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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we don't want you to be either. thanks for watching. always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. a meeting is under way on capitol hill now. new questions about whether the gop is about to cave to white house demands on a debt deal. plus -- intentional, a fired up lawmaker attacking the defense department for the decision to withhold benefits for grieving families of fallen troops. >> you chose to do an interpretation to maximize pain. >> duncan hunter on what he's learning about the decision some now claim was no accident. also, an 18- wheel revolt in washington. in just hours, thousands of truckers plan to shut down the capitol. we'll hear from one with a big
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rig message to congress. and everyone goes to sin city uh to have fun. so why are these unions assaulting tourists on the strip? breaking news tonight. good evening. i'm megyn kelly. critical neg investigations over a plan to raise the nation's debt limit. house republicans presenting their proposal to president obama during a closed meeting at the the white house a few hours ago. suggesting a six-week extension, we believe, while the parties negotiate spend ing cuts and tax reform on a larger basis. both sides i say the meeting was productive. no word on a deal. meantime we are hearing the white house is insisting that the government be re opened as part of a debt deal. something republicans re fused to make part of the negotiations but may be re considering. we'll bring you breaking developments. also breaking tonight"the ,
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house reverses itself hours after insisting white house action was unnecessary to reinstate the death benefits to grieving military families, president obama signs a bill doing exactly that. angrily pressed a pentagon official for answers on why the benefits were not provided. >> it is an we are failing in our duty to those who take care of us and protect us every day. >> i believe the guidance issued by controller hill was based on a decision by the department of defense to misinterpret to pay the military for political purposes. >> it's outrageous. >> yes, you could have paid the death benefit. yet you chose to do an interpretation. to maximize pain. you have compounded the problem by your conduct in how you have misinterpreted intentionally this law. it is an embarrassment to the
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country. >> i would like to respond. i resent your remarks. let the record show that. >> duncan hunter is a member of the house armed services committee and is a war veteran. the mother who found herself without the benefit this weekend lives in his district. good to see you tonight. first let me ask if you agree there is evidence that the withholding of benefits may have been intentional by the pentagon, by those advising the pentagon which we now know included eric holder's doj and the white house office of management and budget was informed days ago before this came out to the rest of the world that this was going to be a problem and as far as we know didn't solve it. >> hey, megyn. it was definitely intentional. at some point in the department of defense, somebody looked somebody in the eye and said, do not give these families the death benefit. even though i just found out today the most likely legal
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interpretation of what we did does pay the death benefits, sure. there might have been ambiguity and the lawyers could argue over it. chuck hagell, the secretary of the defense or the president of the united states need to say, pay these guys. do it. i don't care if it's ambiguous. ask for prince later and pay them. >> who would have challenged it? >> nobody. >> we were headford the shutdown and members of congress foresaw there might be an issue with paying the military so they passed a pay our military act. that act specifically said let's authorize the sums necessary to provide pay and allowances. the department of defense has a list of what's included in pay and allowances. specifically on there is death benefits. so there was a good faith believe that the death gratuity would be covered by the act passed on the eve of the shutdown. once d.o.d. conferred with d.o.j., the department of justice sits down with the
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department of defense and says, no, not covered. did anybody contact congress and say, you weren't explicit enough. there was a loophole and our veterans are about to get the short end. what are we going to do about it. >> they wanted to do it on purpose. we have civilian control of the military. the secretary of defense chuck hagelle should have said get it done. he's the one who's at the top of the food chain and broke the sacred trust with the families. the military families weren't pawns to be played with by this administration to make political points. that's what happened in this situation. chuck hagel needs to look in the mirror and say, did i do any job as secretary of defense and as the guardian of the trust with the military families and the american people, did i do my job? i would look him in the eye and say, sir, you did not do your job. you did not do what you were
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supposed to do as secretary of defense. the president of the united states could have fixed it nine days ago when they first found out about it. he used the military families as pawns. it's embarrassing and despicable to do this. now the military doesn't trust the civilian leadership. >> ken fisher of the fisher house steps in and says, i'm going to step in and help the families until congress and the white house and everybody can get their act together. you guys in the house of representatives say, look, with all due respect let's try to fibs fix it the right way. harry reid says that is a gimmick, a show. we don't need to act on it in the senate. the white house says the same thing. both harry reid and the white house reversed themselves s within hours. here they are today. >> so this issue is largely moot.
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the action on this legislation is now just for show here. >> you don't need legislation? >> we don't need legislation. >> would the president veto that legislation? >> first of all, the legislation isn't necessary. our view has been that the piecemeal funding is, again, a gimmick. >> yet they did it. the senate passed it and the president signed it about half an hour ago. your thoughts? >> think about this. somebody in the department of defense looked at somebody else in the eye and secretary hagel or somebody under him probably and said do not pay the military families. do not do it. i don't care if we could do it. do not do it. by doing that they advocated their authority and ability and responsibility to be in that position that they were supposed to serve in. they gave it up. i don't want them there anymore. i want them gone. i would put somebody like jim mattis, an old general in the marine corps who retired.
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they need somebody like him to be doing this. you need someone to look out for the best interest of the military and families. we don't have that. >> understood. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we are joined by the c ergs o of concerned veterans for america in iraq and afghanistan war veteran. i want to pick up where we left off about hagel. >> sure. >> you heard congressman hunter saying he should step down. bill o'reilly called for that last night. hagel for the first time in his tenure as defense secretary showed up at dover air force base to grooet greet the bodies of the fallen. the very bodies of service personnel to which he was denying benefits. he'd never been. >> when your back is against the wall you do what you can to fix the problem. notice who is leading the charge. congressman hunter. mike cough man, iraq vet. they understand the central
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aspect of the sacred trust. you want a commander in chief at the end of the day that will give you what you need to succeed on the battlefield. if you give your life on the altar of freedom your family will be taken care of. president obama and chuck hagel didn't do everything in their power -- it could have been the stroke of a pen, a piece of legislation. this administration has been the king of executive orders. anything they wanted to do they could have done it. it's because of what hunter said. veterans and military families have been political pawns, blocking veterans, the v.a. benefits and talking about how horrible it will be for veterans to this. they have been using them. it's an outrage. we should be calling them on it. >> why? because politicians know veterans touch a soft spot in the american heart? >> that's right. the president believes by turning up the heat on the shutdown he can point a fipger at republicans. there is a political win for him to turn up the heat on veterans and military families. someone made the call not to
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give benefits to military families. someone, probably on the political side who hasn't serve ed thought that would turn it up more. >> we confirmed today the department of defense went to the department of justice last week and said we don't think we can provide the defendants. the doj said no. so why didn't somebody go to barack obama, to congress and say, we need this fixed and now. tuesday this hit the press big time and people started to talk. here we are a week later and we have an order. >> somebody's heart was in the wrong place. if we are putting military families, war widows in the cross hairs of a political shutdown then someone should be stepping down, someone should be fired. anyone who looks at this this country and you weres what it means to sacrifice sees this as at least the baseline of what we do for families. strip that out of it. want to fight about a budget, debtle ceiling, deficit
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reduction, these are important issues. leave vets, war widows and military families out of it? that's an important statement to make. >> you guys go out on the battlefield to protect us, our freedoms and values. who has your back? >> that's right. this is not equal opportunity outrage. that is commander in chief, a leader looking for our backs at every moment and didn't here and needs to be called to the carpet. >> thanks, pete. coming up, we have big twomts in this case that i was on the o'reilly factor discussing half an hour ago. i don't know if you watched. but it's about whether christmas carollers can sing religious songs. we have breaking news on that. both sides in a big supreme court case taking up the question of when you can open a public meeting with prayer. that may soon be problematic. be thankful you don't live in d.c. 100%s of angry truckers are planning a protest to shut down the city.
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customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. a lot of americans are outraged at what is happening to this country. military members used as pawns. sacred mon mepts closed to the very men they honor. one man who's had enough is
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joining a protest by hundreds, if not thousands of truckers in d.c. tomorrow. another launched a one-man effort to pay respect the to fallen heroes when other cannot or won't. truckerer nest lee joins us with chuck cox, the lawn mower man which i love. chris is on the left. e rne st on the right. you're part of the trucker protest in d.c. tomorrow. what's the goal? >> the goal number one, it's a pleasure to be here. the goal of ride for the -- and that's where you can go for up to the minute live coverage from the middle of the protest through the weekend. ride for the constitutional.o.o. we hope to get the attention of the unrepresenting representatives in washington, d.c. to let them know we, the people, have had enough. the government is too big, too intrusive.
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too many regulations, too many departments. it is weighing down everything in this country. every problem in the country, none can be fixed by government because the government caused them all. we are joining together, not just in d.c. we are looking for an egypt-type moment here. not with 30 to 35 million people but from coast to coast over 100 million people getting together, getting out on the road or just staying home and not spend ing money for three days. lots of ways to approach to come together causing the world's biggest traffic jam. i know d.c. is the focus. but this is an egypt moment for the country to say, we have had enough. the federal government needs to go back inside the framework of the original constitution. >> you are going to get people's attention by clogging the streets of d.c.
6:17 pm
that will cause people to take notice. chris, you're a regular american guy walking around d.c. seeing the monument s, barricades, trash on oh the ground, lawn's overdwroun. you decided to do something. what made you pick up the lawnmower, pick up trash? >> well, megyn, of first of all, i'm flattered to be here. thank you very much. to answer your question, i set out to prevent headline news. i didn't set out to make headline news. my goal was to fortify the boundaries. first it was to play a security role. it evolved into a janitorial role, if you will. once the trash cans started spilling over oh i was embarrassed. i didn't want our nation's capital to be showcased in newspapers around the world with trash pouring out of the bins, pictures of veterans rolling over tobacco spit cups and half eaten bananas, you name it and
6:18 pm
it was out there. i have had several volunteers show up and now after today, i have word that people are coming in as far as california, texas, nevada, oregon, are coming to stand with me. i am en couraging all americans to go out and find a memorial or a park near your home but don't show up with a picnic basket. show up with a rake and a broom, a track bag and do your part to stand with the park service. now more than ever they need our help. >> chris, you're worried about america maintaining its image as a leader in the world. ernest you are concerned about merg's identity, the principles we were founded on. quick last word, chris. >> i think we should take away all the limousines and pick them up in a bunch of little short yellow buses. thanks for having me here. >> a quick last word from you,
6:19 pm
chris. >> last word would be take and unite together. join the fight. we the people can rise up and do this and get the attention of d.c. and let them know we have had enough. >> i love that shirt. >> thank you uh. >> thanks for being with us. all the best. >> thank you. >> while these guys decided to do something, they desided to do something. so refreshing. they didn't complain. imagine walking by the dirty trash, stopping and getting hundreds of garbage bags and cleaning it up like he did? they are not alone in their frustration. just ahead the epic, awful, record-set ing new polls on how americans are feeling about washington and its leaders. it was a story that captured worldwide attention. the brutal torture and killing of a d.e.a. agent. up next, insult on injury as mexico lets the drug record killer take a walk after serving a little more than half of his sentence. >> the message that's being sent
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new questions about the administration's response to a get out of jail pass for a convicted murderer in mexico. the murder of d.e.a. agent kiki camarina made headlines after he was kidnapped by a mexican drug cartel. the details of his torture un-i imagine b nabl. president reagan hunted down the killer. mexico just re-elised his killer with no warning. live from the west coast newsroom with this story.
6:24 pm
>> his death is long forgotten if not for his killer's release mexico ignoring our extradition request. that raises the question about what the u.s. is or isn't doing to find him. >> february 7, 1985 special agent camarena was kidnapped by traffickers, tortured and beaten to death. >> the american people at least owe him for the sacrifice he made to ensure that the people that took his life, that subjected him to torture over a three-day period of time were held accountable and brought to justice. >> raised on the border he joined the marines and later the d.e.a. after leading drug busts, mexico's intelligence agency kidnapped him. >> back in the '80s the dfs, their main role was to protect
6:25 pm
the drug lords. >> the d.e.s. took him on order ers from the top drug trafficker carl cantero. >> carl is such a psychopath he makes charles manson appear to be a cub scout. >> reporter: over three days they crushed kiki's skull, jaw, nose and cheekbones with a tire iron, drilled a hole in his head and tortured him with a cat tle prod. as he died quintero ordered a doctor to keep him alive. >> at that point the he administered lidocaine into his heart to keep him alert and awake during the torture. >> reporter: the cartel eventually dumped the body nearby. hours later, the d.e.a. closed in at the airport. >> we were confronted by over 50 dfs agents pointing machine guns and shotguns at us -- at the de
6:26 pm
a. they said we were not going the to take quintero. >> he flew away from there? >> he came up to the plane door, waved a bottle of champagne at the de a agents and said my children. next time bring more guns. he laughed at us. >> no one laughed at who piloted the escape. >> it was an american pilot that flew him out to costa rica, yes. >> absolutely right. >> reporter: taj plumle y who flew for u.s. intelligence says the pilot regrets his actions. does that individual have re morse? >> he does. >> reporter: the freedom didn't last thanks to president reagan who shut down the border forcing mexico to act. just weeks ago, a mexican court set him free. phil jordan calls it old style mexican corruption. >> like anything else they had to work out so much.
6:27 pm
>> they also blame the obama administration. >> they hardly complained that he was re-elised. >> two days after he was freed the white house said it was, quote, deeply concerned. >> i'm disappointed about a lot of things. when we are talking about the release of the murderer of a de a agent -- sprks jimmy gurule indicted quintero in 1988. >> that's a shameful statement. the government should be outraged. i'm outraged. the d.e. a. is outraged. the family is outraged. quintero has disappeared. only mexico can make him act and they don't see it. they never mentioned justice for agent camareno. >> thank you. can you still say a prayer
6:28 pm
before a town meeting? we are coming up on one of the most watched supreme court arguments of the fall next. what could be the biggest religious freedom case in decades. plus -- vegas is supposed to be the home of hospitality. why are these union workers harassing tourists? that's next on "the kelly file." mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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las vegas likes to call itself the entertainment capital of the world. tonight video of visiting tourists who don't look too
6:32 pm
entertained thanks to angry union members with an ugly message. trace gallagher has the story. >> reporter: megyn, most of the hotels on the strip are university yop. the cosmetic opolitan is a hold and the unions are concerned others will follow suit. keep in mind the workers have jobs but no contract. when they are on the clock they do things like bring you drinks and food. when they picket, they do things like this. watch. >> you see the people handing out cards? they are with the alliance to oppose what they call the union's guerilla tactics and
6:33 pm
believe they should welcome tourists not insult them. >> las vegas is our franchise like you would have -- pittsburgh has steel. detroit has cars. if you make bad business decisions, as those cities have learned, you can hurt the franchise economically. tourism is our franchise in las vegas. we have to protect it. >> what the unions want is a contract and to make sure the contract is guaranteed, even if the hotel sells. john ralston who's covered vegas for decades says the unions don't care whose feathers they ruffle. listen. >> i don't think they care much about what their image is in las vegas or outside. they care about getting the best contract or any contracts for workers. if they have to take abuse on youtube or national television they think that's the price of doing business. >> the union said we can
6:34 pm
interview them tomorrow. the hotel is negotiating but the unions have staying power. they picketed the fredricton tier hotel for six and a half years. >> that business about the pant, that was too far. you can rip on me but not my pants. >> thanks. >> president of progressive think tank ndn and veteran of two presidential campaigns. monica crowley and chris plante, host of the chris plante show. is that the best you can come up with? you're a loser, especially her girlfriend and her pants? thundershower thoughts, simon? >> first of all, congratulations on the new show. i have been called much worse on fox over the years. >> what a g way to get respect.
6:35 pm
>> they are going the to fight it out. they will probably say they could probably do a better job next time. >> it plays into a narrative about union thuggery that's not particularly helpful for the unions or am i wrong? >> you're right. i see the video and i'm thinking at least they are not beating people up or destroying property the way the union folks did in wisconsin when they took over the capital. talk about biting the hand that feeds you. they are out there calling tourists jerks, losers, picking on their clothing. without the tourists they have no job. they don't think about the public relations aspect. they are just out for themselves. it really gives an added dimension to what we are talking about nationwide. whether we are talking about government sector or private uh sector unions. >> you haven't heard a lot about the story. >> right. >> this this was a tea party group, different coverage.
6:36 pm
>> the this is classic. even simon, nice guy. justifying this behavior. you know, they are out for a cause. so it's justifiable. let's keep in mind for all the names they were hurling at people, president obama has hurled more offensive names at people in the last few days. harry reid, much more offensive. the democrats hurl names just in the last few days, much worse than the union guys. these are people that are protected by barack obama and harry reid. it's harry reid 's state, barack obama's union people. they opened up a mall though it was closed to the rest of us for the union people. the left is violent, rowdy. it's happy to be offensive. they never get coalled on it. the media doesn't see it as a story because when it comes to the left this is tuesday. if it were the tea party it would be a six-week story. we would have a draum et beat
6:37 pm
every day on how terrible they are. but it's the left so they justify it. >> the left is violent, maybe you overstated your cause. i don't think we want to dismiss the entire left. i will say in their defense that one guy parked me in and i couldn't get out on either side. i put a note on the car and all i wrote was, "loser." it made me feel better. it was the cathartic. there is a guy out there saying, that was megyn kelly? i want to move on to wisconsin. the madness has to be commented on. some art director consulted a lawyer who says you have to get rid of the christmas carols. they are too religious. the christmas choir has to either choose five secular songs for every re lijs song, have no christmas music or sing all the christmas music you want as long
6:38 pm
as you don't do it in december. simon? >> what a silly decision. i hope the attention you are bringing here will help people come to their senses. >> it's happening more and more. we'll have a case on this on "the kelly file" in moments. any mention of re lijen, public prayer or hark the herald angel s sing, monica, it's so offensive, bring in the the lawyers. >> christmas is about celebrating the birth of jesus christ. you can't remove jesus christ from christmas. >> you can try with a song by, i don't know, salt-n-pepa. >> lady gaga? i don't know what the solution is. the it is an increasing secularization of the country. it's a war an christianity, a war on christmas. we have seen this happening for a long time. look. when people talk about the separation of church and state, what the founder had in find wasn't the are removal of re
6:39 pm
li linlen and faith from the public square. it's that the government wouldn't impose a state religion. >> you have apparently some legal opinion, chris, saying you need to do the christmas carols in june. sing "silent night" but only in summer. >> it shows how crazy we have gotten. this is an annual ritual at this point with people that are hostile toward christmas and hostile toward christians. in montgomery county, a liberal county in maryland. they are now in the process of trying to incorporate muslim holidays into the school calendar there as a means of accommodating a very small number of muslim students in the school system. at the same time liberals are banning christmas carols this this county. they banned santa claus in their
6:40 pm
christmas parade as few years in the town of kensington. >> he's evil and need s to be stopped. >> stunning. you can want rationalize it. >> every year there he is with the evils and the reindeer. if the city council doesn't step in who knows how long it will continue? oh oh, wait. that's why things like the gallup poll that show 80% of the country is dissatisfied comes as no surprise to anybody on this panel. thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> thanks, megyn. >> we have a case that will be heard by the supreme court. it's a major re ligious freedom case. uh they open up the town meeting with a prayer. any congregation in town can come. it happens to be mostly christian. apparently that was ruled illegal, up lawful. you need to get more muslims,
6:41 pm
more jews, but there aren't many in town. they want them to go outside of town and bring them in. that's next. plus, the father of six children getting the shock of his life when he opened a letter about health insurance. wait up till you hear uh how high his rates will go. for seeing your business in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action.
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jbut when it comes to investing, things i prefer to do on my own. i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that ki. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today. well, the u.s. supreme court is b about to take up one of the biggest rereligious free dom
6:45 pm
cases in decades. do you have the right to open a public meeting with prayer and must you find religious leaders of all faiths even if your town is 90% christian? rob boston from americans united for separation of church and state and the organization represent ing the women who brought the lawsuit against their hometown saying they were being ex colluded. and jordan lawrence, attorney for alliance defending freedom, the organization defending the town. it's in greece, new york. upstate new york. i guess the argument -- rob, is that even though the town is mostly christian and they were inviting anybody from any congregation within the towns t speak, apparently there were people who thought it was too often a christian fooch ? >> they weren't i vieting everybody. they were defaulting to the minority religion. 85% of the time they used
6:46 pm
christian prayers and they almost sounded like mini sermons. people said this is a diverse community. you have to recognize other traditions and stop impoedsing this through the town meeting. >> there was a wiccan priestess. how diverse did they have to go? >> there is no quo eta system for religious diversity under the establishment clause. opening with prayer is a tradition even the authors of the constitution practiced. it is the enhanced when the government likened the town of greece allows people to come and pray according to their faith tradition. they weren't trying to steer it to christians. there is a lot of diversity between catholics, baptists and pentecostals. to lump them together paints a misleading picture that this was somehow a plain va nil uh la christian set of prayers being
6:47 pm
said. >> what was the town supposed to do if it is 85 or 90% christian? did they have to go outside of greece new york and find a congress nation or synagogue or something other than christian in order to comply with the constitution in your view? >> they have options. a lot of communities get down to business. they don't have a prayer service before the meeting. >> are you arguing prayer is unconstitutional? opening it up? >> if this council wanted religious expression before the meeting they could get together and it could be as krip as they want it to be every week. they seem to want a public expression which in our view sends it is message to those outside the system that they are second-class citizens, that the government is de facto christian. if you don't believe that, well, you are tolerated but not a full member of the community. at any level especially the local government that's closest to the people who should never send that. it's a right of oh conscience we are dealing with.
6:48 pm
>> go ahead. >> the supreme court upheld in 1983 this practice and you are aware from your days of covering the supreme court, megyn. to say this is something people are offended by, people can be offended by the pledge of a lee japanese, that military veterans are honored if they are a pacifi pacifist. the concept that anybody who is offended can centimetesor what y is saying hases no end. >> not censor. >> i know the viewers are thinking don't we see congress open with a prayer, public event s open with prayer. do you object to oh the prayer itself? snm they would use it if they would be nonsectarian. if you look at the guidelines the house of representatives gives to the chaplains they remind them it is a diverse party. they don't want to attack.
6:49 pm
they want to be inclusive ft greece needs to keep it in mind as well. the jewish individual, the pagan, they were only brought in after our organization complained. before then it was basically just christians all the time. >> what does a wiccan priestess say? >> she prayed to apollo. >> okay. i've got to go. thank you. we'll keep watching it. comes up november 6. up next, the father of six gets his first taste of obama care and not liking it much. we'll show you why next. plus on "hannity" -- >> we'll call it obama care. why? everything obama's people liked not long ago obama hats, bibs, shirts. we'll sell this to you under obama care. it's the worst nickname given to anything in the history of the nation. what it's going to do is topple our society financially for the long haul. are republicans saying it loudly enough? not all of them.
6:50 pm
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it's going to bring down costs, save families money, save businesses money and save government money. >> they will still get it but it will be cheaper. >> premiums will be lower. health care costs overall will be lower. >> affordable, quality health insurance at a significantly cheaper rate than what they can get now on the individual market. >> you heard it again and again from president obama. obama care will save you money and lower premiums. we found a small business owner and father of six who said his family premiums may be shooting through the roof. trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom. t.g.? >> jeremy nichols has six kids and really did like his insurance plan and wanted to keep it. he got a letter from blue
6:54 pm
cross/blue shield of alabama that said, i'm quoting here, based on the new requirements of the affordable care act the plan you are enrolled in must end after december 31, 2013. beginning in 2014, all health insurance companies must offer plans that meet certain requirements. your current plan does not meet all of the new affordable care act benefit requirements. mr. nichols was told not to worry because blue cross would en roll him in the new silver secure plan that offers full coverage and peace of mind. but there is a catch. i will show you. his current plan, he pays $463 a month. his new plan? ready? $1,337. here's jeremy. >> small increase sh better coverage, lower deductibles. that would have been fine with me . i have been willing to pay a little bit more for the same
6:55 pm
coverage if everything would hold true to what we were told. to get that type of letter telling me i have to pay over three times what i'm paying is ridiculous. >> clear they li not a happy man. if he opts out of dental coverage which isn't a good idea with six kids he could lower the coverage plan to about $900. but he has to take out other things as well. he wants the full coverage so he started calling around. here he is again. >> i have checked with other local insurance companies that sell other insurance. apparently united health care has dropped out of alabama. humana was the option. they are only covering three counties in the state. >> so he has one choice. blue cross. he wants to adopt two more kids, megyn. that's what the plan was before he got the letter. >> unbelievable. i liked the big reveal. you kept us on the edge of our
6:56 pm
seats. what will the number be? the. >> the white board makes primetime. >> channelling karl rove. thank you, sir. etle tell us what you think on kelly file or tweet us @megyn kelly, # kelly file. my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as uneected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and meditions. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling;
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choir, if you could save "jingle bells" for august, no problem at all. thanks, lawyers. thanks art director. send me your tweets or check us out on facebook. good night. tonight more than a dozen house republicans met with president obama this evening and in just a moment two lawmakers who were inside that room will tell you exactly what happened behind closed doors. do the gop hold the line for the future of the country? we better pray they did. >> it's time for these negotiations and this conversation to begin. >> we cannot waste more time. >> republicans summoned to the white house. >> we hope the president will choose negotiation and dialogue. >> obama care is off to a great st


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