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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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one of these news conferences here on capitol hill. the last one an hour ago. and the second from the republican chairman of the house homeland security committee, mike mccaul. i have spoken to him for a second time within the last hour. and he has new information about what amounts to two active crime scenes tonight here in washington, d.c. we'll start with the first one at the white house, that corner with the treasury. and congressman mccaul says, based on the briefings he is getting from fbi, the homeland security and the secret service, that this 34-year-old african-american woman from connecticut approached the barrier at that corner and engamed in a conversation with the secret service: after that conversation, she then rammed the barrier and the secret service
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agent was thrown on to the windshield of the vehicle and then the secret service opened fire on the vehicle. the second active crime scene is behind me this evening on capitol hill. we had the chase from the white house to capitol hill where it it came to answered just about a block and a half behind me. the congressman confirmed to me this evening that in that vehicle was an 18 month old little girl that belongs to the suspect' who was killed in that car chase. and i also spoke with some former fbi agents who said to me tonight, a critical question is how this woman was able to get the 15 blocks from the white house to the capitol and one of the reasons may have been that the officers simply hesitated because when you see a woman in a vehicle with a young child, the natural reaction of the officers is to hesitate. so the new information we have tonight is two active crime scenes. the 34-year-old african-american woman from connecticut and that the child in that car was an 18-year-old female that belonged to that woman and the fbi at this hour is doing a very deep dive into
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this woman's background and the congressman told us that they are keeping an open mind as to what her motivation was for coming to washington, d.c., bret. >> 18-month-old baby girl. we saw it taken out of that car. you mentioned homeland security. what was the role of homeland security today? >> well, what many of the reporters who covered this found today when they were trying to reach out to people who would normally be providing information about this chase, a lot of them are subject to the government shutdown or furlough and they were not available. we were able to reach the homeland operation security council. we this is not a place we would normally call because of the sensitivity of their information. we did contact them and they affirmed for us they were assessing the situation. keeping the relevant agencies briefed on the information as it came. in congressman mccaul who heads up that house homeland security committee said one of the critical pieces here is that in the last 30 days here in washington, d.c., we have had two major shooting events.
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first at the navy yard, now here at the white house. and the capitol building. and all of this is unfolding at the time when homeland security does not have a secretary and the administration has not nominated someone to lead that department. here is part of that section of our interview from earlier today. >> >> that's irresponsible because without leadership you don't know -- you don't have a path. you don't have direction. and while i think the men and women on 00 front lines are doing a great job, as we saw here today, the idea that they don't have any leadership to govern is, i think, really puts the nation at greater risk. >> congressman mccaul told us this evening that is he going to be watching very closely on the background check of this individual because now that they have the car, they can run the vin number really quickly. they know who she is and they can get a lot of information, about her background and whether there are any positive hits in the system for her, bret. >> bret: for more on this
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shooting, let's bring in former d.c. homicide detectives, current defense attorney ted williams and greta van susteren host of "on the record." first of all, greta, this is your hour? >> it is indeed. >> thanks for having us. >> get used to it. >> you were out on the street today. it was quite a scene. >> it was absolutely unbelievable. surreal. we are all used to capitol hill being a really safe place. not a whole lot happens. a lot of stuff not happening this week with the shutdown. and, you know, just the unthinkable happened. people are locked out. it's horrible. the thing that i'm most curious about is that conversation at the white house with the secret service. you know, what was she like and then to back it up a little further is who is she? she brof 200 plus miles down here. why was she here? >> ted, a lot of people ask about the actions of the police and the secret service shooting out tires, how that develops. when you see that driving around in that video it essential solid a weapon. >> it certainly is it's 2,000-pound weapon to say the least.
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i think that everything we have seen so far i think we would have to say that law enforcement officers acted reasonably that is the manner in which a woman is driving erratic. they try to corner her in. the video shows. this she backs into one of the police cars. she is taken off. they are very concerned about their lives. they wound up shooting. the question is, was that shooting justifiable? certainly there will be an investigation and then at some stage she gets to the area first and maryland avenue and there she dies in a shootout and such. there are a lot of unanswered questions. but certainly as greta said, i would certainly love to know what was that conversation initially? was she erratic when she was talking to the white house law enforcement officer? >> the other thing, too, bret is, that we now look at it 20/20 hindsight with a lot of time to think about what the police did. always have to be so careful when you analyze these situations. the police didn't have the
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advantage to sit around and could a postmortem on this it. they have no idea what struck them all of a sudden be be out of the blue this woman with this car acting completely nuts in a city where we are hyper sensitive to the possibilities of terrorism. so it's always got to be looked at in sort of a very frantic, to figure out, know, what was going on. we are lucky we get to look at it this way. >> quickly, ted, had people saying this could be a gunman on the loose there was not a lot of information at first. and they acted quickly. >> they acted quickly and i think properly. look, nerves have been frazzled since the navy yard shooting. and quite naturally we are on a safety alert. this is september. 9/11, we all remember that. so, i think that the police officers did a good job. i might add that i serve with the chief of the capitol police and i know terry gainer pretty well. i think both of those guys have good heads on their shoulders. >> ted, greta, thank you. we will see you monday at
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this spot. >> you can believe it? we are so excited we are almost giddy. >> bret: president obama's top money man is warning about the dangers of not extending the country's debt ceiling. fox business network anchor liz claman spoke today with the treasury secretary jack lew before all of this excitement at the white house and the capitol you have spoken in the past about how the republican has a framework. by design, if you are building a building a skyscraper, frame works have to bend a little bit or else as i said they will break. where is he willing to negotiate? >> you know, when the president put out his budget it was kind of an interesting moment if there was a desire on the other side to engage. they could have said is he offering to ask for budget, change the way calculate the consumer price index.
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provision that would put a premium in place that would means test medicare eligibility. these were big things. these were things that could have been the basis of republicans saying we can come and talk about some revenue. you can talk about entitlement reform. i'm an optimist. i think ultimately we are going to be at some point around the table where people negotiate in goodwill to reach an honorable compromise. but it can't be with the threat of blowing up the economy. >> do you think part of the problem may be, this is just what i have heard from both citizens and some politicians that during the sequester battle there were a lot of statements about how bad it would get. some people ended up calling them scare tactics because they feel the sun still rose after the sequester kicked. in therefore, they don't believe the worries that you are articulating here. >> i think there actually is real damage being done at the -- from the cuts coming from.
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>> what water are you seeing coming through the dam here? i think if you look at what's happened, even in this last week, a week ago people who decided to shut down the government i mean there was a decision to shut down the government if we don't get our way government shutdown. they think are causing problems. >> any meaningful disruption in their business or family life. federal government and accept the fact that there is a responsibility with goes with positions of authorities can't stop us from paying our bills. >> we don't know how bad it would get because there is no historical precedent as goldman sachs said yesterday on the hill. therefore, by would we want
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to get to that point if it could be we don't know. financial crisis. isn't it worth it to at least give a little on some aspect of what this group of republicans wants so that you can at least then move forward. >> you have to realize what we are actually seeing. we are seeing demands of extraordinary nature run the greatest country in the world. we cannot be in a constant threat of shutting down the government or not paying our bills. we need tone gauge in meaningful negotiation and meaningful compromise. but we have to be done with this functioning capacity of democracy in america if 50 to 100 members who
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represent extreme point of view. constitution, compel the body of congress and the president. the tables will turn some day. there will be a republican president in the democratic congress. we he don't do business that way. we he don't do business by threatening each other with blowing up the whole enterprise and that is not an acceptable way for the united states to do business. we are a country of majority rule. if a majority is given the ability to vote, these problems can be solved. >> bret: treasury secretary who joins our own liz claman who joins me now. it's interesting. clearly they are not in the negotiating mood? >> not at all. i think he they say that them negotiate but they do not at all want it tied to the decision to raise the debt ceiling and make sure the country doesn't default. they have history behind them. every single president has raised the debt ceiling or had congress raise the debt ceiling under him over the past many decades. ronald reagan 17 times heir
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better walker bush, george w. bush, bill clinton six times for president obama which is actually not that much when you look at some of the other presidents. they don't want this tied to anything. they want this as let's pay our bills, deal with our obligation. but on the republican side they are trying to say either let's defund obama care, which is a nonstarter for this administration. jack lew was very clear about that or, start cutting spending. >> bret: what else did you take from this interview just in the tone and tenor of what the secretary was saying? >> we are in unchartered territory. this country has never defaulted on its debt. if we do, there are a lot of what ifs. he was a little resistant to outline particularly. but if i'm reading between the lines. we could lose certain levels of our credit rating and that means a lot when it comes to all kinds of things. let the value like the value of our treasury bonds. we could start to have not enough liquidity to keep the system running. it's a slow machine so it could throw sand into the
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gears by not doing this it could be a problem. we don't take just one person's word for. this i have been talking to a lot of ceos. the ceo of alcoa, the aluminum company of america. told me just last week. liz, this cannot happen. we cannot see hitting of a debt ceiling in any kind of default. figure out your problems afterward but raise this debt ceiling. >> bret: that's great. great get, liz. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> bret: will not let america be played for a sucker he says. how the government shutdown is impacting veterans. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...'
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[ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. >> bret: the president's top diplomat says the u.s. will not be tan in by iran's charm offenses. secretary of state john kerr hoping compromise can be made. he said today in tokyo the
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u.s. is taking nothing for granted. chief washington correspondent james rosen is here with details. >> a top state department official asked u.s. lawmakers to hold off on enacting new sanctions against iran until the next round of nuclear talks to be held in two weeks anytime geneva comes to a close. wendy sureman says the u.s. wants most existing sanctions to remain in place until quote all of our concerns are addressed. citing classified intelligent sureman sketched out only in vegas terms the u.s. seized the u.s. regime operating on nuclear program. republicans on the senate foreign relations committee for their part voised skepticism for talking about any talks with iran. >> from its time that the supreme leader decides that he truly wants to go for a nuclear weapon and we do not believe he has yet made that fundamental decision but wants to put the pieces in place that give him that option. it could take as much as a
4:18 pm
year before he got there. >> i think what you are going to get is you are going to get another dog and pony show. i think you are going to get another shuffle. and i think it's going to be business as usual. >> traveling together in tokyo, the american secretaries of state and defense defended the obama administration attempts at engaging the iranian regime with defense secretary hagel saying engagement is not appeasement and secretary of state kerry rejecting the notion that the west something played for suckers. >> it would be diplomatic malpractice of the worst order not to examine every possibility of whether or not you can achieve that before you ask people to take military action and do what you have to do in order to prevent something from happening. >> iranian president hasan rouhani has said iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini to negotiate long running standoff. the foreign policy analyst who attended this exclusive
4:19 pm
audience in new york said he reaffirmed several times tehran's interest in placing the nuclear talks on a fast track. >> it makes it very difficult to israeli for benjamin netanyahu to do any kind of strike against iran if the united states and iran are in negotiations. >> iran insists civilian civilian not a nuclear weapon, bret. >> bret: can you listen to benjamin netanyahu "on the record" with greta van susteren. shear preview. >> we all have a vested interest don't get nuclear weapons. certainly we in israel, people of america, the united states, they understand this would be nuclear terrorism galore. europeans, arabs, no one wants to see nuclear weapons, but but you, the people of iran don't want to see nuclear weapons in the hands of this tyranny because it will become immorality like north korea, you will never regain your freedom. you will be slaves to this
4:20 pm
tyranny forever. so you too, the people of iran, want to see this regime disarmed from any nuclear weapons capability. there is no freedom in iran. there is no democracy. there is dictatorship that seeks to develop nuclear weapons with mad designs on the united states. developing, icbm's. these intracontinental ballistic missiles for. they are not developing it to reach us. they have missiles to reach israel. they are developing it to reach you. those ballistic missiles have only one purpose. a nuclear pay load. >> bret: can you see the full interview tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. plus, greta will join me at the want to hour as she did for the latest on the deadly capitol hill car chase. still ahead. making things tough for america's heros. how the shutdown effects veterans. the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing
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>> bret: about a quarter it of federal employees are furloughed because of the government shutdown, but some areas are more affected than others. national security correspondent jennifer griffin looks at what's happening at the va and how it impacts veterans. >> at first, it seemed veterans would be exempt from the impact of furloughs. now they are at the center of the fight. on friday, the va issued the following statement, quote: the department's current projection is at 95% of va employee would be either fully funded or required to perform accepted functions during a shutdown event. then on monday, the president spoke from the white house, suggesting otherwise. >> veterans, who have sacrificed for their country, will find their support centers unstaffed. >> then all of a sudden over the weekend we get a frantic call from va saying wait a minute, wait a minute, now we meant to say
4:25 pm
that you know, veteran benefits in fact, may be negatively impacted. >> the va updated its statement to the public on wednesday. quote: as a result of congress' failure to act, and prevent a laps -- lapse. prop yation for overtime for claims processors. overtime that would significantly reduce the disability claims backlog by 190,000 claims over the last six months that would be a reduction in backlogs of 33%. mostly due to mandatory employee overtime. >> we were told, our committee that on september 30th all mandatory overtime for the review of veteran disability benefits would be going away. now we are being told that that is going to be impacted and baseballly it's going to slow down their ability to be able to process these claims. so they are double speaking right now and it's not fair to use veterans as a pawn in this situation and where everybody is looking for truth and transparency.
4:26 pm
>> senate majority leader harry reid says the best way to make sure veterans get their benefits is to pass a clean continuing resolution that funds the whole government. >> the joint resolution. >> he has vowed to block the house bill passed today that protects veterans. what reid calls republican piecemeal legislation. >> what right do they have to pick and choose what passionate of government is going to be funded? >> at this point the real impact for veterans already suffering from backlog claims is the stress of the unknown, bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. by the way, answering senator reid, some republicans said it is the house's job to pick what should be funded under the constitution. a former surgeon who criticized president obama's leadership and healthcare law in front of the president in february claims he was targeted by the irs. dr. ben carson says he was audited for the first time in his life, only a few months after that speech. the irs found no wrongdoing.
4:27 pm
you just heard it here. what the treasury secretary says about a showdown over the debt ceiling. the fox all-stars return in a moment. does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or when your company's bought another? is it over after you've given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours.
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. >> there is the dangerous notion that there is always something else in the drawer. congress needs to understand on tuesday i took the last steps i can take to create borrowing
4:31 pm
capacity. i don't have any more what used to be called extraordinary measures. they are used so sphreecketly extraordinary overstatement now. they are accepted tools of managing to the limit. we don't have anymore. we just don't have anymore. the treasury secretary talking to own liz claman. let's ab stod guard associate editor of the hill. jason, the treasury secretary says come october 17th. he has no more measures. this is it. this is the end. wouldn't it technically be the -- there would still be taxes coming in, revenue. so they would have to make a conscious decision not to pay the debt. >> the interest on the debt. >> that will be paid. you are right there. are measures he can take. he has not exhausted all of the resources that we have. plenty of revenue is coming. in that debt payment will be made. he knows that.
4:32 pm
there is a little bit of scare mongering going on here. that said, while the equity markets seem to be handling this shutdown pretty he will with as we get close tore october 17th. the bond vigilantes will make themselves heard. remember, millions of americans have a stake in these treasure his through 401(k) programs and so forth it is a serious issue. we are not there yet. >> but i guess when -- brit hume also makes this point there is also the technical default wouldn't really happen. it's very serious and clearly around the world i'm not degrading that technical not paying the interest on the debt wouldn't be -- >> no, you are right. brit has made this point repetaedly and very well it makes it only a slightly less serious than it otherwise would be. you know, i think we had this clarifying moment today in jay carney's press briefing.
4:33 pm
unintentionally clarifying moment where he was asked why won't the president do a dealen othe debt cereal? why won't he negotiate? shouldn't he seek some agreement? carney's answer was basically look he can't afford to set that precedent. if the president of the united states does in this time, then every time this comes up, he will be -- you know, he will be basically held hostage. he said you are talking about turning the full face and credit of the united states that's something that's an open question every year, every quarter. but that asowms, of course that we don't reverse the trajectory of our debt. it assumes that we continue to keep piling on debt. and i think in some ways what this entire is about, is that question. are are we just going -- is this going to just becomes a routine as it has been? is there ever going to become a point where we say you know what? we are not going to need to necessarily raise the debt ceiling because we are not going to continue to spend money that we don't have. i don't think we are at that point it was sort of an interesting underlying assumption in what cancer was arguing today.
4:34 pm
>> bret: a.b.? >> i think it's true that when the president says we're not going to negotiate on this, it's reasonable when he describes it as hostage taking. he doesn't want it be the pr under whose tenure everything was changed forever. >> although he negotiated last time. >> became a near default situation. that sounds reasonable. but, it's a 17 trillion-dollar debt is not reasonable every single time we increase it we don't sit around and talk about our fiscal state and what we need to do policy wise for our economy and to dig out of a fiscal hole. it's not realistic to say we increased it and not talk about it obviously it's a point of leverage. obviously it would have been a great debate for the republicans had had they not messed this up with the shutdown. president obama is going to have to negotiate on something. whether it is medicare reform. whether it is some kind of medical device repeal something from obama care. he will have to be at the table. it is just that republicans, because default is so scary, and even if the effect as brit
4:35 pm
argues doesn't happen immediately, something happens actually more treasury bonds are bought immediately it becomes very dangerous to roll the device. i think republicans need to have a plan for that. >> he's paints people who make this argument as extremists, he should be reminded that as a senator he did vote against raising the debt ceiling. >> bret: yeah. they describe that as a political vote and that he knew it wasn't going to push up against default but he still made the vote. that's a fair point. look at this fox poll out tonight. what's happening in the country today you? take a look at this poll, the question, government is in charge of the people, 88% -- 8% people are in charge of the government. i guess to your point, republicans are pushing this lever to try to use this leverage. they say, to move the needle to wake everybody up. the administration is saying you are doing it and it's reckless.
4:36 pm
>> right. >> where do you think america is going to fall out in this? >> well, look, i mean that finding and there are other findings in the fox poll that suggest that this maybe isn't quite as bad for republicans from a republican relations standpoint as many people were suggesting. i mean, before the shutdown, it was that itself was going to be cataclysmic and make republican as permanent minority. it hasn't really shaken out that wait a minute republicans have actually weathered the first few days of this really well. the biggest problem that a.b. pointed out earlier there doesn't seem to be an end game and obvious sort of we do a, b, c and d and this in a way that is acceptable and allows us to actually address some of these big questions. the deficit. the debt. the things that led us to this point that are causing us to have this debate in the first place. >> last word, a.b. >> i would argue that there are members who are surprised by the response be that they're hearing from their constituents, actually. and they are feeling heat on the shutdown that they
4:37 pm
didn't think that they would. again, the shutdown is not the debt ceiling. it's not flirting with default and everyone needs a plan, including the democrats for when and if john boehner comes to them and says i really want to do something on medicare reform so we avert this. let's deal. the democrat cannot continue to deny this is going to be a give and take. >> i'm not sure they are going to come and propose changes to medicare reform. i wouldn't hold my breath for that. >> yeah. one thing on the dire side. is there any chance that if you push up against this default or even go over it that there is a somehow reevaluation of the u.s. as the world reserve currency? >> i don't think so. i don't think so at all. no, i don't think we have gotten to that point. where else are you going to go? >> day three of obama care. is it getting any more reliable? what are we hearing about the problem, the positive side. stay with us.
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>> i received a letter from group health just the other day, and it informed me that as of december 31st, my plan would be cancelled. and that i would be automatically enrolled in a affordable healthcare bronze plan i went from $891 a month to $1,437 a month. and also my deductibles all doubled. my deductible doubled from 2000 and 4,000 to 4,000 and 8,000. and really the only thing that is offered in the new plan that would be considered a benefit is that it comes with maternity and newborn care. well, in my case, my wife is 58 years old. and our youngest child is soon to be 18. we'll be having no more children. >> bret: tom is out in
4:42 pm
seattle washington talking about his experience with obama care and the changeover to the exchanges we're back with the panel. a.b., there are success stories. we have heard from people who find lower prices in the exchanges. when they get on. there have been efforts that the computers have been slow and the president has even talked about that, glitches in the system. but then you hear these stories. and there are more and more of these, of people talking about the increase of prices, the fact that the deductible is up to 5,000, $6,000. it's pretty amazing. >> >> right. even if you end up getting a good sticker. a good price, what you don't know is is the out-of-pocket is not what you thought deductibles are higher excuse me and often you no longer doctor that you once used or hope you can use. too many americans are not aware of the fact that many, many states turned down medicaid expansion.
4:43 pm
those people are going to be uncovered. this is going to be very unpopular unless these exchanges are uncovered soon. when a young healthy 29-year-old sees a testimony like that. they say i'm not going to go in there i'm going to pay the noncompliance fee, the fine for 9 a dollars a year. i'm not going near that thing. $1,400 a month and out-of-pocket is -- and that's the problem. if you don't have a smooth beginning, you don't fill those pools, they are filled with sick people, everyone's prices go up it had to be good at the start. >> bret: maternity care, newborn care for the 58-year-old is quite something. >> just to a.b.'s point. there is widespread ignorance about this law and how it works. i think that's as embarrassing as the glitches. despite tens of millions of dollars that the government has spent over the past three years trying to explain what's going on here, lots of people don't know. and particularly the people who are intended to be helped most. the uninsured are among the
4:44 pm
most ignorant about what the law provides and how to sign up for it and so forth. so the administration is out there painting this rollout as a success. i say based on what in the federal officials won't give us the numbers on despite this being the most transparent administration ever. they won't give us the numbers on how many people signed up, what has caused the glitches. how many people just gave up and down the library. so we really don't know. >> bret: steve, and the other number that is really interesting is the 30 million who still won't have coverage after all that's said and done after all the rollouts and exchanges. even if they operate on the best, on the tip top there, will still be 30 million americans who are uncovered. >> this someone of the arguments that the president made as he was pitching this to the country it's not going tonight up being true. universal coverage is not going to be universal coverage. in fact, it's not going to be close to universal coverage. add that long list of keep your doctor. if you like your doctor rates won't rise. you know, i think to jason's point, it's not just that the people that
4:45 pm
this law is intended to help who don't know how the law works, it's actually the people who are implementing the law who don't know how the law works in many cases. talk to people people who are in the agencies who are responsible to this. talk to the navigators. talk to-o-go to the web sites. there is such a lack of clarity about what is supposed to happen. the specific questions are very difficult to get answered. heard a story today about a guy who was trying to get answers by calling the 800 number. couldn't get his questions answered. i mean, there is so much confusion about the law that a.b. is right it shows tremendous lack of confidence. >> to hear the president today a.b. and take lafn. is he painting what he says is a very good picture. >> first two days of the opening, web sites where you can compare and purchase new affordable insurance plans and maybe get tax credits to reduce your costs, millions of
4:46 pm
americans have made it clear they do want health insurance. >> so there is two realities here. and i guess trying to figure out what is real out in for people dealing with this, i think, is the challenge. >> well, he is trying to sell the law. i mean, it was passed three plus years ago. the dration admits privately they dropped the ball. they were so fatigued from the problems of passing it. they didn't resell it. and they didn't change the public's mind about it it's never been less popular. and they didn't get the implementation prepared in time. so they are going to continue to tell you that people are flooding the web site with interest. there is just a few glitches. but stay in line, stay on the line. look maybe by march 31st they get enough people in knows pools. we have six months here and maybe people wait until the last minute. it's the early few weeks when you hear that kind of shock, sticker shock and horror from your neighbor or something it's a real turnoff and that's going to effect the numbers. >> bret: next up, trying to deal with iran and israel.
4:47 pm
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>> meaningful action and so it's an interesting question. i mean, this is an intellectual exchange. i don't mean on haifa lieutenant lever. it's a real exchange of people are seeking the same goal. let's see how we get it i think there is -- i think the u.s. administration and the president are now trying to work out what is the best way to do it. first of all, the president said that he will not give up the option to prevent iran militarily and i think that's important. secondly, i don't seek a military solution. i would be the happiest person alive if we could
4:51 pm
actually get a real dismantling of iran's nuclear program with diplomatic means. but it has to be real. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in an interview with greta van susteren. can you see that whole interview tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern time. talking about the meeting last week with president obama. and a meeting where he said, the prime minister said, that he was warning about getting too close to iran and all of these negotiations without seeing action. we're back with the panel. steve, at the statement time, the iranian president rouhani has told state media today there in iran that the white house tried five times to have a meeting and he turned them down. we couldn't confirm that on this side. about the five number. but clearly there was an anxious white house that wanted to see this meeting that ended up with a phone call. >> well, if that is true, i mean, that's pretty extraordinary, that the white house was so desperate for a meeting that it tried five different times. and that that rouhani decided to turn them down, to not grant them a
4:52 pm
meeting. pretty extraordinary and it suggests who has the upper hand in the negotiations. >> bret: although he is probably also playing for internal audience. >> there is no question that domestic politics are at play there. and is he feeling some heat for what i think is a pr campaign for the world. to suggest that he is more reasonable than the regime actually is. i mean, i think, you know, it was interesting to hear prime minister netanyahu was rd that president obama said that the u.s. will not give up the option of a military strike. you know,y find that very reassuring. and i am skeptical that he finds it very reassuring. it's not as if the president of the united states is actually going to say that if you go back to his speech which we discussed yesterday, the speech that prime minister netanyahu gave at the united nations did not sound like somebody who had just been reassured by the president of the united states that they would be sticking -- we would be sticking with them. >> yeah, in fact, that's part of greta's question there we didn't see. the speech came right after
4:53 pm
that meeting in which during that speech at the u.n. he said we are not afraid to go it alone. we are not afraid to act alone. right. and he has always said that but, i think that he has been assured by the administration that they are not going to take that option off the table. i think the administration knows full well that, you know, samantha power, the u.n. ambassador quoted interview this week saying that our posture is skepticism. it can be -- pr campaign that can be tested. but it has to be real just like netanyahu says. i don't know that they have been suckered. but, i think that making an effort -- it's not surprising at all that president obama would make such an effort for that symbolic photo, the first time in 29 years that the two presidents shaking hands. that doesn't surprise me at all. but i do think that from his own domestic pressures grand his dealings with the israelis, there is no way that he is running around saying peace is at hand. >> privately the israelis will tell you they are concerned this is starting
4:54 pm
what will be a long, drawn out, diplomatic effort that will not stop the centrifuges from spinning. >> well, and what is unfortunate, is that the u.s. doesn't have a president that is as clear eyed about iran as israel's president is. that's what is clear. and you mentioned the speech to the u.n. that netanyahu gave a few days ago. and he laid it out perfectly. you know, if i ran, nuclear ambitions are peaceful, why is it building enrichment facilities underground and hiding them from the world? i mean, why are they interested in the ballistic missiles which are only good for carrying nuclear warheads to other continents. it's very plain as day. i think our president wants to go the diplomatic route and he is not being clear-eyed about. this and israel is a strategic ally. our most important ally in that region of the world. and we don't have his back. and that's a shame. >> steve, do you think in the wake of the syria back and forth and what happened diplomatically and end result in syria that iran
4:55 pm
thought this is the time to do what they are doing? >> sure. i think there is no question about that i mean, i think there had been hints all along that the president of the united states was not serious about a possible military conflict with iran if it came to that but there is no question that watching the vacillating and the lack of any kind of strategy, the ad hoc decision-making throughout the entire syria episode. yeah, allowed them to believe that he was not sirius about it at one point the president said in an interview with cbs, you know, his primary objective in syria was to avoid military conflict there. well, that's not, you know, that doesn't -- that doesn't communicate that he is willing to do that. >> bret: that is it for the panel and the fifth panel by the way after a quick break. a white house call that apparently almost didn't happen. i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tcany.
4:56 pm
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4:59 pm
leaders in the two countries spock since 1979 almost didn't happen. apparently it was not the first time iran's new president tried to reach out to the white house. >> phone dialing. >> hello, you have reached the white house, to continue in english press or say one. >> one. >> okay. please say the name of the white house department you are trying to reach. >> oval office. >> i'm sorry, i didn't get that. >> president obama. >> postmaster general patrick donohoe is that right? >> no. >> i'm sorry you are having difficulty. if you wish to speak to an operator, say representative. >> representative. >> did you know the white house has a web site? >> representative. >> just go www. >> representative. representative. >> one moment. [dial tone] >> bret: that makes me frustrated. listen, all the political storms here in washington. we thought we would end tropical storm karen in the
5:00 pm
gulf of mexico. don't know if it will be a hurricane. it's real. we are following it it thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." a two hour edition, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> shots fired after reports that this happened just moments ago. right now the u.s. capitol on lockdown. >> bill: another violent incident. this one in washington, d.c. and it forces congress people to run for their lives we will have the very latest tonight. >> there is one way out of this reckless and damaging republican shutdown. congress has to pass a budget that funds our government with no partisan strings attached. >> while the president continues to rail against republicans. what is the press doing? are they reporting the obama care government fairown story in a way? i will deal with that in the talking points memo. >> my obligation as a host of the kelly file is to make s


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