screen morality makes sense, even if they laugh at it privately. he want exceptional men who kill, but the problem with batman is not batman at all. each film depends on a new evil, avr villain who justifies evil. when boys kill a war hero for fun when scum rape and mutilate a couple rkkucouple, when a you rewarded for blowing up children, you get pretty jaded. i mean, who is batman fighting right now when what we are fighting seems so much worse? all right, let's go around the horn, good choice with mr. affleck? >> i think it is fine, i liked
11:33 pm
him in "argo," thought it was an awesome movie. i don't have a problem. >> do you think "argo" was a little dishonest? >> a little, but if we're going on acting skill sets and based on going for the movie, i think ben affleck is fine. >> i think acting is dishonest. >> bob, your brother is a fantastic actor, who would you like? >> you know, i have never seen a batman movie, i know, you said bob you need to get on bob beckel, you need to get a phd that is real. adam west, if he is still alive, bring him back. i mean, who cares? >> oh, my goodness, the original batman tv show was fantastic, adam west, hilarious. >> it was funny, too. >> back o-- >> show us again, how did it go?
11:34 pm
>> boom, pow! taking the shot. >> they're not take the shot of her beating me. >> can i make a couple of comments, adam west, i just liked the fun of the batman tv show. my choice for the next batman show, will robinson -- >> interesting, how about you, dana? i know you have a huge crush, maybe on this person -- yeah, her -- anyway, what is your choice? >> well, when we were talking about this, i was really into it. i said timothy oliphant, he is a great bad guy, but a great good guy, he is justified. >> yeah, he was the villain in "die hard". >> but he was a good, bad, good
11:35 pm
guy. >> we get the point, you're in love with him. >> i am not supposed to say this. the only batman with the anatomically correct body -- george clooney? >> like it is not a suit? works out a lot. >> oh, okay. >> drop that and walk away. >> here is who i thought should have been batman, there you go! >> no, that is not it. >> god, you people are high. you know what? we're just going to get that. because you have already struck out. you guys. >> let me guess. >> now they do it. >> that is oliphant. >> no, it is me, some guy did this on the web yesterday, it is not funny anymore, when you screw up, it is not funny. >> they don't have george clooney anymore? >> no, they checked out. it is friday afternoon. >> greg, you should know this very well, they are short --
11:36 pm
>> is that a joke? >> it was. >> all right, good for her. >> all right, don't go away. "facebook friday" is up next. my favorite part of the day.
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♪ ♪ >> all right, it is time now for our facebook free-for-all, thank you to all of you for sending in your questions. so here you go, eric, you are first. >> plenty of shots --
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>> i was wondering what eric was like in school, was politics always this important and where can i get one of those constitution books? three questions. >> politics, no, at school, it was about baseball and girls and not always necessarily in that order. >> there is only two -- >> what. >> you should know what order it is in. >> it is a different order. the pocket constitution. i got this one from cado. i have another one that somebody sent me, you can get them anywhere. >> by the way, that is not a pocket, you just have giant hands. >> all right, dana, this is for you from max, dana, what was the best part about working at the white house and what was the worst? >> oh, let's see, the best part. oh -- i loved -- okay, i'll tell you my favorite thing. i loved getting a chance to be on marine one, air force one was very special. but marine one was a time when you flew from the south lawn to
11:42 pm
the air force base, you would have ten minutes. and usually it would be four or five people on the chopper so then i could get everything done in ten minutes before we landed. >> nice. what was the worst? >> the worst thing, i don't really have a worst thing. i loved it. i guess you could say the hours, i would wake up at four and go to bed around 10, and there was no break in between, but i didn't mind that so much. >> rough life. >> all right, greg, are you ready for this? this is from holly d. what determines -- what becomes a banned phrase? >> a banned phrase is something that replaces an original thought. like if you are about to say something and you're not sure what it is, so you say the fact of the matter. at the end of the day, what it is, it is a time filler because you really don't know what you want to say so you go to that
11:43 pm
thing. and what happens is then, people forget to actually say something, they say that phrase and end it there. >> over and over, all right, bob. this question. >> this irritation level is what helps. >> all right, this is a historically relevant question to you from dan r. what was it like marching with your father during the civil rights movement? >> i was a very young boy, my father took me to a protest in mississippi, i was 14 years old. and it was scary as hell. my father was arrested over 50 times and i got arrested with him once, myself. my mother would never bail him out. after the third time the sheriffs called, this time they called and said well, your son is with them. they bailed us both out. and i said next year, pop, how about we go to the beach? >> all right, so this is for me, from deborah k., i just wanted
11:44 pm
to know where did she go to college and what prompted her to be a conservative? >> i went to the university of arizona, bear down, go wildcats, my parents were conservatives, i'm a daughter of the american revolution. i wrote a letter to bill clinton when i was 6 years old, about how our taxes are too high. all right, this is for all of us. this is from tim c. you have just been nominated as ambassador of the united states, congratulations, which country, and why? >> england, because it is the only place i could speak the language. >> brazil, i love their energy policy. >> i love their women. >> of course. >> awesome. >> if i chose a country i wanted to be from, other than the united states? you're ambassador from the united states, which country? >> oh, bahamas.
11:45 pm
>> texas. >> texas. >> yeah, texas, it is an amazing country, they do things differently there. and i -- they have the similar currency. the language, though, quite different. >> yeah. i'm going to go with croatia, so i can visit my family. all right, still to come on the five. dana is about to go on a new journey, she is going to tell us about it. so please don't go away. check it out... over 20 million drivers are insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling. this is some really strong stuff! so you turned me into a cartoon...lovely. geico.
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>> welcome back, this week marks the week that i return as a peace corp volunteer many years ago. when i was in the peace corp, we worked with a lot of groups, called non-governmental organizati organizations. and our own dana perrino leaves, tell us about it. >> a few months ago, i had a chance to go to dallas, and work with president and mrs. bush.
11:50 pm
it was the work with the mercy ship. at the invitation of the government there. this will be the largest charitable hospital ship. they do it all donations, and "60 minutes" did a piece about at this clip. >> in 1995, at the age of 9, a tumor destroyed her face and it was crushing her windpipe. >> she was struggling to breathe. i was amazed at the sense of community and lots of people were waiting outside of the gates and many with problems of their own but when they saw her, they picked her up. put her over their heads and literally passed her through the crowd over the gate and into the screen because they recognized that her need was greater. >> so my husband, peter, and i are going to head out on sunday. we'll be there for a week and have a chance to be there for assessment day which is a day when all of the possible patients will show up to see if they get some care. >> do they do all kinds of
11:51 pm
medical care? surgery and dealing with cancer to hearts? >> they do everything. you might have a dental emergency. a lot of people that will come to the ship have never seen a medical doctor. say maybe you have a dental emergency. they'll have that on staff. there's also ca hygiene kit to teach them and they do complicated surgeries. in "60 minutes" there was a story about a little boy born with his kneecaps on the wrong way and these doctors turned them around. they follow these people. that's how they were able to get that tape because it took several years for them to do reconstructive surgery. i'm excited to go. you can follow here at "the five" and we might do skype if we can get technology to work.
11:52 pm
>> you have to be a good surgeon to operate on a ship. >> doctors without borders when i was in the peace corps they would go in the jungle and operate with no anesthesia or anything. people do really good work. one more thing -- >> for all our viewers, we thank you, dana. >> i'll represent "the five" well.
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already time for "one more thing" and roberto is kicking it off. >> big news today for some of you. for the first glimpse of the news of baby called northeast. the child of kenya west and kim carson was born and now this is it. cost $10 million to get this and i don't care. >> wow. for not caring about her, you talk about her a lot. >> by the way it's northwest, kanye west and kim cakardashian. >> thank you. >> so chicks fighting. these are women fighting against one another. it's iraq war vet lara. her nickname is gorilla and
11:57 pm
she'll be fighting rousy. got it. don't take my word for it. watch this. >> there's that brutal hit. >> find as many judo players as i want to train for me but they won't fight anything like me. >> sat down with one of ufc's most dominating women fighters and current 135 champion rowdy rhonda rousy. she holds a record of 7-0 with all wins coming by arm bar in the first round. >> i'm entirely emotionalless when i walk into the octagon. >> one of the most pierce competitors in boxing or martial arts. >> this may be the best fox files ever so make sure to watch it. >> way to hurt everyone else. >> are you out of your mind? there's nothing phony. >> it's disgraceful. >> that's not wrestling.
11:58 pm
that's tough people and tough girls on this one. okay. you're up. >> all right. so we've covered the million muslim march going to washington on 9/11. now 2 million bikers and baker crews are planning to show up on exact same day in washington, d.c. on 9/11. their goal is to honor and respect those killed in 9/11 and their families and they say it will be a peaceful ride. >> love it. >> million muslim march versus 2 million bikers. >> all right. i salute the bikers. >> what did you say? >> motorcycle. that's fine. i'm for that. >> very quickly, tomorrow morning here's a tape. watch. >> hard work. good work ethic. good conservative values, right? >> yeah. i think they're good liberal values too. i think they're good values period. you know what i really love? when he said if you want to be sexy, the sexiest thing is to be
11:59 pm
smart, thoughtful, generous. >> can we get a big -- there it is. sexy, smart and cool. >> all right. check it out. 11:30 tomorrow morning. >> what were they talking about? >> conservative values. >> okay. >> low hanging fruit. somebody always says this to dismiss the point you're about to make as though the point you're making is really easy, ie low hanging fruit. however, if you're a short person, it's never low hanging fruit so it's offensive to little people. next time you use it, i'll punch you in your face. >> you have penned that before. >> i'm going to go on a limb and say that somebody better check these things on you. because you are up to thousands of words. >> the whole point is to ban the entire english language so "the five" is nothing but 42 minutes of silence. >> can i get an app on my own of
12:00 am
the banned phrase of the day. >> we'll leave it there. thanks for watching. have a very, very cool weekend. see you back here on monday. see you back here on monday. welcome to "red eye." i am andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who is hammering out the details of a plea a bargain. now to jedediah bila for a pre game report. jedediah, what is coming up ongp tonight's show? >> thanks, america's sweetheart. you are as adorable as ever.v our top story, some members of ths e 1972 miami dolphins will be swimming a white house ceremonyny because they don't like obama's politics. welcome to the club, boys. are they principal and admirable or meanies out to hurt our president's feelings. >> and a new poll asks which are the hottest, dumbest,


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