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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 10, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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hotel and snatched the president in retaliation for a raid last week. leland is here with the late breaking details. >> ladies, good morning still too early to call it a coup or too early to call it a kidnapping or an arrest. the prime minister is now no longer in his luxury hotel but rather in the hands of a large group of gunmen. the prime minister in libya is the head of a pretty loosely formed largely infective government there that doesn't have a lot of central control and in turn subcontracts a lot of internal security work out to a number of these militias. they date all of the w back to the revolution. one of those militias heavily armed, known as the anti crime committee which works in the department of the interior is the one behind this arrest and taking of the prime minister in the lucky hotel he calls his
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rests den residence in tripoli. the arrest came in the early morning hours just after the prime minister had met with the family of the al qaeda operative that was recently taken by u.s. special forces out of libya. you will remember a very daring raid by the american delta force grabbed that well-known al qaeda operative out of the streets of tripoli. there was talks the libyan government was involved or at least cooperating with that raid. whether or not the prime minister's arrest, kidnapping taken by armed gunmen had anything to do with that is what we are trying to figure out. >> investigators are trying to figure out why a retired police officer opened fire on a federal courthouse. police say 55-year-old thomas picard fired more than 20 rounds at the building from the parking lot before he was shot and killed by police. investigators are hoping to
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search his home today to determine a motive or if he was targeting someone specific. three security guards were hurt by flying debris. both should fine. overnight a roller-coaster ride at universal florida became a fight mare. they had to rescue a dozen people on the hollywood rip ride called rocket. as they were dangling 150 feet from the ground last night. officials say a glitch caused the computers to go into safety mode stopping that ride. thankfully no one was injured. the ride will stay closed for further investigation. >> edward snowden lands in -- his father lands in moscow. they did not reveal when or where he will be meeting the wanted fugitive. he did say his son has no plans to leave russia. he faces espionage charges in
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the united states but was granted asylum in russia in august. >> the shut down enters day 10. jack lew will be delivering a message this morning. he's expected to testify about the impact of what a default would mean for you and the rest of the country. this as the october 17th deadline to raise the debt ceiling looms. with anxiety about that the white house continuing to put the blame on republicans. >> i am not going to negotiate a future budget agreement that can be worked out between the white house, democrats and republicans after republicans agree to leave the matches and gasoline outside of the room and sit down and negotiate. they open the government they turn on the lights and they remove the threat of this>> we want to reopen the government and provide fairness to all americans under the presence of
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the healthcare law. >> the president plans to meet with republicans today. >> was it an oversight or just bad politics. the obama administration worked out a solution to allow families of fallen military members for a government shut down. when did the president find out this was a problem? elizabeth prann is live for us with the latest. >> fisher house military charity group pays the military families their expenses such as housing travel and burial bills we are learning from the defense department 26 service members have been killed since the government shut down. not one of them have received promises of a threat from the government. how long have they known the families were not going to see any assistance? they posed a question without getting a consistent response. >> if the president knew about it two, three-days ago that would suggest it would be politically embarrassing for
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them if he would say he knew back then but didn't move quickly for an executive order or whatever may be the case. >> jay carney dodging specific questions about when the president knew. at times he turned the tables blaming government lawmakers for the government shut down standoff. >> i did not think the republicans it was the right thing to do to shut the government down, did not seem disturbing to republicans would cause all of the other consequences of shut down. they choose instead to shut the government down. >> the house voted unanimously to restore the benefits. we will not see movement in the senate. they blocked more than a dozen bills from the who us. heather, back to you. >> elizabeth prann live for us from washington. thank you. >> also this morning an extreme weather alert. thousands of people could be dealing with a lot of flooding as the storm is moving up the east coast. maria molina is in the weather center with more on that for you. good morning maria.
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>> good morning ainsley and heather. we are tracking an area of pressure moving up the east coast. this storm system will be with us for several days. that's really why this is such a concern. we have a number of coastal flood advisories and watches in effect from parts of virginia all of the way up the east coast including parts of maryland, delaware, new jersey even new york city you are looking at coastal flooding concerns. it is a slow mover. we are going to be dealing with this through at least friday. many of us will continue to see rain impacting us through sunday. you will need the umbrella for some time. winds will be annish oo you. gusts in excess of 15 miles per hour and heavy rain with many people picking up 4-6 inches of rain, especially the areas shaded in red. you can see parts of pennsylvania even further inland you can be dealing with flooding. also areas across the mid atlantic. we have another storm system further west. this one can produce severe weather in the form of damaging
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winds large hail and isolated tornadoes. on the cool side of this storm we have snow. some people picking up over a foot of it especially across parts of the rockies. back to you. >> maria molina live for us from the weather center. >> events at a hot air balloon festival after one of the bau lanes hit a power line and caught on fire. it crashed 40 feet to the ground with the pilot and crew chief inside. both men suffered severe burns and are now being treated at the local hospital. one nearby resident saw what happened they rushed into the scene using water bottles to help put out the flames. unprecedented move the navy says the number two commander has been fired. tim gardina is being demoted after a gambling investigation. he's accused of using counterfeit poker chips at a casino. he will drop in rank to two star
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admiral and will be reassigned pending an investigation. >> the head of the obama care office is accused of sharing confidential tax payer information with the white house. she was grilled by a house panel. after the hearing democrats turning the testimony into a joke. >> have you been con sorting with the devil? >> not to my knowledge, sir. >> are reports that you can fly accurate? >> greatly exaggerated, sir. >> republicans, sir, are not laughing. e-mails show ingram attempted to use a lawsuit for religious organization opposing contraception mandate. >> detroit will learn how much longer he will have to spend behind bars. prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence kwame kilpatrick to at least 28 years for corruption while he led the city head
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towards bankruptcy. the democrat quit adds mayor in 2008. he's pleading guilty of obstruction of justice from a scandal. >> general motors truck that received waive re -- rave reviews is being recalled. americans love their trucks. what's up with this. >> they do. that's right. good morning. general motors is recalling 22,000 of the 2014 chevy silverado and gmc full size pickups because of a seat problem. the rekleining seat back could move more than safety regulations allow them to. of the nearly 2,000 trucks 19,000 are in the u.s. gm maz not yet reported any related injuries or accidents. we are on day 10 of the government shut down. the next casualty may be your favorite beer essential or
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nonessential. a small agency of the new labels have been closed the shut down which could create slow downs in the brewing industry. they worry if the shut down continues much longer new beer sales may be delayed for next year. a king of fast food isic making a push for child literacy by placing 20 million paper back books in happy meals between now and 2014. they would never have sodas in happy meals now milk juice and water options. they made changes back in 2011 by reducing portion of fridays a fries and includes apples. this isn't the first time they had books in the american girl series. >> that's great. it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. before you ask can you spare some change you better have the proper paperwork.
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. >> welcome back. a murder of three people during a pawnshop robbery last month. kenneth key was arrested yesterday after police searched the church where he served. as the one of the victims said he even came to the funeral service. >> i think it took a lot of gall to come up to me and reduce
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themselves and talk about what they did, but yet he would sit there and talk about how he loved them and how they were well loved knowing that he took the life. >> he used to operate a pawnshop at the same location where the shootings happened and. >> police there have identified women of a hospital stairwell as missing patient lynn spaulding. still no answers about how the 57-year-old died or how she wound up on the rarely used stairwell. >> we do not know how she came to be in the stairwell yesterday, how long she had been there or what caused her death. the stairwell is a fire exit that is not routinely used by staf staff, patients or the public. >> lots of questions the family wants to know about the details about the search for her and if the video cameras cover eerrr every entrance or exit president
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hoftment a staff member found spaulding 17 days after she was reported missing while conducting a routine quarterly check. >> russia is having serious problems without li the olympic going out. it is causing such a problem they are calling for a criminal investigation. more than 16,000 torches were made for the game. russian politicians are asking why so many of them made -- why were so many of them made and why aren't they working? is the games start in february so they only have a few more months to ensure the flame will stay hit. >> if you want money in new jersey it will require beggars to get permits. opinion handling is getting too aggressive. there will be limits as to where in the town it is legal to beg for money. any one caught violating the new law faces a thousand dollar fine and jail time. >> another big story everyone is talking about washington
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redskins their owner dan snyder holding his ground in the wake of mounting pressure from native americans to change his franchise's nickname. he issued an open letter insisting the name is here to stay. oo a anna kooiman is life to tell us the latest on this story. everyone is talking about this. >> certainly, ainsley. good morning to everyone at home. the owner daniel snyder message to people calling his name offensive agree to disagree. he sent a letter to season ticket holders stating his reasoning for wanting to keep the team's name despite even president obama suggesting it may be time to discard the term. in a letter he said this. i respect the opinions of those who disagree. i want them to know i do hear them and i will continue to listen and learn. but we cannot ignore our 81 year history or the strong feelings of most of our fans as well as native americans through out the country. some native american leaders who were speaking out in washington
2:18 am
on monday say the r word is a racial flur to -- slur to them. >> what we are saying to you is this word is an insult. it is mean, it is rude, it is i am polite and we would like you to stop using it. >> in snyder's letter he sited a recent poll of 1,000 native americans 90 percent didn't find it to be offensive. >> it is a gray area issue. there are native americans that love the name, there are native americans who despise the name. >> they are willing to meet with native american leaders sometime next month. >> anna kooiman live for us. thanks so much, anna. it is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. we are not done yet. coming up next, peanut butter not only tastes good but now it could hold the key to detecting a debilitating disease. >> it is so good. >> one school playing a trick on
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>> we are on the tail end of the week. we are almost done. in the news this morning if you are thinking about taof taking d
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internship listen up. interns not paid are not protected from sexual harassment. if you are not paid you are not legally an employee therefore you are not protected. right now oregon is the only state which protects unpaid interns. a peanut butter plant in new mexico linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak last year filed for bankruptcy. employees at the sunland plant were told yesterday the plant was closing. the food and drug administration shuttered the plant last year after the products were linked to 41 cases of salmonella in 20 states. the plants reopened in may but took a big financial hit from the closure and lawsuits that followed from the outbreak. >> speaking of peanuts detecting alzheim alzheimer's may be as ee sgleea sniffing peanut butter. they found they could only smell with their right nostril.
2:24 am
the left right difference applies to alzheimer's and doesn't apply to others. >> most of you wouldn't dream of sending your child on to the football field without a helmet. wearing a helmet to play soccer? girlss in princeton new jersey requiring stew kent to wear these helmets on the field. many parents and doctors are left questioning whether the sport is dangerous enough to warrant head gear to protect against concussion. they are going against twith th buy every athlete helmet for those who play soccer lacrosse and field hockey. >> now time to brew on this. they have been call off in one pennsylvania elementary school. the reason the holiday has religious over tones. many upset parents contacted the school district and responded by saying there will be a fall
2:25 am
festival after school where the students can tawear their costumes. >> that leads us to the question of the day. want to know how you feel about the principal's actions. are they fine or over the line? you can tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst. tweet them to us at we will read them later in the show. >> sean hannity takes on anthony weiner. >> i asked you one question. here's the question. >> i asked a question i answered it. >> what would you like to do? >> i don't know. >> in case you missed it i am going to show you more of that interview. you are going to want to see it. >> a speeding train slams into a tractor trailer. how the driver plans to escape ask seconds to spare. >> first on this day in history on this day in history 2004 shark tail tales starring will
2:26 am
smith and robert deniro was number one at the box office.
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>> a fox news alert. armed gunmen burst into the hotel to take the prime minister of libya from his own home. now new reports that this may be pay back for the u.s. terror raid. we are live with the latest.
2:30 am
>> the web site might not work. now we are finding out we haven't left time to sign up for obama care. the latest changes to the healthcare law. >> do you wish that you could have slept a little bit longer this morning? well, it may actually be a good thing ainsley that you are up so earl will i. the health benefits to getting less sleep. fox and friends first starts right now. >> and let's get right to that fox news alert for you. the prime minister of libya taki taken at gun point at a predawn raid on his hotel in tripoli. >> armed gunmen stormed the room grabbed him after the terror raid last week. good morning ladies ch these things tend to change by the minute especially when you are dealing with the militias there inside of libya.
2:31 am
late breaking word from the associated press just in the past couple of minutes. they were the ones who originally reported the kidnapping off aleed zudan. we have a picture of when he was taken. he was taken by the anti crime militia that had been responsible for his kidnapping. he had been overseeing a weak central libyan government that subcontracted to the armed militias. they were the government agencies using militias as enforcers. one of those militias broke into his hotel room early this morning. he is reporting that zeidan has
2:32 am
been fraeed. whether it was a situation or cross wires or whether the group was trying to make a point we still don't know. you cannot ignore the timing ju this coming in the past couple days after the daring u.s. delta force raid in the samesy is it as tripoli where an al qaeda militant was taken. he was taken by the delta force. it was thought the government led by zeidan was come pplacent that. we will let you get back to the breaking development. thank you. >> the father of leaker edward snowden plans to see his son for the first time since he left the country. he did not say whether he will be meeting the wanted fewiugiti but says he has no plans to
2:33 am
leave russia. he was granted ussia back in august. >> investigators in west virginia they are trying to figure out why a retired police officer opened fire on a federal courthouse. police say that 55-year-old thomas picard fired more than 20 rounds at the building from the parking lot before he was shot and killed by police. investigators are hoping to search his home today to try to find out why he did it or if he was targeting someone specific. three security guards were hurt by flaying debris. both should be fine. >> we are getting our first look at the under cover cops accused in a road rage assault case. he stayed very covered up as you can see him there. 32-year-old was formally charged with gang assault and criminal mischi mischief. he is out on a 150,000 dollar bail. his attorney says the state has no case. >> the allegation is they allege he struck the rear portion,
2:34 am
hatchback window which had a gaping hole already in it, already destroy. so under the law it's a fatal flaw. you can't break what somebody has broken. >> yesterday a 7th suspect in the case 30-year-old james coon turned himself into police. police are not saying what he is charged with. they are also looking for three more individuals. >> over night a roller-coaster ride at the university studios florida becomes a nightmare. >> they rescued a dozen people. they were trapped for more than two hours in the hollywood rip ride rocket as they dangled 150 feet from the ground. can you image? a glitch caused the computers to go into safety mode and that stopped the ride. no one was hurt. the raid will remain closed while safety crews do some inspection.
2:35 am
>> the government shut down now entering day 10. jack lew plans to deliver a message to the senate committee this morning. jack luzader is live in washington. what are we expecting? >> there is talk about republicans advancing a deal to at least in the short term raise the debt ceiling. a lot may depend on what happened through out the course of the day. a group of house republicans for starters will be heading for the white house today to meet the president. both sides may be looking for a way out. listen to the tone yesterday from white house spokesman jay carney. >> i am not going to negotiate a future budget agreement that can be worked out between the white house democrats and republicans after republicans agree to leave the matches and the gasoline outside of the room and sit down and negotiate. >> and treasury secretary jack lew will head to capitol hill to explain what will happen if there is no agreement to raise
2:36 am
the debt ceiling. the government would no longer have the -- lew will have to explain how or if the government will prioritize the bills. some republicans say there will still be plenty of money to service debt. >> they are coming out saying the president is misleading, wrong when he makes his statement that if we don't pass a debt ceiling increase on the 17th that we are going to default or we are at risk of default. >> now, while we have these various debates going on between raising the debt ceiling and trying to fund the government a lot of what is going to take place will depend on public perception. the associated press has a new poll out in terms of the shut down. who do you blame most for the shut down? republicans in congress get most 62 percent. the president 49 percent. democrats in congress 49 percent.
2:37 am
a lot of blame to go around this time around. >> doug luzader live for us in dc. thanks so much, doug. >> speaking of blame was it an over site or just bad politics? is the obama administration works out a solution to allow the families of fallen military members to receive death benefits during the government shut down. but when did the president find out that this was a problem? our own ed hen brie posed that question to the white house yesterday. without getting a consistent response. >> did not serve the republicans who's thought it was right thing to do to shut the government down. just like it did not seem disturbing to republicans it would cause all of the other consequences of shut down. they choose instead to shut the government down. >> the house voted unanimously to restore the benefits. we will most likely not see any movement in the senate. it has so far blocked more than a dozen bills from the house. >> the problems with obama care are melting.
2:38 am
the deadline to sign up has been moved up six weeks now. those uninsured have to be covered by march 31st in order to avoid the tax penalty. this as a major technical glitch forces administrators to reset the pass word for all users on the obama care web site. any one who never made it to the site's data base will have to reregister. the price tag 634 million bucks. keep in mind this is only supposed to cost 93 million. >> now it is time for a look at who is talking. this morning it's anthony weiner the former candidate for new york city mayor appeared on hannity last night for the first time in two years. right out of the gate they got into a heated debate. >> you went through this difficulty resignedd from office, then you do it again. i am like what the hell are you thinking? >> it's not true. i am done talking about this stuff. >> you didn't do well in the mayoral race. do you think people are unfor giving? you got a very low percentage of
2:39 am
the vote. >> i don't know. you guys don't stop begging me to come on. apparently you want to talk it me. >> i didn't beg you to come on. we asked you to come on. i was surprised you said yes. >> you asked me about 50 times. we always a we>> we always ask. >> you want to talk about obama care. i am talking about it frankly. sometimes you need explaining. i am here to do it for you. >> you are here to help me out. >> i am here to do. >> it is not fair to ask you any of the questions -- >> have i said any des are unfair? >> you are very defensive. while he refuseded to talk about the texting scandal he talked about the debt limit saying it must be right. >> oh, goodness. thousands of people could be dealing with flooding as the storm is moving up the east coast. >> maria molina is in the weather center live this morning. >> good morning maria. >> good morning heather and
2:40 am
ainsley. good to see you this morning. we want to talk about the storm system tracking up the east coast which could produce rough weather for so many states like new jersey, delaware and across parts of connecticut not jis for today, tomorrow but even as we head into the weekend. several days of rough weather. we have possibility of coastal flooding. advisories and watches have been posted. we are talking gusts over 50 miles per hour possible and as much rain as six inches. so flooding not just along the coast but further inland. we are keeping an eye on that over the next several days. we have another storm system to talk about this one slowly creeping away from parts of the rockies. it has possibility to produce damaging winds large hail and isolated tornado possible. snow as well up to a foot of it across sections of the colorado
2:41 am
rockies and across parts of wyoming. temperature wise ahead of the system heather and ainsley 88 for a high in san antonio 85 in the city of dallas. above average down south. >> goodness. i like that, though. >> good for them. >> thank you, maria. it is 41 after the top of the hour. a teacher loses her cool and guess what? it is caught on tape. >> i know my (bleep). don't (bleep) with that. >> what set that teacher off? >> goodness. the real key to a happy marriage. what if we told you it was something totally out of your control? that's up next. ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping
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>> welcome back. a horrifying crime caught on camera. a blind man beaten and robbed on the streets in philadelphia. police releasing this surveillance video of the attack. it happened in broad daylight while people stood by and watched and no one tried to help the 33-year-old victim or stop the attack. >> it don't make no sense. somebody should have said something. what's the matter with you other people. what's the matter with you other people. >> the victim suffer cuts and bruises to his head and face. police hope this video of the suspect at a nearby store will help lead to an arrest. >> you could see his face pretty clearly. i hope so, too. >> a $1 million norman rockwell painting has been stolen in new york city according to police. authorities at the art museum and storage facility in queens discovered the rockwell painting was missing. they have not identified the current owner of this painting. officials are unsure why a
2:46 am
painting that expensive was left in a storage unit. >> the secret to a happy marriage. ainsley, are you ready? it could you wiall be in your g and not your levis. linked to a new study researchers found it all links back to a particular gene variant that we all inherit from our parents. those with shorter were more affected by the emotional highs and lows of marriage while those with shorter ones were far less bothered. >> if it doesn't work out blame your parents. >> and have separate bathrooms. the time now is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. a teacher setting a bad example for her student. >> i know my (bleep). don't (bleep) with that. >> what set her off? a truck explodes into pieces as a train plows right through it. why the driver of the truck is now in trouble. speaking of trouble. >> big trouble.
2:47 am
>> that was not in the prompter. that was totally unnecessary. how can we start our day like this. i will george ahe forge ahead because i am the bigger person. we have congressman shawn duffy. he has a message for mainstream media. bob massi is helping you navigate a short sale. hopefully you don't have to. but if you have to he will tell you. hollywood gets behind the sun car. things get wild, we have a sloth. instead of me hugging him like steve usually does before the show, he has a penguin and two animals you have never heard of before. plus may i add we leiave with a special guest the latest on the kidnapping of the libyan prime minister all coming up on "fox & friends." don't miss a moment. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute!
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the train conductor laying on the horn, as you can hear, to warn the truck driver. but the man has stopped to yield to traffic. this might be a good thing that you're up so early. turns out sleeping in might be hurting your brain. a new study finds that people in their 60's and their 70's who are sleeping nine hours or more a day
2:52 am
had a faster decline in memory. and it means you get to wake up with us, right, heather? >> absolutely. you know him from starring opposite johnny depp in the pirates of the caribbean film but now orlando bloom is taking the stage in a modern version of romeo and juliet. for more we are stepping into the spotlight with michael tammero. you got to meet bloom. what is he like? >> what a lovely man. so sweet, nice and down to earth. he starred in some of the biggest franchises in hollywood. he is making his broadway debut in shakes spare, the -- shakespeare, the first time romeo and juliet stars as an interracial
2:53 am
couple. he stars with the daughter of phyllicia rashad, and we asked him what it was like tackling shakespeare. >> it's great. i feel like i picked up a thread and is doing something i was always meant to be doing. >> were you a little nervous doing shakespeare? >> my mom was like you decided to climb mount everest when you trip up a mountain. my first time on broadway, my first time in shakespeare and a monster of a part. with that kind of adrenaline and buzz, i thrive off t. >> the 400-year-old tale is more popular than ever. there is a new movie this weekend and an off-broadway production. shakespeare can be intimidating but i found this production fresh. the first 30 minutes i wasn't understanding a thing and then something
2:54 am
happened. the brain clicked. >> it's been a long time since shakespeare has been on broadway as well. >> the first time in 36 years. >> it is in theaters until january 12. you can catch my entire interview with orlando bloom on >> thank you so much. appreciate it this morning, as always. the time is about six minutes till the top of the hour. he was just trying to help by cutting the grass, but he was told take a hike. we'll explain. halloween is halted at an elementary school. but is this just fine or over the line. your comments up next. ♪
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>> it is now three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening. libya i can't's prime minister is now -- libya's prime minister is now free. rain in the northeast has started falling and is not expected to let up for a few days. the washington redskins says he will not change the name of his team name. he offered an official letter saying it is here to stay. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. a high school football player makes a remarkable run.
2:59 am
look at that. weaving, diving and pushing. the junior broke at least seven tackles to make the impressive 50-yard touchdown. up next the bad, a teacher proving to not be a booed example for her students. >> i know my [bleep]. don't [bleep]. >> what set her off? a student trying to challenge her lesson. she has been placed on leave. >> the ugly. a man mowing the lawn around the lincoln memorial is told to take a hike. he says the area should not be neglected whether there is a shutdown or not. >> time for your brew on responses. earlier in the show we were telling you about an elementary school calling off halloween because they say the holiday has religious overtones. >> let the halloween parties go on. if a child or parent has a religious conflict, they should be allowed to leave
3:00 am
the room. >> whatever happened to children in school being able to enjoy halloween and dressing up, having fun as kids. >> if schools aren't allowing christmas and easter, at least they are consistent with halloween. look out st. patrick's day. >> "fox & friends" is up next. bye. >>elisabeth: good morning. it is thursday, october 10. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. playing politics with our military. the government freezing benefits for the families of the fallen. but was this a surprise at all? and when did the white house know? we report and you decide. >>steve: you might not like that. glitch after glitch, the obamacare website having trouble staying on track. >> what a train wreck. how can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work? >>steve: he's got a really good point. wait until you hear how long the


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