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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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o'reil o' and i used this word on a police officer, i said don't be a jackanaps, almost putting on cuffs. thank you for joining us, remember, the spin stops here. so we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight on the kelly file, one of the worst stories of shutdown shame. >> the families of our fallen soldiers now being told there is no money to bury those who died fighting for our flag. and wait, it gets worse. plus, in another slight to our military, world war ii vets told they were not welcome here. but look who was. >> nancy, did you visit the vet memorial today? >> not yet. >> are you going? >> so how could all of these people go to an immigration rally on the very same piece of property they were barricading last week? we have exclusive film inside
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the rally, wait until you see what he found. plus, what is a cop without his gun? we'll soon find out as yet a group of officers is being asked not to carry their guns, we'll tell you why. >> from the world headquarters of fox news, it is "the kelly file," with megan kelly. >> good evening tonight, i'm megan kelly, families of the u.s. troops who made the ultimate sacrifice dealt with what could be the ultimate insult, all because they were killed after the government shutdown. at least five families so far were told they would not be getting so-called death benefits to help to pay for their funerals, the travel of their family members and more. they include the family of 25-year-old sergeant patrick hawkins. his mother telling us today she wanted him to be remembered as honest, brave and a hero.
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24-year-old special agent joseph peters, private first class cody patterson was just 24 years old, remembered as someone who would have been successful at anything. marine lance corporal jeremiah collins, junior, and jennifer o mor o moreno. and duncan hunter, a member of the armed services committee and is himself an iraq and war veteran. representative hunter, good to see you, i know you served three tours of duty, we thank you for your service. how did this happen? >> megyn, here is what happened. i want to take you back to 2004, the iraq war was going on, i was in fallujah, and they were sending money to bring back the dead soldiers in rented car go airplanes, there was an iconic
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picture of these being forklifted out of dover, delaware. that is the type of decision they make. they said you will no longer do escort back to their hometown. so fast forward nine years, here is what happened. this is a boneheaded decision that dishonors our fallen brothers and sisters. it breaks the trust with the men and women who served on the front line and are forgotten because of the shutdown. by the way, megyn. thank you so much for doing this. i'm glad you're talking about it. it is unfortunate that we're talking about this issue, but great to be on your show. >> and it is great to have you, we have the service that you paid, and with all that you offered. but this seems like a meanwhile fing -- middle finger to the families
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whose family member died. there was a heated letter to the secretary of defense asking secretary hagel how this could have happened, accusing him and his department of a careless legal representation, saying this was a matter of choice for them, which they deny. >> here is a problem with this. on the 28th of last month, pre shutdown, it passed through the house, the senate signed it on the 30th of last month. that does cover this. we're not actually stupid. we saw this coming. that is why we passed this bill. this is an on-purpose, in-your-face middle finger to the military families, as you so he wi eloquently put it.
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they are being careless, and this really reminds you of them sending back bodies in cargo planes so they could be forklifted, instead of with an honor guard, the way the military should have been treated. >> they're not going to get their funerals -- >> the family doesn't get to fly to dover. if they pay out through their own dime. >> and this is happening tomorrow, without the government money, unless a private contributor steps in, looks like this may happen now, the families are not going to be there at dover. >> think about this, too, your loved one is serving, you're barely getting by, things are expensive at camp pendleton and san diego, because it is san diego. you no longer have your sole breadwinner, you will be living without pay. you have kids. that is the situation that the government is putting these guys in, and families, and it is pure
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bureaucracy. it is shameful and embarrassing. they need to change it immediately. that is what needs to happen here. it needs to get changed tonight. chuck hagel should say look, it is fixed. otherwise, congress will pass it through the senate, that takes three or four days. that is days that t s families e it, what is expected. they need to get it right for a change and quit making stupid bone head mistakes. >> the representative said we have had a number of people die, and we'll be able to pay them, they will get their money just as soon as you get your act in order. he is putting it back on congress. the dod is putting it back on congress, they came out and said that congress was warned prior to the shutdown that these benefits would be stopped, that even despite your effort to legislatively head this off, your legislative effort only
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protects the service men and women and not the families. and that you blew it, because that was a loophole and you should have seen this coming. >> i'll tell you, let me take off my congress hat and put on my marine hat. that statement sickens me, here is the reason why. we explicitly asked of this would be covered when we passed the law that pays for this. and they said yes, this is dod trying to cover their own tail on this, they made the wrong decision and they need to fix it. there should be pressure from every single american and news channel and congressman that dod gets this right. because there is no better person than that person who gives their life for this nation. and it is saddening, depressing and embarrassing that dod would try to stick by this. because every day they wouldn't admit they're wrong, families are getting dismissed. >> and i know as you say, you could say them in your letter of
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inappropriate judgment, you say they're deflecting responsibility for this. why would they? one would think the department of defense would want to honor them as the rest of the country does. >> why would they send back bodies in rented cargo planes that were not even military planes, why do they buy $80 toilet seats? the reason is they make bad decisions sometimes. and this is one of those decisions, instead of admitting we got this wrong. we're fix it. for some reason they are digging their heels in. i'm not sure why, frankly. it is very easy to say we have three other lawyers here, we can do it, let's just pay it. they can could do it tonight. literally tonight, this money could be wire transferred in the morning to these families. it is that easy for them to fix this. they don't have to wait for congress. >> you know, sergeant patrick hawkins who we talked about in
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this section, died to help a fallen comrade. the irony, given what happened there, and to his family, is stark. thank you. >> thank you. >> oliver north is here and very unhappy. he views this as the responsibility of the president as part of his duties of commander-in-chief. but is that fair? we'll have much more on the fallout with the lawmakers and what they're feeling on capitol hill in the wake of this. also tonight, an 18-wheel revolt, truckers are vowing to go to congress, and wait until you hear what they will do when they get there. and up next, at an immigration rally, where thousands turned out to the place where they shut out the world war ii vets two days ago. >> i have no idea why the gates, the illegal aliens who sit in
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. first on the kelly file tonight, exclusive video raising tough questions about how the administration is handling the partial government shutdown. thousands freely showing up at
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an immigration reform rally on the mall, despite the fact that this area is technically closed. the lawmakers thanked the administration for making it all possible. this is just a week after world war ii vets found themselves shut out of a d.c. memorial built in their honor. today, a filmmaker went to the mall to find democrat house minority leader nancy pelosi joining the demonstration. and some veterans at the memorial were very upset. here is a first look at some of what he recorded. >> nancy, did you visit the vet memorial today? >> not yet. >> are you going? >> i go all the time. >> are you going today? >> i go -- >> nancy go today, make sure they can get in, okay? >> i don't go to grand stand -- >> you don't? so what is today, is today a grand stand, nancy? >> i'm appalled at what i see,
6:14 pm
with the world war ii vets come in, and are basically shut out from coming in to see this memorial which pays homage to the veterans that died. serving our country. and nancy pelosi and her bunch right across the yard have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens over there, that they're glad-handing on a scale of one to ten. i am upset out of ten. and in fact, ten doesn't even reach where i'm at. >> dennis lynch, a documentary filmmaker who captured the video. he is also the creator of "they come to" thank you, they hear the man's outrage. you can see why he is so upset. a week ago we have the world war ii vets facing a barricade to get to the memorial. and today it is welcome, and thank you president obama for making it possible.
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the guy really touches on the anger it sounds like you encountered today. >> yes, megyn, and thank you. i will tell you today what i saw was not only sad, it was despicable. and you're rolling back to last week, i've been here all week and i'm telling you it has only gotten worse. today, i watched thousands of illegal immigrants just walk right through the mall. nobody stopping them. no gate -- actually i'm wrong, there was one gate with a sign that said "don't come in." but when you went to the memorial, the gates are still up. american citizens are standing outside those gates filming from outside. they're still not getting in. the only way you could get in was the entrance this big, that a wheelchair could go through. it is disgusting, megyn. >> but that is interesting, so the gates are still up outside the world war ii memorial. it was not just democrats, we should point out there were bipartisan lawmakers there ra y
6:16 pm
rallying today. but listen to what nancy pelosi said today because she anticipated people would see a difference in treatment between those protesting in favor of immigration reform, and those there to see the world war ii memorial, listen in. >> i want to join my colleague who thanked the president fwho helped us gather here, and also the veterans who gathered for the world war ii memorial. >> what is she talking about? >> she is delivering a bunch of baloney, like the president did. there is no leadership, americans have had it. i hear it every day, thousands upon thousands of people, truckers, bikers, everyday citizens, saying what happened to this country? today is a perfect example. you're behooved to be illegal versus legal. look at this, i can't tell you
6:17 pm
how many park police there were today. this cost an abundance of money to allow these people in. and look at the story you just did before i came on. this is a problem that needs to be solved. and i watched your show last night. you said to senator cruz that he is the most hated man in america. let me tell you something. that man has to stand his guard. you introduced me as a filmmaker. but i've been an entrepreneur my whole life. two things i know, megyn, i know immigration and i know business when it comes to obama care. the perfect storm is brewing, if you have an amnesty and you have obama care, you are talking about the catastrophe to the american worker, so cruz has to stand his ground. it only gets worse with obama care. what i saw happen today with these illegals being able to come in.
6:18 pm
and by the way, don't throw the stone at the illegal. throw it at nancy pelosi and obama for letting these people allowing it to happen. >> what i saw is -- >> they're allowed to go on the national mall and go to any other property and make a protest and ask for the result that they wish to see. but the question is, is there a double stand here? and is the administration giving out special favors for those who are its allies, and whether it is trying to make a special point against others to try to underscore the damage of a government shutdown, in other words, show how bad it is to the world war ii vets. that will get people outraged against the republicans, but open the gate for the national mall to let them make a bigger point for immigration reform. >> megyn, i've been here for days, today, there were two signs that said closed to the memorial. okay? and meanwhile, we're inviting
6:19 pm
all the illegal immigrants, just come on in with wide open arms. this is why you're going to be talking about truckers shutting down the beltway. americans have have it -- had it with the lack of leadership that is taking shape in this country. and i'm telling you right now, megyn, i'm telling you that you will see bikers and other americans just creeping, coming into d.c. in droves. i know it sounds crazy, but if you thought there were a lot of illegal aliens today, you wait, americans are coming. >> thank you for being here. >> megyn, thank you. >> for those who didn't see the broadcast on last night, ted cruz was the most hated guest, the response to the heat he has taken from democrats and even some in his own party. the stand he is taking, he is standing on principle, others say it is not helpful.
6:20 pm
anyway, ahead, the twist on the growing outrage, the pentagon says there is no money to bury the families, if they want to bury their bodies, they have to do it themselves or with charitable donations. but even if they find the money, how bad is this of a pr nightmare for those responsible? we'll have a panel on the ultimate insult in moments. and police complain across the country on a new policy forcing them to give up their guns, just when the going gets a little dicey. that story is next. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
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tonight on the kelly file, we are following a developing story after the nfl makes a controversial call and it has
6:24 pm
nothing to do with the players on the field. instead, it is targeting off duty police officers saying their duty to serve and protect ends when they enter the stadium. trace gallagher live from the west coast studio, and who is not happy tonight, trace? >> reporter: yeah, megyn, the police are not happy when it applies to every stadium in the country as well as applng to every off duty police officer in the country. we're talking about local, states and federal. the nfl actually made this policy on september 11th the internal memo of the police department made public just this week. now, we contacted the nfl, and here is the reason. put this on the screen. they're saying off duty cops are unknown to working police officers. there are some 250 working police officers for every game, that they have not been briefed or participated in the game day law enforcement plan, and that they're not bound by the on-duty policies like restricting the use of alcohol. the nfl goes on to say, i'm
6:25 pm
quoting here, it is the opinion of the league that the interest of public safety is best served by limiting the number of weapons inside stadiums to those required by officers that perform specifically assigned law enforcement working functions and game day duties. but many police departments point out that police officers in a lot of areas are required to carry their weapons at all times. here is a spokesperson for the cleveland police department. >> a policeman is never happy to give up his service weapon, especially when we have the right to carry it 24/7, seven days a week. we're upheld by our oath to protect and serve the public. >> and as many know, they implemented a plastic bag rule this year where everything you bring in a stadium has to be in a clear bag. we should point out that a lot of these stadiums are publicly owned. so it is unclear going forward if the nfl may face legal
6:26 pm
obstacles in this new policy. >> trace, thanks. well, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the latest piece of shutdown shame may take the cake. the pentagon tonight is telling the families of troops just killed in battle that there is no money for memorials or funerals. and it doesn't stop there. three minutes to the new fallout on that. frankly, i think it is disgraceful that they're withholding these benefits. but again tomorrow, the house will act specifically on this. and i hope the president will sign it. >> so i can reach out to my bank, 24/7, but there are no branches? (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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breaking news tonight on the government shutdown, after weeks of saying he wouldn't negotiate, the president held a news conference where he signalled he might be ready to make some sort of deal. this is outrage that spread over parts of the shutdown, including news we brought to you earlier that the pentagon will not pay
6:30 pm
some of the death benefits to families of at least five military heroes killed this week fighting for our country. california congressman and marine vet, donuncan hunter outraged by this on the show earlier. >> this is an on-purpose, in your face, middle finger to the military families, this is nothing other than that. >> joining me now, kirsten powers, live, in the d.c. bureau. it is such a turnoff, so gross, really, you couldn't even get that right? now, what are we going to do? we can't pay for the funerals of our fallen heroes. and everybody is doing one of these, everybody is doing one of these, chris. >> well, they didn't get any smarter down here, counselor, while you were away. and in fact, maybe they got a little dumb er.
6:31 pm
and what is happening now is the gross miscalculation that took place in the administration as to how the partial shutdown would play out as it goes forward. we learned something in the sequestration, the automatic caps and the increase in federal spending, we learned something. this all involves choices and involves the administration of these cuts or these caps. and so now, we're litigating that issue. >> you can't -- no way can you choose to give the short end to the families of our fallen heroes and get away with it. and kirsten, duncan hunter says this is a matter of discretion, they say this is congress' doing, the bottom line is these are the families of the five fallen hero, how will they get to the base?
6:32 pm
frankly it looks like they're getting -- >> obviously, this is terrible, the last thing they need after just having lost a loved one. it is not the way they should be treated. it is hard to understand exactly the way that these problems, the claims, that there is a sort of legal holdup. we're talking about five families. it just doesn't seem like something they couldn't get around. that they could actually provide them what they need and give them what they need. >> that is what duncan hunter was saying, he thinks chuck hagel could easily say this is a matter discretion. and of course we'll pay for these benefits, as i understand it is about $100,000 for each family that they're entitled to that we promise them before they go fight in afghanistan. we promise that this will be done for them, paid for their loved ones if they were dead. and now, they renege on it. i told the audience we would
6:33 pm
have colonel oliver north. he is with me now. we wanted to hear from you, colonel. i know you're upset about this. everyone is. you think the president has something to do with it. he actually could have a hand in undoing this. >> very quickly, it is unfair that the families killed in action can't be transported to dover. there can be no excuse to what they have just done. thankfully, generous americans are helping to make sure that family members can be there. the special operations "warrior foundation" and freedom alliance have both offered to help defray the cost to the families of the marines that were killed this weekend. look, there are some that are trying to make it a political issue, but it is about much more. it is about whether the commander-in-chief gives a damn about the morale of the
6:34 pm
families, all it takes is a commander-in-chief with a conscience. because the chief executive of the united states can do it with a stroke of a pen on a presidential emergency action document. he could have done it yesterday. he could do it now and those families would be covered. >> you know, this is what abduct -- duncan hunter was suggesting, in his letter he said congress needing to fix the situation over-states the complexity of the problem and deflects responsibility. let me just take it to a larger place, kirsten. what we're seeing now is the real effects of the government shutdown, for which you know, responsibility, there is plenty to be spread around. but is that why this example, the world war ii vets. the growing outrage in the country. is that why now we seem to be
6:35 pm
hearing the politicians today talk about well, maybe there will be some sort of a talk in some way under some sort of conditions, maybe. >> yeah, look, this is bad for the country, no question, the government shutdown, bad when it goes through all the different people affected by it. the nih, the cdc, meals on wheels, everything that you're raising is all obviously very bad. and i think the president has finally realized he is going to have to probably give a little on this. but not giving that much. he is basically saying let's extend the -- you know, let's stop the shutdown and let's you know, do a short-term extension, and then let's talk. that seems pretty reasonable to me, but i'm not sure the republicans will be receptive to it. >> the republicans are going out there, saying let's just talk, that is all they want. and whether it is true or not, or it is spin, that has been
6:36 pm
their messaging. we heard rand paul saying that is an effective message, they keep saying they won't negotiate. when you hear the stories of the families of the dead service members, how they're going to have the funerals for their loved ones, and they can't show up at dover air force base, and the president saying i'm not going to negotiate, now, i understand why he is saying it and the principle on which he said he is standing, question is how does it affect the americans? >> the question is, he was talking about the republican efforts currently to reopen parts of the government that are entirely noncontroversial about things like cancer research. things that everybody would like to have reopened, like providing aid to the families of people killed in the line of duty. so come on.
6:37 pm
so the president says to a question today at the press conference, why won't you do it? and his answer was, well, they're just doing it to take the pressure off politically. so i don't want to help them. it was a jaw dropper moment where you thought well, if we're talking about all gamesmanship here, if we're talking about all of this, do something, if it doesn't matter just sign it. just put it into law and i guarantee you there are plenty of democrats in the house of representatives who are sick and tired of having to vote against legislation to fund things that are popular. >> do you know what folderaugh is. >> well, i said it. >> megyn, you know, i am just stunned by this. because to have it happening in the middle of a war and have it ignored by our colleagues in the main stream media is egregious. you know, thanks to the journalists and you, and greta
6:38 pm
for getting it visibility, unless i missed it not one of our mainstream media colleagues even asked him about this outrage. and it is bad enough that our executive branch is playing games, cynical as they are about monuments and memorials in our capitol, but it is unconscionable for them to deny those who make real sacrifice for our nation a moment of solace as they grieve over the lost loved ones. >> and you know, kirsten, their response would be we're not the o ones who shut down the government. that is their position, they believe it was the republicans in congress and that they are the ones who have to live with the consequences of the shutdown. >> well, everyone has to live with the consequences of the shutdown, unfortunately, i do think the republicans are the ones who brought it on with all the obama care demands. but that is kind of behind us
6:39 pm
now. so i think it is time to figure out a way to move forward. and i just find the issue of how these families are being treated very hard to believe that it can't be fixed easily. >> it is one of those things that just seems like it could be fixed very easily. and there really should not be -- it is not a right/left issue, it is things we agree need to be fixed -- >> there are questions about motivations. it should be easy, why doesn't somebody just pick up the phone and say take care of it? >> well, somebody is doing hopefully. >> at the bare minimum, they have to be there, when the bodies come back. these are immediate things, you could say the $100,000, that could be fixed in a week or so but the bodies, that is an immediate need and needs to be taken care of. >> you know, it is a fraud on
6:40 pm
our service men and women, that promises will be made and things will be taken care of so their families didn't have to deal with it. god forbid something happens to them, and in this case of five service men and women, it did. panel, thank you all. >> thank you. >> we're taking your thoughts on it on twitter, follow me at megynkelly@, and let us know your thoughts. meanwhile, truckers just ahead are threatening a shutdown. and how we look at women athletes is it more about the skill or the sex appeal? a seven-time olympic medallist and world champion surfer, next. geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to. the last thing i want is to feel like someone is giving me a sales pih, especially when it comes to my investments. you want a broker you can trust.
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from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece, kohler will make your reality a dream. well, now that we have your attention, you may find it hard to believe but the woman in the ad is not trying to sell you a cell phone, or new sheets or even a see-through shirt, she is trying to promote a surfing competition. and some female athletes say it is just another example of women being over sexualalized.
6:45 pm
this woman has 10s of thousands of signatures in protest of that ad. amanda beard is herself a model and has posed for magazines like playboy, so we think there may be a difference of opinion on this. we appreciate it, corey. what did you find so offensive about the ad, because women and the sexualization of sports is nothing new. >> no, it is nothing new. the thing that was most difficult about this was that it was for a surf event and we didn't see any surfing, whatsoever. >> that didn't seem like a surfer to you? >> no, not even close. >> we have to be in agreement on that. even amanda, i think, we'll give you that. >> yes, definitely. >> all right, so what is the problem, specifically? why do you think that this surfer who is very talented, showing off her sex appeal is very objectionable. this is an ad for roxy an
6:46 pm
apparel company. >> well, what it is really doing is -- instead of focusing on stephanie's ability or a surfer's ability, what it does is just emphasize the image, and detracts from the ability of surfers. and we have a new crop of surfers that are the best ones that i have ever seen. and it is just -- it really takes away from what the women are doing as far as their ability goes. >> what do you make of it, amanda? because being such a star athlete yourself, but also having posed for play boy, you are somebody who is mixed a bit. your athletic ability and your sexuality? >> yeah, for me, i watch the ad and it doesn't bother me. i can understand how some people would have an issue with it, but i think that it is kind of roxy's point, is getting
6:47 pm
people's feathers ruffled, and they're getting attention drawn to it. which i think is the point of the ad is to get attention, and they did just that. >> when you posed for play boy, why did you do it? i know you felt it was a business decision, but how so? >> to me, obviously, it is not the right opportunity or the right thing for every person to do or every athlete to do. for me, in that moment, at that time, in my career and in my life. i just felt like it was going to be something kind of really fun for me to doochlt and yes, definitely a business decision, as an athlete, you are your own business. and so what i choose to do and the road i choose to follow may not be the road that everyone chooses to follow. but that is what i was comfortable with. so playboy was something i did have a lot of fun with. i don't regret it. i thought it was amazing, i loved the magazine and everybody with it and i would definitely do it again, and i didn't see a problem doing it, because i was
6:48 pm
okay with it. >> when you see athletes like amanda or in this case, stephanie, doing these photo shoots, do you feel like it then pressures other surfers or other athletes that are not so inclined to have to tout their own sexuality if they don't want to do that? they just want to play a sport. >> yeah, i do, i think it establishes a paradigm to establish who is -- establish who is sexier. and in the studies i looked at, the woman who is sexualized, it actually diminishes her athletic ability, and it doesn't sell events. so i have my personal feelings around it. and what the new studies show is it really doesn't do the athletes themselves any good. >> did roxy listen to you, saying we have 20,000 signatures, saying we don't like this ad, did they listen to you? >> they were very open about the
6:49 pm
comments, we were looking forward to setting up a meeting with them. >> well, they got some attention, and stephanie got some attention. it is an interesting debate, feeling sexy is something a lot of people want to do. the question is whether doing it publicly undermines women in sports in this particular example. ladies, thank you both so much for being here. >> thank you so much. coming up, truckers across the country are making their way to the nation's capital to shut down america. up next, what they're so angry about. plus, sean hannity in the next hour, what he is so angry about. and what mitt romney is now saying about president obama's second term. >> the president in his first term pushed through things on a partisan basis, was unable to work across the aisle. and then spent the last two years of his first term attacking republicans in congress and showing an unwillingness to reach across the aisle. and frankly you can't get things done in a bipartisan nature where you have three branches of
6:50 pm
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. grid lock shutdown, thousands of truckers are ready to fight against what they say is "destroying america." planning to paralyze a major city by blocking three lanes of traffic for three days. trace gallagher has more. >> megyn, they're planning to shut down d.c. by blocking up the beltway, now we just turned to the spokesperson who said they want to shut down the nation. they hope this thing is as big as egypt, except instead of
6:54 pm
people protesting on the streets they want you to get in your car, go out in your truck, do what you can to block the nation's highways. there is a way to avoid the protest by president obama resigning and members of congress vowing to step down. now, that is not going to happen. their plan is to get all the supporters, get in the trucks and cars and begin to go out and drive. begin to clog the roads, they want them to go three deep on the beltway for three days. it is not clear exactly how many will join. their website is trying to promote this. they have a facebook page with 60,000 likes supporting this movement. another man told the u.s. news and world report that they wanted to unlawfully shut down the capitol beltway. but we're told that man does not speak for "ride for the constitution." instead, they want the protests lawful but painful. listen. >> i want you to join me in
6:55 pm
cheering on our people here in the united states of america to defend our nation from domestic enemies. and we're going to do that. it is going to cause a traffic jam. i hate to tell you, you put 100 million people out on the road with truck drivers, constitutionally, literally it will be the largest traffic jam in history. >> they will start with 3,000 arriving in d.c. on friday morning. they're also asking for things like higher wages and lower gas prices. but they say those are negotiable. the president's resignation and members of congress are not negotiable. megyn, it looks like this protest is a go for friday. >> wow, you get a book on tape, pop it in there, sit in your truck and wait for the news update on whether the president is still the president. we'll see how it unfolds, trace, thank you. standing on principle. we're seeing it more and more, tell us what you think about all of this, go to
6:56 pm using the hash tag kelly file, let me know what you think of this. you know, it is sort of like the town hall we saw in 2010, regular folks speaking out about their government and those who govern, we'll be right back in three minutes. ll like? jc: i'm your coworker! c'mon guys. i'm driving. hey, you guys comfortable? it's best-in-class rear legroom. and with a turbo engine that gets 35 highway m-p-g. you know j.d. power ranked passat the most appealing midsize car two years in a row? i bet, uh, dan here wishes somebody found him most appealing two years in a row. ron: it's ron jc: ron... exactly. vo: get 0 down, 0 due at signing, 0 deposit, and 0 first month's payment on passat or any new 2014 volkswagen.
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7:00 pm
people are going nuts over what is happening to the family of all of these fallen hero, we're still taking your tweets on it, check us out on facebook and like us. thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm megyn kelly, this is "the kelly file." and welcome to "hannity" tonight, i have had enough, i have a message for the president, time to stop these games. mr. president, you need to stop acting like a school yard bully and start to act like the leader of the free world. and conservatives, you need to hold the line and that fight continues right now. >> we have a man right now that almost certainly will go down as the worst president in the history of the united states. >> so you were warned. >> if the president were to be reelected


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