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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 26, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the hour on the east coast. chilling surveillance video inside the navy yard massacre that left people dead including the gunman. aaron alexis with a sawed off shot gun peeking around corners looking for someone to ambush. he sees people at the end of the hallway and ducks behind a wall. this morning we are learning more about his motive. the fbi found a bizarre note saying radio waive waves drove him to kill. >> this man is accused of hoping fire in a light fixture office building in new york. he is a 63-year-old kim. he killed a would co-worker and wounded his boss. the alleged gunman took off
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prompting a 4 hour lock down at a mall. he is driving a white honda pilot new york license flat fma 3648. if you have information call 911. >> the faa and ntsb are investigating the cause of a deadly plane crash in illinois. the single engine plane crash ended in a parking lot at a bank while trying to land. it smashed into trees before bursting to flames. inside the flames a pilot and his wife. >> i could see the flames. it went up in flames immediately. then i saw the pilot come out. he had flames. there was like a burn there. he dropped and rolled so i couldn't see much more after that. >> the pilot suffered severe burns. the woman inside died. >> the search for a missing hiker in colorado has been called off. the 64-year-old attorney from
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ohio went missing on saturday. police say the man told his friends that he was going to hike up mount carver. that's a 14,000 foot mountain and the 4th tallest in the united states. after four-days the search was called off due to lack of clues as to his whereabouts. >> the shut down show down was after letting senator ted cruz hold the floor for 21 hours harry reid pushed forward that controversial budget bill that will keep the government and obama care funded. steve seis live for us. >> the senate is on track to pass a bill funding the government while keeping the funding for obama care in place. it will be passed no later than saturday in the senate. despite the efforts of texas senator ted cruz who took to the floor attacking obama care advocating it's de funding it
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was a speech that democrats and republicans suggest it was a waste of time. >> the american people know that every hour that he has spoken or speaks pushes us another hour toward republican government shut down. >> senator cruz himself continued to stand his ground. >> outside of washington, d.c. there's widespread agreement obama care isn't working and millions of americans are suffering. >> meantime obama care itself is implemented. it shows the average american will pay $328 a month for mid level health insurance package while they open for enrollment next week. it is proof obama care is working. >> the new report has been released by the department of health and human services showing the affordable care act will deliver on the promise to
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make health insurance more affordable and accessible. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell says premiums will be lower than expected but not actually lower. >> steve sent any in washington. thank you, steve. >> secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to meet with iran's top diplomat today. the two will talk on the side lines at a session at the united nations. it will be one of the highest level talks between the united states in years. they will reportedly discuss tehran's nuclear ambition. all of this after president obama and new iranian president failed to get together at the u.n. earlier this week. this is a disturbing story a fox news exclusive, too, a massive amount of missing weapons are falling into the hands of terrorists in libya. the equipment signed over to the state department and used to train libyans by u.s. special
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forces were stolen during over night raids that happened during the summer. dozens of armored vehicles, guns and even night vision goggles are missing. >> this is a big deal any time you talk about u.s. weaponry by militants or groups that don't have our best interest at heart. won't be the last time it happened. we don't learn from past examples. >> some dib mats worry they could be used to attack an american convoy. >> three 7th graders got into trouble at school for firing toy guns in one of their own yards we have learned they were suspended for the entire school year. their parents are outraged. >> i am more than angry right now. >> they argued the fact he was
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at home didn't leave. they are saying they have to protect all of the other children. >> a hearing will be held in january to determine if the boys can return back to school any earlier. >> call it one of the greatest come backs in sports history. team usa rising to the occasion as time runs out to take the american cup from emirates team new zealand. it was a winner take all race after three lead changes they sailed away with the victory. they won 8 races in a row to win the cup. >> go usa. it is a fox business alert for you. stocks continue to fall for a 5th day over fears of a government shut down. lauren simonetti has that and other top business news this morning. >> it was a 1-2 punch yesterday. the government shutting down.
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the dow fell 61 points in the red for the 5th day in a row. the s&p 500 fell 5 points. trards worried the economy was slowing on a point of wal-mart. it was cutting orders because of weak demand. treasury warning congress that it had until october 17th to raise the debt ceiling before running out of cash. the postal service is also running short on cash. they want more of your cash. it is calling for a $0.03 hike on first class stamps bringing them to $0.49 effective january 25th. other services that could cost more each extra ounce of first class mail will cost a penny more $0.21. post carted $0.24. mailing a letter out of the country would jump $0.05 to $1.15. it would general a billion a year for the postal service.
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twitter and the nfl would team up the partnership they will have game highlights and other videos. in twitter feeds, too. nfl and twitter will make money. this is great for twitter ahead of the planned ipo. back to you. >> it is a second screen experience. twitter and tv all together. >> thank you so much, lauren. >> tragedy hitting the nfl. paul oliver is dead. police say the 29-year-old waudz found in his house in the atlanta area with a self-inflicted gun shot wound. oliver played four seasons for the chargers and was last on the field in 2011. he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> sad story. we are going to stick with football for a minute. it is time to brew on this. high school coach in utah making a surprise move by suspending the entire team.
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>> he was unhappy with their off the field actions and said this punishment will build character. >> it's an honor to put on your school's jersey. sometimes we lose the fact that this world me, me, me we are representing the whole school the community. >> the coach got complaints about his players for things like bullying and poor grades. that's when he decided to suspend all 80 of the players from practice for a week and make them do community service instead. he also made thenl write a report about their actions. even though some parents question the coach's decision at first. they quickly came around defending him and backing up his tough call. >> we want to know, should everyone pay for the mistakes of just a few? you can send us your comments by tweeting them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an email at >> i don't think it's a bad
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idea. team building. >> let us know what you think. >> time for the first degree weather update. a beautiful fall day for some people in some places. >> the mountains in california are seeing their first snow. it was just a dusting but still some snow. and maria molina is here with the latest. >> good morning. they had a dusting in parts of california. there are areas that are seeing more than a dusting. we are talking 1-2 feet of snow in the northern rockies. overall i want to show you the weather picture here. quiet from minnesota down to texas. heavy rain across parts of florida clearing out. northeast high pressure continues in place. overall every where east of the rockies we have quiet weather conditions.
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this stoirm system will head east. the white stuff you see on the radar that is snow. it is coming down quite heavily across sections of montana and idaho and wyoming. we are talking 1-2 feet of snow out here. we have a number of winter weather advisories. that's the area shaded in pink out here. watches posted for areas of wyoming because of the significant snowfall we are expecting. we are not talking a lot of wind with this storm system just a lot of snow in the higher elevations. we are going to be drying out because it is welcome news flooding with a uz a concern. temperature wise in the northeast beautiful. 70 is the high in new york city. 73 in cleveland. that nice weather in the northeast is sticking around for the weekend. >> a lot of people like you maria. >> finally. >> i have always loved you, you know that. time right now 11 minutes after the top of the hour.
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coming up it is rare but it can happen. your gps sending you in the wrong direction. >> i cannot believe that. >> stop yelling at me. . >> remember that from "the office" he drove them into the lake. how a real life gps glitch on a popular map app could have deadly consequences. >> take a look at this. a shocking video proving just how dangerous blind spots can be. dozens of parents are suing the obama administration because they want something done about it. "the tonight show"" with jay leno. . >> he went for 21 hours 19 minutes nonstop. 8 hours short of the record when someone asked joe biden hey,
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that help nascar win with our fans. ♪ . >> out on the streets in new york city. a look at times square where the action never stops. we don't stop right here at fox news either. columbia university has brought back their rotc program after a 40 year hiatus. the program was banned back in 1969 amid student protests over the vietnam war. current students say attitudes toward the current military has changed since then. they signed an agreement with navy rotc to bring back the program in 2011. there will be a celebration on
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campus welcoming it back on monday. >> the lapd wants to give all of the officers body cameras. a pilot study found complaints against officers reportedly dropped 88 percent when they were wearing those cameras. the lapd hopes the program will help save money. they paid out more than 24 million in settlements related to civil rights violations or traffic accidents back in 2011. some say the constant surveillance raises privacy issues. >> you may want to think twice before relying on the iphone's built in map app for directions. the glitch is directing drivers in alaska on to a runway at the fairbanks airport. at least twice in the last three weeks people followed the instructions to the airport crossing the runway to get to the terminal on the other side. thankfully no one has been
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injured. apple is promising to fix the problem by the end of the week. >> all american families, backing your car out of the >> oh, what's behind the car? 62 children and not a single one of them could be seen. this is the reason parents are demanding backup cameras in every single car. safety experts are filing suit demanding the obama administration carry out what congress ordered back in 2007 that come up with a rule for backup cameras ainne cars.
2:19 am
they will not add cameras as a rule but as a recommended feature in new cars. take a look at the stats. every year 210 americans are killed in this type of car accident half of them children. 16,000 others are injured. the auto industry says more than half of new cars have some kind of backup detection along with the car beeping when you get close to an object. some have automatic braking systems those stop the car without the drivea¢x ever hitti the brakes. >> thanks so much anna. coming up next, call him dr. macguyver. how he saved someone's life using a pen and a pocket knife. >> talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place, burglar, he may have to shed a few inches off of his waist.
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>> a doctor saved a woman's life with a pen and a knife. the heimlich maneuver didn't work. a doctor who happened to be sitting nearby jumped in to help her. evidenceable to perform a procedure with a pen and a knife to help her breathe again. she is expected to be okay. >> do you live in one of the most honest cities in the world? reader's digest dropped 192 wallets in cities around the world just to see who would pocket the money or who would return it. mub by india and new york city
2:24 am
tied with budapest hung agree for number 3. the least honest lis bin portugal. only one wallet out of 12 returned. >> who says new yorkers can't be nice? >> they are very nice. it could happen to any one a thief breakiaking into your hom. now there is a trick some are using squeezing through windows that have air-conditioning units in them. it happened to one homeowner one too many times so she installed a hidden camera and caught a would be burglar in the act. melissa may han has her story. >> he wasn't going to give up. he was going to get into my house no matter what. >> this unbelievable home security footage shows a brazen burglar breaking into her house friday. tried to slither into a tiny space in broad daylight ignoring warning signs in the yard. >> it was very unnerving, very upsetting. >> jackie didn't want her face on camera but had another break
2:25 am
in two years ago in the same spot and finally decided to get a home security system. >> this is what happens when you put them on the first floor. we learned the hard way. >> now their security footage is taking youtube by storm already getting 370,000 hits. jackie posted it to warn others how dangerous a first floor ac unit can be. >> i wanted people to know this is what people do they push them in get in any way they can. this happened to us. we don't want it to happen to you. >> getting the home security system was worth every penny. not only did it scare him off he ran out the front door without taking the thing the chris cal clear video helped catch the suspect. he confessed and is now in custody. >> he couldn't have been any clearer. he looked in the camera. he didn't try to hide because he didn't know the camera was there. the motion detector got him. it's a slam dunk. now i can't complain about how much i pay a month. it works. >> looked right in the camera.
2:26 am
>> glad they caught him. >> the time is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up, more trouble for the irs. millions of your tax dollars meant for obama care now missing. >> talk about cash, the team that realed in this gator weighing almost as much as a car. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...' ♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i nging? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good.
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>> it is thursday september 26th, 2013, s. chilling footage inside the navy yard showing a cold blooded killer in the act. why the fbi is furious this video has been released. >> the irs unfairly targeted the tea party. now the agency is missing millions of your tax dollars supposed to be used for obama care. >> are you tired of waking up so early? the key to a good night's rest could be in your fridge. "fox & friends first" starts right now. . ♪. >> with that song we are going to put you in a good mood. you have made it almost through your workweek. congratulations to you. you are on the downhill side.
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i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. the fbi releasing new chilling surveillance video from inside the navy yard massacre that left 13 people dead including the gunman. you see aaron alexis armed with a sawed off shot gun peeking around corners looking for someone to ambush. up next quickly moving down the stairs into another hallway. he sees some people and he ducks right there behind a wall. new insight this morning as well. aft as to his motive, the fbi found a bizarre note saying radio waves drove alexis to kill. >> this man accused of opening fire in a light picfixture comp in garden city, new york. he is 63-year-old sang ho kem. he killed a co-worker and
2:32 am
wounded his old boss after a deal gone wrong. police think that he is driving a white 2008 honda pilot with a new york license plate fm a-3648. any one with information please call 911. a fox news exclusive. a massive amount of missing weapons calling into the hands of terrorists in clib yaw. the equipment signed over by the state department and used to train libyans by u.s. special forces. now the state department and military sources say that dozens of armored vehicles and guns even night vision goggles are missing. >> when you are filtering of weapons by militias or groups who don't have our best interest at heart. we don't seem to learn by past
2:33 am
examples. >> some diplomats woulder rethe weapons could be used to attack american convoys. >> an arsonist is on the lose after setting several fires in sherman oaks, california. the police department says 6 fires were started along ventura boulevard all inside trash cans. one spread to a business causing 20,000 dollars worth of damages. they are looking for a heavy set man around 6 feet tall riding a bmx bike. >> well the show down continues in washington today after letting senator ted cruise hold the floor for 21 hours. senate majority leader harry reid pushed forward the bill that will keep government and obama care funded. elizabeth prann is live with those details. >> the bill will fund the government temporarily got a burst after the senate voted to consider the legislation meaning
2:34 am
they could be voting on the bill as early as tomorrow. this on the heels of one last attempt by texas conservative senator ted cruz to fight it. his speech went more than 21 hours urging democrats not to restore full funding to the sweeping healthcare law. >> we listen to our constituents, the answer is de fund this bill that isn't working, that is hurting the american people, that is killing jobs, forcing people into part-time work that is driving up health insurance premiums and causing millions to lose or fear they will lose their health insurance. >> senate majority leader harry reid took over the podium, he says his filibuster like tame president fell on deaf ears. >> for lack of a better way of describing this it has been a big waste of time. the government is set to shut down in a matter of hours. just a few days government will
2:35 am
close. it is a shame we are standing here having wasted paps two-days. >> what a week before the on-line exchange debut. prices for insurance plans have been revealed according to the department of health and human services the average american will be paying $328 per month for missed year coverage and that's without subsidies. >> heather varies so much between states as well. >> elizabeth prann live for us this morning. thank you lielizabeth. >> we have new problems at the irs. the agency is struggling to keep track of the obama care spending. the treasury inspector general for tax administration says the irs did not report $67 million in money spent by employees working on the healthcare law between 2010 and 2012 the money was part of 120 million taxed by a special fund implemented by the program. this has the agency as lois
2:36 am
lerner calls it quits. she will retire with a federal pension. does the second amendment guarantee an individual's right to own guns? the supreme court says it does. the constitution says this, whether this provision protects the individual rights to own firearms or whether it deals only with the collective right of the people to arm and maintain a militia has long been debated. that wording was posted in 2009 after a supreme court ruling that says this. the second amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with the service of a militia and to use that arm for traditional lillaful purposes such as oh self defense. the site administrators are just wrong and they would check on
2:37 am
the wording. >> california becomes the first state to raise their minimum wage to $10 an hour. the increase will take place gradually through 2016. democratic governor jerry brown signed that bill into law on wednesday. right now minimum wage workers at the state earn $8 an hour. it could cost some low wage workers their job. >> time now to take a look at who is talking. this morning the president is talking. he's speaking out against big government critics who say he's all about taxes spent. >> i know you hear a lot of folks on cable tv claiming that i am this big tax and spend liberal. next time you hear that, you just remind the people who are saying it that since i have taken office i have cut your taxes. your taxes today the average
2:38 am
middle class family your taxes today are lower than when i took office. >> that was his promise in 2011. but the factor bill o'reilly is calling his bluff breaking down numbers and showing how much the tax man is hitting your wallet. >> that statement is spin, pure spin. once again the federal government is getting more tax revenue than ever before. state and local taxes are at the highest level in the history of this country. more facts. state and local income taxes clock in at 114 billion in the second quarter of this year. a record. state sales taxes 182 billion a record. fuel taxes more than 11 billion. a record. motor vehicle taxes almost 8 io. another record. property taxes approaching $100 billion this year. a record for the second quarter.
2:39 am
so even if you live in san francisco you can see working americans are being punished by high taxes across the board. in other news as far as showboating goes this is about as dangerous as it gets. check out the series of fly byes by a pilot in argentina. the pilot making several passes way too close to the crowd on the ground almost knocking some people off their feet. no one knows why he was going so close. perhaps to show off. pretty scary. >> a catch of a lifetime for gator hunters in florida. a mammoth reptile they have been searching for for years. the pair had eyed the 12-foot 565 pound beast once before. they were determined not to let it slip away again. after a nearly 2 hour struggle the gator was theirs. the biggest one yet for the long time friends.
2:40 am
>> to get one that big it is so rare. a lot of people don't get gators that big. now are we going to beat it? >> the guys have hunted and company toured alligators together for more than four years. >> you wouldn't think it was sad if they caught it coming after you. >> before you leave the house let's go to the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> people are waking up to snow and a whole lot of it, right? >> states like montana and wyoming and idaho especially the hire elevations. we are talking significant snowfall as much as 1-2 feet of snow out here. the snow will be kicking around as we head into tonight. if you are doing driving out here please be careful. we have cooler temperatures moving in behind the storm system the snow levels will be dropping today and tonight some of the snow could be making it
2:41 am
across the valley floor across the northern parts of the rockies. east of the rockies it is incredibly quite across the center of the country and the great lakes and the northeast. if you are doing traveling i don't think weather will be an issue across detroit, jfk. charlotte north carolina there is a little fog early this morning. keep an eye out for that. it is the only issue out there. otherwise temperature wise so hot in the center of the country kansas city 87 the northeast looking good highs in the 70s. it will stay that way through the weekend. >> sthooivengs maria. good to see you. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up the government now knows how much you will be paying for obama care. it seems their math isn't adding up. we will explain. >> is your little fido depressed? what they are doing to make b t best -- man's best friend happy. [ taps baton ]
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>> it has been more than a year since the deadly terror attack in benghazi. they still haven't learned the lesson. they have ignored safety recommendations doing almost nothing to enhance security at a high alert diplomatic out post. the inspector general's office says the state department is dragging its feet. ainsley? >> thanks so much heather. image being out at sea and running into this. >> holy (bleep). >> they spotted four whales off the coast of queens new york. it is rare but not unheard of. they say they were probably after a good food source. >> take a chill pill fido. if you can't get your pet to
2:46 am
settle down, prozac. the reason is it could be a change in lifestyle for the owner. prozac can make your pet overly anxious or cause them to gain weight. >> well after almost two years of speculation obama care prices have been released. how much will you pay? diane macedo so many unanswered questions. >> still many unanswered questions. the department of health and human services has information they are looking at $328 per month for mid tier or silver coverage. that is based on insurance plans in 48 states. that number will vary greatly on the number of factors, number of family members and even things like tobacco use and your income. while the department of human
2:47 am
services say the estimates are lower than original pro sdwrekss in many cases higher than current rates especially if you exclude the subsidies. over all it is hard to compare prices because there are many differences between the current bare bones policy let's say and the exchange of bronze plans. experts advise people shop carefully as they look at plans on the exchanges. bronze plans will cover 60 percent of enroll lee costs silver 70 percent, gold 80 percent. platinum 90 percent of the costs. the cheaper plan may not be so cheap when you factor in the added out of pocket expenses you have. price also not be affected with americans who continue to get their insurance through their employee. we are still in a wait and see mode on how this will play out. >> still ahead it is almost 10 minutes until the top of the hour.
2:48 am
we know the nsa has been monitoring thousands of americans. there is new shocking spy allegations about what they have been fine on for decades. >> bedtime snacks not as bad as we thought. why indulging before bed can help trim your waist line. >> see what's coming up on fox and friends. did you eat a big meal before you went to bed? >> that is too personal. we have to keep it professional. i will tell you in a an e-mail. >> senator mike lee joins us. he will be live. he will talk about what was happening on the senate floor. broken promises about obama care sticking it to the people who need it most, seniors. could coffee be making your teen slower? the medical a team will breakdown the caffeine myth and our hacking series continues. how criminals can steal your credit card involved by just walking by you. . too big.
2:49 am
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>> eight minutes till the top of the hour. secret cold war documents reveal now the n.s.a. spied on sitting u.s. senators during the height of protests over the vietnam war. the newly declassified documents say that the agency tapped the overseas communications of senators frank church of idaho and howard baker of tennessee. this because the white house was worried that antiwar critics were being influenced by hostile foreign powers. it was called operation minaret. according to documents martin luther king, jr. and muhammad ali were also being watched. not said who authorized the
2:53 am
wiretapping. doctors are now saying a late-night snack could help you sleep a little better and actually help you lose weight. but we aren't talking snacks like pizza and ice cream. the food should be below 150 calories like a cup of blueberries, half of an apple with peanut butter or two hard-boiled eggs. >> no mac and cheese or spaghetti and meat balls. an intense new film that transports us back to one of the hardest times in our nation's history. watch. >> was born a free man. lived with my family in new york. >> i was kidnapped, sold into slavery. >> well, boy, how do you feel now? >> for all of those details, we step into the
2:54 am
fox light with michael tammero back from the emmys. >> even though i saw the movie, chills from the clip. the movie was hailed in toronto as a masterpiece and won the people's choice award. it is the story of a free man who lived in saratoga, new york. he gets conned by two characters, travels to washington, d.c. to perform in a circus. he is a violinist. they go out for drinks and the next morning he wakes up and finds himself in chains. his 12 year ordeal begins. the movie is so intense and so powerful it stays with you. it's based on a true story. we sat down with the cast and asked them about that. we'll talk about that intensity and weren't able to shake it off at the end of the day. this is what they had to say. >> we've been through solomon through the experience of being kidnapped and the journey down, the humiliation of being sold and then having to fall from at least a
2:55 am
benevolent master to a nightmare of a master. you think okay, we're going to take a breath now. but your breath is in a place that screws your mind a little bit. so steve does not let you off the hook. >> every night i went home, i was thinking about what i had to do the next day and the next week. as we were going through the scenes i crossed them off. but each scene had to be dealt with with such care and attention that i was always in it. >> if you're looking for a date night movie, this is not it. if you're looking for a cinematic experience, you can catch this starting october 19. brad pitt is an abolitionist at the end. his company produced it. >> to see your interviews log on to >> and follow me on twitter. >> we told you about the
2:56 am
football coach who suspended his entire team because of the bad behavior of just a few. we asked what you thought about it and your responses are up next. >> it was a gift from -- or for a little girl from a baseball player until one woman ripped it right out of her hands.
2:57 am
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performing together with a single, united purpose. ♪ that's what makes the world's leading airline... flyer friendly. ♪ >> talk about an interception. a little girl is tossed a foul ball at a diamond backs game, but a grown woman snatches it out of her hand. instead of doing the right thing the woman ended up keeping the ball to herself. >> it's your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier we told you about a high school football coach that suspended the entire team because of bad behavior off the field, so we asked you should everyone have to pay the mistakes for a few, a few people that didn't follow the rules. here's what you said. sherri from massachusetts said setting high standard and using peer pressure from the good guys will
3:00 am
make the entire team better and more responsible. >> dylan says definitely not. individual punishment is only fair. however the coach's actions were full of good intents and i applaud that. all right. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. >>elisabeth: good morning. it's thursday, september 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we're a few days away from when obamacare kicks in and the government released the cost of new insurance plans. we'll explain what those crazy numbers mean for you. >>steve: chilling new video shows the navy yard killer stalking his prey and this morning a new motive on why he did it. he left a lot of clues behind. >>brian: i might be ready to admit after last week's challenges that elisabeth hasselbeck is the best athlete ever on "fox & friends" dating back to the ea


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