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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 10, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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"shepard smith reporting." look at this. the dow likes talking in washington. the question is, can they get anything done? we're up 3 17 on yack ity yack. get something done. >> ten days into the government shutdown and we're moments aim from a meeting between house republicans and the president. is a debt deal at hand? and is that it why wall street is cheering? >> welcome everyone. this is "your world." ahead of that meeting, g.o.p. leaders calling for a temporary increase in the debt ceiling in return they want the president to start negotiating before any deal to end the shutdown. front and center, obamacare. as the rollouts riddled with glitches republicans rolling out a new line of attack. michelle -- bachmann on that in
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just a moment. and then chad on all the behind the scene maneuverings. a lot of stuff breaking. >> this is the most crucial hour we have had during this dual crisis of the debt ceiling and degovernment shutdown. the senate democrats have just come back up to capitol hill after meeting with president obama, and the house republicans, a team of 20, are going down to the white house. this is key because nobody has actually gotten into negotiations, talking. i talked with tom cole from oklahoma and he said when you start talking, that's when things happen. but harry reid, the senate majority leader said, he doesn't expect anything to happen until they get past the government shutdown. he says we're not going to -- it's not going to happen, was his quote specifically. dealing with these two things at once, the government shutdown and the debt creel, -- debt ceiling, it's like the world series and stanley cup tame. at it october and juggling this two things is remarkable. people are looking for an exit ramp and it's not there yet.
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>> the g.o.p. says we'll give you your debt ceiling, give yaw that increase until mid-to late november. in return for that you have to come to the table and bargain with us over the shutdown, and that may or may not include obamacare. right? >> that's right. and they haven't been specific to the government shutdown. a republican congressman from idaho says this morning, obamacare is still on the table. he said we're willing to give some in terms of 0 a clean raising of the debt ceiling. heritage action, one of the conservative groups which monitors house republicans and senate republicans like a hawk, says it's not in fav of a clean debt ceiling increase but is willing to give, their word, flexibility to the house republican leadership and they're not going to look at this potential vote to raise the debt ceiling. we're expecting a little more clarity on this tonight, possibly a bill tonight, and a vote on the house floor sometime tomorrow. >> we're going to leave it there. all we keep hearing is the senate democrats saying, no way.
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good stuff. thank you very much. >> now to the other g.o.p. strategy iris this one questioning how you can tax people for obamacare. when they can't even sign up for it due to all the technical glitches. minnesota republican congresswoman michelle backmann is demanding answers. john boehner put this in precise terms today. how can you tax people if you can't sign up for the thing that you're taxing them for not having? >> that's exactly right. how do you tax people and force them to buy a product that they don't want at a web site they can't -- that doesn't even work. that's where we're at right now. and a poll came out today that said only 7% of the american people think this rollout is successful. the bigger number innings 93% of the american people think the obamacare rollout is a failure. a few numbers are emerging, not very many you. think the administration would
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be touting the millions of people now on obamacare, but we find out in the city of milwaukee, not one person signed up. only seven in the state of wisconsin, only five in the state of iowa. this is a dismal failure, and so this is what we're saying for the president right now. mr. president, let obamacare be voluntary. you have obamacare, and the reason why you have obamacare is because you said that people don't have access to health insurance. we have that now, it's set up, it's in law, but if an american doesn't want to be in obamacare they shouldn't be forced to. if a business doesn't want to be in obamacare, they shouldn't be forced to. if i doctor doesn't want to be in obamacare, they shouldn't be forced to if an insurance company done want to be in obamacare, they shouldn't be forced to. no one should be forced to sign up for the electronic medical advisory the government wants to have. so let's make this voluntary for people. if it's great, people will sign up. if not, people will find it another way.
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that's a reasonable compromise and it's one that democrats and independents independent republicans can agree on. >> congresswoman, there's some breaking news today that the house, the g.o.p., your caucus there, sent a proposal over to president obama saying, we'll give you the debt ceiling but we want to set down of the government shutdown. there's meeting this afternoon. 25 minutes from now, with 18 or 20 -- we heard both numbers -- republicans that are going to sit down with president obama. can you weigh in on what you think will happen? >> john boehner made exactly the right call. been making a lot of very good calls and one of the calls is he refused to have 200 republican goes to the white house where would we all sit through a lecture, with awe due respect from president obama. we're going to hold our breath until we turn blue.
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that's not a position. so now john boehner is saying we're going to take our negotiators, go into the same room with the president and say, we have given you a lot of different offers, let's get a deal done so that we can benefit the american people, get the economy moving and get some jobs started. i think that john boehner is doing the right thing. >> i want you to react to this. this is harry reid. >> they do not know what they want. i hope the republicans decide what they want and we'll be happy to work with them. i repeat for the fourth time i'm here, open the government, let us pay our bills, we'll negotiate with you about anything. >> so, -- go ahead. >> what is hilarious is that the position of the president, and harry reid is this. we win, and after we win, absolutely everything, then you can come over and we'll talk. i mean, really. honestly. that's the position?
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they just win? they're not going to talk and we aren't going to talk. the deal is done. so the american people, that's an insulting comment to make to the american people. we're serious, like i said we put a lot of offers on the table. now it's time for the president to actually lead and not be a passive participant, and be a part of these talks. i think we're getting somewhere, i really do think this is a positive sign. jew temperature -- thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> to wall street. the dow posting its biggest point gain of the year, up more than 323 points at this second as the g.o.p. takes the wraps off a plan to extend the nation's debt limit. we're at the new york stock exchange, is this tied to the potential debt limit deal? >> absolutely. you can say that. if you poll the up numbers, from september 30th, the day before the government shutdown now in day ten, we're close egg --
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closing three points away from writ started. so you can say, the shut down no big deal. it's the debt ceiling issue and the catastrophic talk from the white house that has wall street nervous. when we hear signs in washington of potential progress, temporary debt ceiling fix, we saw the market recall y. the dow up 323 points today. that's more than 2%. ditto for the nasdaq and the s&p 500. everything is in the green today. one thing in the red is the volatility index. that is down by 14%. yesterday we hit the highest level of the year. everybody was so nervous. now they see politicians, a., talk, and, b., perhaps coming together, and perhaps we can avert a potential default. and we're liking it. other people say we should wake up tomorrow morning, eric, and this 323-point game-the-strongest of the year could be erased and we'll be
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right back where we started. we have to watch the talk in washington but we have a little bit of relief and a little bit of hope on wall street. >> interesting that those guys down there believe those guys over there are going to get their act together. we'll leave -- >> i wouldn't go that far. >> very good, lauren. thank you very much. >> the white house doors opening for republicans today and to hear administration officials saying that's all been the case. listen. >> the record is clear that the president has negotiated, as wanted to negotiate, and remains anxious to negotiate on a bipartisan basis. >> we should as the president said all along, we should sit down and work out our differences. find common ground on our budget priorities. >> those follow this from the president. >> i will not negotiate over congress' responsibility to pay bills it's already racked up. we're not going to negotiate under the threat of a prolonged shutdown. until republicans get 100% of what they want. we're not going to negotiate
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around the debt ceiling. i will not negotiate over whether or not america keeps its words and meets its obligations >> so is the president really open to negotiating? steve laser says he is, and republican strategist has her doubt. steve, which one is it? we hear carney, reese no negotiating, and then president obama saying, no negotiating -- are they willing to sit down? >> absolutely. they're will to sit down once the republicans pass a clean budget resolution, and after they pass the debt limit increase, democrats will be happy to sit down and talk to them. >> every walk into negotiations saying, you got everything you want, now let's talk? >> there's a -- if you put it that way it sounds bad. the reality is going to benefit in the future if we allow the run's to get away with this. in the future, anytime there's a minority government that we have -- like we have now with
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republicans owning the house and democrats having the senate and the white house, there's potential of this to happen. the american people do not like this. they don't want to keep going through this. this is not a tactic that should be allowed to work for republicans. >> sherry, seems almost -- i spent my life on wall street. a deal is a negotiation. i want something, you want something, we somehow find the middle ground. this looks like the democrats want it all first. >> they want it prenegotiated and so they know it's going to happen in the meeting rather than actually sit there and negotiate. our funders set up the system so we have these situations even though they are uncomfortable so you have a minority that can have a say, even if it makes democrats uncomfortable. you also have a new fox news poll that shows most americans, including a plurality of self-identified democrats and liberals, actually want spending cuts tied to any raising of the debt ceiling. so i imagine the white house is trying to roll that around some figure out what that means. they've been winning the p.r. war so far but i don't think that's going to be the case. the worm is turning.
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>> in the p.r. war, let's talk about that. president obama at one point, i believe after the gabby giffords shooting said, time for more civility in washington, let he's called the republicans arsonists, hostage tearers, blackmailing, et cetera. >> i agree with those characterizes. what is unfair is that president obama is being portrayed as somebody who never negotiates. he negotiated with boehner last year with the fiscal cliff. they had four of five offers back and forth which culminated on a deal. he offered changed cp toye cut the amount that social security would raise, something that made me and other democrats very angry. he is throwing present of bones to the republican. no he has thrown crumbs to republicans. how this started. let's go back to when obamacare first got sign into law. and this is the largest piece of legislation, the biggest portion of our economy, that was rammed down our throats, unprecedented,
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something that communication that expensive, rammed down our throws with the votes from one party doing that, disrespecting the republicans. >> this just came out from the white house. looks like, sounds like, the white house is and the senate democrats are saying, no, they're not interested in sprays separating the issues and taking the deal. sounds like my way or the highway. >> we'll negotiate -- >> itch you have anything to give -- >> not going to point at the point of a gun basically. at the -- the if you go faith and credit -- . >> i don't recall anybody saying -- >> negotiate with the full freight and credit -- >> watch any court tv? you have to bring it together. some people have to give up. it's not one side gets it all and then you decide who wins. so it's a win before they even go into the table. >> you know what's going to happen in the has to whatever you want to call is, cave, save
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face on obamacare because moe people are finding out it's not free. he needs a way out. >> thank you very much. >> day ten and the white house still won't say how many people signed up for obama karr. >> to be insisting on data being produced day-by-day for a six-month enrollment program is a little unfair. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel. well you can see if a hotel is pet-friendly before you book it and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? i don't have a cat.
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son of a glitch. a new poll shows 7% of the americans think the obamacare rollout is going well. meanwhile, all americans are paying for it. we're following the money. diane? >> so far all we heard is story after story how hard it's been to sign up for coverage through the exchanges. even the white house down to the kathleen sebelius has said it's gotten off to a rocky start.
1:18 pm
so we decided to look into how much money american taxpayers have paid for this project, ands you can imagine it's hard to get a straight answer because of the government offices that are closed. we found out it seems like the bulk of the money went to a company called cgi that won the contract to build the main part of this web site. that original contract they secured back in 2011, was for $94 million. but since then, health and human services actually paid them more than $328 million, and awarded them nearly $500 million in federal contracts, and keep in mind this is the main developer. there will other companies involved. the government accountability office said back in june that at that time cms has already committed to spend $394 million on the system, and some reports are now putting the total cost at more than $634 million. we did try to call cgi to talk about this but so far no
1:19 pm
response. >> big numbers. we're ten days into obamacare's open enroll and the government can't tell us how many people have signed up. >> to be insisting on data being produced day-by-day for a six-month enrollment program that is a little bit unfair. >> unfair? katy, unfair, really? we just want to know what's going on. >> the bureaucrats just can't handle this, eric. when it's costing taxpayers $634 million, just for the web site part of obamacare, we need to know on a daily basis where our money is going, not to mention obama own kaz is going to take over a six of the economy, taxpayers and journalists who have an obligation to give the information to people who are paying for this, need to know what's going on. democrats have tried to say, the web sitesen working because of the high demand for obamacare.
1:20 pm
let's look at the numbers. it was sold on the idea that 48 million americans are uninsured. right? debby wasserman argued yesterday that the web site was set up to handle 50,000 uninsured americans a day. if you take that and break that down, that means 960 days later, or 2.6 years later, everyone who is uninsured in america would be able to enroll. so when they talk about numbers they're not being honest itch don't think they set up the system so that people would have to wait 2.5 years to get into the obama cars exchanges. >> so many things to talk about. one of them we have bloggers telling us they could put together this web site for a few hundred bucks and the other one is, is it the numbers or is it that there's so few enrollees, they're just embarrassed to tell us. >> they are embarrassed. the numbers show you what they're making the argument on, there's too much demand for this, doesn't add up.
1:21 pm
president obama and the democrats sold this program on 48 million people wanting to get into these obamacare exchanges. obamacare would cover all of them. so if that's the case why weren't they prepared for this? >> unbelievable. four years to do this. i like your whiteboard. >> don't kell karl rove. >> is harry playing dirty? the tape that may be exposing it all. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody?
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you're looking there. there they are. there's some g.o.p. leaders there invited to the white house to sit down and talk. they're arriving from a minibus. in the rain in d.c. going to meet the president at the white house right now.
1:25 pm
all righty. we'll get back to that if we see anything happening. what happens when d.c.'s mayor, who is a democrat, presses senate democrat harry reid to free up money for d.c. >> i'm on your side, don't skew it up, okay? i'm on your side. >> we called the d.c. mayor what he meant, harry reid. he says he has no idea. but herman cain does. here's what looked like to me. it's another example of the d.c., i got your back, you got my back, just shut up, a'll take care of it, go away mentality that goes on in that town. >> in addition to that believe what that statement from harry reid meant is not only don't they want to negotiate the democrats don't care about the people and they don't care about unintended consequences. mayor grayes close to the real
1:26 pm
problem, people, and he is saying there taught be a way for d.c. not to be denied funding. so harry reid said we don't care about them and we don't care about the unintentioned consequences. >> another one of those, what are you going to do for me cronyism deal that goes on in d.c., only this one was caught on a hot mic. >> right. what is ironic, mayor gray had a rally with not only one of the democrats but with darrell issa, awe republican, saying, allow the proposal made by the house of representatives to fund d.c. which is what the republicans have done. but you see, the end game, eric, for the democrats in this, as indicated by what happened today, is blame the republicans so they can weaken the republicans for the 2014 elections. that's what this is about. and they will do that at all
1:27 pm
costs. >> we're -- we have a live shot over here. talk to us about this meeting that's going on. there they are. the g.o.p. leadership arriving at the white house. what happens? we're getting small reports saying the white house may not be interested in doing a deal. then we have other one saying there might be something do you think there's any deal that's going to get down here? >> unfortunately, eric, i don't, and here's why. remember the president initially asked for all of the republicans to come to the white house. why? because he waned an opportunity -- wanted an opportunity to charm or scare part of the republicans to voting with the democrats to do what the democrats wanted to do. but to speaker boehner's credit, he said, i'll bring a contingent. let's talk. because what boehner is doing is keeping the republicans together and what obama wanted to do was to divide and conquer. i also believe that that's what harry reid meant when he said, we got your back, don't screw it
1:28 pm
up. they believe that they are winning, and if they can divide the republicans, they can get everything they want in -- without any spending restraints from the republicans. >> we send these guys to d.c. to represent us. >> yes. and we pay them. >> and we pay them to make their little deals, i got your back deal. thank you very much. the government shutdown is taking its toll on businesses, but that's not stopping those business owners from supporting it. john roberts is following this one for us. john? >> good afternoon. even economic hardship is not stopping many small business owners and people who actually work for the government from standing shoulder to shoulder with republicans. one is jeff innerson, he owns a knife and gun shop in the northern part of georgia and much of his business depends on tourists that visit the battlefield. the battlefield is closed so his
1:29 pm
business is down. he has sympathy for other people boat, including federal workers, but says republicans need to stand their ground on this. >> really, we have to reel in the government, in my opinion. we have to shrink it down. we have to have effective solutions and answers and government that is going to solve problems for the country. >> another republican actually lost his job in the shutdown. lane watkins is a defense contractor who has been furloughed. unlike civilian employees-he is not going to get back pay and will probably be among the last people who are brought back when the government eventually does open up. but that has not shaken his support for changes to obamacare and to restrain federal spending. here's what he told me. >> i applaud senator cruz, century rubow and those who are standing up and are showing some leadership, and that's more important than my paycheck to me right now. >> principle more important than
1:30 pm
his paycheck. not all republicans agree with that. we talked to one republican small business owner who says he knows a lot of businesses, some of which he deals with, who are on hold right now base they need to get some approval through federal agencies and they can't because they're closed. so, he says his business is up and running and operating, he believes the government should be, too, eric. >> thank you very much. so, furloughed once, but paid twice. what government workers are doing that has our legal eagles debating. that's coming up.
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that's tape of house speaker john boehner arriving at the white house just a couple of minutes ago. we turn that around for you. so, federal workers won't be getting any check. you might want to think again. william is with us. >> this may sound odd, furloughed federal workers, to the not unemployed, can check unemployment checks, which mean those who do file will be paid twice for work they never did. congress has already said federal workers will get paid for their furlough or time off, but many will also collect unemployment so taxpayers will pay them twice. once in back pay, once in unemployment. >> so that will create a situation which there will be overpayments to these federal
1:35 pm
employees that the states will be expected to collect back from the claimants who received those benefits when in fact they were compensated for the weeks. >> so, here's the problem. states can request the money back, but there's some confusion among them, number one, are they entitled to get the money back and, two, can they force federal employees to pay it back? or if they have any leverage beyond writing a letter. >> the heads of all of those federal agencies at the cabinet level, they need to basically tell federal employees that anyone who doesn't repay state employment benefits will be immediately terminated and they need to put some force into that by getting the names of folks from state agencies so they can enforce that. >> so here's the irony. up like private sector workers who, along with their employer,
1:36 pm
pay into state unemployment funds, federal workers and federal agencies don't. they're exempt. they're unemployment comes out of the federal budget or the federal fund or the general fund, excuse me, which is broke. how much money? 4 million this week. maryland, closer to 6 million. that's a fraction less than 8% of the 400,000 workers who are eligible for unemployment insurance. >> thank you for that report. >> how is this legal? >> it's the way the government designedded the for federal works. i get why a worker who is furloughed need some kind of income. they don't know how long they're going to be furloughed for need to pay their bills. i believe they should have to give back part of those unemployment benefits because it is double dipping but i get why
1:37 pm
they're givenosbenefits now. >> william pointed out so far the number is 25,000 -- could explode. could balloon. do you believe that we're ever going to hear back from those people who get that money back once they get the checks in a bank account? >> i don't think so. and i think government, government employees, i think they live in their own little bubble and i think they create exceptions for themes from the president to congress to the employees, and i think you have to bring it down to the real world. the real world. whether you're a lawyer, a doctor, working for mcdonald's, everybody has to go to work every single day. both mom and dad, everybody is working, and everybody is working paycheck-to-paycheck, and when we go to work we don't get lunch breaks where we get paid. we have to work late at night. we have to work through our lunches. we work saturdays and sundays,
1:38 pm
we don't get vacation pay. they get everything. >> right, right. >> everything. >> let me bring it to kisha. they also get obamacare sunday are subdo ised to the opportunity of 75%. they going to get paid and unemployment benefits. is it fair? >> i think it's fair. that's one of the perks of being a federal employee, and their salaries -- >> one of the perks? >> federal employee -- >> one of the perks -- >> getting paid twice? by the way, rebecca, the perks are paid for by the taxpayer. >> but keep in mind, eric, unemployment benefits are only a portion of their income. it's not their total salary. >> their lunch is paid this, vacations are paid. >> exactly. that's the perk of bag federal employee. the only bad side is you might get furloughed so you don't get to get furloughed, get a gigantic vacation, get all your money back while you're on vacation and, oh, by the way, go
1:39 pm
get unemployment, too when the rest of the world doesn't get their lunch paid, has to work weekends without getting comp time -- >> we got to go. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> in the middle of a shutdown, one union leader looking to pump up the gas tax. time to shut that down? and he is a republican congressman, why does he want to team up with obamacare's poster boy? this interesting. stick around.
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test test test.
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the dow having its best day of the year on hopes of a debt deal limit, but what if there is no deal? what if runs walk out of the white house talks, to wayne rogers on what happens to stocks. >> if i knew that i would be a multi billionaire. i don't know what's going to hail. suspect the market is not going
1:43 pm
to collapse because i think everybody thinks there isn't going -- there is going to be -- >> let me back you up, wayne. look at the stock market, the last few days down, it's up 323 today, biggest gain of the year on the hopes a deal was coming together because the republicans said we have a deal you might like. all the indications are out of the white house, coming out of d.c., democrats don't want that deal. so if they walk away from the table, with the deal that rallied the market, -- >> i don't think people believe the democrats that are more ronic. they're dumb but not that dumb. the republicans have offered several kinds of ways to get out of this. the president is going to be that stupid and that obstructionist, then, yes, i guess the market -- i just don't believe that. i may be out on a limb by myself -- >> don't you think -- do you think the 323 was based on a
1:44 pm
deal. right? >> based on the hope of a deal, yes. >> so, those guys down there, a couple miles over -- mile and a half down the road, are betting on those guys in d.c., couple hours down the road, they can get their act together. would you bet on that? >> not this time. i did my betting earlier in the month, and i wouldn't right now because they're getting very close to what could be a blowup. and even if they blow up, it might be disastrous for a week or so but i don't think that's going to continue for any extended time. >> all right. i don't even know. die keep waiting for tweets? okay. this is the question from our viewers. tweet you question to team cavuto or head to our facebook page or web site. marie writes. what do you think about having 50% of your portfolio in miscellaneous real estate investment trusts. >> i think the key word is
1:45 pm
miscellaneous. there are other kinds of reits. they're subject to interest rate changes so i would be very wary of putting -- >> that's a lot. in anything that's a lot. >> i agree with you. >> next up, marsha asks: wouldn't social security be on a more sound financial basis if more than ten years of work were required to qualify? you got to pay into it longer to qualify for social security. >> i don't then that's as good as necessarily changing the age part. that's part of it. i mean, you got to remember, social security was passed in the '30s. we have not changed it and life expectancy has gone up 20 years. so you have to address the reality of what it's based on. >> when social security was passed, life expectancy was 65, and so if you this that -- >> 77. >> 12 to 15 years beyond that.
1:46 pm
in the middle of the shutdown, union leader calling for gas taxes to go up, pushing for more spending on, guess what, the nation's infrastructure. the president of the laborers are international union of north america behind the call. david, i got to ask you, things are just starting to feel like they're coming bag around -- back around and now your group says, we need to tax every american driver, truck drivers, people trying to drive to work, and you want to tax because you want to see some of the moneyful right? >> well, america's infrastructure is literally crumbling around us. the american society of civil engineers rated our infrastructure with a d rating. a d grade. and we just can't have a world-class economy without a functioning infrastructure. and when this government shutdown silliness ends it's going to be time to move forward and do some policymaking, and the federal gas tax is the most
1:47 pm
honest and open way of financing transportation spending. >> we're taxed at the pump, taxed at the highway, -- we're taxed to death. you're saying tax us more. >> actually, the highway is funded through the tax. the tax has not been increased in over 20 years, and as a result to the purchasing power that 18 cents gives you has decreased dramatically, and we need hundreds of billions of dollars of investment in our infrastructure to bring it up to par. and a gas tax is an open and honed way -- and honest way to do that. it's essentially taxes those individuals who are using the roads and the highways. >> but let talk about what is in it for the unions. the reason why the unions push this year after year, raise the gas tax, they do that because
1:48 pm
you that money goes into the infrastructure bank and the infrastructure bank turns around and says, unions, we're going to contract you to do the work on it -- >> that's not true. all americans benefit from a robust transportation infrastructure. you can't move products to market without functioning infrastructure. we do build highways. we don't make any apologies for that. it's good work. it's honest work. and -- >> not necessarily the most efficient work for us as a taxpayer. not necessarily the cheapest work -- labor we can pay for, right? >> that's not true at all. and the question isn't, should labor be paid fairly? is the country going to envision in itself. do we want our global competition to outpace us unfrock investment which weakens news the market place. >> i'm a free marketeers. i want to pay the best price i can get for labor, not the highest price, because a union buddy knows somebody in d.c. and they make a deal and they get
1:49 pm
the job and turn around and say, thanks for the job, here's 10 or 20 or 30 grand for your next election campaign. >> that's just happen. >> just happen? >> the fact of the matter is infrastructure investments are bipartisan. the last highway bill was passed in the house with nearly 400 votes. it was the high threes. this is not a partisan issue. this about investing in america -- >> good for -- >> the pointer making i'm against infrastructure. i'm not against infrastructure. ail all for it. i'm against the way we pay our labor for the infrastructure. we -- >> you get what you pay for. i. >> leave it right through trumpmer. >> been called obama care's poster boy. why does this republican want to team up with him? talk about an odd couple.
1:50 pm
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now for my favorite story of the day. chad henderson was the poster boy for obama care. administration officials said this was the first to successfully enroll in a plan. turned out it wasn't true. texas conservative steve stockton wants to make sure none forget it by inviting henderson to the state of the union address. will you be able to get mr. henderson in the room? >> we talked to him and he accepted. he want to get him a picture with president barack obama . as you know he bought the insurance -- it claimed he had when in fact he had never bought it. it would have been 400% more expensive had he bought it.
1:54 pm
>> we did the story a cup of days ago. can we show the original tweet. it was the very night obama care website opened up. he claimed that he had gotten onto an affordable plan but turns out he was working for the obama administration, i'm sorry obama for america group. >> he claims to be super poor but managed to give $1,000 to the obama administration. the insurance is 400% less if you go on the site and look. his father said he never signed up. the media went bonkers saying he was the first to sign up. they never bothered to check facts. this is typical for the main stream media. it's frustrating trying to get out. we have a president that could declare everybody essential. >> i'm trying to figure out was
1:55 pm
it main stream media or the organizing for america or obama for america, whatever the group is called. who put it out? >> we don't know who put it out. chad agreed that's what happened. he did buy it, when he in fact did not. it turned out to be a bogus story. everyone was ignoring it. we thought a humorous way to highlight how bogus the health care is and trouble it's having to have him invited to the state of the union and get a picture with the president. >> senator reid said about negotiating with the gop he says looks like it's not going to happen unless they keep the deals together and get everything they want. your thoughts? >> this is a place they negotiate with syria, taliban, no constraints. then they turn around and call our speaker the terrorist, the
1:56 pm
hostage. they say you can negotiate if you give up any position. that's absurd. we have pay president that's not very open to being -- i was here when clinton was here. he never did this. he kept the lincoln monument open, talked to us. this president is determined to destroy the republican party. >> we're going to keep it there. thank you very much steve. we appreciate your time. >> i want to reiterate this meeting going on at the white house between 18 or 20 gop members of a debt ceiling deal that would be separate from the budget meeting that has the go. shut down. market rally 323 points that the deal may be acceptable. senator harry reid said probably
1:57 pm
not going to happen. keep your eyes on the dow tomorrow. could get ugly. that's it for us. see you over on the five in a couple minutes. ♪
1:58 pm
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hello everyone. i'm greg along with andrea, bob, dana. it's 5:00 in new york city apparently. the death benefit fiasco is outrage in a bottle. the evil that seems lex luker than legislative. the refusalle to pay death benefits to men that died for their country. what's next, drowning orphans to save on laundry? blame the left or right. that misses the


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