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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 12, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> they come here to kill us and we worry about what they think of us. why would you give the criminals an advantage. get the hell out of your eliteist head power. put on your big boy pants, from president. didn't you win the nobel peace prize? yes, you were the one. give it back. throw them all out, like all of you, i'm fed up. this week the ultimate injustice to every american and every member of the military who gave his or her life for this country.
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hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. this week parents of young americans killed in action on foreign soil, their bodies in cold coffins, loaded on to a cargo plane to dover air force base were told there would be no death benefits, no burial expenses, no money of any kind. we are the most powerful country in the world. the most militarily advanced. we deliver the worst possible news to parents. your son or daughter, between the ages of 19 and 25 was killed in action. thanks, by the way. you can come and pick up your kid' body. what? they sacrifice everything. their hopes, their dreams, their lives, leaving behind families and loved ones devastated.
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and the obama administration refuses to bury them? won't even fly the families in to gather their remains while they jet around on our dime? but it gets worse. congress passed the pay our military act on september 30th, hours before the shutdown to make sure that military benefits were covered. they saw this one coming. and they gave the department of defense broad authority to pay all kinds of bills. and, yet, the pentagon gives specific instructions not to make death payments. ladies and gentlemen, this didn't fall through the cracks. they actually looked at it and said no money for you or your kid. the administration's latest excuse, our lawyers misinterpreted the law. seriously? but then again, that's no
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surprise. in over his head holder, the one who lied to congressnd shipped drugs to the mexican drug dealers, is he just plain incompetent. and this guy, secretary of defense hagel, who sits at the citadel of the pentagon, the ranking member of the senate armed services committee, a member of his own party said he should never have been confirmed in the first place because hagel believes americans should apologize to our world adversaries, shun our friends and because we criticized the jewish lobby. secretary hagel, you call yourself a decorated combat veteran and you don't allow for these payments and then when the cat's out of the bag, you have the audacity, the hutzpah, the balls to show up at dover air force base for the first time as secretary of defense out of a new found respect? i have seen this video
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before. and where the hell were the joint chiefs in all of this? how dare you stand silent while the men and women under you are treated like trash. but then again, ladies and gentlemen, we americans are nothing more than pawns in a political chess game. politicians looking to grandstand and blame the other party because you politicians want to score political points, you just want to make americans hate the other guy. well, i have news for you. we are disgusted with all of you. this great nation is drowning in a sea of debt at a record pace and you refuse to address the overspending, the fraud, the waste, the free give aways and your solution? raise the debt limit. and, mr. president, with all due respect, you have a
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family of four. may i ask you a simple question? if you or michelle couldn't make your credit card payments, would you simply call up master card and say raise my limit? they would respond you can't pay this bill, why would we raise your limit and give you more credit? but you want to do that to us. and you are playing golf the same weekend that americans are dying and then you won't even bury them. and i personally don't care how many days jay carney can dance around as to when you first knew the tragedy or if if you even knew it at all. your administration is too focused on playing politics and dividing the american public: now, i'm not taking sides here. both parties are to blame. you are all a bunch of jokers, every one of you. you wait until the last minute to deal with a
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crisis and a c.r. is all you can come up with? i have an idea. if the debt limit is higher when you leave congress than when you entered it, you don't get a pension no, retirement, nothing. you didn't do your job. in fact, i think we should be able to sue you for the ineptitude and waste. a few weeks ago. i talked about how russian president putin played you, mr. president, in the syria debacle. but tonight the american people are the ones being played by all you losers in washington. many of you home for the weekend. living off the money we give you while this country goes to hell in a hand basket. i have another idea. congressional pay should be withheld until this is all worked out.
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no special barber. no special gourmet cafeteria. jim laundry dry cleaners. guard, benefits. health insurance roll up your sleeves. put aside your disgusting egos. go to work and figure this one out. an american flag flies in front of my home. my father and grandfather fought proudly for this nation in world world war ii. they, and all the veterans like them are looking down at us disgusted. i am ashamed at how the families of our fallen soldiers were treated. you know, i talk about justice all the time but if ever there were an injustice, this is it. with me now, tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn member of the house budget committee,
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congresswoman, lots of outrage over the white house's handling of death benefits for the families of fallen soldiers. how does this happen? >> you know, we -- we felt we had given them the latitude and the information that they needed the authority to pay all salaries and allowances. and then we heard from the pentagon well, we don't think this covers the death benefit. so we had to go back in and pass another piece of legislation and then they come back and say, well, we did have that authority. and i will tell you another one, judge, that we have found, and that is tuition for all of our men and women in uniform. it came to our attention this week that they were not going to pay tuition for these students and we have about 80,000 that that was going to effect immediately. i have 600 of those in my district where fort campbell is located. we had to go write a bill.
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i wrote a bill this week to cover that. >> but nothing reaches the height of telling families of fallen soldiers come and pick up your son or daughter's body. >> you are correct. >> do republicans share any of the responsibility for this mess? given the fact that the american public. >> absolutely. >> at an all time low. tell us what you think. >> yes. you know, and i can understand that and can i appreciate why they are so upset with congress as a whole and members of both congress and the administration in d.c. because year after year the can gets kicked down the road when it comes to spending. when it comes to our nation's deficit and debt. and as so many of my constituents say, you can't continue to do. this we don't want to have this kind of debt and we don't want to pass that on to our children and grandchildren and, judge,
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today, you were talking about our world war ii veterans. your dad, my late father, and i had two groups from tennessee that did an honor flight into d.c. today it and repeatedly veteran after veteran of that wonderful generation would say, marcia, you all need to get this debt under control. we can't continue to spend money like this. i agree with them. i wish that we could. >> the whole american public agrees with that let's go back to the military. and i know you were referencing them. you know when you put this all together, congresswoman with benghazi and, you know, the sense that the cavalry is never coming to help you out, and you wonder does this president really support our troops? >> and i wonder if he feels for them as i feel for them. and what he thinks when he visits with those families. and i love visiting with my
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military families and my military retirees. and i have such respect for them. i repeatedly tell them i hope that my service honors their service. and it just grieves me to be situations like the death benefit not being paid and thank goodness. >> last question. how is this all going to be worked out? >> my hope is that they are going to get to the negotiating table with us. we have repeatedly asked the senate to work with us. >> all right. and we would like for them to join us. >> congresswoman blackburn thanks for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. >> and coming up tonight, the latest on the biker gang attack. new tape answers the question. did cops stand by and do nothing? and tonight's instant poll. what should happen to secretary of defense hagel, the one who refused the death benefits to soldiers
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>> the nation captivated by a biker beat down a man driving with his wife and 2-year-old on a sunday afternoon. seven bikers now charged. joining me me now benjamin perez a attorney for christopher cruz one of the bikers injured in the incident. ben, thanks for being with us. many people think it was client who started all of this by breaking when he was driving right in front of the car but you don't think that he is responsible? >> thank you for having me, judge.
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judge, in this case the question is not whether my client is a courteous driver. the question here is whether or not my client is guilty of a crime. sure, the perception out there is that my client intentionalry tried to break check is what has been -- the term that has been used in this case. >> in other words, to force the rangeover to hit him? >> exactly. >> but you are denying that? video shows that my client did not break. >> really? do you think it shows that? >> sure. if you look at the video closely you can see his brake light. you can tell it immediately that his brake light does not turn on at all. >> how do we know what that it is working? >> he is one handed on the bike. once he makes his lane change in front of mr. -- his lane change is completed. >> why does he turn around and look at the guy when he does slow down almost like is he flipping him off. >> my client has made that very clear. he looks behind him just like any other motorist
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when you make a lane change. >> okay. then look at this video. it appears that your client is not only in the lane of the rangeover, but is he having some kind of a conversation with the driver and he stairs right at him. >> judge, i think it's safe to say they won't have any conversation. wearing a helmet that's completely closed. >> why? he pulls up in his lane, ben and he looks right at him. why is he in the rangeover's lane looking at him and then he turns around and looks at him again? there is something going on? >> my client has made it very clear. he states that he got up alongside and going to make his lane change and looking to make sure that mr. lane can see him where he is mr. lanny continue -- leone continues to make a change. looks over left shoulder. looks for a friend coming up in the left lane, that's when the bump occurs. none of these actions are against the law.
9:18 pm
that's what's important here? >> how about reckless driving. >> there is nothing reckless about that either. >> there is nothing reckless about it. >> no. >> why is he driving in his lane. why is christopher cruz driving the same lane as the rangeover. >> that's my point exactly. not whether or not is he a courteous driver. >> it's a question of intent. his actions before during and after in his lane staring at him. look at that let me ask you a question. >> sure. >> you are in a range recovery. i don't know if you are married have a wife or kids i don't care. if you had a 2-year-old in the backseat and you were surrounded by bikers surrounding you do? what would you do, stop? >> if i'm moving the way mr. lean does: >> he couldn't help but hit the guy. >> no. it's my position that mr. lean was not looking forward. if he been looking forward he wouldn't have made contact. >> are you kidding?
9:19 pm
the guy in want from of him is looking at him let's look at the video. okay, when he pulls in front of him. i don't know if we're going to have enough time. >> by the way, ben, are you going to put your client in the grand jury. >> it's a decision we still have to make. quite frank frankly i don't believe that the charges will be increased. this case against my client ends with this accident. you have to understand that my clients never left the scene of the accident. he did everything he was supposed to do. >> he just caused it. >> no. he didn't cause it. he got rear ended. anywhered in the state of new york or this country when the person that is rear ended gets hit, he is not the one at fault unless you can show that which i think the prosecution can. ben, thanks for being with us tonight. i have got to go. we're coming up against a break. >> thank you, judge. >> thank you. we know there were cops in the biker gang. what should happen to them and why are cops in these gangs to begin with? and, later, the latest irs malfunction. this time sending our personal information to the
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>> they take a criminal mischief case just mischief and turn it around and they slap gang assault on him this particular group of people did the not know one another. it's a web site, it's supposed to be bikers getting together. not a gang. >> that was attorney for nypd undercover officer charged in the biker attack. he said his client did nothing wrong and that the group isn't a gang does it matter if they are a gang and is this how cops act? more than that, did the cops have a responsibility to step in with me attorney
9:24 pm
steve raiser and former nypd detective and my biker buddy pat brosnan. all right, steve, does it have to be a gang to be charged with gang assault? do they have to know each other. >> no. all that's required is there is more than two persons involved in this incident. not necessarily to prove that they had this relationship beforehand. i think the attorney knows that. >> that's why the public sometimes doesn't really think of defense attorneys because the law is very cleemplet you don't have to be a member of dang to be charged with assault. >> that's correct. >> this undercover cop. he wasn't work working this group. is he now charged with breaking the back window of the suv. aside from the criminality. is this how cops act. >> no. this is not how cops act. >> there two guys. >> a guy assigned to internal affairs as well. >> assigned to the very
9:25 pm
group that is investigating this? >> yes, sir. >> how's come these guys aren't stopping this and thisunder cover guy says this guy wasn't involved and new video pops up and he was punching the back wind dove the suv. >> that's what contradicts his initial statement it's memorialized on tape that he was in fact striking the back of the rear drivers window in the vehicle. answered took off. >> and there is a 2-year-old in there. >> that's correct. he has a compunction and protocol that drives him he must take action undercover and off duty affairs you must take action when feasible and you must report as quickly as possible to your immediate supervisor. >> and they didn't do. >> no. 72 hours. >> we are looking at this attack right now. what's frightening is that the undercover cop is involved in that hitting the car internal affairs
9:26 pm
cop ♪ charged. the off duty undercover is charged not the internal affairs. what's going to happen to him? >> we don't know. this is interesting situation because you have the internal affairs officer that is still employed. they didn't take him and put him on desk duty or give him a paid leave. is he still working. so he is working for the very department that's supposed to be investigating this entire situation. >> should he be doing that? >> he should not be be doing -- not saying should be punished part of the investigation. >> the nypd is too smart for. this pat? >> apart from the irony of him being internal affairs is this whole depiction of them is fun-loving two wheeled enthusiasts out for a nice sunday ride is completely false and misleading. >> why? >> they evade police road blocks in different states as a fact. they are online. they have stopped and come man cam come man -- crotch
9:27 pm
rocket go pro-helmet cams. i own one. i know how they work and posting it on the internet. >> let's talk about this one guy reginald chance. flips the guy in court. do we have a picture of him guys? anyway the guy has 21 prior arrests. and his lawyer says that his rage was justified. he was only trying to i.d. the driver of the car. what do you say to this, steve? >> that's ridiculous statement to make. obviously making worse for himself. he is going to have to defend his actions in court but this is not a good start. >> also, i want to say that, judge, susan monday monday -- mondo sits in drugs near a school yard in brooklyn charged with
9:28 pm
selling cocaine and having a loaded handgun, she basically gives him community service. what's wrong with this? what's wrong with, this judge? do you have her picture? put her picture up. go ahead. >> it's madness. if you took a close look at the 21 charges, judge. it's not 21 bags of weed. robbery, burglary, guns assaults, all the major felonies. he checked all the boxes. >> real fast. turn against these others? >> you can bet on it it a lot of finger pointing going on out here. >> that's an easy one. thanks so much. coming up, the latest irs bombshell. the irs is actually sending our confidential taxpayer information to the white house. these people should be? n. jail. instead, they are running obama care. and, later, congress and the president continue to drop in approval ratings. what can be done to fix our sinking ship. (dad) just feather it out. that's right.
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live from america's news headquarters, the stalemate on capitol hill continues. as the government's partial shut down enters a 13th day. no resolution is expected this weekend. party leaders are talking but not across the aisles. senate democrats claim the meeting saturday with the president was very productive but any senate aagreement would need an okay from house republican who's admit talk was the republicans have broken down. the pentagon will resume paying death benefits to families of fallen american soldiers. one charity stepped in to help grief-stricken relatives and is planning to donate an additional $25,000 to each family. now back to justice with judge janine. to justice with judge
9:33 pm
janine. this a fox news alert. new york city police made an arrest in the 22-year-old cold case killing in the child nicknamed baby hope. in july of 1991, the child was discovered dead inside a picnic cooler in manhattan. police say the girl's 52-year-old cousin has admitted to the crime. the murdered girl is finally identified as angelica casteel. for more than two decades, investigators never stopped serving to bring her killer to justice. is he being arraigned in manhattan criminal court this evening. now back to the mess in washington. she has avoided appearing before congress for five months. this week lawmakers finally got a chance to question one of the top bosses at the irs, sarah hall ingraham. the one who headed up the office directly involved in the targeting of conservative groups. and get this.
9:34 pm
shoe she is rewarded with a promotion of the new obama care of the irs. as usual, another member of this administration has memory issues. with me chief council for the american center for law and justice jay sekulow. good evening, jay. >> all right, judge, good to see you. this woman, lois lerner's boss conveniently forgets the facts implicate her in a crime. she goes to the white house 155 times. what does that tell you? >> well, we know what happened. she went to the white house because there was concurrent litigation going on. there was these lawsuits that were filed against a portion of obama care which called the hhs or health and human service mandate there has been a number of those lawsuits. a lot of them headed to the supreme court right now. i had 8 of them. she goes over to the wows 155 times. meaning often with the white house director with ho is in charge of obama
9:35 pm
care, giving her advice on the litigation and then shares again 6103, what's called 6103, as you mentioned before, the segment, taxpayer information to white house officials. now, this comes on the heels that the irs lerner ingramked for sara sharing information in the election commission which is also a violation. which also calls on the heels of disclosure information from a nonprofit tax exempt organization and that information was given to their opponents on an issue. this is unfortunately a pattern but 155 visits is unreal. >> what we are talking about is a breaking of the law by people in the obama administration that is blatant for which no one shares any accountability and whenever they get in front of a congressional oversight committee charged
9:36 pm
with overseeing what they are doing, they say oh, i don't remember. i plead the fifth. i mean, will the obama administration ever take responsibility or bring people to account for the wrongdoing? >> i have got litigation representing 41 of these conservative organizations against the administration, against the irs and against people like sarah hall ingram and lois lerner. what is happening is they are slowly getting information out. every time they get information worse. you talk about forgetting. number one, 6103 is criminal. if you violate 61 o3, it's a felony. that's number one number two, i think this is something that is getting kind of overlooked here. the fact of the matter is, you have got to ask yourself how is she now in charge of the enforcement division of the irs for obama care when, in fact, when asked before a house committee ways asked
9:37 pm
question penalty was for noncompliance of businesses and she did not note answer to that this is the person in charge of noncompliance. i got i worked for the chief counsel of the irs. things have changed drastically since i was there. times may have changed but i have never seen anything like this in legal career i have been practicing law for 34 years. >> pervasiveness and ignoring of the law by some in high levels of administration is stunning thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> all right. judge. >> alabama tea party president becky garrison whose group was targeted by the irs. now, i'm going to ask you, good evening, becky, i'm going to ask you to livin' to this democrat who took his mocking of the hearing this week to a new level. >> have you been consorting with the the devil? >> not to my knowledge, sir.
9:38 pm
>> are reports that you can comply accurate. >> greatly exaggerated, sir. >> have you been involved in any way in trying to pervert our youth in salem or anywhere else? >> i certainly hope not, sir. >> becky, somehow i'm sure you are not laughing at that how does that make you feel? >> well, it's interesting when you look back outraged what had happened at the irs. so serious that the fbi was -- eric holder was going to send a team from the fbi to investigate. here we are five months later and they are joking about it in congress that it's a witch-hunt. and it's just spitting in the face of american citizens again it's the power in washington and out of control. >> what do you think about the fact that not just the hiewmple that's being used to describe a situation that many consider criminal but the fact that they are so open about it and not
9:39 pm
worried at all about consequences? it's amazing to me. stunning. abuse of power of american citizens that we have ever seen in our history. yet, they sit up there and laugh did b. it. >> has the obama administration taken any responsibility that you know of? has anyone reached out to you for the fact that you were targeted? >> no. and we have not been contacted by the fbi either. but one thing that is so important, judge, is that, you know, heads need to roll. they need to bring out the orange suits. these people have, you know, done felonies. this is so wrong. and i can't wait until we really get to the bottom of it. >> well, i don't know if we ever will. you know, we are still waiting for benghazi and a lot of other stuff. how do you feel about the fact that the irs is going to be charged with the implementation of obama
9:40 pm
care? >> it's really funny. when you think about they can't even handle making an unbiased decision on some tax exempt organizations, and we know he that obama care is going to be cash strapped. how in the world are they going to be making decisions for 300 million people on healthcare? what are they going to use for basis for decisions? will it be your political affiliations? >> becky, i think you hit the nail on the head and the concern is that decisions as to what medical care people get, you know, whether it's god forbid a mastectomy or, you know, a limb or anything else is going to be depend pentagon upon people who not only are not in the medical business but who share political information with the white house. becky, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> right. thank you, judge. >> all right. coming up, who is really to blame for the mess that this government is in? we will give you a hint. he lives in a big white house.
9:41 pm
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more denials from the i don't know administration. now, the president's approval numbers are dropping like a rock. according to a new ap poll, just 37% approve of the job the president is doing. 53% disapprove. with me, republican strategist ford o'connell from washington, d.c. and democratic strategist richard fowler, these are some of the lowest numbers in the country what. does it mean? >> i think it's a pox on everyone's house, congressional republicans, congressional democrats and president obama. what this approval rating proves is that he's a weak leader who likes to use public panic to address goals y else would you shut down a world war ii memorial? all he's is about is pain game and winning. congressional republicans made
9:46 pm
a huge mistake by shutting down the government or agree together triple dog dare over obama care. they should have turned to the debt ceiling because it was $17 trillion debt. we've got to owe do something about it. >> it seems the administration said, you know? just wait it out we'll go right to the debt ceiling but this is a mess. have you to agree. death benefits, benghazi, irs. is this about lack of leadership? >> judge, i appreciate being on again. i think this has less to do way lack of leadership on the house of representatives. john boehner has in the been able to lead his caucus since day one. >> the president is the leader of the country. i don't want to talk about boehner. >> boehner isn't the one whose irs is targeting people this, is about the president who is one of the lowest poll numbers in the history of the country.
9:47 pm
i'm going to ask you again. in another poll of 60% of americans say that every member of congress should be fired, i mean, this is, this is a lack of leadership and a lack of working together. can you answer it, richard? >> i agree witness, congress should be fired including ted cruz and mike lee who led the country down a path to almost a 10-day shut down and a possible default on american debt that. is horrible. >> judge, judge, unfortunately richard is doing -- richard is doing. >> back up, back up. >> blame everyone but administration. >> yes. for five years the president is blaming george bush. leave the guy alone at this point. richard is there a lack of leadership? shouldn't the president be rolling up sleeves and negotiating? as opposed to saying i'm not dwosh negotiate bug he negotiate was iran. are you kid something. >> what we've seen from this president is beyond creating jobs he created jobs? >> he's created 47 million
9:48 pm
jobs beyond that point come to the table, he's come to the table with republicans and tried to negotiate. you can't negotiate with people that aren't willing to negotiate. and you can't negotiate when republicans are not willing to come to the table with any sensible type of negotiation. >> you don't show off for negotiation because you know ahead of time. ford whark do you say to that? >> hope and change is blame and shame this, administration doesn't want to lead. at the end of the day we cannot default. we've got to get there. we have a $17 trillion debt. we're borrowing $2 billion per day. we've got to get entitlement reform along the waive. >> -- way. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> they have no interest in solving american problem autos that is part of the problem. >> we'll not, listen. >> the president nor democrats will negotiate on the backs of middle class and working families. >> stop talking points and answer the question what. does this mean for the 2014 mid term elections? ford?
9:49 pm
start with you. >> there is no way republicans dworing to lose control of the house. at the end of the day we're going have to relitigate ob yaum yair at the ballot box. most americans had no idea about this. >> 30 seconds. >> republicans goring to have to improve their brand. >> they have to. >> ford, i'm running out of time. richard? what is going to happen in 2014? >> democrats take back control of the house. >> can i ask you a quick question? if you can't sign up for obama care how are you going to get the health care? >> people will be able to sign up for obama care health >> have you got past the front page? thank you for being with us too this evening. >> thank you. >> how many of guys just want to get away from the wife? and send a night with your friend? friends? yeah. i thought so. but fake your own kidnapping to make it happen? and this is your last chance to vote in tonight's
9:50 pm
instapoll. what should happen to defense secretary haigel that refused death benefits to soldiers killed in action? tweet bhee at judge yeen yeen. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh.
9:51 pm
geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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what's going on? >> if you tell anyone about this, i'll [ bleep ] kill you. i'm kidding, i'm kidding. we'll have him back by tonight.
9:54 pm
>> sorry. a 34-year-old man in texas must have watched that "old school" movie clip one too many times. this man so desperately needed a night out on the town that he orchestrated his own kidnapping by masked men at gunpoint. that's right. he had his friends break into his home and kidnap him while his terrified wife stood by and watched. she calls the police who try to find him but become suspicious when there are no leads. not to worry. he comes home the next morning and reportedly said his kidnappers had mercy on him and let him go. he later copped a plea to setting up the whole thing. he was charged with filing a false report and was released on $5,000 bail. now, that's one expensive night of partying. back with me attorney steve raiser. steve, now, you're a newlywed. have you gotten to the point
9:55 pm
where you've decided to have your friends should kidnap you? >> i have not asked them to do that for me. an absolutely crazy story. i think the guy has to it absolutely regret it at this point. the fact that the detectives couldn't believe it because it was so outrageous that guys would bust into his house. steal him and leave everything else there and return him the next day. >> offering a false instrument. what about civilly, financially, what can the police department do? >> they can go after him civilly because there was a manhunt on for him. there were 12 officers on the ground looking for him. yeah, there can be some civil liability there as well as additional criminal charges catch good buddies busting through the door. the wife got scared and that could be a menacing charge and he could be charged with that as well as an accomplice. >> steve, there could be nothing worse than what his wife does to
9:56 pm
him. >> he may want that year in jail. >> all right. steve, thanks so much. and, now it's time to reveal the results of tonight's insta poll. we asked what should happen to secretary hagel who refused the death benefits to soldiers killed in action? an overwhelming majority of you believe he should be sent out on his keister. patricia tweets he should be fired. all the nasty lawyers who thought it was a good idea to withhold death gratuities, fire them, too. some of you got creative. sue ann writes, drop him in any arab country. emily writes -- put his butt on the front line and let him be a target for a change. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. be sure to check out my new book "clever fox." the second in the series where a young idealistic world of crime, politics and complications of the heart. you can get this book at barnes & noble and amazon and remember
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to friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter. see you tomorrow night, sunday, 9:00. thank you.
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paid for by our wonderful tax dollars. >> a southern california beach bum. >> awesome. >> a preacher in central florida. >> we would give up our freedom. >> pushing people to sign up for food stamps in brooklyn. >> we are just a hair away from large scale hunger malnutrition and starvation in america. >> scenes from across an increasingly dependent nation. this is fox news reporting. "the great food stamp binge." hello, i'm bret baier reporting from the u.s. department of agriculture. why the usda? well, for historical and litical reasons, food st


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