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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 15, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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afghanistan fight in 2009. he placed westbrook in the choppechop er, bending down and kissing his forehead, captain swenson then returned to duty. thank you for joining us everybody. and this is a fox news alert, the clock is ticking, just hours ago we thought the house republicans were bringing a bill to the floor for a vote which would raise the debt ceiling, reopen the government. but there would be no votes on the house side tonight. but there are report that is the senate could in fact be close to a deal. in just a moment, we're going to bring in our live studio audience for reaction, but we check in with mike emanual, mike? >> we're hearing from democratic and republican sources that they are close to an agreement in the senate. harry reid and mitch mcconnell had been negotiating. they had paused for a time to
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let the house republican leadership see if they could get something done. but after that failed all eyes are back on the senate. let's take a look at what we're hearing from both the republican and democratic sources on this package. about three months, increase the debt ceiling, the nation's borrowing authority, and increase the amount for those who receive subsidies, and increase the budget for a long-term deficit deal. there was a focus during the day on the house of representatives. there was pressure from the right, some tea party conservatives not happy thinking they should continue going after obama care. there was pressure from the left, the house democratic leadership saying they were not going to support what the house gop leadership was doing. and so rather than risk a failed vote, they put a pause on it and allowed the senate negotiations to continue. now, if lawmakers were not feeling pressure already, the fitch ratings agency has issued
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a warning saying the u.s.'s triple a status is on waiting watch negative. it is not a downgrade but it is a warning. and we are told it is possible to quickly resolve it with a deal. sean? >> my two questions, one, is the fear of not paying our debts and obligations, is that really warranted, considering the u.s. takes about what? $220 billion a month to service outside debt, we're talking about what? 20 or $30 billion. so we're not at risk of default, the media is playing it that away. >> well, it is a question of who you believe, a lot of conservatives don't buy it. but you have the administration, a lot of people saying the sky will fall and the market will take a big hit. so the question is, if you're one of the lawmakers and worried about seeing it drop substantially, or you think it is a lot of hype, depends on who you ask. >> i understand that john boehner will be put in a little bit of a box depending on the
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timing of it, and if things slow down in the senate as we have been reporting on all night. but if things go back to the house, does that put john boehner in a position where he relies on a few liberal votes to pass the bill? >> sean, essentially the clock has run out. a lot of republicans are praising the speaker for fighting the good fight to try to de-fund and then delay obama care, but 15 days into a government shutdown they feel like the time is running out. and there is all of this concern about what may or may not happen on october the 17th. and so with the clock running out, the speaker may be in a spot where he has to accept something and take what votes he can to get it across the finish line, sean? >> all right, and in the end, they're still kicking the can down the road. as you pointed out, it is not going anywhere anyway. and to the white house, our are very own ed henry is standing by to tell us more. >> reporte good evening, we're likely to see the president come
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out and comment if in fact the senate deal sticks. but no comment, officials say that is largely because if he comes out, makes comments, it may just anger republicans at a time when they try to get both sides to finally come together and finish this up after a lot of fighting back and forth in recent weeks. the president has been on the side lines in these final hours. he met with house democrats today but didn't meet with republicans. remember yesterday there was supposed to be a bipartisan leadership meeting. they held it off because they were making progress in the senate. then you had the stall today in the house. so the president only met with democrats today. it would be likely he would get together with both sides tomorrow or the day after if they do seal all of this. and the president did an interview with wabc tv in new york city today and had had this to say about how he thinks they're inching closer to a deal. >> my expectation is it does get solved. but we don't have a lot of time. and so what i'm suggesting to the congressional leaders is
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let's not do any posturing. let's not try to save face or worry about the politics. >> now, the president also not negotiating directly with republicans, because remember he has had this stance of not negotiating over a potential default. not negotiating over reopening the government, saying he would do that another day if these two things move forward. it led to an interesting exchange with jay carney today, where he was pressed with the fact that the president met with negotiators, seemingly negotiating some of the details. jay carney says it depends what you mean by negotiate. >> i kind of like that, depends what you mean by negotiate, you know the interesting thing the president took that from the beginning. even the republicans asked, they got rid of the repeal the medical device tax. the individual mandate, that was put off the table. the only thing they reduced it to was holding congress and the senate to the same standards they put on the american people.
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that means no subsidies for them. that was viewed as unreasonable? >> and even that was not on the table either. that was in one of the versions of the house legislature that john boehner didn't have the votes for. they turned back, as mike emanual said, to a senate deal. that would not include that amendment by david vitter, in terms of congress and dealing with the health care issues. that could be brought back later if in fact they have these bipartisan budget talking in december. >> all right, thank you, ed henry, and we welcome our wonderful, bright studio audience with austin gouldsby here, austin, the republicans reduced this now to congress, the president's staff. the president, and the vice president would be held to the same bill that the american people -- they would have no subsidies. is that unfair or unreasonable? >> well, that is not exactly what it is.
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the case that is happening here is there is -- because they forced them into the exchange, unlike employers, where your employer pays a significant chunk of your health care costs, congress doesn't have that. and that is why they put in these subsidies, so that it would match what -- >> congress is not taken good enough care of -- >> they would put 100% of the health care costs of employees, which is unlike every other -- >> the average american watching tonight, they're not getting a 72% -- >> they don't want to have to go through what everybody else is suffering through, they also don't want to deal with obama care, that they forced down everybody's throats. i love how they call republicans unreasonable, you're are getting a debt ceiling hike without spending cuts, and barack obama and harry reid says no, we're not going to stand fair. we're not going to budge, how
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are the republicans being unfair? >> in the same sense that i go into mcdonald's, the guy says give me an extra five bucks and i won't spit on your onion rings, and i say wait a minute, you shouldn't do that, and he says let's make it 25 cents. >> the president of the united states would negotiate with the mullals, he will talk to them, the new president of iran, but he wouldn't -- >> wouldn't you? >> no, not really. >> this is the clearest example of failure. in the military, leaders are expected to lead by example, not expect their subordinates to do something they would not do themselves as leaders. and to make decisions that would benefit the greater good. what have we seen from obama? he refuses to negotiate with the republicans, he thinks that the white house and his staff are above obama care and he continues to use military members and their families and
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veterans as political pawns in this medical game. >> by the way, we have breaking news, the senate has now adjourned until tomorrow at noon. there was some thought that harry reid might get the cloture passed tonight, he did not. probably past his bedtime. jobs have been lost, part-time jobs are increasing. the train wreck in terms of the inability to people to actually get on the website, nothing short of a disaster, $624 billion disaster. million, with an m, sorry. and most americans are against obama care. but yet, this is what we're getting. rammed down or throat, anyway, reaction. >> obama care is a cancer on the health care system and our economy. we have been talking a lot about the state exchanges, they're clearly dysfunctional, you can't get on line with one. if you managed to, you would say i want to save money on premiums, i want to choose a bronze plan, guess what the
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bronze plan doesn't have? a cap on spending, meaning you could go bankrupt. you talk about the employer, 170 million people getting their insurance that way. well, guess what? with no mandate on the employer side, as you said, sean, people are going to go part-time, lose their health insurance. on the political side, i can't believe that i hear that president obama is not meeting with republicans. johnson would have been saying, let me offer you this, you offer me that. >> one example of the weekly standard, what liberal, not you, austin, want wants to respond, is a woman in pennsylvania, this is one woman who now -- and doesn't make a lot of money. and her premium, she is going to pay $765 more a month than she is paying now. what happened to the $2500
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savings, why shouldn't that be part of this debate? the president won't talk about it. >> because exactly what austin just said. we had this debate, we passed obama care, you guys may not be happy with it, it is the law of the land, the supreme court validated it. >> now we're seeing the reality of it. every promise was predicated on something that is not true. >> i'm going to say something to you right now i said to you two weeks ago on the panel, i'll keep repeating it to you. what you're doing right now is giving false hope, to your base, the conservative tea party base out there, this is doable. it is not, stop holding the economy hostage -- >> the larger plate here that both sides have to come to the table. we have to get rid of subsidies for congress. we have to fix obama care and deal with entitlement. and we have to do it as americans coming together to solve problems. not as partisans. >> not with a president who wouldn't negotiate. >> the president is wrong, the americans are wrong. >> why are they wrong?
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>> because they put forth a silly plan with ted cruz to de-fund a law that has been passed. >> you call it -- >> you got to be rational, right? >> well, look, the democratins, there are parts of what he says is correct, it takes two to tango, i'm glad you see that the president is as much to blame as the congress. >> leon panetta, saying today, we're governing by crisis, not leadership. however, at this point you had had the democrats reject a bipartisan plan between susan collins, the most liberal member of the caucus in the senate, they came up with a plan, the republicans were going along with it this weekend, the democrats rejected the forms that were actually common sense, i would have liked to have members of my party to consider, as well. >> what all of this is doing is essential
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essentially holding the american people hostage at this point. look at the calendar, right? coming to the end of october, we have the christmas and holiday season upon us. this is a happy time, a time when businesses out there do 40% -- >> happy for -- a rich millionaire living in chicago. >> when you hear this program, when you hear everything going on in washinre a business or regular person are you going to spend money? no, this is going to hurt everybody. >> and i have a question for you about the debt ceiling, we'll get all of you guys in, i promise. we have a lot of people to talk about it. coming up, we're monitoring any breaking news out of d.c., by the way, the breaking news is they adjourned and wouldn't be back in session until tomorrow. coming up, we'll check in with two house lawmakers squaring off in a heated hannity debate, and then later? >> i have to say when you start to act like you're committing domestic abuse you have a problem. >> domestic abuse, the language of the left hits a new low.
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our spirited audience weighs in on the battle. and ainsley earhardt is monitoring the situation, we'll be right back. make a deal with , and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. set your soul free.
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this is a fox news alert, we are continuing to monitor the situation in washington after the senate adjourned just moments ago, they are set to reconvene tomorrow, but first we want to hear what you think, our elected representatives.
7:18 pm
and we turn to ainsley earhardt. >> one woman says what happened to fiscal reform and spending cuts for raising the debt limit? we also hear from laura, who says if the u.s. is 16 trillion in debt aren't we already not paying our bills? we also hear from robert january, who says do we keep raising the debt limit forever? or do we at some point stop the insanity and get financially sound. one more to read to you, brian hamilton said when did politicians unlearn the art of the compromise. it is time for this lost art to reemerge. so we're asking people at home to send in the comments to us, hash tag ask hannity or ainsley.
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and we'll continue to monitor, where things stand. at this moment, the individual lawmakers, joining me now, republican congressman steve king who attended a super secret light night meeting last night. guys, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> all right, steve bring us into the super secret ted cruz strategy session from last night, what happened? >> well, it must not have been completely secret, sean, but it was a conversation from generally conservatives from the house and senate, and we talked about what the president may do and what our alternatives would be. we were in a moment of time, but the timing of it, here we are, a new circumstance tonight. one of the things that was brought up that i was surprised to hear was if we get to this october 17th date, there was a real fear in the room that the president would order that he
7:20 pm
would not pay the interest and not service our debt and bring about a willful default. and that shocked me that people actually thought the president would do that. >> well, if the president were to do that, that is a constitutional obligation we have to pay our debts and obligations. that is a good point. and congressman smith, you know, we take in $220 billion a month. i don't like the fact that the media and some people on your side of the aisle are scaring the american people saying we're not going to pay our debts and obligations. that is mathematically impossible, this debt is artificial, we know it, we're taking about 20 billion a month -- it is a small portion. >> first of all, sean, it depends on what you mean by debts and obligations, if you're talking about the interests we owe on the debt, we can cover that. but the federal government has a lot of bills, social security, veterans pay, what we know about the debt ceiling is that once
7:21 pm
you borrow that money we won't pay a bill we incurred. now we may have paid people who lent us money, but maybe we won't be able to pay workers or contractors, we will not be able to pay the bills we incurred. >> you're taking in $220 billion a month, that would fund social security, medicare, our military. >> it will not fund everything that the federal government does. >> no, it wouldn't, that is why there is a ceiling -- >> that is why you guys -- i agree. but we would not give up our debts and obligations, congressman king, you settle the dispute. >> what do you mean by the world "obligation"? >> it means our big obligations -- in other words, we would pay off our debt -- >> only the small obligations. >> listen, maybe you need a calculator in d.c. >> no, you need one. >> because if you take in $220
7:22 pm
billion and deal with a debt service of 20, that is a small amount. that allows us to pay also our military, our social security, medicare, medicaid. >> it does not allow us to pay all of our bills. >> exactly. >> as you admitted a second ago. that is our point. this may shock you, the epa is not as essential as you may think that it is. so we might survive as a country without it for a month. i hate to tell you that. >> how would you like to run a business where you said you know what? i just decided not the pay a third of the employees this month, you've all done the work, we're just not going to pay you. >> that is crazy. >> you have been in the news, you have to watch this show more, they already passed the bill in the house -- hang on, that 17% of the government that is not being funded, those employees laid off playing golf, working out, having a good time, eating lunch, drinking wine, they're all going to get back pay. >> well, sean, this argument
7:23 pm
about there is going to be a default is just not true. it takes 8% of our cash flow to service our debt and that is all. we're at this point because we overspent, and some say we have to borrow the money and pay all the bills because somebody voted in a previous congress that we have all of these obligations. somebody voted in a previous congress that we have obama care, but if we continue going down this path and the president pushes these trillion dollar deficits on us, eventually we're going to get to the point where even the adam smith economists will say we should have drawn the line. >> i have a question for you, this is important. you're talking about well, we can't fund that, this. here is a question i have for you. you guys up in washington have accumulated $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities. you have 17 trillion in debt, this president will double the debt of every -- single president combined before him.
7:24 pm
because he already has given us $7 trillion of obama debt. he will double the debt inherited. and how do our kids pay it back? >> we have a deficit problem, i am not going to argue it at all. >> so what are you doing about it? >> but that is a different thing than saying we're simply going to stop paying our bills. >> you're not listening. >> no, i'm listening. >> every time you borrow money, congressman, let me get this through your liberal head. every time you borrow money you're robbing from our children and our grandchildren. what part of that are you getting? >> sean, i have heard you. the part about -- >> not listening. >> the part -- >> sean -- it is hard because you never stop talking. >> i have a new grandchild that i expect -- snow adeficit. >> and that child will come through with the republicans and democrats to do that.
7:25 pm
>> yes, the debt is terrible, that is true, and the republicans have not passed entitlement reform and tax reform. >> everything that the president wants, no matter how irresponsible it is, they will defend the president. >> that is not what i'm doing. >> they're not defending policy, they're simply defending the president. then tell your president he is wrong. tell him to come to the table and negotiate with us so that we can start to reform entitlements like medicare and social security. >> why haven't you done that. >> and medicaid and obama care. >> why haven't you done that? >> paul ryan offered a plan. >> steve, can i say a word, the house republicans have been in power for three years, if it is such a huge problem, why haven't they passed something? >> i think you guys should go to a table. we should lock you in a room, not feed you, and you should balance the budget and stop robbing our kids, i think we all should do that.
7:26 pm
all right, coming up next here on "hannity". >> but i have to say when you start to act like you're committing domestic abuse you have a problem. >> the latest, perhaps most outrageous problem from the left to date. we'll play barbara boxer's disgraceful comments. and there is ainsley earhardt, who is working hard on the matter, you're locked out already, right? . she is locked out again. three weeks into this, austin, look at this, she can't get into obama care, no health care, what if ainsley gets sick. we'll get to that, straight ahead.
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. not a day goes by without an outrageous comment from the left. this one comes to us courtesy of democratic senator barbara boxer, now the liberal lawyer spoke yesterday on the floor when she had this to say about house republicans. >> i never questioned, never questioned the fact that republicans, democrats and independents love this country. love this country. i never question it. but i have to say when you start acting like you're committing domestic abuse, you have got a problem. i love you, dear, but -- you
7:31 pm
know, i'm shutting down your entire government. i love you, dear, but, i'm going to default and you're going to be reaped. something is dreadfully wrong. >> pretty unbelievable, and after giving the opportunity to distance herself from these disgusting comments, boxer's office instead told our producers, quote, senator boxer believes we all love americas n government shutdown and a catastrophic default. and we also called the national organization for women, and they didn't have the courage to denounce the speech, yet again illustrating the blatant. >> you know, some women in the united states have been victims of domestic abuse, and i think it is offensive to use this kind
7:32 pm
of language. >> it shows how the political fighting is getting in the way of good decision-making in the case. and the blame game won't get us to solution. by the way, obama care aside and politics aside, affect businesses like mine, that affect people like us, working for small businesses. we need to look at the implications and what it means for us, instead of just the blame game. >> i agree, we hear from them, we need to cool down the rhetoric, and yet we hear the democrats saying the republicans are jihadists. >> that is right, you have a bomb strapped to your waist, when you have this kind of rhetoric, how do you expect people to sit down and talk. >> let me go to jacques, you're a minister, i know we agree on things, but if you're a tea party, all the words used.
7:33 pm
barbara boxer's comments, it seems to come away from the left and they get away with it. >> because the substance of the right may be couched with political correct language, the real question is what happens when a political party implodes and holds the rest of us hostage. >> the republican party -- >> the democrats are completely unable to sustain themselves, you just saw this in the conversation you had with adam, kind of an ironic name. >> adam smith was talking about this brinksmanship -- >> and hold on -- the sequestration -- remember the sequester disaster that was going to happen to us? what happened, the sequester came, it is still there -- >> to senator boxer's point. >> chris hannah, chuck schumer. >> have you seen john boehner lately, he looks like he has been beating down for his own
7:34 pm
party. it is time for them to let them make a deal, the republicans would be having a very good week right now, and the government was working and all we were talking about was the mess-ups in the obama care launch. >> and there is no solution here, kicking the can down the road, all obama did is would not negotiate, now we'll kick the can down the road to january and february. that means, thank god it didn't go over my christmas vacation, i didn't really want to argue this like last christmas with the president. >> this is a short-term solution to a long-term problem, it is addressing the symptoms, not the problem, we'll continue to see this, pushing it off instead of dealing with the real issue. >> i promise, yes, jamou, you're being very patient tonight. i'm very proud of you, how are you? >> great, i'm in grr spirits because -- finally, cooler heads are starting to prevail -- >> you think republicans will
7:35 pm
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ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? . all right, she is back, to give it one more shot, we give it take three, co-host, taking the challenge of trying to sign up for obama care. take three, ainsley, what too we have? >> we tried again at first, then again, now we tried this week. once you sign in, you create the e-mail address, go to the next page and this is what it already looks like. i have filled it out. it asks you security questions, we changed it to salad, remember last week we put italian, we
7:40 pm
were worried it would increase the premiums, now we're a little healthier, so we're creating the accounts. it said your account couldn't be created at this time. call the marketplace center, return to create a page. i even tried at 2:30 in the morning last night, or this morning, and got the same page, so no luck, no dice, sean. >> ainsley, three weeks you can't get in, i feel sorry for you, if you need a doctor, doctor siegel will do it for free, you will do it on his cadillac care plan. >> seriously, we laugh babout i, but it is a concern. >> jamou, three weeks later, we can't get in. >> let's start with my joke, if ted cruz and john boehner are on a sinking ship, who gets saved? america. come on, sean, you know that is where we are. you know that is where we are. >> most of the room didn't even laugh. >> ted cruz was a guy i knew in college, we used to debate
7:41 pm
against each other. >> you used to debate? >> i did, i knew him very well and saw him every week. i think democrats would make a big mistake to under estimate him, he is very smart. i think -- >> but for ted cruz, the republican party would be in a stronger -- >> ted cruz has been rooting for failure from the beginning. and now they have doubled down on this cycle with the default. you have to look at just their wo wordings. rand paul said a default would be a pretty reasonable idea. this is where the republican leadership is. and we talked about leadership earlier when it comes to president obama, john boehner, who wasted our time all day today, needs to go. i am not a voting republican member of congress, but he -- he needs to be -- sent -- >> nancy pelosi is such a better leader -- >> what does jamou and the represent of them understand
7:42 pm
about representative government. the tea party people out there have elected representatives to represent their interest. texas voted for -- their interests, no. and congress, the house has the budget. and they don't have to fund anything that they don't want to. they're representing their interests. >> this is important, and i'll go to danine, you know what is not being discussed here is 90 trillion unfunded liabilities, is that number right, austin? >> you're forgetting future taxes. >> $17 trillion in debt, obama will double it in two terms, our kids, we're robbing them blind. >> that is -- >> sean, that is the real abuse -- >> 35 million americans -- >> will you let her speak -- 30 million will still be uninsured. >> the republicans have never -- >> danine. >> it is clear that obama care is a train wreck, look at people
7:43 pm
losing jobs and hours. i met someone this past weekend who was losing his job soon because of obama care. that is the real damage and harm going on in this country. when you have someone like barbara boxer, for example, minimizing domestic abuse and trying to make a correlation between republicans. no, the real harm and damage is from the debt we have incurred, the spending, as a lack of leadership that we have -- >> hang on, right here. go ahead. >> i want to go to what the tea party is representing and how the representatives. >> representative me. i'm a tea party conservative, so i'm in. >> with all due respect, in a minority. we're in a democracy, a democracy runs on majority, a majority rules. we are a democracy which runs, the majority rule. the minority has rights, but it is majority rules. >> what are you talking about. >> goes to the issue of obama care is the law. also -- hold on, there was an agreement in place, the senate
7:44 pm
passed a clean cr. boehner agreed to it. it was done. that is before ted cruz got in -- >> i don't remember. >> yes, it was agreed to. it was agreed to. >> we got to break, let me just tell you one thing. you have to remember we have a constitution. our constitution is our rule of law. we have separation of powers, part of those powers are that congress has the power of the purse. they all funding begins with them. and you know what? if they don't want to fund obama care, that is a power that our framers bestowed upon them. >> not 10%. >> it is a majority. obama won the presidency, the democrats won the senate. >> boehner doesn't want it. >> do you agree with that? do you think boehner deep in his heart doesn't want this? >> no, i think if he felt differently he had numerous poi points where he could have said
7:45 pm
this has gone on long enough. >> i think we should not have this endless spin continue -- >> good, we're going to rob our kids blind. you need to think about your kids, jacques. >> i am thinking about my kids right now. and in grand kids. >> we're robbing them blind. no generation has ever done this before. >> since they put it up for a vote. >> when the government goes to the bank and borrows money that is money that is not used for purposes today. the people are suffering from the national debt. >> why won't you put it up for a vote. >> coming up, more of the studio audience, later, we'll check back with ainsley, she is scanning twitter for your questions. and what you want to ask the studio audience, coming up straight ahead. >> test. >> test
7:46 pm
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welcome back to hannity and
7:50 pm
our wonderful studio audience, austin, president obama, the fact we're here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. a sign the u.s. government can't pay its increased $3.5 trillion with a "t" to $8.6 trillion. a hidden domestic enemy and says all of the debt was irresponsible. my question is that he didn't vote to raise the debt ceiling. why so angry at republicans? >> i'm not an angry person. i won't say i'm angry. >> you're not. >> i would make two points on this. the first is in 2006, the democrats were in the minority. there was no chance they can block the debt keeling if every republican in the senate said we want to be able to get up, and condemn the president and vote against the debt ceiling boy have no problem with that. because there won't actually be any threat of going over the cliff of the debt ceiling.
7:51 pm
>> but you agree with me is that our debt and obligation, we take in $220 billion a month. a lot of money. >> we take in $200 billion. about $300 billion goes out. about a third of what the government spends money on will not be able to pay the bills. they can try to pryor ties debt payments on the bonds so recognize the government going to get sued because nobody, the guy who built the highway there is no seniority for the bond holder. he's going to say why did you say the chinese and you didn't pay me? i built the highway. but the thing is that i think we should take a step back. and just sometimes you can take a position and then, you try to gauge is this position reasonable? or not? and i think the fact that democrats are unanimously against this, and 47% of
7:52 pm
republicans say they disagree with what the republicans are doing in the house is a sign i would simply suggest to you, that maybe you should think about whether you're actually seeing a little unreasonable. >> let me take your standard. the american people don't want obama care. we didn't know, president made certain promises about obama care. saying we'd save $2500. nobody is saving 2500s -- $2500. now, he made promises now, that reality is is a very altered reality. to use your standard i think the country should debate it over again. >> i agree 100%. >> they voted this 42 times. >> years in the making and being flushed out tlb problems with it. parts of it are delayed. and parts are changing. we should discuss it. >> one of the reasons we know
7:53 pm
it's falling apart is because of the demonizing. i'm going say the same thing you are. idea barbara boxer has to bring up domestic abuse is the sign of thing is falling apart. she doesn't want to bring up real issues. how can anyone debate whether you should have to prove what your income is to get a subsidy? of course you should. >> you're right. >> don't we want our pace makers to be covered?. >> these promises this president made to sell this, this reality is an altered reality. nothing like what he said it was going to be. >> if you agree with that, we live nay verbal economy. the head of the world bank says you don't want to go into default. the world global economy. >> that is a different issue. >> the world bank -- . >> if those in congress is not raised we'll not go into default. >> it's going to be raised. >> we'll take a break and we'll come back.
7:54 pm
more in our studio audience, and ainsley, right after the break. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children lauing ] move to thcountry, and live a long, happy life together where th almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after th get married, they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. welcome back to "hannity". we check back in with ainsley earhardt. there is apparently a comment about austin? >> yes. these are questions for the panel. first one is lane landis says will i get paid come november 1? i am a disabled vet and need pay to pay bills. thank you for serving. we also have victor warden. why it is so hard for upon kon gres to pass a budget? every american has to. it's time for congress to obey the law z austin, get ready. can you ask austin what is the magic number to stop borrowing? $20 trillion? when do we pay back? >> quick answer? >> answer is that it should be a share of your income not a raw number because as you get
7:59 pm
richer, the amount you can borrow, we should live within our mean autos yes. >> glad we went back to ainsley of i've been worried about her, she's not able to sign up for obama care. that is the story here, millions of people are getting letters from health insurance companies, plans are dropped, rates are doubled. they can't get on exchanges we've expressed concern about whether or not different members of congress represent our interests. best way to get them to do is align our interests with ours and make them go into obama care. >> do you have a three word comment? >> obama care, bait and switch. >> long term dujit reform, entitlement reform. >> go ahead. >> what boils down to is that you lost. it's time to sit back and get over it. because this is -- this is going to come to an end. >> governor huckabee, here is
8:00 pm
what -- sheer my, tloif fight another day. but in this one have you to give it up? if you don't you're going to take your party? >> don't stop fighting is my answer to it. we're out of time. see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> these are glitches that go quite frankly way beyond the pale behalf should be expected. >> now president obama's inner circle criticizing obama care shaping up to it be a disaster for american workers. we will have the very latest. >> nobody can explain it but it doesn't mean that we should make up stories like children to explain it. >> all right. your faith that there isn't a god is just as much as a leap as those who believe. >> is anti--religious feeling in america getting even worse? an nbc correspondent says yes. we will tell you what that is all about. >> i just think it's congress. >> i think probably the republicans are getting blamed but i don't know if they deserve it. >> just who is responsible for


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