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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

6:00 pm do not be vociferous, when writing, i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here, we are definitely looking out for you. the big story breaking on "the kelly files" tonight, coming at any time on the debt ceiling, a breakthrough, we believe. plus, wall street watching washington with billions in the balance. as we get an ugly warning tonight from one of the big credit agencies. plus, angry accusations from some political writers now suggesting that racism is to blame for the government shutdown. and, why are papers like "the new york times" and "the washington post," suddenly attacking key parts of the president's health care
6:01 pm
proposal? on kelly, starting right now. and good evening, i'm megyn kelly, breaking in washington, d.c., after years of being asked to get along, tea party republicans say enough is enough. they stand firm on principle and refuse to bend on demands that they give up to fight on obama care and refuse to give in on conditions. their refusal to bend, even at their own peril and that potential problem, sent capitol hill on a frenzy, with a possible, possible technical default. we just got this video moments ago, house members leaving for the night. while on the senate side, leadership has resumed on the senate side saying they are optimistic there is an agreement within reach. different story in the house, where earlier we anticipated a vote that would happen tonight. instead, the house packed up and headed home a little while ago.
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so what does this all mean? we have team fox coverage, chief correspondent ed henry, and stu varney, and brit hume, senior political analyst, we begin with ed. >> the president is not coming out on camera, not going to say anything, or make any news. clearly no deal tonight. the president is largely on the sidelines, meeting with house democrats today but has not met with any republicans because he has had the stance of not voting directly over the potential default and reopening government. the white house strategy is let this play out. force john boehner and other republican leaders to show their hand, and in fact, they believe here at the white house that they were closing in on a deal last night with senate leaders inching forward. but then john boehner came out with two different plans tonight, neither of which he had the vote to get through the chambers, the point tonight, senate leaders are back negotiating. harry reid and mitch mcconnell,
6:03 pm
what they're closing on is reopening the government on january 15th, getting the debt ceiling raised through february 7th, and having broader budget talks, they're promising to get that done before the holidays, we've heard it before, they have not followed through. and even if they seal this deal tomorrow they would have to work at lightning speed to get to the thursday deadline when we lose our borrowing authority, megyn. ed henry, thank you, as we learned the house would not pass a deal tonight, the folks over at fitch credit rating sent a warning saying they are reviewing our country's credit rating right now. so it is not a downgrade, but a warning. >> it is important because it is a warning, and fitch is saying that we are concerned that america cannot get a handle, a grip on its debt long-term,
6:04 pm
conce concerned about volatile political leadership which is not doing its job in organizing finances. and essentially, that leadership, that worry about we just can't get our finances under control. >> is that what it is? because i watched other networks tonight and their analysts said it is all about a message to the republicans to stop doing this crisis to crisis thing. >> i was not aware that agencies delivered political messages to political parties, they are looking at the system and expressing concern. but it is a warning, and it is very different from a downgrade. >> when standard and poors reviewed it, they said you're getting a threat, no party can get along, nobody will talk, always a showdown, sort of a dual thing. >> yes, but a downgrade, much more serious, that is an actual
6:05 pm
act. you are downgraded, this is a warning. and the implications and the results of the warning will probably be different than the downgrade in 2011. >> how bad were those in 2011, because i heard mixed results on that, as well. >> on day one, when we were triple a, the dow went down six points on the day that we were plus-plus, so it was a huge market selloff on that day. if we opened up the stock market right now, the dow jones industrial average would go up 80 to 100 points. there is a big difference. >> all right, so the warning flag has been waived. and yet that is all we have so far. >> correct. >> thank you, sir. so there is the forecast for the financial markets. for a look at the political fallout, brit hume, our fox news political analyst, we opened the show saying the tea party stands firm, and they did. but we said they did it at the
6:06 pm
potential of their own political peril and the peril of the party, how do you see it? >> you can see the standpoint from the republican party if it suffers, in two polls at least, it is at an historic low ebb, what we have at the end of the day, nothing happened. we began the day in the belief the senate leaders would produce a plan that they thought they could get through the senate quickly and send to the house. what i'm told is that that plan was never fully negotiated. and they were still haggling over it when john boehner came forward and said he would try to push something through the house. well, we know what happened to that. the members on the right rebelled against it. he changed. they were still not satisfied. he didn't have the votes to pass it. so that died. we're back to waiting for senator reid and mcconnell, the two party leaders to do something. the irony, the two leaders in
6:07 pm
the house may have had something pass that was worse than what would have been passed today. >> that is what it actually looks like, it could be worse, that won't come as news to them. the reason boehner held it up in the senate is because he thought he could get it passed in the tea party caucus, he thought he could get the tea party to unify behind the modified approval. and it was more appealing than anything we thought we could get out of the tea party. still, they said no, it was potentially at their own peril. but they believe that was what they were sent to washington to do, don't they? >> they certainly do, they looked at the past half century of the american politics, and they see the continuing expansion of the right, the ever-expanding debt and deficit. and they think that these policies of republicans in the past that have simply slowed things down are not good enough. and they want to see this whole
6:08 pm
thing brought to a stop and reversed. they certainly don't have the votes to do anything like that now. but they're showing the supporters they were willing to fight. if they upend the leadership, and worsens their party's fortunes in the future, that seems to be okay with them. >> and reid and mcconnell get together with something in the senate and comes up with something that gets the government functioning through, i guess it is january. and that gets the debt ceiling lifted through february. >> end of february. >> and it doesn't have any of the little lures that would have been appealing to the tea party. but we think it will pass even when it goes back to the house because even the democrats and some of the moderate republicans will vote for it? >> that is exactly right. and the question you keep hearing is, well, if john boehner did that and allowed something like that to pass the house with only a minority of the republican votes, that would be the end of his speakership. i have my doubts, i suspect that
6:09 pm
while a majority of republicans would vote against the bill which would pass with some democrat and republican votes. that doesn't mean they would vote against boehner, he would allow them to vote no, and then survive. that doesn't mean he is going to be in a strong position, but my guess is that he would survive. >> now what about the discussion at the last minute, the democrats got greedy. they were getting the opening of the government, saying oh, and we want the sequester spending to go back up. a major republican victory to get them down in the first place. do you believe that that will come out of the senate, that harry reid and mitch mcconnell will agree on that? >> mitch mcconnell made it clear when he was discussing this yesterday that that was a non-starter. i don't think you could pass that -- i mean, boehner would
6:10 pm
never take that up if it had gotten there. i think that is off the table, in effect. >> and i have to go, where do we stand now? did anything happen as a result of ted cruz' speech in this past couple of weeks and all the back and forth? >> well, you hear the argument from the tea party people and many of their adherents that they placed obama care front and center of the public as never before. i am skeptical, the obama care situation, it has been a fiasco, in terms of people signing up on the internet. that has been what has brought obama care front and center, and it would be more so if we were not so preoccupied with the debt ceiling, and the issue there. >> well, in the senate, the action going on there now, two of the republican congressmen that refused to bend to the
6:11 pm
demands and from more moderate republicans in the house, we'll join them next, and ask them how they feel about the principled stand and the results. plus, the president just said there is no evidence that the health care overhaul is hurting jobs. ahead, we'll speak with a man who employs more than 70 thousand people, and we'll hear what he says about the president is dead wrong. with an innovative showerhead plus wireless speaker, kohler is the proud sponsor of singing in the shower.
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breaking tonight, the attempt in the u.s. house to pass a more tea party-friendly deal on the spending and debt ceiling is now scuttled. that deal was not friendly enough, apparently to the tea party caucus. and now the process is in the control of the more moderate u.s. senate. but did the tea party win or lose here? two very outspoken republican congressmen, friendly with the tea party, joining me now, louis gomer of texas -- thank you so much for being here. i ask you, is it sort of you won the battle but you lost the war? >> well, there are a lot of those questions. i never thought the president could have made obama care worse, but they have succeeded to do that in recent days. with their deal they have exempted big businesses and themselves. and now they're going to try to pass something that exempted labor unions. and i thought this would be an issue in next year's election for democrats, but for republicans helping this out in
6:15 pm
the senate it will be a primary issue, as well -- >> wait, let me interrupt you, i think the viewers are well up to speed on the problems with obama care. but the question is, tonight we're talking about strategy and whether it failed. i get what you were trying to do and the viewers get what you were trying to do, take a principled stand. but the question is, did you hurt the republican party and the american people are going to -- the credit card will get raised, the debt limit will get raised. the government will resume with no conditions. that is what harry reid wanted. >> well, megyn, the deal we wanted today would have offered all of those things with the republicans, raise the debt another $300 billion, let obama care kick in, in january, that is why we said no, let's pass these exemptions, something simple. but i tell you, we don't have help from any senate republicans and they're working together
6:16 pm
with harry reid now to continue with implementation of obama care. >> representative gomer, what do you make, even knowing the end result you would wind up with, the american people would wind up with was worse to you than what you would push for, why did you feel it was nonetheless worth pushing for? >> megyn, there is no statute of limitations on doing what is right. and i heard brit talking about you know, we were bothered by the march of the progressive left or whatever. but the fact is when nancy pelosi had all of those children gather around her, they were supposed to be less than 12, even today they were not of legal consent age. and so what we've done is stolen from those children. we went from 160 billion deficit spending in bush's last year to $1.6 trillion, stealing from the children. and obama took away the right to decide doctors, and treatments, and so the least we can do is
6:17 pm
say all right, mr. president, you illegally told businesses we would waive the mandatory requirement for them. all we're asking -- and i was e-mailing right before. i don't think all is lost if we have leaders that will stand up and do the right thing. all right, listen, raise the debt ceiling. extend the cr, except demand, force the senate to take this vote that we will suspend the individual mandate as the president illegally did for businesses. and force them to take a vote. megyn, how is it right for harry reid to say no, no, no, no on all of our bills, including the one that just said appoint conferees, he wouldn't even do that. >> let me just hear both of you, i hear your frustration, it just sounds like you have had it, much like senator cruz and you don't really care if you take a hit politically or get bad press
6:18 pm
by those who say you have divided the republican party. your position seems to be, we had to take a stance. >> well, megyn, what i hear from folks who may not like our position and the clash in washington, d.c. that seems to push back, it is the folks that were exempted. saying why do you care about obama care, we got exempted? unions are going to say the same thing, but at the end of the day, the rest of the americans are on their own. you know if it is good for america, it should be good for the rest of them. >> but you heardbrit hume's point, stay out of it, if obama care is imploding, stay out of it. and the american people -- will discover it is a bad law. >> i know that is one contention, but if ted doesn't suspend the filibuster, we already heard what was coming. as soon as we got beyond this summer we were going to have an amnesty bill come to the floor.
6:19 pm
that is what we would have been talking about and that is where the pivot would have been if we had not focused america on obama care. so i don't think it is too late and i think we could force the senate. but to do that you have to have real leadership that says no, harry reid, you told us no, no, no, and not made a counter offer, so here is our offer, all we ask is treat individuals fairly, vote on it. let your people vote and then we'll take up your offer. >> before i go if the senate passes the deal and it comes back to the house and speaker boehner allows it to go to the floor and it passes with all democrats and some moderate report, do you think that speaker boehner's leadership is over? >> i have heard so many people say if speaker boehner does this, that or the other, he is over, he was out. if you remember, i was the only one that nominated somebody else last november and was by myself. in january, we had 30. i would be surprised to see enough stand up. >> representative hillcamp, i'll
6:20 pm
finish with you. >> i do doubt that that would happen. but at the end of the day, there is a political reality for red state democrats and republicans who at home say they're opposed to obama care off today are negotiating to extent it probably permanently. that is not good enough. america needs better, we need to do something better about the debt ceiling. >> and nobody is even discussing in particular entitlements. i got to go, gentlemen. good to come on. >> on the deficit, we have a president that was threatening to default when the money was there. that had to be in fitch's calculations. >> thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, megyn, really appreciate you, love your show. >> thank you so much, we get a first video of the president facing tough questions about his role and some of the ugliness in washington, wait until you see his take on it, in moments. jc: lunch at that one restaurant we all like?
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the fight in washington may be about debt and spending but is also very much about obama care, the president recently raised eyebrows when he was challenged on the changes we see in the labor market. listen in. >> they said it would be a disaster in terms of jobs. there is no widespread evidence that it -- that the affordable care act hurt jobs. i am quoting here, i was expecting to see it. i was looking for it. but it is not there. it is not there. so. >> joining me now, ceo of cke restaurants, that is the parent company of carl's jr. and
6:25 pm
hardees, great to see you. >> thank you, megyn. >> the president says it is not happening, there is ill-concerned problems about jobs. >> he is wrong, there is a one-year lookback on obama care. >> it will kick in january 2014. >> right, you take it back to january 2013. then employers were adjusting that obama care would take effect. so they stopped because they would delay the mandate for a year. you have six months of numbers to look at. during that six months, there were 833,000 part-time jobs created in the country. if you work over 30 hours employers have to give you health care coverage under obama care, if you work under 30, they don't. so we created 833,000 part-time jobs, net 36,000 jobs, we lost
6:26 pm
97,000 jobs -- >> all the numbers are making my head swim. but what your saying is employers like you are going to have to pay more, the more employers you have that work 30-hour work weeks. and that kicks in as of january of 2013. so employers started to worry about it then, as we go forward, we'll see more and more employers thinking megyn only needs to work 29 hours this week, and maybe that one has to work 29 hours. >> it is very simple, if you increase the cost of something, the businesses will use less of it, so if you increase the cost of health care, there will be less employees, you decrease the cost of part-time employment, and you will have more part-time employment. for the six months that that was threatened, that is exactly what happened. i don't know what numbers john mccain referred to, but if you look at the numbers that the
6:27 pm
labor bureau statistics puts out, it is very simple. the man that ran it said the job creation during this period of time was remarkable. he doesn't ever think it happened before. the unions came out, including the teamsters, saying the obama care is destroying the 40-hour work week. >> because there is a dis-incentive built into obama care to give somebody a job over 30 hours a week. a business man like you has the incentive to employ somebody for 20 hours a week, because of brar care. >> if you have three employees working 20 hours a week, if you have five you can get the same number of hours without having to cover the cost of health care. >> it is the same hourly rate you have to pay but you don't have to pay obama care cost. >> exactly, you really decrease the cost of part-time employment while you have increased the cost of full-time employment, and you see the employers reacting to that. if you went to the grocery store and beef was up, chicken was
6:28 pm
down, you would buy chicken. >> how do you see it going? do you think there will be a mass push by employers towards part-time employers coming up. >> if there was not a further delay, this will start again january first, 2014, because they delayed the obama care. but there is a bill out there, a bipartisan bill introduced by democrats which would change the 30-hour cut-off to 40-hour cut off, saying that you have to provide health care above that. if you do that, you see a big surge of hiring employees, working 30 to 40 hours, it is a whole lot better, people have more money to meet their living expenses. it is so much better for employees and employers. it is a real solution. >> i have to go, so in a word or two, how do you feel about what is happening in washington tonight? >> i think our government deals with alert u planni-- long-term
6:29 pm
poorly, but deals with crises poorly, i hope they get through it because it impacts the consumer spending. >> when we come back we'll have the information on behind closed doors. the question that the government shutdown is being driven by racism? what do you think, e-mail me at kelly, we'll share when we come back. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can. peace of mind is important when so we provide it services you bucan rely on.
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we just received new word from the u.s. senate that a potential deal is in the works, but don't expect a vote tonight. mike emanual is fox's chief congressional correspondent, he is working on the file tonight. >> reporter: well, good evening, megyn, they are close to a deal to fund the government for about three months until january 15th,
6:33 pm
so extend the nation's borrowing authority until january 30th, and to stretch the dollars longer than that. they are due to report back in mid-december. meanwhile, after a roller coaster day and several attempts in the house to try to strike a deal, it is now clear the house is finished, for now. >> no votes for tonight, we'll see you in the morning. short and sweet, there was conservative concern in the house of representatives and it was clear from talking with house democratic leaders that they were not willing to help. >> everybody knows that time is of the essence, and that if the republicans and the house want to put up a bill they should do it soon. but they have to know if it is as it has been described, they will have to do it with 100% republican vote. >> so with the house stuck, senate leaders mitch mcconnell and harry reid paused for a time
6:34 pm
today to see if the house could pass a bill throughout this whole controversy. there has been a question about what the house could potentially pass, so they're giving them an opportunity to try to do that. now that the house has gotten stuck, all eyes are on a senate. and again, we appear carllose t deal, although some suggest that if it is not a deal, it is not a deal. >> breaks tonight for the first time on fox, tough new questions for the president. earlier today president obama sat down with new york abc reporter diana williams, who challenged him on his responsibility on the mess we're now seeing in washington. watch this. >> why have you not been able to create a bipartisan atmosphere here? and do you take any of the blame on yourself for that? >> well, you know, i think that if you look at my track record over the last four years, i have consistently sought compromise, sometimes to the point where democrats have been mad at me,
6:35 pm
but i didn't care. because i did what i thought was best for the country. >> joining me now, editor, and fox news political analyst, juan williams, gentlemen, welcome, so there you have it. the president not taking any of the blame for the current crisis we're in. despite many pundits comes out and saying we blame both parties but we also are wondering where is the leadership, chris? >> well, the president said he consistently offers compromise, compromise, and compromising. it is true, he is right that his party has been critical of him. but what they have been critical of him for is not excessive compromise. but excessive -- lack of killing republicans. what they want from him -- >> lack of killing? >> right, what they want from him is what they're getting this time, which is the total war, take them up to the edge and try to what the president says and democrats say is break the fever. >> juan? >> well, i think chris wishes
6:36 pm
that it was about president obama. but i think what we have tonight, megyn, is a civil war inside the republican party. i think what we saw today was speaker boehner unable to control his forces, rebellion against speaker boehner, i think we have seen heritage and other areas lobbying against speaker boehner, the caucus, if he is speaker of the house. i think that is what we saw earlier, standing on principle, not following the leadership of their party or looking out for the best interest of their party. >> i can tell you what a lot of folks out there are thinking, i read the e-mailins and tweets a read it on facebook, they say the party and establishment, don't get that these guys, get us, they don't care, go down, and go down swinging, don't just sit there and get beaten up on, during a fight over time. with the obama care spending,
6:37 pm
something that nobody in d.c. wants to talk about other than the tea party caucus, this is how they feel, chris. >> juan williams, i do not wish this was about president obama. as a citizen, i wish none of this was happening because this is a very stupid way to operate a government. extremely stupid way to operate a government. but i will say this, my friend. this president is not very good at his job as it relates to doing this stuff. he has navigated his presidency from crisis to crisis, he was elected under a crisis, elected in the middle of the panic of 2008, and since then, he has, and perhaps he is blameless, perhaps he holds no fault in this, did nothing wrong and is a victim of circumstance. but i noticed this is a president controlled by events again and again and again. we have been in some sort of a fiscal crisis for 34 months, juan williams, that is not the
6:38 pm
era of an enlightened and great leadership, juan. >> the president is taken to task about his tone, his adversary, who he promised he wouldn't demonized, but has actually done a lot of it since he actually took it. >> well, gee, i see a different perspective, i see there is a lot of destruction and a lot of hating on president obama, and not just in terms of right-wing media. but if you look at what is going on in the senate and house, i don't see any ideas or initiative or legislative proposals being put forward by republicans even on the much-hated obama care. there is no alternative proposal. instead, it is let's stop this proposal. and i think we've seen that. and i think you have seen the compromises and efforts in terms of trying to establish a grand bargain. the president, he didn't tell any tales there, when he said he has antagonized the democrats, he talks about in terms of chained cpi -- there are already
6:39 pm
ads on the attacking president obama, from his base. >> chained cpi makes my head swirl. the other thing that president obama told diana williams was that he went off boehner and suggested he has been weak ened by this whole process. listen here. >> and he goes back and it turns out he can't control his caucus. so the challenge here is, can you deliver on agreements that are made? >> chris? >> well, can't control his caucus? now look, when nancy pelosi was speaker of the house, she did control her caucus. john boehner never contended he was the controller of the caucus. as a matter of fact, the president is right. boehner's clout has gone down and down. every time we talk about 30 or 40 members of his conference, every time these guys do one of these that they did today and say no, we won't back you on
6:40 pm
this. we would rather lose it all than compromise and gain a partial victory, every time they do that it cuts down john boehner's clout a little bit and shrinks his seat at the negotiating table with the president and harry reid. so i doubt the president is crying too many tears over that. >> and quickly, juan, nancy pelosi controlled her caucus, and then a lot of them got fired. they went along to get along, and the voters said you're out of here. i don't know whether the voters in the tea party districts are going to have the same feelings about their guys when the vote is taken. >> well, remember we just saw a poll, 60% of americans would throw them all out including the member in their district. i think that we've seen it, you have seen the numbers don't look good for the republicans as we've seen throughout the show. and you throw race in there, it becomes incendiary, i don't
6:41 pm
think anybody wants to see speaker boehner weakened in this way. it is just not good for the country. >> nobody? >> really, chris, i think you need a strong speaker, just like you want to see more leadership from president obama, i think people want two parties that can negotiate and make a deal. these guys are crazy. >> i don't know, i don't think -- the guys who were on at 9:15 do not feel the same. guys, it is a pleasure seeing you, thank you. and angry accusations from some political writers now suggesting that racism has been brought to the fore in the context of the government shutdown, ben shapiro has more on that next. see my psoriasis. no matter how many ways i try to cover up, my psoriasis keeps showing up. all her focus is on me. but with these dry, cracked, red, flaky patches, i'm not sure if i want it to be. this is more than uncomfortable, it's unacceptable.
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like our new snow cb and crab butter shrimp, just $14.99. only at red lobster where we sea food differently. [ male announcer ] now try 7 lunch choices at $7.99. sandwiches, sals, and more. . we are following breaking news in washington tonight. if you are just joining us, the house members have gone home. the senate trying to get a deal done, roughly a day until the debt deadline, the deadline to raise the deficit, the ceiling. and as the stress levels rise in washington, we are seeing some political writers now suggesting that racism is raising its ugly head in the middle of this showdown, and really it has become what it is about. ben shapiro is the editor of truth reveal, and he is here now to explain. ben, good to see you, this is in a column from politico's roger simon, saying the government has unleashed racism, and talking
6:46 pm
about how the racists among us think they can tell us what makes an american, he goes through an example of racist comments made. it seems attempting to portray those who feel differently than perhaps the democrats in this context as people who have a problem with those of color, your thoughts. >> and that is the way things have been rolled out by members of the left media, roger simon started that column saying things would be better off if speaker of the house and ted cruz both drowned. he actually said it would make america a better place. yet the folks on the other side are presumably the extremists, he tried to lump everybody in on that, with the confederate flag, and really it is about the obama administration trying to shut down the war memorial to hurt americans. >> and he talked about the american flag, he talks about "joe the plumber," who did come out with a bizarre article,
6:47 pm
saying america needs a white american president. he said admit it, you want a white american president, it doesn't make you racist, it just makes you american. okay, joe. but he holds this up like it is an example of how everyone other than roger sees, sees this government shutdown, the fight we're seeing in washington. >> well, that is what is so bizarre and absurd. when you talk about the leftist bullying, the left castigating everyone who disagrees with them as people who hate blacks and latinos and jews, this is what the left does, attacking character as opposed to winning on the merit. the vast majority of people don't have racist tendencies, they wouldn't be pro somebody with a confederate flag or say we need a white conservative president. this is what the media does, if they can misdirect away from the real narrative here, they can
6:48 pm
pretend it is about racism and hatred, when really the only racists are folks on the left who pay attention to this stuff. >> the thing is, if you're going to be a basher and say this guy's racist comments speak for his entire party then you have to do it both ways. last night we talked about the point clarence thomas has taken, who has been called an uncle tom by democrats, one pbs commentator said she hoped he would die early like most black males, and on and on it goes. do those people speak for the liberals, anymore than "joe the plumber" in this op-ed speaks for republicans? >> of course not. what you saw today is very interesting, the rally outside the capitol. one of the people there was holding an incredibly offensive poster that talked about tea
6:49 pm
parties as "tea-tards." and nobody lumped everybody into that sign, they understand that that doesn't speak for everybody. >> they're everywhere, that is the sad truth. but the thing is, if you try to suggest that those who are opposed to this government shutdown or has problems, are racist, once again, that word, the charge that they still like to fire on those who are on the receiving end and those who are reading and hearing the charge. >> absolutely, it is the worst thing you can call somebody in america, what we're watching is the bugs bunny, they misdirect and offer you flowers, then there is a mallet in the other hand they clock you in the face with. >> listen, we were going to have you on regarding the coverage of obama care, they see it is riddled with problems, we'll pick that story up with you later, we apologize, we had a lot of breaking news, thank you for coming on.
6:50 pm
>> that sounds great, thank you. and coming up, stories of obama care, impacting americans. we'll take a look at three families and find out if they're better off than when the president's law had not been implemented. rothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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we're learning more tonight about how obama care is impacting some american families just two weeks into its implementati implementation. trace gallagher has more. >> so megyn, we found people who had dozens of cases of sticker shock. and we found one man, living in kentucky with his wife and son, his premiums went up 22%, not horrible, you say? okay, but his co-pays for
6:54 pm
emergency rooms and urgent care tripled. that is a problem when you have two boys. >> i am concerned about our doctor's visits and emergency room visits and what i'm paying in my premium. i will risk a lower premium for a higher deductible knowing how my family uses health care. >> and then there is jeremy nichols, who lives in alabama with his wife and six kids. he was notified by blue cross/blue shield that is plan no longer is implemented. his new one costs him more per month. here is jeremy. >> they said it would be a disaster in terms of jobs, there is no widespread evidence that the affordable care act is hurting jobs. one of john mccain's former advisers admitted this week. >> by the way, that is not jeremy, we know jeremy, that is not jeremy. keep in mind, remember the
6:55 pm
trickster kid, titus, the trick-shot kid. he is an amazing kid amazing people with the basketball shots. well, his family got money because of these shots. they hoped to put the money towards college for their kids, unless they get hurt because their deductible went from a thousand to 6,000, these are families that don't have a plan b. they have one choice and one choice only for health care in the places they live. >> and child may be going to the doctor soon, isn't that brian killmead hit in the face with the basketball -- >> i don't think so -- >> help me out, brian killmead threw a basketball at trick-shot titus in the face, and that child may need medical care, they don't want to take the $6,000 medical care -- thank you, trace. unfortunately, he has a three-hour program that starts in just a matter of hours.
6:56 pm
and i -- you know, anything could happen. anyway, coming up, one moment in washington today standing above head and shoulders amid the bitter back and forth. a real american hero, captain swenson's story is next. so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action.
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7:00 pm
afghanistan fight in 2009. he placed westbrook in the choppechop er, bending down and kissing his forehead, captain swenson then returned to duty. thank you for joining us everybody. and this is a fox news alert, the clock is ticking, just hours ago we thought the house republicans were bringing a bill to the floor for a vote which would raise the debt ceiling, reopen the government. but there would be no votes on the house side tonight. but there are report that is the senate could in fact be close to a deal. in just a moment, we're going to bring in our live studio audience for reaction, but we check in with mike emanual, mike? >> we're hearing from democratic and republican sources that they are close to an agreement in the senate. harry reid and mitch mcconnell had been negotiating. they had paused for a time


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