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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 14, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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detroit. the real story starts in a matter of seconds. >> we'll see you tomorrow. and today on "the real st y story," just one hour from now the president and big four leaders are going to meet, say they're close to an agreement that would solve the shutdown standoff. we have the latest including analysis from carl rove. also, senators ted cruz and former governor sarah palin at the million vet march. greta joins us live as well. plus, walmart is working to make hour products here in the united states and keep more jobs here on american soil. so who is making these products and why you should support them. and wow, did you react to our no makeup segment on empowering young girls on friday? your feedback ahead. but first -- we are live on the senate floor for you right now. word of progress with majority leader harry reid saying
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lawmaker are getting closer to a possible deal on ending the government shutdown and boostzing the nation's borrowing limit. all this ahead of a big meeting at the white house. well, less than an hour from now. >> we'll see this afternoon whether this progress is real. i think there has been some progress in the senate. i think house republicans continue to think that somehow they can extract concessions by keeping the government shutdown or by threatening default. and my hope is is that a spirit of cooperation will move us forward over the next now hours. >> the government shutdown n about to enter the start of the third week with the u.s. barreling towards a first ever default as we await a key meeting now with those lawmakers at the white house. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live at w. the story. you've been covering this nonstop. is there a glimmer of hope here
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finally? >> i think there is, gretchen. the drama is building and especially now because people are starting to talk about the market reaction, starting to talk about will social security checks be going out later this week, et cetera. that's putting a lot of pressure on all sides to finally come to a deal. in fact, we're told this hour the senate democratic leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell are literally right now meeting behind closed doors in the capitol, to go over some of these final details perhaps before they bring them over to the president at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be waiting for them here, obvious obviously. here's what we know, they would increase the debt ceiling until either next spring or summer. it depends on how they sort of work out the final details. what government out lays are out there in terms of how long we can continue to borrow. but it would be into next spring or summer. then the continuing resolution to get the government back open. there's some dispute about that as well. would it run out on december 31st, would it carry over until the end of january. a lot of people's holidays riding on that, of course. and what we heard from the president. he was at martha's table which
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helps feed local people who are having trouble making ends meet right now and some furloughed federal workers we're told are actually volunteering there right now right near the white house around the president put the own news nus on republicans. >> not only is it untenable for us to continue this shutdown, this week if we don't start making some real progress both in the house and the senate, and if republicans aren't willing to set aside some of their partisan concerns in order to do what's right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting and defaulting would have a potentially devastating effect on our economy. >> now, the president there going after house republicans a bit might not obviously help him bring them along because no matter what harry reid and mitch mcconnell come up with it's still got to eventually get through the house where conservatives have been very skeptical of a number of things including the fact that the democrats are talking about backtracking on some of those sequester cuts that are going to
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be kicking in next year. and that is something the republicans are saying, look, you're moving the goalpost here at the 11th hour in terms of what they're negotiating about. and you've got some house republicans like jim on fox news sunday saying after all this talk about changing the health care law we're not seeing changes there, either. take a listen. >> look, i want to repeal it. we know that's not going to happen with this president. all we asked for is delay it. delay it for individual americans just like you did for individuals in congress. >> no give from from the white house in terms of delaying the overall implementation but there have been suggestions from the house and the president on down and meetings privately with congressional leaders that he might give and have a two-year delay on institute that medical device tax. meanwhile, vice president biden has been largely absent in these talks but he's going to be at this 3:00 p.m. meeting. interestingly because john mccain said maybe me we need to get him out of the witness protection program, his words,
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to get a deal here. >> thanks so much, ed. and as ed henry just reported, vice president biden will bed ed today's meeting. senator john mccain as ed just said had this to say about the vp's whereabouts yesterday. >> so i'm hopeful that we will get negotiations. i hope the president will come engaged. maybe we need to get joe biden out of the witness protection program because he has good relationships with -- we haven't heard very much from him. >> joining me now, karl rove, former senior adviser to george w. bush and fox news contributor. where the heck has the vp been and why is he back now at this meeting in less than an hour? >> he's been absent. and the reason he's been absent apparently is that senator harry reid, the senate majority leader, told the white house keep him out of this. i think he gave up too much in the previous negotiations that biden headed over the so-called fiscal cliff. so to this point it appears that
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the democrat leadership in the senate hasid we don't want him around. >> here's the thing he was at camp david throughout the weekend. his schedule said he had nothing on his agenda including today. so something got to him, was it the president, who was it? who wants him back in this meeting? >> well, the president wants him in the meeting. and look, that's because we've got a lot of big issues that have to be settled here. take a look here at where we've got a rough outline of a deal for the senate but the senate democrats want a shorter continuing resolution, that is to say the spending bill for the government, and the republicans want a longer -- a longer continuing resolution. the democrats want a longer debt ceiling. they want to get that to a year or six months, as long as possible. republicans want a shorter debt ceiling because they think they've got greater leverage to extract long-term spending cuts over this issue. the democrats want to raise the amount of money the government spends above the sequester
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lever. they want $1,058,000. republicans in the senate want flexibility on how the president can move that money around but they want to keep the calm in the amount agreed to in the 2011 budget agreement. there seems to be some agreement on the medical device tax. delay it for two years. some agreement on the provision that susan collins of maine insists upon which require s th proof of income. the president said i'm going to waive it in the computer system, waive the rirlt for a year that you prove what your income is. this is would reinstate that. we still have big issues here. within the senate. we also have big issues with the house. remember, we've been talking at how to pass a bill through the senate. we've got the individual mandate question and we've got the question of entitlement reform. both of which are really important to the house republicans. >> i'm glad the white board made it to the real story. >> there we go. exactly. >> second, my next question to
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you was, i mean, even if they come up with an agreement today, what are the next steps? you've got the house and the senate still, don't you? >> right. if they come up with an agreement today, if it meets with reid and mcconnell's approval it can go through the senate relatively quickly. the question is will it also meet the house. most of the discussion over the last three days, from thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, the discussion has been about this plan put forward by a gang of eight led by susan collins, republican of maine, joe manchin of west virginia is participating in it. that's the senate. what it takes topaz the senate doesn't guarantee it will pass the house. last week on wednesday the chairman of the house budget committee paul ryan basically laid down a very interesting piece in the "wall street journal" in which he said, mr. president, why don't we raise the debt ceiling and offset it with the mandatory spending cuts that are contained in your budg budget, about $450 billion. no discussion about those mandatory entitlement cuts, even the ones in the president's
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budget, let alone the ones that the republicans in the house. >> interestingly enough, no discussion of obama care in any of these recent plans. karl rove, i got to wrap it up there. thank you. we see you again soon. the head of one of america's biggest retail chains now warning that the government shutdown is wreaking havoc on low-income americans. family dollar ceo howard levine saying, quote, the threat of the shutdown, the uncertainty regarding some of the government os cyst tans that our consumers impact the uncertainty around job growth, are very real to our customer every day. over half of our customers are on government, some sort of government assistance, out there. end quote. liz is my guest. how do you react to mr. levine's comment? >> he's a perfect weather vane for what's going on with this uncertainty because he's a guy who has a company, 7,000 stores, with half of his customers needing some type of government assistance so they're looking for bargains. when he starts to see sales drop
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that becomes an issue. so these people who are either on government assistance, some of them perhaps work for the furloughed, this is a serious discussion about what is really going on out there in america? >> so if you're not affected, if you're not a government worker, if you're not related to one of them, sometimes you think, not that big of a deal. but this is proof positive. i want you to look at the stock market because it looks as if it has gone up. >> this is the breaking news. while you were talking to karl rove it jumped 40 points. it was up 20, 25 points. look at it right now. jumping exponentially. why? the market either correctly or incorrectly believes that there is hope, that there may be some deal. this could reverse just as quickly, gretchen. if harry reid walks out and says don't have a deal or they come together, they have a deal, and then the house rejects it. >> so how does this affect everyday americans out there watching today? they'ring looking at their 401(k)s, they're looking at pensions, maybe their 529
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college plans for their kids? >> can you imagine how worrisome this is for even americans who have a job, who have a 401(k), they don't want to see a repeat of 2008 again where people lost 50% of what they had saved. look, every time you go into the stock market in any way, shape, or form, it's a gamble, okay, but over time, since 1930 the market has returned 8% to 9%. it's the best thing going. but it is very sensitive to what's going on right now inside the beltway because we have a huge unknown in front of us and that is if we miss a debt service payment by hitting the debt ceiling. and there are some people in congress and inside the beltway who say, look, let's just see what happens. no, let's not see what happens because the commercial paperwork, fancy way of saying the short-term lending market, really helps businesses in america run. if they do gown they start laying off workers. >> what about people out there, millions of people, whether other veterans or people on social security who are
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dependent on those checks? what happens to them? >> well, right now social security checks are going out in some states. arizona cuts them off, they immediately reinstated them when i'm sure they heard the outcry. we just got the news that social security cost of living adjustment, the cola, is going to be 1.5%. that is pretty darn low when you look at it historically. why? because inflation is not that hot right now. it's not running that hot. so they feel, oh, well, this is how we calculate these adjustments and perhaps we don't need to raise these. everybody is down for the count right now. everybody is worried about their job and the uncertainty is one of these sort of a morpheus factors. we're coming up on the holidays. you have businesses trying to decide whether they should build up their inventory or hold off. >> right. so glad you finally made it on the show. breaking news before. catch her on the fox business network. the million vet march in d.c. yesterday was at a turning point in a shutdown standoff.
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greta tells us about her conversation with heavy duty lawmakers and angry vets. plus, health care may not be the only thing you're signing up for. there is another agenda on the obama care website. really? of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said, "we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match.
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health care sector taking a big hit announcing 8,000 layoffs last month alone. more than any other industry. this is "usa today" reports medicare, medicaid, and private insurance companies are reducing hospital reimbursements. dr. mark seeing with the fox news medical a-team joins me now. you saw this coming. >> i don't find this surprising at although it's pretty shocking, number one. number one in job losses in the country, that's our setter. the reason i saw this coming is because you can expand the number of people who have insurance but if you're paying the hospital less and less per person, they're going to make less money and they're going to be forced to layoff people.
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that's the problem. medicare is paying hospitals less. medicaid is paying hospitals less. private insurance follows suit. they follow what medicare does. they're paying us no less. more and more is going to outpatient so that means less and less people are going to the hospital. >> huge problems. >> on the heels of that, report out today that says half of primary care physicians in the state are not accepting new patients. so my question to you is, how does obama care now factor into this? if you've already had this kind of job loss before it's fully in effect, what's going to happen come january 2014? >> you just predicted it. primary care doctors are not taking obama care and then obama care itself at the state exchanges is shrinking the networks so that i can't refer to who i want. you're not going to have access to the health care you're expecting. the hospital may close. cleveland clinic laid off 3,000 people. i don't think cleveland clinic is going to close but your community hospital could close. >> the critics of this say, look, this is a short-term problem.
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once obama care goes into full effect and you have to really provide health insurance for 30 million more americans, they'll start hiring doctors and staff again at hospitals. your reaction. >> that's what same kind of hype and woof we were getting all along about obama care. it's going to make everything okay. 26 states are not expanding medicaid. in those states, vanderbilt is in trouble. if a hospital was expecting to get more income from medicaid, they're not going to get it. secondly, again, if you expand the number of people but you don't expand the number of doctors and you don't expand the number of hospitals and a nursing shortage, too, who is obama care being fully impmented help anything? it's going to hurt. >> what do you think of this, when they go to the website to sign up for the exchanges, if they can get through all the glitches they're asked if they want to register to vote. do you have a problem with that? >> i have a problem with that because it seems like more salesmanship. here, go to this state exchange and now, by the way, vote, vote for who? vote for a democrat that is
11:19 am
supporting this? maybe if you can't get through to the exchange maybe you vote for a republican, right s? if you can't get online you would say the obama care isn't working well. in doctor's offices across the country it's not working well. >> three states have said they're going to link the exchanges and voter registration. dr. siegel, you're part of the a-team and you did an "a" effort today. new concerns about the shutdown's impact on our nation's employers. how the loss of the e-verify system could make it easier now for illegal immigrants to get work. this is a story you haven't heard about. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways,
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fox news alert. we're going to go for the breaking news. >> the terror suspect who has been held aboard a navy ship by the united states a week ago saturday. that man is now in the united states. had just been delivered to the united states just a short time ago. according to the reporting of the associated press. we spoke with our jennifer griffin in washington about this as well. what is he suspected of doing? he was involved in a 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in libya. it's our understanding. he would be the second person tried since the attacks of 9/11. he allegedly conducted photo surveillance here in the united states -- well, at the african embassies through osama bin laden before they were bombed in 1998. we don't know exactly where he is but we know he's been indicted here in new york for about ten years. officials insisted on anonymity
11:24 am
because they weren't authorized to discuss this publicly. u.s. special forces snatched al liby during a raid in libya a week ago saturday. the breaking news today is he is in the united states, one of the fbi most wanted on the terror list for many years is here and ready to be tried. gretchen, back to you. >> very concontroversial. back to a government shutdown and new concerns that illegal immigrants may try to take advantage of the mess in washington to find work. that's because the e-verify system which allows employers to check a person's residency status is down until the government reopens. we are live in denver with more on this. this is a story that i think a lot of people probably had no idea was going on as a result of the government shutdown. >> yeah, kind of slipped under the radar for a while, gretchen. we talked to employers and pro-enforcement groups concerned
11:25 am
that this particular service was considered non-essential. e-verify is an automated system where employers can go to the department of homeland security remember site to vet new hires. they make sure they're authorized to work in this country legally. if you go there now, it is off line. e-verify is required in some form in 17 different states. numbers usa, a watchdog group that keeps on eye on illegal immigration policy says it's worried undocumented workers will use this time to get jobs that other folks would otherwise fill. >> now we see the administration particularly, i think, sticking their finger in the eye of unemployed america. look at what they're doing. the administration is keeping the lottery going right now while shutting down e-verify. the lottery is the program in which we randomly raffle off life-time work permits to tens of thousands of people overseas. >> now, right now, businesses can use the employment eligibility form known as the
11:26 am
i-9 but critics say tirks-9 be k. be b. gained and documents forged easily. the human resource expert in arizona say businesses have to try even harder to stay within the letter of the law. >> employers just have to probably be a lit bit more specific and a little bit more scrutinizing over the documents that they are receiving to verify those new hires. >> we reached out to the federal government on this. they said they were not going to respond to all this criticism, gretchen. >> very interesting in terminology of what is essential and what is non-essential. thanks so much. have a good day. you have to give a lot sometimes to get a little more in return. we're awaiting a big meeting between the president and congressional leaders. are they going to compromise? for more on that and world war ii vet lerans going to battle. they're storming their own national monument that has been closed. greta on that coming up.
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our military is being used as political pawns in a political game, and we're going to change that. >> it belongs to the people. we're here to show our sol solidarity with them. this is not a tool to be used
11:31 am
against them in a political fight. >> it is shameful that the administration is barricading and trying to shut down memorials weeks ago, the house of representatives passed funding to open every memorial in this country and president obama and the democrats are blocking it. they're trying to blame games. the american people know they're trying to blame games. >> so all that and a huge crowd pushed away barriers to gain access to the world war ii memorial which the administration has kept closed under the government shutdown. quite a way to spend your sunday morning but guess who did it? greta got up early to catch the action. she just reminded me, in the rain as well. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> what enticed you to get up out of bed on your day off and go down there if. >> that's our business. we're in the news business and i got word late friday night. i heard that governor palin may be coming from new jersey down here to washington to join senators lee and senator ted cruz at the memorial. there was a protest scheduled for sunday morning.
11:32 am
so i thought, i live here, i have cameras. i have a crew. we want to go after the news. we got up early all of us on the record here and went down in the rain as all the protesters were in the rain, too. we waited for them arrive. all three arrived together. we did as we do to everybody, stick cameras under their faces and microphones in their mouth and asked them why are you here? all three of them said they were there to support the troops because many in the military, maybe not everybody, but many in the military feel dissed about what's happened since the shutdown. warmly received by the crowd. each one spoke. and afterwards, interesting, governor palin went off to lincoln memorial. senator cruz went back to the senate. senator lee was on his way to church and then to the senate. some who remained and spoke and serve another splinter part of the group that marched on to the white house and that was the more group asking for impea
11:33 am
impeachment of the president and the more forceful ones. that was essentially more. but i will tell you earlier in the day they pushed on these barricades. the barricades have been so offensive. i was on a bus with -- last week with world war ii vet. they laughed at the thought that the u.s. government thought it could stop our u.s. vets from seeing their own memorial. so it was quite a morning in washington. >> greta, how did you feel about it personally? did it make a difference to you because sometimes we report the news from afar. today i'm sitting in new york city. you were there in washington, d.c. how did it change the way in which you see this story, if at all? >> you know, actually, i don't know if it did. i covered so many protests. i used to represent protesters when i was a lawyer. my clients have been nuns who chained themselves to the white house fence. i've had clintsz taken down from the trees in lafayette square by the secret service. i've seen window pain acid thrown president i've seen it all.
11:34 am
what i always like though, gretch gretchen, is i really like the fact that in this country if you have a gripe, you can go down at the mall and make yourself heard. what is distasteful though is the u.s. groft, this is horribly distasteful to all americans or many americans is that we would barricade the memorial to those who have fought so that we have the first amendment to go down and express a gripe about our government. >> no doubt. >> the whole idea -- that should have been the last memorial closed. they should turn off the lights in every place in the nation but leave our military alone because they're the ones that make sure that we even have that right. >> no doubt. said so well. of course, you're going to have much more on this later today when you anchor "on the record" at 7:00 p.m. eastern. so glad you could be part of "the real story" today. take care. right now top lawmakers on their way to that crucial meeting at the white house. it's going to be 25 minutes from now. after failing to reach a deal over the weekend on spending and the debt limit, republican
11:35 am
senator susan collins appeared close to working out a bipartisan agreement with a six-month spending bill and short-term debt limit increase through late january. we're hearing the latest plan would actually reverse that. i asked our next guest to, up with three things they would give to get the deal done. my guest fox news contributor and radio host lars larson. all right, the two of you. i gave you ans assignment. this is "the real story." we get real on this show. lars, what are the three things from the republican side that you would be willing to give up or compromise to get this darn thing done? >> how about an increase in the debt ceiling in exchange dollar for dollar for real cuts. of course, the democrats are going the opposite direction. they're saying they need even more spending. they want to get rid of the sequestration cuts. i'm not sure that's a starter as we start there. obama care i think is going to go into action as far as i'm concerned. let it go. it's a train wreck. it's getting worse almost every day. >> wow. >> as far as anything else to
11:36 am
give up, leave the government shutdown for right now. i don't think we give up anything else. we stand our ground. this president does not want to negotiate. he does not want to do a deal. and i don't think this president cares if he does damage to the country. he's done plenty in the last 4 1/2 years. >> julie, your three things. >> none. zero. i know you're going to call me out on it. here's my attitude. the democrats are already compromising and the fact that they're willing to do something on sequester and they're actually proposing a continuing resolution at the sequester level. that's already a huge compromise from where the democrats were a few weeks ago. the fact that the republicans now want to say we're going to burn down the house, burn down this government unless you give us what we want, one-year delay in obama care or we're going to completely tank the full faith and credit of the united states? are you kidding me? this is not how you negotiate. this is a democratic congress and republican president in a democratic party we're doing this? i would be equally outraged. >> julie, there were so many other delays with obama care first and foremost. but the idea that you will not
11:37 am
give me three things -- >> none. >> does that not say exactly what's wrong with washington? >> no. but i will tell you why. because if you're talking about the fact that i'm going to say to you, grach chen, i'm going to come to your louse and burn the house down unless you give me a, b, and c. >> yeah. >> why would you agree to that? why would you not say, don't come over, what right do you have to burn down a house? we're about to burn down -- >> how do we get anywhere, lars, if people aren't willing to at least give something? >> when you say people let's talking about the people who have been willing to compromise. the republicans. the president is the one who said he won't negotiate, he won't negotiate, he won't negotiate. you describe it as burning down the house, julie. it's not burning town down the house. it's the same kind of tactics used by unions all the time. if we don't get what we want, we're shutting the whole operation down until you will come to the table and talk about making a deal. unions do this every time they go on strike. we are not burning the
11:38 am
government down. they have it shut down. 80% is still in operation. the -- and especially the part that are putting barricades up around national monuments. >> i want to be sure to get this in, lars, julie, even something like the medical tax device tax. i think so many democrats would be in favor of getting rid of that. >> including me. >> you won't give me that? >> including me. >> i'm all for sitting down and compromising. i'm just simply saying don't hold the debt limit, the full faith and credit of the united states hostage that congress has already incurred. this is not new revenue. these are bills that congress has already incurred. don't run up the credit card and say we're not going to pay it off because it's only going to tank the entire financial system not just of this country but the worldwide financial system. i have no problem sitting down and negotiating. just do it after you pass a bill. >> let me ask you this. are the two of you going to be at all pleased if, in fact, in 22 minutes from now when the
11:39 am
four top leaders go to meet with the president that they actually hammer out a deal? will you be happy? lars? >> depends on what the deal says. but at this point the president hasn't said he's going to move anywhere. >> i'd love to see -- i agree with lars. i'd love to see what the deal is. the republicans don't know what they want. first they wanted a defund obama care and then repeal and then defund. right. you're not going to get it. let's move on from that. now they want medical device tax. let's see what the actual deal is and then -- but i will say this president is responsible partially for what we're seeing today because he kept giving away the story of the republicans, the debt limit a couple of years ago and now you think they think they can keep holding the worldwide economy hostage. that's why the poll shows republicans 22% below democrats in terms of who is responsible for this. rhetoric lars is talking about -- >> i'm going to let our viewers decide who handled thes assignment better with the three themes on "the real story" today. i got to wrap it up there. lars, julie, thanks much.
11:40 am
>> thanks so much. >> thank you, gretchen. new details in the disappearance of madeleine mccann. why brit tib police say their investigation has, quote, significantly changed six years later. plus, will you support companies, do you want to, that makes toys like this? why, you know why? because they're made in america. and we're going to tell you where to buy them, coming up next.
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[ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. fox news alert. just crossing the wires that the meeting with those four top congressional leaders apparently postponed now at the white house. the white house apparently saying that president obama, the meeting postponed with the congressional leaders. that meeting was supposed to take place, well, 17 minutes
11:44 am
from now. 3:00 p.m. eastern time. you see the picture there of the white house. where they were supposed to come together, supposedly a deal was close, in the making, to end potentially the debt ceiling that looms for us on thursday, as well as the third week mark to the government shutdown. right now word is that that meeting has been postponed. it says, meeting postponed to allow leaders in the senate time to continue making important progress toward a solution on the debt ceiling. so apparently more time needed with those last-minute details. we will keep you posted right here on fox. in the meantime, walmart, the largest retailer in the world making good on the patriotic promise to put more american made goods on the shelves and shelling out billions of dollars a year to do it. among the companies benefiting, toy dozer, makers of a clean-up toy, tool for toys. monster trax. joining us now the people behind those products, hannas candle
11:45 am
and nell with redmon and associates with makers of monster trax. we'll try to bring in amy, bradley as well. good to see you, gentlemen. >> thank you. good to see you. >> times are tough right now. we're talking about a government shutdown and a debt ceiling and people are kind of down on america. and yet here we are talking about the good news about american companies. you're making your products in america. how do you do it? >> well, i'll start out. of course, the walmart commitment of buying $50 billion additional merchandise over the next ten years was tremendous. and by the way, $5 billion extra in the state of arkansas. so if you go back to the summit that was held with vendors and the walmart people in august, in orlando, florida, that really kicked off our efforts and our company to move forward with
11:46 am
making goods in the united states. >> but isn't it easier to just outsource? that seems to be the way of the world right now unfortunately. a lot of the great things that used to be made in america, they just simply aren't anymore. you look at the tag on the back of your clothes or on the back of the toy. how do you guys do it? how are you doing it cost effectively? >> i think it's our job as manufacturers to try to keep -- to keep the work here in the united states and it's just got to be a conscious effort to get up every day and try to get your organization efficient enough to keep the jobs here in the united states. and we're actually seeing a lot of jobs come back this way. i'm thankful that i stayed in america. a lot of my come iters moved their plants to mexico and to china and now i'm seeing the fruits of staying here. >> ours is actually a conversion from goods made in china totally to a commitment to make them in the united states and the state of arkansas over the next three years. so it's a big move for us.
11:47 am
>> it's -- we're celebrating the two of you and i'd like to bring in amy bradley as well, the toy dozer creator. amy, how are you doing it? how are you -- and was it a personal commitment on your part to say, hey, i'm going to make this in the good old usa? >> well, it happened actually, we had our first production run made in mexico. and when it arrived damaged due to poor quality control we looked around closer to home. like so many people assumed that you had to have your product made overseas or in mexico to have it be cost effective. and that is absolutely wrong. we looked closer er tr t er tr outside philadelphia. they were 20% less than what we were having them made for in mexico. so, you know, we moved production to the u.s. and it's been working out incredibly. >> so what would be your message, the three of you, to other manufacturers and people
11:48 am
who may be thinking about starting up businesses here in the united states? why is it so important to keep it at home? mel? >> well, i think -- i think it just makes sense. you know, we're going to employ over the next three years 74 people at a rate -- average hourly rate of $18.55 an hour. that's about $3 million a year in salary in northwest arkansas. it just makes sense because if we don't turn the tide now, it's just going to get worse. >> bert? >> well, since i started the business, i've been in business 25 years. our local payroll in northwest arkansas has been $150 million. that makes me proud that i was able to do that here in the united states. i got a great team of people working with me and i feel like it's my job to go out and drum up enough business for them. and i'm thankful that walmart gives us that opportunity. >> amy? >> yeah, i agree. and i think if people knew that
11:49 am
every manufacturing job in the united states supports four other jobs in the economy, it's so important for us to move production back to the u.s., it creates jobs, it sustains jobs, and it can only help grow our economy. >> our government can't seep to get it together but the three of you did. >> yeah. >> hats off to you and we are celebrating all that you're doing and making it in theitis. thanks to the three of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're honored. big news in one of the world's most famous missing girl cases. next, what police now say they know about madeleine mccann's disappearance. do you remember her? [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda.
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welcome back. world famous cold case getting a new face now. the face of a person of interest in the disappearance of madeline mccann. she was only three years old when she vanished in may 2007. now scotland yard, using computer imagery to find someone that witnesses say carried a smile child off the beach. trace gallagher is live. >> reporter: over six and a half years it has gotten attention, but this might be the biggest appeal yet. investigators say it's easily the most comprehensive reconstruction of madeline's disappearance yet and what makes it fascinating is chat
11:54 am
detectives for six years accepted one version of when disamendment. now the timeline has change significantly and the need public help to pull together the pieces and help identify possible suggests, including this man who was seen by two witnesses near the mccann's papered on the might mady went missing. >> are clear to look very carefully at them. if they know who this person is, please come forward. >> the parents have been cleared from this investigation. look at this, though. this is age progression, what experts say madeline mccann would look like today at the age of 10 years old. and gretchen, when the show airs tonight, they'll be taking phone
11:55 am
tips. >> thank you so much for that update. updating the news that broke. a meeting of congressional leaders with the president of the united states at the white house, postponed. that was supposed to start at the top of the hour. we're told the delays so the senate can continue negotiating, a potential agreement to end the government shutdown and raise the debt limit. coming up, your comments have been pouring in on the raising america segment when i went on the air without any makeup. next i'll share my favorite tweets and e-mails you sent to me, the good and the bad.
11:56 am
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even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. at's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> i can't believe gretchen did and it my hats go off to her because makeup is such a part of a tv presence. all the men and women here do.
11:59 am
for thor do that and strip away what keeps people engaged in a lot of ways is admirable. >> a lot of response to the segment we did where i didn't wear any makeup. wed did it to bring home the message we need to empower our girls with positive role models in a culture that sells sex to girls as young as eight. here's many of the tweets and e-mails. good show, it's important we embrace our inner beauty. brian 2010ed: can't just do one segue amount year with no makeup and have any impact. like anything worthwhile, need to practice every day. >> this from our own greta: that's not fair, gretchen was miss america and is always
12:00 pm
beautiful with or without makeup. thank you to greta and to everybody else, and thank you for being brave as well. >> thanks for being part of the real story "shepard smith reporting" now. >> you know what we learned? you don't need makeup. >> thank you very much. >> i loved it. go to see you. today from the news deck, as shepard smith reports, here's what we have. the al qaeda leader on the most wanted list for seems like a decade, now caught, now in the united states, and ready for trial. we'll get to that. plus, the grandmother who hired a hit man to kill her daughter-in-law, and the loudest stadium of any kind in the world, recorded over the weekend right here in the united states. which team did it? let's get to it. and there's breaking news


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