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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 3, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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almost. day three of the partial government shut down begins with lots of drama, but no deal in sight. >> both democrats and republicans are digging in with the president saying that he will not negotiate restrictions on obama care. doug luzader is live from washington with more. >> there is more and more talk now about not just an october 1st day that has come and gone where we essentially ran out of money to spend for the federal government but focus on the second date october 17th. that's the next big deadline before the nation reaches its borrowing limit. at let's they were talking last night at the white house, president obama is sitting down with congressional leaders at both parties. but according to folks afterwards, no one moved an inch. >> the president reiterated one more time he will not negotiate. >> the house was able to pass specific bills to fund parts of
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the government includes things likes parks and museums but the president threatened to veto anything short of a funding bill. it got ugly on the house floor. >> when you run the jihadist american health act shutting down the park wasn't a problem. (talking over one another) >> the gentlemen has ex tired. he is out of order. >> it caused a panic in the bargain. president obama in an interview with cnbc tried to change that according to the debt ceiling fight. >> i think this one is different. i think they should be concerned. >> there is also more talk with possibility of some kind of comprehensive solution here something that combines both the continuing resolution, the funding fight and also this debt ceiling crisis. they come up with one big fit
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but they have a long way to go here. back to you guys. >> you will be following it for us. thanks so much doug luzader. >> it is proving unstoppable for the second day in a row. a world war ii veterans made their way into the world war ii memorial despite being kept out by a government shut down. the memorial remains closed to the public. but now the park service has decided to allow veterans in. >> i think the poke in your eye to the veterans of putting the fence around it. the world war ii memorial was over the top. they can be mad, too, at democrats and republicans to congress but just no common sense and not an open memorial. >> p rand fall tweeted this. barack obama said 7 security guards to the world war ii
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memorial this morning. that is two more than were present in benghazi. we are live with a reaction from viewers. >> this bus was carrying 18 senior citizens when it blue a tire crossed the median on to the tennessee interstate crashing into a tractor trailer and sufficient. >> i have been in jersey county for the last 21 years this is the largest scale accident we have been involved with. >> 14 other injured two in critical condition. automatic oo he was charged with killing three people but the accused boston marathon bomber is asking for special treatment behind bars. dzhokhar tsarnaev is asking the judge to lift his quote harsh restrictions. his lawyers claim they are so isolating he is having a hard
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time helping prepare for his defense as he awaits trial. he is charged with the april bombings of the boston marathon that left 3 people dead and more than 200 others first. >> the nsa sweeping surveillance program. he did once test if it could track american cell phone locations. it says they lead back to the fbi. alexander and director of national intelligence dave clapper also denied any wrong doing and recent protocol regulations. >> we do not spy on any one except valley intelligence purposes and only work within the law. on occasion we have made mistakes. this is quite different. whenever we found such mistakes we reported and addressed and corrected them. >> we are not creating social networks on our family. we aren't doing that.
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the insinuation we are doing that is flat wrong. >> they told lawmakers it is damaging their ability to guard against the rest. >> it is day three of obama care. they are still having problems signing up if they are signing up at all. only one percent of the country wants to take part. elizabeth prann is live for us in washington with more details this morning. >> if today is anything like day one and two they can anticipate more widespread. the problem was a result of volume rather than programming. the federal -- the traffic did reach millions of visitors since the launch. the administration says it will take time. this is a six-month process we are in the second day.
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something like 180 days left for people to enroll. anybody who experienced difficulties or delays in getting on the site yesterday or browsing or enrolling should know that they can enroll any time from today to december and still have their insurance kick in on january 1st. >> this on the hill an exclusive report from the guardian which reports the numbers are smaller than the web site traffic statistic. on average less than one percent of visitors are signing up for coverage. here's a couple of examples for you. the report shows out of 5.7 million hits on california site around 8,000 begin their application process. it is only showing 67 applications and 1100 out of 6500 in illinois enrolled yesterday. they aren't giving out exact enrollment numbers in the state
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and district of columbia. it is more difficult than folks to sign up. >> technological glitches are consistent. it is difficult for consumers brokers navigators and those using the systems to you'lly use it. it depends on the state and depends on your training that you had or lack of training up until now which has also been very significant. >> the white house saying it will take time for folks to sign up. they haven't released any figures of their own. >> elizabeth prann joining us this morning thank you. federal agents have struck down a web site accused of selling illegal drugs among other things. any one trying to act up the webb site will see this instead. a note from the federal government saying too bad. the web site was referred to as a black market bizarre where you could hire an assassin you could buy drugs like heroin cocaine
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and methamphetamine. the site's operator is facing drug trafficking and murder for hire. they are releasing these brand new pictures of the two bikers they say viciously beat a man in front of his family. they dropped charges against one of the two men. alexian lean and the 28-year-old christopher cruise was in court. he was caught on camera he stopped on hin front of the rane rover so the bikers could take over the highway. >> they landed a plane so hard the nose gear collapsed. 6 people were injured back in july at new york's laguardia airport. the national transportation safety board said the captain took over from the first officer when the plane was 400 feet from the ground. southwest is not identifying
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that pilot. millions of people who are here in the united states illegally will now be allowed to drive legally. they are set to sign it into law later in the day. marc cuban is expected to testify during his insider trading trial today. the fcc accused of dallas maverick owners taking confidential information to avoid losing 250,000 dollars. he could have to pay the back the money and plus a penalty. >> now to a fox news alert for you in a few hours the government will release the weekly jobless numbers. because of a shut down they became more significant. top business news this morning is lauren simonetti from the fox
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business network. >> it is a data vacuum on wall street with little information being release. investors don't know how to trade and the fed doesn't know what to analyze in the division on policies and interest rates that you pay. in fact the week's most important report is the september survey unemployment. that is due out tomorrow morning. but because of the government shut down it may not come. that is precisely why today's report on jobless will get a lot more attention. 350 people are expected to have filed for jobless benefits that's up from the pray or week. if the governments are down continues in next week the october job he s report would c risk. they collect data in the middle of the month. in this case that would be next saturday. >> the shut down stole the jobs report and may be christmas as well. they expect them to increase 3.9 percent to $602 billion this
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year. as you can see that is higher than previous years. but they caution the deadlock in washington can make or break the holiday season is to make shoppers lose confidence. sue seen this youtube video it's a model s blazing in seattle burning investors down more than 6 percent yesterday. this is what tesla has to say about that fire. a model s collided with a large on the in the middle of the road causing significant damage to the vehicle. the fire caused by the substantial damage sustained during the collision was in the front thanks to the design of the vehicle and the battery pack. and fortunately, ladies there were no injuries here. but that is absolutely amazing to watch. >> like you said, stocks have fallen because of that video. >> stocks have fallen this year. >> extreme weather alert. low pressure system could turn
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into a tropical storm. wild weather in other parts of the country. maria? >> wild weather going on in our country. the national hurricane center is tracking this area of low pressure as you mentioned giving it an 80 percent chance of becoming a tropical cycle coming up in the next 48-hours. conditions are favorable for the storm system to continue to intensify. we have weak winds warm water and should allow the storm system to become a tropical storm by today. if it does do so its name would be karen. by this weekend early next week we could be looking at land fall from this storm system across the central dugulf coast. otherwise a big winter storm with a lot of wind gusting 35 to 40 miles an hour. significant snow over a foot of it across sections of the rockies parts of wyoming and
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also into the plains. we have snow, prtropical weathe and severe weather at the bottom of the hour. >> potpourri of weather over there. all kinds of it. >> thanks so much, maria. the time now is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, he has gone tiger hunting, diving with sharks, he has uncovered ancient artifacts. wait until you hear what vladimir putin can now add to his resume. >> it's a free dating site, it's free but you can pay if you are picky. it let's you weed out the unwanted. heart healthy, huh?!
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>> welcome to "fox & friends first". a live look at the streets of new york. we are almost at the weekend. 20,000 dollar reward for any information regarding the murder of a navy officer early this year. terrance hill jr. served in iraq. >> the day i was going through this box and i found this. >> they are still looking for a suspect and a possible get away driver. >> this morning justin bieber is catching a break.
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>> well, he is not going to face charges for allegedly threatening his neighbor back in march. there isn't enough evidence to do so. however one prosecutor calls his actions immature. >> both cnn and nbc canned their controversial documentaries but hollywood is still moving forward with the feature film about hillary clinton. the movie is called rod am it will focus on the former secretary of state's years as a young lawyer during the watergate era. it is still a work in progress. producers have yet to land a cast or a financial backer. the government hadz averted a shut down of the navy air force game on saturday. the midshipment announced the game would go on as schedule. both contests were approved the
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secretary of defense after the department suspended all athletics in light of the government shut down. the navy had reported taking a $4 million hit if that game had been called off. >> the game must go on. >> 19 minutes after the top of the pour. time to brew on this. a popular dating web site is letting you get a little more picky for the price. you know the okay cupid is getting a dating site is using filters to match flight by body type for an extra $5. you can find out if a potential date calls themselves average or athletic. other dating sites that cost a monthly fee already offer this feature. >> we want to know what you think? is this new service fine or over the line? send us your comments. shoot us an e-mail to fox if you are lacking for a date
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>> welcome back dr. conrad murray was not unfit or
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incompetent to treat michael jackson. the wrongful death suit filed the family. they found aeg hired murray but ruled against the family in the other claim. jackson's mother is said to be devastated by the ruling. murray is serving a four-year prison sentence for jackson's death. could russian president vladmir putin win the noble peace price for stopping a strike in syria. many nominated him. he will have stiff competition. more than 250 candidates have been nominated. the prize will be awarded next week. so much for older and wiser. a new study says that teenagers are smarter than seniors. australia researchers gave them decisions to make. those older than 55 fared worse than everyone else in the study including the young people age
2:25 am
12 to 17. researchers say everyone was healthy. >> a fisherman releases a deadly bull of shark from his line. when he saw it struggling he hopped right in the water to help out. >> catch and release. >> he then pushed water through the 300 pound shark's gills and it morning the shark swam away on his own. the man is speaking out about the experience. >> when i put it in the water it was pretty exhausted. i know a lot about sharks and how they act and respond. the fish didn't want to hurt me. >> the video posted on-line tuesday it is now going viral. the>> it is 25 after the top of
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>> he is accused of killing four people and injuring 4 hours in in the boston bombing. now he is complaining life is just too harsh behind bars. >> do you have trouble putting down the doritodoritos. may not be your fault. we will explain "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> it is thursday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. day three of the partial government shut down begins with lots of draum prau b-- drama bu no deal in site. >> what the president is saying he will not negotiate restrictions on obama care. doug luzader is live with the latest. hi, doug. >> if taublgilking is progress t a little bit of movement. they are inviting president
2:31 am
obama from both parties over to the white house. the administration made it clear he would not make any concessions. that appeared to be the case. >> the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. he promised to veto any sppaer shall spending bill to fund some operations such as parks and museums. one was fair in his criticism. >> when shutting down the parks wasn't a problem, shutting down -- (gavel pounds) >> mr. chairman. time is expired. gentlemen is out of order. >> president obama meantime took to cnbc to instill some fear in the market talking not just about the budget fight but the up coming debt ceiling debate. >> i think they should be
2:32 am
concerned. . >> the market kind of slugged that off. one is the funding deadline the other is the october 17th debt ceiling deadline. there's a talk of a comprehensive fix that includes both of those. it is not clear how we get there. >> especially if you are not willing to negotiate. thank you so much doug luzader live this morning. >> one small victor in the shut down show down. world war ii veterans will not be kept away from the memorial honoring their own bravery. this is good news at least. >> the memorial is indeed open after the white house reversed deciding to reopen the memorial. this after they threatened to arrest hundreds for storming the barricades surrounding their memorial. that decision did not set well with senator rand paul.
2:33 am
he went on the record with greta last night. >> they are trying to blame the republicans. it is stupid to block the monument. we have thousands of veterans coming here some being flown here and then we are going to not let them look at the monument in absurd whoever made that decision. >> the senator had one of the more pithy sweets yesterday. he said there were more guards at the world war ii memorial than there were at benghazi. lots of folks sounded off on twitter. jane tweeted let the veterans in their memorial they have more integrity in their little finger than most of washington. world war ii memorial is open air, ridiculous the government spent money to barricade it. meet with gop, stop acting like children. yours cruelly treated. our nation's capitol is dealing with a major infestation of
2:34 am
stupid. the big question, who in the world at 1600 pennsylvania avenue thought it was a good idea to play politics with america's greatest generation? glad you weighed in this morning. we were wondering how do you really close a park. central park. they shut down the fountains that's it. >> especially to the veterans. >> it is day three of obama care. people are still having problems signing up. the administration says it will take some time. >> it is a 6 month process and we are in the second day. there are 180 days left for people to enroll. anybody who experienced difficulties or delays of getting on the site yesterday or browsing or enrolling should know they can sign up from now until december and still have their insurance kick in on
2:35 am
january 1st. >> but will they? this comes on the heels of the guardian. less than 1 percent are actually signing up for coverage. for example the report shows out of 5.7 million hits on california's site around 8 thoi began the application process. connecticut only showing 167 applications. illinois had only 1,100 out of 65,000 yesterday. 8 people are dead after a church bu bus overturned last night. it was sar reing 18 senior citizens when it blue the tire and crossed the median on a tennessee interstate crashing into a tractor trailer and suv. >> i have been in jersey county for the last 21 years this has been the largest scale accident we have dealt with since i have been here. >> 18 others injured and two in critical condition. >> with killing 3 people but the accused boston
2:36 am
marathon bomber is asking for special treatment behind bars. dzhokhar tsarnaev is asking the judge to lift his quote harsh restrictions. his lawyers claim they are so isolating that sarn nef is having a hard time helping prepare for his defense as he awaits trial. he is charged with the april bombings that left three people dead and 200 others hurt. grilled by a senate panel on the sweeping programs. the agency once tested if it tracks american cell phone locations. he leaves that job to the fbi. alexander and director james clapper also denied wrong doings in a recent spy protocol revelation. >> a new audit reveals questionable spending by green energy program charged with a
2:37 am
clean energy program. the hydrogen and food cell programs gave 7 million in reimbursement to companies who subcontracted with family members and charged food and alcohol on the tax payer's dime. >> scientists cracked a code on the success of the dorr reet toe. vanishing calories apparently. doritos use a perfect ratio of fat almost 50 percent of the calories produce flavor and melt in your mouth. they fool your body into thinking you would eat less. that combined with text our and even garlic powder make that chip irresistible. if they can only figure out to take them off the fingers. >> a spectacular site over the skies of central minnesota is
2:38 am
the aurora borealis or northern lights the bright colors of green and red lit up the sky tuesday night the whole thing captured on camera. >> amazing. beautiful. we are going to turn it over to maria molina. >> absolutely beautiful. one of the things on my bucket list to ever see the northern lights in person. the particles head toward the son get stuck in the atmosphere collide with gases on earth and you see the colors as the gases release. beautiful across parts of minnesota. they are a little more common across parts of alaska. now let's head into another direction into the prop tropics it is still hurricane season in the atlantic. we are tracking an area of low pressure sour shos and thunderstorms heading over the gulf of mexico out over the caribbean. this could become our next
2:39 am
cyclone or storm here it would take the name of terrance. it is headed over the central gulf of mexico as we head into this weekend or early this week. a big winter storm a number of warnings and watches are in effect. some of you could be picking up a foot of snow significant wind as well with the storm system. that is tonight into tomorrow. severe weather could be possible today and loalso into friday. cold side of snow and warm side with thunderstorms across the plains and severe weather. damaging winds large hail tornadoes possible. >> the tropical weather is that terrance? >> if it does it will be named that. it is forecast to start that today. >> talk about too little too late. instead of targeting the tea party the irs is finally offering some help. we will explain.
2:40 am
>> does he or doesn't he? it may put an end to the mystery surrounding big foot. ♪ mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999.
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>> happy thursday to you. you have made it through your workweek almost. in the news this morning he has been slammed by critics who says his crack down on illegal immigrants has been too tough. now a judge has been appointed
2:44 am
to make sure the sheriff and deputies are not singling they will out. he says the move undermine his authority. >> what would you do if you were forced to get rid of one of your pets. homeowner's association is doing that. they are making residents stick to a one-pet policy. any family who has more than one pet has to get rid of one or be fined. families in the community say the fines are getting out of control. in addition to more than one pet you can only be fined for leaving shoes on your porch or having too many flower pots. big foot lives. there's both dna and video evidence to prove it. maybe. take a look. decide for yourself. a group of casass skwauch researchers have this video they have a reddish brown juvenile. the beast is sleeping in the
2:45 am
woods of kentucky. >> you cannot make it up. >> investigators too little too late after three years the irs now says they will give a tea party group that they highly targeted tax exempt status. diane macedo joins us with more on this story. >> one of the tea party group charges by the irs during the last presidential cycle has finally received it's tax exempt status. that is according to the washington examiner who says the tea party dot net was informed by the irs of the new status monday three years after it applied for it. like many other conservative groups applying at that time tea party dot net says it was forced to undergo additional and unnecessary scrutiny with irs agents requesting information like political donors agendas even reading lists which is against the rules. the group's attorney says each case proves the only way to beat the over reaching government is
2:46 am
to fight back. as for the tea party dot net they tell the examiner they are relieved the irs finally recognized their right to operate as a nonprofit and hope this is the beginning of the end to the sad chapter. >> maybe things are changing. thank you so much diane. it is about 50 minutes until the top of the hour. an extremely close call caught on camera. a woman inches away from a fast moving train. surviving in space. george clooney and sandra bullock are teaming up in the new sci-fi thriller. first steve doocy has what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> that movie looks great. coming up on "fox & friends" we are breaking down the fact and the fiction of obama care exchanges. senator and actor fred thompson will be here live. he worked with tom clancy who died yesterday.
2:47 am
we will talk a little bit with him about mr. clancy. how you can skip a visit to the doctor's office by using your smart phone. pastor joel olsteen is here with five things you can do to live an extraordinary life. things kickoff 13 minutes from right now right here on the channel for news. you are watching "fox & friends first". flush heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires reech ] ♪
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>> welcome back. actor cory monteith's death ruled an accident. the corner's report finding investigators found a spoon with heroin residue as a used hypodermic needle. this is interesting. solar panels are going up
2:51 am
on more and more homes in american, but did you know they are creating a huge safety hazard for fire fighters? fire fighters say the solar panels that can block access to buildings in emergency situations, and they also make it harder to cut holes in the roof to release flames and gases, and they pose threats from tripping to electrocution. >> thank you, heather. in the new sci-fi thriller "gravity" actors sandra bullock and george clooney play astronauts whose mission toñr space goes wrong putting them in a race against time to make it back to earth alive. >> grab ahold of anything you can. >> what do i do? what do i do?
2:52 am
help! help! >> wow, they are good actors because we are both anxious watching this. for more we step into the fox light with michael tammero. this looks like a thriller. >> another movie generating oscar buzz. critics are calling this the most essential movie to see in 3-d since avatar. it stars sandra bullock and george clooney, one of our faves. we caught up with them earlier this week at the premiere at lincoln center. this is a notoriously tough film to shoot. sandra bullock described it as an unnatural experience. we asked both of them what was the toughest part of shooting. this is what they had to say. >> working with sandy obviously. she has always down falls. she drinks a lot as you
2:53 am
know. >> working with george. he's unprofessional, he's unkind, he's ugly inside and out. and he has no respect for me whatsoever. so that environment was a hostile, hostile working environment. >> they of course are both very, very good friends, and i think they need a third good friend. me. >> that was a tough interview; right? >> the director says he'll never do another space movie. this is why. >> unless they send me on location to shoot it, i would never do something like this again. >> was it that tough? >> it was long. it was four and a half years. it was long. it was great but it's over, i'm heap and i'm very proud of the film. >> it opens up this -- the fourth, which i think is friday. i'm not quite sure. you can check out some of the behind the scenes photos from the premiere at
2:54 am >> it opens tomorrow. 3-d, i love'll be there with my glasses. >> thank you. that was a hard interview. you had to interview those two beautiful people. thank you. a woman stuck nearly neck deep in mud. how she was finally pulled out to safety. and a dating site that lets you filter by body type. is this just fine or is that over the line? your comments next. ♪ ♪
2:55 am
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>> it is three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. it is day three of the government shutdown. both republicans and democrats are dug in after a late-night meeting at the white house. speaker john boehner says that the president is not willing to negotiate. the nypd releasing new
2:58 am
pictures of the two bikers they say viciously beat a man in front of his family. prosecutors drop charges against one of the two men arrested in connection with the attack on the s.u.v. driver. the governor jerry brown set to sign a bill into law today that will let millions of illegal immigrants in california get drivers licenses. ainsley? >> thank you, heather. it is time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a young girl gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> her father, first class petty officer scott mccombus of the u.s. navy reserves decides to surprise his little girl by hiding in that corn phaez. the first time seeing her dad in six months. next the bad. this woman gets trapped in deep mud in china's yellow river. fire fighters were able to
2:59 am
pull her to safety using a rope. no word yet if she suffered any injuries. finally the ugly. a close call for a bicyclist in england. a woman comes within inches of being hit by that high-speed train. she reportedly ignored the safety barrier. >> two lessons there. pay attention when you're riding your bicycle and don't try to walk across mud. >> play in mud when you're really young, not when you're her age. >> time now for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier in the show we talked about the new features on a dating site called okay cupid that lets you pay to find out how attractive potential dates are. >> we asked you if this new service is fine or over the line. bill says i suppose i did the same thing. but with my eyes and ears. not a data base. >> anna laura says let
3:00 am
people's wallets speak. i won't be using it. >> bedazzler says if someone is to the point of looking for love on the internet, why would they want to pay extra to limit their chances? great point. thanks to everyone who wrote. >> we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >>elisabeth: good morning. it is october 3, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. the president finally brings both sides to the white house for the first time in his shutdown talks. and his message? again, i will not negotiate. i'm exasperated. the latest developments while you were sleeping. >> veterans move barricades to get into the world war ii memorial in washington but did you know our government actually sent more people to stop those veterans from getting into the war memorial than the state department sent to help people in benghazi? that stunning story is coming u


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