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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this special report, fair, balanced. this is "the fox report." tonight, power grab on the road to war. president obama and russia's president face-off over syria. the u.s. considers training the rebels. russia threatens to help syria's president. president obama makes his case for hill -- for military action. >> a violation of international law that must be addressed. >> but he faces a tough sale overseas. and on both sides of the aisle. >> i have more questions than i have answers. >> the american people are very devious.
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>> tonight the showdown over syria. plus a greek yogurt giant pulls products off the shelves. this after complaints about hissing containers and funky flavors. and how do you make it out alive after this? first on fox this thursday night, the president of the united states wants war against syria. he is carefully not calling it that, but when the u.s. military drops bombs on a sovereign land, that's what it is. today's push is happening on the home turf of one of president obama's fiercest opponents, russian president vladimir putin. the two came face-to-face in st. petersburg, russia, smiling for the cameras looking happier than in their last meeting in june. president obama called off another one on one meeting with the russian president
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after russia gave asylum to the national security agency leak erred ward snowden. it is a meeting of the world's biggest economies and syria is officially not on the agenda, but president obama says it is on his agenda. >> and i also look forward to having an extensive conversation about the situation in syria. i think our joint rec cog negs negs -- recognition that the use of chemical weapons in syria is not only a tragedy, but a violation of international laws that must be addressed. >> the british government addressed it has new evidence that poison gas was used in last month's attack against outside damascus. officials say the evidence comes from soil samples and the clothing of a reported victim. the u.s. claims that attack killed more than 1400 people including more than 400 children. fox news cannot confirm those numbers and cannot verify this amateur video reportedly showing some of the victims. but the russian claims they
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have evidence that syrian rebels were behind that attack and president pew tip calls the claim that -- and president putin calls the claim that syria gassed its residents absurd. can they dispute that with certainty? no. a high degree of confidence, but not certainty. so the question now is does the united states conduct an inlegal inlegal -- an illegal missal strike on a sovereign land and taking sides in the middle east without the support of our special friends in britain and without the support of the majority of nerns and with the -- of americans and with the understanding that our actions will not stop the slaughter in syria? do we bomb? tonight the war drums beat. wendel is in st. petersburg. wendel? >> shepherd, the president says a military strike could keep al-assad from launching another chemical weapons attack, but president obama
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could be swimming against the tide trying to convince other leaders here in saint petersburg. chinese officials warn more violence in syria could impact the global economy. the pope sent a letter to the summit urging the leaders to, quote, lay aside the feudal pursuit of a military solution in syria. the biggest road block is vladimir putin who greeted obama with a smile, but they were seated far enough part to prevent small talk. there is a report blaming rebels for the chemical weapons attack and putin accused secretary of state kerry about lying about the extremists in the rebel group. today a kerry spokesperson responded. >> secretary kerry as you know is a decorated combat veteran. he has had more than words aimed at him. he is not losing sleep after such a preposterous comment on an inaccurate quote. >> president obama has been calling law i can makers back home. he phoned at least five trying to make sure that even if he
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does not get interest that will support for a strike on syria, at least congress is on board. >> the white house says the president has called off a scheduled trip to california next week. he was supposed to speak at a fundraiser in hollywood at the afl-cio convention in los angeles. instead he will stay in dc to focus on the resolution that congress is considering to authorize war in syria. today intelligence officials gave lawmakers another classified briefing behind closed doors. the senate is holding a special senate tomorrow in an effort to get a head start on the debate. we will go live to capitol hill for both sides of the argument coming up inside fox report. even as the president gathers to gain support for the war, the raw regime is returning to negotiations. jonathon hunt is in our newsroom in new yorkment u.s. officials made it clear when it comes to this crisis the united nations is irrelevant.
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>> usually language from the chief diplomat at the united nations. ambassador samantha power saying all 15 members of the u.n security council voted in favor of the treaty that a longtime ago outlawed the use of chemical weapons. she said the will of the security council in condemning and acting against syria in the wake of the alleged chemical weapons attack is now in her words being held hostage by the russians. that she said makes the u.n. irrelevant. >> it is not protected peace and security for the syrian children gassed to death on august 21. it is not protecting the stability of the region. it is not standing behind now an internationally accepted ban on the use of chemical weapons. >> given that strong language in diplomatic terms it seems highly unlikely that president obama has any intention of
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going back to the security council to get authorization for any potential military action. >> which would by definition make this action illegal. right thousand there is no coalition. the white house is working to build one. we have new information on specifics? >> yes. state department spokeswoman was asked specifically about who is actually backing action in terms of the international community. she gave a list of nine nations. australia, albania, kosovo, canada, denmark, france, poland, romania and turkey. those nine supporting military action according to the state department, but not actually wanting to take part in it themselves. and that nine is a very different number to the 34 that secretary of state john kerry told lawmakers yesterday are supporting the united states. the secretary by the way is due to leave for europe tomorrow. he is going to have meetings there, one of the most important with members of the
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arab league whose most recent statement spoke out against the idea of military action in syria. >> nine in support and none assisting. the pentagon insists there are no plans for boots on the ground in syria. but we have just learned the white house is considering a separate strategy. training some of the rebels outside syria's borders. all of the details on that coming up from the pentagon in a few minutes. first on the ground in syria we are getting new video from a battle at a christian village. enter net posts indicate this video shows a fight between opposition forces, meaning the rebels whom we are planning to support, and president assad's troops. it is happening in a christian area about 40 miles from the capital of disco mass cuss. we first learned of this last night. some of the fighters are from the victory front rebel group which has ties to al-qaeda. although the recording does
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show one of the rebels trying to reassure folks who live there. >> listen, all of you guys. we will not shoot at any saville saville -- civilians and any churches. we only target those who ta >> somebody who posted more unverified video says it shows the aftermath of the fight in the village, the tank on fire and the rubble in the streets. we are also hearing of opposition fighters executing government soldiers. in fact seeing it. the people whom we plan to support with military strikes executing people. it is far from the only troubling news from syria. we will have the video and the rest coming up. and we now know what sparked the enormous fire that is burning around yosemite national, pa. it is one of the worst wildfires in the recorded history of california. and it turns out one person is responsible. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report.
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we got a look today at some graphic video that said to show some of the syrian rebels who could end up benefiting from our u.s. war strike on syria. the new york times is reporting that this video shows opposition fighters executing government soldiers. soldiers who were lying helplessly on the ground. the new york times reports it edited the video so you will not see the gunfire itself, but you will hear it and you will see what preceded it. according to the reporting of the new york times a former rebel smuggled this out of syria because he was disgusted by what you are going to see now. [gunfire]. >> that is not the only video raising questions about some
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of these syrian rebels. katherine is live in our dc newsroom. >> the video shows a group of rebel commanders that was posted on a pro syrian regime website. you can see the black and white islamist flag. three analysts reviewed this tape for fox news. >> the narrative is jihady. the narrative they are talking about is the use of weapons they have not used before. what comes to mind is chemical or biological. >> this man was also identified to fox news as a deputy to general idris. this is the leader of the free army some call moderate. this week the administration pressed for answers. >> it seems like initially the opposition was maybe more western leaning, more democratic. and as the time has gone by it degraded and has become more infiltrated by al-qaeda. is that true? >> that is basically not true. that is basically incorrect. the opposition has increasingly become more defined by its moderation.
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>> one expert is noting today what is considered moderate on the ground in syria is a far cry from the american concept. shep? >> one u.s. commander says american warships are fully ready should the president order a military strike on syria. analysts tell us he still has a long way to go to get the okay from congress, but he says he doesn't need the okay from congress, and he has not said if he doesn't get the congress stamp of approval he won't do it. live team fox coverage from the pentagon and capitol hill coming up moments from now. first other headlines of the day. an illegal fire from a hunter started this. it sparked the enormous wildfire that has been burning in and around yosemite national park. that's the word from the u.s. forest service today. the wildfire is said to be one of the biggest ever in the state of california. it began nearly three weeks ago and has spread across an area larger than all of new york city. firefighters have gotten a
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handle on the flames now, but remember yosemite is a huge tourist destination, obviously, this time of year. a local fire chief says it involved somebody with a marming marge growing -- with a marijuana growing operation, yet the forest service said they found nothing to indicate that of all. the maker of a yogurt company says mold turned up in some of the products. chiboni said some customers were getting sick. on the website one person said it tasted like wine. another calling it unnervingly fizzy. the ceo of the company says chiboni traced the problem to a type of mold that often pops up in the dairy environment and the issue is totally fixed now. chiboni asked stores to pull the product from the shelfs and today the company made it a formal recall. they warned everybody that mold in the food could trigger breathing trouble. if you see moldy food, don't
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eat it. you will find details on the specific products listed in the recall under the top stories banner. new reports show the jobs market is improving in a big way. that helped lead the dow to a winning streak that we haven't seen in weeks. jerry wig lis -- gerri willis is here to break down the numbers and speaking of good news, football is back. the regular season kicks off tonight after plenty of off season crazinessment from arrests to concussions to the debate over this team's name. that is still ahead.
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female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ up day in a row. according to the labor department the number of first time jobless claims fell last week approaching the lowest
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level in this nation in nearly five years. it helped the dow close up, if barely, but up and close to 15,000. it ended the day just seven points short -- seven points up, but hey it is up. nasdaq up 10 and s&p up two. the three-day series of gains makes it the longest streak since july. gerri willis is with us. the s&p is on a streak of its own. >> that's right. it is up three days in a row and that's the longest winning streak in six weeks. good news, especially when you consider that september is pretty typically an i icky month. the index has been down 0.52% a half a percentage point. it is a lousy performance, but it is different this time of year. what we are seeing is that consumers are spending and auto sales are on fire and we are seeing a different tone in the market. >> is it your sense this is a preview of what we will get in the all important jobs report? >> you will see some good numbers. the overall unemployment rate
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won't change, but we will see 180,000 new jobs created. remember that we are all watching these numbers because what is the fed going to do next? will they keep stimulus up at 6.5%? that's when they said they will take their foot off the stimulus peddle. we will have to wait and see. >> that would be weird. >> then we will be back to reality. >> okay, well if reality is good i like it. >> yet to be seen. even though more folks are getting back to work, they are not spending as much of their paychecks at the stores. major retailers reported a jump in revenue of merely 4% in august according to the international council of shopping centers, but that's down from a 6% hike in august of last year. big name stores have lowered their expectations for the rest of the year including target, macy's and wal-mart. america's biggest bank, jp morgan chase is getting out of the student loan business. they will stop accepting new applications next month. jp morgan chase cut back the program last year when it made
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new loans available to existing chase customers. now the bank cites a boost in lending from the federal government. the firm, the college board, reports that less than 10% of all student loans came from private lenders during the 2011, 2012 school year. at long last pro football is back. the national football league kicks off the regular season in about an hour from now, and it comes after an ugly off season. since the super bowl back in february, get this, authorities have arrested or charged at least 37 players with crimes. most notably the former new england patriot tightened who is facing murder charges and potentially more is due in court for arraignment. concussions have taken center stage. the league itself agreed to a $765 million settlement with the players, with the former players last week. and on top of that there are renewed calls for the nfl to force the washington football team to change its name. critics say it is like using a racial slur.
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some journalists say they will not use it in reporting. earlier today i spoke with sportscaster and fox news contributor jim gray about it. >> as far as i'm concerned if they want to be called the redskins that's what i want to call them. i wouldn't call mohamed ali kay shoes clay, that's what they want to be called. that's their name. >> washington's owner says he will never change the name. we are getting new signals that it could be a tough fight to get on board with syria. how are they split on capitol hill? we will go there for a look at the obstacles. when al-assad took power he promised to lead his people. along the way he had dinner with the now secretary of state john kerry. now he is murdering his people. the evolution of this dictator from our friend to this monster coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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a run away tractor-trailer flattened a car and crashed into a house. cops say the truck was hauling 45 tons of sand uphill when the driver tried to shift gears and that didn't work. the brakes failed and the semirolled backward and burst through a retaining wall and crushed a car before stoping partially inside the house. the cops say the folks who live there were having breakfast inside that house. but they are all okay. as for the flattened car they say they just sold it yesterday and are waiting for
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the new owners to peck it up. to pick it up. drat particular -- dramatic video as a man battles two burglars who threaten him with a a sawed off shotgun. that tops our news across america. >> pennsylvania, the victim says he was ordering takeout at a chinese restaurant in philadelphia when two guys walked in and robbed him. the surveillance video shows one of them holding him at gunpoint while the other steals his wallet, keys and belt jie. we wrestled for the gun and started fighting. >> the second male with the dredlocks is telling him, shoot him. kill him. >> he managed to grab the shotgun and break free from the attackers. at last check they were still looking for the suspects. in colorado, a fire broke out on a railroad bridge east of denver. authorities say it happened on a line that connects the city to kansas. the incident delaying several trains as inspectors check out the damage. no word on the cause.
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new york, folks in manhattan are getting ready to auction off two extremely rare diamonds. they are sending the gem stones to hong kong for the sale. one of them is a 118 karat white dyend month. >> there are only four sold at auction over 100 karates and this is the largest. we are expecting it to fetch $28 million and $35 million u.s. >> that would break a record. the other is a vivid blue diamond. >> it is over 7.5 karates and it is exceptional and amazing. >> experts say it could fetch up to $19 million, and it is part of a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by capital one, earn double miles or 2% cash back. >> i'm shepherd smith and this is "the fox report." it is the bottom of the hour and it is time for the top of the news and u.s. military sources say the white house is considering a plan to train
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the rebels in syria. this apparently would not involve any u.s. boots on the grounden side syria. on the ground inside syria. the training would likely take place nearby in a country like jordan for instance or one of our allies. remember as the white house pushes for a potential military strike on syria, some lawmakers including john mccain say the u.s. needs to do more to both train the rebel fighters and arm them. it is the top story at the bottom of the hour. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> shepherd, before the first tomahawk has been fired there appears to be mission creet. u.s. military trainers started setting up a program to train the syrian opposition in jordan in march. one of the major obstacles in launching this type of operation according to u.s.ish ifs is they are having serious problems with trustworthy groups, the main reason the cia has not provided weapons to the syrian opposition until
4:32 pm
now. the training of the rebels is not part of the limited airstrikes being considered. >> there are no plans right now, we are not contemplating the boots on the ground in syria. i will say to this section of the audience there are no plans for boots on the ground when it comes to military operations that we are contemplating right now. there are no boots on the ground planned right now. >> u.s. officials say their consideration to broaden training of the syrian operation is not a, quote, grand bargain with senator john mccain who met with the president on monday and then voted in favor of a senate resolution after adding this amendment, quote, it is the policy of the united states to change the momentum on the battlefield in syria. that could involve boots on someone else's ground. shep. >> no plan for boots on the ground in syria. jennifer, that is completely different from we will not have boots on the ground in
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syria. isn't it? >> it is hard to read. >> it is not hard for me to read. this is two different things. if they meant it, that's why they said it. words matter. the pentagon spokesman sidestepped a question over whether the military would call a potential strike an act of war. >> i am not going to get into those kinds of labels here today. this would be an action that would beacon sis assistant with american -- be consistent with american law and would come port with the legitimacy of the international norm against the use of chemical weapons. >> against international law and fox news can confirm the dropping of a tomahawk missal on a sovereign nation is an act of war. the united nations secretary general says such a move would indeed be illegal under international law and frankly
4:34 pm
it absolutely is. the president's push to get congress to approve military action could be an uphill battle according to the analysts. they were calling members of congress while she overseas, but they say most lawmakers are not on board right now. a senate committee did pass a resolution authorizing the use of force, but members of both parties voted no, some of them. and now the senate is about to take the next step in this debate. mike emmanuel works capitol hill and is watching closely. mike? >> the senate measure is not just a military strike. it calls for changing battlefield momentum. in florida the congresswoman says that will be too much for many of her colleagues in the house. a florida democrat says the american public does not want military action. >> it is completely against the resolution. it always has been against this resolution. now the media is starting to report that. listen, people here listen to their constituents.
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first of all public opinion is against it and secondly public opinion is vee meantly against it. >> michael grimm pulled his support for use of force and manchin says he will vote no. others worry about the response to a missal strike. >> we also have to consider the possibility that our acting would cause a further ease ask you layings of the filings in the region and that it might well cause uh sod or hezbollah to strike against american targets. >> there will be a procedural step tomorrow in the senate setting the stage for a vote next week. shep? >> thank you, sir. long before he started slaughtering his own citizens, there was a lot of talk in the west that president assad might be syria's save yes, sir. he took -- savior. he took charge after studying
4:36 pm
in britain to become an eye doctor. president assad's british-born wife added to the hopes that he would one day turn syria into an ally of the united states. instead he tightened his grip on the police state there, one where those who rebel wind up dead. shannon has that from washington now. >> when he gave his address in 2000 he said he would lead the country to the ambitions of the syrian people. the same people he is accused of killing with chemical weapons. though president bush hoped he would live up to his billing as a reformer he realized the u.s. would not be able to have a substantive relationship with syria. and when then house speaker nancy pelosi visited assad they disapproved. and then john kerry met with assad many times and called him a generous man. >> four years ago there was a belief by many there was still a diplomatic route here in
4:37 pm
working with assad and the regime. the secretary was a prominent member of the foreign relations committee. he was somebody who met with him to pursue that route. >> there are some who think the attempts at relationship building may have done more harm than good. listen. >> as leader after leader from the united states tromp through his office siping cocktails with assad and his wife, i think he got a mistaken impression about what we would tolerate in the world. >> and in 2013, the perception of assad has changed. kerry now calling him a thug and a murderer. shep? >> thanks. we will monitor the developments out of syria and russia where president obama is at this hour. updates throughout the evening. en crypt your e-mails --en crypt your e-mails and the banking all you want. that's the word from the guardian newspaper in britain and the new york times. they are both newspapers and
4:38 pm
they examined new documents from ed snowden. the report indicates that the nsa has spent billions of our tax dollars since the turn of the millennium to crack everybody's secrets. the agency does it with custom built supercomputers and working with tech companies foresee create -- for secret back doors. they covertly introduced weaknesses intoen description -- into encryption standards people use all over the world. uh ready coulding -- according to the new reports, the data can say what it wants and whenever you want and you can't stop it. for reasons that escape all of us, nobody is jumping up and down screaming. a reporter covering the murder trial could find himself behind the bars. he said he would rather go to jail than give in to a judge's orders. the details on that riddle next. and the same sort of tsunami that devastated parts of japan in 2011 could happen here.
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there is a new government report that points it out. it outlines who is at risk and how much time we would have to escape with our lives.
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so this crime reporter here in illinois is facing jail time for doing his job and keeping his sources confidential. he published information on a local news site about a grizzly double murder case. it is information he got from classified police reports. that's what journalists do. the judge in the murder case ordered him to reveal his sources or go to jail for an indefinite period of time. the reporter told fox and i quote, i know i am doing the right thing and that has helped me with my decisions. he has been a reporter for 10 years now and made his name reporting on the case of drew peterson. he was the excop who kept losing his wives. if there is a major earthquake off the coast of alaska it could put southern california at risk for a tsunami. that's according to a government report out today.
4:43 pm
they put together this simulation after they saw the damage from the tsunami in japan. that killed hundreds of thousands and caused an estimated $300 billion in damage. according to the u.s. geological survey a theoretical 9.1 earthquake not far from alaska could have a devastating affect on southern california's coastal areas. what sort of waves are they talking about here? >> well, the report says they would be huge, shep and they would be on us in a matter of hours. after a 9.1 quake up in alaska within four hours 10 to 23-foot waves would be off the coast of northern california. northern california has a lot of coastal cliffs so the damage would not be substantial. after six hours we would have three to 10 foot waves in southern california and with the low-lying beaches in this area that would be devastating. look at some of the areas of biggest concern being with world famous malibu which of course is dotted with $10 plus million homes. you have marina delray and the
4:44 pm
port of long beach is one of the busiest in the world. you go down to orange county and laguna beach and all the way down to san diego and mission beach. it gives you an idea of just how big the scope of this projected tsunami would be. >> and so many people in those areas. >> millions really up and down the coast. the report says they would have to evacuate at least 750,000 people from the southern california coastal beach areas. if it is summertime you are talking upwards of a million. because the roads leading in and out of the beach towns are so narrow it is gridlock. look at that number. 8,000 people less. it gives you an idea how many they expect to be damaged or destroyed. the damage seems low seeming that mall malibu could take that alone. in 1960s alaska had a 9.0 earthquake and in the northern part of the state a tsunami hit there and killed 10 people
4:45 pm
and look at the picture. it destroyed almost the entire city. we are prepared in the west for earthquakes, shep, but tsunamis? not so much. >> and a lot of local officials we are hearing have a lot of questions about whether people who report used to tsunami warnings would heed them. incredible video of a hundred car pile up that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. >> the united kingdom. police say early-morning fog triggered multiple crashes on a bridge in southeast england. the pile up involved 100 vehicles. witnesses say many victims weren their cars until help arrived. crews treated many on site and several others went to hospitals. mexico, thousands of teachers rallied in the streets of mexico city following the senate's vote in favor of sweeping educational reform. teachers have been protesting
4:46 pm
for weeks against a bill that would hire and promote teachers based on students' test scores. they say it breaks the union's control of school staffing. italy, police say they captured several people suspected of looting an ancient roman tomb. the so-called tomb thieves reportedly disyou ever cked the archaeological site last year. authorities say they seized thousands of ancient artifacts that are now heading to a museum. philippines, folks can now swim with sharks and stingrays in the capital city of manila. first you learn how to interact with the creatures before you can get in the water with them. workers say they trained sharks and the stipg rays to stay calm -- stingrays to stay calm around humans. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon getting the best deal on the back to school devices.
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that's powerful. a woman called 9-1-1 and nearly died waiting for help. wait until you hear how long she was waiting and how long everyone apparently waits in this city. and we all know smoking is bad for us, but what if you are smoking the new electronic cigarettes, the ones without the smoke? doctors finally have an answer. it is not the one a lot of us might want to hear.
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soon face criminal charges after a woman reportedly almost died because she waited more than an hour for police. this happened last week in detroit. here is what the police say. the woman called 9-1-1 six different times. the dispatcher waited 75 minutes after the first call to even send officers to
4:51 pm
help. by the time the cops finally got there they say the suspect had shot the woman in the chest with an ak47. the police chief suspended the dispatcher and says they will ask prosecutors to file charges to -- charges. to give you an idea how bad the response times are in detroit. folks, they wait an average of 58 minutes after calling police. the average is 11 minutes. islamabad claims a maximum 5-minute wait and in johannnesburg, south africa it is 21 minutes. detroit is 58. electronic cigarettes have gotten pretty popular as of late, especially among teens. that's according to a new piece of data. e-cigs don't contain tobacco and they are shaped like cigarettes and powered by batteries and heat up nicotine and the exhale is vapors and not smoke. the cdc says one in 10 middle and high school students has experimented with e
4:52 pm
-cigarettes, over two million total. in 2011, one in 20 said he or she tried. it the makers of e-cigarettes call it a healthy alternative to smoking, but health officials are concerned it could become a gateway to nicotine. john roberts had the news from atlanta. >> there has been good news on the smoking front from mid-land high school students. significantly fewer lighting up now than a decade ago, but there are new worries that the cigarettes could reverse the trend. if you are not familiar with them, they don't contain tobacco and they don't burn tobacco. they heat up a liquid, some of which contain nicotine with a smoke-like vapor. it is touted as being safer than the traditional cigarettes and no tar and no ashtray breath. but for the most part they contain the nicotine which could get school students hooked and lead them toward the traditional smokes. here is what the centers for disease control director
4:53 pm
says. >> nicotine is a highly uh district tiff drug. anything that gets kids hooked is really dangerous in that context. that's a real problem with the e cigarettes. the number of kids who are getting hooked seems to be increasing. that's a problem. >> remember, 90% of adult smokers say they started smoking as teens and unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes are not regulated by the fda. the cdc is worried that they have a window of opportunity to get kids hooked on anything teen and then they have customers for life. there is a flip side to the coin. they look at e-cigarettes and it is not as bad as smoking cigarettes. it could reduce the risk and maybe even act as a bridge to get them to qek altogether. >> and it rig -- regulates the e-cigarettes with therapeutic benefits. like advertising it can help you stop smoking. >> travelers can now tryout an electric car without having to
4:54 pm
pay a dime to power up. it is part of a new program in florida called drive electric orlando. folks who rent a nissan leaf from enterprise at the city's airport can charge up at any station for free. the orlando mayor says it will give people a chance to see how easy it is to use these vehicles . it makes up a fraction of the market here in the united states, but it is rising. they represent less than 1% of auto sales through april of this year. there is word that the criminals are counterfeiting more u.s. money in one foreign country more than anywhere else on the planet. the profits can rival the drug trade. and one skilled counterfeiter was but 13 years old. that's next.
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there is a new number one source for counterfeit u.s. dollars, peru. that's according to the secret service that is in charge of tracking down the bonus money. peru over took columbia as the
4:58 pm
top counterfeit producer mainly because of the country's cheap labor and the skilled criminals. police say they caught one 13-year-old who demonstrated how he uses a needle to slide one of the security strips into a fake $100 bill. the top investigators say counterfeiting is now more profitable than cocaine before we go, top five things, thub five, nicky hayley was locked out of the governor's mansion while wearing her bathrobe yesterday. and the u.s. forest service says a hunter's illegal fire sparked the enormous wildfire in and around yosemite national park. number 3, the feds say last week the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level since june of 2008. number two, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations accused russia of holding the u.n security council hostage by blocking the action against syria. and number one, a top advisor says president obama has been pushing u.s. lawmakers to support military action
4:59 pm
against syria even as he attends the g-20 summit in russia. that's the fox report's top 5. and on this day in 1957 viking press published jack's classic novel "on the road." it was his second book, but it would become the one that made him a literary giant and an icon of the budding beat movement. the story documents a cross country road trip that he took with a friend fnlt he logged much of the journey in notebooks such as late night parties and drunken poetry readings as they happened. in 1951 he tied up the firs draft of a continuous -- on a continuous scroll of paper in just three weeks. he later shortened the story and renamed the major characters, but america first hitched a ride with jack 56 years ago today.
5:00 pm
and now you know the news. for this thursday, september 5th, 2013, i'm shepherd smith. we will be back tomorrow for "studio b" and we will have a special guest, dennis could you sin niche and wait until you hear what he has to say about prospects of war. the o'reilly factor is on. >> their air ability. you want to make it difficult to continue the war. >> president obama did not draw the red line. humanity drew it. >> strange, strange bedfellows over syria. tonight we will run down prominent rib brails and conserve -- liberals and conservatives and what they are saying about syria and why. what will michigan state university do about a professor indoctrinating students with political hate lettering? we will talk to a student in that professor's class.


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