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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 1, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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senate democrats unable to agree on a spending deal to keep the government open. doug luzader is live from dc with the latest developments. good morning, doug. >> it was a late night. let's get started. this is the memorandum that went out from the office of management and budget federal agencies to begin this process of shutting down. tl through out the course of the day republicans offered one plan after another to keep the government operating each was shut down by the democrats over requirement the individual mandates be de -- delayed a year. the clock truck midnight even though talks abowill continue i theory. >> the position is known clearly we should fund the government and there are basic fairness for all americans under owe boom hi care.
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>> why the president wasn't even speaking to republicans came with a series of presidential phone calls to all four congressional leaders there. by then it was too late. after midnight came a video message the u.s. forces from the president. >> we will continue working to address any impact the shut down has on you and your families. >> it may have been an effort by the white house to graze but service members will be paid regardless. will they showed off a picture of him signing one of the pieces of legislation they would pass to ensure service members continue to get their paycheck despite this shut down. at this point we are down to simply a blame game each party blaming the other for the fact that they will begin the process of at least partially shutting down. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. >> the question every american
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asking how does the government shut down affect me? >> 800,000 federal workers will be furloughed all national parks and monuments including the grand canyon the statue of liberty and the national mall will be closed. >> the fda suspending food safety inspections. friday the september jobs report will not be released because the bureau of labor statistics will be closed. >> as for what is still open and operating air traffic controllers passport and visa applications will also still be processed. >> social security and medicare payments unemployment benefits and food stamps will continue to go out. and your mail will still be delivered. embassies and consulates will remain open overseas and our military personnel will report to duty. >> and many are asking this morning who is to blame for all of this and why would either political party risk shutting down the government. >> trey gowdy went on the record
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insisting that the fight over the president's healthcare law is worth it. >> if you look at the history of shut downs lots of calls by democrat presidents and democrat congresses. for some reason the republicans are always to blame for the shut down. i have colleagues understand bly worried we are going to be blamed this time. my perspective is this how long is too long to fight for something that's really important. for 12 days in 1979 the government shut down. you know what the topic was? is a pay increase for 12 days. can we not ask one day when it comes to religious liberty or treating people equally? if we could shut this government down because of an aircraft carrier or because of a pay inkraes for congress, surely a week is not too much to invest for something like religious
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liberty. >> we will have more on obama care in just a second. but first we have a fox business alert. the government shut down is scaring the stock market. >> traders on wall street worried the budget fight might hurt the economy. lauren simonetti is can traing the market for us. what can we expect to see today? >> calm in the wake of the storm. after a volatile trading session yesterday with the dow falling 129 points cutting into the market solid gain for the month of september and for the third quarter we have up arrows this morning. they are opening slightly higher. the dow about 60 points the s&p up and the nasdaq up this morning. stocks around the world are cautiously higher today. european markets just opening mostly to the upside swe as wel.
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back stateside it will not be business as usual. the washington shut down may shut down release of economic reports. private data will continue to flow like isa manufacturing in ams and auto makers release the latest sales numbers today. but the construction spending report that one might be delayed. what wall street is really worried about is not the government shut down but the debt ceiling debate. it is the next crisis in washington and it happened in the middle of this month ladies. >> thank you so much, lauren. >> other stories out of washington this morning. despite the government shut down obama care officially opens for business today. it is also coming with big glitches. steve sent any centani is here . >> it could slow the start of obama care. but as president obama made
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clear last night... an important part of the affordable care act will take effect today no matter what congress decides to do. affordable care act is moving forward and the president says it can't be shut down. that's because the money is already in place and does not hinge on whether government departments are funded for the fiscal year that starts today. there are glitches of course and there is confusion over how this plan is supposed to work. a kaiser family foundation survey found nearly 3 quarters of americans were unaware of the new health exchanges which are open for enrollment beginning today. even though you won't get healthcare coverage until january 1st. several states were struggling to get plans up on their computer systems. there were problems with their web site and earlier the obama administration delayed the roll out of the plan for small businesses.
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there is a report that the government changed one web site advising about free care. it was never to steer people into the healthcare exchanges. >> they are willing to admit there will be glitches as the day rolls on. thank you, steve. >> that brings us to this brew on this discussion. how do you feel about the government shut down? send an e-mail at fox friends and you will read some of the comments later in the show. >> now for a fox news alert. uc burke lee as it leads to a massive explosion on campus. >> in the distance you can see the thick black smoke filling the air. the incident may have been caused by vandals who stole
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copper wire from an under ground electrical station. one person hospitalized for minor burns is expected to be okay. it is still unclear if there will be class this morning. five people are dead after a freak accident on a popular colorado hiking trail. the family buried in a rock slide. the only survivor a 13-year-old girl. she was air lifted to a nearby children's hospital with a broken leg. recovery efforts were suspended because of unsafe conditions. they plan to recover the bodies this afternoon. >> in a rare mood the u.s. marine corps forcing two generals into retirement. the marines made the decision after deciding major general charles gurganis and major general greg sturdivant are accused of failing to protect their base in afghanistan. they were attacked by 15 taliban fighters on september 14th of
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last year. two marines were killed. this morning we are learning more about the victims of a deadly plane crash in california. mark benjamin the ceo of construction company moore lee builders and his son luke are believed to have been on the plane this coming from a statement on the company's web site. they believe two others might have been on the plane. crews are have not been able to get into a wreckage to determine the total number of people on board or identify any of the victims. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a busy news morning for you. we are not done yet. it is nine minutes after the top of the hour. still to come fire on the freeway. a woman is trapped inside a burning car. see what happens moments before it is fully engulfed in flames. >> a mob of motorcyclists bashing in the window of an suv. new this morning we will so you who police are looking for. [ tires screech ]
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it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. >> fox news alert. our capital is anything but business as usual. at midnight the federal government shut down. more than 800,000 federal workers across several agencies will not be going to work today after congress failed to agree on a deal to fund the government. the sticking point democrats refuse to delay funding obama care. we want to know what you think about all of this. keep the e-mails and tweets coming in. we will read some of them later in the show. >> well, ainsley, an extreme act
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of road rage caught on camera. a father was driving with his wife. his two-year-old daughter was also in the car surrounded by motorcyclists chased through the streets of new york city and then attacked. >> hard to believe especially when you see the video. nypd looking for any one who is responsible for this. lisa ebbers shows us the shocking video. >> this is the view from a camera of one of the riders as they head up one of the busiest highways in the city. he hthe range rover had his wif and baby on board. looked like he may have sur runneded them. >> i would be precautious. the motorcycles can be reckless, too, all of a sudden they stop and shut done three lanes of traffic. the nypd says the range rover
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driver ran into several of the motorcycles then ran into the driver. >> he strikes one of the motorcyclists and that person ultimately winds up with a broken leg. >> the range rover drive keeps ongoing called 911 and was not charged with any crime or given my traffic summons. police believe he was in fear for his life. a high speed chase as the motorcycle riders followed the range rover and forced it to stop on the ramp of this george washington bridge. angry words are exchanged. you see a rider run to the range rover and dry to pull the driver out. he speeds off again. minutes later the swarm of cyclists stopped the range rover a rider takes off his helmet and smashes the window. at some minute the tires of the suv were slashed. here's what cops say happened after the camera stopped rolling. >> he is taken out of the car he is assaulted. he received some stitches and went to presbyterian hospital.
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he has been treated and released. >> in other news an effort to get answers about the poched fast and furious operation. a federal judge rejected his request to keep the courts out of this dispute. the house over site committee sued holder last august after he refused to turn over documents relating to the incident. two of the lost guns were used to kill border agent brian terry. >> this morning new york city police are looking for two daredevils. listen to what they did. the pair parachuted on to the street near the world trade center site early yesterday morning. they were wearing black helmets and jumping gear. it is unclear if they jumped from it an aircraft or a high rise. investigators are looking at security footage that caught the two in of the act. >> new balance going toe-to-toe with the pentagon. the company is ush ping for a new bill that would require all military recruits to wear
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american made shoes. nave rerecruits already wear new balance sneakers which are manufactured here in the u.s. but the measure would force all branchs of the armed services to follow suit. >> the time now 16 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, road rage, more road rage caught on camera. watch as a driver pulls out a gun and takes aim while behind the wheel. what led to this horror on the highway. plus a curtain closes for hillary clinton why two of her film projects are being strapped -- scrapped. [ taps baton ]
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>> more on the fox nis alert. when you went to bed the government was still working but as you wake up over 800,000 federal workers will be staying home today. the government shut down at midnight after congress failed to agree on a spending plan. what does that mean for you? >> starting today you won't be able to visit any national parks, museums or monuments. you think forget about the trip to the grand canyon. if you are talking about a government backed port you will have to wait a little longer. >> you will still get mail social security and medicare benefits won't be affected. food stamps and unemployment checks will still go out. we have been asking you what you think about the shut down. here are some of your responses. bill from atlanta said how many
2:22 am
years does the government have to be shut down in order to balance the budget? >> blaine tweeted i am glad we shut down. this increase in spending will never stop if something does not change inside the government. thank you for those who sen the comments in already. >> started last night sending them to to us. >> the weather comes from the if he had rale government. will the shut down have an impact there. what can you tell us? >> good morning ainsley and heather. every morning i bring you the weather conditions across the country. now we are seeing some of the weather information that could potentially be impacted by the government shut down as a number of agency for the environment and weather agencies will be impacted. it will be impacting many of the federal environmental functions. services designated he is shess
2:23 am
will continue. nasa mission control will continually be staffed but 18,000 employees will be furloughed. those doing research on climate impact or climate change will not be doing their research. national hurricane center will continue to track storms. we have an yar thu they are watching for possible development over the next several days. rainshowers moving in in the pacific northwest. winds died down but massive storm systems bringing lots of snow and higher rel vatielevati there. the storm died down a little bit so lacking at better weather
2:24 am
conditions. >> government shut down hurting tourism. one of the iconic landmarks the statue of liberty which just reopened after hurricane sandy is closed again. wnwy reporter is live for us in lower manhattan this morning. good morning. >> good morning. the lights are still on on liberty island. lady liberty will have to be viewed from afar. the statue of liberty is run by the national parks. so it is a victim of the government shut down. there are a lot of people who travel to new york city one of the most popular tourist atra s atracksa -- attractions here. they can't visit ellis island but it has been closed since super storm sandy. there are a couple other museums and tourist attractions around new york city that are also affected by the government shut down and the american indian as well as federal hall the birth
2:25 am
place of theodore roosevelt. there are a few places around town where it is off limits until congress gets its act together. some 72,000 federal employees in new york are actually being impacted by the government shut down. but we also want to mention to you in speaking with tourism officials in the city they don't expect us to have a huge impact on tourism especially if it only lasts a few days which is most of the time government shut downs have lasted about that three-day period. they are hoping this will only be a short term problem and things get back to normal and people can get back to visiting our most treasured landmarks like the statue of liberty. i will send it back to you in the studio. >> no matter how you see it it is spectacular. >> it is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. terrifying moments as a woman is trapped inside a burning car who
2:26 am
is now being hailed a hero for saving her life. >> capitol hill quiet at this ho hour>> team coverage on how the shut down impacts you in the next half hour. ♪ heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact
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>> it is tuesday october 1st. congress misses a deadline sending the government into a partial shut down for the first time in nearly two decades. obama care is open for business. we have breaking details. >> plus a major scare on a campus as an explosion sends students scrambling. >> the reason behind the blast straight ahead. >> obama care may not be the only one not ready for prime time. not one with ybut two networks hillary clinton the foot.
2:31 am
fox a "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. it is tuesday october 1st. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am insuranainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. with he begin with our top story. congress dark and empty right now. lawmakers missed the midnight deadline sending the government into a partial shut down for the first time in nearly 20 decades. the question everybody is asking this morning how does the government shut down affect me? >> here is how it affects you. estimated 800,000 federal workers will be furloughed. all national parks and monuments grand canyon statue of liberty and independence mall will be closed as well. >> the fda is suspending routine food safety inspections. on friday the september jobs report will not be released because the bureau of labor statistics is closed. >> as for what is still open and
2:32 am
operating air traffic controllers of course and the tsa, passport and visa applications will still be processed. >> social security and medicare payments unemployment benefits and food stamps will continue to go out. your mail will still be delivered. embassies and consulates will remain open overseas and the u.s. military. >> let's get right to the fox news alert for you while you were sleeping the federal government shut down as we said for the first time in 17 years. >> despite working until the final minute house republicans and senate democrats unable to come to an agreement on that spending deal to keep the government open. doug luzader is live with the latest there. busy night. >> a late night and this is the memorandum that went out when it became clear there would be no agreement. this is from the office of management and budget directing the federal agencies to begin the process of at least partially shutting down.
2:33 am
through out the course of the night republicans in the house offered one plan after another to keep the government funded down by senate democrats over the requirement that the individual mandates over obama care be delayed for a year. even though talks in theory will continue. >> the house made the position clearly. we ought to fund the government and basic fairness for all americans under obama care. >> with the white house facing questions about why the president wasn't speaking to republicans late in the day became a series of presidential phone calls to all congressional leaders there. by then it was too late. just after midnight came a if i had yo message of u.s. forces from the president. >> we will continue to working to address any impact the shut down has on you and your families. >> it may have been an effort for the white house to raise the stakes. but service members will be paid
2:34 am
regardless. the white house showed off this photo of the president signing the one piece of bipartisan legislation that did pass yesterday. to ensure that service members continue to get their paychecks despite this shut down. at this point we are down to a blame game each party blaming the other for the fact that they will begin the process of partially shutting down. heather and ainsley. the>> a major story out of washington this morning. despite the government shut down obama care opens for business today. it is coming up with big glitches. >> despite the big show down on capitol hill and the rangwrangl it begins today glitches and all. beginning today americans will be able to sign up for the
2:35 am
healthcare exchanges. the problem is many americans still aren't aware of how obama care works. web sites in many of the states are having trouble getting up and running. they an uns noed a delay for small businesses. they want a delay for everyone. that's not likely to happen without the approval of the democrat controlled senate and the president. obama care won't be affected bite fact that they did not pass a spending bill while many parts of the government will shut down the healthcare law will continue. it is manned sto-- mandatory no subject to healthcare battles. nearly three quarters of americans are unaware of a new insurance market that opens today. back to you, ainsley and heather. >> i believe it. people don't know what's happening and how it is going to affect us. >> information about the weather comes from if the federal
2:36 am
government. maria molina is here with a closer look at how the government shut down affects that. >> the government shut down will bring many federal functions to a halt. there will services that will continue at some of these agencies. we have nasa. many of you know nasa. mission control will continue to be fully staffed. 18,000 employees will be furloughed. the national weather service will continue to issue a task. a national hurricane center will continue tracking storms but research center will also be furloughed. anything that is essential will continue and things that are considerednonessential will be furloughed. let's take a look at the weather conditions now across the country. we have weather still going on across parts of the pacific northwest. we had a mass i storm system in
2:37 am
parts of washington into oregon. today looking better with showers. the wind quieting down significantly out here across the area. some of the higher elevations are still picking up snow in the washington cascades. across parts of texas and lawsuit yaw it is relatively quiet during the early morning hours. as we head to the golf of m-- g of mexico we have another center they are watching for possible development out here. over the next several days forecast moves over very warm water and we could see potentially development. they are giving it a 50 percent chance we will see this otherwise high temperatures hot one in texas 90s, 85 for kansas city and a warm one for new york city. >> first week of october '81 degrees. >> we brought all of the
2:38 am
sweaters. >> we will bring it back out. >> thank you maria. >> this brings us to the brew on this question of the day. we want to know how you feel about the government shut down. >> he had this to say in oklahoma city. this is another example of politicians lacking out for their party and their job over truly serving the american people. >> we would love to hear from you please tweet us at "fox friends first or shoot us an email at >> also overnight a mandatory evacuation order at uc berkeley after a power outage leads to this a massive explosion on campus. >> this is the police department. mraez exit ca -- please exit ca. >> look there in the distance. you can see the black smoke filling the air. police think it may have been caused by vandals who stole copper wire from an under ground
2:39 am
electrical station. one person was hospitalized for minor burns and is expected to be okay. it is unclear if there will be class this morning. >> police officer being hailed a hero after this daring rescue. >> i got you. i got you. >> you can hear the officer as he pulls the woman out of the burning car. the women's car burst into flames after hitting a telephone pole. thanks to officer rodriguez she is in stable condition. the officer suffered minor burns. >> calls on a kentucky highway. a man says he was trying to take video of this reckless driver. he pulls up next to the car. the driver rolls down his window and pulls out a gun and aims it at him. >> it was scary. it was really scary.
2:40 am
i just hit the break. at the time, when you first see the gun you think he has a gun he is not going to do anything with it. then you hear the shot oh my gosh. >> thankfully the victim was not injured. police arrested the driver in indiana. >> after stirring up controversy of a planned project about hillary clinton both cnn and nbc are now walking away. nbc was planning a mini series that is due out this year while cnn was working on a documentary about the former secretary of state and first lady. the direct toir of the documentary says he decided no the to move forward because simply no one was interested in helping him make the film. the time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up stay tuned for this searching toer a heart also feast. >> when they make fun of it or whatever it hurts deeply.
2:41 am
especially i think more so to veterans than the average person. >> six american flags were stolen from veteran's homes. we will tell you where this happened. >> all eyes are on washington, d.c. as you wake up to a government shut down. the impact this will have on the economy and on your wallet next. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals
2:42 am
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2:45 am
unemployment social security and medicare and food stamps will still be paid. veteran's disability claims are still put on hold. we asked what you thought? here are some of the responses. >> wendy tweeted us we don't need another continued resolution we need a federal government putting off a problem never solves this. what's this store for today? on wall street they are worried. >> it mate hurt the economy. fox nis bnetwork is tracking it for us. >> investors around the world woke up to the news of a government shut down in the premarkets so far are not reacting too aggressively to
2:46 am
this shut down. futures are up 62 points which is nice news the s&p are up 8 points about half of one percent. overseas we see mixed reviews on the shut down. asian markets slowed down mod t modestly at first but south korea and japan slugged off the news. markets in hong kong were closed for a manational holiday. the dollar has taken a slight hit in early european trade and gold is up. >> markets overseas are far more sensitive to what the federal reserve has to say. the bond buying program could be rolled back. we will keep an eye on that for you through out the day. back to you. >> jolene kent live for us. now to other stories making headlines for you at this hour.
2:47 am
this morning investigators trying to figure out the mysterious cause of this. the it was a collision with a run away train. an nc train they said it was empty slammed into a commuter train laefing at least 14 people hurt. it was in a repair yard when it somehow began rolling down the tracks. they want to know whether any one climbed on board and set it into motion. heavy rainfall in colorado could be to blame could be what caused a rock slide on a popular hiking trail. the rock slide killed a family of five sent a 13-year-old girl to the hospital with a broken leg. recovery efforts were suspended be due to unsafe conditions. they plan to recover the bodies this afternoon. could a tiny piece of untested evidence on a knife be the key to the final verdict in amanda knox's retrial.
2:48 am
a judge now ordering new dna testing on the weapon that was allegedly used to murder meredith kifrn ner back in 2007. the trace was too small to use before. last year the supreme court ordered a new trial for amanda knox overturning her acquittal. the 26-year-old has not returned to italy. >> the time now about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. patriotism at its best. ♪ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> what caused the spectators to break out into song? where you will not be able to go while the government is shut down. let's check in with steve doocy to see what's going on on fox a "fox & friends". >> the government may be hpa
2:49 am
partially shut down but we are completely open. congresswoman marsha blackburn is going to react to the partial government shut down. we will answer euro bam ma care questions. those exchanges opened today at midnight. how the shut down is going to affect today's stock market. nascar driver is here she has a car in front of our building. all that and more "fox & friends" start in about 10 minutes on fox your channel for news. [ thinking ] why can't all new things be this great? ha ha! whoa! [ monkey squeals ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. :
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♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate
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>> a fox news alert. the government shutdown hurting tourism right here in new york. one of the city's most iconic landmarks, the statue of liberty, which just reopened after hurricane sandy, is closed once again.
2:53 am
>> we're live in lower manhattan this morning with more. >> good morning. we just got her back and now we're losing her yet again. doesn't lady liberty look lonely out in the harbor? unfortunately she's not going to get any visitors any time soon. that's because liberty island is run by the national parks and so a victim of the government shutdown. not the only thing here in manhattan where they're going to be affected by the government shutdown. the museum of the american indian, the birthplace of theodore roosevelt, just places around town where tourists like to come and stop. they are unique to our city. and be able to visit, spend an afternoon or day there. especially certainly the statue of liberty. while the government is shut down unfortunately that will stay closed too. 72,000 new yorkers are federal employees and they are also affected by the government shutdown so a lot of people here hoping this thing wraps up quick. >> you said that well.
2:54 am
she does look lonely out there. >> an extreme weather alert. a rare tornado ripping through an area south of seattle damaging buildings, dumping record amounts of rain and temporarily knocking out power to thousands of people. the national weather service says that winds from the storm reached 110 miles per hour. no report, thank goodness of injuries this morning. >> veterans living in an orlando, florida, suburb say their american flags are being stolen. air force veteran carl delasandros says he flies the flag 365 days a year and says not only was his flag taken but five other veterans in his neighborhood had theirs stolen too. >> when someone mars, steals or makes fun of the flag it hurts veterans more than the average person.say twoe
2:55 am
caught on video stealing the flag from a bank weeks ago and not clear if they are the same ones. >> the microphone system failed when dr. cameron smith went to belt out "the star-spangled banner" at the kansas city major league game and that's when the crowd stepped in. [crowd singing "star-spangled banner"] >> that is true patriotism. what could have been really bad ended up being much better. >> good for them. i love that story. >> five minutes till the top of the hour. federal employees sleeping in this morning as a government shutdown forces them to stay home. >> so who is to blame? we will read your tweets and e-mails up next. ♪ ♪
2:56 am
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. the government shut down fort first time in 17 years. congress missed a midnight deadline to pass a crucial spending bill. people classified as essential government employees will continue to work. that covers air traffic controllers, border patrol agents and most food inspectors. the postal service will remain open and the government will continue to pay medicare and medicaid fees and food stamps. so what is closed? national parks and some museums. and despite the shutdown, obamacare exchanges open for the first time today. >> now it's time for those brew on this responses. we asked you how you felt about the government shutdown and here are some of your responses. andrew says i'm happy about the shutdown. shut the government down and let's reboot the
3:00 am
system. >> pete tweeted i think it is finally time to real in out-of-control spending, crony capitalism, wasteful subsidies and cut the debt and don says i think it is great. the president and democrats are out of touch with america and we need a wake up call so honest negotiations can start. >> all right. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >>elisabeth: good morning. it is tuesday, october 1. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. for the first time in 17 years the u.s. government is shut down. what happened while you were sleeping. how will this affect you? and how long will this last? we are covering all the angles straight ahead. >>steve: the government may be partially closed but obamacare is officially open for business today, on october 1. you can sign up for the exchanges starting today, but do you need to? and do you know how to do it? we're here to help. we've got somebody just over our shoulder at the computer standing by. >>brian: a terrifying story. a family att


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