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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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platform is, but i know who's going to build it. >> integrity. thanks, everybody. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafr d unafraid, greta goes on the record right now. a bunch of truckers are gassing up trucks. they're taking to the highway and preparing to jam the d.c. beltway, now, these angry truckers are furious with washington, and when they get here, they're going to find more chaos on the hill than on the highway. now, we're going to talk to one of those grain truckers tonight, but right now a bill to restore death benefits to the families of our fallen troops finally heading to the president. get this. everyone is trying to stop the bad treatment to military families, a problem that they, the politicians created. >> it took the president nine days before he finally ordered
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the department of defense to come up with a work-around. >> the department of defense in consultation with the office of management and budget developed a solution overnight. >> we actually passed legislation that would reopen that stream of funding so that these families can get the benefits they deserve. >> our defense took care of everything and so this issue is largely moot. it's clear the action on this legislation is now for show here. >> for that contract it obligates itself to reimburse the fisher house upon the reopening of the government. so it's not just the fisher house taking on the sole responsibility in perpetuity for making these payments. >> it does need legislation. >> it does not need new legislation. when it gets attention, lawmakers rush to propose a fix when there is an obvious available fix to avoid all of these negative consequences. open the government. >> and moments ago republican
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senator tom coburn opening this scathing legislation. it's the spoken will of congress that we deliver immediate assistance to the fallen members. kale on the president to sign this necessary legislation without delay. anything less would be a dereliction of duty by our commander in chief. karl rove is joining us. nice to see you, karl. >> nice to see you, greta. >> do you think it's a do over since it took nine days for the politicians to wake up for what they were doing to the families of these fallen soldiers? >> i think this was callusness and insensitivity on the part of the press secretary, but thing frankly we've seen way too much of that over the last couple of weeks. remember, robert hill, the undersecretary of defense, the controller of the defense department, had raised this as a
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problem before the shutdown. congress -- the house passed a bill to provide for funding for the military. the sponsors of the bill, including buck mckee and the m armchair of the armed services committee was passed, signed by the president. nowhere during that time did the department of defense say we don't think this solves the problem, nor when the president signed it. then this week we have five dead americans returned home. the family is not girn the den benefits, housing allowance, burial assistance. and then and only then do we have jay carney say, oh, as soon as the president found out, he did something about it but he won't say when the president found out about it. then we find out white house aides knew about it for several days. the whole process stinks.
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the secretary of defense screwed up, omb, white house aides screw up and now jay carney is busily pointing fingers everywhere else. congress solved it once. they can solve it twice. maybe the second time the administration will accept the fix. >> you know what's so appalling about it is the first time i heard about it, i almost fell over. you heard about the four soldiers coming back to dover. i'm sure the family doesn't have extra cash lying around. what were we going do? ups the remains home? what were they thinking? every single american, if we had learned about this, we would have jumped on it to get the money to try to help pay for this. for our government to spend nine days letting this fall through the cracks and then for jay carney to say it needs necessary because they could do it with some sort of private deal with a private organization, you know, it's shocking. >> well, let's compliment fisher house and particularly ken fisher for stepping forward on this in order to do what the
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united states government on behalf of the grateful american people should be and ought to be doing. i thought senator corn anyone hit absolutely the right note. it is the moral obligation of the government to fulfill it. led by a combat veteran. an iraq and combat veteran. duncan hunter jr. thought they had solved the problem. why they didn't speak up is beyond me and i've got to tell you. their unnamed white house aides today, i hope the president is angry with them because if it is true that white house aides knew about this for several days before this told the president at some point that we still don't know what it is, those white house aides have something to account for too. their job is to serve the president and they ill-served the president. of course, the president ill-served the country. i do think, i've become convinced the administration is looking for cheesy little ways like this to make the shutdown hurt even more we saw it with the allowing of the immigration rally on the national mall, but
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having park rangers try and turn away honor veterans who want to visit the open-air world war ii memorial. that just makes no sense at all. >> the reason they're so attracted to the white house is it has now passed the senate and it's passed the house and the senate and president obama said he wasn't going to sign piecemeal legislation and now they want to handle it so he doesn't have to sign it. that's a pretty ugly scenario. >> yeah, but the president already signed the so-called piecemeal piece of legislation that. was the bill passed after the shutdown began that guarantee thad military -- our uniformed military would be paid, and according to the sponsors of that measure, that the death benefit would be paid. the president -- i don't get this. the president says i will never sign a piecemeal measure, don't send them, i'll veto them, but he's done so. let's get rid of the politics, the show manship and grandstanding and try to get the
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problem solved. the president is the leader of the country. it's his responsibility to be the, you know, sort of the person that provides the lubrication, who provides the leadership, who provides the, you know, ability for everyone to come together and it's about time he started doing so. >> well, i think the american outrage and the american outrage that provoked this, i think it's our way of saying, you know, that we're sorry what has happened to these families and i hope the families understand it. let me turn to another issue. just a short time ago a meeting ended at the white house and i've got to two readouts. the white house said good meeting and the speakers said constructive dialogue but that doesn't help me out much better. any idea on this meeting? of course, kevin mccarthy who's a whip, he's going to be here in a minute hchl e with us there. but your thoughts on this meeting. >> well, i think, frankly, this is a good report from both side because the president didn't insist upon things, the congress is trying to keep -- the house is trying to keep the line of communication open. let's see if there's some
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constructive movement. i thought it was very interesting yesterday when congressman paul ryan wrote an op-ed in "the wall street journal" in which he basically said to the president, mr. president, we're in essence willing to raid the debt ceiling now if there is a -- if there are long-term spending reductions in entitlement spending, which is what's eating our lunch when it comes to the deficit. its going to get simply worse. and, mr. president, there are some areas where we can find agreement. what about means testing weltier seniors? warren buffett ought to be paying more than a working stiff who dug ditches or waited tables. we ought to make federal employees pay roughly the same percentage of their salary toward their retirements as workers in the private sector do. he said, mr. president, these are all your proposals. why don't we start with your proposals and embody them in the debt increases. i thought it was a very artful
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way to the president to say we can find a reasonable way do it. we'll take your ideas, match them with some others, and the country will be better off for it. >> well, we have a lot more on this tonight because there's so muchen certainty in washington about what's happening because these meetings are going back and forth. they're scurrying back and forth. >> but they're meeting. >> yes, they're meeting? that's a good sign. after the president said for seven or eight days, i'm never going to negotiate, i'm never going to negotiate, he realizes to solve this problem he's going do what any liter does and that's negotiate. >> karl, thank you. always nice to see you. >> you bet. thank you, greta. >> okay, viewers, it's your chance to tell us what you think. facebook or tweet me. use #greta. up next, barbara bush. also each night to week to celebrate our 7:00 prime
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up next, barbara bush. tonight we have an unbelievably special guest going on the record. former first lady barbara bush joins us. nice to hear from you, mrs.
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bush. >> hi, greta. george and i are here. we want to wish you the very, very best on your new program. >> i'm so excite thad you're calling in. the former president, he's good? >> everything is good. everything is good. weather's great here. chilly, cold, but we go back to texas this week. george wants to congratulate you too. one minute. here he is. >> okay. >> greta, we miss you. >> i miss you, mr. president. it's always nice to talk to you sir. >> nice talking to you. we love you and we wish you well. >> thank you very much. you know, tomorrow night i'm going to see your son. >> are you? where? >> the points of light charity. >> oh. good. >> good seeing you. in fact, governor christie is getting one of the awards? >> oh, really? fantastic.
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nice talking with you. >> it's going to be fun. >> where are you right now? >> i'm in washington. i'm on our brand-new set. you know what? you'll love this, mr. president. we have brand-new studio. i don't know what fox did right. new colors, new graphics, brand-new time. i don't know what happened. we never thought we'd get out at 10:00 p.m. not that i wanted to get out of it. but this is fun. >> wonderful. >> thank you. >> all right. bye-bye. >> good-bye. mrs. bush, you still there? i guess i've lost her as well. obviously that was the former first family. tomorrow night is a big charity in washington, a charity that president bush started many years ago. that's sort of fun to encourage people to volunteer. so thank you to both of them. coming up, tomorrow's a big day, and here in washington, it's not just a big charity
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event. thousands of truckers descending upon washington and they're going to tie washington up in knots. what do they intend to do? find out from one of the truckers. also, get who's calling in? the otr, "on the record" staff surprises me with the call. i knew about the first call from president bush and mrs. bush, but i have no idea who's going to call next. you can guess by usingi usinging #greta. you'll be surprised when i am. new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece, kohler will make your reality a dream.
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now it's time to show you what we're watching. we put together the best videos out there tonight. now, take a look. talk about falling with style. could you imagine doing this? a group of daring athletes
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strapping cameras onto their helmets and then jumping off a bridge. now, if that's not scary enough, they do it again, but this time from a hot air balloon. and speaking of scary, 12 riders stranded 150 feet in the air for more than two hours on a e universal studio roller coaster. crews worked through the night to get the riders off safely. then today, another glitch causing the ride to get stuck again. and then have you ever wanted to do this? an angry commuter kicks a woman off the train for holds up the train. and paul mccartney surprises tourists with a concert in times square. ♪ mccartney taking twitter to get fans to come together for the performance, and the crowd definitely showed up despite the london-like weather. maybe sir paul will come to d.c.
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next. washington could use some of that come together stuff. that's what we're watching tonight. coming up, get ready, washington. thousands of angry truckers are headed this way, and there's going to be trouble because they plan to jam our beltway. you're going to hear from the truckers next. one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future the wonderful thing it turned out to be... at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. [ male announcer ] let's go places. but let's be ready. ♪ let's do our homework. ♪ let's look out for each other. let's look both ways before crossing.
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greta, we're at a truck stop in virginia. as you can see now, the convoy hasn't arrived but the truckers are coming late tonight into the early morning hours and we'll be right here on the ground when it all happens. that convoy is set up for the nation's capitol. one goal in mind. one big traffic nightmare. >> tomorrow thousands of angry truckers will protest by clogging the d.c. beltway. j.b. has more. nice to see you, j.b.
4:22 pm
>> nice to be on the show. i appreciate the opportunity to be here. >> so, tell me, sir, why are the truckers coming to washington to protest? what's your protest? >> well, greta, first and foremost, we are americans. the things that are happening in this country are beyond what we could believe that would exist when we were growing up to our right, and i just cannot believe that it's taken this long for people to take a stand. we're joining with everybody in d.c. a peaceful protest to express our first amendment right. >> two questions. one, do you expect to leave the beltway and come into downtown d.c. with those big trucks, number one, and number two, is there a specific issue that, you know, that's near and dear to your heart? >> yes, ma'am. we -- we have the right to be
4:23 pm
able to travel into the capitol mall. we'll be adhering to all laws, all travel laws as we should and we do not promote anything beyond that. we do have a list of the what we have put out there on which consists of some constitutional issues and some specific trucking issues that i myself put together a conference call with drivers from all across the country and from various areas within the industry. >> how many trucks do you expect to participate beginning tomorrow? >> you know, greta, that's always the -- that's always the magic question. you never really know exactly until the time when it happens. i mean you can have people that say, yes, yes, and feel dedicated and committed, but until it actually happens, it's a nice surprise. >> how many have committed to
4:24 pm
you? i'm sure you've had conversations. what's your sort of estimate, your rough estimate? >> well, i know that there's going to be quite a large number from virginia. that's the main staging area. we do have drivers, i believe, from new jersey that are going to be coming. we have a contingency from pennsylvania here, which i've been very proud to have been a part of in '08 in the fuel protest. and i believe they're actually getting an escort from some bikers that are going to ride down with them. >> well, you know, it's going to change the dynamic. first of all, if you're on the beltway, that does add, you know, quite a situation for commuters in the city. if you plan to come into the city, that will make it even more, let's say, unusual in terms of traffic. is there any plan to come in? i know you have a right to drive in certain areas, but do you plan to? >> what we'd like to do is just
4:25 pm
make sure that people know we are exercising our first amendment right, our constitutional rights. we're not coming in to cause any violence or disrupt anything, we're just coming in to make our voice heard that we have the right to do this and we're not going to allow people to take that away from us. >> is this going to be -- is this going to go on through the weekend, right? >> yes, ma'am. there is information that we've got posted on, again, ridefortheconstitution org and there's a video that we put out that show as what we've got, three shifts of drivers going starting tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> there was one thing i read, that there was some group that was going to arrest members of congress or wanted the president removed from office. are you behind any of that discussion at all? >> ma'am, that -- from my understanding and what i've been
4:26 pm
informed is -- was one person's personal opinions who took advantage of a media outlet. >> so that's not going to happen. >> no, ma'am. we're not -- will not put up with that. >> good. we got that one cleared up. j.b., thank you. >> yes, ma'am. >> we'll all be walking tomorrow probably. thank you, j.b. coming up, kevin mccarthy was at the white house with president obama. majority whip is here next. you in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action.
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for the taking of an al qaeda lead jeer and to new york city, the confrontation between a motorcycle mob and an suv driver. another has been charged with gang assault. and games, well, they're going to go on. they'll go on military service academies through olkt. the shutdown threatened to stop activities at academies. both army, and navy are set to play on saturday. and it's not just the football games. you may soon be able to go to some national parks soon. obama administration says it will allow states -- did you hear that, states "to reopen since the shutdown. house republican leaders meeting with president obama. so what happened? house majority whip kevin mccarthy was at the white house and he joins us. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> so what can you tell me? >> well, we had a very frank discussion. we had a difference of opinion, but i actually believe the
4:32 pm
discussion was positive and we're continuing and we're not done. we're going to continue to work through the night, trying to solve these problems. we offered to the president. we said we would do a temporary debt ceiling to move, to get us into discussions for the next five weeks. we can talk about the big crisis inside our economy. we go to conference with the budget, try to move in a stronger place to take care of those drivers that keep rising the debt inside america. >> so there are really two issues on the table. debt ceiling. that was really sort of the main issue here today, right? >> because the 17th is the deadline, right. >> and the budget has to do with the shutdown. >> no, no. the shutdown is a continuing resolution. >> but the continuing resolution is because we don't have a budget. >> true. >> that's why we have a c.r. >> we finally got them to write it. >> but you said -- >> everybody points back and
4:33 pm
forth. >> lots of that. >> paul ryan, our budget chair, will sit down. patty murray will start putting it together. remember, in the senate, their budget never balances. ours balances in ten years. they raise a trillion dollars in new taxes, so we're going to have a lot of arguments as we go through there, but we want to move it through. now, when it comes to the continuing resolution, that's still there. that's what we'll continue to discuss with the president to try to move forward on. >> from what i understand, the debt ceiling is to keat the debt raised until november 22nd, is that the deal? is that wrong? >> november 20th. >> sorry. two days off. >> well, that's important. deadlines are important. >> all right. that's worse. isn't that worse? >> no, no. >> mine -- at least my mistake had it open two more days. >> no, no, no. what you want to have happen here, you want to take that time period so you don't have to come back to this again, that you solved this problem. we you think about the amount of debt we have accumulated, $17 trillion, you can't keep
4:34 pm
ignoring the problem. >> i guess the problem is we had this same discussion was it august 2011? didn't we have the same -- you know, they never do get solved. it's a little bit hard -- i mean can you understand why i might be a little cynical? >> you can say that, but you know what else has happened with those? >> okay. >> we're the only congress since the korean war to actually lower what we spend year over year. so even though we only have one house, by going through that, we have lowered what we spend. we have taken our discretionary money downward. that means we're improving in that way. now we've got to talk about mandatory. and that's the discussion we want to have for the next five weeks. >> we're going to have congressman van hollen here. what do you think they think in the house about your proposal? >> look. van hollen is a very smart guy. he used to run the political operation. he'll have some very keen things to say about it. >> does he think it's a very good idea? >> oh, no. he'll want something clean like
4:35 pm
the president and keep raising it. i think he'll be a confer reinto the budget and he'll get into the budget. i would hope he would like that. >> i guess the big issue is if the president wants a clean one, he's not getting one under your deal, right? >> no, no. right. >> he's got to give or you've got to give, right? somebody's got to give. >> the president always says nobody get s 100%. what we walked out with is a good movement. >> did you give anything today? >> we said we would do a short-term debt increase, go into budget negotiations, and for that time period work on all those cost drivers that keep rising the cost of america and get us -- we're talking about tax reforms. when it came to the resolution, we'll continue to talk to you about it. >> did he have the attitude, like, oh, wow, this is great idea or was he sort of like -- >> you know what he said? >> what. >> he didn't say yes. he didn't say no.
4:36 pm
>> what was the mood like in the room? >> you know, the mood was very frank. i mean we were very honest with one another, which is healthy. the most important part i thought was instead of talking through tv to one another, we're talking with one another. and i thought that was very good. there were times we had a fundamental disagreement but we were working toward something. >> i think that's good too. it's like talking together is so important. >> you know, probably the best thing that happened? i know the president wanted to invite everyone down. went down there with our leadership team and committee chairs and was really a place where it wasn't a place for any theatrics, it was an honest discussion and i thought it was very healthy and a sign that we'll continue the discussion to me was very positive. he didn't say yes, he didn't say no, but we're moving in a different direction. >> congressman, thank you. >> thanks for having me. do you like beer?
4:37 pm
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others say the sign is clevl and draws people in. you be the judge. is the billboard sacrilegious or a good thing? coming up, we heard from majority whip kevin mccarthy. what do the democrats have to sa say. congressman chris van hollen is next. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer.
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okay. let's all go off the record for just a minute. you get it. i get it. we're all just not that stupid, right? whether you're a team republican or team democrat, let's face it. no one is absolutely 100% pure. take obama care and let me start with the republicans. many say they would vote to fund the government, a c.r., as long as the individual mandate is delayed. just like the mandate was delayed for big business. republicans say that would be
4:43 pm
fair and even give the nation a chance to improve and fix the glitches in obama care. it sounds fair. but take a little deeper look. whether you agree with republicans or not, you know that republicans really want more time to defund or derail obama care altogether. that's politics. republicans, guilty. okay, democrats' turn. pure, not exactly. democrats and president obama refuse to mandate delay for one year for individual bus they give it to big business and big labor. why big business and labor? >> it is a fact they both have lots of lobbyists in washington with big fat wall lets to make big fat contributions and democrats want them happy. those are the same people who got them elected. they don't want them unhappy, do they? even if it makes sense to delay it, how about the timing. the waiver for big business and unions doesn't expire until right after the 2014 elections, got it? after the 2014 election politics.
4:44 pm
democrats also playing politics. that's my off-the-record comment. if you have anything to say, go to our website and tell us about it. the house republicans have a proposal. what do house democrats think about it? democratic congressman chris van hollen is the ranking member of the budget committee. he joins us. nice to see you. >> we're on the record now? >> we're on the record. i think camera is always on the record. tell me, what do you think of the republican proposal to temporarily lift the debt creeling to about november 20th? >> well, there are three issues. >> okay. the first issue is we think we should keep the government open. reopen it now. we don't think there's any reason to wait. >> that's the -- that's the shutdown continuing resolution issue, right? >> exactly. even in the last couple of hours we heard a lot of senate republicans say they want to
4:45 pm
reopen the government now. there's no reason to delay. the speaker has it in his power to have a vote in the house of rep tevs. there are enough votes to reopen the government if the speaker just decided to have that simple vote. numb beer two, we believe we should commit to paying our bills on time not for just six weeks but for a whole year. >> beyond november 20th. >> because the shadow is hurting the economy. every day we're seeing it. so why would we want to prolong the uncertainty that's hurting the economy. three, we're really pleased that our republican colleagues finally want to come to the take on the budget. as we pointed out earlier, we've been trying to go to table since last march. speaker boehner blocked us three times. and in the senate, senate republicans, mike lee and others, blocked the democrats 20 times from appointing negotiators. so we're glad they want to get together to discuss the republican budget and the democratic bucket proposals and try and find a compromise.
4:46 pm
that would be good news. >> so you're on board with the proposal? you said a lot of good things about it, although you want more than 23406sh9. you want long-term debt ceiling proposal. they want to hold it a little bit over your head to get structural changes, but other than that -- >> look. the glimmer of good news in the republican proposal is that they have recognized that it's bad idea to default on our obligations. >> i think a lot of them have been saying that all along. >> you've got to admit there are a lot of republicans out there that say it's not so bad to go into this default scenario because they really think it's been exaggerated when think most people recognize it would be a real problem. >> i think what many of those republicans -- they're talking about the fact that, you know, we have this sort of scenario more often than we want to. we had it in august of 2011. we couldn't pay our bills and we had to raise it. and we couldn't pay it again and at some point you implode. i think ha what they're try dog
4:47 pm
is get them to come to the table to make long-term changes so we don't have these crises. >> we've been trying to come to the table since march. in march the house passed a republican budget. in march the senate democrats passed a government budget. year supposed to come together. again, the speaker blocked the appointment of the negotiators. >> what do you think was the point of not apointing confer res? >> i think two reasons. if you're going to have a budget conference organization have to have reasonable compromise. that's what it's all about. what we receive in the past couple of day, you have bag faction -- i don't know how big -- a house in the republican party that refuses to compromise, so the speaker would not be able to deliver the results of the compromise in a normal conversation. what do you dow instead? let the clock tick, put people up against the wall and you
4:48 pm
think you can get things that you would not normally get in a negotiation. >> we only have 20 seconds left. would you race the debt ceiling to november 20th? >> i think we've got to to open the government now. >> is that a no? >> i'm saying there's no reason to keep it open. >> let's assume put the shutdown here and the debt ceiling here. could you vote for a debt creeling to november 20th? >> the president said and i agree with the president, we should extend the debt ceiling as long as possible to get the cloud off, but we're not going to allow the country to default but the republican senators are absolutely right. there's no reason we shouldn't immediately open the government now. >> congressman, good to snice te you. >> good to see you. do you know the shutdown could have an impact on your next beer? plus tonight's secret caller. that's moments away. even i don't know who's going to call us.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
okay. is it time? it is time to "hash it out." it's former chicago bears coach mike ditka. "sports illustrated" tweeting mike ditka not running in the senate race against barack obama is his biggest mistake saying he probably would have won the seat in the senate in 2004 and his victory would have stopped president obama from being present. one capitol hill timepiece is not. roll call reporting. the time clock has fallen victim to the shutdown. the hands froze at 4:15 yesterday. the curator has the job of fixing the time time piece, but
4:52 pm
the entire staff has been furloughed. the "new york post" tweeting, mad at coming? here's how to drunk driel them. putting them in con tack and if you need help, it features a list of government-themed drink recipes including the bad representative and the sleepy senator. >> and now it's your turn to hash it out. in two minutes lrks the shutdown make it harder for you to get a beer? find out next. plus our secret caller coming up. stay with us. home...' ♪ ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i nging? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering
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4:54 pm
brewers say the government shutdown is bad for the beer business. brew master mike brener joins us. nice to see you, mike. >> hey, greta. it's an honor to be here. thanks for having me. >> what's the problem? what's the shutdown done for your business? >> the problem is the tcb
4:55 pm
regulates every brewery that opens, every label that goes through, so if you want to release a new beer, they have to approve your beer label. >> and so what happens is -- i guess you've made phone calls to try to see whether or not they've been furloughed? >> yeah. if you go to the website it says nothing's being updated and they've been shut down. so i can't open my brewery until my labels are approved. >> this is a new business. how long have you been working on it? >> it's actually an idea i had about six years ago. since then i went and got an mba, went to germany and got a bruggedy employee ma and raised a million dollars, i'm just about to open and all of a sudden this shutdown is going on. >> any idea how much it's going to cost you? how long can you survive with a shutdown? >> right now between rent and utilities and salaries, we're looking at losing $8,000 a
4:56 pm
month. my investors are growing impatient as this thing goes on. it's one of those things it's hard enough to start up a small business in this economy and this furlough is not helping at all. >> so what do you think about washington tonight? >> well, you know, i think for me, you know, beer's bipartisan and think we should all come together behind it and they should fund the ttb. it's one thing they should agree on so that we have fresh beer to drink in the winter and the spring. >> do you have a sense that they're arguing and disagreeing because they have a deep passion or they're just arguing to win and it's just politics? >> yeah, i think it's just politics. i think a lot of this stuff has already been decided. thing we're in a position where people are throwing power around and it comes down to egonobod w budge. and while they're fighting their
4:57 pm
egos, millions are without work and we're souf suvering. >> maybe you can give them a beer summit. >> wi us going to say. they should fly out to milwaukee. we'll settle this in the milwaukee way. sit down, knock back a few cold brener beers and have is a discussion about this. i'll help them figure it out. >> indeed. i know milwaukee would be the answer. mike, thank you. >> thank you, greta, so much. you have a good night. the phone is ringing. only the "on the record" producers know who's on the other line. i'm going to be just as surprised as you. let's take this call together. okay. who's on the line. >> greta, this is still, i hope, your favorite quarterback, even though he's retired. >> who is this? >> this is brett. how are you doing? >> you know, brett. i knew it was your voice. 14 seasons you gave us fun at green bay. green baios you a lot.
4:58 pm
you kept us entertained every single sunday. you know i'm still your snievt thank you. and obviously i'm calling you to congratulate you on your new time. you know, year in, year out, you're our favorite. we appreciate you. and, again, congratulaions on your time. it just happens to be my birthday today. i don't think it has anything to do with it. >> they told me it's your birthday and they handed me a cheesehead to put on in your honor, and i did. i've got a cheesehead. okay, brett. they need to call you back to retire that number 4. you know, they -- they owe that to you. they need to start calling you up. >> well, i'm sure people may think that actually i called in because it was related to that. obviously it's not, but, you know, my time at green bay was awesome. it was -- i would change
4:59 pm
nothing. i loved it. it was a great career there. people were awesome. i think at some point that will happ happen. you know, i'm down here coaching high school football and having a blast. whenever that happens, you know, that will be a great day. >> i heard you're down there. how is that football team? that high school team? >> we're ranked second in the straight state. we're playing great. we're in the toughest -- toughest classification, but we're playing great. we had a tough one this past week, we even got another one this week. it's been a lot of fun. it reese warding dealing with these kids. >> how's deana? >> she's doing great. i'm actually sitting out in the truck. we went out to eat. our ninth grade daughter, she had a volleyball game, so afterward the two daughters and
5:00 pm
our little grandson and deana and i, we went to eat. so i came out here to call you and she said to be sure and tell you she's thinking about you. >> good night -- got to say good night. thank you, brett. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> jay, when will they know specific lick when the death benefits will be paid? >> i don't know sfeskly. >> he should know. it's his job know. why is he stonewalling. tonight we'll continue the reporting on the shameful denial of benefits to grieving families. >> how dare we. >> the house pass as resolution to fund funerals for military people killed in action. also tonight, are you mad as hell? some factor viewers are and we'll feel tirr their passionate


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