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tv   Stossel  FOX News  August 31, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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just over an hour ago, president obama saying there should be military action in syria. take a listen. >> this attack is it an assault on human dignity. it also presents a serious danger to our national security. it risks making a mochrie of the global prohibition of the use of chemical weapons. it endangers our friends and partners along syria's borders, including israel, jordan, turkey, lebanon and iraq. it could lead to escalating use of chemical weapons. or their proliferation to terrorist groups who would do our people harm.
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in a world with many dangers, this menace must be confronted. after careful deliberation, i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. this will not be an open ended intervention. we would not put boots on the ground. instead, our action would be designed to be limited in duration and scope. but i'm confident we can hold the assad regime accountable for their use of chemical weapons. deter this kind of behavior, and degrade their capacity to carry it out. >> the president saying he will seek a congressional authorization of force. making that announcement from the rose garden today, this coming hours after united nations inspectors left syria, arriving in the netherlands today after spending several days collecting samples from the site of the alleged attack. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm kelly rice. >> i'm jamie kohl by, a busy day.
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good to be with you. the president saying he's confident in the evidence laid out yesterday by his administration in a declassified report. the u.s. does not need to wait for a report from those u.n. inspectors who just returned. the president will make his case to congress, even saying he looks forward to the debate. and now congressional leaders are confirming that date that lawmakers will hold that debate and a vote of authorization of force. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel with more details joining us live from washington. busy day there. >> no question about that, jamie. after calls from many members of congress, they should be called back to debate and vote on an authorization of the use of force, the white house is it providing lawmakers with classified briefings on syria, and in the rose garden a short time ago, the commander in chief said he looks forward to the debate. >> that's why i made a second decision. i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's
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representatives in congress. the last several days, we've heard from members of congress who want their voices to be heard. i absolutely agree. so this morning, i spoke with all four congressional leaders, and they've agreed to schedule a debate and then a vote as soon as congress comes back into session. >> immediate reaction from the house republican leadership is they are glad the president is seeking authorization. and in a statement said in consultation with the president we expect the house to consider a measure the week of september 9th, this provides the president time to make his case to congress, and the american people. the top republican in the u.s. senate mitch mcconnell said the president's role as commander in chief is always strengthened when he enjoys the express support of the congress. then just a few minutes ago, the top republican on the senate foreign relations committee said, i am pleased the president has listened to the suggestion we and many others have made to bring this authorization to congress. at this point in our country's
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history, this is absolutely the right decision, and i look forward to seeing what the administration brings forward, and to a vigorous debate on this important authorization. but this is not going to happen over night. the president will travel overseas this week to sweden and then to russia for the g-20 summit. congress returns 10 days from now, they'll debate it and we'll see what happens when the climate leer in washington is extremely polarized, jamie? >> mike emmanuel live for us with some context on that, thanks, mike. >> kelly? >> so far the administration has not gotten much international support for military action. let's bring in rick grinnell right now. spokesman for the last four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations. rick, thanks for joining us this evening. or this afternoon, i should say. what do you say about what the president has so far stated to the world in terms of what his action will be against syria. >> i don't even know where to
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begin. i think the president's move today is a devastating blow to his credibility internationally. i've already heard from many people around the world. it's really a shocking move. the president looks weak. this sends a terrible message to moderates and everyone around the world. let's be clear. there are a lot of people who are very happy to see the united states relegated to just another country. at the u.n., i'm sure there's a celebration going on because the united states doesn't look like the leader, looks like we want to do something, but the president has really hedged today and is really making a mochrie of what we thought the united states's reputation would be about coming in, and defending those people around the world when they're in need. the problem here is that philosophically, the president laid down a marker, nine weeks
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before the election last year. the red line -- and now by hedging, he really looks foolish. >> what do you say about the gop, though, applauding the president's actions today. basically stating the president is right so actually go for a congressional authorization for this action. >> you know, i don't think that the president of the united states needs congressional authorization. i don't think that the president of the united states needs to wait for the u.n. the problem is the hypocrisy of the president, and the vice president and the secretary of state who really ridiculed the bush administration for the exact same thing they're doing now. so i think, you know, the media's got to understand that they need to hold these leaders accountable. but this doesn't cut across republican and democratic lines any more. there are certainly a lot of people on the left who don't want military action, or who think that the president needs to -- if he said something,
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stick to it. >> if this was so important to do, to get congressional approval or authorization, why wouldn't the president simply call members of congress back to congress early, ahead of september 9th? >> look, the president does not have a foreign policy strategy. today was crystal clear. we've seen it really unravel for a long time. but i think what he did today was an incredible political move. what he did was his political advisers gathered around him, said, how do we get out of this. our base good not want us to make a strike on syria. and so, this is the latest political move, which is throw it to congress, and it gives them an incredible out. if congress comes back and says no. the president can say, i tried. i think the long term view of his reputation is going to be, he looks incredibly weak, and he looks like he doesn't know what he's doing. and more importantly, what i'm concerned about, is internationally, the message that it sends at the u.n. and to
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other countries is really a devastating blow, his credibility is completely ruined. >> we will end it right there. former spokesperson for the last four years, ambassadors -- thank you. >> as president obama seeks that congressional approval on the mounting crisis in syria. there are already at least five navy destroyers, each equipped with tomahawk missiles that stand at the ready in the eastern mediterranean off the syrian coast. however, the uss antonio which is an amphibious ship is also now in the area. but defense officials insist it is not a part of any potential operation. nevertheless, they are equipped, national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon, what else should we know about this? >> all week the pentagon has been saying its ships were ready, as soon as the president, the commander in chief gave the go order. it was clear that some of that momentum stalled when the british parliament voted against
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participating militarily, pentagon officials described to us at that time a sense that they were facing a pause, they were ready, the window to strike was getting constrained by the president's travels to the g-20 and the fact that u.n. inspectors remained on the ground. moments ago, you heard the president quote the chairman of the joint chiefs, the member of the president's national security team who has been most reluctant to get the u.s. involved militarily in syria. >> chairman of the joint chiefs has informed me that we are prepared to strike whenever we choose. more over, the chairman has indicated to me that our capacity to execute this mission is not time sensitive. it will be effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now. and i'm prepared to give that order. >> senior defense sources tell me that the chairman advised the president that once the ships were in position, once they had gotten assad's attention, there may be some wisdom in letting
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them sweat, letting them scramble, see how the region reacts. tomahawks could be airborne within minutes and delivered within hours if the president gave the order. what's also notable this week, as we tried to reach out to democratic members of the armed services committee in the house and in the senate, it was very difficult to get any of those democratic members on camera to make any statement in support of the president, it's clear he did not feel that he was getting the kind of support he needed democratically on the hill from members of those key compamitte and that the decision was going to be -- he was going to be held accountable for having made this decision to use military force, if he did not consult congress. jamie? >> interesting, though, we don't know what congress will say, at least not yet. thanks for the view from the pentagon. we'll check back with you for sure. >> in the meantime, out of syria, the assad regime's state controlled media is declaring victory and saying the u.s. will not strike. leyland is live with more
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details on this, leyland? >> kelly, the feeling here definitely is that president assad for that matter, iran has won this round with the united states. in terms of syria and the united states being eye to eye, and president obama has blinked. that's certainly something that was not expected. surprise, stunned, whatever word you want to put to it, this was not what was expected to happen over the weekend. syrian state tv had been airing hours of propaganda videos of the possible counter measures they could do, of the ways they would strike back. remember it was the syrians who said they would strike tel aviv and make it burn if attacked, the iranians said israel would burn. then syrian tv carried president obama's speech and had folks in the streets declaring victory, saying we believe in our leader, we believe in president assad. another one saying, if you want to look at people who are afraid, just look to israel, they are looking for their gas
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masks, we here in syria are not afraid. folks are looking for their gas masks, thousands of people who lined up for gas masks over the past couple days. israel's iron dome has been put on stand by. soldiers leave has been cancelled for the holidays, definitely big time moves here, in terms of preparing for the possibility at least of the very large regional war going-forward. the question for the israeli public more over is, what is this day going-forward, in terms of the u.s. commitment to israel's security in terms of syria, but also, what does this mean for iran. if you remember, kelly, the language that has been used in terms of red line, those kinds of things about iran, same words used about syria. now there's a lot of questions in terms of what does that mean? one analyst just sent me a note, he says, well, if president obama is going to talk about iran in terms of a military option for iran with the united
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states, maybe when he goes to congress to discuss the strike on syria, perhaps he should ask for authorization to strike iran too. another one on television here from the israelis said, really it comes down to a question of confidence. kelly? >> and that is a big question right now, about confidence. what confidence does the israeli government or leadership have in president obama and the united states at this point? >> well, i think, kelly, that's going to be the question going-forward, the re-evaluation here in terms of redrawing the strategic map of the middle east. remember, there's been a lot of shifting sands here over the past couple years, and the israelis and the u.s. have been at odds over things going all the way back to the obama administration's push originally for a peace negotiations with the palestinians back when president obama first took office and israel was not very happy with how president obama handled the arab spring, especially abandoning president mubarak and calling for his
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resignation. everyone in israel says, okay, what does this mean? and what guarantees can we count on, and what can't we going-forward? >> live from our mideast bureau, leyland thank you very much. more context now on the chemical weapons threat going syria. syria is one of several countries worldwide that have not joins the 1997 convention banning chemical weapons. many analysts consider its stockpile to be the largest in the world, estimated at up to 1,000 tons. u.s. assessments say damascus has mustard blister agent sarin and vx nerve agent. there is evidence that syria has used sarin against opposition forces. it's 20 times more deadly than cyanide. just one tiny drop can kill a person. after the break, our chief white house correspondent ed
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henry who has been at the white house all morning, has also come out from a background briefing, with brand new details on the situation with syria. stick around. >>? a world with many dangers, this menace must be confronted. after careful deliberation, i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. [ male announcer ] it's the adt end of summer sale. labor day is here, and getting back to a predictable routine can leave your home vulnerable when you're not there. help protect it with adt security starting at just $49 installed, a savings of $250. but hurry. this offer ends september 9th. call right now or visit this is a fire that didn't destroy a home. this is a break-in that didn't devastate a family. this is the reason why. adt. you can't predict when bad things will happen,
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welcome back, a crisis going on in syria right now. we have heard from the president of the united states today who says he wants to take military action, but he will consult with congress first and seek an approval from congress. congress will not be meeting until september 9th, we go to the white house where ed henry is standing by. where is the president right now? >> well, he's here in the washington, d.c., area, he's golfing with vice president biden. interesting timing there. given the sensitivity of what's happening, the president saying in the rose garden a short time ago, how serious a threat this is, and how he wants congress to get on board with his decision
12:20 pm
for military action. we have some breaking news about exactly how this decision went down. now being told by senior officials that the president basically on his own last night made this decision around 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., that he wanted to pull the plug on everything for now, and go to congress to get authorization. and there was some debate among his national security team about this. it appears not everyone was on board with this initially. he went on a walk around 6:00, 6:15 last night around the south lawn, dennis mcdonagh and the president himself floated this to his chief of staff. and said he had been doing some thinking in recent days and decided it would be better in the nation's interest to go to congress to get their authorization before moving
12:21 pm
forward with military action. and then he called in more aides, met for two hours to hash this out, got on the phone with vice president biden, secretary of state john kerry, defense secretary hagel, and we're told not all of those officials, theyen wot name who was on board, who wasn't. not everyone on the national security team thought it was a good idea to go to congress, wait a couple weeks, because up until yesterday. they had been planning to move forward with whatever decision the president finally made in terms of military action. senior officials getting a lot of questions behind closed doors as to whether this makes sense now in terms of the timing, because it will give syrian president bashar al assad a couple weeks more now, because -- to position his assets, prepare for potential u.s. military strikes in september. they insist inside the white house that the military is ready to go whenever the commander in chief gives the order, if he gives that order, they believe it's better to get congress on board, although they're
12:22 pm
admitting privately, they're unsure, they know this is a big political risk, that congress may not actually vote in favor of authorization. but i will also note that senior officials are now telling us, even if congress votes this down, the president does believe he has the executive power to move forward with military action anyway. they're stressing he hasn't decided to move forward without congress. he would prefer as we heard in the rose garden to get congress on board. they are insisting that he has this executive power, he could have moved forward on his own. but on his own, told his chief of staff last night during what appears to be a dramatic walk on the south lawn of the white house, that he changed his mind. and that is a good -- it could ruffle some feathers within the administration, obviously, think about how secretary of state john kerry went out so firmly yesterday and -- in making the case for u.s. military action and suggested the timing of this was so sensitive. and that something should happen soon. now, this could be delayed until
12:23 pm
at least september 9th or so. the white house is pushing back on the criticism by saying, look, they think they can use the next week positively, over the next week, they can brief members of congress, get them up to speed on this, we're told drafting as we speak, military authorization, use of force resolution, it's not a declaration of war that they want congress to vote on. just an authorization of military force, and then they say the president will go to sweden, on tuesday night he will go to russia for the g-20 summit on thursday and friday. they think he can use that time effectively to talk to the british prime minister. work with allies and at this point they're not planning to bring congress back on an emergency basis. and instead they think the week of september 9th, they can get this debate going in the house and senate, they know it's a risk that it might go down, they think in the end they're going to prevail, and that it will be better for the nation as you heard the president in the rose garden say to have congress weighing in on behalf of the
12:24 pm
american people. >> we thank you for that report from the white house. we are told that perhaps general martin dempsey may have had some influence because he was one of the reluctant members within the president's national security team to go forward without some approval from congress. we thank you for your report in the white house. >> let me just stay on ed's point for a second, the fact that an emphatic speech yesterday, secretary kerry made clear that what had occurred in syria could not be tolerated by the world and that immediate action and decision on action was necessary. the president today saying it's not time constrained he could make the decision now with -- or with congress's approval or months from now. how about the reaction around the world from the speech of the president today. an historic saturday briefing in the rose garden. lisa dovtari joins me now. thanks for coming back so we can chat again. we have a little more insight on what the president is thinking.
12:25 pm
he may have changed his mind overnight to sit back, wait for congress, but congress at this point has not been called back. immediately for a special session on this. how do you think the mideast is reacting to the president's decision, and what he had to say? >> well, definitely winners and losers considering what the president had to say. and, you know, this is a memo to syria, the iranian regime, hezbollah. while i'm out golfing and enjoying my labor day bbq, you guys have until september 9th to hide all the evidence, plan and plot retaliation toward us and our interests in the region. and we'll think about it, and let you know what congress decides at that point. it's also undercutting kerry's talk yesterday, who said this was time sensitive, and, of course, it is time sensitive. we're thinking out loud here, the president has mentioned for
12:26 pm
over a week now, that he plans to have military strikes, let's look at this, the micro and macro level, the president is looking at the chemical use of chemical weapons as an isolated issue. where the syrian problem is much larger than that, what's going to happen hours after these limited attacks. is the whole syrian dilemma going to go away for us. let's look at why the president drew that red line. there's so much pressure from the international community, for the president to do something about the crisis in syria. >> we're talking about -- >> more time could mean more planning. >> more time means more planning, absolutely. >> not just for people of syria. your critics -- >> no, not just for people of syria. a limited strike wouldn't be enough. we have assets already in the region that are ready to go according to our generals. maybe more time is planning, bigger strike, more effective.
12:27 pm
>> on our end. this is something that if we had looked at this, either two years ago or a year ago, or if we look at it now, in a more kpe hencive way, meaning, let's get on the ground and find the leaders of the true syrian opposition, people who really want to make a change, and a longstanding change, a more meaningful change in syria. what will the strikes mean for the people of syria, again, thousands of people died by the use of chemical weapons that should not happen. it should not happen. at the same time, does it really -- >> should we really differentiate between the 100,000 that died and the 1,500 that died from chemical weapons, a humanitarian crisis is a humanitarian crisis. >> let me jump in, i want to play some sound for you to listen to. charles krathhammer always has
12:28 pm
something to say. >> this is amateur hour. when there was an attack six months ago or when we had the current attack, he should have immediately called in the congress, the way the prime minister of britain had called in the parliament, had a debate and got a resolution and then went out and told the world, we're going to do x or we're not going to do x. the idea that you make the case, you leak the details, you tell the world this has to be done, and then you say well, i'll go to congress, and we'll see, this should be done in three days, it isn't as if people aren't aware of the arguments. >> you made a lot of those arguments, lisa, i only have 30 seconds left, i want to get reaction to that, when the world hears charles krathammer call this amateur hour. >> you don't have to be as smart as charles to make these assessments. it's not a partisan issue any
12:29 pm
longer. if the president truly wanted to make a meaningful statement to the middle east, to the international community, he would have made that in a very different way. and about two years ago, he would have brought in those inspectors a long time ago. he wouldn't have made these statements without thinking, and without having a definitive plan and strategy to go in. the bottom line here, this is really -- the message he wants to give to the iranian regime, he should have done that in 2009 when he could have supported the iranian people against the regime, and not left them play out the clock and continue with their nuclear agenda the way they're doing right now. that's really the larger issue here. >> understood that we have to look beyond syria even. what a situation there is there. so i really -- i was glad that you could come back and speak with us. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. my pleasure. >> as president obama lies awake for a potential strike in syria, our warships are standing by for
12:30 pm
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this fox news alert, the intelligence community as you can imagine, remains on high alert, the president announced that he will seek congressional authorization for a military strike in syria. there's growing concern, though, over retaliatory, even cyber attacks. chief intelligence correspondent katherine heard joins us from washington. >> fox news has confirm ed the possible blow back from a limited strike in syria, the retaliation coming from syria or iran and its proxies. earlier this week, a service attack claimed by a group, sympathetic to the syrian regime. not considered a sophisticated cyber attack, and not focused on
12:35 pm
critical infrastructure like the power grid or phone networks. one military analyst told fox news, it was likely a probing attack to test the system and the response. >> you've also seen an increase in actual cyber attacks. you've already had the friends of the assad organization, servers housed out of russia, launch cyber attacks against multiple news organizations. >> with the concept now escalating, the u.s. intelligence community is focused on the growing number of westerners including american citizens now traveling to syria to join the fighting. many siding with islamic groups and turning to the united states. officials pushing back against a report today that the bureau is actually interviewing syrians inside the u.s., but not denying there is a ramping up with a focus on individuals who are traveling to syria and returning. and also an emphasis on cyber. >> that's interesting,
12:36 pm
katherine, thanks for bringing it to us. kelly? >> right now, as we mentioned, before u.s. war ships are positioned in the eastern mediterranean off the coast of syria, ready for any possible scenario, for more on this now, let's bring in retired u.s. army major general and fox news military analyst bob scales. good of you to join us today. what can we do now that we've given syria time to actually hide its weapons as well as hide its assets. >> they're not finished hiding. i think the reports that i've gotten. one report says that the assad government has started shelling damascus already. and they had strategic assets that they could still squirrel away to iran. they can further disburse. particularly there are chemical delivery systems like rocket launchers, artillery, and large scale rockets like scuds.
12:37 pm
this extra nine or ten days they have will go a long way to further protect their military striking power, particularly their ability to deliver chemical weapons in the future, kelly. >> it also sounds like they have little disregard for human life, including the wrong people. having said that, what kind of strike can we anticipate coming from our military forces in the region, and what is the capability of decapitating the regime or doing something to send a clear message and warning to them to cease and de sift. >> that's a good question, my sources tell me that the administration is considering the addition of several more naval vessels to increase the number of tomahawk missiles they can deliver. this will include a converted boomer that fires cruise missiles as well as additional surface missiles, the object is to try to get some effect against the syrian military as they continue to disburse behind the camouflage themselves to try
12:38 pm
to avoid the stinging impact of the future missile strike. >> real quickly, a little bit of time left, congress and mike turner has issued a statement, he's the chairman of the subcommittee who says that he will not seek any funding for the syrian operation until the sequestration is lifted. so we see now the policy is entering the game, which can confront and confound and confuse the military should we move forward. >> it's a half a billion dollars anyway you cut it. the longer you wait you're adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the cost of this, none of this is in the budget. if you shoot 300 or 400 cruise missiles, someone's got to pay to buy new ones, each at a cost of $1.5 million. >> general, thank you for joining us. >> good day to you, sir. critics are going after president obama's handling of the crisis in syria. analyzing the administration's response so far. that's straight ahead. hey linda! what are you guys doing?
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the u.s. trying to build international support for a potential strike on syria. james rosen is live at the state department with more. james? >> kelly, good afternoon. secretary of state kerry has spoken directly. we understand to a leader of the syrian opposition to affirm to them that the united states remains determined to respond to the chemical weapons attack of august 21. however, when lawmakers here in washington vote on the proposed military intervention that the president is talking about, presumably sometime late next week, they will not have the benefit of the final report of the u.n. chemical weapons inspection team that departed syria. that team arrives safely in amsterdam earlier today, reportedly on a plane made available by germany. it's believed their ultimate conclusions which the white house says are not in doubt anyway, won't be due for at least three weeks. a u.n. spokesperson bristled at the idea that the u.n.
12:44 pm
inspectors were leaving syria paving the way for u.s. action. vladimir putin spoke out for the first time since august 21 chemical attack. he said the u.s. should not rush to action. and he called rushing into military action foolish and nonsense. one other story to report to you, a senior official in france, which was the colonial power in syria and has been the only other nation willing to express a desire to join the u.s. in military interaction says each nation must set its own pace. kelly? >> james rosen reporting to us from the state department, james, thank you. >> the debate as we now know will move to congress. as president obama says he will seek their approval for any strike against syria. a fox news political analyst with z politics, a congressional
12:45 pm
georgia politics, ladies, welcome. >> thank you. i shout out to the troops who are really laboring for us. let me start with you, martha and ask you about the president's decision. we saw what happened in parliament yesterday, and david cameron, we know if we go, we go without the support of other countries, maybe france, that's it at the moment. martha, what kind of gamble is the president taking by waiting until congress comes back, debates and weighs in. >> well, i was surprised at what he said today, and giving this tell graphing of time. i think the congress should have been called back on the 22nd of september, the day after we knew that it happened. there are three concerns that we have very quickly. we've got to be sure that they aren't moving these chemical weapons, those are things we need to be aware of. we need to be assure that israel doesn't get attacked. finally, we really don't know what russia is going to do. and they have tried to play the good cop bad cop while they've
12:46 pm
been supporting hezbollah. there's a lot of questions that need to be asked, i don't think tell graphing the times is the best way to do it. >> this is not really a barm issue. this is an issue, and when you look at the video out of syria, youen wot be normal if you weren't moved by seeing these children, one after another and adults too, who literally died on the spot because of the power of these chemical weapons. >> really, both sides of the aisle will be affected. what does congress do when it gets back, what choice does it have, can it say no? >> i tell you what, we cannot do this unilaterally, we cannot police the world, we cannot do this alone. i don't think americans want this only 9% according to the reuters poll want to enter into this conflict. we are in the greatest recession since the great depression. a billion dollars a month will it cost us to maintain a no fly
12:47 pm
zone. we can't afford it. i'm in chicago, we have a little more than $30 million cash on hand. i'm trying to figure out what the buy in for america will be. i certainly do feel for what is happening in syria, but i want to be sure of the intelligence, because i don't want another iraq. >> you know, when you talk about costs, i think about obama care too. how some people might lose their jobs because of what it will cost. it will cost a lot to implement, and they're taking a look at that too. this is life or death for real people, citizens of syria, and historically, martha, the u.s. has always been looked at as the superpower who would step in. even if we can't do it alone, should we try? >> i'm disappointed at the time it's taking for the president to act, i mean, nine weeks before the election last year, he said, that this was a red line in the sand. and we have watched while close to 100,000 syrians have died before this chem coical weapons attack. we have to decide what are we as
12:48 pm
a country? are we a country that's going to stand up for weaker people like this, the 100,000 plus that died in the chemical attacks? or are we going to be a country that's going to wait. i would call the congress back in today. don't go on the trips that the president plans to go on next week. and let's settle this and decide this now. >> he's golfing right now. can you make any sense of that strategy for us? >> well, you know, i have to tell you, the first thing we have to decide is whether we're a monarchy or a republic. constitutionally, the congress is supposed to declare war. >> there's a disagreement about that, the military experts that tell me it can be done in a short, quick period of time, both secretary kerry and the president said this would not be a protracted prolonged fight. there would be no boots on the ground it's a strike. >> i've never seen a bloodless war yet. that's what bothers me, it's easier to get into war than it is to get out of. we're not out of korea, if you want to think about it, i want to be was sure as we can be,
12:49 pm
because you know what, people who -- most of us who are speaking -- the people who are speaking on this panel today, they're not sending loved ones for the most part to these conflicts. these are not bloodless, we're sending our loved ones over here, before we commit our bodies, we need to be absolutely sure -- >> i have a nephew in the navy, i have a nephew in the navy, and certainly this is something that i'm concerned about, we need to be -- thank you so much, we need to be sure. but at the same time, the president going out and saying, oh, it could be tomorrow, it could be two weeks from now, a month from now, i think that compromises us as a nation. >> i think we're compromising if we don't debate this in congress. >> i would advise folks to stay tuned today, even with the president saying that, we just never know what might happen, we're keeping a close eye on syria in the u.s., and ladies, thank you. >> happy, elizabeth. god bless you, everyone. take care. >> president obama's handling of
12:50 pm
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president obama saying evidence of a deadly chemical attack in syria is enough to justify military action against
12:54 pm
the assad regime with our without united nations approval. the former deputy assistant to the vice president for national security affairs and ceo of d.c. international advisory. stephen, the president is saying that, also saying he wants to wait for authorization from congress. congress doesn't return until september 9th. what type of action or message are we sending to the world? >> i think, frankly, the administration's approach is bewildering. ally and foe are probably somewhat confused. foes probably a little happier to know they have more time to plan for how they might respond. but allies have to be, frankly, wondering where leadership is going to come from in the united states. going to congress at some point and in the not too distant future to debate things is not anywhere a declaration. reasonable people with doubt a limited strike really ends an ongoing civil war in a regional conflict. >> ed phenry reported the president made this decision overnight walking through the
12:55 pm
grounds of the white house. why do you think he had such a reluctance? >> i think he's had an ambivalence about the civil war and is very, very reluctant to have another intervention that really could quickly go beyond his control. the escalation options of the opposition are many. we want a limited strike according to what the president says. that doesn't mean they will oblige. >> water the decision the president would have made, he would have been damned if he didn't or damned if he didn't? >> that's the beauty of the office. the cutaway, the president has seen this coming a long time. his red line, call for assad to go a long time. strange only now to be crushing on what to do about it. >> which seems he must make a decision but is waiting for congress to do that. looking forward what type of prediction do you have? >> i think support in congress
12:56 pm
will be tough. far from guaranteed. you get parliament a cautionary tale, without a laerg larger vi where this could go, reluctant to give him a blank check. >> thank you for your perspectives and insights. >> thank you. i think rarely on saturday do we have the kinds of developments we've had today. the president after secretary kerry speaking yesterday, much more analysis for you. all of our correspondents both overseas and here in washington and in new york. that will do it for kelly and me. thank you so much for joining us for our special continuing coverage right here on the fox news channel. heather childers takes it from here. take care, everybody. mom always got good nutrition to taste great.
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fox alert. president obama announcing plans to move forward now with a military strike in syria. his speech punctuating a week of case-making from the administration. the president now calling for the congressional approval to retaliate against the assad regime for use of chemical weapons. welcome to news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers. a short time ago the president saying that for diplomacy, the time for diplomacy is over. he will now seek authorization from congress to pursue military action. listen. >> after careful


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