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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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"hannity" tonight. anthony weiner. you just kind of have to see it, don't you? thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. sean's up next. tonight on "hannity" the government has gone too far. in the ultimate slap in the face by the administration to anyone who donned a military uniform, death benefits for families of troops killed in combat since the obama/reid shutdown began were suspended. this disgusting, un-american behavior by the obama care white house was only remedied after their feet were held to the fire. >> this isn't about the government shutdown. it's about whether the commander in chief gives a damn about the troops. >> fallen heroes and families left behind by the commander in
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chief. >> the president was disturbed to learn of the problem. he expects it to be fixed today. >> other texts and photos are likely to come out. today they have. >> he's one of the most polarizing politicians on the planet. >> to walk out and say anything is courage. >> tonight anthony weiner is here. >> that's not for you to judge, my friend. i don't judge you. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. the man who calls himself our commander in chief better look at his job description. the benefits for families of fallen soldiers have been suspended due to the democratic-fuelled shutdown. earlier today the spin master jay carney stuck to his talking points and said the administration hoped it would be remedied but refused to answer a simple question -- when did obama know ? >> you said the white house knew this problem would be there in the event of a shutdown. >> the department of defense informed congress.
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so congress knew, yep. >> if congress knew, the white house knew about it. the president, the commander in chief is the chief executive. was there literally nothing he could do to ensure these families were taken care of? >> he's doing it today, john. it was not addressed by congress in the pay our oh military act. >> when did the president learn specifically that the military death benefits would not be paid? >> again, ed , for the third time. >> i didn't hear the question. >> it was asked. when he did learn -- >> yesterday? >> ed, i don't know specifically. >> is it that hard to be honest with the american people? the pentagon announced during the obama/reid shutdown families would receive benefits thanks to great americans at fisher house. the charity agreed to foot the bill until democrats are willing to come to the negotiating table and end the shutdown which is down right pathetic. our military families deserve better from their commander in chief. by the way, throughout the show
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check out the bottom of the screen. you will see the various impacts of the shutdown and how it has hurt the military and the white house has discretion in terms of spending. joining me with reaction are former obama campaign press secretary ben la bolt and press secretary for president george bush, ari fleischer. military chaplains can't say mass, cannot offer services to people serving. world war ii memorial shut down, normandy, shut down, vietnam memorial shut down, death benefits shut down. even tv, football and sfwaebl games shut down but the president oos golf course is open. why wouldn't they support just funding the v.a. and these things in the beginning? >> the president supports funding the whole government. there is a solution which is if speaker boehner called a vote it would pass. the government would re-open . the fact is he's refused to do
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it time and again. the president doesn't believe he should deal with problems issue by issue, doing it like what can a mole. >> whack a mole? you sound like a walking talking point. put aside the white house talking points. this is the exact words the president is using. the house of representatives passed money to fund the v.a., to take care of veterans. while they are disagreeing, why not fund this now? when did the president know they wouldn't get the death benefits. >> it was outrage to the department of defense -- >> when did he know . >> i don't work at the white house. i don't have the answer, sean. i know it arose today. why would speaker boehner --
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what about factories not being inspected now? >> last friday i went to a fundraiser. annual event for sailors. the military said the people could go but couldn't wear uniforms. the tell me about that. they can travel, go, attend. but they cannot dress the way they do to protect our country at an event to borrow them. this is selective, absurd, punitive. i think the president is trying to dial it up to create selective um bridge to get focused on republicans. >> there is discretion. this is only a 17% government shutdown. this is a partial government shutdown. >> 83% of all spend ing goes on. >> and every department, do they or do they not have discretion? >> the discretion exists for building the safety of lives. that's what the law says and has been interpreted over the years in wide ways, ways large enough you can have protests on the mall where members of congress get arrested requiring the time,
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energy and money of our federal police force on capitol hill to have a protest on the mall. >> that's a fair question. >> explain to me why they all allowed an immigration rally that the president would probably support, democrats got arrested. >> nancy pelosi thanks barack obama for letting her go on the mall. >> we have world war ii vets breaking down barricades to see their memorial. explain why they would make that decision. >> you're out of touch with the american people. look at the polls that came out. >> 65% of americans in that poll believe that republicans are responsible for the shutdown. 60% believe the president is spom and the democrats responsible. >> they manufactured a series of crises in order to try to pass an ideological agenda. >> and blame the democrats. selective ed ting. i asked you a question.
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why would they choose to shut down these things but allow a rally for immigration they support? they allowed it to happen. why do that to veterans unless they are using them as pawns in the shutdown game. >> the fact is congress controls the purse strings. there is discretionary spending and nondiscretionary spend ing. >> they sent the bill to the senate. >> the way to solve this is for speaker boehner to call a vote today. >> you can't be that dense. they passed the bill to fund it. >> all the issues that they would like to deal with. the president spsh dm talking points. they passed the bill in the senate. you have discretion. focus your attention. why would they allow a rally and not allow the veterans to go to their own memorials? that's their choice. isn't that a bad choice? stop blaming john boehner. they don't have to do this. >> all of this is a result of the republicans --
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>> oh, my gosh. you're a broken record. >> over an issue, the affordable care act. >> are you going to utter it in your sleep tonight? >> millions are ep rolling it now. it makes the debate absurd. if you want to strengthen the government re-open the government and go through the process. >> millions aren't logging on. million s are trying to log on and getting nowhere. here is the problem. congress has paer shall control of the purse strings. the president has 100% control of the partial shutdown. if he wants something to go on, it can go on. if he doesn't, it won't. he doesn't let the military wear uniforms. doesn't let people visit the memorials. it's a punitive shutdown. that's what's wrong about the manner in which he's governing. it's been hard for democrats and republicans to get together. barack obama is the leader of our nation. >> let many ask this question. ari, if you can explain this. the president who said he'd bring the country together. >> yeah . >> here is the president of the
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united states. talking to the leader of iran. vladimir putin, the leaders in syria but he won't talk to republicans. >> sometimes i think if john boehner changed his first name from speaker to mulah, the president would be eager to negotiate with him. >> it's true. that's a good line. >> the problem is the american government is tough. it's a system of checks and balances. the president has a check and balance on congress and vice versa. if he wants to sit in the cabinet room, cross his arms across his chest and hold his breath until he turns blue. >> you have already trashed boehner 50 times. let me ask you a specific question. don't you think it is wrong for the president to talk to the new president of iran but not even negotiate with congress and meanwhile our brave men and women that fought for this country are suffering? >> he he met with speaker boehner. >> he won't negotiate. >> stop playing word games.
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should he negotiate? >> he's delivering a strong message. >> i'm not letting you off the hook. should he negotiate? >> he's happy to negotiate. >> he said he wouldn't. >> they have to-re-open the government. they can't hold the american government and the people hostage. the stock market is on a roller coaster now. billions are being drained from the economy because of the t shutdown because the republicans started. >> oh, my god. >> really it was president obama. he department have the experience as a chief executive. he got the b jo. when you welcome at health care reform nancy pelosi blocked him out at the end to get it done. he doesn't have experience at bringing people together, even his own party. that's one of the reasons. >> it worked with republicans. >> it's time for the president to step up and be a leader. that's his job. even bob woodward said it. this is a failure of leadership on his part. his 37% approval rating will go down. mark my words.
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coming up. it's a hannity investigation into how many bill it is house passed in attempt ing to fix gridlock in d.c. and how many were left to die by harry reid in the democratic controlled senate. the numbers will make your head spin. tonight. >> if you can help one child who has cancer why wouldn't you sp. >> why pit one against the other? >> why would we want to do that? >> he wasn't kidding. we have the details of how innocent children are being caught in the cross fire of the administration's political games. we eel do an investigation. also a "hannity" showdown to remember. the one and only anthony weiner is here for the first time in more than two years. his future in politics. no topic off limits. that's ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires reech ] ♪
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if congress refuses to raise what's called the debt ceiling, america would not be able to meet all of our financial obligations. ♪ >> most americans know increasing debt is the last thing we should be doing. >> if we don't raise the debt ceiling it would be the height of irresponsibility. >> get back to where we are paying down our debt. >> this is a routine part of keeping the government running. >> not increasing the debt limit. >> this is something roo teep. >> the negligence of borrow and spend policies. >> it's been done more than 40 times. >> the immoral intellectually f >> the second thing congress need s to do is raise the debt ceiling. >> who are you borrowing money from? >> traditionally it's not a big deal. >> it weakens americans' security. >> the future of the economy and our nation is at stake. >> it's something called raising the debt ceiling.
7:16 pm
>> the request sounds like a drunk going to alcoholics anonymous saying just give me one more drink and i won't do it again. >> welcome back. that's the latest ad highlighting left wing hypocrisy. joining me with south dakota senator john thune. >> good evening, sean. >> a different tune when george bush was president over the debt ceiling. you put out a statement denouncing the president's irresponsible rhetoric about default. >> what he's been saying, he told john harwood of cnbc a few days ago that the financial sector should be concerned because there are people up here who are penalty potentially willing to default on the debt. it is this fear mongering and doom's day scenarios coming out of the administration that are going to create disruption in the marketplace. that's not helpful. 's the president of the united states. he ought to be trying to solve the situation. the fact that he wants a clean debt limit increase is on the wrong side of history. 53 time wheps the debt limit was
7:17 pm
increased, of those 27 involved changes that he did something to reduce the debt and the american people say if you are going to increase the debt limit do something to fix the debt. the president is trying to get people whipped up over this. he's completely dis engaengaged the problem. >> isn't it true that even if we didn't raise the debt ceiling we would pay off our let deaths and obligations? isn't it a lie? in other words we have money coming in to pay that. >> we get about $8 billion in every day. we have bills to pay. clearly trying to create the sense of scare out there among the markets and the american people is at odds with the facts. the president is on the wrong side of the issue. he ought to be working to try to solve the debt problem instead of scaring people b about not raising the debt limit and what it might mean.
7:18 pm
we'll pay our bills. the united states has paid its bills. this says we think we ought to be doing something to reduce the debt which is now going to be over $17 trillion soon. the president seems to have no interest though the debt doubled on his watch. >> yeah. we just discussed in the last segment talking about -- the the president has discretion. it's only 17%. a partial government shutdown. 83% is being funded. when you see the way military chaplains have been treat ed and they can't service our vets and the world war ii and vietnam memorials and normandy and the death benefits and v.a. and satellite feeds, all of this, do you think the president purposely is doing this to make his point about the government shutdown? he has the discretion not to do that, does he not?
7:19 pm
>> all the things you mentioned we have tried to move bills in the senate that have been passed by the white house that would fund head start, fund national incity to as of health, fund national guard and reserve. fund national parks. all these things they are making a big deal about. the house of representatives sent bills to the senate to fund those. either at the desk of the united states senate now. the democratic majority objects. clearly they are trying to use this this to maximize pain of the american people and try to rally people to support and their side. but the american people get it. >> i think the worst thing that republicans can do at this point is give in to this tactic where a president said he's not -- he eel talk to leaders of iran but not the republican leaders. the worst thing that could happen is you republicans give in to that bullying, frankly. what's your reaction. >> it's outrageous that he can't
7:20 pm
negotiate or be willing to sit down with leaders of the congress. the president has drawn a line in the sand. i'm not going to negotiate, dem negotiate because the president won't negotiate. the american people by a two to one margin say if you are raising the debt limit you ought to do something about debt. they think the president ought to be involved in trying to solve the fiscal crisis we are involved in now. the president is clearly more interested in playing political games and gaining political advantage than in trying to fix the issue. >> senator, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. coming up, he's one of the most pole rising poll igs titic the planet. anthony weiner will be with me face to face. it will be a classic hannity showdown. we'll talk about his life, his future. first, you won't believe who is being targeted by the
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obama/reid shutdown. when we come back, young innocent people being targeted and they don't deserve it. why won't the president hp ? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party.
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7:25 pm
to have someone of your intelligence suggest such a thing is irresponsible. >> i'm just asking. >> that was senate majority leader harry reid saying his top priority regarding his nine-day government shutdown is not help ing kids with cancer. he wasn't kidding. the national institutes of health have been forced to close their doors to clinical patients including children and have stopped therapy programs such as sending dogs to visit kids with cancer. the nih en rolls an average of 200 clinical a patients per week. 30 of them being children. until harry reid and the senate step up, negotiate with republicans, the center will not accept new patients. veterans aren't the only ones targeted. now they are targeting kids. with another example of the obama/reid shutdown selective cuts dana lash and mark hannah. you know, just like the military being targeted which we have been discussing tonight, marc, here the republicans in the house said, oeg, let's fund the
7:26 pm
nih including the program for dogs with kids with cancer. the president has discretion. the president is not doing it. why wouldn't you at least sign that bill and what do you think when the senate majority leader says, why would i the do the that? doesn't that bother you as a democrat? >> it bothers many that the government is shut down at all, that we are not paying for kids to get cancer treatment, not paying for em ba sis over seas. >> why won't the democrats pick it up? >> you can call it the obama/reid shutdown as much as you want. that's a cute orwellian trick. i can call it a republican shutdown all i want. >> okay. >> the fact is most americaning watching at home are annoyed at both parties, at the acrimony and the fact that real important government services. we learned today the v.a. won't continue to pay veterans benefits. over 300,000 veterans and 200,000 widows will be getting
7:27 pm
che checks. >> they passed a bill to fund the nia. dana, they have discretion on these things. but the president seems to want to inflict the maximum amount of pain in the 17% shutdown to make a political point. what's your reaction? >> that's absolutely right. he wants to make this look and feel to a certain amount of people as absolutely painful as possible. >> he doesn't want to shut it uh down at all. >> mark, i was a lady and i was quiet while you spoke. you be a gentleman and show me the same curtesy. as i was saying before i was interrupted, sean, there is a hurt and rescue strategy here. they are hurting vinls with the shutdown. the people who least deserve it, out of all the people we're targeting it's veterans and sick kids receiving clinical cancer treatments with the ni hrgh. it's es to make people think they can't live without big
7:28 pm
government. they can. talk about theater. that's theater. >> when the senate majority leader says why would i want to do that, if it would help one kid with cancer, sounds heartless, mark. you can't acknowledge that? >> they're bad optics. if the democrats were going for optics here we wouldn't be shutting down the national institutes of health, shutting down em ba si security. >> the republicans funded it all. you're ignoring that the house republicans did their job and funded it. >> there is a bill to stop to vote on the continuing resolution. if speaker boehner took it -- >> if he capitulated to your view. >> i agree most republicans -- will you agree republicans in congress would voter for it and we could stop the shutdown tomorrow if there was a vote on this? there would be bipartisan support for it. >> i don't engage in hypothetical conversations.
7:29 pm
mark, i could ask the same of you. how many resolutions have been passed by the house? how many short-term spend ing bills have been passed and haven't seen the light of day in the senate? it was the 10th, 11th one the other day. how many of these have seen the light in the senate? none of them. of the four that made it to the floor, they got shut down. i will make this simple for you and for some people watching from home who may be drive-by viewers. >> they don't need it simple, dana. >> mark, i'm talking. learn something. zip it up and learn something. let me explain something to you. >> you're a lady. a real lady. >> when i'm dealing with someone like you, i'm going to take off the gloves. if you don't like it, stay out of politics and don't come back on sean's show. you keep distracting me because you don't want to hear the point. lexs have consequences. one is that democrats didn't get the house. if you wanted to control the power of the purse you should have kept the house. let's look at why they lost it. maybe because people didn't like
7:30 pm
a possibly illegal health care law that was shoved down their throats on a party line vote. >> coming up the one and only anthony weiner will be here in studio. exclusive "hannity" showdown from sexting scandals, his hatred for yours uh truly. carlos danger in an interview you don't want to mis. then bob and andrea join me for another debate on the debt crisis crippling our country. we want to hear from you. log onto share your thoughts on this and more. don't forget to join us on twitter as well@sean hasn't. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer.
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welcome back to "hannity." it's been a while since my next guest and i have sat down for an interview. former congressman anthony weiner resigned amid scan ta mm.
7:35 pm
two years later he's back in studio with me . >> everything's right with the world. >> i don't know about that. i may surprise you. i don't take any glee in people having personal issues, trauma. i really wish you the best though we don't agree on anything. remember when hugh grant had his issue and went on jay leno? >> not really. >> he said, what the hell were you thinking? you went through this difficulty, resigned from office and then you do it again. what the hell are you thinking? >> not true, but i'm done talking about this stuff. went through weeks and months talking about it. talked to your network and everybody else. i'm done talking about it. >> from a personal standpoint, did you learn something? are you changing? >> look, i went through a long campaign where i let citizens who wanted to ask me about this ask me. they wanted to talk about health care, the condition of jobs in
7:36 pm
the city. wanted to talk about their lives. frankly a lot of us, sometimes tv hosts are like this, politicians. they think it is about us. it's really about their lives. people who watch your show are concerned about their lives and the challenges facing the middle class and those struggling to make it. that's what i care about. >> do you think it's hard now to make -- obviously you don't do well in the mayoral race. you got a low percentage of the vote. >> you keep begging me to come on. >> i didn't beg you. we asked you. i was surprised you said yes. >> were you? it was 50 times. >> we always ask. i have asked president obama a thousand times. >> now you want to ask me why i'm here. i don't have to be here. you invited me. >> i'm asking you. >> really? >> everybody knows you have been through this big thing. you have never been on with me in two years. here's my question. i have a question . >> okay. >> i thought maybe the reason
7:37 pm
you're here is because maybe you wanted to transition to television and you're coming on in hopes of replacing chris matthews. >> nope. >> what would you like to do in the future? >> i don't know. i'm not here as part of a divine plan. you said you wanted to talk about obama care and the government stand off. i'd be glad to talk about it. sometimes you need explaining on things, i'm here to do it for you, brother. >> you're here to help p me? >> that's why i i'm here. >> it's not fair to ask about your future? >> have i said your futures are unclear? >> you're defensive, anthony. >> you want to the talk about mement i want to talk about the news. >> it's a big issue. >> i understand you want to talking about me. i was invited to talk about other things. >> i asked a question simple question . you're defensive. >> defensive? you asked a question. i answered. >> what do you think you would like to do? >> i don't know. it's only been a month since the election. i'm back in touch with seeing my
7:38 pm
son again. i'm concerned about the middle class struggling in uh my city and this country. i will find something. don't worry about it. >> one last question and i will move on to health care. >> okay. >> one last question. sydney leathers was here and said of all the conservatives in the country you hated me the most. is that true? >> hate you? do i hate you? >> dislike me the most. >> no. >> that's not true? >> that i hate you? i'm on your show. >> that doesn't mean you like me. >> i went on your radio shows, on the television show. >> you did? >> i was part of a group among progressives who didn't think it was heresay to come on fox. >> let me ask you about this. i could play a montage of every democrat on the debt ceiling saying they weren't going to raise it including barack obama.
7:39 pm
now they claim it would be almost immoral not to raise it. is that hypocrisy? >> i think you should raise the debt ceiling. these are bills incurred by congress. boehner believes it, the president believes it, you do and i do. what's the problem? >> when bush wanted the to raise it, the democrats said they wouldn't including obama. >> people play politics with the debt limit. no one does this. which is playing not only politics but playing a game of standoff with the economy. that's a mistake. >> maybe you can explain. if boehner thinks we should raise the debt limit, the president thinks it, hannity and weiner think it, why not? >> i'm not sure hannity believes -- >> well, hannity's bosses do. people who care about the stock price of the company. people with 401(k)s. >> i don't know what my bosses believe. i vice presidehaven't asked the. i speak for myself on this program. i'm really afraid when we have $90 trillion in unfunded
7:40 pm
liability and $17 trillion in debt and obama will double it by the end of the second term from every president before him. >> the debts have been run up already. you have a credit card and say i don't like what i bought and i won't pay. >> you're missing the point. i'm worried. you have kids, i have kids. >> you don't want to raise the debt sflilimit? >> let me finish. i'm the host. you're the guest. >> am i a potted plant? >> i will tell you if you let me finish. i'm worried your kids and mine, that this is unsustainable. $90 trillion, $17 trillion. >> that doesn't mean you don't pay the debt you already incurred. >> first of all -- >> what do you believe? you're a smart guy. >> i'm a register ed conservative. you speak to the mother ship of that party. >> a lot of them don't like me. >> why are you defensive? >> i'm not. i'm enjoying this. you're cracking me up. >> do you believe we should pay our bills? >> we have to in the end.
7:41 pm
>> of course. everyone agrees. >> hang on. >> the only reason it doesn't happen is why? >> can i give you an explanation? >> where are you looking? >> this is an empty studio. >> what are you looking at? >> the camera man. >> if you are worried about the debt on our children and grandchildren you have to have some type -- >> i agree. change policy. >> i think it has to be connected to it. >> i don't -- >> i don't think the president. >> i understand. >> would double the debt. i don't think a president has a desire to do that. >> first of all, i don't think there is disagreement about connecting things n. the past things have been connected to -- why not? the question is do you hold the raising of the debt limit and the economy hostage unless you get everything you want? >> who's holding hostage? >> can i ask -- right now i apparently someone is holding someone hos tam here. >> really? >> raise the debt limit. you have yet to answer me why it hasn't happened. >> because the president won't negotiate. >> on what? >> he's the only one holding
7:42 pm
anybody hostage. >> you said you wanted it. >> i said if we get spending under control with it. i think you cannot just raise the debt ceiling. >> okay. then you said -- >> a blank check. >> you said there should be something with it. the president doesn't dispute that. >> you're awe discussioning for ms nbc. you want chris matthews job. i can tell. you want to be chris matthews. you never shut up like chris matthews either. >> why do you have pat i sies o? you don't want someone who pushes you on your arguments. >> you want a job at msnbc. i got it. now i know why you came here. >> fox has lower standards. i would rather have a job on fox. >> ooh, ouch. want to talk about low standards? do you want to go there? >> wherever you want. i'm here for an interview. where are you looking? who's over there? >> there is a camera over there that i'm turning to. >> it's a theatrical thing. you look over as if you are exasperated. >> next on "hannity" --
7:43 pm
>> raising the debt ceiling is a lousy name which is why members don't like to vote on it. it makes you vulnerable in political campaigns. it doesn't increase our debt . >> comments like those are all too common. with the debt climbing the left wing ideology is more dangerous. not carlos dangerous. our friends from the five, bob and an degree i can't are here to respond to comments about the economy and more. and then we hit the streets of new york to find out how much the obama/reid shutdown is impacting tourists around the world. that investigation coming up on "hannity." [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's crabfest, with three entrées under $20.
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>>. >>
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7:47 pm
welcome back to "hannity." one of the most critical
7:48 pm
problems facing the country is the massive debt one would think this tax and spend president has no idea under his watch alone the debt has riz nearly $7 trillion. as president obama prepares to call on congress to raise the debt ceiling again he declared yesterday doing that doesn't increase our debt. really? sadly this isn't the first time our fearless leader or his democratic cohorts made false claims b about the nation's embarrassing spend ing habits. take a look. >> so we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact, for the next ten years it will be in a sustainable place. >> i want to disagree with those who say we have a spending problem. if we are so rich why are we so broke? is it a spending problem? no. >> does the country have a spending problem? >> does the country have a spending problem? >> yeah . >> the country has a paying for problem. we haven't paid for what we bought -- our tax cuts. >> it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem.
7:49 pm
we have a budget deficit problem that we have to address. >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which, by the way, is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. >> here with reaction to the dangerous ideology, the co-hosts of "the five" bob beckel and andrea tantaros. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> by a number of two to one fox news poll people want the government to vote against even raising it further. it seems americans are becoming very aware of how dangerous and how high this number is. what's your reaction to the poll? >> i agree. $17 trillion in debt, sean. at this point it's almost like the president and democrats made it uncorrectable at this point. i cannot believe they say they are somehow not in jeopardy, they don't have a spending problem, it's not a spending problem. that's like me spend ing money on shoes and saying, oh, i'm not
7:50 pm
in debt $17 trillion. i just have to stop buying shoes. it's a shoe habit. bob did a great job last night accepting an award for sobriety and should know about addicts. the first part of oh being an addict. they are in denial, bob. >> the idea of you stopping to pay for shoes would bring the economy to a dead halt. >> that's true. >> you have been harping on this thing. is there one thing this morning when you woke up about the national debt that hurt you personally? >> no. >> no. anybody else in america? >> this may surprise you, bob. i'm a christian. i'm getting older now. >> really? >> 51 years old. i care more about my kids. i think about my grandkids and $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities, $17 trillion in debt. i think there is something really wrong that no generation before has ever robbed future generations like we are doing. it's reckless and irresponsible.
7:51 pm
>> it is not reckless and irresponsible if you know you can pay the bills. we are going to be able to pay. >> how? >> can i ask you about people saying we should let the debt ceiling go? >> they have been buying into you and the right wing republicans on capitol hill. this is the most potentially dangerous thing you could do. >> no, it's not. >> it is. we had an election. you lost. >> won the house. >> you could win, lose. >> you lost the house. >> alter the american people and the government because right wingers think it is a bad idea. >> can i respond to your question about thinking about the debt in the morning? i agree default would be a bad thing. when you say uh did it uh affect you, i have seen what happens in greece. you want to talk about a country that says does it affect you? you run out of other people 's money. that's what happened in greece. the same thing can happen here. you run out of money. higher interest rates. less jobs. >> we take in enough money to
7:52 pm
today -- pay our debt and obligations. president obama said in 2006 the fact we are here today to deb america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. he said it is a siep that the u.s. government can't pay its own bills. over the past five years the federal debt increase ed $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion, trillion with a t. this rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy. vote ed against the debt ceiling like hillary and kerry and every democrat. >> funny either all running for president. he was paying presidential politics. the crack about bush being unpatriot ohh i--ic. >> you're lecturing me and your president is claiming doom and gloom. one word for that. it's hypocrisy. >> what is hi pock uh si about
7:53 pm
putting the full faith of the american dollar in jeopardy? >> he took the point you said was dangerous and terrible. >> i said politics. i agree with that. >> okay. why can't you say republicans are playing politics. poof, you're even. >> then let's play politics. in this case the debt was increased when obama said that. let's let it increase and let the funny republicans go home and leave us alope. >> i don't know how you put up with this? >> even my democratic friends say the president failed to lead. he has not put forward a situation to come to resolution. >> now it's affecting children, the military. 37%. >> let's not kid ourselves. >> coming up, we go to the street s of new york to ask tourists how they are affect ed by the obama/reid shutdown next. . i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins.
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welcome ba to hannity now. the house passed bills to try to reopen parts of the government including national monuments, parks museums but bills have been blocked in the u.s. senate. down to the statue of liberty to see if news made it to the tourists that are hoping to visit lady liberty. >> we're down here in the statue of liberty. boats can leave but people can't get to the statue y? partial government shut down. >> we took the boat. bought tickets in advance to go see the statue of liberty. yes. we were disappointed. >> are you excited to see the statue of liberty today? >> yes. but disappointed it's closed. >> are you hoping to see the statue of liberty today? >> we were hoping to. but while we left on vacation the government shut down. >> do you know because of the shut down you can't get to the statue today? >> we realized that in new york. >> what do you think?
7:59 pm
>> that sucks a bit. >> it hindered our vacation. there are a lot of things we can't see now. >> what do you think. goflt shut down now? >> i think it's ridiculous. i wish they'd get their act together. i think it's a lack of leadership. >> did you know republicans were fighting to keep the statue of liberty open? and harry reid said no. we don't want any part of that. >> that does not surprise me. harry reid is wrong. i think they should be open. a lot of them are open air parks there is no reason to put barbed wire up and stop the world war ii veterans. this is crazy. >> do you think barack obama should negotiate with john boehner now? >> of course, immediately this, is unacceptable to me. sit down, talk about it. >> well, doesn't need to be this way, does it? that is all the time we have left this evening.
8:00 pm
thank you for being with us. don't forget, start the day with fox and friends every morning. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> let's sit down so that these families will receive the benefits at least that would give them some comfort. >> bill: an absolute disgrace. the federal government stopping payments to families of military people killed in afghanistan. we have now reached the low point in american politics. colonels hunt and peters will weigh in. >> why should members of congress being under obama care and not the president? explain that one. isn't that fair? >> bill: liberal journalists are stunned by the intensity of the obama care debate. we will have the inside story from ed henry, carl cammeron and james rosen.


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