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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 17, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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on your response to the question of the day. >> thanks to everyone who responded. >> we hope you have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it isçó ujurs#ey fsuober 17. a fox news alert. a government open for business for now. >> it is going to happen all over again in a few months? >> no. >> but is the president right? the details of a deal coming up next. >> it wasn't all politics on the hill last night. check this out. >> the constitutes would not have been written by free nations that go against god. >> what caused that woman behind the word yea to act out. and why it has so many people on capitol hill stunned. >> and also why you should
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always have a backup stenographer. >> this photo of a man waking out of unconsciousness to salute his commanding officer has taken the country by storm. this morning we're hearing from his proud dad. "fox & friends" -- i know you just went to bed -- but we start right now.ñi wow, there you go. that's us and this is you. i don't know how late you guys were watching. we just have our people talk to each other. we don't talk to each other before the show. i couldn't believe how late it was as all this drama panned out. the house voted at 11. the president signing at midnight. the drama was in the senate. >> the deal is done. i don't know if it's a temporary fix or not. people are wondering if this will solve problems long term or not. the final deal apparently encompasses the following. it will fund the government
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through january 15, 2014, raises the debt ceiling until february 7 of 2014. the obamacare provision is the chairman of health and human services must verify obamacare recipients for subsidies. in the 2,000 p1c@ç+]6 thatçó existed prior to this negotiation, that wasn't there there. >> is it just kicking the can down the road? absolutely. like 90 days.çó you knowçi what? don't think of it as kicking the can down the road. think of it as hitting the snooze alarm because it will beñi groundhog dayñi before you know it. the president of the united states made an address, ixd think it uj before 9:00 last night. it all kind of runs together. >> he wanted to go toñi bed. >> him and me. here is the president. he made a statement. he'sñi trying to leave. somebody barks a question, and he answers. >> mr. president, is this going to happen all over again in a few months? >> no.
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>> i think he's right. i don't think there will be another government shutdown for a long time because i think both sides learned a lesson. people didn't like it. >> the houseçóñiñiñrxdçóñr vote. every single democrats voted for it. some republicans voted for it. the senate passed 81-18. it ujçóñi overwdssr'g. they have until december 15 to go at it. you have patty ryan from the senate -- patty murray from the senate and paul ryan on the other side. i laugh at people who say democrats won, republicans lost. maybe in the short term. we still have the debt ceiling going up. nobody should be cheering that, rejoicing in that. to see nancy pelosi say it cost us $24 billion. really? now you care about the money. we just got permission to go over $17 trillion. >> come january the american people will be
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asking are we going to be back in the same place we were two days ago looking at things even worse? ted cruz yesterday said we're not going to be back in the sameçóñi place. it's going toñi getñr worse.ko listen to this.>> this is a lour the american people. this is sadly a classic instance of the washington establishment selling the american peoplexdñiñi d$o river. this deal does nothing for the millions of people who are hurting because of obamacare. for all the young people coming out of school right now, can't find a job because of obamacare, this deal does nothing. for all the single moms being forced into part time work trying to feed their kids on 29 hours a week, this deal does nothing. for all the seniors and people with disabilities right now being told, getting letters in the mail that they're losing their health insurance, this deal does nothing. it is an unfortunate instance of the washington establishment]. once again not listenin1qóz the >> i watched this. mike lee does talk. >> we just chose the 47
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seconds when he did not. the big news is it all passed. returning to workñi today. actually perhaps one be returning to work today. her name is diane reidy. she is a house stenographer. during the vote, i want you to watch. it is that familiar screen you see on c-span. look behind the word "yea. "for some reason she got up during the vote and she started yelling things -frpl take a look -- started yelling things. look at this. >> the constitution would not have been written by free nations that go againstñiñii god.çó god. she made reference to america not being underñr godñrr because freemasons wroets theñi constitution. she talked a little bit about a house divided. then she was eventually hauled off the floor. some are disturbed byçó h fact that somebody was able to get that close and do something soñi unusual.
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>> she worked there. >> she worked right there. chadt( pergram saw this unfold and said, hey, >> i know her and i've talked to her many times over the years. there were a lot of references about god during her rant from the dais, and when theyñi pulledfá her dowmr the hall, she's very religious and people are very concerned. there are a lotñr people on capitol hill[ññi÷da?'oi talk wr her. she always has a smiling disposition. we see a lotxd ofçó strange i÷ &sçóñ=qxd strange we see añq once in a while there isçóñi añi protest inçó th/çó house#ic @3 chamber. to have axdñ middle of such a big vote as the vote was coming to a close and no less for it to be someone who works here, i don't think i've seen that in all the years i've worked on capitol hill. >> she was carted off and questioned by the u.s. capitol police. she was then taken to a local hospital for a mental
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evaluation. it is unclear whether or not she will be charged with anything. >> maybe she sa.ñ something+w3ç maybe it is not that deep. we certainly have to takeçó precautions. but there are many people out there who are saying she is in the middle of that pressureçó cooker. maybe she is just calling it out. >> not only does she have to listen to everyone, she's got to type it out. it's mind-boggling to watch sometime-out.çó alone typeyeññr; in situations likeñrçó th(ñ i'm gladçó there'tiñi s@s+ñó)uvf $-çó the capitol so her voice has no weapon. because to me, that seems like a woman that'sçó unbalanced. meanwhile, a lot of you are saying where are we at today? who won? who lost. as i mentioned earlier, i don't think anybody wins when we have $17 trillion debt. even though people are look to go buy it and invest in it because they think we're a good bet. let's do comparison shopping, shall we? >> this is just a typical bill i'm hold be in my hand. this is what a -- i actually have a 5. there's 100.
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this is what ten thousand dollars looks like in hundreds. this is what a million dollars looks like. it is four and a half inches high. $100 million is 43 inches high. now when we approach the tw-ls, it starts -- as we approach the trillions, it starts getting big. >> $17 trillion right here, 140 feet high, across the length of a football field. >> the entire size of a football field. bigger than a jumbo jet. that tall. those were not fives. those were hundred-dollar bills. when you hear that number, you're like i got used to billions. now i'm used to trillions. that is money that will never be repaid during our lifetime and chances are the principal will never be repaid during your childrençó or your grandchildren. >> the key is the first chip would be getting our annual deficit down to zero and working against it.
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that means growth. you cannot tax our way out of this. you have to grow our way out of it. i wish we could agree on that and then maybe we could make progress; i don't care who is president. >> that would be terrific. i think what we learned yesterday with the government shutdown over the past couple of weeks is we have a polarized government and right now we have a lame duck president. >> charles krauthammer, said last night the president has no interest in knocking down the debt, which is sad to me. >> which translates to people who lost theirñi jobs down the road. heather nauert. >> the architects of the controversial n.s.a. spying program are now out the door. the chief of the agency, keith alexander, and his top deputy leaving the agency. alexander, who has been with the n.s.a. for eight years, is expected to be
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gone by next spring. his deputy will be gone before that. new developments in the florida case of rebecca sedgwick, the 12-year-old girl bullied so horribly she took her own life. the parents are deciding if the parents of those bullies should face criminal charges. the parents of one of the girls said their daughter did not post this message to facebook that sparked the arrest. it reads yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself, but i don't give a blank. the parents say it was the work of añqr hacker. >> she wouldn't write anything like that. she's not that type of girl that would say something like that. >> well, rebecca's 13th birthday would have been this saturday. in new jersey, newark mayor cory booker winning the special election to replace the late frank lautenberg. booker will compete -- will complete the 15 months remaining on that term and then he'll have to run for
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reelection to keep the seat for a full six-year term. it is the picture that everyone is talking about. we first showed you this yesterday morning. the army ranger who lost both of his legs in afghanistan saluting his commanding officer who had just given him a purple heart. this morning we are hearing from that hero's dad and listen to what he has to say. >> he's a lovely, lovely child. lovely person, filled with honor and valor and courage. >> hargas and his wife -- good news to report -- are expecting their first child. congratulations. those are your headlines. poignant words from a father who has got to be so proud of his son. >> heather, thank you very much. go get more headlines. >> coming up, remember when the president promised that you could keep your doctor? well, not so fast. thousands of doctors have just been dropped by medicare.
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under the reform we're proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> did i say that? remember when the president said that in the midst of obamacare, dozens of doctors in connecticut have been dropped from united health care medicare advantage's contracts. is there a connection
3:16 am
between the two? we're going to find out by asking dr. scott gray, an orthopedic surgeon who just received a termination letter. good morning, doctor. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> we have an excerpt from the letter you received so i'm going to read it. it says given the significant changes and pressures in the health care environment, we have undertaken a review of our network and are making changes. as a result united health care is revoking your agreement to discontinue your participation in the medicare advantage network. did you contact them to find out why? >> the very next day i contacted them, and i was told it had nothing to do with quality or cost, but the reasons were proprietary and they weren't at liberty to discuss it with me. >>ñr dr. gray, in terms of what this meansñi for patients, because what i'm
3:17 am
hearing is4aãleast 1,000ñi doctors in the state of connecticut alone are in the very same situation. what does this mean for patients that were under your care? >> it's a significant problem. in my practice, we have hundreds of patients that were given two weeks -- that basically have two weeks before open enrollment to try to find a new physician for services that either i provide or their primary care physician. most are completely unaware this has happened. i would say since they are the most vulnerable portion of our population and their capacity to understand or do anything about this is significantly limited it leaves them in a lurch. as you can imagine, patients who are very ill or under primary care, or maybe they have an oncologist and in the middle of cancer treatment and all of a sudden they are going to lose their cancer doctor, we feel it's pretty horrible and puts these people in a terrible medical ethical dilemma.
3:18 am
>> you can be discontinued due to cause, we have not been able to determine that. neither have you. are you saying that the burden is going to fall on the backs of the elderly patients, those that are more extreme in terms of their health needs? >> it does. if they have a physician that's taking care of their multiple problems, whether or not they're being taken care of in an efficient or quality capacity, they have been dropped. so the patients may not even findçó out theyú been dropped until they show up in the office. some of our patients have told us that they received a letter just identifying that open enrollment is ready. and when they go on to the computer, those who have computer capacity and capability, they find their physician, like our groupñr and myself, is still on the computer. but when they call their broker, their broker might tell them we're not. this is huge confusion out this from a patient standpoint. again, these are the people that are least capable of understanding this and even doing anything about it.
3:19 am
>> dr. scott gray, we're sorry to hear about your situation, the patients under you. but we want to thank you for bringing us the real-life situation of what's going on as obamacare rolls out. it's our top story. the government is open for business, but what does that mean for your money? has the answer. now we know the white house has pulled the world war ii memorial. is it confirmed the white house used the military as pawns? pawns? up next. the pain started up the back of my head and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at t emergency room recommended that i have ithecked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight.
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we start with a fox news alert. a massive fire is burning in thailand. it started at a popular
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shopping center in añi tourist]ib%qe which of course was leveled by a tsunami in 2004. remember this fireball that exploded mid air over russia? divers pulled a chunk of it out of a lake. a meteorite weighs over 1,200 pounds. more than a thousand people were hurt when the meteor hit that area of russia. brian, over to you. >> 23 minutes after the hour. the government shutdown may be over, but now the national parks director has confirmed that he indeed consulted with the white house before closing the memorial and the park. does this confirm vets were treated like pawns? joining us the c.e.o. of concerned vets for america, pete hegseth. we know what happened at the world war ii memorial, vietnam memorial, everything we saw and the way vets like yourself rose up. yesterday the give-and-take with congressman micah, this parks department
3:24 am
official confirmed he consulted with the white house first. >> you'd have to have your head in the sand or only watch msnbc not to know that from day one vets have been the chief pawnñi piece this white house -- and we shouldn't be universal in our outrage. some vets said everyone is to blame. there is a lot of blame to go around but it is the white house specifically that stepped up and said veterans are the pressure point, military families are the pressure point and we're going to use that chess piece across the board to get the political outcome we want. >> the president said if i cut defense, republicans will step up. the republicans took a calculated risk. they said we need these cuts so we'll suck it up for a year or woo and renegotiate the -- suck it upñr for a year or two and renegotiate. what do theyñi do? go to something they traditionally support, and that's defense. >> the deal last night does nothing to address
3:25 am
sequester like it does nothing to address our $17 trillion in debt and runaway spending. the pentagon continues to get cut in ways it can't suspend. that is something that affects our vets and military families. a deal for the sake of a deal isn't good for veterans. >> let's go over things initially denied to veterans. the death gratuity, $100,000 to travel and death expenses, burial expenses. travel for funeral services and the dignified transfer at dover air force base to wherever the ultimate location would be. all that stuff was denied initially to create, in many people's mind, a flurry of outrage to force a deal early. >> those are the essence of how we treat those who sacrifice their lives. it is the gratuity, honors at burial, arrival at dover, the very things that signal in this country how much we care for, how much
3:26 am
reverence we have for the warriors still giving their lives right now, brian, as we speak in afghanistan, in a war this president is, frankly, ignoring. he told the enemy when he's going to leave and we don't think about it right now. these families are welcoming the bodies back and we're not paying for it and doing it for political reasons. >> you formed an organization to have a political voice. veterans for the most part, soldiers for the most part, men and women who serve are supposed to put their head down and deal with the situation at hand. however, if you don't find a way to speak up and speak out for your own rights or injustices, you're going to continue to be used as pawns. how do you overcome that? >> by organized. that is what concerned american veterans are doing, a collective voice of people, we're going to be aggressive but be professional about how we address it. people are starting to pay attention. when you see veterans and military families used as pawns, we're on a bus tour, the defend freedom tour, we're going to end here at "fox & friends" in a couple of days where we're going city by city talking to
3:27 am
people who say if you're outraged like we are about the political games in washington, let's do something about it. if you don't push back, the freedoms we fought for erode before your eyes. >> pete, thanks so much. you're going to be joined by sean parnell later in the week. that will be great. >> three minutes from the bottom of the hour. forget about obamacare. the real reason for the gridlock in washington? we'll find out by asking robert red ford. >> there is a body of professional people that want to undermine the city. i think underneath it, is probably racism involved, which is awful. >> really? a schoolboy left on the bus for hours. how does that happen? ♪ ♪ ♪
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3:32 am
wallet? >> stuart varney waeupl in here and -- stuart varney came in here and he was working a bunch of stuff because it looks as if the dow futures right now are down but that is because of one stock. i.b.m. had terrible earnings yesterday. that is reflected in that. going forward with all of us with 401(k) money, is this a good thing or is this a bad thing? they settled things for 90 days. >> if it wasn't for that one stock, i.b.m., the stock market would open up overall. the -- janet yellen at the fed is going to print money. this is wonderful news for the stock market. this is what this thing immediately means for your 401(k). >> true or false? the market always believed we would come up with a deal? >> always believed that. never bought the theory if
3:33 am
we went past the deadline we would default. the stock market never moved more than 300 or 400 points away from its all-time record high and now coming close getting back to it. >> any developments as of yesterday where people should or should not put their money? >> in the last 24 hours there has been a surge in the price of gold. that means all those folks who bought those gold coins for their kids and grandkids, they are looking better this morning. the bottom line is the small investor, the little guy, does not trust all this borrowing and printing and spending. they don't trust government. they don't trust government currencies. the result is they buy physical gold, stuff you can hold in your hand. and the price is up 25, 26 bucks an ounce this morning. good price, gang. >> ultimately even though we're kicking the can down the street by three months, a little more than that on one of the two measures, nonetheless we've got this gigantic, and it's growing, debt. and that for you as an
3:34 am
economist, that is what keeps you up at night; isn't it? >> yes. i just can't sleep. >> that and coffee. with dinner. >> $17 trillion. by the end of the pre's term three years -- by the end of the president's term three years from now it will be $21 trillion. it does not help. the rest of the world looks at america. we've got the currency, we've got the dollar. yet we're $21 trillion in debt in a couple of years. that doesn't destroy confidence. it weakens it. >> we're going to be watching your program. you're starting at 9:20 eastern time today? >> you got it right, 9:20. >> stuart, we know you've got to go prepare. go ahead. >> that looks to me like i'm being thrown out. >> go ahead. ladies and gentlemen,
3:35 am
stuart varney, thank you very much. >> everything we learned not to do in television. >> all rules are off today. >> it's not surprising that hollywood, the leftists in hollywood for many, many years have not liked conservatives. over the last couple of weeks we've heard so many democrats bad mouth republicans over this gridlock in washington. it was extraordinary to hear one of hollywood's biggest stars say what he said yesterday. here's robert redford. >> there's a body of congressional people that want to paralyze the system. i think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there's probably some racism involved, which is really awful. >> really? racism involved with the debt limit? racism involved with a spending issue? where was the racism when people were calling george bush a loser? where was the racism when
3:36 am
they said everything personal about bill clinton? they impeached bill clinton. where was the racism there? because they had a -- because ken starr's investigation ends up going into his personal life. were people saying there is a racist element? >> as long as we've had this president, the first african-american elected to the presidency, you know, for the most part every time the political left has come to defend him, any time the republicans have something that they disagree with, they say you don't like him because he's a racist. here's the thing. it's not about race for 99% of the country, the objectors. it's about the policy. >> where was the outrage at the language used and the rhetoric over the past few weeks? we've seen congressmen and republicans in the house being compared to domestic abusers, guys who beat up their women. how possibly was there no outrage there?
3:37 am
where's the out rage when charlie rangel uses rhetoric that's harsh? there's no outrage seemingly from some liberals in hollywood when that language is used, yet this seems to be unfounded and screams from the mountaintop. >> if you want to stop any intellectual discussion, yell racism. people get defensive because that is not their intent. that's what's been so disappointing over the past four and a half years. >> if you're just calling it something when it isn't, all that does is take the wind out of an argument when there truly is racism or discrimination going on. i'm not for these casual tosses. >> tweet us. tell us if you think robert redford has a point. in the meantime, here's heather. >> two convicted killers
3:38 am
are back on the street. listen to this. they were released from prison apparently by complete mistake. this happened at the franklin correctional institute in carabell florida. these two walked out of the place separately. one earlier this month. the other one, well, it happened in september. but we are just learning about this right now. how did they walk out? apparently there were fraudulent changes made to their court orders. who did it? the prison is not saying just yet, but be on the lookout for these two men. racial tensions plaguing a california high school in 2010 when three students arrived wearing american flag t-shirts on cinco de mayo. they were ordered to turn their shirts inside out or go home. they went home and it sparked major national debate. now a federal appeals court in san francisco will consider their lawsuit alleging the school violated their free speech. we'll keep you posted.
3:39 am
despite two adults being on a bus, a four-year-old boy was left on his school bus for four hours. >> on the bus. >> he was stuck at this bus company's transportation terminal. he was eventually able to pry the bus doors open and get the attention of a worker. >> we give the bus a sweep or walk to see. no children or children this early in the morning -- some of them are still sleepy. they go to sleep. just check and see. >> that happens all the time, children going to sleep on the bus. the attendant and bus driver have been removed from their duties. elisabeth, you and i have four-year olds. how hard is that to check for the kids? >> it's heart breaking. >> they're terrified. >> i once slept on a train and ended up in babylon. >> at the end of the train
3:40 am
route, the conductor doesn't walk through and put a sign in the back that says train empty. a lot of school districts do that where they put a sign on the back of the bus that says bus empty. >> it shows they went to the back. >> i looked at the weather maps. they are not empty. maria will shed light on them. >> not empty but relatively quiet. we are expecting a little bit of rain in new york city as we head into the evening hours. that is the story from boston down to washington, d.c., philadelphia included as well. you're going to need the umbrella but it is not going to be a lot of heavy rain. i want to show you on the radar how scattered this activity is. starting on the gulf coast, parts of louisiana, mississippi and parts of alabama a couple of showers here and there. we have showers across sections of new england early this morning. because i don't think this activity will be heavy in nature, i don't think we'll be seeing too many travel delays in and out of those big airport hubs from florida all the way up into portions of new york city. otherwise current temperatures are relatively
3:41 am
chilly. 36 in denver. 37 in rapid city. high temperatures this afternoon should make it up into the upper 40's in denver. let's head to brian. >> we have very little time and a lot of to say. baseball american league championship game for red sox against tigers, detroit trying to even up the series. second inning, tigers leading by 2. down the line, two-run double. tigers pile on. final score 7-3. they are very much alive. tied that series up. in los angeles, the dodgers before game five, game tied at 2. adrian gonzalez. first home run by the dodgers since game four of the last series. they win 6-4. still trail in the best of seven three games to two. let's talk about something, 16-year-old cary wilson made his international debut. his grandfather cashed in
3:42 am
big time. he placed an $80 bet 15 years ago that his grandson would one day play soccer for the home team. he's now $200,000 richer and plans to retire on the winnings. pretty cool. >> talk about having someone believe in him. >> parents, focus on sports. this way it can pay off in the long run. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. next up on the rundown, if you think the shutdown deal has nothing to do with you, think again. the judge is here with a warning. taxes anyone? right? >> so many important peel walk through that door. >> all rise. judge napolitano. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar ♪
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3:46 am
kind of like the music from "house of cards." a deal or raw deal? if you think the raising of the debt ceiling is just another news story with no impact on you, you're wrong. it's actually just another excuse for the federal government to tax you. here to break it all down is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. that is really, judge, what it is. any time we increase our debt, that really is a way for the federal government to tax us more because we're letting them. >> give you one statistic. woodrow wilson borrowed $30 billion to fund world war 1 in 1917. that money has not been paid back, and we are still paying interest on it. that's 95 years ago. >> wait a minute. we paid interest but we haven't paid the principal? >> correct. we have rolled the principal over.
3:47 am
>> that was only 40 billion. >> the total cost of that 35 billion has more than doubled. who pays for that? the american taxpayer pays for it with cheaper dollars because the government prints money to pay its bills, and that reduces the value of everything we own. the american taxpayer pays for it with higher taxes. the government yesterday, steve, literally borrowed money -- or actually they'll start the borrowing today as a result of the vote last night. the government today will borrow money in order to pay debt on money it has already borrowed and spent. who in their right mind, when they owe a mortgage payment to a bank, goes out and borrows the money to make that mortgage payment? because at some point tough pay this back. >> no bank would lend you the money because they would go you can never pay that back. of course this is the government. >> they have the federal reserve which can print all the cash they want. now because the democrats bullied the republicans last night, they have the ability to borrow more money and the president can
3:48 am
spend as he wishes for another 90 days. we'll be going through this again in february. >> and we were just talking during the break that mainstream media is talking about this is a big win for the president of the united states. but at the same time keep in mind he tried to destroy the republican party in the process. he's going to be a lame duck to many. and the republicans are now super energized. >> the republicans are absolutely energized. the president's leadership was reprehensible across the board, refusing to talk to the other side of capitol hill. could you imagine f.d.r. or reagan or even nixon or l.b.j. behaving that way? we haven't had a president, "my way or the highway. i'm not going to talk to you until you agree to vote for me." i don't remember that in my lifetime. >> sure. there are a lot of americans in this country who being successful are being taxed north of 50%. they keep taking more and more and more.
3:49 am
and eventually for some the good news is the government is there to rescue you. only half of the country pays federal taxes any way. >> the other half of the country would just as soon receive benefits from the government than work. >> don't they get it? at some point the people who are paying for the light bill, they're going to get sick and tired of it and either say, you know, it's not worth it for me to work so hard or i'm leaving? >> interesting thing about the vote last night, the ability of the government to spend money and to borrow money, the time period keeps getting shorter and shorter and shorter. these things used to go for a year, then six months. now three months. at some point -- at some point there will be insufficient numbers to keep borrowing. what will the president do then if he can't print cash and spend it? >> you've written a great essay. where is it today? >> in fox and "the washington times." >> it is ten minutes before the hour. our top story, the government is open for
3:50 am
business. we did not default. what about your
3:51 am
[ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief.
3:52 am
3:53 am
being called the discovery of a lifetime. 18-foot ore fish dragged ashore off the coast of california. >> that photo is exceptional. our next guest is a captain of the ship that found this
3:54 am
monumental catch. >> he's the senior captain of the totally moore, mark weddington joins us from la. good morning to you, captain. >> good morning. >> okay. how did you get your hands on that thing? >> very slowly. it was found originally by one of our instructors, jasmine. she dragged it about 90 feet through the water. >> it was dead. >> yeah, it was dead. dead on the bottom of the ocean rolling around. she saw it there. first she was startled, then she realized it was dead. said no one is going to believe they unless i brought it in. she brought it to the beach. the wind ask waves helped push it up. we all ran down and that's where the picture came from. >> what do you do with the fish now? research? >> we're helping institutions around the country get their hands on this. when something like this
3:55 am
happens, it's so rare that we have to really spread that wealth of knowledge. so we're shipping off parts of it to natural history museum in la, ucsb and even penn state university. >> i know they found one in '96. how rare are they and should we be fearful or do you recommend anyone swim ever again? >> yeah. it looks scary. big, long, looks kind of like a snake. it's harmless. it eats plankton most its life. it eats by sucking water in and hoping there is a fish or squid in the way of that suction. it's really harmful and a beautiful fish. >> the fact that it's there doesn't signify anything that we need to know. like if you see an oar fish -- >> it means the cosmic stars aligned for you. it's a really lucky situation. >> we're going to put up the picture taken in '96 of some navy seals. that one, we understand, is 20
3:56 am
some odd feet. we know one or two of the guys in that picture. interestingly enough, this oar fish, generally, it hunts vertically. explain how that works. because it's so long, does it shoot straight up or down or what? >> yeah. it eats plankton mostly. the theory is that it just waits for something lured in by its lures. it has a special dorsal fin that could be a lure and it just opens its mouth, which is specially designed to expand real large, maybe about the size of a grapefruit size. and that creates a suction, and sucks down into the animal. >> but it can't eat people, can it? >> no, like i said, grapefruit size. >> good luck stuffing that and wrapping it around your living room. >> captain, thanks. >> that's interesting. >> it is. >> can you imagine seeing that thing rolling around on the floor? >> no, i would swim the other way. >> do you give it mouth to
3:57 am
mouth? straight ahead, look outside our studio. we've deal in washington. yep. but who is going to pay for it? we will walk you through that answer. we'll show what you that means. >> and ho is hotter, david beckham or barry white? the science is in. >> what about me go grab life by the gills. go take a road trip to a place with no roads. go to bass pro shops for great deals like redhead waffle henleys for under $18. plus, bring the kids this weekend, for a free photo in the pumpkin patch.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
check your credit score, check your credit repo, at america's numb one provider of online credit rorts and scores. don't take chances. go to good morning. today is thursday, october 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. the president signs a deal to reopen the government, but not for long. >> going to happen all over again in a few months? >> no. >> details on the temporary deal and where we go from here up next. >> there was one moment during the big debt ceiling debate. watch. she's the stenographer and in the middle of a vote and went off script. yep. she's a member of congress. how did she get to the microphone? >> 'cause she worked one chair
4:01 am
over. >> you're not supposed to answer a tease. >> i'm sorry. was it just rhetorical? >> i should have made that clear. stay out of this, elisabeth. >> i'm going to ask this question. remember this classic john stossel clip? >> excuse me. i have to take some of these. no,i'm the old person. i need this. i won't give it back. i need this. >> now john stossel says the government is stealing from a new generation. so he's going to try the same thing right here on our street. sorry, kid. i need that scooter. "fox & friends" hour two for the nondefault thursday starts right now. >> fox news alert. crisis averted for now.
4:02 am
deal raises the debt creel, but are we going to be back to the same place in three months? >> here is what the final deal looks like and it's not a boon for republicans or the country. it funds the government through january 15th, raises the debt ceiling only to february 7th. and here is it, they also will be getting together and trying to hash out a long-term budget compromise by december 15. as far as reforms show obamacare, not much. >> this whole thing is kind of like a bad seinfeld episode. 16 days about nothing. the republicans wanted to do something about obamacare. they could not this time. the president wanted a debt ceiling thing that would go for a year, he got 90 days. and you know what? congress has just hit the snooze alarm. somebody asked the president about that last night. >> mr. president, is this going to happen all over again in a few months? >> no.
4:03 am
>> there could be tension over the next deals in 90 days. but you know what? i bet you a dollar to doughnuts they will not shut down the government. >> yeah. here is the house, they voted 285-144. they got every democrat to vote for it. many republicans didn't. it passed the senate overwhelmingly 81-18. in the end, you look at this, we have a situation where on the short-term, it doesn't look like the republicans got much. in many respects, you have senator mccain going to ted cruz looks in disa ray. i think it's honesty. if they disagree, i don't think there is anything wrong for sticking to what you believe in and being a member of the party. but it makes us look like the losers because of the amount of debt we still are and how bad our entitlement situation is. we never got a chance to debate the debt and deficit and entitlements. in the end, is it really a victory for anybody if you've got the right now to raise your debt ceiling up for above $17 trillion? >> it certainly isn't a victory for the american people and there are a lot of those
4:04 am
outraged, rightly so. there was one in particular that couldn't take it anymore. the stenographer had an outburst and was dragged off the house floor during -- i think in between the vote. listen to this. >> constitution would not have been written by free nations. >> that is the house stenographer, one of them, she ran up to the mike and started to yell during the vote. she said among other things, praise be to god. she made references to america not being one nation under god because free masons wrote the constitution. she apparently said. she was hauled off of the house floor and then she was taken to a local hospital. it's interesting, one man on capitol hill for the last 15 days nonstop, he saw what happened and he looked behind the yea thing, saw her, said hey, there is diane.
4:05 am
look. >> i know her and i talk to her many times over the years. there were a lot of references about god during her rant from the dais. when they pulled her into the hall and tried to take her down the elevator, she's very religious and peopler very concerned here. she always has a smiling disposition. and we see a lot of strange things on capitol hill. it's not strange that we see a protest outside the capitol once in a while there is a protest inside the house chamber. but to have a protest in the middle of such a big vote as the vote was coming to a close and no less, for it to be someone who works here. i don't think i've ever seen that in all the years that i've covered capitol hill. >> what's interesting is if you think about it, the chaplain kind of was berating congress earlier last week and then you have the stenographer go crazy this week. you think it's bad covering it, i guess being a part of it and witnessing it firsthand is too much for anybody. >> sure. some are wondering if she saw something bad and calling everyone out on it.
4:06 am
the conspiracy theory may have undercut that a bit when it comes to the free masons. but maybe she just was mad as heck and couldn't take it anymore and let everybody know. >> absolutely. remember, government employees furloughed, she was clearly essential. she was there probably not getting paid. >> 315,000, gets to go back to work today. >> she was apparently taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. maybe she was just fed up. >> who knows? >> maybe she had to say something. i saw one e-mail from one of you that said, perhaps given the fact that she stood up at that important moment, perhaps she was the only sane person on the floor. what do you think about the outburst? e-mail us. it is a hot topic right now. >> we'll find out if she'll be in the next segment of keith ablow. what does this mean for us? this is the next day after the debt ceiling got lifted and the cr is now ok'd. so we're left with the medical device tax. fantastic. obamacare very much exists. people can log on now and we'll
4:07 am
be watching, not distracted. and the congress and their staff will have obamacare okay, but get subsidies to pay for it, but the white house will be exempt from the program he takes so much pride in, i'm talking about the president of the united states. now the attention is on the obamacare. if it's a homerun, we'll watch the ball go over the wall. if it doesn't, we'll watch it hit the wall. senator rubio says game on. >> i want people to understand they should not feel depressed or discouraged about the long-term of it. we are going to prevail on this issue. it is just a matter of time. we will prevail because obamacare is going to be a disaster and it won't be long before many people in this town will be scrambling to try to fix it or get rid of it. >> maybe it is better off now -- for now, until january, february, debt ceiling talks are to the side in terms of the american people can focus on the disas that are is obamacare and begin to look at it in terms of the realities hitting americans day in and day out.
4:08 am
>> remember how the president seemed to have bungled syria? where is syria now? this issue, even though we're in the middle of and feel like we're in a tornado out, whether republican or democrats, it's not going to matter in a couple of weeks. >> you know what mattered throughout this entire debate has been the amount of national debt we've got. that's one of the things, in addition to the obamacare mandates, the republicans really want to keep the debt down. to put it in perspective, look at this. that's a $100 bill. a single benjamin. just imagine, if you had $10,000, that's just about half an inch tall. if you had a million dollars, you put all those together and you got that. it's starting to really add up. >> yeah. so then we see it's 43 inches there. one billion dollars, it's about like -- >> that's a lot! like ten feet by 43. >> a football field is just over 57,000 square feet. imagine this plane is going into the end zone for a touchdown. the length of the football field and 300 feet high.
4:09 am
that is $17 trillion. that's what it looks like. that visual is helpful 'cause once you get past i don't know, a few thousand, it's hard to envision what that really means. >> did you say 57,000 square feet on a football field? how many square feet on a football field? >> over 67,000? >> whatever it is, for that many to be 140 feet deep of $100 bills -- >> that we owe. >> -- that's a lot! >> i just think it's outrageous that nancy pelosi said it's crazy that we wasted $24 billion on the lockout. really? if you consider 24 billion, what about the trillions that we still owe and we have permission to spend more. >> anyway, the government is open and she's open for headlines, heather nauert. >> good morning to you. ten minutes after the hour. the architects of the controversial nsa spying program now heading out the door. the chief of the agency, keith alexander, and his deputy, chris english, are leaving the agency.
4:10 am
alexander, who has been with the nsa for eight years, is expected to be gone by the spring. england will be gone before that. two new developments in the case of rebecome coo seddic, the 12-year-old girl bullied so horribly that she took her own life. the sheriff there is trying to decide if the parents of those bullies should face criminal charges themselves. this after one of those alleged bullies wrote this on facebook. yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself, but i don't give a blank. the girl's parents claim that her account was hacked. >> no. she wouldn't write anything like that. she's not that type of girl that would just say something like that. >> rebecca's 13th birthday would have been this saturday. new york mayor cory booker winning the special election to replace the late senator frank lautenberg. he beat out republican steven longan with 55% of the vote. booker will serve the months remaining on the term and then
4:11 am
have to run for reelection to keep the seat for a full six-year term in new jersey. a jilted bride turning her heartbreak into a heart warming donation. michelle mark houston been planning her wedding for a year when her fiance called it off. but the contracts had been signed. what did she decide to do? she decided to throw a party for someone else. there is a local charity that serving the mentally challenge. >> this is helping me heal, giving to some people that it's supposed to be my special day, now can turn into their special day. >> the charity's director said she was totally speechless when she heard about the offer. first she thought it was a joke and how nice is that? those are your headlines. 12 minutes after the hour. >> that's a good way of putting perspective, doing a good thing out of a bad situation. >> truly. i'll see you later. >> thanks. up next, the government may be open for business, but what about your 401(k)?
4:12 am
charlie, come on in. you're next to explain it all. >> and she's a former secretary of state who represented america around the world. but according to some people, she's a woman, she couldn't know a thing about football. condoleeza rice fires back at her critics ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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4:15 am
>> overnight, president obama signed a deal to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling with the market set to open in just a couple of hours, how is this going to impact your 401(k)? that's how you can tell how wall street is doing. charlie gasparino works on wall street. >> they hate me, these guys. >> i know. that's your beat. what's interesting is the fact
4:16 am
that going into the final vote, the administration and you broke this -- the administration was leaning on wall street to lean on the republicans. >> right. if you notice, the ceo of goldman sachs was up there blinking his eye saying torture when he was at the white house. essentially it was torture. the government which controls so much of the big banks these days, put a gun to the wall street executives' heads and said listen, we want you to go out there and push the republicans by saying nice things about our side of the debate, not the republicans' side. that's what they did. jamie dimon made positive comments that was pro-obama comments. i think it did have an impact. the republicans caved in such a major way. i always thought this debt ceiling -- shutting down the government was a stupid idea, bad politics. but i didn't think they would cave like this. i think one of the reasons why they caved is because the entire financial sector was saying this is bad for the markets and the
4:17 am
economy. if you notice, every time there was a filmer of hope for a deal, including yesterday, the market went up significantly. >> absolutely. right now the dow futures are down because of ibm. >> bad earnings. also i think -- remember, the notion that this is a temporary deal is an issue for the market. >> i'm glad you brought up the temporary mess of this because while people in the mainstream media are saying, well, it's a big win for the president of the united states. he wanted a year debt ceiling thing. he wound up with three months. we're going to be groundhog day before you know it. >> although i think he made -- this is why i think it is a big political victory for the short-term. he made the republicans look so stupid, i think. they will not shut down -- >> everybody looks stupid down there, don't they? >> listen, i look at images every day. if you put dollars to doughnuts, the republicans, this was a futile exercise. they were never going to win. here is the real problem, it focuses the whole world on just what a crummy situation we have here in the united states.
4:18 am
at some point -- i know judge napolitano was on here saying this, it sounds like the world will say, the people who finance the debt, the chinese will say, why do we keep buying this crummy paper from a country that spends 3 trillion and takes in 2 trillion? >> isn't it true, our stuff is better? >> we are the tallest midget in the room. if there wasn't a euro, the reserve currency might be the german currency and not ours. that could happen some day. >> charlie gasparino, fit to be tied, but where is your neck tie today? >> now i'm gog wear a tie -- going to wear a tie. >> thank you very much. coming up on this -- we didn't default thursday -- this honor student and volleyball captain punished for being a designated driver. this morning a major development in her case. you're going to want to hear it. you remember her as punky brewster. this morning, she's an expectant
4:19 am
mother here to help you get the party started, you and your kids can have fun together. hello, punky.
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
>> time for news by the numbers. first, $1 billion. that's the record the broadway show "the lion king" is set to break this week after 16 years on broadway. next, one minute, 26 seconds, how long it took a danish dive tore set a guiness book of world record for the longest ice dive. that's cold. and finally, 10 million bucks. that's how much this victoria
4:23 am
secret bra cost. it has rubies, diamonds diamondd sapphires and comes with a matching belt. and like anybody would notice the belt. and two bodyguards. they'll notice that. brian, outside to you and elisabeth. >> i'm also looking at the belly button. she charmed the nation as tv's punky brewster. today solei moon fry is a wife with two daughters and has a third baby on the way. >> she's the author of "let's get the party started." we're joined by solei moon fry. >> i'm so happy to be here with you guys! are you ready to get crafty? these are simple, easy to too. >> it's great. the book is phenomenal. you can do it with the kids. they're affordable. >> affordable. so many items are in our own home and it's about having a little imagination to get ready to party.
4:24 am
>> you brought one of my favorites, the diy baseball theme. >> this is a baseball themed party. it's so easy. bags you can get anywhere. you can put stamps on them. we did "fox & friends" stamps for you guys. >> can i start making them? >> absolutely. go ahead and stamp here. it looks great. you can put your kids' initials. we love putting birthday stamps. it always makes it original and fun. there is little items that you can keep in your home ha are affordable and easy to use. >> now you have -- >> now you have a t-shirt! you can make a sports jersey for your baby. >> i love you! >> get crafty and we'll have fun. >> brian is not going to like this. >> they're affordable, easy ideas. tons of fun themes in the book. i have where you can download the sports teams. >> you have an app? >> yes. >> free app. >> can you get any better?
4:25 am
>> so you tell me this paint is okay with the furniture and things like that? >> if it's not, you just flip over your cushion. that's what we do in our house. use fabric or washable paint. >> that's why my grandmother kept the plastic on her couch. >> burlap is a gorgeous way to make it look beautiful but inexpensive. may have been jars are always key in our house. we love to get creative. >> you are having a boy. >> i'm having a boy! >> you and the girls love to do parties and create together, right? >> we love it. now i'm like, oh, my goodness. i'm going to be throwing boys' birthday! this is the craziest idea ever! >> this is looking good. >> to paint that logo in the middle of new york city? >> it's all about having fun and getting messy. i'm always encouraging people to have a good time with the kids
4:26 am
and let them just have fun. that's the key here. it's getting messy, having fun and making it affordable. >> the greatest thing about the book is you can use the stuff that's just in your house. the kids have toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and they love what they make and you nailed it with this. >> good luck with your first boy. this is your first boy, right? >> yes, my first boy! we have an exclusive version at target. go get it. >> follow her on twitter. >> over 1.5 million followers. >> great seeing you. >> thank you so much. >> you need to burn the shirt, if you don't mind. next up, we know the white house was told the world war ii memorial would be closed. does this confirm our military was used as political pawns? >> who is hotting, david beckham or barry white or brian kilmeade? the science is in [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil,
4:27 am
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4:30 am
i've been chosen to do shot of the morning. halloween came early at this liquor store in alabama. a trick or treater did. surveillance video shows the suspect whose getup was similar to a ghost costume burglarizing the store. the phantom has yet to be found.
4:31 am
>> spooky. >> it is. >> scary. >> real or costume? >> it was the holy ghost, they would make it illegal to wear it in schools. >> right. >> that's right. >> all right. meanwhile, if you're just waking up, it's 7:30 eastern time and the good news is the government shutdown is over. all those employees for the federal government are going to go back to work today and they're getting back pay. >> hopefully their mortgage companies understand. >> i'm sure they do. but here is the thing, one of the things that we had heard that the administration wanted to make whatever closings as painful as possible. so what did we see? the world war ii memorial, they had these honor flights and they had the barricades around an open air memorial, war memorial. there they are putting them up right there. they have never closed a war memorial in the history of the united states during a government shutdown. why they would do it now? that got capitol hill congressmen on the republican side to call a hearing
4:32 am
yesterday. >> that's right. representative tray gowdy, south carolina, on the national park service director, talking to the white house knowing about all this ahead of time. take a listen. >> he also claimed he couldn't remember who he talked to at the white house. these are open air monuments. so you can go right now and there is not staff. you can go tomorrow and there won't be staff. he got called trying to make this as painful as possible and instead of doing what he ought to do, which is say, you know what? i messed up, he wants to come up with an excuse or justification. my goal was just to explain the hypocrisy. previous shutdowns they did not do this. they did not close national parks. >> jonathan jarvis was the person asked on to capitol hill to clarify why he closed the open air parks with bike racks. he was asked the question, who did you check with? he said the secretary of
4:33 am
interior. he said, did you discuss it with anyone at the white house? he said yes, on the phone with the white house, several times. i presented that to the secretary with my decision. really? >> when asked who exactly at the white house did you talk to, he couldn't remember the name. also -- >> so meantime you call the white house, you don't remember who you spoke to. >> it's like any other phone call you would have. >> right. exactly. >> the republicans called him out as well. jonathan jarvis left open some park space for occupy wall street. >> sure. >> for i think north of 100 days. on the first day, he closes down the world war ii memorial. >> it was sounded off on the military being used as pawns. >> doesn't the essence of how we treat those who have sacrificed their lives on the altar of freedom, it's the death benefits, the families, the honors at burial, the arrival at doverment it's the very thing that signaled how much we care for, how much reverence we have for the warriors still giving
4:34 am
their lives, right now as we speak in afghanistan, in a war this president is ignoring and surged and told the enemy when he'll leave and we don't even think about it right now. these families are welcoming the bodies back and we're not paying for and we're doing it for political reasons. >> it was more than the parks. it was the death benefits, too, as you know. we had fisher house step up and the wounded warriors step up to fill that gap. why did that have to be denied? why wasn't that a special exemption? >> putting the squeeze on our nation's best certainly wasn't a wise strategy. >> the national parks will be open today. by the way, the states that did try to pay to keep things open, like new york state kept the statue of liberty open and arizona kept open the grand canyon, those states will get money to pay for what they expended. that was all part of the deal that was passed yesterday. >> do you remember the woman you interviewed from boston, they blocked her from looking at old faithful. >> they did. >> wanted to arrest some
4:35 am
tourists. >> talk about hot air, plenty in washington, d.c and now at yellowstone. >> here is heather nauert. we're not going to say the hot air analogy. >> thank you. that was such a good interview with that lady. the poor tourists go all the way out there to yellowstone and they block her. got some headlines now. remember this story? racial tensions plaguing a california high school back in 2010? that's when three students arrived at school wearing american flag t-shirts on cinco de mayo. they were order to do turn their shirts inside out or go home. they decided to go home and that sparked a national debate. we spoke to one of those students and his stepfather days after it happened. listen to this. >> these kids are just trying to express their patriotism. they want to support their country. it's a day that also some mexican students at the school were wanting to support their country of mexico. and it was just an opportunity for them to say, you know what? we're americans and we're happy
4:36 am
about it. we're glad that you're happy about mexico. >> now a federal appeals court in san francisco will consider the lawsuit alleging that the school violated their free speech. we'll keep watching that one for you. a family's vacation to florida takes a horrific turn after their son is attacked by a four-foot bull shark. the 12-year-old boy was playing in the ocean with his cousin when all of a sudden, the shark grabbed his arm. >> i squat down and blink and it lasted for five seconds. then that's when it happened and then when i opened, i seen the fin flapping and looked at it. >> the doctors told the boy's mom that he had been bitten at least twice by that shark. he had to get 120 stitches. glad he's okay otherwise. the massachusetts teen-ager punished by her high school for being a designated driver now plans to sue.
4:37 am
administrators stripping erin cox of her title of captain of the volleyball team and then they also suspended her for five games just because she did the right thing. she picked up her friend at a party who was too drunk to drive home. the school claims she violated its zero tolerance policy. who is hotter, barry white or david beckham? the science, we're told, is in. ♪ can't get enough of your love ♪ >> okay. the winner is barry white. here is what we're talking about. there is a new study out that finds women are more attracted to men with masculine, deeper voices. beckham's voice might not be as so bad.t, you know, that body >> a lot of people said not steve. but a lot of people said it was a turn off hearing david beckham talk. the worst thing he could do was give an interview. >> that would bode well for
4:38 am
stevie mccreary. >> very deep voice. >> let's go outside to the streets of new york and yep, there she is on the street, maria molina. >> how about elvis tossing to you? >> she's all shook up. >> did you vote in that poll? >> no, i did not. i'm going to stay out of that one. good morning. good to see you. hello, everyone. today we're talking about rain across parts of new england, northeast, into the mid-atlantic. and even in the southeast. pretty much the eastern part of the country dealing with some muggy conditions early this morning. even misting a little bit this morning in new york city as we speak. let's take a look at the radar and i'll show you where it's raining. we have rain across parts of the city of new orleans, parts of mississippi, alabama, up in through sections of new england. we're not really expecting a washout convenient out here. we're not talking about very heavy rain. so i don't think travel will be impacted too much. but if anything, we could be seeing travel delays more because of the poor visibility due to all the cloud cover in place across parts of the amity
4:39 am
quarter. it is foggy across parts of new york city and surrounding areas as well. current temperatures, i want to show think because it's starting to get very chilly and feel very much like fall, even winter. rapid city, the current temperature, 37 degrees. only 30 in missoula. it's because of the same front that's bringing in some areas of rain across parts of the east. to the west of the storm, we're talking very chilly temperatures. 40s for you early this morning in minneapolis and the city of chicago. as we head into the afternoon, we're going to warm up to the 50s. in cleveland, chicago, minneapolis, in denver, you're only going to stay in the 40s and steve, elisabeth and brian, tonight into tomorrow, denver could be picking up an inch of snow. but it will be the first snow that they'll be getting of the season. we'll see what's in store for them in the upcoming winter. >> thank you very much out on the streets of new york city where i see ted got plastic
4:40 am
right there. >> to forget the camera -- protect the camera. >> keep it from getting wet. >> ted, can you throw the plastic over the camera? they're asking. there you go. >> very action opinionsive equipment. >> that's one day's growth on ted. he has facial hair like i've never seen. even the red sox say hey, give a shave. >> all right. straight ahead, remember this classic john stossel clip? >> excuse me. i have to take some of these. no, no. i'm the old person. i need this. no, i won't give it back. i need this. >> now john says the government is stealing from a whole new generation and he's going to prove that. >> he sure is. she advised presidents on the security of our nation. so of course she couldn't know a thing about football because she's a woman. first, from barry white, the
4:41 am
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4:45 am
they tried to do the new fish tail pattern. >> very nice. >> yeah. they said it was distracting. >> let's try to get you back on a topic you love, college football. now they're finally going to have a playoff. this has to be a victory for the p. that's one of the first things he said, he wanted college football to have a playoff. no more having the writers tell you who the national championship is. the first thing you have to do is you only have 18 to go, you just need four, you need a committee to pick those four next year. among those people will be the former secretary of state, whose dad was a football coach, who used to go to every one of the games and watch films with the san francisco 49ers coach bill walsh. it is condoleeza rice. >> i know. many students say it's a victory for the sport, a victory for women and overall, a victory for the game. but certainly there are some that didn't feel that way. okay? so we have david pollack from espn who had something to say about this that ticked her off.
4:46 am
listen to this. >> i want people on this committee, guys, that can watch -- >> play football. >> played football. >> that are around football, that can tell you different teams, not on paper. >> no woman belongs on the committee? >> what you read in the book or what she saw on television. to understand football, you got to play with your hand in the dirt. i love condoleeza rice and i think most -- how in the hell does she know what it's like where you can't get your breath in this 110 degrees and the coach asks you to go some more? >> well, you know what? condoleeza rice knows a thing or two about being in the kitchen where it gets hot and that's just figurative and literal. she has responded to her critics. take note of this. >> i just respectfully disagree.
4:47 am
there are others on the committee who have not played football. i just might note, with all due respect to my dear friend, roger goodell and paul tagliabue, probably the most influential nfl commissioner was pete rosell. he never played football. so you can be a student of something and not experience it and i consider myself a student of college football. i am called a student of russia, but never been russian either. you can know something from following it and studying it and i spend a lot of my saturday with college football. >> she's going to watch? the answer is yes. she used to be up every day at 4:00 o'clock in the morning skating before school. so this guy says, you ever sweat, you ever lose your breath? former college football coach, yeah. maybe not that sport in particular, but she knows what it's like to be a high level athlete. >> did she ever get knocked
4:48 am
around? she worked at the white house for five, seven years. >> given the argument against her that she's never played or never had a position, the opportunities for women to do that are slim. we know that. as they proceed up in ranking in football, but truth be told, she knows how to throw the flag on everybody who had somebody to say about it. that will convince the millions she's more than qualified. >> what do you think about it? e-mail us. the number one topic right now, you're weighing in on the congressional stenographer who had the outburst last night when they were voting. a lot of you think that she might have been the only sane one in the room. >> yeah. that's what it's saying on twitter as it's coming in. >> we are answering, by the way. straight ahead, remember when john stossel stole this stuff from kids? >> excuse me. i have to take some of these. no, no, i'm the old person. i need this. no, i won't give it back. i need this. >> john says the government's stealing from a brand-new
4:49 am
generation. he's next on our show. >> what is he taking? first this this date in 1987, lisa lisa and cult jam had the number one song "lost in emotion." >> what was your first album you ever bought? you got to tweet us. tell us. mine i can't say jerry rafferty. >> i heard it was neil sedaka. >> that was second. ♪
4:50 am
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4:52 am
take a look at this. our nation nearing $17 trillion deficit and the ceiling went up. yet we still keep raising that debt ceiling, borrowing more money even as we speak. joining me right now, a guy that it's bugging him. john stossel, said call it
4:53 am
stealing from our kids. he's the host of "stossel" and airs tonight of the welcome back. >> thank you. it is borrowing, but it's also stealing from the kids. >> right. unless we can somehow grow the government to the point where we can pay our bills. >> grow the economy to the point. government is growing already. >> give me an example of how in the past we have run a definite sit. >> this is the history of the republic from the beginning, starting in 1776. for most of our history, government was less than 5%. >> that yellow line is? just a -- >> this is not growth. this is the size of government, how much spending per person. couple hundred dollars per person. this is world war one, world war ii. it used to be that after wars, spending would go back down. but then came the war on poverty, lyndon johnson. now only goes up to the unsustainable levels we have now, 20,000 per person, federal spending. of course, we're not told enough to show where it's going.
4:54 am
>> so john, you're saying to yourself, we should think about the fact that it's not our money. people care about their kids and the next generation, verbally. but they want to show it, they wouldn't be spending like this and they wouldn't be raising the debt ceiling. >> and making promises to you and me that they're going to cover us when we retire when people used to die at age 65. i now refuse to die and i want medicare. >> right. so you were talking about last time you did this before and you're doing it again, how you're taking things from children. >> just trying to illustrate that how are you going to pay for that? inflate the currency into nothing. you can tax younger people and that's what they'll do a lot of. what future do they have? >> we got this great monitor here. can i see a little bit from your show that's coming up tonight? >> that's coming up tonight. go for it. >> excuse me, i need to take this phone. >> what are you doing? give that back! >> i'm old. i need this.
4:55 am
>> that's what you're doing, right! >> you know, that's what i do in my spare time. preparing for the future. just to illustrate this is really what your politicians are doing. >> john, argentina did this and russia. those two examples that you want to bring forward. >> that's default. we talk about how horrible default would be and it is horrible. but they recovered. they had bad years, two years. but they had growth two years later because after default, they -- who are we going to stiff in our age group or chinese? i suspect we'll stiff -- >> ted, come over here a second. watch this. john, we know you can do it on tape. could we have your bag a second? there you go. there you go. take it. >> we're taking from you. >> could i have your phone? thank you very much. could i have that camera, please? the bad news is, a cop just saw these two cops -- they saw do
4:56 am
it. john, let's get out of here! back to you guys. >> at least they asked. >> if anybody in law enforcement is watching, brian sullivan will be on this couch in three minutes. >> he will be. >> master criminal. coming up, two teen-agers charged after bullying a girl so badly, she committed suicide. but should their parents be charged as well? peter johnson, jr. on this case coming up. >> an interesting question. o.j.'s next career move that involves the holy father. you're not going to like this. >> holy cow. >> right. ♪ ooh, homemade soup!
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5:00 am
i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the government back in business for now. >> it's going to happen all over again in a few months? >> no. >> but are we just kicking the can down the road? i don't know. >> we are. >> okay. thanks, steve. i was wondering. >> meanwhile, did you catch this bizarre moment during the debt ceiling debate? >> constitution would not have been written by free masons. it's against god. >> that was during the final vote. that was the stenographer. what was she yelling about and was she right or wrong? your e-mail pouring in on this one. keep them coming. >> this video touched our hearts. a little boy, great athlete with cancer. his story alerted that school and they watched him score a great touchdown in full uniform. now he has some news that will make your morning. the good news is he's in our
5:01 am
green room. he'll be coming out here. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> that is the title track from scotty mccreery's brand-new album called "see you tonight." you're going to see him this hour. yeah, we know he's a college kid, but he's taking today off to be with us here in studio e live from midtown manhattan. >> he'll be very happy to hear about that deep voice is very attractive. that's what women prefer. his music, "american idol" -- >> send your tweets in, e-mails and if you have great questions for him, we'll be asking those to him later in the show. >> meanwhile, crisis averted. i don't know if you were up last night. but about 8:30, the president
5:02 am
went out and said, over 80 votes for ending continuing the resolution, funding the government and lifting up the debt ceiling. the house would follow suit, although over 80 in the house. only 80 plus in the house -- republicans in the house voted to raise the debt ceiling. all the democrats did. so it went up. so the president went out and said we hope it's a brand-new day. the government is now funded through january 15th. the debt ceiling is lifted until february 7th. and get this, we now have obamacare which they're going to verify whether you should get subsidies or not and whether you actually are eligible for obamacare. that was what the republicans really got out of it. >> that's shocking that having to not pay, the first time in the 2,000 pages. i remember the president saying it would cost too much money and for it to be set by october, would be too much of a hassle to do the research before handing out subsidies.
5:03 am
a minimum now we'll have some checking being done. >> yeah. it doesn't seem like the other side got much out of this. in fact, the president of the united states was asked on his way out after he had read his prepared statement about this. >> mr. president, is this going to happen all over again in a few months? >> no. >> well, the government may not close, but it will happen where there will be both sides squared off, the republicans had wanted to do something about obamacare and the president was strident, as was harry reid. they wouldn't budge, absolutely not. senator marco rubio, many are talking about for president, next time around, he said don't be discouraged. listen to this. >> one thing i want people to understand is they should not feel depressed about this or discouraged about the long-term of it. we are going to prevail on this issue. it is just a matter of time. we will prevail because obamacare is going to be a disaster and it won't be long
5:04 am
before many people in this town will be scrambling to try to fix it or get rid of it. >> all those people who are cheering for the president in the media and they always seem to be quite a lot, every democrat lined up behind harry reid and the president. the president's refusal not to negotiate for the past month or so, these are all decisions that helped him i guess get what he wanted in the short-term. in the long-term, is it what's best for america? number two, now that we're left with one major story, unless something else pops up, obamacare, how is it doing? no excuse. the number one story will be how obamacare is doing. debbie wasserman schultz and robert gibbs can't get through that it's ill prepared to service this country, then i think this could be some very disturbing news coming our way for the president over the next month or so. >> sure. maybe in the interim, what marco rubio is actually saying is that it will expose not only that, but how it truly is affecting the american people. we're hearing these stories left
5:05 am
and right about how obamacare is making it harder for many. but another mindset of news, you know when you're at a game and a streaker runs out the field. >> during the oscars. >> exactly. well, in between the votes last night senate floor, the stenographer had an -- >> fully clothed. >> not a streaker. but had an outburst that has everybody talking. listen to this. >> constitution would not have been written by freemasons. they go against god. >> that is diane reedy, who went to the speaker's chair, as you saw and saying praise to god, jesus christ. she went on to say, something in reference to free masons, and also seemed to say something about house being divided. >> she did. i just saw an e-mail from somebody who said -- who identified themselves as a minister. keep in mind, she was then taken into custody, not arrested, we don't believe. but she was then taken o a local
5:06 am
hospital for a mental evaluation. this minister just e-mailed, it was not a mental episode. what she was doing was known as an exercise of the gifts of the spirit where she she had brought a warning and a message from god regarding the activity, he felt there in the house. somebody who works in the house every day, he knew who she was right away. >> i know her and i've talked to her many times over the years. there were a lot of references about god during her rant from the dais. when they pulled her into the hall and tried to take her down the elevator, she's very religious and people were very concerned here. there is a lot of people here on capitol hill who talk with her. she always has a smiling disposition. we see a lot of strange things on capitol hill. it's not strange that we see a protest outside the capitol. once in a while there is a protest inside the house chamber. but to have a protest in the middle of such a big vote as the vote was coming to a close and no less, for it to be someone
5:07 am
who works here, i don't think i've ever seen that in all the years i've covered capitol hill. >> here is another e-mail from somebody. they say amazingly, this religious and obviously a sweet lady gets fed up and speaks her mind, something we all have tried to do. she brings up our dear lord and she gets a mental evaluation? i think it should be the other way around. then this person has a list of people who should be checked out. >> she starts screaming in the middle of a vote. you do have to pull her away. >> sure. we've had incidents in the past which certainly require some security measures to be taken and we're thankful for those. but who knows, maybe she just saw something that didn't seem right and mounting frustrations and tensions brought it out of her. >> what are we left with now? we're left with the continuing resolution that continues to fund the government, that's good news, kind of. we're also left with a debt already at 17 trillion. now legally can go higher. how much is $17 trillion in terms of dollars and cents? look. i've seen that. $10,000, i've seen that in steve's office. >> sure.
5:08 am
>> $1 million. i've seen that steve's extension. >> i would like to have this kind of money. if you had $100 million, that would be four feet tall. look at all those bales of benjamin. now we're talking about real money. that's a trillion dollars. it would cover a football field and $17 trillion would cover a football field 140 feet tall. i just got an e-mail from somebody else who said if those were one dollar bills, it would cover a football field and go up 1400 feet. >> so you're imagining -- imagine having that, which is impossible. but imagine owing that. what a burden physically to see. that's so brilliant. >> we had on the program earlier judge napolitano who has written something, he said that woodrow wilson borrowed $30 billion to pay for world war 1, the end of
5:09 am
world war 1, that was $30 billion. he says to this day, we have not paid off the principle on that $30 billion that woodrow wilson borrowed. we made the debt payment. we paid the interest, but we still owe the principal. think about that. >> we have record revenues. so it's not like we're not bringing in revenues. heather nauert is pretty productive. depends how this news goes. >> we have new news that just came in. this is an interesting one. the uss san antonio, the same navy ship that held the al-qaeda operative, al-libi, has just rescued more than 100 somali migrants off the coast of malta. the men were spotted in the mediterranean by a maltese patrol plane. the uss san antonio was then called to the scene to offer food, water and medical assistance. this is the latest example of a growing migrant crisis in the region as people there try to flee their war torn state. racial tensions, you may
5:10 am
remember this story -- plaguing a california high school in 2010. three students arrived at school wearing american flag t-shirts on cinco de mayo. they were ordered to turn their shirts inside out or go home. they decided to go home and it sparked a major national debate. we spoke to one of the students that his -- and his stepfather days after it happened. >> these kids are just trying to express their patriotism. they wanted to support their country. it's a day that also some mexican students at the school were wanting to support their country of mexico. it was just an opportunity for them to say, you know what? we're americans and we're happy about it and we're glad that you're happy about mexico. >> now a federal appeals court in san francisco will consider the lawsuit that alleges that the school violated their free speech. newark mayor cory booker winning the mayor to replace lautenberg. he battalion began.
5:11 am
he will serve 15 months remaining on the term and then run for reelection to keep the seat for the full six years. o. j. simpson, the preacher? there are new reports that claim that the former nfl great turned to god behind bars and now he wants to be a televangelist once he's out of prison. he has said to have dubbed his religious transformation the holy safari. this is apparently a promotional poster for what his manager says is a new tv show that is being negotiated. i think i'll leave it at that. >> he's not getting out any time soon, right? >> i can't remember exactly how long. >> didn't he get 30 years? >> quite some time. >> he was crying last time. he wanted to get out. i don't know if that works. >> all right. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour here in new york city. coming up, two teen-agers charged after bullying a gill so badly -- girl so badly, she committed suicide. should the parents of the bully be charged as well? peter johnson, jr. has an opinion on that.
5:12 am
you need to hear it coming up. >> the deal is done. but what's really in it? billions in earmarks. we'll run down the earmarks. it's hard to believe there will be earmarks. ♪ have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed
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it's a problem waiting to hapn. check your credit score, check your credit repo, at america's numb one provider of online credit rorts and scores. don't take chances. go to two teenage girls have been charged in the death of a 12-year-old after rewill notless bullying led rebecca to take her own life. but the parents of one of the girls are in denial, claiming that their daughter's facebook account had been hacked. listen to this. >> no, she wouldn't write anything like that.
5:16 am
she's not that type of girl that would say something like that. >> the sheriff in that case considering charging those parents as well. is it legal? we are asking fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> hi. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for being here. is it legal to bring the parents in to question and possibly charge them? >> the sheriff was saying, let's look at a charge potentially about corrupting the morals of a minor leading to the delinquency of a minor. if you knew that your child was acting in a way that was going to cause harm to another child, violating the cyber bullying laws in the state of florida, then yes, you could be charged. can a parent be charged in florida or any other state for the crime committed solely by its child? usually not unless there is some very interesting circumstances. but there needs to be a change in the laws, in my view. this is a horrible national problem and the laws are not on the books to take care of this
5:17 am
problem. >> the laws seem not to be keeping up with what's going on of the i want to let everybody see the facebook post that was out there. yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself, but i don't give a blank. apparently the parents are saying that was hacked, that they may not have been their daughter's posting. what if -- we're talking about a new weapon here, the web, the ability to get to people. if a child takes a parent's car in the parent's name and even accidentally takes the life of somebody else, are the parents responsible on that case? >> they're civilly liable. money damages. they may be criminally liable if they didn't safeguard the keys in a way. but you're talking about a weapon. you're absolutely right. it's a dangerous mentality now, the web. if parents don't get involved with family on-line agreements whereby they agree to monitor
5:18 am
what's going on, if they don't understand that between different surveys, 20 to 40% of girls in america are bullied and maybe 11 or 12% of boys on-line, it's even a bigger problem in person, then they're putting their heads in the sand. if they know that this is going on and they don't act, we need laws in this country that will, in fact, hold them criminally liable. it's the same way that you know that your child has a gun or a knife or poison or some instrumentality that may cause harm or death. and if you don't act, we need to have laws that say to parents if you have an awareness, if you don't act, if there is a court order, if there is a lawsuit, if you're given notice that your child is acting in some way that you will face criminal and definitely civil penalties for their acts going forward. >> this may set precedent going forward, this case. >> i hope so. this is a huge problem and how
5:19 am
often the schools do a really bad job in regulating it. >> i appreciate your sensibility. thanks for being here. >> thanks. wonderful to be with you. >> peter johnson, jr. next up, the deal is done and the government is back in business. but at what price? we are breaking down what's really in the bill, billions in earmarks. and it was an awesome moment. a little boy with cancer scored a touchdown. now he has some news that is going to more than make your morning. he's here next
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
it is time for news by the numbers. the earmark edition. here are the extra checks that were written into last night's bill to open the government and continue the debt ceiling. first, $3 billion. that's how much senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell have secured for a funding project for a dam in kentucky. it was originally allotted at $775 million. it got quite an upgrade. next, 450 million. that's the amount of money colorado will get to fix their highways and bridges severely damaged by highways. $174,000, that's how much the late senator frank lautenberg's widow will get out of the deal. by the way, lautenberg, when he was in the senate, was named one of the 50 richest members of congress with a net worth of more than $56 million when he died. she's getting a check for over $100,000. all right. brian, over to you.
5:24 am
seven years old, he was one of the toughest players in america and one of the toughest ever to score a touchdown for the nebraska cornhuskers. >> blockers out in front. mid field. listen to this crowd. as jack, the young man that has really been adopted by this football team, has scored a touchdown. >> the crowd still going wild over that highlight. jack hoffman inspired football fans all across the country, running that 69-yard touchdown while undergoing treatment for a brain tumor. today jack is eight years old and his family got the amazing news, his cancer has stabilized and he's here with his father. welcome. we're so thankful you guys are here. one of the best highlights i think i've ever seen in the game of football. pretty awesome, jack. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us the good news.
5:25 am
because one week ago you had surgery, right? and then an mri also? >> yeah. about a week before that we had an mri that indicated after 60 weeks of chemotherapy that the cancer stabilized stabilized ant could come out. >> what did it feel like to get that news? n it was great. when you have an inoperable brain tumor, you live one mri at a time. it was the first mri after 60 weeks of chemo and so it was a little nerve racking. >> i can imagine. you you get the news about the tumor and you have a surgery. then find out you need a second surgery and they say, this is going to be risky. tell me if i got this wrong. when you do the surgery, you make -- before the surgery, you make up a bucket list of things you want to do with your son and you ask him what he wants to do. one of those things was, i'd like to meet one of my idols, rex birkhead, is that correct? >> yeah. >> so you go have lunch with him?
5:26 am
>> uh-huh. >> what was that like? >> it was awesome. >> it had to be pretty awesome. then you get to play? how did that happen? >> then the coach comes up with an idea, since the team gets to know how great a guy jack is, the coach asks you if you'll be at a spring game. >> the nebraska football team adopted him and they've been great. rex kind of brought jack into the fold and it was just right about -- the night before the spring game, around 9:30 at night, i got a call from one of the coaches, you guys coming to lincoln tomorrow. it was a last second deal that the coaches thought of. >> a four-hour ride, right? >> yeah. >> you got in fast? >> it was a fun trip down there and even more fun on the way back. >> they had a uniform for him. >> right here. >> then whose idea was it to actually run the ball? >> it was the coaches and some of the players. >> i'd give you the ball, too. jack, how did that feel to run the ball? you're looking at the highlight now. >> awesome.
5:27 am
>> pretty awesome? oh, my gosh. you're so fast. did you feel the guys around you? >> not really. >> so jack is in second grade. what has it been like for you and your family and what is your message for everyone who might be going through this or wants to help? >> one of the things we learned with jack's diagnosis is that the treatments are old. what he took was toxic, doesn't have good efficacy. doctors told us that things are good right now and jack is in the best possible scenario, but there is a better than 50% chance at some point he'll relapse and have to go through treatment again, just because the drugs and therapies had not come along the way it should. so what we've tried to do with the story and all these incredible blessings that have come into jack's life is try to help raise national awareness and draw attention to the fact that we need more money to help cure this disease. >> where can people go to do that and learn more? >> we started the team jack foundation.
5:28 am
go to we hit the million dollars mark as a foundation. we're excited about the things we have going on of the we really appreciate everybody's support. >> you get to know there is other kids going through the same thing, right? >> that's right. approximately 3,000 kids a year diagnosed with brain tumors. >> what motivation do you give them? you can consider us part of team jack, all right? >> okay. >> especially when you score like that. if you have that kind of speed, i'm lucky to be block for you. >> brian thought he was faster than you. >> not anymore. thanks so much for coming in and telling your story and good luck. we'll keep in touch. all right? >> okay. >> sadly, you got to go back to school tomorrow. >> high five. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> next up, the real reason for the gridlock in washington. let's ask robert redford. >> there is a body of congressional people that want to paralyze the system. i think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there is probably some racism involved, which is really awful.
5:29 am
>> wow. wait until you hear what else he said. >> that's right. then this photo of an american hero saluting his commanding officer is inspiring the nation this morning. we are hearing from dad. ♪ what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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5:33 am
fox news business alert. the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 358,000 first-time unemployment claims were file last week. for the second week in a row, that's more than the experts expected, which was 335,000. >> you have to wonder whether or not those government furloughs had anything to do with that number. but it looks like it's 23, 24, 25,000 more, unfortunately, than they predicted. >> we told you before about what was going on in terms of robert redford and his opinion about -- we know he leans left. okay, we know he's flying left. but when he was doing an interview on one of those press junkets for a movie he has coming out, he wasn't pulling any punches where he thought the blame lay when is it comes to the government shutdown. >> there is a body of
5:34 am
congressional people that want to paralyze the system. i think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there is probably some racism involved, which is really awful. >> you know what? we have heard that response from the left a number of times since barak obama, the first african-american president of the united states, seems like every time anybody criticizes him, his supporters on the left automatically roll out, well, he's just saying that or she's just saying it 'cause they're a bigot, 'cause they're a racist. people in this country can actually disagree with policy, which is exactly what the tea party and what the republicans on the conservative side were trying to do with the affordable care act. they were trying to stop it from going into effect on october 1. that's why we temporarily furloughed all those people. >> certainly he's trying to pub his film called "all is lost." some would argue that all is lost when you casually throw around the accusation of racism and undercut -- when it actually
5:35 am
does happen. it certainly would undermine talking about racism when it does occur. so all is lost may indeed be the theme of his comments. >> here is what you're saying. kelly writes this: i think actors and performers should stick to what they do. we as the public have the choice to watch everything and make up our own minds without their help. >> an e-mail from margaret. shame, shame, shame on you, robert redford. i loved you for 35 years. but the love stops now at racism. >> in '97, was it racist when bill clinton was experiencing a shutdown? was newt gingrich -- were they saying racism on that? what about all the other shutdowns during the reagan years? wasn't there nine different shutdowns? why weren't people screaming race? why can't people disagree politically? why do we always have to try to find something else involved with it? >> because historically, when you say somebody is a racist, that pretty much shuts them down right there. but we've seen it a lot lately. but people can agree to disagree. there are racists out there, no
5:36 am
doubt about it. but in this particular case, looking at it honestly, it's a difference of policy, the affordable care act. >> heather nauert has the other headlines at 25 minutes before the top of the hour. >> good morning to you and some other things going on. folks in florida need to be on the lookout for these two convicted killers who are now back on the street. these guys were released from prison apparently by mistake. it happened at the franklin correctional institute in kara bell, florida. they walked right out of the place separately. how did this happen? apparently there was some fraudulent changes that were made to their court order. so who is responsible for this? the prison isn't saying just yet. the two mayoral candidates here in new york city created controversy this morning. both say schools should recognize muslim holy days just like jewish and christian ones. both men want all public schools to be shut down during those two days. it is a picture that we
5:37 am
first showed you yesterday morning. an army ranger who lost both of his legs in afghanistan saluting his commanding officer who had just awarded him a purple heart. and this morning, we're hearing from that hero's dad. listen to this. >> he's a lovely, lovely child, lovely person, still with honor and valor and courage. >> he lost four of his fellow men. they are expecting their first child. congratulations to them. this next story is awesome. a man in boston was having dinner when he overheard the table next to him get bad news. so he passed the waitress this note that said, do me a favor and bring their check, too. someone just got diagnosed. don't tell them. the waitress says she waited until he left to tell the woman she says that they were overcome with gratitude. apparently he picked up on a conversation and said, let me take care of the bill.
5:38 am
nice if you can do it. >> how wonderful is that? >> yeah. i'll see new a bit. if you're looking for maria, join the club. >> she's outside next to the seafood truck with the lobster on the side. >> you're right. good observation. good morning. today we're talking about muggy weather conditions right along the east coast. that's all thanks to our cold front headed eastbound. you typically gets winds out of the south. it pumps up the warm, humid air to the north. that's what we're dealing with here. temperatures a little above average throughout the afternoon hours. we should make it into the 70s here in new york. again, the big story is how muggy it is. this storm system does start to cross parts of the northeast all the way down into the gulf coast. we are dealing with showers early this morning around the new orleans area. parts of louisiana, up into tennessee and even stretching to sections of new england. the rain should remain relatively light. so i don't think we'll be seeing travel delays because of the rain. if we do see delays, it should be because of the poor
5:39 am
visibility outside. we have very low clouds here in new york city early this morning and even foggy conditions and surrounding areas. otherwise current temperatures, i want to show you how chilly it is this morning in parts of new mexico and parts of colorado, even up into south dakota. waking up to temperatures only in the 30s. we're expecting snow as we head into tonight and also into tomorrow morning in denver and surrounding areas as well. not a lot of snow, but it is a first of the season, at least for that city of denver. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. coming up next, the government may be open for business, but what about your 401(k)? nicole petallides is watching it all from the floor of the new york stock exchange. hello, you're coming up. >> that's right. and he's one of the biggest country stars out there right now. scotty mccreery walk not guilty right now to perform -- walk not guilty to perform his latest. >> good to see you.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
it's time for some quick headlines. the architects of the nsa spying program are headed out the door. the chief of the agency and his top deputy are leaving the agency. alexander, who has been with them for eight years, expected to be gone by next spring. the deputy will be gone before that. massachusetts teen punished by her high school for being a designated driver now plans to sue. administrators stripped erin cox of her title of captain of the volleyball team. the school claimed she violated its zero tolerance policy. the labor department releasing brand-new jobless numbers. 358,000 unemployment claims filed last week. >> for the second week in a row, that's more than the experts
5:44 am
expected. she talks to the experts all the time. she's nicole petallides. she's live at the new york stock exchange. nicole? >> good morning, guys. we got in our weekly jobless claims numbers, 358,000 claims. so that surpassed the estimates of 335,000 claims. it just shows you, not great. not a great economy. we need more jobs added. also federal workers -- you may be wondering whether or not that's factord into this number. they're actually responsible for about 70,000 claims. however, it was put into a separate category and is not in this headline number we're seeing over the last couple of weeks. >> do you think that a portion of it is related to the government furloughing of -- first it was 800,000, then whittled down to 400,000? >> we'll see. right now it's put into a separate category. so it doesn't seem so. but it could. you never know how this whole thing plays out because i know we have stocks and stories to get to, but i'll just tell you that with the government
5:45 am
shutdown, we saw defense companies now saying they're not able to produce products 'cause there was no one to approve them. stanley black and decker, they make tools. they actually said the government shutdown is affecting their numbers, which in turn hit home depot and lowe's. there is going to be a little rollover from this. >> what about the market's reaction to the debt deal? >> oh, my goodness. i feel like i've been on a roller coaster for the last couple of weeks. that goes without saying. right now you're just starting to see the markets sell on the news a little bit. yesterday we saw it running up because everybody figured something good was coming. so the other things that we'll be watching, the dow, keep an eye on the dow. it will be very different from the s & p today. the dow has ibm and ibm, terrible revenue numbers. that's down 13 bucks. and that will hit the dow today, maybe 50, 70 points. keep an eye on the s & p instead for a better number. and just the big picture. ibm, ebay, yahoo under pressure. goldman sachs, that will affect the dow.
5:46 am
then on the good news this week has been names like mattel, johnson & johnson and pepsi. and twitter, hey, coming -- it's going to have this ibo right here at the new york stock exchange. >> and are you okay? >> i'm really doing great. i have to say. thank you. happy to be alive, guys. >> we're all happy to be alive. >> a good day. that's right. coming up next on this thursday, he's one of the country's biggest stars, country wise out there, scotty mccreery. good morning to you, scotty. he was just complaining about how early it is. but he's going to sing his newest single coming up, right? all right. >> let's first check in with bill hemmer, unlike giving martha mccallum a break. >> he's our "american idol." >> right. >> he'd win for us. >> bill hemmer? >> we look forward to finding out what's going on on your show. >> in the ends after the deal is done in washington, congress,
5:47 am
the administration get the subsidy they wanted for obamacare. david vitter is none too happy with that, the senator is here live. the sheriff who says a young girl was bullied into suicide wants everyone to learn from this. we'll talk to him. if you don't have obamacare yet, don't worry, very few do. look at the numbers coming up here in 12 short minutes. see you then [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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scotty mccreery! >> we remember that one. country singer scotty mccreery released his platinum selling debut cd. he was still in high school and fresh off of winning "american idol" back in 2010.
5:51 am
>> wow. we were kids then, steve. >> we were. >> today he's a college sophomore whose latest record "see you tonight" is out this week. in the middle of a fall tour as well. great to see you. >> great to see y'all. >> i think you grew a few inches since you won idol. >> i hope so. we'll see. >> we hear your voice. there was a poll earlier in the show. >> i'm kind of scared now. >> what was the results? >> there was a poll that found men with deep voices are found to be sexier by the women. >> hey, hey, hey. >> the votes are coming in right now. how do you balance it? you have school, the new album, which is great. >> it's fun. it's a lot, but it's good time. i'm getting an education. i'm out on the road meeting fans and making music. >> your favorite idol judge was? >> how can you go against jennifer lopez? come on now. >> back to the show. >> i love it. >> in other words, not only is she hot, she gave you good advice? >> she did. >> i thought she did.
5:52 am
>> she knows what she's doing. >> right. >> you got a lot of fans watching now and a bunch of them have sent questions in for you. one tweet says, how does it feel about having such a wide range in ages of fans? moms, grandmothers and young teen-agers as well? >> we love it. we want our music to reach everybody. we want our music to go to everybody. so teens, strollers or walkers, come on over. >> strollers? anybody who can download an itune. >> come on over. >> there is room on the credit card, there is room for scotty. >> my kids are joggers and they love it. we actually have another question from kelly. she wants to know, does scotty have a girlfriend and would he ever date a fan? >> well, i respond to this question the same way every time. in my shoes on the road and as much as i'm gone, it's very tough to have a relationship. but if it's possible. carrie underwood met her husband on a meet and greet, so you never know. >> it's time for you to sing.
5:53 am
>> the title track. >> scotty mccreery. ♪ girl you know i love talking to you on the phone ♪ ♪ i could listen to your sweet voice all night long ♪ ♪ sometimes i can get by with the sweet dreams, baby, good night ♪ ♪ but this time i don't want to spend it alone ♪ ♪ so i'm coming over ♪ i hope it's all right ♪ listen for me pulling into your drive ♪ ♪ look out your windows ♪ you'll see my lights ♪ baby, girl i got to see you tonight ♪ ♪ the way the breeze is blowing, blowing ♪ ♪ you got me wishing i was holding, holding ♪ ♪ on to you so tight under that porch light ♪ ♪ girl, i got to see you
5:54 am
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5:59 am
we've got more e-mails coming in. pam from alabama says, tell scotty his music makes a 56-year-old nana feel like a teen-ager again. love him. hope she logs on and orders the cd. >> plug away, brother. >> guess what? he wants to be a broadcaster. that's what he's studying in school. >> that's why he's sitting on the curvy couch and he'll be in the after the show show. he'll do another number. >> yes, we are. >> your music is too good to join broadcasting. >> i'm just figuring out the whole media thing.
6:00 am
>> marching band at np state? >> i don't know about that. >> tomorrow, geraldo will drop by, also chris wallace and dr. ben carson, along with chef tyler florence. going to be a busy day. see you tomorrow. >> stay out of trouble. >> see you tomorrow. bill: no room left on the couch. nicely done, guys. fox news alert. it is over but only for now, only for now. while you were sleeping congress passing a bill to end the debt ceiling and standoff. john boehner saying it was a fight worth having for republicans. >> we've been locked in a fight over here trying to bring government down to size. trying to do our best to stop obamacare. we fought the good fight. we just didn't win. bill: john boehner with bill cunningham on wlw radio. that is only public comment we heard from him. welcome to "america's newsroom." what is going on? >> i'm heather childress. bill: you are. >> in for


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