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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 16, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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of my children are favorites in different ways at different times. >> thanks so much toçó everyone who responded. >> we always appreciate it. i don't think my mom had a favorite. what about yours? >> my baby brother. she loves us all. i'm just kidding. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, october 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. less than 24 hours until the u.s. hits the debt ceiling. but is washington any closer to a deal? another day, another stalemate. >> acorn is back. remember when acorn was busted for teaching people how to break the law? they're back now trying to sign people up for obamacare. terrific. >> you talk about that. i'll talk about this. the nominees for the rock n'roll hall of fame are in. ♪ ♪
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>> just paul, no oates. we'll find out who is in the running and find out why oates is upset. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> which one is paul and which one is oates? >> they answer to both. oates has the curly hair. am i right? >> okay, so hall is the blonde. i like those guys. i guess by virtue -- they have been nominated to the rock n'roll hall of fame? >> we don't know. part of the magic of doing the show live. >> today is a special day. as soon as the show is over i've got to vote in the special new jersey election. i'm going to vote like 15 times. >> you have to vote for cory booker or steve lonegan. >> both have been on the show. >> one time.
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just one vote. >> because i'm on tv. any way, new live in new jersey, make sure you vote. two minutes after the top of the hour. the government shutdown enters day 15 with less than 48 hours until the debt ceiling deadline and focus has shifted back to the senate as house republican leaders said there will be no vote to take up a proposal. >> we're live in washington, d.c. with more on that story. what is the latest there? >> reporter: all eyes shift over to the senate after house lawmakers surprisingly canceled a vote late last night. senate democratic leader harry reid's aide said in añr statement that he and republican leader minority leader mitch mcconnell have, quote, reengaged in negotiations and they're optimistic an agreement is within reach. so what solution are we hearing about? first, the continuing resolution would continue through january 15. the debt ceiling would go up through february 7, which, of course, does include the option for the president to retain the
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ability toçó take, quote, extraordinary measures if needed. it also includes income verification for those who receive subsidies on insurance exchanges andñi instructions to provide partisan budget committees to report by mid-december. some lawmakers say they remain optimistic about reaching a deal. >> i think republicans will figure out what they might be able to pass. the senate, there are discussions that continue to go on there. we're up against the clock. as you know, hours are ticking away but i think we'll get there. >> the credit agency fitch does warn if congress does not raise the debt ceiling in a timely facial there could be a --ñi timely fashion there could be the possibility of a downgrade. >>ñiç?$vqáuqrdayçó the house sad i throw up my hand, i'm kicking the billçóñi back to
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the senate but the bill they get back to the house tonight or this afternoon is likely going to be worse than the one they rejected by their own speaker yesterday afternoon. will john boehner use democratic votes to pass this thing before we hit the deadline? >> we don't know. americans are left wondering, veterans are left waiting and certainly markets are shaken. that while the obamacare debacle keeps getting worse. we're getting information that acorn operatives are trying to sign people up for the affordable care act. i mean, this is -- they're banking on the american people forgetting what happened in terms of voter fraud. we need to ring the bell a little bit on this one. >> remember back in the old days we used to show this video. >> i have noñi recollection. >> back in 2009, famously they were caught in a sting operation by journalists to show they were showing people how to break the law. as it turns out, did you realize the federal government, in addition to all the money we're going
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to spend on obamacare, the federal government has allotted $67 million for navigators to go out and tell people about obamacare and get them to sign up. there is an outfit in new orleans, united labor unions council local 100, enrolling people in obamacare. apparently the council was started by this wayne guy who was the founder of acorn. remember, barack obama once worked with acorn as community organizer. >> that makes you think, doesn't it? >> the other important thing about it, elisabeth, as i grab that away from you for just a second, is the fact that after the scandal and they were exposed acorn was banned from getting taxpayer money. if they're getting some of this navigator money in that kind of serpentine way, it is still illegal. >> $67 million has
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supposedly been allotted to this. the american people have great cause to be concerned about their personal information, medical information, financial information being handed over not just in terms of the money the government may be giving them but your information that it is being given to an organization that will most likely be used against you at some point politically. >> number one, we have to be find out if obamacare will be intact after these negotiations go through. then there is this thing, people who want to sign up for it, curious about it, unable to get it. it's bad software, bad planning, unworkable. pick your poison. it is poison. we don't know if it's going to work. we don't know if the greatest detractors will be proven correct or greatest supporters will be proven correct because people can't sign on. this isn't some right-wing plot. this isn't biased reviews. this is the left. listen. >> is excruciatingly
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embarrassing for the white house and for the de and human services. this was bungled badly. this is not a server problem, just too many people came to the website. this is a website architecture problem. i think it is -- again, it's excruciatingly embarrassing. >> i don't think we should be making excuses. there should have been a better rollout and a better design. >> we're going to do a challenge. i'm going to try and download every movie ever made, and you're going to try to sign up for obamacare. we'll see which which happens first. >> the problem is people can't get on-line. how many times have we heard the administration say, especially during the election, we patterned obamacare after what happened in massachusetts with mitt romney care. did you realize back when they signed up people in massachusetts for health care, the average person in massachusetts would look at the website, shop around, figure out what's cheapest
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and go on-line 15 times. apparently this administration figured people would go on one time and sign up. but they haven't been doing that because you've got to establish an account. people can't go shopping as you would in a normal way. you've got to establish a password, an account, security questions and stuff like that. and it's just -- they didn't take the model from massachusetts. they have applied it awkwardly, and now we're left with this stink bomb. >> as former press secretary gibbs was talking exactly about the embarrassment that is that website, not even mentioning actual programs that may be coming forward, did you see the body language of everyone on the set. stunned. then gibbs is shifting. he can't be saying that. >> the canadian company that set this up was fired by the ontario provincial agents, the province of ontario, for being 14 months late on the last
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governmental project they had. that is the program, that is the company that got their non-bid job. if you want to know how bad it is, look into their history. this is pretty much par for the course for the company that is hired. meanwhile, who is paying the price? mostly for this government shutdown. and who is being ignored as performed the greatest arguably over the last 11 years? >> you might say our military. as we have seen over the last couple of days with the protests down in washington, d.c., active duty, retired furious. keep in mind the world war ii memorial was closed because of the government shutdown. but also death benefits had been denied because the government simply shut down. ken fischer, chairman of fischer house pledged $100,000 per person killed over there. the government simply has not helped them out so far. listen to this. >> it's taken already two weeks, and it's going to
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take longer. as far as we know, families have not received their checks yet. they may not receive them for the rest of the week. >> is there a sense of urgency on the part of the federal government to help these people? >> you know, bill, i think that's what kind of angered me the most, that throughout this whole episode that there was no real sense of urgency from anybody, that it took constant pounding from you and from other people like you to get this issue front and center. >> ken fisher was on here the other day. the wounded warriors put up $20 million and to the administration's credit, chuck hagel did reach out to thank them as did valerie jarrett. >> we appreciate those efforts for our military men and women. right now we're going to turn to heather nauert. >> good morning. ten minutes after the hour. a baggage handler is under arrest for that dry ice series of explosions at los angeles international airport. and the motive is disturbing. the 28-year-old is accused
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of taking dry ice from a plane to make a bomb. sources say this could all stem from a rivalry between workers, two companies who service the plane just merged and the employees reportedly are involved in some sort of turf battle. we'll keep watching this one for you. she was tormented so badly at school that she took her own life. and now two girls ages 12 and 14 are under arrest and have been charged in her death. rebecca sedgewhich jumped off a tower in florida. she was bullied by two classmates by one year. the arrest came from a facebook. i know she killed herself but i don't give a blank. >> when it comes to cyber bullying, it's very, very important that parents
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understand there is a first line of defense for either the person being bullied or the person doing the bullying. >> that sherrif will join us live at the bottom of the hour. it has happened once again. the 75-year-old mother of cal ripken jr. has been terrorized. this time by a guy with a gun. she was in maryland when it happened. she pushed her car's pan i can alarm and the guy took off. he was arrested. last july she was kidnapped from her home, found unharmed 24 hours later. hall and oates hoping for a little love from the rock n'roll hall of fame. ♪ ♪ >> joining hall and oats, linda rondstat, along with the rapper ll cool j.
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>> congratulations to kiss. >> coming up, are our nation's heroes being used as political pawns in washington. what does this widow think5mj4(3 of congress's actions? she joins us next. >> a critical case being heard by the u.s. supreme court and it could mean big changes for affirmative action. we'll meet a lawyer who says this is a good thing. right back. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves.
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yesterday's protesters took to the world war ii memorial again. this after heavy protesting this weekend. the message they want washington to hear is stop using the military community as a political pawn, from sequester up in this latest debacle. >> that's right. if lawmakers can't come to an agreement by november 1, more than five million checks to veterans and their families won't be paid. >> joining us right now is
3:17 am
the widow of chris kyle, an american sniper and maybe the best we had, and author of this book, "american sniper." it is out in memorial edition. it is about chris kyle. he was here promoting the book but lost his life while helping a fellow soldier. how are you. thank you for joining us. >> i'm doing fairly well. good days, bad days but lots of support. >> this was a bestseller before chris passed away. the gun history also a i'm waiting for the military to say we're there for you, we support you. that is one way to help you and your family. >> this is a book to help all veterans. this is a story about all veterans. >> the memorial edition is awesome. it has letters in there that weren't included prior to from your kids to chris. i think that it is such an incredible tribute to his life and all that he did
3:18 am
for others, and he literally saved countless soldiers and speaks for the veterans. what would he say about what's going on right now in washington? our nation's greatest are being left defenseless when they come home right now. >> he would definitely be appalled. i think it's atrocious really that veterans, people who signed up -- chris used to say military members sign up. they sign a blank check for the united states of america, in return they give their life.ñr the least we can do is have food on their table. they're already living paycheck to paycheck. when you take away their paycheck, it is more than not having money for retirement. it's taking away money for food and diapers. >> death benefits that have to be written. warriors who stepped up with a huge check today. fisher house stepped up from the shadows. what is your reaction to the private sector filling
3:19 am
the gap? >> i think it's amazing. it is an important thing for people to remember. we don't need necessarily the government for people to take care of everybody. when you have money in the private sector you have people who work hard to get that. that's separate tpwr this particular -- spate -- that is separate from this situation. i don't think veterans disability checks should be cut. >> i see chris's dog tags around your neck. the big thing is the memorial edition of chris's book, biography, includes letters from your kid. can we look at some of those experts and maybe you can add color to what went to it. it says dad, i miss you a lot. one of the best things that happened to me is you. i love you dad. i always will loveñi bubba. how old is bubba? >> just turned nine. >> we have one more. daddy, i love you dad.
3:20 am
you are the best dad ever. i never wanted you to die. i will miss your heart. i will love you even if you died. love you forever, baby girl. i mean including these was, i'm sure a huge decision. how old is this baby girl now? >> she's seven now. they wrote these when they were eight and six for the mem it went on the pamphlet for the memorial. there are a lot of letters inçó there. we didn't ask people to write in any particular way. we asked a sampling of people to write whatever they want. >> how often do you go out of your way to bring up their dad? >> we talk about him all the time. we feel like he's with us all the time. there are definitely times when i feel an overwhelming need to tell them your dad's really proud of you right now. sometimes i can say it without crying. most times i can't. and i can't explain why i did it. but when i do, i tell them.
3:21 am
we laugh at his jokes. >> did the administration ever reach out to you? >> no. >> not one time? >> no. >> get this memorial edition of "the american sniper." >> thank you for having me. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild.
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quick headlines. a 35-year-old man working on brad pitt's movie was stabbed with a bayonet. he'll be okay. >> a teacher in dallas, texas, fired for posing nude in playboy. 26-year-old cristy nicole deweese posed before becoming a teacher but she'll be fired yesterday. >> affirmative action on
3:25 am
trial yesterday. arguments began in the supreme court that may have a major impact across the country. at issue is the state of michigan prop 2 which is a law banning any consideration of race for public college admissions. but can a law meant to cut down on discrimination be discriminatory? here to discuss that is joe hicks, vice president of community advocates. he joins us from l.a. joe, good morning to you. >> good to be with you.ñr >> it seems odd to be talking to you about this because you are now -- you think affirmative action is a bad idea. although about 20 years ago in the state of california, you fought for it. >> i did. i spent almost a year of my life as a spokesperson for the grouping folks here in california wanted to preserve affirmative action. in the course of that year-long battle, i wound up switching side. i started reading material of my opponents and was swayed by those arguments,
3:26 am
found them very persuasive. now strongly believe we need to dismantle this machinery, this race preference machinery that's been put into place over the last 20 or so years. >> chief justice john roberts wrote in 2007, he said the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. >> makes sense to me. >> exactly right. yet it's been the law of the land for a very long time. i saw you told one of our producers that for awhile you heard so many people say that, quote, crazy conservatives are trying to take things from minorities. >> well, that's what i believed. i thought that affirmative action, i didn't really consider it that carefully. i thought it was part ofñi the body of civil rights measures that had been put into place, and in a knee jerk way felt we had to defend it because these crazy conservatives and, you know, kweupbdz are
3:27 am
trying to -- and republicans are tryingñi to take thingsñi back. it turns out, it's interesting history. the original civil rights architects, and i headed up the southern christian leadership conference here in los angeles for about five years. it was an organize founded by martin luther king. this is a guy that as we know stood on the steps during the -- 50 years ago in the march on washington and said he wanted people to be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. as we heard, the arguments coming from the other side now opposing, you know, dismantling affirmative action, are saying, no, we do need to consider race, people do need to be treated differently because of their skin color. i find that very bizarre that they are now basically in the position where the segregationists were 20 or so years ago arguing against dismantling of segregation laws. >> to many it doesn't seem
3:28 am
fair, doesn't seem right. we'll see what the u.s. supreme court does decide this term. joe hicks joins us today from l.a. sir, thank you very much. what do you think about that? e-mail us or twitter at fox and friend. >> coming up, are we about to get downgraded again? and what will that do to the markets? stuart varney knows. he's approaching the studio. good morning to you, stu. the video you'll be talking about all day. would you be daring enough to do this? meet the men who are. last name not knievil. first happy birthday to our friend suzanne somers. ♪ ♪ ♪ only at red lobster where we sea food differently.
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a fox business alert. here we go again. congress without a deal and the debt ceiling hours away. another ratings agency fires a warning shots threatening to downgrade our credit rating. what is this all about and what does it mean for your wallet? >> i want know what stuart varney thinks. i saw him 20 minutes ago on
3:33 am
megyn kelly's show. >> these rating agencies pass judgment on america and its finances. they are issuing a warning shot saying we're fed up with endless crises. we're tired of your inept political leadership. here's a warning. we're putting you on watch. if you don't shape up, you might get another downgrade. >> by when? >> there is no timetable on this one. you don't know that. there is a warning shot. shape up or downgrade may be coming. >> is that affected globally? >> they are passing judgment on america's financial performance. they are expressing a lack of confidence in america's government and its ability to handle our finances. >> in particular, stuart, though, they are worried about the amount of debt the united states of america has on the books? >> that is the central worry. we have failed to control our debt -- >> that's why they're still
3:34 am
there. they're reminding people. >> the whole world is worried about america's dissent into unpayable debt. that is part of the reason for this warning. >> the house yesterday said we cannot even come up with a plan, so the senate says i'll take it back inexplicably. today we understand they're optimistic, they are e going to put something forward. how are the markets reacting? >> you're going to see stock markets rise at the opening bell this morning. surprise, surprise. a lot of people were expecting another sharp decline as we saw two years ago when we were downgraded by s&p. this morning futures indicate -- an kaeurgt of how we're going -- an indicator of how we're going to open -- up 50. >> why? >> the market thinks there will be a last-minute deal. if there is not a last-minute deal, we will absolutely not default. we're confusing this word default. we don't default at midnight tonight if there is no agreement. we only default if we don't pay the interest on our debts. we'll never let that
3:35 am
happen. the markets will say we're not going to default. we'll probably get a deal. >> is that going to be tarp-like when the house rejected tarp? >> i'm not going to make a prediction about the stock market. three hours from now when this market opens, stocks will go up because we will not default and because the market thinks we may get a last-minute deal. >> three hours from now you're going to be on television on the fox business network. >> again. >> at 9:20. >> stuart, that's big news for the other big news, we go to heather nauert. >> he always puts things in perspective so well. got headlines for you. caught on video, a brutal attack on a pennsylvania school bus. this video was posted on facebook. it shows a high school student getting punched. the 17-year-old got a bloody nose, three chipped teeth and also a fat lip. he told police that he tried to get the school bus driver to pull over and let him off the bus but the driver wouldn't do it.
3:36 am
in fact, police say that bus driver never even reported the assault. three students and the bus driver could now face charges. we'll keep watching that one. is hillary clinton coming out swinging for her presumed presidential campaign? the former secretary of state taking jabs at vice president joe biden. at an event last night she told the crowd that biden did not support the raid against osama bin laden, but she did. listen to this one. this is a scary story. the f.d.a. recalling an antibiotic because particles were floating in it. particles include metal, cotton fiber and hair. the drug is called dextrose. according to the agency's release, the f.d.a. warns using this drug could result in blood clots, strokes, heart attacks or other serious problems. check out this video.
3:37 am
out of red bull rampage in utah. >> look at that right there. daredevil mountain bikers taking it to the extreme. american kyle strait took home the gold. they have got award for everything these days, don't they? >> meanwhile, the music industry would not be what it is today without the one of a kind sound of motown records. >> anna kooiman has us singing and dancing this morning. what are you talking about? >> i'm giving you an all-access pass to motown the musical and i challenge everybody at home to play "name that tune." ♪ ♪ >> audiences are singing along with diana ross, michael jackson, stevie
3:38 am
wonder, marvin gay, the temptations and more. >> the soul of the nation, motown the musical, we're taking you behind the scenes on broadway. the show features the life of berry gordy. ♪ ♪ >> more than 50 of motown's biggest hits take crowds down memory lane. the process of putting the show together, you've got a hand in with the real berry gordy? >> yes. i did. leading up to the beginning, about two and a half years prior. the biggest show i've done, 19 pieces in the orchestra, 40 cast members. ♪ ♪ >> i want to play the two little boys who play michael jackson. >> nobody wants to meet them. >> when little michael comes on stage, what does
3:39 am
the audience do? >> yell. yell all the time. >> that makes you want to really perform. >> time for a dance lesson. [singing] >> next up, diana ross, who changes costumes 21 times. >> diana ross and the supremes were america's sweethearts. to sing about love child was controversial at the time. >> and smokey robinson. ♪ ♪ >> the actors have to pinch themselves playing their musical heroes. >> he's sensitive, intimate, sexual. at the same time there's
3:40 am
room in him for this huge spiritual conscious awakening. it's who i dreamed to be. >> in this show you already know the songs backwards and forwards, not learning them for the first time. >> "fox & friends" let's catch "motown: the musical." and sing along but let's not quit our day jobs. ♪ ♪ >> someone get her a costume, please. >> okay. >> very nice. anna, i sound great in the shower but you actually sound great on stage. >> i think i sound a lot better than i actually tkofplt -- than i actually do. you know what's cool? they have 350 wigs. from 1969 to 1983, so the hair gets bigger and bigger and bigger. >> the audience sings along with you? >> yeah. it's great. >> you've got rhythm.
3:41 am
>> coming on up, she was tormented so bad at school, she took her own life. now two girls are under arrest charged in her death. we're going to meet the sherrif who is sending one very tough message. >> did president obama underestimate the power of the g.o.p. again? we'll see. or was he playing it just right? former governor of new mexico, democratñi bill richardson, talks about himself, his new book andw himself, his new book andw this. [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exi. avoid if you te clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor abouxium. the president came up with idea sequesters, defense budget cuts in hopes republicans would never let it happen. as you know, he was wrong. >> are democrats once again underestimating the power of the republican party? which side will budge first in the next 16, 17 hours. our next guest has made deals with dictators and has come here with sound advice for congress. >> the worst of the worst and now the best of the best. he is former united states ambassador to the united
3:45 am
nations and author of "how to sweet talk strategies." he is also former governor of new mexico. governor, welcome back. you're used to dealing with the worst. how do you do something so easy as getting republicans and democrats together if you're the president? has he been playing this right? >> yes, i think so. what needs to happen is he needs to get everybody in a room, say that they've got to make a deal and not let anybody out. maybe do it in the lincoln bedroom. >> governor, why hasn't he done that now? you know negotiation tactics. you know what's going on. >> what i think has happened -- it may be too late. first, get a mediator, third party, tim geithner, people that know the budget, know the economy. that hasn't happened. but the outlines of a deal are there. look, you're not going to touch obamacare. that's not going to happen.
3:46 am
there should be an agreement on the debt limit on the shutdown, and then you negotiate. you negotiate on tax reform, entitlement reform, spending cuts, and then maybe to look good at the end they can say let's look at immigration reform, let's look at a long-range strategy on energy, a bigger deal so they get out of this morass. >> you've got to negotiate. the white house said the president is not going to negotiate with republicans. you said get everybody in the room. that would take a leader. there are a lot of people on the right who said the president has been awol. >> the president has said he's not going to negotiate on the debt limit because of default issues. >> everybody else did. >> but they made a deal. and, you know, the president, the obamacare passed the congress. it's the law of the land. it was certified by the supreme court. but i think there are other issues that republicans think are important that can be on the table.
3:47 am
i mentioned them: tax reform, spending cuts, a long-range budget deal, some kind of economic growth package. >> you dealt with reagan during the shutdown, and you were with bill clinton during another one. how would they have handled this differently? >> i think that, look, president obama, i think, has done a good job. >> how? >> he has tried to negotiate. >> you won't negotiate. >> on the debt limit. but one side, when he had 30 to 40 republicans that are very intense that have really put this country, i think, on a very dangerous path, they say they won't budge. and then the speaker won't take a full vote of the house of representatives. let the house work its will. this is what -- when i was in congress 15 years, you know, both side would say all right, let the members decide. have a vote. have a test vote. let's see who has the
3:48 am
stuff. >> when you look at the american people, a brand-new poll came out and said 81% are disappointed in washington. a brand-new poll. also when you look at the rhetoric, aren't you disappointed in the rhetoric? i think we've got a sound bite. charlie rangel comparing the republicans to the confederates. >> this isn't a question of the house and senate differing. this is not even a question of republicans and democrats differing. this is all about a handful of people who got elected as republicans that want to bring down our government. you can see it in the streets. you can see where they're coming from. and the same way they fought as confederates, they want to bring down the government and reform it. >> you know, steve, they're tired. they're ticked off. >> get some vivarin or red bull. we're all tired. >> there is media glare. the caucuses are intense. i remember those caucus
3:49 am
meetings where everybody tries to outdo each other. i think what needs to happen now, everybody cool down. get the president to bring the negotiators into the white house and say we're going to shut the door until you get out. >> this is why you were successful, governor, why your book is a must-read. you dealt with north korean leaders, saddam hussein, omar. i lived up to it. i wish you were involved somehow. but thanks for coming today. >> thank you, sir. coming up, she was tormented so badly at school, she took her own life. so who is to blame? >> when it comes to cyber bullying, and a lot of this occurred on-line, when it comes to cyber bullying, it's very, veryñi important that parents understand they are the first line of defense for either the person being bullied or the person doing the bullying. >> that sherrif joins us next. can you make campll's chicken noodle soup? yes!
3:50 am
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3:53 am
thanks for being with us. she was tormented by bully sos bad at school and on-line for more than a year that 12-year-old rebecca took her own life last month. now two girls have been charged in her death. what led to these arrests? what can be done to stop cyber bullying? joining us now, sheriff grady judd. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> the arrests that were made of the two girls, they were arrested and charged yesterday, i believe. what made you decide to do that? >> they were going to be charged at some point in time anyway, but the 14-year-old did a post early on saturday morning about 1:00 o'clock that said yes, i bullied rebecca. yes, she killed herself and i
3:54 am
don't give a blank. we knew that there was total disregard for life and if she would say those thing after she bullied rebecca and after the parents knew that, then we had to act more quickly. so i met with my detectives and their supervisors on monday and i said, can y'all move this case along. we need her locked up. that's exactly what they did. we're still building the case. she had to go to juvenile detention. >> were you concerned that she could maybe turn this behavior on another individual or young girl? >> absolutely. we already had investigative information that she had bullied kids since she was in elementary school and it was not uncommon for her to bully other people. she was just a mean, nasty little girl. >> sheriff, there were apparently 30 likes on the post you just mentioned. 30 likes that went along with it. are you looking into those that would have liked that sort of nonchalant statement that led to you make that arrest? >> we absolutely, we're going to
3:55 am
look into that. we still are trying to gather information from kick and ask fm outside of the united states and that's proven difficult. that's why the arrest took the time it did and we had to rush the arrest because we didn't have all of the information put together. but we're going to look at every piece of this. there may be others. we don't suspect others. these seem to be the two primary bullies. we're not going to put up with that. they pushed this very fragile child off of the edge and we're going to make sure that the criminal justice system deals with them appropriately. >> you're absolutely right about that, sheriff. and we thank you for that. this is such a tragic story. all parents i think want consequence when is it comes to cyber bullying and want to know how to forget their own kids -- protect their own kids. on rebecca's computer, there were searches about how she would possibly take a life, searches about medicine, he said. what do parents need to
3:56 am
know about information and searches that their kids have on computers and hand helds? >> you know, elisabeth, i missed part of that. the sound went out. but parents are the first line of defense. and as a result of being the first line of defense, they need to monitor their kids and their activities and they say oh, i can't monitor that. find someone who can or don't allow them to have access to the device because they're subject to being victims as well as suspects in this bullying world that's taken overt cyber world. >> it didn't sound like you missed a beat of the question and certainly aren't miss ago beat in this case. parents out there, thank you for being with us, sheriff grady judd. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, elisabeth. >> coming up, this woman getting criticized on-line for telling new moms to get in shape. she's here to defend herself next hour. then remember the scene from "the brady bunch"?
3:57 am
>> been wrong, quite wrong. but i still think it's a shame nobody is showing up. >> oh, i'm not. >> that won't happen now. schools are forcing parents to invite the entire class [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. good morning. today is wednesday, october 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. less than 24 hours until the u.s. hits the debt ceiling. but this morning there is a brand-new snag. we are live in washington with the details. barbara boxer compared republicans to abusive husbands. charlie rangel just might have her beat. >> you can see it in the streets, you can see where they're coming from. and the same way they fought as confederates, they want to bring down the government and reform it. >> charlie rangel weighing in. is that the best way to win over the american people and to win over the other side? we report. you decide. about remember this classic scene from "the brady bunch" tv
4:01 am
show. >> peter has been wrong, quite wrong. but i still think it's a shame nobody is showing up. >> i'm not so sure. >> oh, that's right. that's not going to happen anymore. schools now forcing some parents to invite the entire class so nobody feels bad. is that a good idea? >> where was alice, by the way? why does they have to work the oven? the kid is having a birthday party. alex -- alice, get there! >> "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> this is trace adkins and you're watching, fox, my friends, and brian. >> you know i'm right. >> of course you're right. >> bobby, his birthday, a lot of kids, the big debate is going to be should you invite the whole
4:02 am
class over when your son or daughter has a birthday party. >> why would you invite the kid who is the class bully? >> because you have to. it's mandated. >> you do. wait until you hear this. it's going to fry your calamari. the government shutdown entering day 16 with less than 24 hours 'til the debt ceiling deadline. actually 16 hours, 57 minutes. focus is shifted back to the senate after house republican leaders announced last night there would be no vote to take up a revised budget proposal. >> elizabeth prann joins us live in washington, d.c. with more on that story. what's the latest update? >> good morning. the hot potato now in the hands of senators since house leaders canceled plans to vote on legislation due to lack of support last night. we are learning democratic leader harry reid and republican minority leader mitch mcconnell are optimistic that they can reach a deal. the framework does include a
4:03 am
debt ceiling extension through february and open working funded government through mid january, and a decade long spending plan by december 13. it does not include a provision that relates to the sweeping healthcare law's medical device tax, but does have income verification rules for people who receive subsidies or financial support with the insurance. lawmakers are acknowledging that it is coming down to the wire. >> everybody realizes that we're up against the clock. you get the kind of critical mass point here. i think we'll figure it out. >> reporter: voters aren't the only one putting pressure on the elected officials. possible downgrades have been warned if the gridlock isn't broken soon. >> thank you very much. there is an item in the new york post that says with the whole government shutdown t said you know who in the administration was behind it? the architect of the shutdown? valerie jarrett because she felt that a showdown with the republicans over obamacare, more
4:04 am
people would blame the republicans and then she would -- then the administration would be able to win back the house. unfortunately, and we're going to talk more about a pew poll in just a minute, but when it comes to blame, 46% blame the republicans. but 37% blame the white house. so it's less than ten points apart. >> tactically by almost all accounts, republicans overplayed their hand. i think speaker boehner is grabber ghasted as all attention goes to the senate. the deal goes back to the house, logically will be less. meanwhile, what's coming from the other side? a real outstretched hand says why can't we get along? that's the spirit coming from the democratic party. am i correct? >> no, you're incorrect. >> really? >> some assume that had possibly the rhetoric coming from the left indicates they're under pressure and feeling it. they may mott have the upper hand. charlie rangel, you know, just telling it how he feels right
4:05 am
from his heart. listen to this. >> this isn't a question of the house and senate differing. this is not even a question of republicans and democrats differing. this is all about a handful of people who got elected as republicans that want to bring down our government. you can see it in the streets. you can see where they're coming from and the same way they fought as confederate, they want to bring down the government and reform it. >> it's just part of what you hear from the left where they refer to republicans and in particular, to tea party members as arsonist, anarchists, alluding to them as wife beaters, hostage takers and people with guns to the head. it's just part of the mainstream media trying to designate the tea party as public enemy number one, even though members of the tea party believe it is their patriotic duty to do all they can when they got elected. they promised they would try to stop obamacare and that's what they're doing. >> right. but is this desperate language of attack working? not really apparently.
4:06 am
we have a new poll that shows 81% of americans are turned off. they're dissatisfied with the state of the country. >> right. >> look at that. that is a staggering amount of americans not happy. >> like last week when a similar poll came out, i'm surprised there are 14% that are pleased. i think that's the bigger story. this is a chance to marginalize the tea party, but it's snowing over the major issue. the major issue is why is it okay to just raise the debt ceiling? why is it okay just to say if you're unamerican to fight against raising the debt creeling and not analyze where we're spending our money? why was it okay for barak obama as a senator to vote against raising it? why was it okay for steve israel, who is a leader in the house, to vote against raising when george bush was president and now it's unamerican to challenge it and maybe vote against it in 2013? >> that's what the republicans have been talking about. they've been saying we've got to do something about the drivers of the debt, and yet they have been absolutely tarnished by the
4:07 am
mainstream media. on the cover of the daily news today, i showed elisabeth this this morning. here you see will swenson who got the medal of honor yesterday. there he is yesterday with the president of the united states. zero john boehner. do you think this paper is taking a side? >> do you think it's taking one of our nation's greatest and using him as a political pawn? that fine gentleman right there is a hero and should have that front page all to himself. >> he should. >> john boehner had his way, there would be some type of deal. it seems he's having trouble wrangling his caucus. >> charlie rangeling. >> right. keep it on this channel because all day because we'll have what should be a deal by the end because it's not a matter of days. it's hours until we hit the debt creeling and every day there is -- debt ceiling and every day there is a group of people that wonder if we're going to go past 15 days without a paycheck. >> we'll find out. >> heather nauert is going to keep us posted with other
4:08 am
headlines. >> good morning to you. an airport employee is now under arrest for that series of dry ice explosions that took place at los angeles international airport. the motive is pretty disturbing. 28-year-old man worked for the airport contractor service air. he's accused of taking dry ice from a plane to make those bombs. sources say this could all stem from a rivalry between workers. two companies that service the planes just merged and the employees are reportedly involved in some sort of a turf battle. we'll keep you posted as this develops. she was so tormented so badly at school that she took her own lifement now two girls, age it is and 14, are under arrest and charged in her death. 12-year-old rebecome coo sedwick, climb to do a shower and jumped -- tower and jumped from it last months. she had been bullied by 15 classmates for more than one year.
4:09 am
what led to the arrest? this post on facebook by one girl. it said yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself, but i don't give a blank. the florida sheriff leading this investigation says parents need to be the first line of defense. he was on "fox & friends" moments ago. >> as a result of being the first line of defense, they need to monitor their kids and their activities and they say, oh, i can't monitor that. find someone who can or don't allow them to have access to the device because they're subject to being victims, as well as suspects, in this bullying world that's taken over the cyber world. >> those two girls responsible now under arrest. it has happened once again. the 75-year-old mother of cal ripken, junior has been terrorized. this time by a guy with a gun. she was in a bank parking lot in maryland when it happened. she pushed her car's panic alarm and the guy took off. he was later identified by a security camera and was arrested. you may remember last july she was kidnapped from her home.
4:10 am
she was found unharmed 24 hours later. but how frightening. finally, it's the salute seen around the world. wound army ranger receiving a purple heart for his brave service. but despite being bandaged up and in extreme pain, he salutes his commanding officer during the ceremony. his wife taking this picture and posting it on facebook. he was injured ten days ago in afghanistan when a suicide bomb went off, killing four of his teammates. what was amazing about this, there are about 50 people in the room at the time. everybody thought he was unconscious apparently. and then he did this. he saluted them. so a lot of people were just amazed by that act. >> at that is a strong man. >> yeah, certainly is. >> thank you. >> what a tough day for those men. >> ten minutes after the hour. on a much lighter note, a theory, you have a kid, in grade school. you're in britain and you say to yourself, i like my kid so much, i want to have a birthday party
4:11 am
and invite his friends over. then you get a letter from the head master. we have certain criteria. for example, on who you should invite. >> right. meaning everybody. >> invite the whole class. >> listen to this. this is a comparison. we have birthday party galore. if you have a birthday party for your kid, do you want to invite the whole class? it is mandated. we saw "the brady bunch" when nobody came. >> we kind of do invite the whole class. >> you see, the guy who runs the school said if you don't, it's divisive and unkind and they say if you're going to invite 30-plus kids, don't hand out the invitations in class 'cause otherwise people's feelings get hurt, like this young brady. >> here is bobby trying are have a birthday party. no one came. >> peter. >> now you have reminders,
4:12 am
e-vite. look, everyone says it's a big deal to invite the whole kid. but if your kid is the one not invited -- >> what do you do? >> we usually invite everyone or have one or two. or some parents do the age. it depends on our kids. we have one who likes big things and then another who would rather sit there with a cupcake by himself. >> really? >> yeah. >> the problem is if your child goes to school with a bunch of envelopes and they give the envelopes to everybody but those three kids there and they feel bad, just don't give out the envelopes in class. >> e-mail. >> they're not allowed to give them in class. >> if your kid is really little, don't tell him his birthday is coming up. >> meanwhile, coming up, does an accused terrorists deserve the same rights as an american citizen? instead of going to gitmo, this guy is getting a public defender. >> then, did you know mrs. kilmeade had a favorite child? it's not brian.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
accused of aiding in the murders of hundreds of people during the u.s. embassy bombings in 1998. al-libi pleading not guilty yesterday and get this, a new york city courtroom. that's right. we get them over in libya, we don't bring them to gitmo. we keep them on a ship for a week and give them the same rights you or i have if we were in a similar situation. why is he there? why is he not in gitmo and why is he downtown new york? let's get information from fox news contributor colonel allen west. what are we losing by keeping him in new york? >> well, you're losing the
4:17 am
access to critical intelligence information and what you have to understand now, and you've had mike mukasey and others talk about this, you're treating him like a common criminal. now he knows he can plead not guilty. he can shut up. he's been lawyered up and he's going to get all of the requisite rights and privileges of the constitution like he was an american citizen. i even read reports where his lawyer is challenging the means by which he was apprehended by our operations detachment delta. so now we have this where they're going to say he shouldn't have been apprehended, it was done illegally. is this a war against islamic terrorism or just some type of criminal action? that's the confusing message that's coming from this administration. >> so people are saying well we got another guy who was close to bin laden before the war and we tried to get him, we weren't until we got him to libya. that's a victory. but it's later on down the line when you need access, when you get the next guy to corroborate
4:18 am
a story. there is no incentive to talk, even though i heard he was talking on the ship. >> yeah. but the thing is that anything that he said on the ship, you're not going to be able to use that in a court of law because quote, unquote, he was not read his miranda rights. so it's not going to be admissible. these are all the legal machinations that will be played and the games will be played that will allow him to skirt our system. i want to bring to your attention the fact that if you remember two years ago, there were four american citizens that were killed by somali pirates. it was about ten to 12 of them that were apprehended. guess what? have you heard anything else about those somali pirates? last thing i know, they were sitting down in virginia waiting to be brought to trial. >> good point. you had a similar situation. you were in the battlefield. you had to get information from a terrorist quickly. you got in trouble for doing it. but do you have any regrets about using the tactic you used?
4:19 am
>> no, none whatsoever. and the thing is, the most important thing for commander is to forget his men and women in that combat zone. i used a hasty interrogation tactic, just an intimidation tactic and it kept my men safe and i took full responsibility and accountability. look, i retired. i have full rank and benefits and i've even served in the united states congress. so i think all is going well. >> it's great to get a perspective as a guy who has stared at al-qaeda operatives in the face and got the answers we need. lieutenant colonel allen west i that so much. >> thanks. pleasure being with you. >> coming up, the woman in the picture creating outrage among millions of other women. she's firing back and she's here next to defend herself. and i forgot to ask you, what's a kangaroo doing in a pharmacy? i'm going to tell you what happens. the music leaves it there.
4:20 am
♪ ♪ when i'm halfway into your heart ♪ u nature at its most delicious.
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right now it's time for news by the numbers. first, $5. that's how cheap a round trip abroad ticket cost on united airlines web site. needless to say, it was a glitch. the company says it will not honor the 5-dollar flight. airline faced similar problems last month. that doesn't seem right. next, $24 million. that was the yearly earning for ashton kucher making him the highest paid actor on american television. second year in a row. he's loaded. and finally, 18 feet. that's the length of a huge fish found off the coast of california. it's being called the discovery of a lifetime. last one found, only three feet
4:24 am
long. that one 18. elisabeth, over to you. >> thanks. if you're a mom, you're going to want to come and take a look at your screen right now because this picture, one of california moms, is now subject to internet backlash. she's taking heat for showing off her incredible physique, along with her three kids. that caption that reads, "what's your excuse" is firing up a loft people. one said, you're part of the body shaming problem. another calls her a bully with a super inflated sense of self. but maria says she can be a successful mom and look great, too. good morning. thanks for being with us. were you surprised by the backlash that you got? over 12,000 comments. that picture was floating everywhere. how shocked were you? >> i was pretty shocked. i knew that was going to be a powerful image, but did not realize that this was going to be so viral. >> yeah. people certainly weren't
4:25 am
merciful on some of the comments. you actually ended up posting a nonapology apology. correct? >> yes. >> what was your response? you certainly didn't come genetically with a body you wanted to brag about. >> no. i work hard. i train hard five to six days a week, 30 to 60 minutes a day and i'm pretty intense. i watch what i eat and it's tough. i have three kids. they're very, very young. and as you know, it's not easy having kids and they're all boys. so it was -- it's been a big experience so far. >> i know that your husband -- we see the picture there with one of your beautiful babies" he suffered a traumatic brain injury. he was wounded in iraq where there was a bomb attack. so you have a ton of responsibility. not a lot of spare time. >> no. >> if you're going to talk to moms out there who probably have similar schedules, not a lot of hours in there, how do they fit it in? what's your tip? n my biggest tip is you need to find time.
4:26 am
i don't have a lot of room in my life for error. i wake up early. i take care of the boys, bring them to school, i work. but you know what? if i can wake up early or work out during a nap time or do it after they go to bed, as long as i make it a priority, that's the biggest thing. make it a priority. >> you mentioned priority. some people say your priorities are messed up. they said it on your facebook. they say, you can't work out that much and be a good mom. you say? >> i say no way. you can absolutely be a good mom and be healthy and work out. i mean, i take my kids to the park and i'm not on my iphone on the bench checking facebook. i'm actually engaging with them. i'm doing lunges. i ran with them. i even started a mommy club in my area where we meet a couple times a week and work out all together with our kids. so i think it's a big fallacy that in order to be a good mom, you have to be unhealthy. i don't think that's the right message we should be sending america, especially since we're dealing with a lot of
4:27 am
health-related issues. >> sure. i know you're up early this morning, probably busting out squats in sacramento. so we thank you for joining us today. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thank you. coming up, is governor chris christie a bully? his opponent in new jersey thinks so and she's telling him face-to-face. and did you know mrs. kilmeade had a favorite child? don't tell him, but it's not brian of the the brand-new study will explain it all coming up [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil,
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4:31 am
earlier today, president obama said he was hopeful that an agreement would be reached tonight. but then again, he was also hopeful that the obamacare web site would work and that isn't really happening. >> yeah. no real joke there. >> so funny actually. when you talk about parenting, playing favorites, we know that's a big deal. i don't know if you guys have favorites, but there is -- >> no, we don't. >> there is -- >> nobody is supposed to. >> do you have efforts fa? >> no -- favorites? >> no, fox not. >> a mom's heart is big enough to not have favorites. >> unlike a dad. >> remember the smothers brothers. he always felt dickey was the mom's favorite. >> on laurel and hardy. >> who was the favorite there? >> laurel?
4:32 am
>> the recent study is saying that you're more likely to favor a child who is more like you. >> that's right. >> really? >> makes a lot of sense, right? >> yeah. take a look at this. shear a clip from "everybody loves raymond." of course, brad garrett feels everybody loves ray. not him. >> you're eating the brownies! >> i know, everything is for a very special guest, raymond. raymond, raymond, raymond, raymond. >> okay. so purdue did a study and what they found was that mothers actually did have a favorite over a period of time. they value the children who have similar values and beliefs and essentially the mothers are saying if i can't make my own decision, which of the children is most like me to continue my life as i've lived it? >> wow. that's almost a subconscious favorite. you could have a subconscious
4:33 am
favorite. >> right. >> in a way because they remind me of me, so i'm going to give them more attention. i know this, they did a study, too, the people at purdue, these were the people at a rival chicken outfit. they came out in happy days. chuck was the favorite. and chip the favorite on "my three sons." >> are you more the brad garrett or raymond? >> i think my mom did a good job even on the playing field. did you have a similar situation? >> i'm the only boy. i'm in a special category. i'm the only boy. boys are treated differently than girls. and i was the oldest. and there are the kilmeades right there. james and steven and brian kilmeade. >> pretty much equal playing field. you're saying you were treated differently, but not better? >> i was just the oldest of the kids. >> elisabeth? >> we don't have favorites. my parents did everything equally. equal opportunity. >> that's what all the parents say. tweet us. >> tell us if you think you were the favorite or if you weren't, if you have any bitterness
4:34 am
'cause you weren't. >> sometimes i feel like i got a favorite because that would be the kid who is bugging me the least at the time. >> at the time. >> that's messed up. you know ho is one of our favorites? heather nauert. >> we have no choice. >> you don't think there are favorites until you become a parent. then you figured it out, right? >> some truth coming out. >> so you have a favorite child? >> no, no, no. i love them very differently. but i can see now how our parents would have felt about us as kids. >> the trouble maker, sometimes hard to love. >> yeah. they liked me the least. >> i doubt that. >> okay, how about the news? >> we joke about it today. all is good. i got some headlines. >> that's why we have therapy. >> right. all right. things got heated in the final debate for the race for new jersey governor. governor chris christie and state senator barbara buono sparring for 90 minutes over obamacare, same sex marriage and the partial government shutdown. at one point buono called christie a bully.
4:35 am
listen to this. >> governor christie represents the worst combination of bully and bosses. that's what has motivated some of these elected democrats to support him. >> voters go to the polls, well, today, right? steve? >> this is the election for lautenberg, too. >> apologies there. all right. then there is this story. a former army captain who survived one of the deadliest fire fights in afghanistan is proving yet that he is a true patriot. moments after william swenson received the medal of honor, he announced that he wants to return to active duty. swenson risked his life four years ago to try to save his fellow soldiers. if he does return to duty, it would be the first time ever a medal of honor recipient has done this. a trip to wal-mart may have saved one girl's life. 12-year-old girl was having trouble seeing. her mother took her to a routine eye exam at wal-mart and what came back next shocked the
4:36 am
family. >> worst case scenario it's a brain tumor. >> goodness. she was admitted to a local hospital and that's where doctors ruled out a brain tumor, but she did have fluid surrounding her brain. if that was left untreated, she could have gone blind or lost her life. the family hopes that their story urges people to get eye exams. amazing. a kangaroo hopping right into the melbourne airport after being hit by a car. the kangaroo appeared to be injured and it made its way into a pharmacy at the airport. wildlife officers managed to rescue it and rehoof it from the pharmacy a short time later and look at that lady as she tackles it. wow. amazing. tackles the kangaroo. we never hear -- we hear stories about animals. sharks. >> who knew the way to get a kangaroo was with a blanket? >> i know. i wish i would have known that in the australian outback. now you know. >> if you see, he was in the freezer section.
4:37 am
it makes sense. the kangaroo was cold. we'll go over all that with the science quiz. maria is with us. she's poised to give the weather outside which i believe is room temperature. >> yeah. now we're going to do some science trivia. what do you think of the new animation? >> very fancy. >> let's go ahead and head right to that question for today, which is actually food related today. it's basically asking what is a pumpkin considered? is it a fruit or a vegetable? what do you guys think? >> i guess fruit. steve? >> i'm going with decoration. >> is it a, fruit, or b, vegetable, brian? >> vegetable. >> it has to do with the seeds. >> the seeds give a fruit quality. >> you're right. yeah. you're absolutely right, elisabeth. it's a fruit because it has seeds inside. >> there you go. >> that's how we classify a pumpkin. >> how very seasonal. of course, maria molina does the
4:38 am
science trivia every wednesday here on "fox & friends." >> thanks. >> see you next wednesday with the science trivia. >> we're three for four now. >> now we're going to weather. the weather conditions across northeast today are relatively quiet. we have temperatures right where they should be for this time of year, into the 60s as we head into the afternoon hours. but i want to start out across parts of texas because we have been dealing with a lot of heavy rain out here. we've had a number of flood watches in effect because several inches of rain have fallen out here associated with our storm system which produced eight inches of snow in parts of south dakota that earlier this month picked up four feet of snow. a lot of snow across parts of western south dakota. the storm system is producing rain across section of the eastern great lakes and moving into interior parts of the northeast. new york city should be dealing with that as we head into tomorrow night. otherwise current temperatures, very chilly in denver. 27 degrees for your current temperature. 20s as well in areas farther north. high temperature in denver, into the 50s.
4:39 am
68 will be the high in new york city. now let's head over to brian. >> let me tell you what's happening in the world of baseball because we're in the playoff time and these have been great games. for example, cardinals-damagers, face off in game 4, nlcs. matt carpenter, rbi double to left center. cards open up a 1-0 lead. holiday would destroy that pitch, two-run shot. cardinals up 3-0. robinson hits a solo homer. cardinals win 4-2. they are one win away from advancing to the world series. the red sox taking on the tigers. let's take it full as that goes out of this building and into the stands. believe it or not, that's all the offense i have to show you. that would be the final score, 1-0. 2-1 lead for boston. kim kardashian and chris humphreys fairy tale ending again. this is hard for onto take, our current floor manager. her 20 carat engagement ring
4:40 am
auctioned for $620,000. they were married for 72 days in 2011. they filed for divorce, then humphries ended up underachieving for the nets. finally, college. but let's talk will ferrell. he's taking a break from act to go take a shot as band leader at his alma mater. ♪ >> he visited there to entertain usc students who are having a rough football season. he decided to have fun with the marching band before he gave his inspirational talk. "anchorman" is coming out soon. >> there he is. will ferrell, trojan man. trojan man. >> it was a great year for the world. >> indeed. great school. >> he had great protection in that shot. >> he certainly did. meanwhile, coming up, a disaster on the set of brad pitt's new
4:41 am
movie. somebody was stabbed with a bay onet. how does that happen? details coming up. >> then what happened to civility? the president now using words like hostage taking and demanding ransom in the debt ceiling debate. dr. keith ablow thinks he knows why. he's here next i'm serious, we compare our direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones!
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♪ hey lady! noooo! no! [ tires screech ] ♪ nooo! nooo! nooo! hey lady, that's diesel! i know. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
♪ a playground of innovation,. color, and design. showing up where we least expect it. and taking inspiration from our wildest dreams. because kohler doesn't see the world in fixtures and faucets. it reimagines. coloring our lives in ways only bold could do, it's no wonder the world can't wait to see what kohler does next. >> quick headlines. he's a 35-year-old stunt man work on brad pitt's film "fury." he's stabbed in the shoulder by a bayonet. he'll be okay. and wal-mart says it has no regrets about allow ago wild shopping spree at two louisiana stores t. happened when an electronic glitch lifted the spending caps on ebt cards. that's an interesting glitch. the department of children and
4:45 am
family services says wal-mart will have to pay the difference. steve? >> thank you. have you noticed some of the language our president has been using in this debt ceiling debate? >> you do not hold people hostage or engage in ransom taking to get 100% of your way. you don't pay a ransom. you don't provide concessions for congress doing its job and america paying its bills. >> psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith ablow thinks that the commander in chief is revealing part of his personality by what he's saying. he joins us from boston, good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >> fine, thank you very much. all right. so the average person might hear partisan rhetoric. but what do you hear in the words the president is using? >> well, in the words hostage taking, being held for ransom, he said that the republicans are threatening to blow the whole
4:46 am
thing up. there is a real victim mentality here. it really explains the president's whole mentality and many of his policies that if he feels victimized and believes millions and millions of us have been victimized by america, well then that explains why he wouldn't negotiate with hostage takers and victimizers who have kidnapped him and threatened to destroy him. i think that's the way he feels. >> so are you suggesting that the president feels that he has been victimized by the tea party? >> i think the president, going back to when his dad abandoned him, when his mother left him with his grandparents, when he describes his grandmother as intimating that she didn't trust men of color, that all of those things led him to feel victimized, hurt, and injured. and he has extended it to this country. so he comes to the corner office to right wrongs and to offer the
4:47 am
mantle of victimization to as many people who will share it with him as possible. more food stamps, don't learn to feed yourself. don't find it within yourself to pull yourself up. simply say i've been victimized. hence, i need more unemployment. more food stamps, more free health care, and you know why? because those other people are bad and that's what we've been hearing from him. corporate america, bad victim takers. >> if you're suggesting that he's got this victim mentality and he views the opposition that way, that would explain why he doesn't negotiate with them, because you said he regards them as bad people. >> you don't negotiate with people who are trying to kill you and have kidnapped you and what's more, you go around the world, as he did after his election to the first term, and you offer this victimization mentality. you go global with it. you do an apology tour. it explains really everything about this president.
4:48 am
it's why there would be bizarre instances, like him reaching out to a local police force and say, this is wrong or that's wrong, because the victim is the one with whom he alies. not the strong parts of people. the republican party is all about autonomy. what can you make of yourself. don't look to others and don't assume that you're weak. assume you're strong first. that's not the president or his party. >> well, you suggested in one of your earlier answers that this goes way back to his childhood. why would that kind of person -- look at this guy, he's grown up to be the leader of the free world. >> he's grown up to be the leader of the free world, but it's a world in which i think he believes there are people out to get you and people to be helped. so he aspires to the corner office for receipt --
4:49 am
retribution, to redistribute the wealth, because so many millions of us, he would say, have been hurt, victimized by the system, victimized by the constitution, which is a flawed document, he would say, that's hurt so many of us. the president sees himself as the victim in chief. he is the disempowerment president. >> dr. keith ablow with a point of view that a lot of people probably haven't thought about. that opinion expressed on the pages of thank you very much for making a couch call today. >> any time. i'll show up at the white house when he needs me. >> all right. i wouldn't look for a call any time soon. ten minutes before the top of the hour. the president wants the rich to pay their fair share to help the poor, but is that taking away the incentive for people to work? a guy who knows a thing or two about the rich and famous, robin leach, is here to react. plus, do you want to save a ton of money but don't want to use coupons? you don't have to. chris the cyber guy is here with details at your fingertips.
4:50 am
we'll be back, number one show in america on cable news, "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant ♪ ho ho ho could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow.
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4:53 am
everybody loves saving money. but who wants to carry coupons, i ask you, elisabeth? >> there are many ways that you can and we're going to learn how it land the same discounts simply by swiping your smart phone. curt the cyber guy joins us now to share the best apps for saving. i love this idea because i remember clipping them in my entire life. what kind of app can we use while going through the grocery store? >> good morning to both of you. why wouldn't you want to save money, right, when you get to the store?
4:54 am
i'm going to show you six apps and i want you to write these down because they're worth writing down. take a look. this is for going grocery shopping. first of all, how do you save money when you go out? this is one of the top apps right here. we love this because -- >> is that called zipless? >> how did you know. you do that and you actually have a list of the things that you normally buy at the store. you create here. the good thing about this is, this keeps you disciplined. when you know what you want at the store, you're going to save money because you're less enticed to go into the impulse side when you're at the store. >> it saves you cash and makes it so easy. >> bingo. it is exactly the case. then this next one, very, very cool called saving star. this has a cool feature inside of it. so you put your list on this one. this works on the apple, android, blackberry even. you put in your loyalty cards on this one. what you'll find out is that when you go to the store, it will actually show you what's on sale nearby, especially as they relate to your loyalty card. it has a cool feature called one
4:55 am
or many. can you see it at the top? what that means is this is a whole new way to save money when you go to the store. remember how you get the coupons and say you have to buy 20 rolls of toilet paper in order to save money? >> yeah. >> this let's you do it over a period of time and still save that same amount of money. >> you make your list and then your list is compiled with that? >> bingo. what you're doing is gaming the system when you go back to the grocery store action you don't have to go every single time. you go and each time you buy the toilet paper, you eventually spend $30 and you'll save that 5 or $10 off. >> you can also get the weekly ads and sales on your phone. >> just pulled it up. this is so awesome. the circulars that you see in the newspaper, you'll find them all right here and also what's cool is they show what's near you. so you get to find out what stores are near you and you can see what the savings are at one of those stores. sales going on, boom, hit one, we've got a gnc in the neighborhood. here is the coupon and offer
4:56 am
they're offering a. 50% off, buy one get one free. and these are real. these aren't those goofy ones that you've seen around. >> you also brought up grocery iq. >> this is another just so smart. let's especially up this app right here. this is a great app from coupons. they own this. they are really the big ones in the -- it just crashed on us. it c again. we love that app, right? we'll show that another time. >> there is also cell fire. >> cell fire, what's great about this one is that it will allow you to put in all your affinity cards, the drugstore card, all those programs and when you're nearby, it tells you these are the sales going on. >> wow. i like that. >> we'll post this on, the whole segment. curt, thank you for joining us. >> good to see you. >> let's go shopping. elisabeth does. she wants to get a discount. straight ahead, should president
4:57 am
obama take any responsibility for the senate shutdown? he just sat down for another interview and answered that very question. we recorded it. >> turns out that he can'tne controlw his caucus. [ wisest kid ] campbell's has the recipes kids love. so good! [ wisest kid ] at [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good! a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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5:00 am
good morning. it's wednesday, october 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. barbara boxer compared republicans to abusive husbands. charlie rangel just one upped her. >> you can see it in the streets. you can see where they're coming from and the same way they fought as confederates, they want to bring down the government and reform it. >> is that the best way to win over the american people? not sure. but laura ingraham here in moments. >> meanwhile, acorn was shut down for teaching people how to break the law. but today the people, some of them behind that defunct democratic group are back. guess what? they want to help you sign up for health care. and what else? remember the scene from "the brady bunch"?
5:01 am
it was peter wanting a birthday party and hoping a lot of people would show up. >> peter has been wrong, quite wrong. but i still think it's a shame nobody is showing up. >> that's right. the kids did not show. that won't happen now. schools forcing parents to invite the entire class. want to help peter with that episode. will had help with you your life? "fox & friends" wants to you pond that are as we watch this animation. >> hello, this is morgan freeman. robin williams and george w. bush, you're watching "fox & friends" man. that went pretty good. >> thank you very much, the many voices. you think you have a lot of voices in your head, i'm not talking about you specifically. >> right, because i do. >> he's got a million of them. he was on friday. if you want to see about the funniest ten minutes ever, go to our after the show show. >> he was a big hit in gotham comedy club. heather nauert joins us with some headlines. good morning.
5:02 am
>> good morning to you. i've got headlines now. we begin with a fox news alert. u.s. coast guard pulling nine people to safety off the coast of miami after their boat capsized. one of them has been taken to the hospital. those on board are believed to be migrants going from haiti and jamaica. at this hour the coast guard is searching for more survivors. we'll keep watching this one for you. she was tormented so badly at school that she took her own life. now two girls ages 12 and 14 are under arrest and charged in her death. 12-year-old rebecca climbed to a tower and jumped from it last month in florida. she had been bullied by 15 classmates for more than a year. so what finally led to the arrest? this post on facebook by one of the girls. it read: yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself, but i don't give a blank. >> as a result of being the first line of defense, they need to monitor their kids and their activities and they say, oh, i
5:03 am
can't monitor that, find someone who can or don't allow them to have access to the device because they're subject to being victims as well as suspects in this bullying world that's taken over the cyber world. >> they're talking about a parent's responsibility in that. the girls have been charged with stalking and harassment. a baggage handler under arrest for the dry ice explosions at los angeles international airport and the motive is pretty disturbing. 28-year-old dicar low bennett is accused of taking dry ice from a plane to make the bomb. sources say this could all stem from a rivalry between workers. two companies that service the planes just merged and the employees are reportedly involved in some sort of a turf battle. finally, having a party for your kid? you better invite the entire class. that's the word from a headmaster at a british prep school. he actually sent a letter to parents saying don't bring birthday invites to school because inviting a few friends is not nice. some parents say they can't afford the huge parties and some refuse to invite the class
5:04 am
bully. so we wanted to know what you thought about this. we got some of your responses. james says, i think it teaches a false sense of the real world that not everything is fair and the earlier our children can accept and learn how to deal with it, the better they will be able to handle themselves when older. connie says, i've taken the party to school, but if the party is taken to class, all are happy. and those are your headlines at this hour. >> all right. thank you very much. here is laura ingraham who just takes a sheet cake to her kids. >> they actually had a petting zoo at my son's friend's house. they brought a whole petting zoo to someone's house. i was like, where is the zebra. >> did you invite the whole class? >> are they watching? yes, of course we do. everyone is welcome at our house, yes. >> now, a week ago you sat on this couch and said, countdown to cave in. we're a week later, your answer is about where the republicans are at right now? >> tick toc, it's just a matter of time. if the market opens and it
5:05 am
closes down several hundred points or 300 points, the pressure on the republicans is going to continue to mount. a lot of conservatives, myself included, in spirit love the kind of fight in ted cruz, but from the very beginning, when i had him on my radio show and we talked here, you have to get from paint a to point c. if c is the goal, how do you get to c? there was no way. there was no way to get to the end goal with the numbers of people they had in the house or senate. >> what about the decision yesterday not to have a plan going forward? >> well, again, it conveys a sense of chaos and uncertainty and it takes away from the narrative, which is so powerful today of an obamacare program that is failing technologically. it's failing -- >> every way. >> failing business and employment. so that narrative is the powerful narrative and instead, the narrative is, oh, boehner can't keep the caucus together. this is what happens when you rush out your chin first and you
5:06 am
don't really have the manpower and the numbers and the votes to push your goal through. they didn't have it. god bless them, but they didn't have it. and right now i'm worried about the next countdown to cave in on the amnesty push, which i think will come. it will roll right after this. >> immigration. >> the push for immigration reform which my views on that. >> you're -- >> they're weak. you've screwed up the obamacare thing, now you've got to give way on this. and there is going to be an enormous pressure on them on that. >> you mentioned obamacare. that's why so many of these tea party members of the house are -- they feel it's their patriotic duty because they campaigned on it to do that. now there is a story out there that apparently some holdovers from acorn are involved. >> another great narrative. >> it is. and speak of narrative, if you listen to the mainstream media -- and a lot of people on the left in particular -- there is a lot of name calling going on out there regarding the republicans. but then extraordinarily, when it comes to obamacare, suddenly
5:07 am
they've got some words that don't sound like words we're used to. they're actually critical of it. here is robert gibbs, debbie wasserman schultz. >> excruciatingly embarrassing for the white house and the department of health and human services. this was bungled badly. this is not a server problem, like just too many people came to the web site. this is a web site architecture problem. i think it is, again, it's excruciatingly embarrassing. >> i don't think we should be making excuses. there should have been a better rollout and a better design. >> we're going to do a challenge. i'm going to try and download every movie ever made and you're going to try and sign up for obamacare and we'll see which happens first. >> obamacare doesn't work. >> yeah. long after this process on capitol hill concludes, this will be with us. so at the moment, i tell conservatives, don't lose hope
5:08 am
or don't get morose, it's over. this anvil is still squarely on the shoulders of the american people. >> it's not going away. >> and i'm telling you, i'm dealing with this with my dad who is very ill right now. the health care system, what's happening in hospitals, doctors' hours being slashed as they have more patients in the system. i'm telling you, this obamacare is going to still be a real problem for the democrats who defend it. >> it's spin proof because it's your deductible. it's your deductible, it's your premium, it's your quality of care, it is your doctor. you're going to have your own story to say. you're not look for a bumper second or 30 second spot. it gets to everybody. you have your own opinion. >> it already is now. people are getting letters lettm their doctors about the changes that are being made. i also want to discuss with you the rhetoric. yesterday we were all fired up about barbara works comparing republicans to wife beaters bead really lining domestic abuse with what's going on in the negotiations. and then we have charlie rangel. listen to this. >> this isn't a question of the
5:09 am
house and senate differing. this is not even a question of republicans and democrats differing. this is all about a handful of people who got elected as republicans that want to bring down our government. you can see it in the streets. you can see where they're coming from. and the same way they fought as confederates, they want to bring down the government and reform it. >> guess what carl burnstein was saying this morning? >> what. >> he was saying that the republicans today remind him of the segregationist democrats in the 50s. so we're going from confederacy to segregationist democrats, but this is nothing new. this is what they did in the lead up to the passage of obamacare. remember, if you weren't for obamacare, you were for sick kids with cancer dying in the streets. you were for old folks not getting proper treatment in the retirement homes. this type of incendiary rhetoric is part of the tactic, demonize the opposition, don't worry about the substance. just demonize the opposition.
5:10 am
i think most people see through this. i don't think that really works. >> the thing that's crazy is that he keeps saying i will not negotiate on the debt ceiling about the credit of our country. he's the one who voted against not raising it when george bush was there! when republicans decide to take a stand, they're unamerican, they're -- >> remember, we didn't get here at this debt ceiling thing because of the tea party. the tea party didn't create the $17 trillion in debt or obamacare or any of these other problems. so they can demonize the tea party all they want. they weren't in power from 2000 to 2013. >> it's the debt where the tea party was born. >> i also love your cause and i love the attitude for russian orphans. mother of three awesome kids. >> thank you very much. >> tell us more about this. >> adopt a new attitude is a program we launched. it's turning into this viral video. they're former russian orphans speaking directly to putin on
5:11 am
camera. they're american citizens now, former orphans from all ages. the stories are amazing. this is about kids. not about politics. i want to raise awareness about how these children's lives are impacted so positively in the united states. there are all these families willing to take in special needs children who otherwise have a life of desperation, sadly. abandoned in russia and institutions where people try to do their best to take care of them, but they're not forever. >> are they frozen now in russia? >> no adoptions and we have 60,000 former russian orphans living in this country doing amazing things. so it's adopt a new i'm not asking for anybody's money. this is something i did myself with the few core friends and the response has been incredible. this is about children who are without hope and it's them first. they have no voice otherwise. vladimir putin, i know you're watching. let's talk. >> now you're just showing off. >> exactly. >> is your radio show in english
5:12 am
or russian? tune in. >> thank you. you're great. >> thanks. >> i think she was talking more to me, steve. >> that's right. coming up. it's a story we told but last week. a teacher in hot water for posing in playboy before she ever stepped foot into her classroom. a major update on her job. then the president wants the rich to pay their fair share to help the poor. but is that taking away the incentive for people to actually work? robin leach is joining us right now in studio. ♪ katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, please??? sure how many?
5:13 am
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5:15 am
welcome back. the president's policies are known for making the rich pay their fair share, from higher
5:16 am
taxes to increasing regulations for business. not to mention obamacare. so how is this trickling down to everybody else? >> this guy certainly knows a little something about the rich and famous. television journalist and the former host of "the life styles of the rich and famous," robin leach. >> couldn't do this show anymore today. there are so few of them left. >> who do you blame for not enough? >> i think the zip code is 2008. >> okay. >> that was the election. let's also talk about do you think the perception of being rich, are people embarrassed to be rich now, to have a nice car and a beautiful house? >> in america, yes. around the rest of the world, no. >> it's a goal, isn't it? n it is a goal. we're all taught that if we work hard and we strive hard and we are diligent with dedicated with our work and our approach to life, we build our own rewards. unfortunately, the current
5:17 am
occupant of the white house believes that it's his job to not let that happen. >> sure. there was certainly shame built in to even the last go around with mitt romney. he was shamed for being good with money. >> tragic what happened with that man. you think of this mess that sebelius has with the obamacare at the moment, which even the democrats are turning on their own. finally! thank goodness! could you imagine mitt romney, how he would have dealt with it if there had been a computer problem? the truth is there wouldn't have been a computer problem, because people would have been fired left and right, which is what you do with inefficient city and people crew up their work. >> we've been detailing, elisabeth just played a couple of sound bites, of the rhetoric from the left regarding the right. >> well, unfortunately i missed the sound bite. >> it was charlie rangel. >> perfect example of lousy rhetoric.
5:18 am
he says that the republicans are trying to bring down the government. my comment back to him is that his team of people are trying to bring down the country. and it really is. you have never seen america so weak in the knees at this moment in its history. this reminds me of britain before maggie thatcher. i came to america in 63 and the unions had basically taken over the country and were running it into the ground, under the same set of beautiful speeches that we hear now and, you know, everywhere that socialism has played out, as you know in the world, be it south america -- >> it's bad. >> it fails! and it's bound to fail. it's a system that cannot work. community-based, the plight word for communism, it still means the same thing, it means it's a dictator who is enforcing his or her rule of law on the rest of the country. and you take away free
5:19 am
enterprise and you saddle government regulations on top of everybody and you spiteful people's creativity, people's enthusiasm and initiative because if you have a nanny state that says we're going to take care of everything for you, from free phones to free health care, to free everything, why bother to work? >> why hand over everything to somebody who doesn't have money? >> how do you pay for all of that? going back to the original question, you pay for it by increasing the taxes on the people who are stupid enough to work! >> you know what? that's why the tea party, the faction in the republican party, is fighting to change something about obamacare, to do something about the long-term debt. what do you make of those tea party patriots? >> think think their patriots. i don't think of them at all as rebels. i think it is absolutely immoral that politicians in washington say we are exempt from paying what the rest of the country has got to pay. >> they're not in obamacare.
5:20 am
what the house is proposing was to make sure even the president is on obamacare. >> so you see, socialism is fine so long as you're inflicting the pain on other people. socialism is not fine when you inflict it on yourself. that's socialism. >> a man who doesn't need a teleprompter. >> the very social, not socialist -- robin leach. thank you very much. always a pleasure. >> always. >> have a safe trip back to vegas. >> thank you. still rocking out there. >> i know. meanwhile, next up, it's happened again. cal ripken, junior's mom terrorized, this time by a guy with a gun in a parking lot. what she did that saved her life that was so smart. we'll explain it shortly. >> and she won an oscar for her role in "the help." now octavia spencer is doing something awesome to empower your kids. >> come on in this way! ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
quick headlines now. spanish teacher in dallas, texas , canned for posing nude in playboy. she posed for them before becoming a teacher. the district fired her anyway. and it happened again. the 75-year-old mom of cal ripken, junior, terrorized by a man with a gun. she was ready this time. she was in a bank parking lot in maryland when it happened. she pushed her car's panic button and the man took off. he was later identified by a security camera and arrested. what's going on? she more than wowed critics and audiences and walked away with an oscar after playing minnie in "the help".
5:25 am
>> all right. i'm going to do it. but i need to make sure she understand this ain't no game we playing. slide your chair under the table. face me. i need to see you square on at all times. >> that's the part of the movie where it all changed. now academy award winning actress octavia spencer is trying her luck as an author and she joins us live to talk about her new book "randy roads ninja detective, the case of the time capsule bandit." >> so it's a true story? >> yes. >> based on your life. >> but you always loved mysteries, right? >> absolutely. i was a little detective. they called it nosey back then. now it's just inquisitive and i like that much better, much better. >> last time i saw you, i knew this was something in the works. you've been working on this for
5:26 am
a long time? >> at least eight or nine years, yeah. got the courage to let a friend read it. >> is that friend sandra bullock? >> that friend was sandra bullock. >> name dropper. >> famous. >> what did she think when she read it? >> i gave it to someone at her office, like could you tell me what you think of this? and if it's something. they brought me in and sandy walked me into her agency. you guys help her with this. nothing happened. but she encouraged me to keep -- that's the kind of encouragement that you need. >> we watched the clip of "the help" and you were so outstanding, obviously. not to be said. but i know you felt that special feeling when you were making it. did you feel this about this book when you were writing it? did you feel, this is going to be something special? >> you know, i was very nervous and protective. you hope that people will respond to it. i'm not that objective when it's my own work. >> sure. what about your next project?
5:27 am
i heard, word on that card right there, is that you're working on a new james brown movie? >> i'm working on james brown. i leave in a couple of weeks to start that. i don't play james brown. >> absolutely not. >> what are you going to do in it? >> i'm playing his aunt. kind of raised in a brothel and i'm the aunt who runs the brothel. >> really? >> yeah. >> where will you draw that experience from? >> i think i'm just going to go to vegas. >> robin leach is leaving in about five minutes. >> you can go with him. >> great news is, you can write it all off. i'm working on a part. sorry it's on the back of a napkin. >> i want to predict the future that the book is going to be like a tv series. i love it. >> thank you. from your mouth to god's ears. >> you are awesome. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> ninja. >> ninja. coming up, is governor chris christie a bully? his opponent in new jersey thinks so and last night she
5:28 am
told him to his face and we have the video. it's an awesome accomplishment, being named homecoming queen. but more awesome, her inspirational life story, get the kids out of bed if they're still in there and make them watch the next interview. they'll talk about it all day long. ♪ i'm beth...
5:29 am
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oh, it's your shot of the morning. after tying the knot in thailand, the bride brought the three-year-old elephant closer to take a picture. after a few moments, it let her go. >> there goes the bun. >> kiss the bride, wow. >> super damp kiss. >> the groom will go, honey, you mind if i kiss you later? >> anyone object? i do! the elephant did. >> we've had a very, very busy nauert joins with us some news. >> right now evacuations are underway in miami international airport. there are reports of a
5:33 am
suspicious device having been found. it was reportedly found in one of the concourses there and flights are expected to be delayed. this information just coming in. we'll keep following it for you. then should president obama take any responsibility for the shutdown? he just sat down for another interview and was asked that question. listen. >> for speaker boehner, for example, him negotiating with me isn't necessarily good for the extreme faction in his caucus. it weakens him. so there have been repeated situations where we have agreements, then he goes back and it turns out that he can't control his caucus. one thing that i've shown is that if i say i'm prepared to compromise on something, i can deliver votes and we can did he tell get it done. >> senate leaders will push to find an agreeable way to avoid a default and avoid the shutdown. there is a midnight deadline on the debt ceiling of the we'll follow that all day. a movie stunt goes wrong on the set of brad pitt's new movie
5:34 am
called "fury." a 35-year-old stunt man stabbed in the shoulder with a bayonet. he was accidentally stabbed by another stuntman during an action sequence. he is expected to be okay. and things got heated at a final debate for the race for new jersey's governor. governor chris christie and state senator barbara buono sparring for 90 minutes over obamacare, same sex marriage and also the partial government shutdown. at one point, she called him a bully. listen to this. >> governor kristy represents the worst combination of bully and bosses. that's what has motivated some of these elected democrats to support him. >> voters go to the polls in three weeks. and those are your headlines at this hour. my brother-in-law is a stunt man, he was once stabbed by russell crowe. >> congratulations. >> in the arm. he likes to tell that story over a few beers. and he was just fine. >> yeah. after a number of beers, then he tells the part where he stabbed russell. >> an exaggeration.
5:35 am
>> i see through our window behind our couch, maria molina is outside and she's poised to tell us about the day ahead weather wise. >> that's right. good morning. today we're tracking relatively quiet weather along the east coast. there are changes on the way. that's actually all associated with a storm system that today is in place across parts of the great lakes, all the way down into texas. in texas, we've actually been looking at some flooding concerns out there. so there are a number of flash flood watches in effect and that rain moving eastward just east of dallas, across central parts of that state as well. it's still raining right now in the city of austin. so you do need that umbrella as you head out the door. interior sections of the northeast, already starting to see showers with that same storm in buffalo, you've been seeing those showers on and off early this morning and will see them continue eastward as we head into thursday and friday. i want to show you current temperatures because in the city of denver, you're waking up to chilly temperatures this morning. 27 degrees is your current temperature. you're in the 40s in minneapolis. 40s as well in the city of
5:36 am
chicago. as we head into this afternoon, take a look at texas. you're finally much cooler behind that frontal system. highs only in the 60s in dallas and san antonio. parts of southern california, like in downtown los angeles, still on the warm side. 86 degrees for your high out there. now let's head over to brian. >> all right. let me tell you what's happening in sports. this game has played, so the weather is not a big deal. cardinals and dodgers face off in game 4 of the nlcs. carpenter says i'm here to play. rbi double into left center. 1-0 lead. later, holiday. >> gone. >> two-run shot. cardinals go up 3-0. they weren't done. robinson adam shapiro solo homer. they lead the best of seven three games to one. red sox taking on the tigers. this is all about pitching. the red sox not hitting much, but hitting enough. mike napoli off verlander. boston won and lead two games to
5:37 am
one. world cup qualifying so longer, u.s. is in and they're taking on panama. the u.s. trailing 2-1. injury time. the header in stoppage play they call it. that took the life out of panama. moments later, johansson scored for the americans, giving us a victory over panama and giving mexico an unexpected reprieve. they can still get into the world cup thanks to us. daredevil biker in utah. take a look. kelly mccray making history. he's now the only rider to back flip over a 72-foot canyon gap. unfortunately, his daring move wasn't enough to land him the top spot in the competition. he took second. coming up on radio, allen
5:38 am
west, martha mccallum and so much more on the fox news radio app and everywhere else. here is elisabeth hasselbeck. >> thanks, brian. this past weekend issues auburn university crowned its 100th homecoming queen. >> miss homecoming is molly ann dudman. >> but it's her personal story that is inspiring the nation this morning of the her biological mother became pregnant after being sexual assaulted and she was pressured by her husband at the time to abort the unborn child or face divorce. but along with the support of a christian adoptive agency, molly ann was born and immediately adoptd into a loving family 22 years later she's using her own voice to help other women choose life. joining us now, auburn university newly crowned homecoming queen, molly ann. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> your mom story is certainly one of struggle and also just
5:39 am
perseverance and making a choice for life and the fact that you decided to take up that cause and do something about it is remarkable. tell everyone how that decision came about to do that. >> absolutely. i knew if i wanted to share one story on auburn's campus, i did want it to be impactful and reach all different areas of auburn's campus. through the encouragement of of two my friends, and we were at lunch. we kind of tossed a couple of ideas out there and i walked away from the table and they started chatting and i came back to the table and their eyes were vibrant and i asked them, what are y'all talk being? they said, you need to share your story because i have been graced with a very impactful story and from there, awe three of us started cheering, which isn't very rare for three women to get together and start crying. however, it was confirmation that that's the words that auburn was going to hear. >> they certainly knew your story. will you share with america now the story that got you to this
5:40 am
point of your mom? >> absolutely. i'm actually the youngest of six kids. the latter four of us are all adopted. so we filter in from all different families. my biological mom was a young married woman who lived in california and through some series of events, she found herself the victim of sexual assault and pregnant through that act. she went to talk to her husband and talk through this. he just gave her an ultimatum to either abort the child or suffer a divorce. but that is when her journey did take her down south to birmingham, alabama, and there in birmingham, she found life line adoption agency. life line is not just an adoption agency, but it serves as a banner for education, prevention and support for women and men going through this really critical time in their lives. so my mother walked in to the office and needed counseling and because that resource was made available to her, she decided to give birth to me and here i am
5:41 am
sitting here before y'all 22 years later, declaring how radiant my life has been. and like you said earlier, my parents were actually serving on the board of lifeline when my birth mother walked in the doors and that's where those lines connected and since then, i have been in a very loving home. >> lighting up the world. you certainly are. talk about light up life. this is your true cause. what does that mean to you and everyone? >> yes. we really were very interested to see how we were going to display this, what's been hilarious is that from friday to monday of this past week, we tried to prepare ourselves, how 25,000 auburn students were going to receive the story. we had no idea how the public was going to receive the story. that was just not in our mindset. and we knew there were a lot of stigma -- there are words like sexual assault or abortion or even life carries a stigma in itself, a negative stigma.
5:42 am
however, we knew that we wanted to make it fun and to know that life is so light and radiant. that's how light of life began. we tossed around like this is a story of restoration and hope and those were in the mix of all of this, but light up life was so perfect because it is something to be celebrated and like you said, we had glow sticks and t-shirts. we passed out daisies on the concourse just to celebrate what life really is. >> you know, you are a difference maker. you're a living proof of that. i love that the choice of life is something you're bringing to the foreground. we wish you well. you're graduating this year and you continue to just light up life around you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you so much. thank you. coming up, a stern warning about our credit rating. are we about to get downgraded again? what do you do? what do you know about what's happening in the markets? a live report up next giving you the info. and then the ban on the pledge of allegiance. where students were told to
5:43 am
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so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action. welcome back. it's time for quick headlines. a a nebraska principal decided students at alliance high school should refrain from reciting the pledge of allegiance for one day to remind them about the problems in washington. the district superintendent is reportedly investigating the incident. and it happened again, a beating on a school bus. the driver does nothing to stop it. a 17-year-old in pennsylvania is punched in the face. the driver doesn't help. in fact, he didn't even report the assault. the same thing happened in florida, a bus driver did not
5:47 am
step in when a kid was getting beat up by three teens there. brian? >> a fox business alert now. with no debt deal in sight, another rating agency is firing a warning shot threatening to downgrade our credit rating. how dare they? >> peter barns joins us live from washington, d.c. with the very latest. peter, tick, tick, the clock is running. >> that's right. one of the three major bond rating companies warned yesterday it could cut its credit rating of the united states from triple a. it cited all the political battles down here in washington over raising the debt ceiling. it said in its statement, quote, although fitch continues to believe that the debt ceiling will be raised soon, the political brinksmanship and finance flexibility could increase the risk of a u.s. default. and that announcement came as the treasury department said the u.s. will hit its debt ceiling tomorrow, putting it at risk of default. fitch gave itself until the end
5:48 am
of the first quarter of 2014 to decide whether it will actually cut the u.s. rating. if it does, it would follow standard and poors, which cut its u.s. credit rating from triple a to double a plus in 2011, following the fiscal battle that year between the obama administration and republicans in congress. that was the first time ever that the u.s. lost its triple a status. now a third major bond rating company, moody's, still has the u.s. at triple a. the loss of the top rating usually makes it more expensive for a country to borrow from investors. brian and steve? >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks. coming up, ellie the elephant is back. newt gingrich is here with the creative new way she's teaching her children about america's history. >> come on in. >> first, let's check in with somebody really important, like martha mccallum. this is two days in a row for you? >> yes, it is. >> where is hemmer? asleep?
5:49 am
>> i don't know. i don't know. i haven't seen him. hopefully he'll be here soon. here is what's coming up. now the president's hometown paper joins the pile on from his side on obamacare. so will the president admit that the troubles are more than just glitches? and what is the real role of heritage action in the gop's divided house? the head of that influential group joins us and a monster fish. did you hear about this stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare.
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you probably know her as former house speaker newt gingrich's wife. but she's back in a different light with another brand-new book. >> yes. it's fantastic. a third of her children's series. it features ellis the elephant and teaches kids about american
5:53 am
history. >> joining us now to talk about ellis without ellis, this is ellis' -- calista gingrich. welcome to our new couch. do you like it? >> i love it. thanks for having me today. >> no problem. >> where is ellis? last time you came you brought ellis? >> ellis is resting today. >> resting? >> but he sends his greetings, not because of the government shutdown. >> i have to say, my kids love the series. pilgrim's pride was awesome. especially as we come upon thanksgiving. yankee doodle dandy, your reason for want to go do this series is fantastic. can you share your motivation? >> i write these books because i love america and i believe our country is exceptional. i think it's more important now than ever that our children understand why we have such a special nation. and in this book, yankee doodle dandy, ellis the elephant discovers the american revolution and how we became a free and independent nation. >> it's so great because they get to -- ellis is their little
5:54 am
buddy walking through history. i think that's a nice way. >> it's like a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down because not only is it a great story, but also there is a lot of facts for kids because when you look at what fourth graders actually know, in real life, less than half understand why george washington was important. two of three can't identified the purpose of the declaration of independence and many don't know why the pilgrims showed up here. >> that's absolutely right. unfortunately, our kids today are not learning our american history in many of our schools. instead, they're learning revisionist or politically correct history. so it's really vital that they know the truth about who we are as americans. >> it's great it can start in the home, too, reading it to them. >> why an elephant? >> why an elephant? well, i knew i needed a unique character to capture the interest of small children. >> lovable. >> lovable, adorable. i considered many animals, including bunnies and hippos and giraffes. >> did you ever consider a donkey?
5:55 am
>> not yet. >> i think through your husband's life, you probably had a lot of little elephants and stuff like that, right? >> i actually have an elephant collection. >> there you go. that's probably where it came from. >> you have two more books coming? >> i do. my next book is going to be called "from sea to shining sea" and this will look at the early stages of the republic through the great expedition of lewis and clark. the next book will take a look at the war of 1812. i'm going to call that "o say can you see." >> and the decision to knock this down to a level in which people understand is tough, 'cause there are so many facets to these stories that you're bringing in. >> that's right. these books are really books about our patriotism and our nation's humble beginnings. they're not meant to be conservative books or republican books, but pro-american books. i really hope that they'll be seen as a celebration of our patriotism and of our nation. >> does newt endorse this book? >> he is very enthusiastic about
5:56 am
ellis the elephant. even more enthusiastic about our children learning american history. >> it's working. our kids certainly, i can see from our home, they love it. the illustrations capture your imagination and just eyes the entire time. well done. from our set of little ones under the age of nine. >> give our best to newt. i see him on tv at night, that lady is yelling at him. >> i don't have cable. so i don't get him. >> all right. >> thank you very much. "yankee doodle dandy." more yankee doodle "fox & friends" coming up ♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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6:00 am
>> scotty mccreary. >> "american idol" fans, there you go. >> calista gingrich will be in the after the show show. >> how do you know? >> because she's sitting right here. see you tomorrow. bill: lots to talk about now. good morning to you at home. fox news alert now on the drama in the waning hours of so-called debt deadline. only hours to bo. 15 and counting. house republicans getting together to cut a deal apapparently yesterday, something happened. it all fell apart. we're working to get answers on that. good morning to you and welcome to "america's newsroom" i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. the house was ready to work through the night we were told. john boehner said there would be a vote. but house leadership came out and said go home. >> no votes for tonight. we'll see you in the morning. bill: that is what you call, short and sweet.


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