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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 16, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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dry ice explosions at los angeles international airport. a, woulder who provide aviation ground services at lax was taken into custody. di carlo bennett is accused of taking dry ice from a plane to make the two devices. one went off in an employee rest room the others on a tarmac. this stemmed from a labor dispute and it was not terror related. no one thankfully was hurt in the explosion. >> two teenagers are under arrest in florida in a bullying case. the 12 and 14-year-old girls are charged with aggravated stalking. this is awful. rebecca stead wick's family says the girls bullied her for over a year both in person and on-line before she jumped to her death last month. police say an on-line post over the weekend led to her arrest.
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one of the girls wrote on facebook, yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself but i don't give a blank. police say parents need to be the first line of defense. >> it comes to cyber bullying, a lot of this occurred on-line. when it comes to cyber bullying it is very, very important parents understand tloois a first line of defense for the person being bullied and the person doing the bullying. >> this is out of control. no court case has been set. coming up on fox and friends we will talk to the polk county sheriff. >> the hall of famer cal ripken jr. facing danger once again. they arrested a suspect who pulled a gun on his mother. she immediately activated her car's panic alarm and the man ran away.
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he was later identified by an atm security camera photo. you might remember back in july of last year she was kidnapped from her house. 24-hours later she was found unharmed. a 35-year-old stunt man working on actor brad pitt's new film is stabbed in the shoulder. this happened in england during the filming for the world war ii movie, fury. stabbed another stunt man accidentally during a sequence. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >> the government shut down enters day 16 as the clock ticks down to the debt ceiling deadline. >> it is at the senate after the house gop leaders announced last night no votes to take up a revised budget proposal. elizabeth prann is live with more on that story. good morning, elizabeth. >> all eyes shifting toward the senate last night after house republicans canceled a plan for
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the bill in the late hours. a statement said he and republican minority leader and mitch mcconnell reengaged in negotiations and are optimistic an agreement is within reach. what are they, woulding with? it would raise the debt ceiling through february and it would include a spending bill through january 15th. it is said that it does not include a provision that relates to the sweeping healthcare laws medical device pack. some say they are up beat about a deal in the final hours. >> i don't think it's too late and we could force the senate but to do that you have to have a leadership, harry reid you have told us no, no, no and not made a counteroffer over and over. here's our office. all we are asking is treat individuals fairly vote on it. >> the political ad cassie
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imperative action for america which is a sector of the heritage foundation was largely behind side lining in the house last night. that group however does have a presence on the senate side. so we will see. heather, back to you. elizabeth prann, thank you. a fox business alert, wall street could be on the jagged edge today after failing to reach a debt deal in washington. joining us to talk about the deal on the market is here. >> sending a warning to congress last night. it took a first step in cutting the nation's perfect credit rating by putting u.s. ratings bonds on ratings watch negative and negotiations in congress are casting doubt over the full faith end credit of the united states. congress faces a deadline tonight to raise the nation's
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$16.7 trilli $16.7 trillion borrowing limit or risk de faults that could happen a few days later. investors are anxious. interest rates on short determine at the time are urge something with 3 month treasuries at a 2 year high. investors are not confident. they will be paid back by the united states which is long perceived as the safest place to invest. we cannot believe this is happening. when the market does open in about three hours from now one thing is guaranteed volatility. when stocks closed at the lowest of the session take a look at the dow falling 133 points. it was actually believe it or not the first loss in a week. if the market were to open right now we would sur pridingly see gains. but still expect lots of volatility. the gains are he could say hopeful that it will get done. there is a possibility we could get the 11th hour possibilities
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but it is just a band-aid. we will have the same discussion next year if we don't touch the underlying causes of the debt and spending issues. >> one announcement out of washington. >> i was prepared to tell you futures were down this morning. we have up arrows. >> maybe they will get a deal and the market will stay up. >> update on the denial of the military death benefits during the shut down. fisher arreared on the o'reilly factor. as far as he knows families have not received any checks yet. they are getting 25,000 to each military family even though the government is providing 100,000. this did not have to happen. >> is there a sense of urgency on the part of the federal government to help these people?
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>> edi think that is what kind angered me the most. there was no sense of urgency from anybody that it took constant pounding to you to get this issue front and center. the president signed legislation and families should be receiving those checks soon. a rare move from the former army captain who was just awarded the medal of honor. anna koyman is here with more on that story. >> good morning to everyone. a true rehero getting the recognition he deserves. william quinton receiving the medal of honor in a white house ceremony for his courageous actions from one of the bloodyest battles in afghanistan. helmet cam video is showing quinton escorting hi badly injured friend sergeant kenneth
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westbrook to the military helicopter and showing his compassion by giving him a kiss on the forehead. westburg died month later. members of his family were at the ceremony. >> i looked into a room that was there to support me, but i was there to support them and i will continue to be there to support them. my colleagues, families of the fallen, it's a powerful moment. >> quinton isn swenson is not d with the military. despite his critique of the commander's actions in afghanistan he is now asking the army to allow him to return to active duty showing that he is certainly a true patriot yet again. heather and ainsley. >> absolutely he is. takes a different kind of person to be like that. >> at least 8 people have been killed in nearly 20,000 ordered
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to evacuate. they were humbled through tokyo. the storm packing hurricane force winds and drenching rains. >> over 500 flights out of two tokyo airports. several lines stopped running due to high winds. this is the strongest storm to approach japan since october 2004. maria molina has more. >> it did impact parts of eastern japan during our overnight hours. talking about wind gusts of 100 miles an hour. the rain was affecting parts of japan as we have a nuclear plant out there damaged the 2011 earthquake and the tsunami that impacted the area.
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the storm system quickly moving away. we have areas of heavy rain impacting arkansas and louisiana and texas. several inches of rain but there is good news. not only improvement in the drought conditions because of the rain but it will quickly move eastward and we will be drying out behind it and temperatures will be cooler behind the frontal system. across the northeast we could be dealing with the rain also friday. high temperatures 55 over in minneapolis and 57 in the city of chicago. today heather and ainsley new york city at 68 degrees. >> it looks like it will be a beautiful day here. >> and enjoy it because again slight chance for a shower in the northeast tomorrow.
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>> come on. it stops right there. >> i am trying to prepare you. need an umbrella tomorrow. maybe. >> hillary clinton apparently already coming out swinging for her presidential campaign. she is drawing lines in the sand. the former secretary of state spoke at an event last night. she didn't specifically say she was running but she took the opportunity to poke jabs at vice president joe biden when she was asked about the bin laden raid she did make a point to talk about how she supported the raid and biden did not. he is also rumored considering ta run for the top office. >> a jury starts deliberating today over whether team owner marc cuban is guilty of insider trading. it accuses cuban of using inside information to dump millions of dollars worth of stock. cuban said he did nothing wrong and there are no criminal charges involved. but the jury could make cuban pay more than $2 million in fines. listen to this, another
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united airlines web site glitch caused fliers to scoop up round trip tickets abroad for 5-10 dollars. what a steal. not really. the company says it will not honor the next to nothing flight prices saying it was all an intentional manipulation of their web site. the tickets will not be honored unless customers have enough miles in their account. >> the cardinals and the dodgers face off in game 4 of the ncls. top of the third they lined the rbi double to left center. they take a 1-0 lead. they have a two-run home run. 3-zip at the top of the 7th. first ever career post season home run. cardinals would go on to win 4-2. and they are one win away from the fourth world series
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appearance in 10 years. the red sox they beat the tigers 1-zip. they lead the alcs two games to one. >> almost 13 minutes after the top. hour. there's a warning about a popular antibiotic about concerns it can do more harm than good. >> rutger's basketball coach using his players on camera. one university being sued by a student who claims that her basketball coach was even more. >> around the world an american soldier salutes his country as he wakes up for the first time after being injured on the battlefield. we want to hear your thoughts on that. you can tweet us or log on our facebook page. we will have it later on in the show. heart healthy, huh?!
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adt. always there. >> a brutal attack on a pennsylvania school bus. the video posted on facebook of an alternative high school student being beaten up. the 17-year-old got a bloody nose, three chipped teeth and a fat lip. he told police that he tried to get the bus driver to pull over and let him off but the bus driver didn't. in fact, police say that that bus driver never even reported the assault. three stew p dents and the bus driver could face charges. after airing some video images, tips are pouring in to london police in the case of the missing girl madelein mccann. this is after computer generated images of a possible figure aired on bbc on a show there. once more, two witnesses offered
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the same name after viewing the images. the man described was seen carrying a child matching mccann's description on the night she vanished back in 2007 around a resort in the town of portugal. >> two different people give the same name. not guilty that's what abu anas al libi pleaded at an arraignment. he is charged with plotting the embassy bombings in africa that injured 2 people and killed 12 earn ins. he was brought here to the u.s. on saturday. counter-terrorism officials plan to interrogate him for weeks but it was cut short because he reportedly suffers from hepatitis c. he told police he just wanted to be one with the tiger, a man mauled by a tiger at the broncs
2:19 am
z bronx zoo pleads guilty of jumping off the monorail train into the tiger's den while touring the zoo. as part of his plea deal he will have to spend a year at a mental hospital. >> talk about a dish fail to talk about a scientist discovered an 18 foot long fish off the coast of california this week. the fish was already dead. but it took 15 people to drag -- drag it out of the water. scientists say the fish lives so deep in the ocean that they are rarelyable to be studied. they are calling this the discovery of a lifetime. kind of looks like a guy p ant eel. >> coming up next with our country's veterans a day from losing their disability benefits one private organization promising to do what the government cannot. >> can you relate to jan brady. >> all i hear all day long at
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>> the events of the white house are affecting everything. including the garden. the vegetables in mrs. obama's garden is starting to rot. is it possible that he has engineered this whole shut down thing so he would finally have an excuse to eat a cheese burger instead of... (laughter) >> jimmy kimmel. that's pretty monfunny.
2:24 am
another show of support for our nation's military families. the wounded washor projects pledging money for the shut down. they will send out $500 checks to help servicemen and women cover some of the bills if the shut down doesn't end by november 1st. this is pretty scary the fda is recalling an antibiotic because of particles floating in it cotton fiber and hair. gross. it was distributed to pharmacies nationwide. the fda warns using the drug could result in blood clots causing stroke, heart attack and other serious medical problems. >> what's the name of that antibiotic? >> if you ever found yourself unable to stop eating too many oreos at once, might not be your fault. a new study says the oreos are as addictive in lab rats as drugs. eating the sugary treats
2:25 am
activates more neurons in it the brain's pleasure center than drugs do like cocaine. on a side note, the rats eat the creamy center first. >> the name of the antibiotic is what? >> what it is? theson. >> important to know because it is recalled by the fda. >> now it is time to brew on this. long held suspicions especially moms maybe have a favorite child. is this true? >> all day long at school i hear how great marsha did this or wonderful she did that. marsha, marsha, marsha. >> if you think it's the most successful best behaved kid, you are wrong. according to a new study of purdue university mothers are likely to favor children who they believe are similar to them in their beliefs and value.
2:26 am
another factor, gender similarity. >> so we want to know if you have a favorite child. parents answer us does he or she fit the formula. send us your answers shoot us an email at we will read them later in the show. it is 26 after the top of the hour. one person doing the pledge of allegiance but he is doing it for patriotic reasons. >> it is the soldier's salute that has gone viral. we want to know your thoughts on this amazing picture. soldiers waking up for the first time after being wounded in war. log on to facebook or tweet us. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals
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>> it is october 15th are t16th. police say they know who is planting dry ice bombs in the busy airports. they know what the motive is. >> a woman giving up a full ride when she quits the team sues the school because of her coach's behavior she says. the shocking abuse allegations. plus it is the salute seen around the world. an american soldier salutes his country as he wakes up for the first time after being injured on the battlefield. we are sharing your comments up next. fox and friends first starts right now.
2:31 am
♪ >> it is wednesday morning live from the streets of new york city. hope you don't have any regrets waking up with us this morning. >> darius rutgers from my hometown does so much in south carolina my home town. police making an arrest in connection with two dry ice explosions at the los angeles airport. a, woulder who provide ground services in l.a. x now in police custody. he is accused of taking dry ice from a plane to make the two devices. one went off in a rest room the other on the tarmac. this stems from a labor dispute
2:32 am
and was not terror related. no one was hurt in these explosions. >> a former new england patriots player aaron hernandez pleads not guilty to per surrey. she w he was arraigned in the murder of owe den loud. he admitteded to lying under oath during questioning after discovery of loud's b lloyd's b his home. he has pleaded not guilty of first degree murder. >> father of face fall haball h famer facing danger once again. police in maryland have arrested a suspect they say pulled a gun on bea ripkeripken. she activated her car alarm and the man ran away. he was later identified by an atm security camera photo. she has been through it. you may recall in july of last
2:33 am
year he was sh kidnapped from her home. 24-hours later she was found unharmed. new jersey voters are headed to the poll voting in a special election to fill the open seat of frank lawsuit enburg who died in june. new york mayor cory booker is number one but steve laudigan is not far behind and is hoping to change the long time senate seat to republican. >> the government shut down enters day 16 as the clock particulars down to the debt ceiling deadline. shifting back to the senate after house gob leaders voted there would be a no dgo to take over the budget proposal. we are live with more on this story. thought we could do it last night but no dice. >> we don't know what will
2:34 am
happen. there is optimism that will happen. house republican leaders had a couple different proposals to end the shut down and raise the debt ceiling because the votes weren't there. democrats said they will be blocked as some of the gop continues to demand changes in obama care. >> i don't think it's too late and we could force the senate. to do that you have to have real leader shim. you have told us no, no, no over and over. treat individuals fairly, vote on it. make your people vote and we will take up your offer after that. >> all eyes are now on the senate where talks continued into the night. the senate can move quickly or it can take several days assuming a deal is reached. in the meantime the markets took
2:35 am
a hit that it was reviewing u.s. debt. one final note of how we may have gotten here journalist and author ed klein says this whole idea of coming up to the line here as we deal with both the debt ceiling and the government shut down is it kind of fits in with the strategy by white house advisor valley jarrett who he said told the president this would ultimately come out in his favor if in fact there was a show down with republicans. back to you guys. doug luzader live for us in washington. thanks, doug. >> a rare move from army -- former army captain william clinton who was just awarded the medal of honor. anna kooiman is here with more on that. >> good morning. why everyone at home a true hero getting recognition he deserved. william quinton receiving a medal of honor in the white house ceremony amid word that he asked to return to active duty.
2:36 am
it's a rare request for a medal of honor recipient. an army spokesman says the request is now being reviewed. commended for his courageous actions in one of the bloodyest battles. helmet video shows him escorting his badly injured friend kenneth westbrook to a military chopper and showing his compassion by giving him a kiss on the forehead. westbrook died months later. members of his family were at the white house ceremony. >> i looked into a room that was there to support me, but i was there to support them and i will continue to be there to support them, my colleagues, families of the fallen. it was a powerful moment. >> officials are trying to determine if swenson is the first medal of honor resip kwent -- recipient to ever return to
2:37 am
duty. >> the flute seen around the world an army ranger receives a purple heart for his brave service. >> in extreme pain he saluted his commanding officer. his wife took a picture she posted it on facebook and it has been shared around the world. corporal hargis was hurt in afghanistan when a suicide bomb went off. four of his team members were killed in that blast. we post the picture on our facebook page. here's what you had to say. antonio says his body may be injured but not his spirit and belief in our great nation. >> charles says no thought, just pride. thank you, sir. >> stephanie says this kid is a national treasure. >> the names are released of the first two navy attack submarines to get female officers virginia and minnesota will be the first
2:38 am
attack subs to be integrated. this is possible because of the ban on women aboard navy submarines listed back in 2010. female officers will begin boarding the connecticut based sub by january of 2015. >> iran presents a proposal to cut back on its country's nuclear weapons program. this is the first sign of a compromise from the country after years of abuse with the u.s. and with six other world powers. the country's deputy foreign minister says they are making progress. >> we are very serious, we are not here politically, we are not here to waste our time. we are targeting negotiations. >> in return to scaling back the program iran had sanctions from the united states and other nations imposed would be lifted. those sanctions included asset freezes and travel bans.
2:39 am
>> now to an extreme weather alert at least 8 penal have been killed and nearly 20,000 ordered to evacuate as typhoon pummelled the tokyo region today. it packs hurricane force winds and drenching rain. >> more than 500 flights were canceled and several subway lines stopped running because of all of the high winds there. this is the strongest storm to approach eastern japan since october of 2004. maria molina is in the weather center talking about what's happening today. >> thankfully that storm system is exiting parts of eastern japan but not before it produced some significant rain. we are talking 30 inches of rain in a short amount of time on some of the islands east of japan. we are talking gusts in excess of 100 miles an hour. the big concern with the typhoon was rain across the fuj sheif y
2:40 am
she power plant. fortunately that exiting parts of eastern japan. across the u.s. we have a frontal boundary it was powerful dropping significant snowfall. 8 inches of snow. that's the same area that picked up 4 feet of snow earlier this month. we are not talking snow across areas of rain, areas of rain across parts of the great lakes as well. it is eastbound into interior sections of the northeast. tieing on the storm system relatively weak a couple of showers as we head into tomorrow. temperatures in the northeast not bad 68 in new york city, heather and ainsley, in the 50's across parts of the midwest. >> so nice. good news. thank you so much. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. they may not pay for it up front but there's a warning about a price tag down the road. >> a spanish teacher's past comes back to haunt her.
2:41 am
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it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. ♪ >> good morning on this wednesday. it is the middle of the week. thank you for waking up with us. the trial for the women accused of pushing her new husband off of a cliff in glacier national park is set for december 9th. jordan gram was n graham was non the courtroom. she is now on house arrest staying at her parent's home. >> a dallas texas spanish
2:45 am
teacher shehere she is canned f posing nude in playboy magazine. she sent an e-mail to inside edition saying she was fired from dallas independent school district. she posed for the pictures 3 years ago. they found the pictures and even a video posted on the men's magazine website. >> new rules to help stop those robo calls from if being into effect. today more than a year after they were announced, starting today businesses now need to have written permission to call your home. the new regulations widen the skoeb of potential class action lawsuits against violators of the 1991 telephone consumer protection act. i forgot it went back that far. the big oops. washington, d.c. accidentally makes ticket scalping legal. 8 city officials say the ban was somehow left out earlier this
2:46 am
year while redoing regulations on food trucks. a new law went into effect october 1st ss. dc police could not arrest any one trying to sell tickets on the streets. the city hopes to make ticket scalping illegal once again within the next month. >> obama care is going to feel the effects. >> good morning, diane. >> we have heard the obama administration say time and time again the affordable care act will have no effect on the hiring practices but the ceo of restaurants which own them is not true. companies like his will end up highering part-time employees instead of full-time employees because of the law's requirement. >> it is very simple. physical you increase cost of something businesses will use less of it. if you decrease the cost they
2:47 am
will use more of it. you decrease the cost of part-time employment and you will have more part-time employment. >> if you are an employee your job is being helped by obama care. many acorn branchs have come back under new names with a new job. to sign people up for help. you may know the original group known in full as the association of community organizations to reform now went bankrupt in 2010 after employees were caught on camera telling clients how to cheat on taxes which caused congress to cut it off from federal funding. experts say young and healthy candidates who sign up for insurance will pay higher premiums to offset the costs of older sicker patients because insurance companies can't charge the laddtter more money. if you charge the young too much they may skip the whole program. we will see if they struck the
2:48 am
right balance. >> thank you diane macedo. >> still ahead, it is hard to forget the former rutger's basketball coach accused of abusing players on camera. one university being sued by a student who claims her basketball coach was even more abusive. >> plus one school segment doesn't matter. the ridiculous new ban that will leave a lot of kids crying. first let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on the show. >> there will be no crying. we will tell you what's happening on our show. "fox & friends" will welcome the widow of chris kyle. she is here to talk about her husband and about the shut down and how it is hurting veterans today. plus a veteran himself lieutenant colonel allen west weighs in on theda suspect now in new york city including not guilty in an american court to terrorism charges. the former governor of new mexico the former dnc chair and
2:49 am
mill richardson is here to talk about his intersections with sadam hussein and omar. she is under fire for going after unfit mothers. oscar award winner octavus spencer will be here live. that and two of the people who remain nameless until they walk out themselves in just 11 minutes. put something on. sed to. sed to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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welcome back. you have to hear this. a women's basketball coach is accused of verbal and physical abuse. allegations are against holy cross coach bill givens. a former player allegation in a lawsuit that a former official knew about the abuse and tried to cover it un.
2:53 am
the former player accuses the coach of, quote, violently pulling her by her shirt and yelling at close range. givens coached at holy cross for 28 seasons and has 533 career wins. >> a principal worried that some of his students didn't know the federal government has been shut down, so he made the decision that alliance high school would refrain from reciting the pledge of allegiance to remind them of the problems in washington. they only went one day without reciting it, and will not skip the pledge in the future. >> is it ever too late to say you're sorry? in an on-lineçó column. rial hunter apologizing for her affair with former presidential candidate john edwards. hunter says she realizes that writing a book didn't
2:54 am
help matters and so she is reissuing the memoir as an e-book. >> the award goes to -- tkropl roll. ashton kutcher. he tops the list of highest paid actors in u.s. television. he makes $24 million a year, plenty of money for him to invest in silicone startups which has become his fashion. six minutes tpheult -- until the top of the hour. we told you moms really have a favorite child. we asked you if you have a favorite child. responses next. >> an entire town comes >> an entire town comes together to fight crime. i'm beth...
2:55 am
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it's now 57 after the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. a house panelñi will grill the head of the national park service today about why the white house barricaded national monuments during the government shutdown. new jersey voters head to the polls today voting in a special election to fill the seat of the late democratic senator frank lautenberg. newark mayor cory booker is the front-runner facing republican steve lonegan. the f.d.a. is recalling an antibiotic because of particles found floating in it. it is called destrose. it could cause blood clots. be careful. >> a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a ten-year-old new jersey girl being treated for cystic fibrosis is getting her wish to meet pop star selena gomez. the star's publicist reached out to make it happen. next the bad. a teacher in the u.k.
2:59 am
banned students from handingçyá%óñ out birthday party invitations unless the entire class is included on the guest list. the teacher believes leaving out classmates could have a serious impact on the children. finally, thejf ugly. neighbors in a small english town came together to stop a car thief, but they didn't just stop him. look. they trapped him in the car that he was trying to steal until police arrived. >> time for your brew on question of the day responses. earlier in the show we were telling you about a study that shows moms tend to favor the child that is most like her over the one that is well based or successful. -- that is well behaved or successful. we asked does your child hit this formula. >> leslie says i have five sons and i have a favorite. my favorite child is the one who need me the most at that particular time. >> another viewer tweets i've never been the favorite child but my big brother got the recognition and i got reprimanded.
3:00 am
>> i'll cheat and say both of my children are favorites in different ways at different times. >> thanks so much toçó everyone who responded. >> we always appreciate it. i don't think my mom had a favorite. what about yours? >> my baby brother. she loves us all. i'm just kidding. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, october 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. less than 24 hours until the u.s. hits the debt ceiling. but is washington any closer to a deal? another day, another stalemate. >> acorn is back. remember when acorn was busted for teaching people how to break the law? they're back now trying to sign people up for obamacare. terrific. >> you talk about that. i'll talk about this. the nominees for the rock n'roll hall of fame are in. ♪ ♪


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