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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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choir, if you could save "jingle bells" for august, no problem at all. thanks, lawyers. thanks art director. send me your tweets or check us out on facebook. good night. tonight more than a dozen house republicans met with president obama this evening and in just a moment two lawmakers who were inside that room will tell you exactly what happened behind closed doors. do the gop hold the line for the future of the country? we better pray they did. >> it's time for these negotiations and this conversation to begin. >> we cannot waste more time. >> republicans summoned to the white house. >> we hope the president will choose negotiation and dialogue. >> obama care is off to a great start. fox news hates it.
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>> liberal lunatics spiral out of control. >> the word is treason. the trees thousand john boehner. >> cutting through the lies. >> thanks for having me. >> elisabeth hasselbeck on fire. >> this is the worst nickname given to anything in the history of the nation. >> all of that and tavis smiley. "hannity" starts right here, right now. here's the latest. a group of 20 republicans met with president obama at the white house after the closed door t meeting was done house speaker john boehner and other lawmakers left without speaking to reporters. what duds this mean ? joining me now two of the lawmakers in the room. jeb henserling. good evening. >> good evening. >> what happened? >> i must admit i have been in eight or nine meetings with the
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president, relatively speaking. i would say this was more constructive and useful. the bottom line is the president didn't say no. the president department say yes to our offer to begin negotiations. to create a little bit of negotiating space on the the debt ceiling. to begin negotiations on the funding bill. so, you know, it took a long time to get to the point where the president says i'm not ready to say yes or no. talks are going to continue in the evenings. stay tuned. >> congressman, we have two reports. new york times says obama reejects gop offer of a short term debt limit plan because it doesn't deal with the government shutdown. and the president said the meeting went well. lasted an hour and a half. after discussion about a path forward, no specific determination was made. >> right. >> i believe the new york times or the office of the white house. you uh help me out. >> both jeb and i were in the
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room. the president didn't say yes, didn't say no. it wases a useful hour and however many minutes to the clarify where the parties stood. these are serious times. we have a huge deficit problem, a huge spending problem. it shouldn't have gotten though critical state before we got a negotiation with the president. it would have been nicer to avoid the crisis. this isn't a good way to operate. coming out of it, you are seeing progress. at least the staffs and leaders will be discussing into tonight. we put everything else on hold at this point. i think there is a glimmer of hope here. but, you know, the proof is in what comes out of the discussions that continue into tonight. >> would you characterize this as a negotiation? who did most of the talking and would you characterize it as a negotiation? >> no, sean. i don't think -- no.
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this is a discussion that will ep hopefully lead to a negotiation. i remember my history about how long it took to negotiate the vietnam war where people talked about the size and shape of the table for eight months. i hope it doesn't come down to that. no. it wasn't a negotiation. but let's face it. there hasn't been a lot of quality interaction between the white house and house republicans. so it took a while for there to be some understanding about what each party was looking for. but i've got to admit i have been to the a number of meetings with the president where i left feeling that i was only lectured to. i thought i might be going to this meeting to hear for the umpteenth time. >> were you lectured to? >> i didn't quite hear that, sean. what do i do the as a congressman? i have had high hopes, low expectations. it's a little higher on the
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hopes. it's not resolved. when you ask who did the talking, the president does do a lot of the talking. for our side, certainly the speaker, the leader, our whip and paul ryan played a critical role el in discussions as well. >> no republicans, i would argue this is your fifth offer now. it was defund, delay, eliminate exemptions, have a conference. the president's pos sure is not to the talk to you. he has time for iran though. >> you did the math right, sean. >> this is the latest offer. did he give an indication there is a deal available or did he just say, i'm not, not, not. >> by the end did we get to a point where there is a better understanding from the president
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about what we were bringing to the table. we are asking for an opportunity to negotiate about how to get the economy on the right track. i haven't been in as many meetings as jeb has with the president. i felt a lot of the same pains he was feeling. given how long it's taken to get to this point you have to label it slight progress. >> paul ryan's op-ed got a lot of play in the wall street journal yesterday. he pivots in this op-ed and talks about it seems like a grand bargain but he resisted that. he pivots away from obama care which is the issue of the moment
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with the continuing resolution. he talks about social security, medicare reform, tax code are form, oil, gas, energy reform. making structural change hes. was that discussed? anything about health care and exemptions discussed? >> again, it wasn't a negotiation. the it was a discussion trying to lead to a negotiation. i don't think anybody expressly said anything was off the table. hopefully the president understands now that republicans are never going to give up. i get a new correspondent from somebody in my district. you know, congressmen. obama care cost me an extra $1500. congressman, obama care, they just cut me to 29 hours. as we know the sad reality is because 90 to 95% of obama care
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is automatic or entitlement spend ing. as long as he's president is only way to repeal or defund his signature law is with his signature. we are not going to give up. we are always, always going to have it on the table. >> last question. i will throw it at both of you. you can answer at will. >> a lot of conservatives are concerned that republicans are neg t yating too much with themselves and at the end the democrats are united and don't seem willing to give. do you feel they are willing to hold the line, stand on principles? >> i absolutely do. we know what it sounds like back home. we know the importance of the decision upon us as a country. that's why you see the president agreeing to have a conversation that may lead to negotiation. he knows we are serious because the problems are serious.
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we have to do it now. >> absolutely. you look at this freshman class, the class before. these are people, you know, who left good jobs, you know. they are leaving their families back home because they care passionately about the cause of liberty, about free enterprise, about our values. no, they are not going to give it up and rubber stamp what the president wants. we have the power of the purse, not the rubber stamp. that's what the constitution says. we'll stay strong. >> hold the line. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> up next tonight on kwo"hann " "hannity.." >> has the president reached out the to families who didn't receive receive death benefit and apologize to hem? >> the way jay carney answered the question earlier is a national disgrace. it will make your skin crawl. tonight -- >> look like somebody might have fainted up here. have we got -- somebody -- ems. somebody?
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has the president reached out to the families of the service members who didn't receive death benefits to apologize to them? >> i don't have any private conversations to read to you. the president took action to solve this problem.
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ordered a creative solution to solve the problem, a problem caused by house republicans. >> that would be a no. jay carney refusing to answer the question is not only rude, it is disrespectful to anyone who's worn a uniform and defended our freedom. joining me with reaction. kimberly guilfoyle and democratic strategist chris han. military chaplains can't say mass. we know what happened to vietnam vets, normandy. people wanted to see the graves of loved ones. the have them a., taking down tv cameras so they can't watch football or baseball playoffs. commissary closed. was this to inflict harm toed advance the president's cause? >> the answer is yes. i never thought i would wake up in this country uh to a situation where this was the view. like you said, fallen and forgotten.
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if we can't honor and respect those who served to fight for our freedoms we respect the country we fought for the. >> we know they did know about the death benefits in particular. they did know what was happening with the world war ii vets. there is discretion. 83% of the government is open. why did it take public outcry to embarrass them into doing the right thing? >>there were unforeseen consequences. when a guy from harvard and yale like ted cruz is the architect of the shutdown -- >> chris, we are not talking about cruz. the white house knew why did it take a public outcry for them to do something? >> i hing the white house should not have allowed the military benefits. i'm okay with the national monuments being closed but i don't like that the death benefits weren't paid out. >> you're okay with the world war ii vets breaking down barricades? >> it is not an essential service. i don't want the to see a
7:16 pm
piecemeal opening of the country. >> you want the republicans to surrender. >> exactly. i want them to surrender. >> your position is you want republicans to give up every bit of leverage they have. then start the negotiation. >> here's the problem. we have given the republicans everything they asked for. the senate number and the house number are the same for the budget. even after we won the election they want us going forward. >> i don't know. >> what they wanted was defund, delay, the end of special exemptions. the democrats wouldn't take them up. >> to blame and shame the pubs and demonize them, but they are making the choices that are awful, offensive, disrespectful to the military, the veterans, this country and what we stand for. they have no shame. it just did you want matter. >> republicans could have all these things restored tomorrow. >> here's the problem.
7:17 pm
you ought to be embarrassed the to come on and say, i'm okay. >> shame on you. >> with world war ii vets in wheelchairs, the greatest generation fighting for freedom that they would have to use the wheelchairs to tear it down. be embarrassed about that. you said you're fine with it. you said you're fine. >> i don't want any of it. if we are shutting down the government what's shut down? just poor people getting food? >> did you have a problem with this in the '80s when tip oh kneel used it to get the 86 accord? did you have a problem in '90 when they did it to get h.w. bush to back off taxes? this is the way the progress has wo worked. >> we haven't had a government shutdown in two dethe kads almost. >> 17 years. >> the government is a far more complex place that provides more services -- >> smaller. >> that's part of the conservative problem with the government. let's have a conversation like adults. there was an election. we won.
7:18 pm
the republicans should come to the table and bargain like adults. >> house republicans. maybe i will give the liberals a copy of the constitution. we have separation of powers. under the constitution, spending authority comes from the where, kimber kimberly? the house. >> from the house. they want to play by their own terms. they are not interested in healthy negotiation or discussion or re evaluating the bloated entitlement bureaucracy you created. >> the house budget was taken up by the senate in march and passed and returned to the house different. the senate asked for a conference. >> all the senate wants to do is drop this whole consideration so they can go back to doing what they were doing before which is ignoring the house completely on every aspect of policy that matters. >> we have to run. will the republicans cave? >> no. >> no. it will escalate. >> they will cave. they're caving already. the koch brothers want them to
7:19 pm
cave and so do others on wall street. >> you're dreaming. >> i read the journal. great paper. i saw paul ryan's article. looked like a cave to me. >> come back. all the days are blending. >> that was yesterday. got to go. >> coming up, elisabeth hasselbeck, the new co-host of "fox & friends" will weigh in on the shutdown and more. coming up first -- >> looks like somebody may have fainted. that happens sometimes in the crowd. give them space. if the medics could check on them. >> how times have changed for the president. next, why is the administration probably praying they could go back to the good old days and pass out water because people are fainting at the sight of the anointed one? we have shocking polls to prove it. [ male announcer ] when it comes to doing what you love,
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it's no wonder the world can't wait to see what kohler does next. looks like we've got somebody who may have fainted down there so if we have a medic. hold on. i'm talking about somebody might have fainted down here. >> oops, it looks like s somebo have fainted. that happens. if the medics could make sure to check on them. we'll be all right. they were probably just standing too long. give them a little space. where is our ems folks? >> looks like somebody may have fainted up here. if we have -- somebody, ems.
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don't worry. folks do this all the time in my meetings. [ applause ] >> folks faint all the time when i show up in a room. the only people feeling light headed are the president's advisers. no matter how hard they spin it the approval numbers are in free fall. the approval rating plummeted now to 37%. more than half the country uh d disapproves of his job as president. this is a record low since he took office in 2009. is it his failure to reach across the aisle, the economy. here to shed light on his collapse, and an oebsal obama critic, tavis smileey. >> good to see you.
7:25 pm
>> does anyone faint when you speak? >> it doesn't happen too often. >> here is his approval rating. 37%, lowest since he's been in office. democrats have lost their lead congressional ballot. only 17% of americans think we are headed in the right dregs. we have obama care, the website disaster, costing taxpayers $630 million failed dollars. a lot of reasons to be unhappy. what's your reaction. >> it's plausible but not persuasive, creative but not cop vincing in part because the only numbers you have shown are the president's numbers. you know from the same data i look at the numbers for republicans are worse. the numbers for john boehner are worse as a leader. congress, the numbers are worse. if you tell the whole story of what the american people are saying the government is dysfunctional. the president's numbers are are
7:26 pm
still higher than the republicans or mr. boehner's. >> the republicans now have a generic ballot lead they didn't have before and a lead among independents of 18%. here's the bottom line. you have been critical of the president. five years he's going to double the debt. he will literally accumulate more debt in his two terms than every other president before him combined. the economic gnus are abysmal. you don't think we have had a recovery. >> i don't believe we have had a recovery. i'm tired of the economists telling us that we are experiencing recovery. tell that to millions of americans falling into poverty almost daily. i keep saying to you and others that poverty is threatening our democracy. there are any number of issues that underscore the fact that millions of americans have fallen into poverty. i have at times been critical of this president. having said that, on the issue we are debating now, the
7:27 pm
shutdown of the government, republicans don't want a conversation with the president. they want all out capitulation. to my mind the president has done enough capitulating over the years. i like this obama with a stiff spine. i'm all for it. my grand dad said many times -- >> it's the opposite though. >> there are fights worth fighting if you win. there are other fights you have to fight even if you lose. he has to fight. >> so he'll negotiate with the iranians but not republicans. we have separation of powers. republicans passed more bills. president nyet, n yet, same with reid. eel talk to iran. that's untenable as a position. >> here's what doesn't make sense to me. what doesn't make sense to me is that republicans have lectured us year after year after year about respect for the rule of law. obama care was passed by the congress, signed into law. >> in the dark of night after scott brown was elected.
7:28 pm
>> upheld by the supreme court. >> after scott brown was elected. >> what happened to respect for the rule of law? and the president goes on to win. >> the rule of law? our constitution -- >> what happened to respect for the law? >> the constitution is the rule of law. >> absolutely. >> that constitution gives the authority of spending not to the president but to congress. >> absolutely. >> they also were elected. they ran on a platform that said they would are peel this. my last question to you. you often do seminars with the state of black america. i have watched on c-span. >> right. >> are black americans better off five years into the obama presidency? >> let me apps your question. no, they are not. the indicate will indicate when the obama administration is over black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category on that record the president ought to be held responsible.
7:29 pm
the other side, i respect the president. i will protect the president and correct the president. he's right on the government shutdown. republicans are thwarting the rule of law with the constitution. if they let the debt go into default they are trampling on the constitution. >> the sad thing is. >> they have to be accountable as well. >> this is a debate for another day. we have been friend frends a long time. but i don't want that for the black community. i don't want it for any community in this country. if the pt president's policies after five years have failed by your own admission, we can do better. >> we can do better. republicans have to act sensible and responsible. >> that's right. >> they are not doing it. >> and the president needs to talk to them like he talks to iran. he needs to negotiate. just like we are right now. we're talking. we're friends. but we disagree. good to see you. up next on "hannity" -- >> any government involvement
7:30 pm
whatsoever and they will shut down the government and they will not pay the bills to get their way. >> the liberal main stream media unhinged is put on notice in one of the most infuriating editions of media mash you have ever seen. later elisabeth hasselbeck unleashes about the war on women the democrats are waging in virginia. we always want to hear from you. log onto share your thoughts on this show and much more. don't forget, join us on twitter. grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back. time for media mash. the round-up of the way the liberal media tries to put their spin on the news. none other than brother brent bozell. how are you? >> brother han the ti. how are we tonight? >> starting with nbc. it's like a ritual at this point. eddie schultz is back. the guy that wanted to rip dick
7:35 pm
cheney's heart out, stomp on it and shove it back in him. he's frothing at the mouth about john boehner. >> obama care is off the o a gr start. fox news hates it. the people are signing up and they love it. and they're finding out it's not that expensive. the popularity is killing them. this is why they are talking about default. they will shut down the government and they will not pay the bills to get their way. the word is treason. the treasonous john boehner. >> i wonder what williams, brokaw and matt lauer think of this idiot. >> let's dissect it. number one, he says the american people love it. in fact, it is at an all-time low in popularity and all we are hearing is nightmare stories
7:36 pm
coast to coast of oh people being destairwayed by this. he then says it is not that expensive. we just learn ed this today. the website health care health was supposed to cost $94 million. do you know how much it's cost so far? >> how much? >> $634 million, seven times more expected than they project ed. how do you think the program will work? if you believe in privatization he says that's treason. that's what carl marx believed. >> we'll stay with nbc. brokaw, matt lauer and williams. you have to wonder what they think of the news brand being demolished by these guys. chris matthews thinks the president isn't nasty enough with all the extortion and blackmail language. listen to this. >> i want to ask you about this. the president is using, i think,
7:37 pm
the right words. he talks about extortion. strong language b about even criminality. he's doing it calmly. does he have to behave like that? why doesn't he show outrage at this criminality. they are really kidnapping the u.s. government. it's only 30 people on the whack theo right. why don't he go after them? >> round them up, put chains on them and put them in jail. because he actually read the constitution. >> we are talking about the president of the united states. chris matthews says he can talk the about criminality, extortion, accuse them of chaos. make statements to try to rattle the markets. that's okay. he can talk about being extremists, talk about any language he wants to. but he's not angry enough. the problem is here that chris matthews doesn't understand the difference between the president
7:38 pm
and a community organizer. that's who we want them to be. cnn, republicans want to destroy government. watch this. >> it seems like the game has changed down there. used to be the two sides went at it. but at the the end of the day they believed in government. it seems what's motivating the republican party is the belief that government has to be destroyed. that it's just bad in and of itself. >> destroyed? what is he talking about? >> this is what the brother of the governor of new york will tell you. if you are opposed to obama care you want the to destroy the government. then cnn wonders -- >> we have to go. >> everyone breaks out laughing. >> up next, elisabeth hasselbeck. like our new snow cb and crab butter shrimp, just $14.99. only at red lobster where we sea food differently. [ male announcer ] now try 7 lunch choices at $7.99. sandwiches, sals, and more. [ male announcer ] now try 7 lunch choices at $7.99. fby eating healthier,
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all right.
7:43 pm
for years democrats have accused republicans of waging a so-called war on women. though they don't have facts to back up the rhetoric they are at it again. the latest example comes courtesy of the race for governor in the commonwealth of virginia. i came in early today to talk with elisabeth hasselbeck for her take on the heated contest and more. how are you? >> i'm well, sean. >> you have been on the b job a while now. how is it going? >> maybe it 's just over three weeks. it's phenomenal. i love it. i love the guys. everyone from production to crew, hardworking, noncomplaining, incredible team of people. >> i love the fact that i get to hear you uninterrupted. >> that's a change. >> that's the shocking thing. >> if you watch tape of the first week it's funny. i would start a thought and then
7:44 pm
lose it for a completely new reason. like you're doing now i'd turn to brian and he was still listening. not jumping in. it was shocking. i was off track right away. >> i want to ask you. last time i interviewed you i talked about how you became conservative. it seems that a lot of women, for whatever reason, believe this narrative by the left that there is a war on women. >> mm-hmm. >> this is playing itself out now in the virginia governor's race between ken cuccinelli and terry mcauliffe. >> i'm terry mcauliffe and i sponsored this ad. >> 2008, if cuccinelli had it his way a mom trying to get out of a bad marriage could only get divorced if she could choose adultery, physical abuse or her spouse abandoned her or was sent
7:45 pm
to jail. why is he interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his agenda, not us. >> what's your reaction to that? >> i certainly understand the strategy behind the war on women. when you place a war on a large group of people they will fight back. the only thing to do is move to a point of defense. i get it. i understand that specifically in this election. i believe mcauliffe has a 24% lead when it comes to women favoring him. they want the to broaden the gap more. is it fair? no. is it uh trtrue? no. cuccinelli hasn't said he'll ban aborti abortion. they are running on false information. they do know there is value in the female vote. that's the philosophy. >> he's been attorney general for four years. the things they are accusing him of wanting to do he's never proposed. >> right. >> he's not going to. it seems to me every election
7:46 pm
cycle we have the same thing from democrats. republicans hate old people, want to kill grandma, children, racist, sexist, homophob irgs c. this is the key narrative, the war on women. the issues in virginia, what are they -- coal, health care, gun rights. this is a straw man. how do you recommend he battle back? the what would resonate with women? >> here's what i believe. i'm surprised more people don't take offense to this. what the democrats are doing right now and the liberals in the these elections and we saw it in the last national election is that they are banking on the fact that americans don't want to do the research. and that they will not do research when this country is full of smart people. so what they create then is a false narrative over an inaccurate history. so if they keep repeating the false narrative, all of the sudden that's filling air space. that's all anyone hears. >> i think it's well said.
7:47 pm
what you are saying is they give the bumper stickers. they have slogans. they use them in every campaign. why does it work? >> look what's happening now. with this election, cosmopolitan magazine partnered up to talk about and open up the discussion moving forward through 2014 with obama care. so who are they anchoring then -- women. maybe there is a half percentage of men who read cosmo. i'm not sure. but they have an online poll that asks women and tells them the three reasons they should not vote for cuccinelli online. it links you to sign up for obama care. they are knowing the audience that terry wants to bring in. they are now having a scroll down page for specific reasons why you should not vote for the republican. by the way, hurry up, october 17 is coming. january 1 is approaching.
7:48 pm
don't forget to click right here to sign up for obama care. >> amazing. planned parenthood dumped $1 million into the campaign. >> they have. >> here's the interesting thing. as governor, none of these issues will be in the forefront. it will be coal and health care and gun rights. let me show you the other ad and the insinuation is if you are pro life and conservative terry mcauliffe is radical in his abortion views. that doesn't come up. this is what they are doing in virginia. >> i'm terry mcauliffe, and i sponsored this ad. >> for 30 years i have worked as an ob/gyn. my job is the to protect the health of women. i'm particularly offended by chemical weap ken cucinelli. he wants to make all cases of abortion illegal. i want to focus on schools and creating jobs. not someone who wants to do my job. who is he to interfere in the
7:49 pm
lives of women in virginia? >> i'm a conservative. i know women in the conservative party. i don't know one that doesn't care for grandma, children, the environment. >> they are excluding the male vote there as well. in hyper focusing on one demo, you knock out another. i think the ad deserves a penalty. like in sports, we should penalize false advertising. >> we should. >> where it exists. that is nothing but inaccurate. >> in terms of outreach, for whatever reason, i guess a lot of people -- we go back to the sandra fluc issue and the idea that taxpayers should pay for contraception. where did it come from that that is somehow a right? >> that's one thing we'll be paying for. come january, you are paying fr --
7:50 pm
>> i thought i was saving $2500 a year. >> you are paying for substance abuse therapy. you don't need it. you're paying for a lot of things you don't 23450ed. there is no incentive to live a healthy lifestyle. none. you are not rewarding for havin for the long haul. are are republicans saying it loudly enough? not the all of them. benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber.
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7:55 pm
movement in the country. finally, they seem to be fighting. are you glad they're fight something do you think some think that this is suicide? this is bad strategy? i like they're fighting for once. >> strategy in fact may technically have, end up being a set back if not failure. i actually that ted cruz is brave. we would not have a majority of people discussing obama care if it weren't for him. we won't have the focus nationally on what is going on with the debt ceiling. at this point if he didn't get up and be, speak, as he d i said on the show earlier on "fox and friends" when he read "green eggs and ham" i thought, brilliant. i don't think this was a nonchalant book everyone happened to nee. is being fed something you don't wachblt i don't want it. whatever the book says oos s
7:56 pm
my kids are older and i forgot, but you're right. >> it's being forced something when you don't want it. >> sean: reagan said sit a third party or revitalized second party with no pale pastels but bold-colored differences? this, to me is the line in the sand. i'll ask if you rinz don't fight on health care with everything they've got, what good are they? i think they've shown too much weakness, and inability to communicate on issues about being demonized and responding and messaging and tactics. i think they've been weak. i think they haven't stood up for principles. >> there have been some and they've been demonized. ted cruz demonized by some within the party for being bold and try tg take down in one swallow.
7:57 pm
would it have been better to say a little bit of this? the main problem is that there is a narrative on one skpid a narrative intent on another we have a product, obama care because it's brilliant that is what happened, right? let's sell something to everybody, they're saying let's sell insurance mandated by the government. we're going to call it obama care. everything obama, people liked not too long ago. obama hats and shirts. we're going to sell this to you under obama care. the worst nickname because what goitsing to do is going to topple our entire society financially, for the long haul. are republicans saying that loudly enough? not all of them. who knows? i'm not in politics. >> sean: john mccain says we can't win this, i'm like you can't win a battle you're not willing to fight i think republicans are reasonable.
7:58 pm
four separate proposals. and then, the president says no negotiating. harry reid says no negotiating. they fund every other aspect of government. but yet the president will talk to the leader of iran? not a republican? >> there is a misdirected aggression. i think what happened was that he got well, schooled, in terms of iran. >> sean: yes. yes. five times. >> right. it's like when you have a bad day at office you come home and try to make sure everybody knows you're the boss as soon as you walk into the door. i think what happened is that no. you're not going to this, is my name on it this, is personal this, is the problem. obama care is personal. to our president, why? because it's nicknamed after him. he -- how possibly would someone who -- . >> sean: what happened to my $2500 savings? >> at least we still refer to it as affordable care act.
7:59 pm
we can take it apart by name. >> sean: aun fordable care act. >> not true. >> sean: if you care about your dhidz is going to be something that we'll never be able to pay for. >> if you care about your kids pediatricians are going to opt out of the system. we're going to have longer wait times. you're going to be paying for a phone call to the doctor. you're going to look at your child with a fever for the first time. since the great depression, look at your child and think, should i wait until tomorrow to go to the doctor? when my second child might catch this? then, i can more on money. >> sean: crazy thigh this is sad and i hope things can turn around. i am glad some republicans got loud and got out about it. >> sean: great work. >> thank you. >> sean: thank you for being with us. >> thanks sean. >> sean: you can watch more with my interview over on
8:00 pm
hannity don't r don't forget, start your day weekday morning with "fox and friends". we'll be back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> good night. thank you, brett. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> jay, when will they know specific lick when the death benefits will be paid? >> i don't know sfeskly. >> he should know. it's his job know. why is he stonewalling. tonight we'll continue the reporting on the shameful denial of benefits to grieving families. >> how dare we. >> the house pass as resolution to fund funerals for military people killed in action. also tonight, are you mad as hell? some factor viewers are and we'll feel tirr their passionate


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