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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 16, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's have a little fun. didn't go too well. >> elisabeth hasselbeck is going to be on the morning show starting today. we welcome her to fox. >> yes. we thank you for starting your week with us today. see you back here tomorrow. bye. >>steve: it's been a good couch. >>brian: right. what's left of it. but it's out with the old, in with the new, steve. it's time for a new day. >>steve: do you know how many famous people have sat on this couch? >>brian: yes. >>steve: time for a new one. guys, open it up. all right, brian. >>brian: let's go. transition. >>steve: ready. >> where are we shipping it? >>steve: away. close it up. thank you very much. folks, if you're just tuning in to "fox & friends," you don't know what's going on, it's a new
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day. hash tag better friend is what we're calling it on the internet and what not. we've got a new set, got a new graphic. >>brian: we're in every newspaper across the country. >>steve: one thing we're missing? elisabeth hasselbeck is here. >>elisabeth: good morning, guys. [applause] >>brian: the coffee mugs are empty. >>elisabeth: i can't do everything right. >>brian: how was it waking up? >>elisabeth: a little more difficult than i thought. i thought i'd get a call from you guys. wake up! thanks for meeting me here. >>brian: thanks for being part of the show. the bigger news is the new set. >>steve: you were here on the last day of the old set. as a matter of fact, a little later on you will see us blow up the old set and what happens. behind that door is the new set. all we have to do is ring
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the doorbell. >>elisabeth: there's a doorbell? >>steve: you don't knock and use the doorbell. that's like belts and suspenders. >> good morning. >> welcome! >>steve: heather nauert. >> heard a lot of -- a lot about you. >> amazing. >> you guys can cle9d >>steve: we've got this brand-new wooden floor. this is fantastic. we turned the studio into something more functional. right here we've got a living room and we based this on the house you grew up in. >>elisabeth: i have tears in my eyes right now. memories are coming. >>steve: this is kind of rec room area where if we have a band, we'll have the band set up. we'll dbt involving three people. and before we go any
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further, this is kind of sentimental to brian and i because we were on the old curvy couch for many, many years. >>elisabeth: i know. >>steve: first, i forgot. this is where maria and also heather are going toulñ be. >> these are our spots right here. >>brian: over here. [music playing] >>steve: ladies and gentlemen, the brand-new curvy couch. [applause] >>elisabeth: i'm going to take a seat, make myself right at home. >>brian: we've got the apple computer. i don't see any wires. >>steve: you're$?rvñ right. we're wireless. >>elisabeth: i can't believe this is happening right now. >>brian: it's a long time coming. we're very excited you're here. the first time you've been on the show, on the show before as a guest. i know what a great athlete you are. it's great to have a window in the backdrop to have people look in. how long did we sign up for you? 20 or 30 years?
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>>steve: all i know is "fox & friends" for this monday starts right now. and that's where we'll roll the animation in the future. >>brian: let's take it from the top. >>elisabeth: i am not leaving. it took a long time to come 0 to this curvy couch. i'm not getting up. >>brian: can we do something? >>elisabeth: no. >>brian: you say no. let's do something i think is important. let's talk about where you've been and what brought you here today. first off, where you just left? you left some women, and there they are. >>elisabeth: oh. 1972, i'm not sure. a while ago. but those are my friends. >>steve: i read in one of the papers today that you loved sitting there at that table, and particularly watching barbara walters because it was like a masters course every day on how to do an interview. >>elisabeth: absolutely.
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imagine seeing the best surgeon for ten years. you must have picked up some traits, techniques, some tips over that time. >>steve: you almost got injured a couple of times on "survivor." the first time you were on our house scantily clad eating skin and snakes. >>elisabeth: there were tougher moments in the past ten years. this is going to be a treat being here. >>brian: but also a lot of people -- now they know by looking at your last name, but tim hasselbeck, you met him in college. nfl quarterback, a star on espn. >>elisabeth: he won me over with chips and salsa, speaking my love language. >>brian: what year was that? >>elisabeth: probably 1998, 1997. this is college, probably sophomore year or junior
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year in college. i know. that's when i was dying my hair brown. >>steve: when you were in college, among other things, you also were a very famous softball player at boston college. >>elisabeth: yes. i was the second or the worst person -- the worst person on my team, i think. i'm not sure how they kept me but i'm glad they did. that was a fine group of women and i learned a lot i take with me every day. >>brian: you're very competitive, a greateth hraoet and an -- great athlete and an a for everything you do. >>elisabeth: let's talk about me. >>brian: let's go with your first talking point. elisabeth hasselbeck is officially on "fox & friends." let's talk about a report put out by the house about benghazi. they are pushing back the advisory review board. >>elisabeth: they certainly are. the report from december
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2012 coming under question by a house committee. they are questioning was it verifiable. were there worthwhile interviews that went down? were we left unprotected by an area? what was that authorized and by whom -- >>brian: that shows how little progress has been made. >>elisabeth: we know nothing. >>steve: keep in mind this particular report was leaked to the press by the republican side of the committee. what it shows is that essentially this a.r.b. review that was done by the state department protected the people at the state department, the higher up, in particular hillary clinton. extraordinarily if she's running the state department and, you know, this terrible benghazi tragedy happens, why would they never interview her? they never did. when they did interview people, they never recorded it. it was just sloppy the way they did it. >>brian: here's an
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example. one thing i hate in life is when you blame other people. you have charlene lamb, eric bosswell and raymond maxwell. they were blamed for what went wrong in benghazi when four americans lost their lives and dozens more were wounded and the president went out and campaigned the next morning. there's reports that he went to where the ambassador was. all of them are back on the job and people are saying just over a year later, what do we know and why don't we know it. this week we're going to have hearing again. benghazi back in the limelight. >>elisabeth: thursday we may know more. >>steve: this is almost amusing were it not for the fact that four americans lost their lives. there is a terrible conflict of interest. there is this fellow, under secretary, patrick kennedy, he works for the state department. he was in charge of staffing up the a.r.b. kind of a conflict of interest. i'm going to hire the
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people to investigate me and my bosses. as it turns out, it didn't blame the bosses for anything. >>elisabeth: in the meantime four lives are lost including our ambassador chris stevens. we will hope to find out more but i'm not confident yet that we will. >>brian: here's what the state department says, attacking the a.r.b. is an attack on the integrity of one of america's most respected diplomats, one of the nation's most respected leaders, both of whom spent their lives serving presidents of both parties. there is going to be a bit push back along partisan lines. >>elisabeth: for the rest of the headlines we're going to heather nauert. >> good morning, elisabeth. great to have you here. we've got headlines to bring you now. we are looking at new video coming in to "fox & friends" from italy. at this hour salvage crews are attempting to pull up the 114,000-ton costa concordia cruise ship.
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it is a massive undertaking. a ship this large and heavy has never been raised before. workers were waiting for better weather conditions to take place, and they fear if the ship isn't moved before the winter months it could deteriorate and further break apart releasing toxic substances into the sea. 32 people died when that ship crashed into the rocks off the coast of tuscany in 2012. a former college football player is dead and the police officer who shot him now faces manslaughter charges. officers say jonathan ferrell, a former safety for florida a&m university survived a car crash in north carolina and went looking for help in the middle of the night. a woman who was frightened heard him pounding on her door and called 911. when one of them showed up, he opened fire. we'll keep you posted on what happened. now to a fox news alert. a major air rescue expected to happen today in colorado
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as officials hope for clearer skies to continue that rescue effort. so far more than 1,700 people and animals have been rescued from that devastating flooding and take a look at this. this guy riding his horse to safety after it was trapped in his barn completely surrounded by water. so far five people died in that flooding and that number, sadly, expected to rise. finally, a new miss america crowned last night in the same place where it all began. atlantic city, new jersey. >> your new miss america is ... miss new york. >> there she is. what a beautiful lady, becoming the second consecutive contestant from new york to win that pageant. the 24-year-old is also the first miss america of indian descent. she beat out miss california for that crown. she made headlines earlier
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this week for calling her predecessor molly hagan fat. but she wasn't always so trim herself. her trainer reveals she lost 53 pounds in the past two years. >>steve: that's not the only controversy from the miss america beauty pageant. for instance, keep in mind, you know the part where they ask the contestants questions. abc said that the questions would be equally difficult. all right? so if one question is asked of one contestant, the next question will be just absolutely as equally hard. >>brian: miss california against miss new york, miss new york to be the eventual winner. you make the call at home. jot it down. >>steve: watch this. >> the u.s. has threatened to attack syria over using chemical weapons on its own people. it's a terrible crime, but is it our responsibility to punish them for it?
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>> miley cyrus caused a media sensation with her twerky expression. what do you think? miley expressed herself or what do you think? >>steve: syria bombing. miley twerking. >>elisabeth: in our home, twerking is a weapon of mass destruction. i see nothing wrong with the variety. >>brian: one comment on society, one on international affairs. coming up straight ahead? >>elisabeth: his wife was in labor but this quarterback still hit the football field. joe flacco under fire. does he deserve it? >>brian: want to know why the government is spying on your spending? a congressman w-g -- a congressman and his wife are up live next. [ male announcer ] even ragu users a.
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it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. >>elisabeth: first it was the n.s.a. spying on our phone calls and e-mails. now another federal agency is playing big brother and this time they're monitoring our money tracking nearly 80% of all credit card transactions. >>steve: it's okay if my wife tracks my transactions, but not my government. congressman sean duffy wasn't happy about that last week on the hill. watch this. >> you come today ill prepared to give us numbers on the number of americans that have their financial transactions and data collected. >> what i'm fully prepared to do is give you explanations on how these programs work.
3:18 am
>> what i think america deserves is the transparency you promised. >>steve: joining us is congressman sean duffy along with his wife. >>elisabeth: we're so glad that you're here and, by the way, so glad you got tough because this is an atrocity to think what i purchase on my credit card is available. they want more. they want to push that to almost 100%. are they in violation of federal law? >> this is the law. they can grab this information. they're taking 80%, which is almost a billion credit cards for americans. our concern is they're holding this information for up to ten years. the question is why? why do you want all of this information on americans? red flags are going off all over the place. we continue to ask this agency questions about why they're doing this, how many credit card are taken and they continue to stonewall us and give us no answers like you saw in that clip. america has a right tpho know.
3:19 am
we're concerned -- a right to know. if you want to know how someone lives their life, find oupt -- out how they spend their money. >>steve: i can understand if you were tracking down the visa bill of someone in al qaeda. >> our grandparents? come on. i think we should look at how th implementing this program. the only way it will stop is if congress steps in. one of the big concerns is they're going to the big and small banks saying we want you to give us all this information but you can't tell the consumer. >>elisabeth: the banks know they're going to help them in, they have to play nice. what do we do as consumers because we're so credit card friendly? you have to feel the same way, rachel. >> i do. i'm lucky i have my husband to pass a bill here to tell us about it. >> i have ao bill coming
3:20 am
out that will say the consumer financial protection bill, the agency that is supposed to protect us from big banks, they should ask us permission before they collect and monitor our financial transactions. hopefully mr. cordray will support us in that effort. >>steve: don't hold your breath. tell us about the leave it initiative. >> we're about spwourg hispanics to help them achieve the american dream. we're in danger of an entitlement society of robbing people of the reason they came to this country which is to work and to prosper. that's what we do. >>steve: do you have a web site? >> www. >> are we the first once on the curvy couch? >>elisabeth: that's an honor.
3:21 am
>>steve: we showed you our brand-new set but wait till you see how we tore the old one down. we'll take you behind the scenes. >>elisabeth: remember when this government advise r was caught sleeping on the job. the story next. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor
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>>steve: 24 minutes on this monday morning and quick headlines. a top female cop in afghanistan shot dead months after her predecessor was assassinated. an officer was outside her home when two gunmen drove up on a motor bike and shot her in the neck. a tattoo parlor suspected of accepting food stamps for ink. cops in raleigh, north carolina, say the owner took e.b.t. card as payment
3:25 am
for tattoos. great. brian? >>brian: a big blow to the president. his topic for the federal reserve chairman now withdrawing. former white house economic advisor larry summers known for this picture -- asleep on the job -- sent this letter to the president. this is a complex moment in our national life. i have reluctantly concluded any possible confirmation process for me would be acrimonious and would not serve the interest of the federal reserve, the administration or ultimately the interest of the nation's ongoing economic recovery. why was this pick so controversial? why did he bail out? let's ask one of the best in the business, fox news correspondent, charles gasparino. he reluctantly stepped out. he didn't try to mask it by saying i'm too busy or have other interests. >> he's been an economic bureaucrat for a long time. he always wanted this job. he was too -- this close to getting it. it wasn't the republicans that tanked it. it was the left.
3:26 am
larry summers worked on wall street, worked for a hedge fund. he did work on wall street, made money, the left didn't like it. he was treasury secretary under clinton. that is when there was some deregulation. >>brian: they always blame bush for that. >> that is a myth. there was more deregulation under bill clinton than george bush. that led to the financial crisis. something known as glass-steagall dismantled. you could merge a risk taking investment bank with a commercial bank that insured deposits. that was done under bill clinton. >>brian: i interviewed sandy whaoeuld and he has the pen signed for it. tim geithner says i'm not going near washington. janet yellin or donald cohen.
3:27 am
yellin no market experience. >> neither has market experience but they are less controversial. the markets are going up. summers is perceived as someone that will paper faster. i don't necessarily believe that's the case. the markets believe it. you watch, the stock market is going to go up. >>brian: markets are scared we're not going to continue to print free money. five years since lehman collapsed. the president is going to be speaking about what a great job he's done to get the economy back on its fees. have we learned from lehman? are we now no longer too big to fail. >> as a matter of fact, there are bigger banks. one of the interesting things about larry summers, in the treasury department when they got rid of glass-steagall which allowed huge banks to merge, there is more risk in fewer banks now. more systemic risk. in one of those banks go
3:28 am
under, we will bail them out. >>brian: here are the six you say are biggest. j.p. morgan chase, wells fargo, bank of america, morgan stanley, goldman sachs. if any of these banks go under, we would still bail them out? >> i wouldn't say citigroup is back on its feet. it is better than it was but none of these banks are making a lot of loans because they still have issues on their balance sheets. if we still have a bad economy, if we go into a recession, if interest rates go up, all those banks are going to be losing money. >>brian: great to see you. soon we'll get you on the couch. until then, you're the first in the interview area. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. next on our rundown, the trial for the september 11 mastermind could be delayed even more. and the reason? computer problems. and take a look at this dramatic picture.
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>> i think elisabeth is going to be a big plus for fox. she is a great gal, very smart and very funny too. and if you give her a chance around here, unlike what i get when i come on here, everybody wants to be a comedian and try to be funnier than regis -- and they are. that's what drives me crazy, elisabeth. but you stayed loose. don't get too close to them. >>brian: i love his show on fox sports 1. regis does a great job over there. >>elisabeth: he is the king. i love him. thanks. i love you. >>brian: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. elisabeth's first day but we have a lot of news to cover. you've seen the new set but what you haven't seen is how we tore the old set down. >>elisabeth: we've got that part covered. >>brian: here is a cool time-lapsed look at how it all came together.
3:34 am
>>steve: today this hour the final hour for this is historic piece of furniture. we're sitting on the most famous couch in america. we're retiring it today. >>brian: i'm back from vacation and i'm back here to find a brand-new studio which will be temporary until we go back to the other studio. >>steve: what happened? >>brian: we don't have anything to touch. a little messy. >>brian: you've been there. >>elisabeth: i think i made you guys lunch here. >>brian: pulled pork is delicious. >>steve: one of the things we would do without fail once a day is somebody would spill their coffee on the curvy couch and then
3:35 am
after five years who knew that it would actually wind up on the studio. >>brian: that means it went through the rug, through the plywood, through the stage -- >>steve: and into the subway. i guess it's official. if you camera guys want to turn out the lights, the next thing you see, folks, will be the new set. there goes one and there goes the other. ladies and gentlemen, our new set. >>brian: finished, laminated, plexiglassed and then it will get sent over to fox. it is always exciting to see something start out from basically a piece of paper that we get a drawing for the actual pieces and then kind of sit in our living room and put it on tv and watch it. it's a lot of fun. ♪ ♪ >> behind me is what was basically called the anchor area, kind of the main wall
3:36 am
of the set. there is a big platform and the famous curved couch, then that will be the weather area. there will be a moveable what we call a desk, a counter unit that will be freewheeling. >>steve: it's pretty cool that we'll eventually start from scratch with the studio, a new lady. >>brian: going to be great to have elisabeth. >>elisabeth: mainly because i get to work with these two guys right here. they're already a team that's fantastic and in motion, so i'm happy to join on. >>brian: with everything going on in the world, we know crazy things are going to happen. the most fun we ever have is unscripted. i finally think we have a playground that can handle it. >>steve: very nice. >>brian: to everybody who put that together, i know you're unsung by nature, by job description but we truly appreciate it. this is the best studio i've been in let alone worked on.
3:37 am
>>elisabeth: and the most fantastic crew, i have to say. i have to say hats off to all of you. >>brian: they already like you better than me and steve. >>steve: you just sealed the deal. >>elisabeth: that's why i'm here. >>steve: they do beautiful work. the same company did -- >>elisabeth: lady gaga. >>steve: they did her. >>brian: the fact is they built my own separate green room and i get my own -- [buzzer sounds] >>steve: we've got a truth inspector. every time you tell a fib, you buzzer. >>brian: for example, i'm treated special here. [buzzer sounds] >>elisabeth: we've got a lot of news breaking overnight so we'll go to heather nauert. >> good morning. brand-new video coming in from italy. salvage crews are attempting to pull up the
3:38 am
114-,000 ton costa concordia on its side. this is a massive undertaking. a ship this large and heavy has never been raised before. it is expected to take between 10 and 12 hours. the pressure is on because if the ship isn't moved before the winter it could break apart and release toxic substances into the sea. 32 people died when the ship crashed into the rock. hearings resume today at gitmo for the alleged 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed and four other al qaeda conspirators. proceedings ended last month after computer problems hampered the work of attorneys in that high-profile case. a judge is expected to decide this week if the pretrial hearing should be put on hold until next year so technicians can fix that computer issue. they were mere hours away from death. two fishermen stranded at sea for eight days when their boat capsized. the men clung to the boat's hull and drifted in the atlantic ocean until a
3:39 am
freighter spotted them off the coast of florida. here is what it looked like from the coast guard choppers that were above. experts say these men were just hours away from certain death. and those are your headlines. elisabeth? >>steve: thank you very much, heather. >>elisabeth: fox news alert. officials in colorado planning a massive air rescue today. they say at least 1,000 people are waiting to be saved from the flood waters. >>brian: we're live in boulder, colorado, with the latest. >> you know what? it's going to be a difficult mission today because the rain is continuing to come down hard and hard rain over the weekend prevented a lot of helicopters getting into the air to rescue those 1,000 people. we've also got fog in the area particularly here in the boulder area. that is going to complicate things further. take a quick look at boulder creek behind me. that is back in flood now. it has probably risen about two feet i think probably in the past 24 hours or so. it is difficult weather we're having here. the national guard managed
3:40 am
to get out one chinook and one blackhawk yesterday and he was using that to rescue its own servicemen and first responders that got forced out. we've got 1,000 people waiting to be rescued. about 11,-p 00 -- 11,700 people under evacuation. they say today is going to get worse. >>steve: thank you very much for the live report. two huge storms pounding mexico at the same time this morning on opposite coasts this morning as many as 21 people dead. tropical storm manual. maria molina the first day on the new set and you've got a big storm on both sides of mexico. >> that's right. the good news is manuel dissipated so it is no longer a tropical storm or tropical depression but it is forecast to produce a lot of heavy rain across
3:41 am
parts of mexico and that along with hurricane ingrid will produce rainfall, as much as 25 inches of rain. we can be losing lives up here. just very life-threatening across sections of mexico. some of that rain from hurricane ingrid will fall across parts of texas. hurricane ingrid a category one storm, maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. >>steve: mr. kilmeade is doing sports now. >>brian: how did you know that? you looked at my empty chair and thought i would be somewhere. i know most of you watched this game but the manning bowl 3 in new york, eli hosting payton and the broncos. giants still in at this point. 24-16. lie did not have a great -- eli did not have a great
3:42 am
day. off an ankle into the arms of a bronco. you got the sense even though the giants were home it would not be their day. in the end a blowout 41-23. this was all payton. it's hard for me to imagine a team beating the broncos in the a.f.c. i have a sense they could be back here for the super bowl. meanwhile your team is about to play the cleveland browns but your wife is in labor. what do you do? what do you do? if you're joe flacco, honey, i've got to work. his decision? go play for the ravens. they're paying us a million dollars. joe flacco's wife played birth and he played tackle football. joe flacco's team, the ravens were happy to have him. i don't know what they would have done there this as they went on to win the game. the birth of the boy happened. and baltimore beat the browns 14-6. not much offense but her water broke, somebody else was there to clean up. >>elisabeth: i remember those days.
3:43 am
someone grab a mop, name the child and back to practice of the game you go. >>brian: i have a scenario for you. if tim was playing for the giants and you were giving the birth, what do you do? would you tell him go to the game? >>elisabeth: i say go to the game. we were in arizona and i said go back to practice. here's your baby, go back to practice. >>brian: like adrian when she looked at rocky coming out of a coma and she said win. >>steve: donald trump will be with us in 17 minutes. >>brian: the fed and many state governments are working hard to take away your guns so why are some federal agencies stocking up on arms for themselves? you'll be shocked. >>elisabeth: we all know batman needs a sidekick, so how about justin bieber. we've got the picture that everyone will be talking about today. >>steve: he was at the fight. ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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i hear you crunching. >>elisabeth: welcome back. almost 47 minutes past the hour. we have quick headlines for you. new york congressman charlie rangel busted again, this time tied to a political club that failed to report over $200,000 in donations. rangel was found guilty on ethics charges in 2010. this same picture surfaced of him relaxes on the beach at that time. would justin bieber make a good sidekick for this kaeupd crusader? it could happen. >>steve: he would be a great robin. >>elisabeth: i think he would be a good sidekick. >>steve: every kid would want to see the movie. let's tell you a bit about something kind of disturbing. a couple of weeks ago in a town called chicken, alaska, there was an armed raid and it involved agents
3:48 am
from, among other places, the e.p.a., the u.s. fish and wildlife service, bureau of land management, the coast guard, noaa and the park service. did you know that the park service and the e.p.a. and noaa had swat teams? >>elisabeth: no. fully armed and ready to go. there are a bunch of agencies. we have fish and wildlife, we have management. >>brian: library of congress. >>elisabeth: oceanic and atmospheric. they're all armed and ready to go. >>brian: while the federal government is saying we're going to fight against guns and people are having trouble getting ammo across the country, meanwhile our federal agencies are bulking up with overwhelming fire power. >>steve: it wasn't too long ago we had the guy who runs gibson guitar on our program talking about how the swat team showed up at his place, and that swat team was from the fish and
3:49 am
wildlife service. here's henry. >> the issue really was pretty esoteric. it had to do about compliance with laws not in the united states but in those countries, and it had to do about the amount of labor content in the wood and nothing to do with con sraeugs or that wood -- conservation or that wood being endangered. in the second raid, the wood that was seized was from india, and we got that wood back, and we continue to buy that wood legally as we had for many years. >>steve: it seems like a little overkill to have a swat -- you know, they're going to seize some wood. they have a swat team. >>brian: i want to know what you think. hash tag better with friend and at fox and friend at hasselbeck and kilmeade. >>elisabeth: our next
3:50 am
guest is 19 years old and was forced to marry an 80-year-old leader. she escaped and is telling her incredible story for her incredible story for the first time next. american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually... there's no annual fee and no limits on rewards. and with the fidelity cash management account debit card, you get reimbursed for all atm fees. is that it? oh, this guy, too. turn more of the money you spend into money you invest. it's everyday reinvesting for your personal economy. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor,
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>>elisabeth: we have a new book about your escape. your story is one you can't believe actually happened. you start talking about your childhood and then coming with a family of seven siblings, growing up,
3:54 am
having more upstairs, downstairs, going through life at 19 and forced into this marriage. when his son took over, you were just 19; correct? >> yes. >>elisabeth: warren jeffs threatened you that he would destroy you in the flesh if you would not have sexual relations with his father at the time. a lot of people would think we know you escaped obviously. why not sooner? how hard was it to escape? give us a little insight into twhas like, the dangers trying to get out of there. >> a lot of people don't realize why don't they just leave. they don't understand the level of grooming that takes place from birth to give a child the perspective of the outside world. it was incredibly terrifying to leave but to be faced with a life growing up, what i perceived of the outside
3:55 am
world. >>elisabeth: speaking of the outside world, you did escape. you escaped, went out to the outside world but then decided to go back and help which was incredible. you testified 20 times against the leaders and actually showed up to testify in a red dress. talk about the significance. what message were you sending then? what message are you sending now? >> i wore red because we were not allowed to wear red growing up. he told me i will break you. when i saw him in the courtroom, i wanted to send him a message that i was not broken. at the time, the first time it was out of defiance. i wanted to remind him. but now over time it has become a symbol of freedom. i choose today. that is what r me. >>elisabeth: you are one incredible woman. i want to let everybody know of your full resillans. you have an organization called claimredorg for
3:56 am
those who may be in similar situations. thank you for being with us today, rebecca. coming up, we have president obama who said the deal in syria was not about getting style points in washington. do you buy that? a man of style, donald trump, is here next. ♪ ♪ mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. >> elisabeth: good morning. it's monday issues september 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. this rescue this morning in colorado, major helicopter res is planned for this morning as close to 1,000 people are still stranded. >> brian: president obama insists the deal in syria wasn't about scoring style points.
4:00 am
do you buy that? man of style, donald trump, has a lot to say. how do i know? we just talked to him in the hall. he's here live. >> steve: and words of wisdom from america's favorite tv family. >> you've got the table that you eat around and you pray around: we've got the curvy couch. a new member of the family. what's the key? you work with your family every day. what's the key? >> steve: we spent two days with the folks from "duck dynasty." you don't want to miss what happened. "fox & friends" hour two with the new set and the new gal starts right now. >> steve: we've been talking about it for a while. brian, we've got a new couch mate. elisabeth hasselbeck. >> brian: much anticipation. you're finally here. how do you feel? it's huge transition, right? >> elisabeth: it is. this week i feel like i'm at
4:01 am
home. i almost don't feel like it's my first day. you guys have made me feel so comfortable. this feels like home to me. >> brian: i don't know if they provide vhs tapes, but we mess everything up. [ laughter ] that's part of the magic of it. we're thrilled you're here. i can't say enough for everybody that worked overtime putting the set together, how quick they did it in a very short period of time. we really appreciate it. they were in all weekend. >> steve: because we've got a brand-new gal, new studio, a window on the world. that's 48th and 6th avenue. we watch people start their day walking to work. we do need a name for that window. if you got an idea, e-mail us. >> brian: let's look at where you've been. you went to bc? >> boston college. >> brian: with you met? >> elisabeth: tim hasselbeck issues my hubby. >> brian: when did you get married after college? >> elisabeth: a few years after college. we dated five years.
4:02 am
he wasn't sure. you guy may feel the same way after today. but yeah. we got married in 2002. >> brian: 2002 you get married. you played on the softball team. he was a quarterback on bc. he goes to the giants, one of the teams. >> elisabeth: yes. i'm surprised he wanted to date me, 'cause i did strike out most of the time. so this is the first thing i made for tim is a drawing of him. >> steve: you're an artist? >> elisabeth: that's his brother. i used to be an artist in my former life. >> steve: at boston college, you stooded? >> elisabeth: designer art. >> steve: and designed shoes for a while. >> elisabeth: i did. >> steve: so explain how you got from shoemaker to survivor. >> elisabeth: i can't do that. i have no idea. >> brian: did you provide a tape? is that the whole process? you provide a tape of you, 'cause you're a very competitive person, very good athlete. >> elisabeth: i honestly feel like god blessed me with funny
4:03 am
opportunities. so i take him up on that and i heard about this challenge, decided to go. it sounded good at the time. >> steve: as you look at yourself right there in the australian outback wearing that outfit, did that match? >> elisabeth: it didn't. >> brian: that was you as a high school basketball player? >> elisabeth: that was high school playing basketball there. i was the point guard all the way to the right. >> steve: after "survivor" you had a show on the style network and then" the view" and now here you are. >> elisabeth: i can't get over it causey been watching you a long time. >> brian: the first thing i thought when you did so walt on survivor was, is that the same hasselbeck who used -- is he related to the hasselbeck that used to play on the raiders and that's your father-in-law? >> elisabeth: that is my father-in-law. >> steve: it's great to have you part of our "fox & friends" dynasty and later this hour, the duck dynasty people with some
4:04 am
advice for you. >> elisabeth: they have good advice. we have more headlines. so we're going to go to heather nauert. >> good morning. we've been following all the breaking news for you. let's take a live look at italy right now. just moments ago, salvage crews successfully detaching the costa concordia ship from the reef below. they're in the process of pulling the 114,000-ton ship off of its side and they're a few hours into the operation. it's expected to take between ten and 12 hours all together. this is a massive undertaking. a ship this large and heavy has never been raised before. if the ship isn't moved before winter, it could break apart, leasing toxic substances into the sea. 32 people died when that ship crashed into the rocks. the bodies of two victims have still not been recovered. we go now to a fox news alert. a major air rescue in the state of colorado today. so far more than 1700 stranded people and also animals have
4:05 am
been saved from those devastating floods. take a look at this guy right here. riding a horse to safety after it was trapped in a barn. unbelievable. completely surrounded by water, his owner had to get him out. so far five people have died and the number is expected to rise. more than 1,000 people are unaccounted for today. a former college football player dead this morning, shot by mistake because police officers thought he was a criminal. officers say that jonathan ferrell, who played safety at florida a & m survived a car crash in north carolina and then went looking for help in the middle of the night. he approached a woman's home looking for help, but she became finded and called 911. when police arrived, he ran toward officers begging for help, one quickly opened fire, shooting him dead. investigators say the shooting seems to be excessive and that officer will face manslaughter charges.
4:06 am
we'll keep you posted on that. new miss america crowned last night. >> your new miss america is miss new york! >> miss new york. becoming the second consecutive contestant from that state to win the pageant. the 24-year-old is also the first miss america of indian descent. but the headlines stealing from the show, there is a real controversy about the questions that were asked. the pageant said the questions would be equally difficult. but one was about miley cyrus and twerking and the other about syria. huh. quite a difference there. those are your headlines. back to steve, elizabeth and brian. >> steve: you hear it? who is at the door? it's donald trump. >> brian: donald trump in person
quote quote
4:07 am
every monday is a donald trump monday. now in person for one reason. he hasn't seen steve and i in a long time. >> a long time. >> brian: nice to see you. >> steve: i'm feeling kind of bad because brian and i are here action but you coordinated tie and dress. >> i did. >> elisabeth: almost like a prommish. >> she certain israeli finance fantastic -- certainly is fantastic. >> steve: what do you think about the story about how all the questions of the miss america pageant were supposed to be equally difficult. one girl gets a question about syria and the other about miley cyrus. >> they were very different burks i focus on the miss universe contest, which is much bigger, better, and will be in moscow. >> brian: you're going to moscow? >> november 9. i'm going, do you want to come? >> elisabeth: have you going to have any other meetings while you're there? >> i don't know. that will be interesting. i know he'd like to go. >> brian: let's go to our second
4:08 am
talking point. putin will head to iran. he feels so successful, he's on a high after negotiating a deal with syria, he's going to go work on the iran nuclear program. what have we done to him? >> he's doing very well. we made him the world leader, our leaders have really -- they've given the mantle. he is now the world leader. he's done very, very well. i think the people of russia probably are somewhat -- at least some, are pretty proud of him. he has done an amazing job of showing how to lead. >> brian: it doesn't mean he's a great person. >> what he's done is amazing and assad now is 100%, there is -- forget it. that's over. it's a rough situation. >> elisabeth: we had congressman duffy on earlier and he was quoted earlier in the week as saying that president obama should hand putin his nobel peace prize. do you think that is something that should happen? >> i don't know about that. i can only say putin has done an amazing job of showing leadership, whether it's good leadership, bad leadership or what and whether it's a noble cause or not. let's not discuss that.
4:09 am
but certainly he did give our president a life line, but that life line was brilliant because it gave him position of top and assad now has got no problem with the rebels. the rebels -- forget it. i was never a big rebel fan to start off with. i'm trying to figure out who are the rebels. so i don't care about that. but assad now is solidly in control. >> steve: and because it is such a mess over there. george stephanopoulos had a sit down with the president of the united states and essentially called the president on it. here is george and the president. >> folks here in washington like to grade on style. had we rolled out something that was very smooth and disciplineed and linear, they would have graded it well even if it was a disastrous policy. we know that 'cause that's
4:10 am
exactly how they graded the iraq war until -- >> this doesn't change your view of president bush? >> i'm less concerned about style points. i'm much more concerned about getting the policy right. >> the policy is worse than the style. what could be worse than our policy? we're being scoffed at and laughed at. our country is going to hell. what could be worse than what's happening to this country? our country. >> brian: you run a huge corporation. very successfully. if you had a vice president making policy and then you had to come out and walk him back and then you told him to go make policy, then changed it on him, is that a smooth running company, 'cause that is what we witnessed with the 39. i call -- >> you had other points you wanted to talk about, whether it social security or so many different things. we could go after agency after agency, our country is being run very, very poorly. before we go to syria where they
4:11 am
hate us and we're going to spend trillions of dollars -- in iraq, $1.5 trillion, thousands of lives, you and i discussed this, thousands of lives what, do we have? nothing. now iran is using their air space because it's a little shorter to fly over. it's a horrible thing what's happening to our country. >> elisabeth: you mentioned the economy. latest news shows larry summers withdrawing his name as chair of the federal reserve. withwhat are your thoughts on t? >> he's a controversial guy, smart guy. i don't know him well, but he's certainly somebody that probably you're going to end up with janet yell and she's going to keep interest rates low. >> brian: keep printing money. >> that's true. she'll be printing money. but i always -- i have to say selfishly, as long as i'm in my role as developer, i love cheap money. you have to go with where you are. i'm a developer. they did a nice story about me today in the "wall street journal." >> brian: i heard about that. >> but i am a developer, so i
4:12 am
love low interest rates. but as to whether or not it's good for the economy, time will tell. >> brian: let's talk about five years -- >> steve: by the way, you said you were in the paper? >> wow. i like that better. i'll swap. >> steve: here we are in the "new york times." >> elisabeth: threw trying to trump trump. >> brian: as you see, i'm alice in the shot. [ laughter ] >> elisabeth: you are! >> what's going on with you? >> brian: i don't know. >> brian: lee man brothers -- leeman brothers? >> it could happen again. >> brian: we fixed it. >> it's not fixed. it's very artificial. i've done this monday morning 7:00 o'clock, the highest rated 15 minutes of the week. they said would you come? i said no. they said, but elizabeth is here. i said okay. i had to be here.
4:13 am
>> brian: when you first got won over by allegation. >> rosy attacked her and what she did to rosy was unbelievable. in fact, she never showed up again. that's the real elizabeth. very tough and nice. stay friendly with her. [ laughter ] >> elisabeth: there is your warning. >> steve: i saw her on "survivor". >> brian: as long as she's here every monday, you'll be here? >> i might do that. >> elisabeth: as long as we coordinate our tie and dress. coming up, major insurers pulling out of some states and you can thank obamacare for that. what does it all mean for your health care? that's up next. >> brian: it's edge aetna. and remember when al gore made his case for global warming? now the science is in and it will have al gore feeling hot under the collar while he's on his private jet ♪ ho ho ho
4:14 am
[ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant elisabeth
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4:17 am
>> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> elisabeth: president obama made that promise back in 2009 and since then, obamacare has seen a lot of changes. now your insurer may be one of the many to dump individual health coverage in your state. what does it mean for you, your family and your wallet? here to break it all down for us is fox business report kate rogers. thanks for being here today.
4:18 am
as of right now, it's 16 states and dc are in the process of creating these exchanges, right, before the 2014 deadline? >> yes. >> elisabeth: what does that mean for americans? >> we've long known it would propel more people into our u.s. health care coverage. what we've seen starting may, insurers dropping out of the individual market and that means that costs could really go up for consumers if demand is going up and supply is going down. both of those things can spike prices. >> elisabeth: right. also less competition to reserve the consumer -- really serve the consumer well. some of the companies that have left, aetna, significant in a, united health, assured health, united health, blue shield, across these states. businesses are also bracing for this. correct? >> they absolutely are. we actually saw the employer mandate which says every business with at least 50 or more full time employees has to offer their workers health care insurance. we saw that pushback to 2015.
4:19 am
come january 1, 2014, every individual in the company is mandate to do have health care insurance. if you choose not to have that coverage, you face a penalty of $95 a year. >> elisabeth: just before we go, what should the average american do now? what if we say today, this is the question you should be asking your company and what you should be looking at for your insurance coverage? >> exactly. if you're in one of these states where your insurer dropped out of the individual market, you can't keep your plan. you have to contact them. you may be picked up by another insurer. but everyone should be going to these exchanges beginning october 1 and shopping around if you're not currently covered. if you may be facing that $95 penalty, go to the exchange, shop around and see what plan works best for you and your family. you may be able for a subsidy. >> elisabeth: great. we'll have more information on-line. thank you for being here today. you simplify it for us really well. thank you. coming up, our nation's heros battling a back log at the v.a. for their benefits.
4:20 am
there are changes coming up. plus, we spent two days with america's favorite family. >> this is my man in his element. >> wolf man. >> that's right. >> brian: are you tracking a terrorist or a deer? >> elisabeth: one of the best trips of my life. find out what happened when we went behind the scenes scenes wh "duck dynasty." stay tuned what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling.
4:21 am
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4:23 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers on this monday morning. first, $40,500. that's how much a california school district paid a private firm to spy on its students'
4:24 am
social media accounts. school leaders say they're screening for any signs of bullying, self-harm, drug use or violence. that's why they're spying on them. next, 400 million. that's the estimated jackpot for wednesday's powerball drawing after no one won saturday night. 400 million. by the way, the odds of winning are one in 175 million. finally, 41 million. that's how much "insidious 2" made to beat the competition this weekend by $25 million. >> brian: 24 minutes after the hour. the relaunch of our show sent social media abuzz. everyone from celebrities to everyday viewers are telling us what they think of the new "fox & friends" with the new set and brand-new elisabeth. here is michael with more.
4:25 am
>> steve: bring us the highlights from social media. >> social media is all attributer over your relaunch. our group under the direction of jason eric, socially savvy guys created this welcome clock. they create -- >> steve: what does that mean? >> you go on, you like something. >> steve: 55,000 people like us? >> it's like little endorsement endorsements. stain gram, they created -- instagram they created our official fox news instagram account. speaking of video, the youtube video that you guys did welcome ing elisabeth got over 66,000 views. so, you guys are bringing it on. speaking of twitter, we've been encouraging people all morning to hash tweet us at #betterwithfriends.
4:26 am
this is what some people are saying. we're so excited and honored to be for elisabeth's debut. >> brian: she was a finalist on "american idol." >> martha mccallum says welcome to fox. we're so excited for you. you rock! and doug flutie, good luck to fellow e. got her on her first day at fox news as co-host of fox friends #betterwithfriends. >> elisabeth: nice. >> brian: doug flutie gives everybody hope. >> elisabeth: i give everybody the heisman. >> viewersviewers are chiming i. one says, she's great addition. love the new set.
4:27 am
has brian spilled anything yet? >> brian: i'm not allowed. >> elisabeth: we'll be sending photos. we can tweet all of the behind the scenes stuff out. instagram. >> tweet to your heart's content. >> brian: i put up the donald trump picture. i just got the iphone. so it came out clear. it's not the blurry blackberry shot. also, a lot of people have written stories about us. news day did an unbelievable job. there is a picture of all three of us, i'm wearing the exact same outfit. [ laughter ] >> steve: it makes it seem like they were doing the interview as they went to press this morning. >> elisabeth: so fast. >> steve: if people would like to jump on twitter. >> #betterwithfriends. as important as social media is, sometimes you got it rock it old school. "new york times," congratulations. >> elisabeth: a good blend. thanks, michael. hey, coming up, he woke up from surgery and found this picture of herself on facebook. she had a mustache drawn on her
4:28 am
face. the story does not end there. >> steve: we have a surprise guest for elisabeth's first day. she has no idea who that is. >> brian: do you know who that is? >> elisabeth: wait a minute. no way. >> steve: find out who it is after the break. ♪ ♪ (announcer) answer the call of the grill with n friskies grillers,
4:29 am
full of meaty tenders and crunchy bites.
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4:31 am
4:32 am
>> steve: in honor of elisabeth's first day, the "fox & friends" community am wanted to welcome her with a sweet breakfast. check this out. ♪ >> mr. steve, how are you? >> steve: i need a cake. >> oh, boy. >> steve: we have a new girl. elisabeth hasselbeck. you know her, right? >> yes. that's going to be cool. >> steve: should we make it look like her? >> like the set. >> steve: how often do you do pieces of furniture? >> we do that pretty often. >> steve: really? >> yeah. >> steve: have you ever done a curvy couch? >> no. this will be a first. >> steve: let's go. >> to where? >> steve: to make it. >> make what? >> steve: the cake! >> you tell him what you want.
4:33 am
>> steve: i want to help cook. >> this sounds like an episode of "next great baker". >> bake. >> steve: what can i do? >> don't get your hands caught in the machine. >> steve: why? what would happen? >> steve, you load the oven. >> steve: wow, that's hot! >> an oven, steve. >> steve: that's it? >> that's it. now we wait. i'll take care of the rest. ♪ >> steve: oh, yes. from tv's "cake boss." >> brian: here it is! wheel in the cake! [ applause ] >> brian: look at that! >> steve: a beautiful job.
4:34 am
>> elisabeth: hi. >> nice to meet you. >> elisabeth: oh, my gosh. >> brian: how long did it take? >> steve baked the sponge. >> elisabeth: well done. look at this. >> steve: and i believe this is gluten free. >> no. this one is not. this is the one he baked, which is not gluten free. >> elisabeth: i'm not eating anything steve bakes anyway. >> this is gluten free. >> elisabeth: thank you. >> brian: is there a call to make us action figures and maybe fight crime? >> we could do that. we could do anything. >> elisabeth: first of all, i love "cake boss." i'm going to come bake a cake with you. how about we come bake with you one day for real? >> we could have a little next great baker thing. we'll see who bakes the best thing. >> brian: i know everyone hopes to be successful, look what's
4:35 am
happened. >> it's crazy. i have no idea how this happens. i just do my thing. i go in, i bake and they tape us. take picture, they tape us, they put us on tv -- people like the family aspect of it and the cakes and all that stuff. >> steve: when i went over to their great location in jersey city just across the rivers from from us, i tried to pay for it and i had 18 bucks on me. and mario goes, that doesn't even pay for that! (doorbell) somebody is at the door! >> brian: i didn't hear it. can i hear it again? >> come over here! oh, my gosh! i love you so much! >> elisabeth: are you kidding?
4:36 am
>> you know i'm a shoe whore. hi, everybody! i love you so much! you're doing so great! don't play with me 'cause i will try to steal her bag. >> steve: today she's moving on up. >> i know! >> elisabeth: you're up early today. >> i love you, too. i brought you a gift! >> elisabeth: come sit. >> where is the cake? how are y'all gonna have a cake and not a knife? 'cause you know i like to eat! i brought you a gift because i love you so much and you guys don't know what you're getting over here. >> brian: i think we do. >> elisabeth: trouble. >> this girl is amazing. >> elisabeth: i can't believe you are here. >> this is one of my best friends. she was in my wedding. so this is a bridal book for you. >> elisabeth: she had me learn a dance. we're going to dance. >> that's our bridal book. then i figured you needed something for your dressing room. jeffrey is missing you.
4:37 am
>> elisabeth: look at this. >> there are pictures of us. literally, i had hundreds and hundreds of pictures of lizzie and i. so i had to pick six. >> elisabeth: we've had a lot of fun over the years. there is more to come for sure. you are a love, such a blessing to have your friendship. if you need a smile, sherry will bring it. >> you got it. we're like attached at the hip. we're like the chocolate and vanilla. >> elisabeth: she comes over every day. >> i'm going to come over every day. not anything to pitch. i want to hang out. >> brian: we'll put you to work. >> i will break the story with you. >> elisabeth: you've had some couch comparison. the curvy couch is better, right? >> this curvy couch is better. >> elisabeth: let's get new trouble with barbara. >> i'm going to be in the human resources office. this couch is much more soft. the couch at "the view" is hard on your tailbone. >> steve: this is leather. >> this is leather.
4:38 am
i'm going to have to put a suggestion in our suggestion box. >> brian: really? >> we got to get leather there. >> elisabeth: there is a better sofa here. >> it is. i love it. are you in good hands? we're very protective of elisabeth hasselbeck. >> you promise me? >> brian: we just need some tips on how to be tight with elisabeth. what tips should we take in? >> you always ask about her children. always have anything gluten free on the set. >> brian: okay. >> she's important. always come to work with a smile. she loves a smile. she cares about people. she knows about your kid if they're sick. she'll give you advice. she gives you the shirt off of her back literally. but you got to ask tim first. 'cause you got to include the hubby. always be really nice and kind and then you got a friend for life. this is a loyal girl. >> elisabeth: sherry, you are a friend for life. i love you. >> she's a tough one! >> elisabeth: i do feel like i'm
4:39 am
in the best hands with everybody here. >> you make a promise. you promise me you'll treat my lizzie right. >> brian: once thing you don't get to do on your show is toss to the news. >> we don't -- >> brian: would you like to talk to heather? >> i would love to do that. all right. heather, you got it going on and you're going to do well. so we're going to toss it on to you. >> brian: no, what the prompter says. >> if you would have fed me first, i would have been able to do this. you don't feed your guests, i didn't get nothing in the green room. >> brian: you're supposed to toss! >> a lot of news breaking overnight. so let's go to heather nauert for the headlines. >> brian: all right! >> we've got serious news to bring you. at gitmo for the alleged 9-11 master mind, khalid sheikh mohammed, and four other al-qaeda conspirators. proceedings abruptly ending last month after computer problems
4:40 am
hampered the work of computers in the case. a judge is expected to decide this week if the pretrial hearing should be put on hold until next year so the i.t. department can fix that issue. military veterans may finally start receiving payments on their injury claims much faster. the v.a. says employees are working 20 hours overtime each week on a new computer system that's supposed to clear the long-standing back log. as of last week, more than 750,000 claims were still pending. most of them well past the standard 125-day claims period. and he thought it would be funny, but this doctor's prank, well, it seems it went too far. this patient waking up from surgery with a mustache drawn on her facementedderrermenterrerrer he drew it. the nurse says her dignity was violated and she is suing. those are your headlines.
4:41 am
now back to steve, elisabeth and brian and sherry. >> steve: thank you very much. >> i'm stuck. i don't want to leave. >> brian: you want to cover a war? >> no. no! no! i got to make people laugh. >> steve: you came to the right place. >> now, i am not done. thank you for putting my name in the prompter. there is still no knife for the cake, but okay. two huge storms pounding mexico this morning on opposite coasts. maria molina has the latest. >> good morning. thank you so much. and hello, good morning, everyone. we're talking about a storm system impacting parts of mexico. one on the east coast and another one on the west coast of mexico. both of these storms are going to be producing a lot of heavy rain. we're talking about locally up to 25 inches of rain. we're talking life-threatening situation across sections of mexico and mud slides are also going to be a concern aside from the flooding that's ongoing out there. we are talking about hurricane conditions expected later on
4:42 am
this morning as hurricane ingrid makes landfall. currently a category 1 hurricane, maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. but you could see stronger gusts than that. big concern out there in mexico. let's head back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. sherry, how big a piece of cake do you want? >> i would like a big piece of cake. now you don't have plates! >> steve: i got plates! >> this is how you treat a guest. that's what i'm talking about. >> elisabeth: he's indents on getting you cake. >> steve: bigger than the plate! >> stop talk. bring it on over here! i haven't had breakfast yet. we don't have forbes, but that's okay -- forks, but that's okay. oh, my god! elisabeth, they love you over here! >> elisabeth: am i in good hands or what? >> brian: we're not supposed to eat on the couch and rug. >> i think i got red velvet on the leather.
4:43 am
oh, oh. >> steve: we should figure out where grandma got the plastic. meanwhile, at 17 minutes before the top of the hour on this awfully busy monday, think media bias doesn't exist? then why have more journalists left their jobs to go to work at the white house than ever before? we're going to talk to eric ericcson about that. >> elisabeth: his wife is giving birth. but this super bowl winning quarterback sit hits up the football field. joe flacco under fire. does he deserve it? >> brian: the aflac question of the day. are you still eating? >> i'm eating. >> brian: born on this day in 1964, this snl alum may be known as her character, mary katherine gallagher. be the first to e-mail the answer and you'll get something
4:44 am
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at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, wit's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time with honest reviews on over 720 local services. i want it done right. i don't want to have to worry about it or have to come back and redo it. with angie's list, i was able to turn my home into the home of my dreams. for over 18 years, we've helped people take
4:47 am
care of the things that matter most. join today. >> there is no contest. why bother hanging out with celebrities when i can spend time with the people who made me one. i know where my bread is butter ed. >> steve: president obama knows his fan base. are recent revelations that 19 journalists have joined the obama administration since 2009, some think there might be a media bias! oh, really! eric ericcson is from and joins us from georgia. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. does it surprise you that so many journalists are joining this white house, does it? >> not really. it's been happening for a while. 19 now have moved into the obama administration, which is unheard of in past years. but they seem to love him. >> steve: it does seem like it's
4:48 am
a revolving door in the media from the left, although it does occasionally happen on the right. we've got, for instance, so far with this administration, 15 is the number since 2009. bush administration w's had three and clinton had a single one. >> right. it's very, very common it seems like. you've had linda douglas left abc to go to the white house to manage pr for obamacare, jay carney left time magazine as its bureau chief to go into the vice president's office and then to the white house. shy la murray left the "washington post" to go to the vice president after jay carney left. it seems like this is a recurring pattern. what's so crazy is a lot of them can move back into the media as supposedly objective reporters again. look at george stephanopoulos from the clinton white house to abc. >> steve: i know you think since president obama is the most liberal president we've ever had, this is journalists' way of going into the administration and just helping him out!
4:49 am
>> right. the latest being richard stingle from time who defended jay carney when he left time to go to the white house. now he's going to help john kerry i guess take his foot out of his mouth at the state department. it's a recurring pattern between journalists and the best you've got on the right it seems like, is you have a lot of people who have become pundits after they become a -- >> steve: i guess i'm not imagining it, there is such a thing as media bias? >> i think so. it's definitely a world view of the left. they may not be intentionally biased while they're reporters, although i think some would think so and i would agree with some, but they certainly have a liberal world view. they tend to like barak obama a lot more than they ever liked george bush. >> steve: that's good point. eric from, also a fox news contributor. thank you very much for joining us today from macon, georgia. next up, we spent two days with america's favorite tv family. >> you may be the ceo.
4:50 am
>> every sibling has their place. i'm the boss hog. >> who is the boss at home? >> let her an. >> yeah. >> steve: you don't want to miss what happened when we hung out with "duck dynasty." first on this day in 2006, justin timberlake "sexy back" was the number one song. still running in morng? . ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> brian: the answer to the of a plaque trivia question. molly shannon, the winner is jeff gallagher from milwaukee, wisconsin. good job. >> steve: superstar! >> brian: 7 minutes before the top of the hour. we'll show the "duck dynasty" pack annual in the next hour. let me just tell you a little bit about what's happening in sports.
4:54 am
yesterday the matchup, the manning brothers meeting for the third time in new york. the giants and the broncos. this one lop sided in the second half. eli intercepted four times. denver won 41-23. payton undefeated against eli so far in his career. maybe they'll have a rematch in the super bowl. joe flacco's ravens were about to play the browns when it was tweeted, his wife gave birth to the child's second child 30 minutes ago. he will play today. >> steve: father of the year. >> brian: now he has two things to celebrate today. the birth of his son and a victory, baltimore won 14-6. what do you think about the fact that he played? >> steve: it would have been a lot worse had they lost. >> elisabeth: i think you get the game ball. you get it signed and mark it with the birthday. >> brian: don't you think a football wife understands who she's marrying? >> elisabeth: i remember being in arizona with tim when he played for the cardinals, about
4:55 am
to give birth. he came in, had taylor, and then he went back to practice. it was great. >> brian: he had a game right when you were giving birth, would you expect him to -- >> elisabeth: yeah, i'd expect to find a game somewhere on a satellite television somewhere. >> brian: let's be honest, there is nothing for us to do during birth. the doctor never goes, excuse me, sir, what do i do next? >> steve: brian, we're in charge of breathing. pant, blow. >> brian: i've never heard those two words together. >> steve: come on! weren't you in there? >> brian: i did the thing called c section. just show up on time. >> steve: then see the baby. >> elisabeth: then get out. >> brian: stand back, sir. >> steve: did you see the miss america pageant last night? abc said that the questions of the contestantses would be equally difficult. yet they weren't really. if you think about it, because if you're going to ask somebody about syria, the next person should probably get a question
4:56 am
about iran. but no, they got a question about miley cyrus! what? watch. >> the u.s. has threatened to attack syria over using chemical weapons on its own people. it's a terrible crime, but is it our responsibility to punish them for it? >> miley cyrus has caused a media sensation with her twerking performance on the vma's, appearing nude in her new video. what do you think? milely just expressing herself or miley, please, what are you thinking? [ laughter ] >> elisabeth: i don't think it's that big of a deal. twerking to many homes is a weapon of mass distraction and destruction. so i think it was a serious question actually. >> brian: really? 'cause i just think if it's your dream to be miss america you and get twerking instead of serious, it's kind of tough. i hope he didn't get hurt during that appearance. >> steve: what do you think? e-mail us. >> elisabeth: coming up, the review on benghazi is in and the government admits it made
4:57 am
mistakes, but the people who made the mistakes are off the hook? bret baier at the top of the hour. >> steve: singer mandesa lost over 100 pounds thanks to zumba. she'll teach us how to do that as we zoom along in our new set 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ] talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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5:00 am
>> elisabeth: good morning. it's monday, september 16, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a major rescue operation about to get underway in colorado where historic floods left more than 1200 people stranded. we are live in colorado with the breaking details. >> steve: the review is on benghazi, it's finally in. the government admits it made big mistakes. but people who made the mistakes, they're off the hook. sean hannity up early, fired up, joining us right here live on our brand-new curvy couch. >> brian: if he gets up now, i'm going to hold him to this in the future. words of wisdom from america's favorite family. >> you got the table that you eat around and you pray around. we've got the curvy couch. we've got a new member of the
5:01 am
family. what's the key? you work with your family every day. what's the key? >> brian: we spent two days with the folks from "duck dynasty." they tossed out us. we've week long series that begins today because "fox & friends'" final hour on elisabeth's first day starts now >> you're watching "fox & friends" with my best pal, elisabeth hasselbeck and these two other guys. >> brian: she don't know our names. >> steve: we've been looking forward to this for a long time. elisabeth hasselbeck is the new member of the "fox & friends" family. welcome aboard [ applause ] >> elisabeth: i am so happy. i love it. >> brian: elisabeth knows about team building. the ultimate athlete, best athlete in the building. i'm sorry, bill o'reilly. you say you have a great way to build team work. what did you propose and what was your idea that was accepted? >> elisabeth: i accidentally said i thought it would be fun if we could play games against one another. like obstacle courses. >> brian: and they listened to
5:02 am
you! they never listen to me. >> steve: we know exactly what this is. you were on "survivor." this is our own inflatable version of "survivor." we're going to be men versus women this hour. right? >> elisabeth: yeah. we'll do this sort of stuff all week, as i understand it, unless we don't come out of this alive. >> brian: what is wrong with you? why did you bring this up? >> elisabeth: you brought me here. [ laughter ] >> steve: we're going to have a little tv survivor morning show style coming up this hour. also we're going to be introducing you to the people down in west monroe, louisiana. our friends, the fantastic robertson family, from "duck dynasty" coming up right after bret baier who joins us live from our nation's capitol. say hello to the newest member of the fox news team. >> good morning. welcome. when your announcement was first made, i thought your time on "survivor" would really help with these two guys. this morning issues feel free to
5:03 am
extinguish their torches or something. >> elisabeth: when we go through the obstacle course, they're toast. >> brian: first, bret, fox news alert. you and commission chairman says it's investigating 14 alleged cases of chemical attacks in syria. we heard that 12 to 14, they were smaller. so that is all along with the news over the weekend that the president has a deal, it looks like, signed and implemented by the secretary of state. what do you think about where we're at right now with syria? >> it's a big if. if you talk to anybody up here on capitol hill and any expert, foreign policy wise, the big if is if russia and syria can come to the table with what's on that paper. and really deliver. if it happens, the administration could have a bit of a victory here. but there is a lot of skepticism about the deal overall and russia really coming together with assad running the show. that's one thing that is definitely clear. assad will stay in power.
5:04 am
>> steve: yesterday on another morning chat show over on abc, the president was asked by george stephanopoulos about, you know, the syria thing, it didn't go very smoothly and he was talking about, well, stylicly maybe not so much, but ultimately with the policy, whatever that is. if folks missed it, here is george and the president. >> folks here in washington like to grade on style and so had we rolled out something that was very smooth and disciplined and linear, they would have graded it well even if it was a disastrous policy. we know that 'cause that's exactly how they graded the iraq war. i'm less concerned about style points. i'm much more concerned about getting the policy right. >> elisabeth: are you buying this style line? >> i tell you, if all comes
5:05 am
together, he's right. the history books won't look back at this zigzag foreign policy approach if it works. that's a big if, as i said. but secondly, how this all was rolled out, i mean, on the same day that the administration accepted the russia proposal essentially, the president talking about it, you had this administration passing a paperwork on capitol hill saying why russia should not be trusted in this whole deal. and style points, as the president puts them, matter around the world. you have north korea restarting reactor in the wake of all of this. you have iran emboldened in the wake of all of this. and you even have liberal democrats up on capitol hill perhaps standing up to this president, this administration more and that's perhaps what happened to larry summers, why he pulled his name from consideration for federal reserve chair. >> steve: you know what? if it does work out, it all started with a gaffe heard around the world just a week ago today with john kerry going off message, but it might actually
5:06 am
work out. >> never know. we said at the beginning, i was here when that happened -- is it's tough to believe that this was all orchestrated this way because there were a lot of moving parts going different directions. >> brian: i can't wait to see what you get to lead with and see what changes today because it's a rapidly changing story. special reports starts at 6:00 o'clock. be on time. >> okay. welcome. >> elisabeth: thank you. it's good to see you today. we also have a lot of news happening overnight. for that, we're going to go right over to heather nauert. >> good morning. a major air rescue is taking place in colorado today. so far more than 1700 people have been saved from the devastating floods there. take a look at this guy right here. he is riding his horse to safety. that horse was trapped in its barn and it was completely surrounded by water. so this is how he had to get the horse out. so far five people have died in that state. the number is expected to rise. more than 1,000 people are still
5:07 am
unaccounted for at this hour. a former college football player is dead this morning, shot by mistake because a police officer apparently thought he was a criminal. officers say jonathan ferrell, who played football at florida a & m, survived a car crash in north carolina, and he went looking for help in the middle of the night after banging on a woman's door. she then called 911. when cops arrived, ferrell ran in the direction of officers and he begged them for help. one much them quickly opened fire. the officer will now apparently face manslaughter charges. we'll keep you posted on that as it develops. a live look at italy this morning and that is where salvage crews successfully detached the costa concordia ship from a reef. they're in the process of pulling up that 114,000-ton ship from its side. there are a few hours into that operation right now. it's expected to take a total of 12 hours. a ship -- what's so interesting, a ship this size has never been
5:08 am
moved before. if it isn't moved before winters, it could break apart and release toxins into the sea. those are your headlines. >> elisabeth: thanks. >> steve: they are america's favorite tv family, but what is it about "duck dynasty" that makes them so dog gone popular? >> brian: all week we're getting an all access pass into the lives of the robertsons. this morning we toured the duck commander with willie and cory. ♪ >> why are we in la will again -- louisiana again? >> steve: america's number one television family >> brian: i know it's a workday, but we want to see america's first day in action. can we see you in action? >> come on in. here is the office. this is where all the big deals happen. this is where we started. >> this is my man in his element. [ laughter ]
5:09 am
>> steve: it's a wolf den. >> that's right. >> brian: are you tracking a terrorist or a deer? >> i could do either. but that particular time was a deer. you saw that in the woods coming at you, you'd be frightened, right? >> brian: i'm fright bed now. >> let's look around. >> you may be the ceo. >> every sibling has their place. i'm the boss hog. >> but who is the boss at home? >> i'll let her answer. >> yeah. >> we work together well, i think. you usually come around to my way of thinking. there is really only one way to convince a robertson man to do anything. >> all you've got to do is make him think it's his idea. >> we should give them the idea. >> we should give them a wedding. >> that's the worst idea. >> brian: you have replaced the waltons as this generation, the way they say good night. >> good night, mama. >> good night, daddy. >> brian: you end your show praying. >> through jesus' name, amen.
5:10 am
>> brian: what's it like to be like you represent america's family? >> it's out of control. i never would have thought that would happen. i watched "the waltons." there is something positive on tv. not just all the junk and garbage. >> elisabeth: you brought god into the program in a way that's not presumptuous and nonjudgmental and that's special. >> we're family who has a strong faith and that's who we are. it just came across on tv. it wasn't like we were trying to preach to people. it just came out. i think people noticed and i think people were looking for something like that and they really related to what we have as a family. >> steve: you got the table that you eat around and you pray around. we've got the curvy couch. we've got a new member of the family. what's the key? >> we always have fun together and don't take ourselves too seriously. that is the key. lots of shorts. >> i'm gonna get me a hog. >> a what?
5:11 am
>> a hot tub! >> steve: what is the craziest thing you have ever seen happen on the show? >> there are so many crazy things. i think when i was handcuffed to si. >> we could be puppets. >> in 100 countries. >> brian: are you getting response outside the united states. >> yeah. from all over. >> i did an event in cancun and the show came on and i thought about, who has to translate uncle si? >> my directions. >> thank you, si. >> steve: before we go, could we go to the "duck dynasty" store? could we go shopping? >> all right, guys. i think you really figured it out. >> brian: you mean the whole family thing? >> you figured out how to be part of a family. >> brian: i feel part of the
5:12 am
family. i don't know what it is. >> thank you, brother. welcome to the family. >> welcome to the family. >> and the fox family. [ applause ] >> steve: very, very nice. we love those people! >> brian: right. >> elisabeth: i have to say, that was fun. >> brian: you can't give away what else happens. but you'll love the series as it rolls out. >> steve: tomorrow we're actually going to be making duck calls with jake. at the very end, we were actually following willie's advice from earlier, how do they do it, how should we do it with a new team member. and that was have fun and don't take yourself too seriously. >> elisabeth: right. great idea. great idea to mention that. great idea to think about it. >> steve: there you go. more tomorrow. meanwhile, 12 minutes after the top of the hour. this week we're going to introduce to the nation's rising political stars from both sides of the aisle. up next, the country's first african-american republican state house speaker since the reconstruction days.
5:13 am
>> elisabeth: remember when iran sent the monkey to space? they're at it again. wait 'til you hear what animal is going up this time. >> brian: against their will. what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. [ male announcer ] some things arsigned to draw crowds. others are designed to leave them behind. ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. the all-new 2014 lexus is. (announcer) scottrade knows our and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly
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nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. >> steve: you may not know them yet, but they're already making their mark. >> elisabeth: this week we're meeting some rising political stars on track to reshaping our nation's future. our first mover and shaker, oklahoma's first african-american house speaker and also its youngest speaker ever, tw shannon. what an honor. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> elisabeth: okay is one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation right now.
5:17 am
>> absolutely. >> elisabeth: i'm sure just walking in there and making sure that that remains the case is one of your goals. >> that happened when i got elected. >> elisabeth: there we go! but you say that federal invasion and confusion is the number one threat. the family and economy, et cetera. >> you bet. there is no question that if you look at what's happening nationally, one thing we can all agree is we can't continue the way for the federal got to lead, whether it's in education or economic development, washington has proven it's either incapable or unwilling to make the necessary changes if there is going to be reform in this country. it's going to happen in the halls of state government. >> brian: you heard us introduce, african-american, first and historic. what's your role on race in this country? which direction are we going? are we gotting better or worse? >> certainly things have gotten a lot better. but we've got a long way to go. when you look at the unemployment for what this administration has done for unemployment, for the country, but also for african-americans. there is truly a long way for us to go. we've been proven in oklahoma that conservative principles lead to prosperity.
5:18 am
this idea of getting people addicted to government, it's the way of the past. we've got to move past that and introduce some free market principles and ideas. that's what's going to move the country forward, i believe. >> steve: sure. what do you make of the criticism of the republican party, it's too far to the left, too far to the right. it's too far in the middle? >> certainly we've got to do a better job of getting our messaging out and making sure we show up where different people are and that's the biggest challenge that we have. but i think when you think long-term about the republican party, our principles about personal responsibility, that's what we've got to be promoting. our biggest challenge, i think as a party, is we got to learn to lose like democrats. when they learn, they said they stole it. when we lost, we hear it's the ends of the republican party. give me a break. we're going to get this country turned around. j.c. is one of my biggest mentors and personal friends. there is nobody ho does it like he does. what you see on camera is the
5:19 am
guy he is behind the scenes. i work for him for 2 1/2 years. he's been a great mentor and friends. but i got my real conservative principles from my african american church in oklahoma, bethlehem baptist church. >> brian: really? >> yeah. >> elisabeth: glad you did. >> thank you. >> elisabeth: pleasure to have you here. >> brian: with a young family, it's huge commitment, but you're willing to put the time in, a guy in his 30s, with such a prominent spot. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: coming up, could it be joe biden versus ted cruz in 2016? the vice president did this weekend that is sparking a lot of rumors about him running for president. >> elisabeth: and singer mandisa was -- lost over 100 pounds thanks to zumba. she's going to show us how to do it next. ♪ ♪ ho ho ho
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines. nsa chief general keith alexander create a top secret war room for the star trek theme on the taxpayers dime? he had his base of operations built to look like the bridge of the uss enterprise. he's reportedly a big sci-fi fan and used the room to impress visiting lawmakers. remember when iran says it sent a monkey to space? now the country says it's considering sending a persian cat out of this world. why a persian? the breed is named after iran's
5:24 am
former name of persia, she's building up to their plan to send a person into space by 2018. ♪ >> elisabeth: she's a yamy nominated singer launched into stardom after her appearance on "american idol." the transformation wasn't easy for our next guest. she's going to explain. the title of her new album "overcomer." first of all, when i'm having a hard day, i listen to you. you wrote it -- a friend of yours was sick with breast cancer and you wanted her to have something to get her through, right? >> i did. she didn't just have breast cancer, she was battling it while she was pregnant. it's a big enough battle by itself, but to be carrying a child at the same time. i just wanted a song to help her
5:25 am
stay in the fight and not give up no matter her circumstances. >> brian: this is the first time you two have met face-to-face, but you have a connection. >> elisabeth: we do. >> brian: tell us about that. >> i will never forget my first audition on "american idol," it was the debut of season 5 and it was in chicago and i did not know that simon made comments about my weight until after i left the room. so i found out as i watched the premiere episode and you went to bat for me. you were on "the view" and i'll never forget. >> brian: first, here is simon. >> do we have a bigger stage this year? >> she's got like a frenchy. >> she's like fraden. >> steve: after he said that. you went on tv and said what? >> elisabeth: first of all, what a jerk he was for saying something like that. how awful. your talent far exceeds any pithy comment he was making. i absolutely love you and you lost a lot of weight, but nothing due to his remarks. you lost it for a totally
5:26 am
different reason. >> i appreciate it now because it's been seven years. it stung bad. imagine the worst thing you think about yourself and then imagine them on national television. >> steve: where everybody could see. >> yeah. >> steve: you are an overcomer and you owe a lot of it to zumba. >> yeah! >> steve: come on over here. >> brian: you lost 100 pounds on zumba? >> zumba and a lot of other things. finding a form exercise that i love changed my life. wait a minute. are we about to do it right now? i have to take my shoes off! >> steve: should brian and i take our heels off, too? >> i think you're okay. >> brian: let's hear the music and let's see you two zumba. >> no, no, no! >> elisabeth: bring it. >> no, no! i'm going to teach you three moves. one is a punching move. do a punch and squat. you squat and punch to your side
5:27 am
squat and hook. then another hook. and upper cut. now let me show think move. >> brian: now you lost me. >> shimmy. shimmy. >> you're doing the white man move! >> brian: i am a white man! >> it's just a form of exercise. but you're having a good time. >> brian: what about the treadmill? have you tried that? >> well, there is a song on my album called "press on". zumba is much more fun. >> brian: my daughters both do zumba at least twice a week and they love it. how do we get your cd? >> anywhere, wal-mart, target and itunes. >> brian: you two dance us out.
5:28 am
steve, you and i read. >> steve: thank you for joining us. >> brian: next up, dramatic picture, two men -- details and the review of benghazi coming up shortly. >> steve: yep >> steve: sean, zumba over! come on, baby! go get em !
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> elisabeth: have you heard? elisabeth hasselbeck is leaving "the view." >> i heard that. she called us wondering how long you would be sticking around. >> i'm here for the long haul. >> she had to settle for "fox & friends." >> stuck between steve and brian? >> too bad. because she does have talent. good luck. don't mess up. >> good luck. >> steve: come on, big money! big money! >> brian: sean, do you know pat sajack was a host here for a while on weekends? >> of course i know that.
5:33 am
>> you node he had -- you know, he had a syndicated show, became a big controversy. >> steve: i think the headline is, sean hannity on the new curvy couch. good morning to you! >> congratulations. how great is this? >> elisabeth: thank you. >> brian: don't be surprised -- is it true you committed to the mornings? >> it took me two hours to get in with traffic. >> brian: she has to put up with that every week. >> this is more comfortable than the last couch i was on. >> your time are rosy o'donnel? >> elisabeth: i sometimes block things out. >> she was screaming at the top of her lungs at me. >> steve: that was then, this is
5:34 am
now. >> elisabeth: are you feeling okay about it? >> no. >> steve: we're going to talk about the news of the day in just a minute. >> elisabeth: we're going to go to heather nauert for the headlines. >> sean, if you leave the house at 2:00 a.m., it will take you just a couple of minutes. [ laughter ] >> brian: that and back roads. >> right. got some headlines. hearings resume at gitmo for the alleged 9-11 master mind, khalid sheikh mohammed and four other conspirators. proceedings ended last month after computer problems hampered the work of the attorneys. a judge is expected to decide this week if the pretrial hearings should be put on hold until next year so the i.t. department can fix the issue. a tattoo parlor is accused of accepting food stamps as payment for ink. police in rowling, north carolina say the owner of clifford title, that's the guy's name who owned the shop, took cards as payments for tattoos. customers filled their cards in exchange for hundreds of dollars
5:35 am
worth of art. how about that? and they were a mere hours away from death. two fishermen stranded at sea for eight days when their boat capsized. the men clung to the boat's hull as they drifted in the atlantic ocean until a freighter spotted them off the coast of florida. here is what it looks like from the coast guard chopper that was above them. experts say they were about -- these guys were very close to death. fortunately they were rescued. baltimore ravens quarterback joe flaco is taking real heat for a call made off the field. his wife was in labor before sunday's game against the cleveland browns and just moments before kickoff, the team tweeted this: joe flacco's wife gave birth to the couple's second child 30 minutes ago. he will play today. he has two things to celebrate, birth of his son and the victory. the ravens beat the browns in their home opener. a second child always get short
5:36 am
stiffed. >> steve: wait 'til the third. >> brian: let's go to sean hannity live now. >> steve: in a minute. >> brian: in a minute? 'cause i want to get his reaction on flacco. >> i have a story on my first son born, that my wife still tells with a little bit of passion in her voice. i'll give you a hint, a tease. >> steve: tell the story. >> he was born on location day? 1998. i was living in the city at the time, which i hated. and so on election day, we knew the baby was coming that day, without giving a lot of details. so i get up in the morning, we get in the cab. i said, let me go vote first, so this way i won't have to worry about it later. >> elisabeth: like a great american. >> that's right. so we get in the car, it's bumpy ride. my wife is complaining. we literally -- i finally say, okay, we'll go to the hospital. we get in the hospital, water breaks, baby was out in 22 minutes. >> steve: whoa! so you can be on tv! >> it all worked out okay.
5:37 am
we almost didn't get there 'cause i would have had to cross over town to get there. >> steve: more with sean in just a moment. first, other stuff for you. two huge storms pounding mexico at the same time on opposite coasts. maria molina has been tracking that. she joins us from new york city where it is currently raining on the streets of the big town. >> that's right. it is currently raining. in true fashion, i'm outside bearing the elements. look at mexico, you can see some of the video of extreme flooding there. we did have landfall already occur from ingrid and that was a hurricane. but now it has weakened to a tropical storm. maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per hour. the biggest concern with ingrid isn't whether it's a tropical storm or hurricane, it's really the amount of rainfall we are expecting. we're talking about locally up to 25 inches of rain possible from the storm system over the next several days across sections of northeastern mexico. so flash flooding will be a concern. we're also look at issues in terms of mud slides out there because we do have several mountain ranges. you can see the computer model
5:38 am
forecast is for, again, locally up to 25 inches of rain. but overall, more than six inches expected for so many areas out there in parts of the country of mexico. otherwise across the united states, we have rain here in the northeast and it is going to be moving through very quickly today. this is all associated with the cold front that's going to be bringing in much cooler temperatures. steve, elisabeth, brian, we're talking about -- oh, my gosh. what is this? >> steve: this is stars from a new show on fox "the headless horseman." [ laughter ] >> you're missing something. you forgot to put your head on this morning. it creeps me out when people have outfits on and i can't see their faces. >> brian: very cool reaction. i would not have reacted that way. >> steve: even though it's raining outside, we're coming outside for a physical challenge in about ten minutes. >> brian: come back in. sean hannity, let's talk news.
5:39 am
have elisabeth ask you the first question. >> we've been friends a long time. >> elisabeth: yes, we have. >> it's a real honor to have you here. i turn on the tv this morning and i saw you and it was great to see you. >> elisabeth: kids say hi, by the way. that's a big honor. let's talk benghazi. let's get down to business. you were talking syria yesterday and talking syria, libya today. so honestly, of all the things going on, now we're finding out that information was not handled properly, interviews weren't conducted the way they should have been. even admiral mullen is now coming under question for running aboard. what are we looking at now and are we leaving ambassadors clearly without the protection they need? >> the sad thing -- we made snakes before, during and -- mistake before, during and afterment we didn't give them the security they requested. during, we had troops, we had people ready to go and help bail them out and they were told to stand down. >> elisabeth: exactly. >> after we were just lied to. the talking points became a big
5:40 am
lie. all this seems to be coming out bit by bit, but it's a year later. part of a strategy of the administration is they want to cover these things up. they want to delay, delay, delay, 'cause by the time the real news comes out, we're saying, oh, that's old news. same thing about the irs. it wasn't two rogue agents in cincinnati. this was orchestrated from washington. we had a smoking gun e-mail last friday and we know, in fact, that lois lerner herself went after these people and got caught. that's why she pled the fifth. >> brian: it doesn't make news. benghazi does not make news. there are going to be hearings on thursday. four underlings were let go and put back in their position! that's what this whole thing is about. when the review board comes back and said, we did a great job. this is part of some politics. >> listen, four people lost their lives. ty woods' dad was on our show a couple of times and you know what? he deserves an answer. we deserve an answer.
5:41 am
more importantly, we're going to learn so nobody else gets killed in the future. >> elisabeth: we had an answer from hillary clinton. >> brian was asking me if it's a slam dunk she gets nominated. she's a front runner. is it going to be a coronation? probably. if she wants the nomination, she's likely to get it. i saw a guy named joe biden in iowa this weekend -- >> elisabeth: not that we have anything else going on in the world, he's campaigning. >> steve: here he is in iowa. he says, this is -- referring to ted cruz and the republican party. this is now a party where the tail is wagging the dog, where ted cruz is running the show. a freshman in terms of idea of the party. joe is in. >> well, he's in. ted cruz is a -- i tell you why he's threatening to the left. he went to harvard. he's an intellectual. he's an attorney general. he knows the law. >> brian: fearless. >> fearless. that's a word that republicans need to embrace a little more.
5:42 am
>> steve: you know what? there are a lot of people on the right who are mystified by ted cruz. why is he pushing so hard? >> i want them to push hard. reagan in the mid '70s raised a rhetorical question. he said, is it a third party we need or a revitalized second party with bold colored differences? i'm a tea party reagan conservative. i would like to see them defund obamacare and stand united, fund the rest of the government, and if it gets shut down that, will be up to obama and the democrat attention. they don't want to pay the bills, our debt and obligation, that's fine. >> brian: who do you have on tonight? >> elisabeth. >> brian: are you going on tonight? >> yeah. >> elisabeth: am i? >> my daughter makes them. she spends hours making those things. >> elisabeth: thanks for bringing me back. this is my first morning without the kids.
5:43 am
thank you. >> steve: the only crafts brian and i have are made by richard simmons with his bedazzler. >> look at the size of the watch kilmeade has here. where did you get that? >> brian: this was a gift fromdom delouise. totally true. >> steve: we're going to watch you tonight. tune in tonight. >> brian: good to know sean can get up this early in the morning. >> i will again. >> steve: it is now 17 minutes before the top of the hour. i believe heather nauert has a fox news alert. >> that's right. while you were talking, we just got more information. there is an active shooter that we understand is at the navy yard in washington, d.c. area right now. we understand that there is one victim who has been shot. those are the only details we have at this moment. we're monitoring that story and we will keep you posted as these developments come in to our studio here.
5:44 am
that is the latest. that is all we know. let's send it back to you and do some digging here. >> steve: we will step aside and be back in about two minutes woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
5:45 am
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5:47 am
>> elisabeth: fox news alert. officials in colorado are planning to launch a massive air rescue today. they say at least 1,000 people are still waiting to be saved from the flood waters in that state. dominic denatale has the latest. there were weather problems yesterday. how are things looking today? >> looking even more complicated. the case of rescuing the rescuers now, 15 members of the national guard have got stranded in lyons where they were helping local residents get out. they managed to get to high ground. but the trucks they rolled in to get everybody out can't get
5:48 am
through the water now. it looks like the national guard is going to have to send its helicopters back in. there is hundreds of bridges and roads that have been destroyed in the area. they just can't get out. in fact, the rocky mountain incident management team was saying it could be next year before some of these roads are back up. >> all right. dominic in boulder for us. thank you. one of the areas hardest hit in that state. coming up next on the rundown, it's the guys versus the girls. maria and elisabeth facing off against brian and steve on the obstacle course. first, let's check in with bill hemmer to find out what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning to you. listening to reporting on the shooting in washington, d.c., we'll get more on that in a moment at the navy yard in washington. all the historic flooding in colorado gets worse by the day. we're there live as well. the white house will make the case, that the economy is back. we'll look at the reality in america. obamacare 15 days from going into effect. what can you expect? karl rove, peter king, brit hume
5:49 am
and martha and i will see you at the top of the hour. big morning of news as we kick off yet another week [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. chose prego traditional over ragu traditional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made. [ pop muzak plays ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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>> steve: this was elisabeth's idea. >> brian: i don't know whose idea the marine was, maybe elisabeth. she says it's team building. >> steve: right. >> elisabeth: it's girls versus boys, best out of five games each day this week. that's going to be on. >> steve: today's challenge, 65-foot long inflatable team building obstacle course. >> brian: what are the rules? >> the rules are, they're going to go straight up here. one -- >> steve: boys versus girls. >> they're going to come back
5:53 am
around. the other person goes. first to finish wins. >> brian: you're going to decide? >> i will decide. >> brian: how do you feel about cheating? >> elisabeth: who is first? >> brian: we need music! >> elisabeth: i'll do whatever. you're going down, buddy! >> go! go! go! >> steve: keep in mind, it is raining here. >> steve: she's whooping you! the whole idea is to get through that and come back down and tag up and then we get to go.
5:54 am
>> then i'm going to quit. >> steve: we'll see about that! oh, man, i got to do this part? it's a little slippery. oh, crap! ♪ >> elisabeth: go, maria! >> where do i go? where are you? >> elisabeth: over here! >> steve: way to go! where did you go!
5:55 am
>> brian: she won? >> elisabeth: we won! >> brian: you saw the whole thing from start to finish. who won? >> the ladies. >> steve: congratulation, girls. it's her first day! she's got to win! >> brian: back in a moment. i want to see the tape. can we roll that back? >> steve: very nicely done. all week. >> brian: thanks. my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix,
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5:59 am
yard right now is being sought. there is at least one victim and at least three shots were fired. our fox affiliate in washington, d.c. reporting this morning that the suspect is a male who is using a large shotgun. he is in the fourth floor of a building in the navy yard. the navy says 3,000 people work in the building. the washington navy yard is home to the chief of naval operations and also headquarters for the naval historical center and numerous naval commands. stay tuned to "america's newsroom" for more on this breaking news. for now, let's head back outside. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. this is going to wrap up our first day with our new host, elisabeth hasselbeck. >> brian: and maria's teammate. they won the first one. >> steve: the good news is, tomorrow is jousting. >> brian: right. >> elisabeth: more bonding. >> brian: i'm going to be poking everybody i can. >> steve: just like the old days, brian. >> brian: yes. >> steve: cheryl casone will tell us who is hiring this week. and actress allison hennigan
6:00 am
will be here. and you'll learn how it make a duck call. >> elisabeth: i am. >> brian: i got to go dry off. i'm soaked now! thanks. and we lost. >> steve: we'll do this again tomorrow. see you. bill: nicely done. elizabeth, officially welcome to fox. we are so happy to have you in the family. you heard the heather talking about this a moment ago, there has been a shooting at the navy yard in southwestern d.c. we are work on information who was involved in this and whether that shooter is still active. there was a tweet sent out about it u.s. navy 10 minutes


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