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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> the american people want obamacare stopped. they want it stopped. >> it's time for them to stand strong. hold the line. that's all the time we have left. two hours from the shutdown. greta takes it from here. thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. right now we are just two hours before our government shuts down. that is unless the last-minute deal is struck. for the latest we go to chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel live on capitol hill. mike. >> geood evening. in 57 minutes the house passed a bill, stripped parts of obamacare. 57 minutes later the senate strip theed out parts of obamacare that were being attacked, if you will, and sent it back to the house. all eyes are on what the house's next play is. a lot of house members are t t meeting in speaker boehner's office the to figure out what's next.
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harry reid made a reference to albert einstein earlier saying the definition of insanity is trying time and again to do the same thing. he said that's what house republicans are doingy going after obamacare when he said he's not going to accept anything that affect it is health care law and the president issued ve to threats. the president of the united states had a phone conversation earlier this evening with speaker boehner. it lasted ten minutes. sounds like they restated their positions that the speaker doesn't think obamacare is fair for everybody. he wants to change it. the president saying he won't accept the changes. we have been going through this for days now. the house tried to defund and delay parts of obamacare. here we are two hours from a partial government shutdown and there is no sign of a way out of this mess. greta? >> mike, suppose though that the speaker puts on the floor of the senate continuing resolution that's been sent across the
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hill. would that likely pass and would the speaker do that in light of the fact the speaker has been strong about the fact that obamacare should apply to everybody on capitol hill. they shouldn't get an exemptions. >> house democrats would support such a measure. the question is how many house republicans would go along with it. and how it would be per cved for john boehner's leadership. not for me to decide. he wants a majority of the republicans to support whatever the house is going to put forward. all indications are at this point that the majority of oh house republicans may not support just funding the government with nothing else attached to it. so that's why speaker boehner tried different ways to nibble at the president's health care law. >> mike, we are an hour and 57 minutes away from the witching hour of midnight. i'm curious what the senate exb expect s. what do senate ten minutes and senate majority leader harry reid expect to happen in the next hour and 57 minutes?
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>> they hope the house republicans will blink and pass this continuing resolution to keep the government up and running for a month and a half. so far that's not been the case. i have talked to a number of senators throughout the course of the evening. they think we are headford a government shutdown because there has not within good conversations back and forth between house and senate leadership. they think we may be headed for a government shutdown. the question is duration. >> is there a sense of embarrassment by anybody in the senate -- democrats or republicans -- that we are on the edge of having a government shutdown and more than that if there is success and the government isn't shut down we are talk thing about a month and a half. not a long range economic proposal or budget. this is six weeks. >> right. democrats will tell you this is
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why harry reid is pushing back so hard. this is a short-term government funding bill. about a month and a half. in two weeks when the government debt ceiling comes up the nation's ability to borrow comes up. if he gives now they are worried he will be forced to give more then. what he's described as time to essentially treat a bully here, punch a bully in the face -- his description of the house republicans. we'll see who the american people blame for this. >> mike, thank you. >> sure. >> for now the senate kicking the c.r. now back to the house of representatives. just happened a short while ago. it is a volley. what's the next move? senator cornin joins us. good evening, sir. senator, can you hear me ? >> i sure can. >> good. thank you, sir. now it's been kicked back from the senate back to the house.
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the senate, i take it is open for business. what do you anticipate will happen next hour and now 55 minutes? >> i'm hearing the house may make another attempt to ping-pong a bill over to the senate. but, greta, i'm pretty much reached the conclusion that the president and harry reid want a government shutdown. they think they win that. unfortunately the loser will be the american people. the last bill seemed to me to be a reasonable proposition. delay the individual mandate like the president has for businesses. the employer mandate. and eliminate the special carve out provision for members of congress keeping them from having to go to the exchanges created by obamacare like everybody else. i don't know how they defend this. it may be that that's the issue we fight on leading up to the 2014 election.
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>> i can understand -- i know people on both sides of the aisle on capitol hill. i understand the ideological divide on obamacare. i don't get the idea -- i would imagine many americans wonder how it is that capitol hill can say, you know, here is obamacare. it's vote edded by the democrats. signed by the president. then all of the sudden in august we find out there is a carve out so you all aren't governed by it or you get a subsidy. what's with that? >> you look at the federalist papers said this is one of the protections that the founders saw in the way congress would have to operate. that it would be subject to the same laws that it passes for everybody else. so this is basically a repudiation of one of the t most basic te nets of what democracy is supposed to be about. to me this is an indefensible position for the democrats to
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take. i have a hard time believing that the five red state i democrats who are up in 2014 have been walked down this plank but that's what happened. are you hearing anything going on, have you heard anything for instance the last five, six, ten minutes about what they are intending to do? >> i have not heard anything other than it is likely there will be a last effort. perhaps involving the medical device tax re peel that was very popular in the senate when we took up the budget. the gross receipts tax on medical innovators. it's a job killing tax to boot. there may be one last attempt but i believe harry reid is determined for the government to shut down.
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>> even b the medical tax that now republicans are opposed to the medical device tax and more democrats are coming along with it, too. when it's constituents in their districts who are medical device creators. why didn't anybody look at this at the beginning and read it? now, oh, the horror of it all on this medical device tax. democrats and republicans. if anyone read it in the beginning you wouldn't be having the fight now. >> we have come a long way down a strange path. the government could convene a meeting of congressional leadership in the oval office. something he should have done a long time ago. he made a check the box call to congressional leaders tonight. he has time to talk to the president of iran but doesn't have time to talk to
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congressional leaders about the operation of the federal government. this tells me the president and harry reid want a government shutdown. they think they come out of this a winner. i'm betting they don't. >> why do you think they think they come out a winner if our government shuts down? >> they are read ing some public opinion polls you and others and i have read which seem to indicate that they have been effective using the bully pulpit of the white house and the main stream media to claim the house is beg unreasonable here. the house has been in session all weekend, send ing a number of proposals. those have been rejected out of hand. no counter proposal by harry reid. it's my way or the highway. i think this will backfire.
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so on the other issue which is the opening of the exchanges on health care. that opens at midnight theoretically october 1. if that goes well for the president that will be in the win category. if that is a disaster, you know, that's his, too. >> i think obamacare, which has been -- was passed in 2010 which has not been fully imple meant ed yet which a big step will be tomorrow with the ex changes. i think it's been in the words oh of senator max baucus, one of the principipal architects it's been a disaster, a train wreck. the problems are just going. i'm not one who thinks this is our last stand to defeat obamacare. it will fall under its own weight. we eel need to talk about what we'll do to protect the american people in the wake of the epic
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failure of obamacare. >> my guess is senator baucus would like a do over on the word train wreck. we hear it a lot. senator, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> is there a chance of an 11th hour compromise? congressman trey goudy joins us. how did you vote? >> voted yes on the latest iteration of the offer to senate democrats to treat everyone equally. you would think that would not be the third salvo. that it would have been written into the law initially. i voted yes. i was actually eating dinner with tim scott and jason chafitz. we still had time to finish our meal. that's what passes for discussion and debate in this town. in one hour we vote yes and the senate votes no. >> it is now going back to you from the senate as a clean c.r. the only issue coming back is funding the government for six
7:12 pm
weeks. not even very long. so if it comes back, if the house leadership takes out of it defunding obamacare or this whole special treatment for capitol hill could you vote yes and accept that or not? >> no, ma'am. we wanted a full defunding of obamacare and not for political victories. i haven't had a single constituent say the affordable care act is working for them. score s have said it's cost them a job or hours. we started with a de-fund. negotiating with ourselves because the president is too ease biz si to talk. we went ebb from defund to delay. he still won't talk. we said, well, just treat everybody equally under the law. do away with the individual mandate like you did for the employer mandate. >> or make corporations pay up now. >> he still won't talk to us.
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i'm tired of negotiating with myself. you were a courtroom lawyer. i was one a long time ago. we are plea bargaining with ourselves now. i'm not going to do that. >> how about your colleagues? do you have a sense -- are they getting weary? when the vote comes back to the hill, if there is a vote between now and midnight are they getting weary? >> i think some of them are. not because they don't believe in the principles we have been fighting for but because it's tough for us to win the narrative. if you look at the history of shutdowns, lots have been calls for democratic congresses and presidents. republicans are always blamed for the shutdown. i have colleagues who are worried we eel be blamed this time. my perspective is this. how long is too long to fight for something you think is really important. for 12 days in 1979 this government shut down. do you remember the issue, greta? a pay increase for congress.
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12 days. can we t not last one day when it comes to religious liberty or treating people equally? can we not last a week on something that important? if we can shut the government down for two weeks because of an aircraft carrier or a pay increase for congress surely a week isn't too much to invest for something like religious liberty. >> is the leadership of the house pounding everybody right now? that's making the senate c.r. is making it to the house. it may have arrived. is the leadership pounding on calling up all those who feel as deeply about this as you do? >> not only are they not pounding. i haven't had a cross look from eric or kevin. >> has anyone called you? >> i talk to kevin a lot anyway. i talked to him several time this is afternoon. >> kevin -- >> mccarthy, our whip. a wonderful person in a tough
7:15 pm
spot. anybody in leadership is in a tough t spot. i think they understand. we don't want the government to shut down. that narrative is false. by the same token, if you are convinced something is bad for your constituents and it's costing them jobs, at what point do you fight? we are torn between two things we don't want. we don't want the affordable care act or a shutdown. >> how do you reach your decision? how does anyone -- what are your members who voted like you tonight so far and maybe another vote? how do you decide? >> well, i think i have heard the president with two news conferences so far. the lecturing tone. the condescending tone. if he's got time to talk to the iranian president, time to draw a pink line in the sand with syria, play golf on saturday he ought to have time to talk to john boehner.
7:16 pm
>> apparently they talked tonight. there was still no budging by either one. >> we have changed our position four times. when i go home and my constituents say why are you negotiating with yourself, that's a good question. we want the law defunded. we have gone from that to just treat everybody the same. don't show any special privilege or so exemptions or waivers for anyone. >> does that include all the units in special deals so far? >> it's 1200. there were 1200 waivers. >> it wasn't the small business people in my hometown. they can't afford lobbyists. people on capitol hill who get to the president to change the rules to get the subsidy for federal workers, they have access. special deals. they are getting special deals. >> you would think if it was so
7:17 pm
great would want a waiver. i would settle for members of congress and staff living by the same set of rules we ask your viewers to live by. i started with a defund. mr. president, make everybody play by the same rules. he won't even talk to us. >> if it came back to the house and the house voted that everyone is treated the same you would take the defunding out and you could vote for it? >> and a delay of the individual mandate. >> you're not going to get that one. >> do you know what i would say to him? mr. president, the fact that you may have pride of oh authorship in a bill isn't sufficient reason for me to vote for it. i think it is killing jobs. the only reason you can give me for not delaying obamacare is your signature piece of legislation. pride is never a good reason to do something. >> is the fact that this is only a six-week deal -- >> it's laughable. >> it's a big fight on capitol hill and the best people can do
7:18 pm
is talk ant six weeks to fund the government. >> you would think we were debating a constitutional amendment. it's six weeks. >> it's six weeks. >> that's how you get a 7% public approval rating and wonder who they are other than family and maybe staff. >> always nice to see you. >> you, too. >> you will join us when we go to 7:00. >> absolutely. yes, ma'am. >> straight ahead, if the government shuts down will you get your mail, social security check, paycheck? that's next. with less than two hours to go tell us what you think about the vicious budget battle and threat of government shutdown. use # greta and you could see your post live on the air. our live countdown to the shutdown continues next. americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future.
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now to the question most americans are asking and you are probably as well. if the government shuts down at 12:01 a.m. which is 90 minutes from uh now, how will life be different tomorrow? abc news political director rick klein has all the answers. if this shuts down, what happens? >> it doesn't mean the government shuts down. if you're a federal worker, there is a good chance you will be furlowed. you can't go to work tomorrow even if you want to. >> will you be paid later? >> it's not a guarantee. >> you could have a week off and then get paid for that two weeks from now. >> 800,000 people will be impacted. it's illegal to work. they can't turn on the
7:23 pm
blackberry. the practice is they get the money back after, but you aren't guaranteed of that. across federal agencies we eel see a curtailment in services. the basic essential services, law enforcement, air traffic controllers. that stays around. programs, trials -- >> how will it i affect me? >> let's see. you're still able to fly, go to the airport. but if you want to enroll in a clinical trial, that stops. if you interact with the environmental protection agency they will stop a lot of enforcement for the time being. there are program miss the department of transportation that are experiment ing with new technologies. those will stop. the department of education is almost entirely shut down. god if he should you want to go to a monument or national park. that's the most visible impact in the past of shutdowns. you have to see the lincoln memorial another time. >> the education department gets
7:24 pm
shut down for a week. does it i make a difference? >> not immediately. it could mean school districts in the country get federal money. grants will be delayed. it will be a grand experiment. the basic service wills continue. we don't have to talk about people going free from federal jails. you will get screening at the airports but the basic, mundane things the government does will be slowed or stop theed. if you're calling to get a new federal benefit. it will be delayed in getting the money. if you need a passport you won't get the same response you did in the past. a lot of little things. >> you will hold for two hours instead of an hour and 50 minutes. >> 800,000 people will be impacted tomorrow. >> do you know what i think is a
7:25 pm
huge one that may not resonate with people -- we look bad in the world. just terrible. we have enough problems. we can't even handle our own finances? first of all, we don't have anything now. if we come up with something in six weeks, here we sit holier than thou talking about greece, portugal and countries around the world. we look terrible. we can't handle our own affairs. >> it's governing by crisis. they are self-inflicted crises. for people, their basic trust in government erodes in something like this. most people don't care about the details. they want government to do its job. approve funding measures. we have guys on capitol hill ping-ponging back and forth where they know what the result will be. >> i think they look ridiculous. we started complaining here as early as late july. they know the debt will roll around. they knew b about it.
7:26 pm
they don't care. they take a five-week vacation. the best thing they have tonight b is a six-week plan. i have a better plan for my own finances longer than six weeks. >> both sides are so convinced they are right. >> if they wait until the last minute how much do they care, except about winning. >> that's the end result of this. it's so much politics. you have titanic clashes for the two sides, two visions of government. they are calling each other names up to the 11th hour and beyond. >> thanks. we'll have more with you later. coming up, b is house and senate passed obamacare. the president signed it into law. you don't get government tax subsidies, should they? keep el teing us your thoughts on the shutdown threat. use # greta on your texts. you may see yours on the record coming up. (vo) you are a business pro.
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so that when you're doing more, you're spending less. the all-new nissan versa note. your door to more. now get a $139 per month lease on a 2014 nissan versa note. ♪ the latest house version of the c.r. includes the vitter amendment which bars congress and staffers from receiving obamacare subsidies. he joins us now. >> great to be with you. >> you had an amendment you wanted to have passed. i will let you tell what it is. tell me the status. >> most of the amendment is simply to enforce what is the law under obamacare. they have to go to the exchange like millions of americans are
7:32 pm
forced to without any special subsidy or special exemptions. president obama and his administration issued a rule to try to take all the pain out of that and do something i think is completely contrary to statute. the other part of the amendment would add into that mix the president and the vice president and all of their political appoint es. so the main point is for washington to be treated like the rest of america under obamacare. >> senator durbin took the floor tonight. he said he actually -- if i get it correct, he supported that the subsidy for capitol hill because he said many people in america work at companies where the employers make contributions to these plans with the employees. for the life of me i would say i don't understand why this is a great plan. i agree with the people squawking about it. is that why capitol hill says it's great for you but not for me ? >> yeah.
7:33 pm
senator durbin should read the obamacare law he voted for. it says members of congress and staff go to the exchange for insurance with no special exemptions or subsidy. that's the law he voted for. all i'm doing with regard to congress is saying we should live by that and washington should be treated like the rest of america. >> is there a sense of guilty conscien conscience? don't people on capitol hill think it's odd that you get a special deal on the very bill you passed? is it so much a part of the culture you think this is fine? >> well, look, i can't speak for other people. what i sense is not so much guilty conscience as real nervousness because when america finds out about the special deal, the special exemptions or subsidy and america is finding out, they are en raged. rightly so.
7:34 pm
>> i can tell you anybody who votes that members of congress and staff get this special deal, i can tell you when those politicians run for office in 2014 or 2016, you can be sure that will be the ad. they only care about themselves, not you. >> sure. that's why what i'm fighting for is a vote. that's why harry reid is doing everything he can to block me out of a vote because their position is completely indefensible. we had somewhat of a vote tonight. we'll get a pure vote on the issue. eventually we'll pass this exemptions language. >> what do you expect? do you expect something back from the house tonight? . probably not. i'm hearing the house may vote to go through to conference with
7:35 pm
the senate. >> is there anything, do you think, the house republicans -- the house democrats -- i mean the senate democrats made playing their position but now the house, is there anything the house would give on in terms of the funding of obamacare or delaying the individual mandate for a year or the subsidies to the capitol hill employees? >> i think the version that the senate couldn't just ignore and bat back is a c.r. with this no washington exemptions language and that is it. i am urging the house to consider that. whether they do it uh tonight or take the position in congress, that's basic fairness. identifying with the american people. that's saying we should walk in their shoes.
7:36 pm
>> will we have this discussion six weeks from now? this is only good for six weeks. are we going through this again? >> again, i don't have a crystal ball. but certainly conservatives including me not just past a debt limit increase. >> nice to see you, sir. >> great to be with you. >> republicans and democrats both insisting they do t not want a shutdown. whose fault will it be when the government doors close? our political panel is here next. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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let's be optimistic. but just in case -- let's be ready. toyota. let's go places, safely. fox news alert. check the clock. an hour and 20 minutes left before a government shutdown. you are looking live at the house rules committee.
7:41 pm
it's been a day of nonstop legislative ping-pong. republicans blaming democrats and democrats blaming republicans. >> how do we give a break to the big businesses but stick our constituents with a bill they don't want and a bill they can't afford? that's what the fight is about. >> harry reid has essentially told the american people to go jump in a lake. he said, i'm not willing to come pro-mighty ducpromise or e >> the democrats in the senate the and the president are anxious to have a shutdown. >> what courage 'cause it take for a tea party republican to shut down the federal government at the expense of someone else's job? that's not courage. >> we have been met with an attitude of no negotiation, don't want to talk about this. my way or the highway. >> stop playing childish games.
7:42 pm
>> they don't believe in government. what's a good way to hurt government? shut it down. >> all the senate has to do is say yes and the government is funded tomorrow. >> it's the president re fusing to come to the neg yating table. >> one faction of one party doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to re-fight the results of an election. >> this law isn't ready for primetime. >> you made the argument to the american people. they reeject ed that argument and re elected president obama. you have not gotten over that to this minute. as a result you are about to shut down the government. >> it is unfortunate the majority leader seems bound and determined to force a government shutdown. >> stop trying to force a government shutdown. >> the fate of our country and economy now rests with john boehner. >> senate decided not to work yesterday. well, my goodness. if it is such an emergency, where are they? >> the president carved out
7:43 pm
exceptions under obamacare. our position is very clear -- no special treatment for anyone. >> obamacare is a disaster, a train wreck, a nightmare. >> house republicans continue to uh tie funding of the government to ideological demands to save pass after making promises to the extreme right wing of the party. >> the democrats want this. the democrats want it because they are confident that the republicans are going to get blamed. >> joining us our politico panel, rick klein. the weekly standard's steve hayes and chief political correspondent byron york. how is this going to end? >> uh i think it end s in the republicans losing. right now we have seen republicans have made progressively weaker demands of democrats. let's defund obamacare. you don't want that? okay. let's defund it for a year and re peel the medical device tax. no? okay. let's re ee's delay the individ
7:44 pm
mandate and make sure congress doesn't get special subsidies. you don't juan that? now they will do a conference committee. it appears they will talk for a while. but in the end the numbers are what they are. the government will get funded and republicans are not going to do anything to stop obamacare. >> steve, maybe you should explain conference committee, too. >> base uhcally what republicans in the house are doing is appointing conferrees to get together to hash out differences between the chambers. this is largely thee rhett call. i don't think we'll get to that point. byron's analysis is basically correct. the upside for republicans, if there is one, they are finally in a position where they have settled on two of the best public arguments against obamacare. the delay of the individual mandate after the president unilaterally suspended the imple men he tags of the employer mandate and the congressional
7:45 pm
exemptions. two arguments that are easy for people to understand. arguments republicans can make effectively. arguments democrats have a difficult time explaining and/or justifying. if you listen today in the debate on the house floor with the rules committee, democrat from new york slaughter trying to explain why they shouldn't have this special carve out out republicans are seeking to take away with this new language. it's a bad argument for democrats to make. it's a difficult argument. >> if we lived in a normal political system with normal functioning give uh and take you would see possible compromises here. you would say, medical device tax. both sides think this is a bad idea. we can get rid of that, fight it another day. democrats are now convinced they have republicans where they want them. they are happy about the political situation.
7:46 pm
relishing a couple of hours of republicans negotiating with themselves. that's why we are likely in an hour and 15 minutes to go over the cliff into government shutdown. >> i don't think either side comes out a winner. no matter whoever gets the better deal it doesn't matter. we are talking about something that's six weeks. they look pathetic. if that's the best they can do. the dongal exemptions makes them look pathetic thinking of themselves and not the american people. the medical device tack. they knew about it three years ago and now the democrats even find out they have medical device people in their districts. they all look pathetic and don't show up. the senate didn't show up yesterday. they knew about it since august. everybody looks pathetic to me. >> we are well beyond winners and losers. if this goes on for days, weeks, whatever, increase bli it becomes whi can't you do your job? i agree.
7:47 pm
leaves you with no faith in any of the institutions. >> both parties are thinking they are looking at polls which say more republicans will be blamed than democrats. republicans, the more realistic among them are saying we always get blamed when this happens. everything they are thinking about is influenced by looking at the political calculation. >> the we can that republicans had from the beginning with respect to the continuing resolution is that they were likely to be blamed and democrats, i believe, did want a shutdown. so republicans in effect were saying, look, if you don't give us what you want the result will be a shutdown of the government. democrats say, that's great for us. we are all for a shutdown. basically because a lot of the media will point quickly to say this is the republicans' fault. >> and this was a huge uphill battle for republicans. the party that's defending the status quo is in better shape. democrats are stronger because obamacare is the law. republicans are stronger on the
7:48 pm
sequestration issue because sequester trags is the law. it's hard to change it once it's there. this was an uphill battle even if republicans had more numbers in the senate which they don't. >> an hour and 13 minutes and we'll find out if the government is shut down or not. thanks, gentlemen. straight ahead, how long could a shutdown last? will it have a long lasting impact on washington and what will voters say next time they go to the polls? that's next. keeps you connected inside the latest news. stay in touch and speak out. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? no hidden fees. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job? daddy's a uhh florist. are you really a florist? dad, why are there shovels in the trunk? there's no shovels in my trunk. i see shovels... you don't see no shovels. just am. well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one.
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right now most americans are not happy with members of congress, any member of congress but who will take the blame for a government shut down? joe trippi joins us, it seems important, seems like everyone is by the time the election rolls around will people have forgotten this one? >> no. i don't think so. because when things like this happen, particularly if there is a shut down looks like there is no way this is going to be avoided. so far, this never what happens out there being a big reaction. i think republicans are going
7:53 pm
to have a tough time, fair or not saying they weren't responsible for it. think right now, this is a losing hand for them. >> i can understand having a different ideology. i really k people, you know, people have different ideas how to accomplish things what i can't understand is that they have given themselves this, subdiddy -- subsidy. >> yes. >> anyone when votes. >> greta: anyone for votes for that? i see ads running against him or her every day. >> is that what the votes are about tonight. the ads. it's about this guy voted to not take the subsidy out. this guy, this one is... >> greta: it's the line his own pockets. so it's worse. >> i'm trying to say all of these will be cast in the worst light they can be cast in. that is going to happen, that is absolute. here is the thing that i think is mistake for the republicans. if you believe that this is a
7:54 pm
horrible law, if you believe, that -- obama care is going to be this disaster. people's rates goring to go up. people will be kicked off health care won't get health care. it's -- it's the worse of the worst of big government. if you believe that, then 2014 should be a prettiest year you've had. so spoit 41 times trying to repeal it z everybody in the country knows you can't think it -- stand it and think it's bad f it is that bad, you don't need to shut the government down to make the point. you made the point. move on. let the democratic policy fail and its over for us democrats in 2014. instead they've taken that hand, assuming they believe it's a horrible thing, they've taken a winning hand and starting to jeopardize it by going for the 4042 time to
7:55 pm
repeal obama care. yes it's a government shut down. i mean, i understand the events here. but it's -- it's not going to be helpful in the end for them. they're -- unless they're worried people goring to like it. then, it starts to make sense. >> greta: at midnight we, as soon as october 1 the shut down issue. but exchanges for both will be open. >> yes. admitted to wait. >> greta: do you think everybody in the obama administration is on pins and needles about whether this is[gs going to be smooth? >> i don't think it will be smooth. it's too big of a program. there is going to be big problems. it's going to be a lot of it will get implemented but yeah there is going to be some problems. a lot of problems witness. >> greta: joe >> thank you. >> we're an hour away from a government shut down. will the skmous senate strike a last minute deal to avert it? our live coverage continues, another hour senate majority
7:56 pm
leader harry reid expected to speak at 11:00 p.m. stay with us for another hour of breaking news. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit.line customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy.
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