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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that's the extension. workers furloughed without pay i when the shutdown began october 1 will receive back pay. we'll bring you all of the latest details on fox news channel. we'll be back at 11:00. let's send you to megyn kelly now. tonight on "the kelly file," break ing news on the debt deadline and the showdown over the shutdown. polle technicians in washington have reached a deal and it does nothing to address the nation's $17 trillion debt. just whose responsibility is that? plus, tough new questions today. why did the occupy wall street protesters get a pass from capital cops when american vets were punished by the same police department. >> do you consider it a monument you helped build or is it smoking pot at mcpherson square? sprks trey gowdy joins us.
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and why is one of the president's former top aides now saying someone should be fired for all the problems with the roll out. a busy night. we start with a fox news alert. welcome. i'm megyn kelly. picking up breaking news from washington. we are waiting to see what happens next in the drama over the debt ceiling deadline. with three hours to go we are, pkt ing a vote in the house of representatives starting any second. the house reasonable doubt di to take action now after the senate approved a short-term deal to raise the debt limit at least through february 7. that's a move that allows the administration to borrow money to pay the debt for the next couple of months. while completely avoiding the issue of the debt itself. as you can see here it's inching closer to $17 trillion by the second. the president walked to the lectern after the senate vote a half an hour ago. he acknowledged the poll showing how angry america has become.
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but hanging in the air was the bigger question. watch. >> there is a lot of work ahead of us including our need to earn back the trust of the american people that's been lost over the last few weeks. we can begin to do that by addressing the real issues that they care about. thank you very much, everybody. >> mr. president, is this going to happen again in a few months? >> no. [ laughter ] >> they're laughing but are the american people? >> ed henry, that's the question. we have until february 7. what's going to be different? >> the president said, no, it's not going to be the same. it's going to be different this time. people skeptical. he had to do two things in his remarks. number one, the senate cleared it on a bipartisan basis but the house hasn't voted. waiting for breaking news tonight to see how it turns out. he didn't the want to look like he was celebrating, spike the football, anger republicans, have a last second glitch.
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when he talked about restoring the trust of the american people he's acknowledging while the republicans took a bigger hit, he and democrats took a hit as well. they have to work hard to restore it. it's a race against the clock for the president. he's edge ing closer to lame duck status. if you step back from this debate, think about how his year has gone. how stories like the irs situation, the nsa, benghazi consumed time in the spring and summer. a few weeks ago, syria was consuming all of his time. then this took up two, three weeks. valuable time he wants to work on immigration reform, deal with the economy, et cetera. this is a president trying to re store the trust of the american people but also trying to make sure he can fix his legacy here. >> thank you, sir. back to you as the news warrants. we spoke to tea party republicans who said they stood on principle after years of being asked to give in. harry reid doesn't see it that
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way. he spoke an hour ago. >> let's be honest. this is pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason. >> guy benson is a talk show host, political editor and fox news contributor. harry reid said it happened for no good reason. you have a large caucus in the house saying we went down fighting and it's about time. your thoughts? >> first of all, megyn, congratulations on the show and your ratings bonanza. >> thank you. >> out's great to be here. you played the clip from harry reid. he's probably gloating a little bit tonight. and he should. he set a trap for republicans. they walked into it. they collapsed yesterday settling up the situation where he was in the driver's seat. you can't spin what happened any other way than a loss for the fractured party at the moment. the best thing for the party is that these crises are at least
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temporarily over. now the real attention can shift over to the slow motion, jaw dropping train wreck that is the president's health care law. >> it may be a win for harry reid. it doesn't look like a win for the american people when you look at the debt clock. >> no one thinks -- >> that's what's underlying the discussion. now they will raise the limit, continue to pay down the interest on this. they are not paying down the debt. this is the problem we go through time and time again. we have a $17 trillion debt and no one has the courage in washington to meaningfully address it. this time it was barely touched. yes, the fight was over obama care. where was discussion about reform on entitlement spend. where was leadership? >> ab a september. this was about other things. if you want to look at the debt
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which wasn't dealt with. you say the debt wasn't being paid down. it's getting worse. it uh's growing especially with the long-term entitlement programs and unpaid for promises known as liabilities. that $17 trillion number scratches the surface. that's the official number on paper. when you take those extra promises that we have already made to the american people and have no way of paying for, the number is closer to 90 trillion dollars. according to to several member s of president clinic top's debt commission from the early '90s. there is going to be a conference committee. one of the elements of the deal that passed the senate is the house and senate will both appoint conferrees, sit together for the first time in four years and try to actually hammer out some agreement that deals with the spend ing and debt issue. we'll see how it goes.
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>> this is like a husband and wife in a bitter divorce. they haven't been able to work anything out in the divorce for four years. on year five the judge says, sit down and have a conversation. high hopes. guy, thaupg. >> my pleasure. >> my next two guests are in the thick of the debate. joining many now, lo rhett the ta sanchez, democrat and member of the joint economic committee. new jersey congressman scott investigator is a republican and member of the house budget committee. thank you very much for being here. >> good to be with you. >> representative sanchez, let me start with you. five plus years ago now when president obama was candidate obama and he railed against the the national debt and against president bush for adding to it. he said this. >> the problem is that the way bush has done it is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our
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national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents. number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible, un-petic. >> now president obama has ad d ed more than all presidents combined through bill clinton. >> remember it is not the president that decides what programs to take on. it really is the congress. i have been in the congress for a while now. i have seen the different sides. i have seen everybody go at it. the reality is we have to take a look at everything.
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as simpson bowles did. >> that failed. >> entitlement, defense. >> they said it and nobody did it. >> that is exactly correct. i am a member of the blue dog coalition, democratic fiscal conservatives. we endorse the bowles simpson plan. >> but you failed respectfully. i think the american people appreciate the effort. try all you want, what matters are results and we tonight have any. we have $17 trillion. >> it takes everybody to sit at the table. i hop after this soedamericans talk about how to deal with the debt. >> hoping is nice. representative garrett, this is not a joke. the scene we play every time because it under scores this situation perfectly. i want to show the viewers.
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>> i need this, you know. i need this. i'm going to take this. and -- no, no. i'm the old person. i need this. you have to take care of me. >> is that wrong? is wrong? >> he's not wrong. he has it exactly right and you do. once again washington has let down the american people. i think loretta's comments are absurd to say, of course it's not the president who makes the decisions, it's congress. what has president obama been saying for 16 days? he's saying it is his decision. it's his way or the highway. he's been saying he wanted a clean c.r. and she joined him. he didn't want congress to have a say to cut back some of the spending. so we are in this situation now where the u.s. senate is over there on both sides of the aisle high fiving each other as if we have done something tremendous. we have done nothing tremendous.
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you have three kids, i have two. they have to ask us tonight if your kids can say it to you, what have you done for us in the future generations of the country? we have added more debt for thm . $17 trillion in debt. another $900 billion if we go for a full year of raising the debt limit. $2 trillion more for the adding of obama care spend ing. that's not on your back or mine. that's on our kids' backs. tonight we have said we are not going to be responsible. we'll put it on the backs of your children and mine. i think that is wrong. >> representative sanchez, let me ask you quickly. this got started as fight over obama care. it's got a lot of problems. it's had problems with the roll out and soen oh. one thing we keep hearing is will the individual mandate be postponed the same way the corporate mandate was by the
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president so individuals aren't treated as second class citizens in comparison to their corporate brothers? your thoughts on that. >> i believe obama care is moving forward. i no in california a lot of people are exciteded to get there and buy insurance. we're going to let it play out. in a year people will see they are better off by having coverage they have theeded, by having gone to the doctor, et cetera. it's important. i want to go back to something my colleague said. >> quickly. >> this 16 days of shutdown cost us $24 billion that's estimated by standard & poor's in just 16 days to our national economy. we have to stop legislating this way and doing these fights. the republicans are always talking about growing the pie. what they did in these 16 days was to decrease the size of the
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pie. >> let me give you a chance to respond. standard & poor's did come out with the $24 billion cost. >> she could have joined us and opened the government sooner. we passed over two dozen bills, sent them to the senate. she voted against almost all of them. the senate voted on ze ro of them in the last 16 days. we could have got the government open sooner. >> not the government. piece by piece. >> well, loretta, that's the way the system always works. we vote on different appropriation bills. not the way the president wants to do it. he wants a single bill he controls and it passes that way. it's not the way it works. you know we vote on several different appropriations bills. this is being passed on to our children. it uh's unfair. >> good of you both to be here. >> thank you. >> we'll watch as the house votes tonight. after a fight the over federal spend ing why did the senate pass a bill that included $174,000 payment to the by widof
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breaking tonight the house, we are told, will meet at any moment. they will vote on this deal to raise the debt limit and to re open the government. lawmakers would not do anything -- anything -- about reducing the $17 trillion debt
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which is grow uhhing by the minute. along the way washington found extra cash for the family of late senator frank lautenberg. $174,000 for a family that's worth more than $50 million. so why did you need to pay that money to the $50 million family? joining me now, radio talk show host monica crowly and bernard whitman. it's clear that they were entitled to the money. it was a death benefit paid to him for his service. it's clear that they didn't need the money. i why did they have to put it in this bill? what else is in there? >> this is the unanswered question. what else is buried in this that they are passing in the dead of night? he was entitled but that's not the point. the point is we are now living in such an entitlement society that senator lawsuit berg's widow is taking the money.
6:18 pm
where is her personal responsibility to say, yes, he was entitled to this. congress may be voting to allow me to have this. but i will say no because i have enough money.ts $174,000 becaust was the salary he was making at the time he died. that money has been paid to widowses of other lawmakers. >> you are talking about a $17 trillion debt. you have the debt clock spirals upwards every second of every day. this is how we get to $17 trillion in debt. talk about $174,000 and really in the whole scheme of things it's like spitting into the ocean. but that's how you get into this mess. nobody takes personal responsibility and starts to say no. >> you want to talk about means testing? where is the discussion the about entitlement reform. they can't get means testing on the table for senior citizens, social security or medicare. they can't get it for the congressman and death benefits. $50 million and we paid almost $the 00,000.
6:19 pm
>> it under score it is dysfunctionality of the senate. whether it is ruls and d corum or rules that allow one senator like ted cruz a few weeks ago to monopolize the senate and basically shut down the government's business. is gnat needs reform. we need to wring it to the 21st accept. we can no longer allow a senator here or there to keep the entire public's business captive in order to go on stage for 23 hours. the senate rules have to be changed. >> ted cruz kicked it off. it went to the house and there was a debate on principle. some stood their ground. >> the problem is it was lumped together. the debt ceiling was lumped with the continuings are lugs. >> look at the numbers. it wasn't discussed. it was all about the government re-opening or not. now we have a great solution. it will be kicked to february 7. >> hold on, meg en. >> $17 trillion. >> this is not the time to discuss the debt. the debt ceiling is about agreeing to pay bills you have
6:20 pm
already incurred. we need serious discussion about reform, not when we are reaching the limit of being able to default on the groomt s. >> i know my viewers are saying with do. but we don't. we never do. we tried. congresswoman sanchez talked about simpson bowles. >> bring it back. >> you know what they did with the great recommendations? they said, oh, thank you. see you, simpson bowles. how will it change this time around? >> i neededed that. if somebody could just -- >> the problem is you have leftist idealogues on one side. on the other side you have cowards with exceptions. this is why you get into situations where out never gets solved. you never -- >> they come up on a deadline. they have tried to make that like, okay, you need to bargain with us. but they don't. >> you don't have --
6:21 pm
unfortunately we don't have a speaker who can control his conference. >> i have to go. we are coming up against a hard break and they are going to have a vote in the house. we'll go there on the other side of the break. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. than any other behind the counter liquid gel. for sein a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year.
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we are getting video of speaker boehner arriving in the house. they are about to start the vote. they are going to take the vote now on the bill sent over from the senate. monica and bernard are back. it's going to pass. listen, there is some drama, but it will pass. the question is by how many votes. did the president do anything to queer the deal when he spoke between the senate vote and house vote? we think not. he was even in tone.
6:25 pm
>> i think wf to say what got accomplished here. we killed the gdp by a third. the republican brand is at its lowest favorability level of any party in the history of gallup polling. >> that's what john mccain said. >> republicans have done the near impossible. we are up 7 point this is the generic ballot on congress. two, supportr from obama care has spiked seven points. from a strategy, this was a train wreck. >> yet i hear from the tea party caucus and i hear the from viewers who are aligned with them and they are on their feet cheering ted cruz and the members saying i don't care that they didn't bow down and kisds the party ring. out's time somebody stood up and fought for me and what i believe in and i want major are form. not by inches, not by yards. by a mile. ted cruz speaks for me. >> for somebody to fight and
6:26 pm
understand what the fight is about. bernard talk thes about the republicans. the republicans made mistakes over the last couple of weeks but this is less about republicans than it is about the president. you heard him this afternoon and over the last few weeks. you heard him over the last five years. this is a man who has not changed. he never compromised. never negotiated. he has his eye on oh the ball which he called in 2008 the fundamental transformation of the nation. because his strategy of no compromise, no negotiation, my way or the highway has worked and because republicans continue to cave. he's not going to. republicans like ted cruz who understand the true nature of the fight and are saying, listen, i will not play on his field. i'm going to fight the back for the conservative base for republicans and a fair share of independents. that means a lot. >> as with look at the debt limit about to go up and the
6:27 pm
national debt behind you. i think it was charles krauthammer with a special report that this is a president who wants to spread the wealth. he wants big government. he doesn't want a meaningful entitlement re form. he says maybe we'll discuss it if you raise taxes which is a nonstarter. >> this is where i fault the president. i think it would be a welcome change in the last quarter before we go through this again. not on failing to compromise but failing to build strong personal relationships with any member of kopg on ooiter side on capitol hill. that's been a huge impediment to forging an alieps and moving forward. i hope out of this the president can understand he's got to go down to capitol hill. he's got to rub shoulders and has to maintain real relationships with people in the way clinton and newt gingrich did despite differences and the way reagan and tip o'neal did.
6:28 pm
>> part of the problem is that we are treating barack obama as if he's a run of the mill, garden variety democrat like jimmy carter or bill clinton. he's a different ball of wax with with a different agenda. we better understand it uh and fast. >> we just heard they will have an hour debate and the vote. just to clarify, does he have to rub shoulders my left to your right? >> it should be equal. >> you were right, megyn, on the left. >> rub left and right. >> thank you guys. >> you bet. >> now the debate has started and everybody will make their last stand. the drama has been in the house all along. i suppose anything can happen but we don't think so. stay with us. we never know how the congressmen feel. plus new calls for kathleen sebelius to step down from her post as with hear growing complaints about the health care
6:29 pm
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breaking tonight, debate is under way in the house of representatives. we expect them to raise america's debt ceiling tonight and re-open the government. raise the debt ceiling at least through february. re-open the government through january 15. it is the hour and in the house -- teleprompter. where anything can happen and off does the.
6:33 pm
mike, what are they doing? >> well, they are talking it out in the house after the senate passed this with strong bipartisan support, 81-18. many i have talked to seem worn out from the fight, ready to re-open the government and fight about the issues another day. they know they will do plenty of talk about the debt in the weeks and months ahead. meanwhile, top democrats recognize this is only a short-term fix. >> the proposal that will be before us shortly does just that and no more. re open the government. we pay our bills. and then we can sit down and negotiate. >> republicans continue to say they will fight on issues of spend ing and debt. some conservatives who have led the fight from the beginning sound frustrated with the way this town works. >> this is washington at its
6:34 pm
worst. it's what the american people are fed up with. exactly why several cloegs and i began this effort to delay and defund obama care back in july. >> there are other republicans who think the effort to shut down the government fight over obama care, lost their leverage on stronger soil for republicans which is fighting over the nation's debt. >> as mike was talking we got ap update that says we we now expect the vote to happen within the next 20 minute. it should happen before the show concludes. we'll take you there live at with get results. in the middle of the mess the fight over obama care. the bungled roll out and major website glitches have many calling for someone to be fired, among other things. the president oos former white house press secretary had this to say. >> this is excruciatingly embarrassing for the white house and for the department of health and human services. this was bungled badly.
6:35 pm
i hope they fire people that were in charge of making sure this was supposed to work. >> not going to happen. leslie marshall, fox news contributor and radio talk show host and lars larson. the reason i say it won't happen is the white house stood by ms. sebelius on tuesday. even as some called for her resignation, republicans and democrats alike. you heard what robert gibbs said. it wasn't about her specifically. but president obama still trusts her stewardship of obama care. leslie, is that the right result? >> i believe it is. she didn't design the website. of course they could not fully implement the website, put it together and test it. they were waiting for states to decide whether they would be on it. the expectations exceeded in great numbers. not just one million the first day. 14.7 million. >> who checked it out, not registered. >> oh, absolutely. that's where one of the problem lies is being able to register.
6:36 pm
absolutely, no question. >> that beg s the question. that's the issue. millions of people came according to the washington post. they claim 9.47 million visited the website. the number who completed enrollment, 36,000 they are estimating. 36,000 out of 10 million. that's why some are saying someone needs to get fired. the website stinks, the rollout stunk and there should be accountability. >> i have been covering government for a long time. there are so many examples in frooift sk tor somebody would be fired. no one gets fired in the government. there is a rare occasion sometimes. this is outrageous. leslie, with all due respect, exceeded expectations? we knew a long time ago which states weren't going to participate. the federal government said we'll build this website. there are major sites like
6:37 pm
amazon that sell thousands or hundreds of thousands of different products from thousands of different manufacturers to millions or tens of millions of americans every day. they manage to make it happen. the federal government could screw up anything and the they did. in this case, you know some of the flaws are they are not just glitches that need a nip here, a tuck there. they are major problems with the software that don't look like they will be resolved easily by fixing a few lines of code. >> you mentioned amazon. they have more than 70 million visitors per week. they handle it. according to the administration they got more than 8 million hits in the first week and washington post estimated 10 million. it was a complete disaster. the question is if they can't handle the roll out of the health care law why should we entrust them to handle our health care? >> first of all, a website is different from a health management system. >> let's hope so.
6:38 pm
>> i would be a terrible website developer but i'm an excellent businesswoman with the medical center uh i'm a partial owner of. one is signing somebody up. another is providing care. we have been providing care for decades with medicare. i haven't seen anybody in the american public giving that back. to your point about amazon, twitter had a crash for the same reason -- the volume. a spike in volume. so did the states of connecticut and district of columbia. >> leslie, this wasn't just a spike. people got on. they created an account and when they came back to sign on and contemplate purchasing something, they found out the system wouldn't log them on. that's not just a volume problem. that's a problem with the basic software. not to get too tar in the weeds but they had 50 some major subcontractors that built different poosieces of this.
6:39 pm
instead of going to the private sector and saying we need someone used to overseeing the roll out of major software and a major system built by multiple even tors, they said we'll oversee it. the federal government don't have a background in it. >> where is the accountability is this we have seen it repeatedly? >> nobody will be fired. >> mistakes happen. people make bad decisions but where is the accountability? who gets fired? after benghazi, they asked. they asked after fast and furious. now after a disastrous roll out. you heard robert gibbs say somebody ought to be fired. leslie, last word. i have to run. >> you know, we have six months of open enrollment. of course the end of december is then rollment period for start january. we have until the end of march. at that point if things aren't up and rupping as they should be maybe a head or two should roll. i don't think you throw out kathleen sebelius who needs to oversee the program, not just a
6:40 pm
website and people logging on. >> great to see you both. the debate continues. we are told it should be ending within moments. i want to bring you a quick alert. just in, democrat cory booker wins the senate hex in new jersey today. mr. booker will fill the seat left vacant by frank lautenberg. the mayor of newark beating steve lonnegan. remember chris christie arrange ed for it to go down this way, to have the election, and let the people of new jersey decide. it's been a long time since a republican has held the seat. one will not hold it now. cory booker has won the election. we are ten minutes away, we are told, from the vote in the house. how will it come down? who will stand their ground in the tea party caucus and who among the so-called main stream republicans, if any, will vote with the democrats? also ahead, why did the occupy wall street protesters get a pass from cops in the capital?
6:41 pm
remember for months on end they were out there. when america's have thes were punished by the same police department? trey gowdy joins us live next. >> that day also included as part of the order that first amendment activities would be permitted on the national mall. >> do you consider it first amendment activity to walk to a monument you helped build or is it only smoking pot at mcpherson square? man: i know the name of eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there.
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we are getting close to the debt vote this the house. we'll take you there when it happens. earlier today some tough questions on capitol hill when the house oversight committee grilled the national parks department on whether the white house was behind the decision to barricade u.s. monuments and parks. here's a little bit of the national parks service director and congressman trey gowdy. >> in october of 2011, occupy protesters descended upon mcpherson square and decided to stay. despite the clear language of the law, mr. jarvis, why did you fail to enforce the plain language of a statute for a hundred days for protesters and yet on the very first day you denied access to a monument that veterans helped build? >> joining us now, congressman trey gowdy. good to see you on the program.
6:46 pm
what were you going for? that guy said, look, it was a first amendment thing for the occupy wall streeters. >> the duplicity was too much to stand. for a hundred days he didn't lift a finger for left wing protesters in mcpherson square. on the first day to make the shutdown as painful as possible for innocent people, he barricades world war ii veterans. on the one hand he ignored a statute. with the veterans he inhaven'ted a statute that doesn't exist. i wonder why he would ignore the law for a hundred tas and invent a statute to deny veterans ak a sesz to a monument they built.
6:47 pm
>> he claims there weren't enough workers to open it safely. >> he claims he couldn't remember who he talkeded to at the white house. these are open air monument s. you can go now and there won't be staff. he got caught trying to make it as painful as possible. instead of doing what he ought to do which is say, i messed up. he wants an excuse or justification and my goal was to explain the hypocrisy. previous shutdowns, they didn't close national parks. what is talismanic about this shutdown? >> did you ask that even when we had government shutdowns in the past they never did what he did with the mon mnt s? did he have an explanation for that? >> he cited the anti-deficiency statute. if anything puts people to sleep it's that statute.
6:48 pm
i thought i would use my folks to juxtapose people smoking pot with veterans who wanted to see their monument. >> so he did speak with the white house. he couldn't remember who. what's the theory, that he was directed by or announced his plan to the white house that he was going to the do this and it was sanctioned? >> i try not to speculate, particularly on motive. i don't have evidence. one thing i would like to know is who did you ask? if you don't remember who you talked to, at least tell us who you asked for. it could be circumstantial evidence of who you wound up talking to. he said it was multiple times. it's strange credibility that a park service director would not remember who he talked to at the white house in the midst of a historic government shutdown. but absent any evidence to cross examine him with i'm left to take him at his word that he can want remember who he talked to.
6:49 pm
>> he said no one instructed him to put the barricades up. he said it came from himself. your thoughts on what's happening in the house tonight? >> to be honest with you, all of us whether we vote the yes or no -- and i will vote no -- need to go home and have some self-are flexion. this is a difficult shutdown for innocent people. i need to think about why raising the debt ceiling for the 82nd time isn't good for this country. i haven't won many cases in politics. i need to evaluate my tactics. >> amazing when you look at the number and think how much focus was on other things. yet you soo the clock ticking forward to $17 trillion in debt. the nation's children are out the there asleep in their beds not knowing what's coming. great to see you. thanks for being here . >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> we are awaiting the vote in
6:50 pm
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6:53 pm
awaiting a house vote on raising the debt ceiling. there is a new battle coming between the administration and the religious community. president of the catholic league because a little thing called the safe harbor is about to expire on january with 1 and it will continue to expire thanks to this deal. >> this is a bigger train where can than anything in the budget. the obama administration is trying to do the something unprecedented. they want to re interpret what a catholic institution is.
6:54 pm
when you and i think of it we think of hospitals, schools, char charities and parishes and diocese. they say parishes and diocese are catholic but not an order of nuns if they tend to non-catholics. not a hospital because they serve people who aren't catholic? i am proud we don't discriminate on the basis of faith. but this administration basically wants to sec la rise religious institutions and that's more pernicious than asking us to pay for abortion inducing drugs.tain former form contraception be paid for. then there was a big hubbub so the compromise was, all right, women at the institutions can get it directly from the insurance company but a rot of the entities are self-insured. it is still the catholic
6:55 pm
institution. >> let's not forget abortion inducing drugs. they are more serious. the real serious question is this. if the obama administration wins, what is the catholic institution? will they be neutered now? >> they won. >> not yet. there are 75 lawsuits out there now. this will go before the supreme court. i'm confident we'll win. they never listened to this argument during the obama care proceedings. the hhs mandate was passed after the supremes agreed to hear obama care. this is still on the table. i do think the bishops won't cooperate. i hope if it is necessary they will have civil disobedience. >> as of january 1, the safe harbor expires. >> some catholic think the bishops are walking away but they are not. the administrative committee of the usccb unanimously voted not to walk away. a week later they came out for religious conscious rights. so because the pope says you
6:56 pm
shouldn't be obsessed about abortion that's one thing. thinks they will walk away? those people are crazy. >> the vote is coming. stand by. >> the motion is agreed to. >> i ask for a recorded vote. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? some kind of... this is... an alien species. reality check: a lot of 4g lte coverage maps don't really look like much at all. i see the aleutian islands. looks like a duck. it looks like... america... ish. that's a map. that's a map of the united states. check the map. verizon's 4g lte
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is the most reliable, and in more places than any other 4g network. i've got the good one! i got verizon! that's powerful. verizon. the lg g2. featuring an intuitive rear-key design and 13 megapixel camera. the vote is now taking place in the house of representativeses. you can see the tally there. 31 democratic yea so far. 9 nays. that will continue over the next 15 minutes. you can see the number counting down at the bottom of the screen as they proceed. those of all parties get on the record with whether they support the deal that came from the u.s. senate. after all of the back and forth the deal essentially raises the nation's debt limit through february 7th which is supposed to give lawmakers time to get
6:58 pm
together and come up with meaningful re form on the debt. then they are also going to fund the government so the government shutdown will end. that will be funded through january 15. there will be no meaningful changes to obama care which is what ted cruz argued in the beginning and which got this thing started. t the republicans in the house took a stand. the conservative wing in particular. it was not to be. they could not win enough et votes, persuade enough people to stand on principle. john boehner tried oh to get certain things past the caucus. it didn't work out. in the end, harry reid and mitch mcconnell in the senate worked out this deal. it passed by over 80 vots in the senate. tonight it comes to the house where it is expected to pass with the vote s of t democrats. plus moderate members of the republican party. we'll continue to watch this. we don't expect tea party members to vote for it.
6:59 pm
uh you heard trey gowdy say he would not and many others do not. they don't believe in raising the t debt ceiling without cuts in spending, without conditions from the other party. they don't believe in funding the government without a discussion, without even a discussion on the state of this country's finances. yet that's exactly what they are doing. the republican party took hits in this context the t of this negotiation. its approval rating and when it comes to how it is handling the nation's finances, the it is 74% of americans now disapprove of the way they are handling washington's budget crisis. the president took a hit with his approval ratings sinking to 37% according to polls. that's the status of things in washington tonight. we can see it one more time. the nation's debt continuing to roll up as the numbers roll in. there you have it. almost $17 trillion. no one's talking about what we
7:00 pm
are going to do about that. no one's talking about that. with eel re sense of humor the discussion when we have a live broadcast tonight, not a repeat, at 12:00 a.m. midnight. we'll look at what happened in washington today. our coverage continues now with "hannity." welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. the house of representatives is voting on the bill to are re open the government and raise the debt ceiling. in a minute we'll be joined by senators ted cruz, mike lee, marco rubio. they will have exclusive reaction. first down to capitol hill where our own mike emmanuel is going to ex plain where things stand at this hour. mike. >> good evening. the house is voting at this hour to pass this temporary fix to re-open the government, extend the ability to borrow money for a few months. it is a temporary fix. nobody seems satisfied but a lot of people on both sides of


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