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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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are going to do about that. no one's talking about that. with eel re sense of humor the discussion when we have a live broadcast tonight, not a repeat, at 12:00 a.m. midnight. we'll look at what happened in washington today. our coverage continues now with "hannity." welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. the house of representatives is voting on the bill to are re open the government and raise the debt ceiling. in a minute we'll be joined by senators ted cruz, mike lee, marco rubio. they will have exclusive reaction. first down to capitol hill where our own mike emmanuel is going to ex plain where things stand at this hour. mike. >> good evening. the house is voting at this hour to pass this temporary fix to re-open the government, extend the ability to borrow money for a few months. it is a temporary fix. nobody seems satisfied but a lot of people on both sides of the aisle have suggested it is time
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to re pope the government and continue to fight another day. a number of house republicans were compliment ref house speaker john boehner's leadership though they are voting on deal they are not entirely satisfied with. they felt he did lead the good fight. offered potential sliegss yesterday but didn't have votes. here they are. to head off a crisis with the business markets or the financial markets, they are going to vote on the deal. with a lot of democratic vots and some republican votes, all indications are it is expected to pass and the president will sign it into law perhaps later tonight or first thing in the morning. >> mike emmanuel live from capitol hill tonight. thank you very much. now from the white house, ed henry. what's going on? >> reporter: good to see you, sean. the president came out after the senate vote before the house vote. he was trying to turn the page on an ugly debate. secondly, he's trying to reset
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the tone in washington. you will remember some of the president's aides likened them to terrorists. faced push-back. the president made it clear he thinks both party s took a hit during the bruising battle and said tomorrow they will have extensive remarks talking about how to move forward the on the budget and change the tone. take a listen. >> there is a lot of work ahead of us including our need to earn back the trust of the american people that's been lost over the last few weeks. we can begin to do that by dealing with issues they care b about. >> he has three years left but this year has been marked by distractions from the irs controversy, n srgs a. then the syria battle. now this battle has sapped two or three weeks of his time. tonight he said he wants to
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turn to issues like immigration reform. he's running out of item thyme to deal with the legacy items. >> joining us live from the nation's capital with exclusive reaction are two of the most talked about guys in d.c. senators ted cruz and mike lee. thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you. >> thanks, sean. >> assuming the house votes the way we think they will. premiums will skyrocket. jobs will be lost. part-time status for people that want to work more hours will be gone. we have this train wreck of a roll out. what's your reaction, senator cruz? >> this is a lousy deal for the american people. this is a classic instance of the washington establishment selling the american people down the river. this deal does nothing for millions of people hurting because of oh obama care. for young people coming out of school who can't find a job because of bamg, this deal does
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nothing. for the single moms force theed into part time work to feed their kids on 29 hours a week, this does nothing. for the seener i don't say and people with disabilities being told, gting letters in the mail that they are losing their health insurance this does nothing. it is unfortunate of the washington establishment once again not listening to the american people. >> i know you were on mark le vine's show. john mccain, bob karkher and others, what's your reaction to them? >> it was unfortunate how it played out. for everyone watching this, it's worth a word of encouragement. what we have seen over the last two months has been incredible . we saw millionses of americans come together. over 2 million americans signed a national petition at dontfund it we saw the house stand strong, listen to the people and stand
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strong against obama care. as you just noted what we then saw was senate republicans not unite but be divided. if senate republicans united and supported house republicans, the american people we could have had a different outcome but senate the republicans divided and actively and aggressively atacted house republicans, attacked the effort to defund obama care and that's what led to the lousy deal tonight. >> it's a missed opportunity. if uh we stayed united, stood behind the house republican conference in order to keep veterans programs funded and to keep our national parks open we could have made more progress. it was an important missed opportunity. we have to emphasize the fact that this is just the end of the beginning.
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when the president's hometown newspaper, the chicago tribune, said they believe we should have a one-year time-out on obama care. the law isn't ready to be implemented. you know something is wrong. we'll see more data points like these telling the administration the american people aren't ready for the law because it is harming people. >> is it fair to say if there are winners and losers the real losers are the american people. because nothing in the obama care law is as it was sold to them, promised to them, there is no savings. it's more ex pensive. doctor choices will be limited. jobs are lost. is there a loser here -- the american people? >> yes, overwhelming numbers. >> it's tragic to people who lost b jobs. people who had their wages cut or hours slashed. we seal see more come out in the coming months.
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as we get closer to this january 1 full imple membership tags date. >> i hope we can find a way but unfortunately today's decision will like it likely that more people will suffer. >> i want to talk about the plan going forward with you when we come back. we are moving ahead. now i see 99-34 is the vote in the house. we'll bring in senator lee. but first brett baer will have a special after this program. where are we now? >> you're right. the senate vote is continuing. now we have 135 yeas. they need to get to 216. there are 232 members in the house right now. they need 18 republican votes yes -- yea.
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if the rest of the republicans voted no. they have 36 already and 109 democrats. it is expected this will pass with big numbers. but the big question is whether it passes with a majority of the majority. speaker boehner talked about hi put this on the floor understanding it may have to pass with more democrats than republicans. right now it's looking like that is the case. it's expected to get to the magic number of 216 and go to the president to be signed. tonight he said he'll sign it immediately. >> i was watching a special report. i was listening to charles krauthammer and the panel. i agreed, yeah, the president hit the right tone. i was thinking the talk about extortion, blackmail and republicans being terrorists, does the president not think the democrats you talked to not think there will be resentment for the incendiary language they have used in the last few weeks? >> great question, sean.
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one of the themes is that the president hopes to break republicans, split the party. the senators you are talking to, senators lee and cruz, he hopes to break them off from the party. they hope to are unite the party. you heard the president mention immigration reform. i think he'll push it forward as we get further into the budget battles in december and january. >> i heard the president. i don't soo the republicans actually doing it though. you just heard from senator cruz and senator lee. the words at the house was sabotaged by senate republicans. there seems to be in-fighting there, too. what do you know? >> there is. clearly there is a split in the caucus. there are many senators including senators mccain and others. you mentioned corker. graham talked about the tactics
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being wrong in this case and they thought this was a bad deal. they live to fight another day. the sequester is still in place. that's the big negotiating point at the budget conference committee. you know that the super committee the last time didn't manage to get $1.3 trillion in cuts other the tep years. there is not a lot of hope in washington that this conference committee can succeed. but they are headed that way. hope springs eternal. >> maybe in your interviews you got a good answer to the question. i would ask those that oppose senator cruz. probably the most outspoken were john mccain and bob corker. they said it was never disagreeing on obama care. these were tactical differences. what was the tactic that was offered that would be an alternative? did you get a straight answer on that? >> not really.
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they looked at the numbers and thought it was impossible to get to a place where anybody could pick off moderate democrats and that democrats would then vote to defund obama care. they didn't see how the leverage would be there to get to that point. i don't think you can talk down their antipathy for obama care. >> let's assume because a lot of conservatives including myself would have preferred they were united and stayed strong. that wasn't the case in the senate. for a long time it was in the house. i don't think the speaker did this. with a lot of purpose. i think he was pushed. if the republicans had held as one in the house and senate do you think it would have been a stand-off forever? >> no. that's a great point. it's a big if. there were a lot of break ages
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at the gipg. 213 i think the vote is. 220 now. they have surpassed the 216 number. it's important to point out that we can't say it is official until time runs out and efg is done. this have reached the magic number to pass this. that means it goes on. there wasn't that from the beginning. where the fault lies has yet to be played out in the republican party. that's the battle ahead. >> with we'll have a special coming up in 48 minutes from now. see you then. senator mike lee and senatored the cruz for their kelly ayotte, lindsey graham and others opposing fellow republican senators, senator cruz said we agree in our
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opposition to obama care. this is a tactical difference. did they explain their strategy to get to the point of standing up against this law? senator cruz, did you get a full ex pla nation? >> unfortunately there wasn't another tactic any of the kpleeg colleagues suggested. until the end there was opportunity for the compromise. for something that perhapses would have been short of defund which is what mike and i have been fighting for. something to provide real relief to millions of americans hurting under obama care. if you think of it, the house republicans marched into battle. tremendous leadership. tremendous courage. it should have been republicans riding like the cavalry. if they stood united with house republicans that's how we would have won the fight.
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instead the senate republicans were divided and became basically an air force dive bombing the house republicans and conservatives and once that happened there was no i way to hold the line with the american people and achieve meaningful relief from the harms from obama care. >> what was going on behind the scenes, senator lee? i heard there were conferences amopg you and your colleagues and harsh words ex changed during the different private conferences. i have my spies in these meetings every time. what was going on behind the scene s? >> it wasn't always pretty. this is the way things work and we don't always agree. sometimes tempers flare ed and people said things they may have regretted later. the important thing moving forward is unite behind the effort to expose flaws in the law. these are not mere glitches. it goes far beyond the website.
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this is fundamentally unsound. it's causing people to lose their jobs and health care to become less affordable sh more. i want i don't niet the conference. obama care is bad and has got to be stopped. >> how will you get consensus with somebody like john mccain? john mccain seems to me harry reid was holding him up in the middle of your filibuster and asking you if you would give 15 minutes the to john mccain because john mccain wanted to excoriate you on behalf of harry reid. how do you reck siel that? >> john mccain is someone whom i like and respect. he's a man of ocourage and patriotism. >> do you like his treatment of you calling you whack tlo bird and lashing out at you? >> the old saying is politics ain't bean bags.
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neither mike nor i have a thin skin. it doesn't mat. politicians bickering. whatever others say i don't are reciprocate. i haven't and i won't. there are people all over fighting who were picking up a letter from the insurance company and discovering that the insurance to provide vital health care is being taken away. i heard a story today about a family of missionaries who home school their kids and got a letter saying their insurance was cut because of obama care. they are praying and talking about giving up the mission field and going to get jobs to provide health care for their kids. that's happening. >> looking forward, and i will ask senator lee this question. i suspect that you and ted cruz,
7:17 pm
rand paul. marco rubio will join us later. i suspect you aren't going away, are you? >> no. we are not going away. neither are the many millions of americans who joined the dialogue, who made their voices heard by washington, d.c. not only are we not going anywhere. uh they respect either. their numbers are growing. more people are hurting as a result of the law every day. as they continue to call in and ask for help, we'll continue to do everything we can to hp them. the way is to stop this law's implementation and enforcement. the reason with got involved when with saw what was happening and that the president wasn't going to follow it. the president isn't following the law. we are not going to fund it. that's what we said and that's what we should do. >> kick the can down the road. where do we go from here? >> i uh think there is reason to take heart and be encouraged. this was a lousy deal. if you look at what was accomplished a couple of months
7:18 pm
ago the washington establishment scoffed at the idea that the american people would rise up in overwhelming numbers. the washington establishment scoffed that the house of representatives would stand strong against obama care. what we have seen in the last two months has been incredible . millions of americans standing up. we didn't win this battle because no one should be surprised when taking on the washington establishment. the establishment fight back. this would be a multi stage extended battle. we have also seen a model going forward to deeffete obama care to bring back jobs, economic growth, abolish the irs, reign in out of control spend ing. that model is empowering the american people. i am tonight -- i remain inspired because the people all over the country who rose up and made d.c. listen. the house of representatives listen. i'm confident in time the united states senate will as well.
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>> i think there will be a loud reaction, a close look at the votes that took place on the senate side on this. it seemed like thursday of last week senator lee you had, what, 13% of the american people think the country is on the right track. the president's lowest approval number ever at 37%. of course the polls on obama care, the american people didn't want. seem ed like you guys had momentum until -- what went wrong? >> at that point again we had a lot of republicans who didn't like the effort and for whatever reason didn't want it to succeed. they fought the it every time they got a chance. that's up forpt t. i think the fact that people have this much antipathy toward the law. the p's approval ratings at an all time low signals the fact that the federal government is too big and too ex-pen sieve. we shouldn't allow it to i trud
7:20 pm
into ever more personal aspect s of our lives like ouri health care. this was a big opportunity. it's sad we missed it. we have to take advantage of opportunities as the law is implemented and harms folks well. eel try to protect the people. >> good to see you both both. i look forward to this continuing in 90 days from now. we'll are boot and see where it goes. that's the thing about kicking the can down the road. now from the house side with bring in michele bachmann, how are you guys? >> good the to talk with you. >> i'm looking at the votes. it's in, but so much for the haster rule. >> the vote was put up on the board. you see the results. i vote ed no on the bill. this means barack obama got 100% of what he wanted. his stance from the beginning is no negotiation.
7:21 pm
one of the senior administration officials a week ago said that they were willing to push the country into default. that's what the president did. he rolled the dice. he knew republicans would be the adults in the room to make sure the country didn't go into default. he was willing to default and we are at the result where we are tonight. i agree with the senators. we aren't waving the white flag on obama care. the fight continues because the american people have only gotten a taste of just how bad this bill will be. i want people to not give up hope . there ises a lot of fighters that are main inening co. we'll continue to fight until we see the will of the people prevail. >> i think the congresswoman is onto something here. people see sticker shock and the premiums skyrocket and as more people lose their jobs, see their hours reduced.
7:22 pm
this train wreck that took place in terms of a three-year, 624 government debacle of a roll out. i think there might be a larger public outcry. do you anticipate that? >> first of all, i'm glad we are able to open the government and avoid default. we can negotiate. this is a way to keep the government open and negotiate. i'm a member of the appropriations committee. we need to look at how we spend. how efficient the government is doing. if we are able to do that we can bring down the debt that i want to see also. the other thing is health care. i vote ed for health care. i b will be the first to say republicans or democrats are taking two extreme positions. republicans want to repeal the whole thing. that's wrong. some democrats don't want to change one single word. that's wrong. we ought to see what works and make some changes. >> the bill has been passed in the house. the president of the united states, your president, your
7:23 pm
party said the price of the average american people's health care will go down $2500. we know now that's false. the average american seeing a dramatic increase in premiums. the cost of $900 billion is now tripled. and jobs are being lost. why not put it on a delay? give me a good rp considering this is so different from the way the president sold this. >> we need to make some changes. in texas, 65% of the small businesses had health care. a few years ago less than 30% or about 30% had health care. v en before the health care law was passed insurance premiums were going up. >> wait a minute. you're ducking the question. >> no, no. i'm answering your question. >> the president said the average american would save $2500. people are seeing i acrosses of 40rks 80, 150 a%.
7:24 pm
it's tho ee's nothing like what president promised. three times the promised cost. nothing like the bill you guys passed. is it? >> again this is an implementation of a bill that i think we need to the look at what works and what doesn't. to repeal the whole thing is wrong. to not change one word we have to make changes to the it. >> you agree it is nothing like what the president promised. nobody is saving money. three times as ep ex-pen sieve. maybe we should have take a year off. keep in mind in texas we have uninsured individuals. at least the premiums have been laid out in my congressional district where 38% of people have no insurance. we are seeing lower premiums. again there are other things worker's compensation do to lower the premiums. >> not for most americans. >> we want other changes. >> this is coming at a big price tag. the price tag is called jobs in
7:25 pm
a big way. that is why we want people to hold on. we are not done fighting. >> up next, senator marco rubio joins ted cruz and mike lee lee and rand paul in the effort . juan williams will debate on the program lite later on. this breaking news edition of quo hasn't continue. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child
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congress passed legislation to raise the debt limit, re-pope the government. the bill is on the way to the white house for the president's signature. the bill re-open it is government through january 15. we can come back and fight all over again. also allow it is treasury to borrow fun through february 7 when we can fight about that again. senator marco rubio, we can kick the can down the road again. what do you think? >> first of all, this 10:00 block is past my bedtime. we have to work on that. >> i agree. >> congratulations on the new show, sean. the problem is this. we have dealt with it again tonight. the end of the latest washington manufactured, mharry reid manufactured crisis but the crisis is still there. we have a national debt that will be over $17 trillion and not a single plan to address it. right now obama care for many americans is just a website that did you want work. in a few weeks or months it will
7:30 pm
directly impact millions of people. costing them existing coverage, hours at work, moving them from full time to part time. costing them the relationship with their doctor. the list goes on. we have done nothing to address it. in the meantime you have millions of americans running in place. working hard, trying to get ahead. no one up here thinks about this. they are oblivious. >> the camera man in front of me right here said his premium went from $1400 to $2100. a far cry from e saving $2500 and the benefits are far less than what he had. do you think this creates a backlash the way the website
7:31 pm
roll out created a backlash? >> there is huge press at the present time for this. they passed one in the '80s and they had to get rid of it. there will be many other are al tis. imagine watching this program and you are covered by health insurance. you like your health insurance. you're happy with it. while you think it is a little bit too high at least it hasn't gone higher. guess what. it will be taken away. you could lose that health care coverage because it doesn't meet the parameters of obama care. that's a fundamental promise the president made which was broken. if you were happy with your coverage you got to keep it. that's not going to happen. we have missed a gol dep opportunity to do something about it. we haven't given up the right. one thing i want people to understand is they should not feel discouraged or depressed. we will prevail on this.
7:32 pm
bank is a disaster. >> i agree. i think it will collapse under its own weight. the sticker shock is beginning to sink in. i think the care will be worse than the computer roll out. there are a lot of characters in the play. the democrats, the holy grail has bipartisan health care. that's why they wouldn't negotiate. the media is in their pocket. then the establishment, i would argue republicans ed led by people like mccain and bob corker. they wouldn't hold strong. they didn't want to draw a line in the sand. they want to protect the bureaucracy. they have guys like you and rand and mike lee and ted cruz. why do i think you guys are the new emerging voice of conservative in the country and in the senate. for those guys that didn't like what you were doing they better get useded to it. fair assessment or no? >> it's been well documented there was a tactical difference of opinion b about the right way
7:33 pm
to approach the issue. for the good of the country it is important for republicans and independents that identify with us on the issue to try to come together and come up with a winning strategy to address this. >> what is it? how do you get john mccain on board? >> here's what's going to happen. by next year, february, march, april, may. that sounds like a long time away, but it is not. the realities of the law will impact people. people are hearing about obama care. maybe a lot of people are affected. we are talking about millions of people starting next year will be impacted by the law. a lot of people will realize, hold on. this is not free health insurance. this will cost what we are already happy with. it hurts us at work. the premiums have gone up and they will be angry. there will be a re volt over that. >> i agree. >> that's the moment to act and say we are going to get rid of this law and tlook for
7:34 pm
opportunities to are replace it. not through this massive government intervention. >> that's why i supported you guys for fighting here. that's why it would have been good politics. sometimes i guess even when you're kids, people have to experience pain to wake up to the reality of what's coming. >> it's a legitimate power uh of congress to refuse to fund things why would i spend a opinion y more? that was a legitimate goal to chase. i hope we'll revisit it. there will be a time soon where there will be millions of people including those who don't agree now who will be begging to be let out from under this law. >> thank you very much for the fight. >> can i wish my wife a happy anniversary?
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>> the fact that you are here with me instead of her -- that was almost as bad a choice as mccain's. happy anniversary mrs. rubeo. >> thank you. >> you don't want to say anything? >> yeah! happy anniversary. 15 great years and i'm looking forward to many more. >> i'm at 20. you're catching up. coming up juan williams. then beckel on "hannity" straight ahead. bold has a huge imagination.
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congress passed legislation to re-open the government, raise the debt ceiling and the bill will be on its way to the white house for the president's signature soon. here with us colonel alan west. fox news political analyst juan williams. juan, you should be happy. premiums will skyrocket for the american people. jobs are being lost. 634 million dollars in three
7:40 pm
years for the biggest technical screw-up in the history of men. you should be doing backflips, jumping for joy. >> i'm just sorry we had to get to this point. i'm sorry to see you in a rage, sean. >> i'm not in a rage. >> you're picking off other conservatives. this guy isn't really a good republican. this guy didn't stand with us. i give your party credit. >> this was a bad idea. >> your party stuck together for a bill that will kill jobs, raise premiums in 46 out of 50 states. >> if it's so bad just let it happen. >> you own it. it's yours. you own it lock, stock and barrel. >> why did you guys -- >> you and obama and the party and say thanks. >> dr. hannity, why did you threaten the viability of the country shut down the government --
7:41 pm
>> stop with the hyperbole. that's madness. >> ask the chamber of commerce. >> i no you live in d.c. and they don't know how to do math there. the government takes in $220 billion a month. we can fund the government, social security, medicare, the military, pay debts and obligations and have money left to waste on $700 hammers. >> you're in a fantasy world. you will say to people on social security, it's okay. you will gt paid eventually . that's not nice. >> i i want to throw granny over the cliff. you're right. colonel west, welcome. >> pleasure to be with you. the biggest concern i have is for the american people. you saw political leet ichl and cronyism supercedes the american people and their concerns.
7:42 pm
if obama care is the law of the oh land it should apply equally. when you think of waivers for the house and senate and the president who will siep this bill into law, hopefully he won't come back and try to amepd it as he's done with the affordable care act. that's a concern. also you have to be concerned about the medical device tax. that should have been part of this. it should be repealed. if you're talking about getting the economy on track. talking about jobs, medical technology, innovation, that will suffer. the devices will skyrocket in price will which will hurt the american people. >> nothing in the law, juan williams, is what the president promised. it's not $2500 cheaper. three times what said it could cost. you can want keep your own plan. government is to -- >> you're gloomy. you're in a bad mood. >> i'm not.
7:43 pm
>> you're just mad. >> if i was in a bad mood you wouldn't invite me. >> you want to beat up on anybody who doesn't want to join in on the scripted attack on obama care. at the same time you say it uh will be terrible. but you will threaten the u.s. government and the american people . >> let's see how honest juan is. is the average american family going to save $2500 a year as obama promised? >> yes. >> what are you drinking? that's a lie. >> sean. >> most are see ing 80% uh increase s. >> just stop listening to yourself. 80% of american people get insurance through their employer. we are not going to be affected at all. were talking about people who will be eligible and will pay less. that's another 15%. we are talking about a small percentage of people who might be negatively affected in terms
7:44 pm
of increase. >> the president said that the average person will save $2500 a year. the average person is seeing 20, 40, 80, 150%. >> sean, you have no -- >> read the actuaries. do you read a newspaper? colonel west, you soo the stories all over. the guy right next to me is seeing a 33% increase in his state. >> you have a lot of people who were full-time equivalent employment now being put on part time. if you will push the costs onto our small businesses and into the private sector, they have to try to keep their heads above water. you're soo ing the second and third effects. another thing we have to be concerned about is when are we going to get serious about the debt of this country? when are we going to get serious about focusing on economic growth and not kick the can down the road?
7:45 pm
i would look forward to the debt ceiling on my birthday february 7. >> see you in 90 days. >> hey, juan, listen. it's your health bill. you own it. when it screws up just like the horrible roll out. when people's premiums go up, when the care decreases. when jobs are lost, you can look in the mirror and say i supported that. >> you have hurt the republican party on this one. >> i'm not a republican. i can want hurt the party. >> believe me. whatever part you are associated with. >> i'm a conservative. >> all the sour grapes. not good. not good, sean hannity. >> i'm proud to stand for the people who don't want higher premiums, for people losing their jobs and lose ing hours.
7:46 pm
only government can screw that roll out as bad at they did. >> you're mad at boehner, mccain, health care, you're just mad. >> well, you're a little mad yourself. but that's a different issue. >> i mean you're angry. >> i'm not angry. i'm not going to bay a fekted by this. i can afford my health care, but most americans are being screwed royally. i feel bad for them. >> people without health insurance. >> 30 million still uninsured. we have to go. bob beckel is screaming at many to break. we have to go. beckel and tantaros are next. straight ahead. research. research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied
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7:50 pm
came down to the 11th hour, but congress did it just moments ago, i'm sure you're giddy with cheer.
7:51 pm
the bill will be soon on the way to the white house, here with reaction, bob beckel, how are you? >> great. good to see you. >> well? you said it should be delayed today i heard? >> i said, first i'm glad to see that this was done today and i think that the, there is a lot of work to be done, yet. there is nothing to be overly cheering off roof tops about. we've got a new budget group which last time we had one of these extraordinary. they had a committee. a special committee would have been able to produce no amendments no nothing up or down. they couldn't agree on anything. but maybe there is hope. i said today that because clearly, the architecture of the thing is not work asking because people can't get on exchanges, the web site. >> you mean the web site so ready for prime time? >> i'm here to try to have a
7:52 pm
serious conversation not here to listen to you jumping in. >> mocking you?. >> yes. i think for the sake of the people who need this, that it's worth while waiting six months or a year to get it right when they do sign up they'll get health care. >> wait a minute. >> the kons yemt remains excellent. >> i thought he'd be gloating a lot more, i'm glad to see you're not, though. politically it could be the best thing to delay it. but why would we save president obama from his own mistake? >> that is why -- . >> let them own this. the president couldn't have gloated too much tonight because starting tomorrow, it's all about obama care. now we're going to be back to the same position in three weeks. where was the united message from republicans? i have to say? i gave them advise they should have rallied behind a message. >> i agree. >> that is that -- . >> the.
7:53 pm
>> stripping the irs. >> they sab stajed. >> of their ability to enforce ob yaum qa care. if you look at president's polls they started going down after irs scandal. make the president defend the irs. it would have been a great message. >> premiums are skyrocketing. and we, jobs are lost. more people that you guys own it. lock, stock, barrel this is your baby. >> i understand. >> can i make a point is in the republican party has never been ranked lower in gallup. here is an mazing thing. abc. >> neither has obama. >> that is wrong. >> abc, cnn and washington post poll showed a majority now, a majority of republicans are opposed to the tea party. >> 13% of the people in this country think we're on the right track. 13%. guess who is the president? the buck stop was him. when the history books are written they're going talk about boehner, they're going
7:54 pm
to talk about obama. we'll come back with more right after the break. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums.
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7:58 pm
we continue. is there any part of what the president promised from your perspective that came true here? >> he said he would negotiate. >> no. >> talking about obama care. >> oh, no. not at all. nothing. and again, tomorrow, it's starting headlines we get to talk about obama care which is why i'm glad he didn't pat himself on the back. because they've got to know what is coming up. i will say when he said ther yaf uncertainty is over that, cloud of uncertainty? no. it's not. 13 weeks we'll be back here. it's very embarrassing i think our r for our country that we can't agree on anything and are $17 trillion in debt. bob, come on. democrats not willing to negotiate on anything.
7:59 pm
fiscal book saz disaster zone. >> that is why we have a committee coming up. >> your party doesn't want to come to the table. it's embarrassing. >> there are eight million people benefiting from obama care. i'm one of them, preexisting condition autos can't you go on to parent plans until they're 26? >> the one who's can't get jobs? those? >> make it 30 you can wlif mommy and daddy. >> so convinced obama care is going fall for it, why worry about it? >> it's -- . >> nothing to worry about. >> it's a good line but reality, premiums are skyrocketing. the camera man to your right his premium went up one third as a result of obama care. >> and will be down two thirds by four, five years. >> yes, it will. >> jobs are lost. >> republican party i don't know ne have to go somewhere, have a retreat. >> i agree. >> they miss every time. they miss an opportunity to
8:00 pm
get together. they didn't do whit they cut $700 billion from medicare no, one talked about it. >> it's hard when you have john mccain sabotaging. >> we're out of time. >> special edition of special report coming up next, we'll see you tomorrow. >> once this arrives i will sign it immediately. >> i'm bret baier we are one hour from what is supposed to be the day the u.s. government hit borrowing himmit but that has been averted. a short time ago the house passed a


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