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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. moments ago a high level meeting at the white house ended. lawmakers filing out of the people's house. first were told it was all off the record. democrats in the senate issued an on the record statement saying it was quota very productive meeting with the president and they are fully united and moving forward. it is day 12 of the partial government shutdown in washington. apparently we'll need a player's card for the game going on in washington. a few hours ago democratic senator diane feinstein of california declared there was no way forward. now apparently there is. aside from the shut down there's our nation's enormous debt and the bore roger limit the federal
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reserve says we'll reach in a few days. reaching it could push our nation in unchartered territory. a lot to work on, capitol hill right now is quiet. so what did they do today? it's important for us to know. we begin our coverage live from capitol hill. what else do we know? >> reporter: we got some pretty good sense of what happened at the white house meeting. thchs a meeting attend bipartisan leading senate democrats including harry reid. also attend by senators schumer, durbin and patty murray of washington state. we got a good read out from a senior democratic aide who says in a statement and i'm quoting, democratic leaders had a productive meeting with president obama and remain fully united moving forward. he said democrats are willing to negotiate on anything republicans want to discuss as soon as we reopen the government and pay our bills. now that statement is republicans will say more of the
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same from democrats. republicans say that want denies them any negotiating power at all. and the white house meeting follows a day of many failures today. it began on the house side where republicans walked antibiotic way from the caucus meeting late this morning frustrated by yet again they feel is the president's total resistance to negotiations this time over a proposal by paul ryan that would extend the debt ceiling for a few weeks while attempting to jump start some further discussions about the long term drivers of the nation's debt and deficit spending such as medicare and social security. here's what republicans had to say as they walked away from the caucus meeting frustrated by what they say is the president's intransigent. >> it doesn't appear the president wants anything more but tax revenue. >> no deal. >> the president has rejected every offer we made so i guess we'll wait to see what the senate comes up with. >> reporter: and then later in
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the day on the senate side harry reid was unable dwoum the 60 vote threshold needed to begin debate on a clean debt ceiling increase. then a promising proposal by moderate republican from maine susan collins also went down in flames. she came up with a proposal that would fund the government for six months. extend the debt ceiling through january 31st of the year 2014 and would also delay by two years the tax on medical devices. here's what harry reid said when that went down in flames. >> i appreciate her efforts as always to find a consensus. but, the plan that she suggested and i've seen and in writing is not going any place at this stage. >> reporter: so with only five days until we reach the debt ceiling no real sign of progress today and all parties have left the building. >> hearing senator reid talk
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about the fact he read this proposal from susan collins, a republican who has come up with an idea to bridge the gap boggles the mind. why don't they talk to each other. why don't they talk to her. >> reporter: that's a question i'm not sure susan collins can answer. she remains optimistic about this. she reported after those remarks by harry reid she continues to work on this proposal. she's formed a working group of six republicans and six democrats, bipartisan group which had two meetings today. they are very enthused about the proposal. she issued a statement late today after harry reid made those remarks said these meetings were constructive and give me hope that a bipartisan solution to reopen the government and prevent default is within our reach. >> politics is being played.
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>> states are stepping in. the stat up the of liberty will reopen tomorrow. technically it's located in jersey city but that's okay. arizona lawmakers have now reached a deal to fund the cost of guesting the grand canyon to open up and start running again. this is something arizona governor jan brewer has been working on. utah will pick up the cost to reopen national parks in that want state as well. south dakota came up with a plan to put mount rushmore back in business. how much are states paying for this. >> they are fronting most of the cash. the federal government at this time, $660 million to keep the grand canyon open. ate combination of state cash but also the government there had to go to private donors and see if they would contribute. unclear if they added to the pot. in utah the governor worked up
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$7 million. south dakota as you were mention, mount rushmore, ten days of cash to keep national monument running to the tune of $15,200 a day. in colorado they managed to muster around $40,000 daily to keep the rocky mountain national park running and other states are working out where they can get cash from. some like us here in california, they just don't believe they should be funding the federal government at all. >> states are on the hook for these costs. completely or not so? >> they don't know if they will ever get that money back. certainly not at this time. jan brewer is the one who has been lambasting the feds. she said she considered her efforts to get that money to open up the grand canyon a real win against washington. >> the government, the feds, they turned around wrong handed decision to not allow us to do
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this and we won. we better get something resolved at the federal level. >> the governor in colorado has described the government shutdown as a classic one-two punch after the state was hit by recent floods and needed federal support. other states, however, are struggling to make the call between fronting the federal government or it's more economical to lose revenues. neither of those are welcomed choices. >> obviously in colorado this is a big time of the year where people hike. it's an opportunity for them to make money for local businesses. thank you very much. an update now on the story of families of fallen service members who saw crucial death benefits put on hold because of the shutdown and now we know they will receive that money and soon. the pentagon says it began authorizing the payments today. although it will take a few days
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but families should see them or start to next week. those families can thank fellow americans for raising all well you know. there was a massive public outcry this week, a charity that stepped in to help the families of the fallen also says it will donate an additional $25,000 to each family to make them whole. we have more on this from washington. >> reporter: the president signing into law a bill allowing the defense department to resume paying death benefits to families of fallen soldiers. this take pressure off the fisher house a military related charity group that stepped up to the plate this week offering to pay the benefits including the $100,000 payment. pentagon press secretary george little sent a release and in part it reads with congress no longer preventing dod from making these payments to the families directly, he's pleased that the dod will be able to fulfill its responsibilities. the administration says this could have been avoided if congress didn't shut down the
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government. >> the real suffering as well as the inconvenience could have been avoided and can be avoid in the future if the congress, the house would simply reopen the government. >> during the gop weekly address, however, the chairman of the armed services committee says the house has been passing legislation to restore funding to not only to military families but programs nationwide, putting an to end the stalemate that captivated the country. >> it's about ensuring our troops in harm's way and their families are taken care of. the same way they take care of us here at home. preserving the american dream. that's what this is really about. >> reporter: the secretary chuck hagel saying this week he remains deeply concerned about the impact of the ongoing shutdown is having on democratic operations. back to you. >> thank you very much. right now a possible break in the search for a group of boys who went missing from a
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[ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. there's an amber alert out for several taken, reported missing in new mexico. nine boys were first reported missing yesterday from the 30,000 acre ranch in sierra county for troubled youth. an attorney at that facility claims all children have been found and returned to their parents at this point but so far investigators can only confirm that two of the boys are home. yesterday officials served a search warrant on the ranch following allegations that some of those kids were being abused. the facility's program operator has been named a person of interest in this case.
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he denies the teenagers were harmed. we'll stay on it and bring you any new information as it happens. for days we've been following the bumpy roll out of a key piece of obama care. talking about the federally run insurance exchange in 35 states. consumers were hoping to sign up for the health care exchanges and they've been meeting with glitches and crashed websites for days since they all went online october 1st. it's not just consumers who are struggling with the new system. insurance companies say they also are being hammered by the rough roll out. this as the fed scrambled to try to get fixes in place. molly is in washington with more. >> reporter: as far as what we're hearing from insurance companies a couple of them are having problems getting accurate reports from as who is signing up and for what and when. "the washington post" reports blue cross blue shield and cigna is having these type of problems.
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cigna says they can't get reliable information whether a consumer qualifies for tax subsidies. republicans lawmakers say setting up this website cost taxpayers $100 million and cost much more to make it work. >> i know in kansas we haven't had one person yet have the ability to sign up for the program. so you got the providers, you got the servers, can't get past the home page and then on the insurance companies they have no confirmation. i don't know how much this is going to cost to fix it. what a trillion dollars >> one problem that may have been rectified it's now possible to shop stay round on the website and get general price quotes for health insurance plans without going through what had been a time consuming task of trying to create an account. >> what's the response so far from the white house? >> reporter: the white house had said that it anticipated there would be problems as the website went life and president obama had been briefed on the issues plaguing the system this week. >> i can guarantee you he knows
4:16 pm
in great detail how the website works, what the issues are, the number of people who are across the country who have been going to the website and exploring the openings available to them and he has made clear to his team that he wants them to take every measure necessary to improve the consumer experience. >> reporter: the obama administration has not released any comprehensive data on how many people have successfully enrolled in new health insurance plans using >> thank you very much. new information now on the death of an nfl superstar's little boy. tonight whagt we're learning about the suspect who may make you wonder why he was left alone with the toddler in the first place. and another major terror take down. u.s. force swoop in and capture a top taliban commander.
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right now prosecutors are considering new charges against a man who is accused of beating to death the baby son much adrian peterson. peterson us a may know a superstar running back in the nfl plays for the minnesota vikings. his 2-year-old son has been in critical condition hospitalized since wednesday. after suffering we've been told severe head injuries and a brutal beating at the hands of his mother's boyfriend. the little boy died yesterday. peterson says the past few days have been tough. but he will play a game tomorrow for the vikings. the team is home against carolina.
4:21 pm
the suspect robert joseph patterson was home alone with the child when the assault happened. he already faces charges of aggravated assault, aggravated battery. prosecutors are considering charging him murder. those charges could come as early as next week. patterson has a lengthy rap sheet. a history of domestic violence against women and children. meanwhile a third player for the tampa bay buccaneers has been diagnosed with a highly antibiotic resistant bacteria known as mrsa. this comes after two other buck near players were infected in august. the team says the first two players became ill within davis each other but with very different strains of bacteria and different symptoms. so far doctors have not been able to pinpoint the exact source environment affection. the nfl says the infections won't affect tomorrow's home game against the philadelphia eagles. the u.s. and afghanistan are trying to work out a deal in
4:22 pm
resulting some of our troops remaining there beyond next year. secretary of state john kerry left afghanistan earlier after a series of negotiations with afghan president karzai. an afghan spokesperson says many issues between secretary kerry and president karzai are unsettled. at the same time u.s. forces in afghanistan report the capture of the man you see here, identified as a senior pakistani taliban commander suspected of working with al qaeda. more on the ongoing talks between secretary kerry and president karzai from connor powell reporting tonight from jerusalem. >> reporter: the united states and afghanistan are nearing a deal on a long term bilateral security agreement but a lot of obstacles still remain. afghan president karzai continued to demand u.s. forces and unilateral military operations he believes threaten afghan sovereignty. he's insisting if afghanistan is
4:23 pm
attacked by a neighbor u.s. promises to defend the country while the u.s. wants immunity for american troops. now secretary of state john kerry had extended his trip to kabul which both afghan and american officials say is a positive sign. if a deal isn't reached soon obama administration has threatened to pull all american troops out next year instead of leaving some troops there to help train security force. without u.s. and international support the fragile afghan government likely wouldn't survive long on its own so is a lot is riding on this agreement. >> thank you very much. this is interesting. lottery winners are joining part of the partial shutdown government people can't collect money. one place in particular you can't cash in. no money coming to you.
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4:28 pm
inching closer. inside the chamber is as dark as outside. what did they get done. my next guest said any agreement is a sure fire to end the government shutdown because it has to appeal to house republicans who admitted that talks with president obama have broken down. >> apparently we're getting a bait and switch strategy from the white house. the president apparently was not negotiating in good faith. all he said is whatever you offer i'm not interested in it. he's hoping to cut a deal with the senate which would, i think, be a terrible deal to undermine the house. >> bait and switch. hate it when businesses do that to us. brian york chief political correspondent for "washington examiner" and fox news contributor is with us now. good to see you. bait and switch. how would you describe this saturday? >> well, i think what we have is
4:29 pm
a multidimensional mess on capitol hill. things are screwed up in all sorts of different ways. when we got up this morning it looked like there might be a possibility of some sort of deal in the senate that senators might coalesce around this susan collins plan that doug was reporting about earlier and that fell apart with senate majority leader harry reid rejecting that. a lot of republicans are angry about that. but right now the senate is at a standstill even though senator collins said she will keep going. sheep has a group of since republicans, six democrats who are meeting about this. that's not happening right now in the senate. even if something did happen in the senate, even if they did reach an agreement there's the house to worry about. what happened basically in the house is that john boehner dime his republican conference and said look the president has rejected all of our offers, we're at a standstill no, thing is happening. and there's a lot of disapproval
4:30 pm
of the collins plan, that senate plan in the house. even if senators got together and agreed on it there's no guarantee at all that it would make it through the house. >> you know what? you're bringing up susan collins, moderate republican from maine and this idea that she has that would actually get lawmakers more time a chunk more time to talk about this, work things out and bring us back from the brirng of these financial crises that the federal reserve says we're on the brink of. in the meantimehe senator majority leader harry reid who hasn't spoken to her about this. he talks about reading it. >> right. >> appreciate her efforts as always to find a consensus. but the plan that she suggested and i've seen and in writing is not going any place at this stage. >> i won't pretend i got the playbook on when they can meet and how busy their schedules are. she's come up with an idea. they didn't talk?
4:31 pm
>> it's really the only idea going in the senate right now. it's pretty amazing the senator majority leader didn't even sit down with senator collins and talk about it. the reason that the democrats, especially the majority leader don't like this, is that it would extend the continuing resolution. you know we've been talking about some sort of continuing resolution for a few weeks, a few months, who knows, extend it for about six months. the reason democrats don't like it it would extend it at these lower sequester level spending levels. and they don't want it to go for that long because they are desperate to get rid of these sequestration spending cuts and the sooner they can do it the happier they are. they don't want to lock in to six more months of what they view as low level spending. so, you know, on the other hand you think well, you say six months they want less than that maybe they can come up with some sort of deal. so farther not talking. >> even if the senate were to back collins idea and we can call it that it's the only other
4:32 pm
one on the table right now would there be a problem to get it through the house? >> two problems. there's the house and white house. yes there's a huge problem with the house. because they don't feel that it does -- there's this group of conservative republicans, maybe 30 of them, maybe 40, maybe 50 who really, really, really feel any deal has to have some significant limit on obama care. they tried defunding it, they want to delay it, they want to do something. and they believe that the obama care elements of the collins plan which is basically to delay the medical device tax for a while and have some sort of income verification before people get subsidies they feel it's not strong enough. john boehner would have to finally say look you guys i've been listening to you all along, i've done it your way, it hasn't worked and now we have to try something else. that could be risky for boehner inside his own republican conference. there's a lot of different currents in the house. i think a collins plan even if
4:33 pm
the senate agreed on it would have a difficult time. >> the longer we talk about this the more problems we're seeing with the health care legislation. obama care is not rolling out without a bump in the freeway. republicans may see this thing blow up on its own. >> there are a lot of republicans who say what if we hadn't started this fight. what if we hadn't started this defunding fight that led to a shutdown and bled into this debt limit fight. what if we didn't do that and instead talked about the problems with obama care and led up to the october 1st rollout of obama care with criticisms and then after october 1st every time there was a negative story about obama care, you know how many there have been about computer problems. if republicans pounced on those perhaps they could have more anti-obama care momentum now if they didn't start this fight. but we are where we are. >> i want to get back to where we are in this discussion about the shutdown, reopening government. it was really an avenue of mixed
4:34 pm
messages today. democratic senator diane feinstein said off camera today there was no way forward she could see. then like an hour ago her party's leaders were optimistic of moving forward. either she didn't get talking points or democrats made some progress. >> on capitol hill publicly they say different things than they say privately. the biggest problem between congress and the president right now or at least republicans and the president right now is the president says that he will talk only after republicans agree to open the government and to extend the debt limit. republicans on capitol hill both the senate and the house even though they differ among themselves they say no we need concessions from the president before we do those things and unless somebody moves an inch off their position there's not going to be an agreement by thursday which is the default day when the debt limit is hit. >> that's what the federal reserve says. it could be on or about that
4:35 pm
day. real quickly before i let you go, does it benefit anyone if they don't reach a deal? >> some people say it would benefit the ted cruz types who have been pushing this so far and do have a constituency to keep fighting continuously no matter the cost to try to get rid of obama care. the problem is if you talk to republicans on all sides of this issue they say the biggest problem with what's happening right now it's 52 pick up. we don't know exactly how everything will play out. we don't know which way the cards will fall. a lot of unexpected developments in that. there will be more if they keep fighting. it's dangerous for everybody. >> byron work great to have you. let's continue to talk a little bit about the partial government shutdown and actually an example of how maybe it's reaching farther beyond the finances of the furloughed government workers. lottery winners in our nation's
4:36 pm
capital waiting for their prize money. out of luck right now. d.c. has been using emergency funds to continue functioning during the shutdown and for now the city lacks the cash to pay off lottery winners. >> the ultimate humiliation. i can't believe it. >> to think that something like that would happen is unconscionable. give people their money. >> lottery winners are being assured their prize payments will resume once the full government is back up and running. i wonder if they get the interest on that money. i ask too many questions. by the way, lottery winners in other parts of the u don't have to worry because no state budgets are controlled by congress in other areas. it could arguably make-or-break obama care. the number of hispanics who decide to enroll. much of the success of the affordable care act rests on how many young people sign up for health care plans through those online marketplace exchanges.
4:37 pm
the premiums would help subsidize care for the sick. the more enrolled the more affordable the whole thing becomes for everybody. right now about one-third of the nation's uninsured are hispanic. >> reporter: you know it's true the numbers suggest latinos stand to gain the most the affordable care act. it's true the affordable care act needs latinos and obama administration knows that. hispanics are the most uninsured group in the u.s. latinos are like you said the country's youngest population. enrolling young people in the next six months vital for the online health insurance exchanges. the white house said it needs nearly 3 million young and healthy people to enroll over the next six months to keep premiums from rising. >> when the insurers come back to price premiums next january
4:38 pm
1st, they are going to make the premiums reflect the pool of enrollees they get. if the pool of enrollees they get is relatively sick and expensive makes the premium higher. >> reporter: enrolling uninsured hispanics into the online health exchanges comes with its own set of challenges like make being sure there's enough bilingual navigators to assist with applications. the website can't enroll people until october 21st. undocumented immigrants don't qualify for any benefits under the affordable care act causing confusion in some mixed status families. >> a lot who are not insured work in very physically demanding jobs. we can tell them that long term the process of insurance is really important for them. so i think it's getting them engaged and it's doing it from a positive note. this is good for you, your
4:39 pm
family and your future. >> the white house is relying on people like jane delgaudio and others from 30 hispanic organization and businesses to educate the community. >> thank you very much. a fireworks factory explodes. flames could be seen for miles. now people are missing. he simply wanted to clean up a mess left behind when the government closed down only to be turned away by police. you'll see what happens next. fox report weekend rolls along. [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today... and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that...
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>> a dramatic development in baby hope. a case haunted investigators since 1991. that's when the child's
4:43 pm
malnourished body was found inside a picnic cooler and discarded along a roadway in manhattan. 22 years after that discovery police made an arrest in the case. the suspect is the girl's cousin. he has admitted sexually assaulting her and killing her and baby hope's real name is also no longer a mystery. she's been identified as angeli angeli angelica castille. >> they ensured she had a proper mass and burial. today nypd investigators have given young angelica her due justice. >> police say they were finally able to solve this case through a tip and a dna test which led them to angelica's mother. >> the world tasked a small group with finding and
4:44 pm
destroying a small stockpile of chemical weapons. proof how dangerous that job will be. our top story as we go around the world. in syria. syria, two mortar shells went off outside the hotel housing the united nations chemical weapons inspectors in damascus. apparently it just missed that building and rattled a school nearby as well. syrian state television reported one child was killed. none of the inspectors was hurt. vietnam, an explosion at a military run fireworks factory in the north. workers busy making fireworks for the lunar new year festival when the place blue up. people reported killed and search for survivors is on. china, an oil tanker sitting in a shipyard exploded in the eastern part of the country. crews managed to put out the fire and then set up oil
4:45 pm
containment boons to stop the i'll which was spilling from spreading. the ship was docked for repairs and welding may have sparked it. also in china, killer bug. a species of wasps that's out of control. firefighters in hazard suits used flame throwers so destroy hundreds of nests plaguing a major city. the vicious wasps have killed at least 19 people since july. and that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 second. report tonight of mass destruction and evacuations as a powerful storm is slamming into the eastern coast of india. we've been following it's route all day long. cyclone moving in from the indian ocean. it's a cyclone hot spot. the storm packing wind gusts of more than 160 miles per hour. bringing torrential rain, surging ocean waves to coastal communities where people live in mud huts.
4:46 pm
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our nation's military troops getting support from the actor who played lieutenant dan in the movie "forest gump." he stopped by the uso in lindbergh field in san diego. look at that little one. hundreds of service members will be getting a free meal every month thank to the actor's foundation. he was there for the kick off event. quite a crowd. many in attendance grew up watching "forest gump." he's a vocal supporter of our
4:50 pm
military men and women. he says he wants them to know they are appreciated. >> just trying to do what we can. we have a military that's been, you know, pushed hard, and sacrificed a lot in a dozen years and they continue to need a lot of support and we're just trying to give them support where we can. >> you may know he got involved with turn so right after september 11th. one of the nation's most exclusive hotels is adding a new honoree. this is the historic sayer hotel at new york's west point. it has hosted u.s. presidents, world leaders and celebrities in luxury rooms which highlight the careers of 151 of the academy's most famous graduates. a great place to visit when you're on the east coast. eric sean has more. >> reporter: it's the defender of our democracy since 1802, the venerable u.s. military academy at west point, new york. now guests who check into the
4:51 pm
historic hotel on the army academy ground can sleep in rooms dedicated to some american icons. west point graduates who have become leaders in the military, business and other professions. >> i want people to understand one thing, i'm not dead yet. >> reporter: the latest tribute is for pete dawkins retired general who you see combat in vietnam p.m. he's a gridiron legend. he won the heisman trophy. >> what i would want and what i think most people whose names are on these rooms would wish for is for people to understand how potent, how powerful, how formative our time at the military academy was in fashioning the people that we came to be. >> i was amazed at the history that i didn't know, some very
4:52 pm
private letters that are now hanging in some of those rooms and conversations and you really get a sense of the person. >> reporter: the rooms are not only dedicated to our nation's notable but personal keepsakes of their lives and careers. this is the general martin e. dempsey room west point class of 1974. current chiefs of staff. here's the general with his wife and personal mementos giving a news conference at the pentagon, serving in afghanistan and a guest book. one guest wrote congratulations on another great tribute. >> this space about ethical leadership and we're trying in these rooms to dedicate them to people who demonstrated ethical leadership. >> the dawkins room shows him as a cadet.
4:53 pm
one-third of the hotel's 151 rooms and suites have been named. the first female west point cadet to become a general. general macarthur, buzz aldren, norman schwartzkopf and general patton. >> what we did was not for us but it was to be part of something bigger and more important. we end up being patriots. >> west point and the hotel a lasting tribute to those who serve. at west point, i'm eric sean, fox news. >> great story. well, speaking of which when there's a great story and i want
4:54 pm
has a next chapter we love to bring to it. this is chris cox and his lawn mower. he's the guy who took our government's maintenance work in his own hands when lawmakers couldn't reach a compromise and shut things down. he's had quite a saturday. my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men.
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may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. net weight 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. in case you missed it, one american doing a whole lot when fed began to cut things out. he decided to keep the lincoln memorial really clean. here's the image seen nationwide earlier this week. chris cox pushing his lawn mower. he was interviewed on fox news channel and said he wanted to maintain the stretch of land between lincoln memorial and world war ii memorial ahead of tomorrow's veteran march. at one point park police officer kicked him out. he's not giving up. the update, he inspired so many americans, hundreds, hundreds of
4:58 pm
people showed up today to join in and help him clean up. wow. well now back to our top story. we've been following all evening long the steal mate in washington, d.c., the back and forth talks to retop government, raise the debt ceiling. right now obviously any resolution to the crisis is probably not going to happen. it's as dark inside as it is outside. talks are happening or due to start again but for today it's over. the story is changing though by the hour when the lights do come on and joining me by phone is fox senior capitol hill producer. real quickly, chad, you're with us by phone. what were the highlights today and what's next? >> well, two words today. rejection and time. rejection of a couple of things. first senate democratic leadership turned down bipartisan proposal kraftd by republican senator susan collins
4:59 pm
of maine. that plan would have raised the debt ceiling to the first of february and opened the government for six months. democrats wanted more time on both and also didn't like how the plan affected obama care. this friday the collins proposal seemed a possible pathway. that's failed. then on a procedural vote the entire senate blocked harry reid on a debate for the debt limit. time is running out. saturday night and you say they are no closer to opening the government of solving the debt crisis than they were a couple of weeks ago. sand slipping through the hourglass. they are due to go head long into this come thursday if they don't solve it. >> you know i've been telling everybody real quickly that the federal reserve has set that date of october 17th as a float date. we may or may not hit the debt ceiling on that want date but that's their best estimate. chad keeping us informed all day long. great work today, chatted.
5:00 pm
thank you very much. that's our fox report on this saturday, october 12th. i will be with you tomorrow. i'm celebrating my birthday with my family. i'll be older tomorrow. don't hold it against me. thanks for watching. tonight on huckabee. >> denying military death benefits. >> putting military families, war which dose in the cross-hairs of a political shutdown someone should be fired. >> national park rangers using scare tactics to deny paying customers access. >> you can feel the element of fear. >> as washington plays political games, real americans are left to deal with the real consequences. and is health insurance went up to $10,000. he says obama care raped her future. real americans how the affordable care act is make life unaffordable.


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