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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 17, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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shutdown. glad all is right with the world. >> they were well cared for in the 16 days. >> don't want to start rumors. we'll so you back in new york and looking forward to it america and america's news headquarters starts right now. that there panda may not get used to this. it is coming back around. fox news alert. full speed in dc to another headline. welcome to hq. i am bill hemmer. >> and i am in for a liston camerota. and in a hundred days we could face another government shutdown. chief correspondent mike emmanuel is on the hill with the details. joishgs yes, after a bipartisan deal was struck congress can get back to taking a little recess and after house speaker john
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boehner with a tonight. they were back to their feisty self. >> it took 16 days for the speaker to take yes for an answer. it is irresponsible. no, this is reckless. this is reckless and then to see last night when 62 percent of the house republicans voted against their own number, voted against opening up government. >> the tone was more bipartisan as the leaders led by democratic senator patty murray and republican paul ryan met. they face a december 13th dead line. murray said groups are limited than the failed super committee and here is ryan on the vision for the talks. >> we had a very good conversation and decided to discuss how to proceed over break fast and look for ways to find common ground and get a budget agreement and our goal
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to get the debt under control and do things that can grow the economy and get people back to work. those are our shared goals and find how to roach common ground and create a budget process that seizes that. >> it expected that democrats will more taxes and republicans want entitlement reform. many folks are pessimistic about the chance of success. one of the key things we'll be watching the next hundred days in congress. >> and for more on this. i want to bring in bret baier along with you. and couple of things i want to rattle through. >> we will hear, clearly it had a little bit more of the i won get over it tone to two.
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but he also said that no one won in this whole thing. in that sense, he's right. the democrats took a hit and people in the country that say that washington overall is broken. one party or the other. and the republicans tock a bigger hit in how this played out and clearly a different tone that he had last night. >> in the end you don't like a particular policy or president and then go argue with your position and you can go out and win an election. >> it is more of what i think washington is used to. and you know, that kind of a language, he's right. win the election and win the senate and change the dynamics. and fight on the policies on the election front. but as you get ready for this budget conference committee, and you just heard paul ryan speaking with mike emmanuel and
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you wonder how that speech translates to actually getting something done in the budget conference committee. >> it was a curious thing to see paul ryan and patty murray standing there. how did they begin the process of reconciliation or in washington, is a lot easier said than done to the folks observing from the outside? >> yeah, a lot of people can talk and say we are willing to negotiate and give and take on big items and they get to those rooms and then what happens, is everything else from the outside focuses in and the pressures build on both sides and sometimes they are not able to negotiate as they did before they were talking about it in the rom? >> and the republican from lu luis -- louisiana.
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he doesn't believe that the president is making any friends in the congress. i asked him to name one. he said i can't do. it this president is not a guy that has a lot of relationships on capitol hill. he's not a guy that likes to politic. respiratory and that's well known and it has been talked about on the left and right. and democrats on capitol hill will tell you. he's not a smoosher getting things over the finish line and the white house turned to vice-president bide boyd to get big difficult things across the finish line. >> you will need more handshaking to get it donere fe we'll see you tonight at 6 o'clock. >> well, the u.s. economy is not out of the woods. last night's deal doing nothing for the country's existing economic challenges. look being at the big board and
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see how we are doing. the dow is down marginally. and things could change. melissa francis host of money with melissa francis joins us now live. ni. >> the global rating firm was rated in chicago. it was lower to a- minus and pitch threatening to lower the rating. how influential is it. >> it follows a lot of talk that we heard out of china saying that we haven't been responsible in terms of getting our financial house in order and it goes beyond the recent conflict. it is more about not spending within our means and for a long time china is threatening to stop buying our bonds. we haven't sewn that happen yet. >> the doggong gives a statement to bloomberg. the u.s. government huge debts
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and lacking a basis for repayment and brink of default is difficult to change in the long-term and u.s. debt will further impair the federal government's solvensy. >> without question, it is hard to argue with those statements. they seem true and until now it has not stopped people from buying our debt. and that is one thing that a lot of folks in the bond market wrote about. this shoes again that no one in washington has a commitment to doing anything about our long- term debt and long- term problems and spending in our means. a lot of people have given up on washington. for now. we are the best risk out there when you compare us to europe and others. you hear more and more talk in international circles about approximate trying to get away from the focus on the dollar and investment in the u.s. and
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sooner than later it is going to happen. >> you have business companies saying they are going to lower their hiring expectations and the holiday season is going to be weak. what about that? >> that i am blame it on the shut down and physical malaise. there hasn't been a huge impact. the markets are higher than they were when the government originally shut down and xn who didn't get paid and they will buy whatever they wanted to buy. what they are talking about is a hostile government in washington that doesn't support pro growth economic policy and has a tax code so complicated it is difficult to navigate your business and discourages investment and that is keeping the economy growing so slowly and what business leaders focus on and they don't see change any time soon, it is discouraging. >> and so what else is in the bill you are wondering, right?
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>> 636 million for fighting wildfireses. and an additional 450 million and states in case of natural disaster and 2.5 billion for the veterans administration. and that measures extends authority with the foreign forces and quad ruples funding for a dam on the ohio river from 775 million to 2.9 billion. we are asking you the question. what do you think at home? are we back here a hundred days from now. send me a tweet right now, at bill hemmer or over there. >> patty brown. and looking forward to hearing from you. >> are you prepared in case of emergency? we are moments away from a worldwide drill. it involves millions of people including many right in california. >> it is real, too. ngrowing outrage of a home grown
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terror group to urge people to be good citizens. bill a yers terrorized that family when he was nine years young. should the president's health secretary be responsible for the glitches. >> she is focused on our number one priority which is making the implementation of the affordable care act work well. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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>> well, today, the world comes together for a massive earthquake drill. it is a great shake out and supposed to begin in four minutes. more than 24 million people across the globe signed up to duck underground desks and find sturdy structures so they know what to do in the next quake.
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nine and half million of those people are in california. you can see the preparationed underway and millions more are participating in earthquake prone areas like japan, and italy and gua m. >> duck-and-cover. despite calls to resign. the health secretary for the president is having no intention to step down. what about this, should she? bofth our fox news contributors, what is up with you two? >> should she take the fall here? >> robert gibes even said people should get fired over this and the collapse of the web site is significant. this is the vehicle through which every american who doesn't
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have health insurance has to get. it and kathleen sebelluis who is in the center of everything related to obama care authorized it to go live on october 1st and had gross incompetence. she made the call. she has to go. >> what about it, julie? >> i found out he is a met's fan. it pains me to agree. i don't think she should resign. it is gross incompetence and the roll out is a disaster and it is like a crime. >> so you do or don't think? >> i don't think she should resign but she should fix it and if he doesn't fix it because we have a individual man date about to go in affect, we should take a look at it. the problem within the administration if she resigns, the republicans will never
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confirm another secretary. >> or a nomination and go to the hearing, it is worse than it looks already, tony? >> the point that julie is making which is sensible is the democrats are realizing for this point, hard with obama care and take it out for a second. if this web site is not operational in the right way soon. people who have to buy the product on the web site can't do it. and if they don't meet the march 31st deadline they pay a tax penalty. that's why again i go back to the point that kathleen was made throughout this. >> your fellow met fan believes that, you believe, julie if the mandate or everything is not
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sorted out bite first of the year you would support pushing the man date. >> i will also say. well. i know 1986 was a long time ago. but i will say this, you are right. we should push it back. as much as we say, this thing is not ready to go live. >> this thing is making cash for clunkers look like a success. >> it is inexcusable. and tony is right. there is no excuse. nenrollment numbers are trickling out. private companies are an likewising what is happening. only one percent of americans who try to actually enroll in obama care did so successfully with the websites. we know it does not work. at this point we have to take a step back and say even if you support the law, what is the
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only fair thing to do. give the american individual the same exemptions that the president gave to other 20 groups. >> that's a big part of what we went through. >> we are past it. i don't understand how you can understand how someone to pay a penalty. >> the numbers are doctoredful. >> ho's right. >> don't confuse those who are applying with those enen rolled and those who forked over money for insurance. that is a third element. we have no information on that. it could be 36,000. and you need 7 million to make the books match. >> no, no. i agree with you. and the further problem of all of this is, people equate the exchanges that are a disaster at this point because people can't epiroll with the larger bill of
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obama care and some are in affect and others are delayed. but this particular component and penalize people if they can't get on is a disaster and i agree somebody has to pay for this. >> cash for clunkers. and they all need it. and love them all. see you guys. >> waking up to a six- alarm fire. and flames tearing through the apartment complex and not everyone made it out unharmed. >> and a judge taking up the case of a nine-year-old boywho made it past security who flew on a plane without a ticket. there is fallout for him, the airport and his family.
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>> new revelations from the movie massacre trial in colorado. james holmes accused killing 12. the fbi agent considered the bomb teches considered allowing the apartment to burn to the ground. ap apartment fire leaves four people injured. fire crews arrived to find this. flames shooting from the top floor of the build nothing california. luckily smoke detectors sounded the alarm and allowed dozens of people to escape safely. there is no word on what started the fire. new developments in the case of a d boy, who flew
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on the plane without a ticket. >> what a story. the judge appears worried that the home environment caused or contributed to the behavior. the mother and father arrived. the mom has custody and the judge ordered both of them to get parenting training and individual and family therapy. michelle johnson is a child advocate. >> the plane will change later on if things are going on. but initiately we try to get the kids back home to the parents safely. >> that may be a while. the judge determined that his health and safety and welfare would be in trouble. he suspended for aggressive conduct in school and repeatedly running away from home. and two weeks ago, he slipped
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mast minneapolis airport security and got by an delta agent and busted and sent back to the 20 city as well. and embarrassed, the airport made changes and they have beefed up the presecurity checkpoints and bill, other changes to come. >> and you bet. i wondered about the airport how he walks around with nothing. >> they ought to hire him to teach security about lapses there. that would be a smart move. >> he figured that out. greg, thank you. >> and the u.s. navy moving in for a massive rescue and more than a hundred people saved on the high seas. details a head of our military coming to the rescue. >> bill a yeres is urging people to be good citizens and to be moral. not everyone is buying the change of heart. he terrorized his family had he
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was nine years old. plus the government reopening after a can't day shut down. parks and all the way to alkatraz. and uncle sam is open for business from sea to shining sea. >> we are all reg ufterred and the gentlemen said i think we are going to be open and we saw the news and something is going on and we are here booking it. [ male announcer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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a u.s. rescue ship rescuing a hundred men on a ra ft. the sailors gave them food and water and medical assistance before transferring them to malta. >> five employees of bernie maoff on trial. the defense attorneys said their clients were duped like everybody else. and a military mom in missouri on a mission. boosting the troop morale with twifrpgys. her son is in afghanistan and told her how much they enjoy the care package. >> you are going to need a lot of donations.
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>> they do last. it is back it work for happens of thousands of people. 50,000 workers in new york city alone. rick is in the square in lower manhattan. what is up? >> reporter: they are relieved to be back and annoyed and concerned that this may not be over yet. one of the guy who is a union rep for environmental protection agency. they spent 16 days at hope and not issuing permits and not collecting paychecks. >> we don't know what the process is going to be. the next paychecks on the 29th and we don't know if that is partial check or include the back pack. we don't know when it is going to come. >> you still have bills to pay? >> the mortgage has to get paid and college tuition is got to be
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paid. he has a lot of catching up to do. and not only the federal workers affected here. there are is hundreds of businesses in downtown manhattan that lost customers because of the sequestration and lay off. shoe shine stores and restaurants and food vendors. we talked to a guy who sells chicken and rice in the shadow of federal plaza and hehad to pack up and go home because business was so bad. >> i came first day back for me was yesterday. >> how much money did you lose? >> $300 a day. >> you are not getting that back? >> for people like us. we don't get it back. >> tough times for michael and the other folks are grateful to have all of the thousands of federal workers back on the job. >> back pay for federal workers
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but nothing for the guy running the stand. before the debt bill passed the house president obama was looking to other items on the agenda including immigration agenda. does he have political capitol after the shutdown. we have publisher of safety review. marge rowro mero is a democratic strategist. >> thank you. >> justin, you said the president needs to move beyond the partisan battles. he gave a lengthy partisan speech saying republicans inflicted damage to the economy. does it seem that he is leaving those battles behind? >> i did so the comments of president obama and my hope is now that the battle has been done and completed and the federal government is back up and running and that president obama could take the high road. he took a hit in the bowls and
10:34 am
democrats and republicans have taken a hit. he is the leader of our nation and sustaining person that is leading the country. i wished he would have take know a high ground and very disappointed in the tone of the comments he made. i do agree that we need to look beyond the crisis. >> and tim stanley said this is a broken president so and holding off republicans attack or carousing the country on a pointless campaign trail. what do you say? does he have capitol left or not for the second agenda. >> the president's numbers held steady and republican numbers in poll after poll hit record lows. incredible record lous. ine ted cruz own internal poll shed that people blamed the republicans for the shutdown than democrats. you are right. people want to see everyone get
10:35 am
back to work and get things done whether on immigration or energy or economy and really coming together to do the people's business and get back it work. i think that is what the president talked about. and i think it would be a shame for people to learn the lesson for the shutdown. people want to see more bickering and less fighting and more columination. >> justin, even before this the president couldn't get gun control through and tried to pass the buck to congress on syria. it is pure fantasy to think that the president can get immigration reform done. what about immigration and specific items on his agenda >> immigration reform is a huge item. president bush tried it in 2005 and the senate passed something earlier this year. on one hand i give credit for the president attempting to move
10:36 am
beyond the crisis and it is an issue that needs to be addressed and i give him credit for doing that and at the same time, we have a decided country and i hope that as a result of what happened now, that republicans and democrats can move beyond it and find a way to work together. >> yeah, that is the hope of many. >> justin and marjorie, thank you for joining us. the former leader of a terrorist group here at home and responsible for a string of bombings in the early 70s. he is now giving advice on how to be a good person. my next guest believes he was targeted by a yeres and the underground when he was nine years young. a man walking to work attacked by a pack of coyotes. >> i heard the slight movement and before i could get the flashlight it was coming at me
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that's right for you.
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grechen is coming up. >> today on the real story. remember the senate women were the key to hammering out a budget deal. one of those senateors will join me on how it all went down. but here is the question. will those same women preven a rerun. and fat letters that schools send home about your kids. one school will stop. also, i don't know about you. i did a lot of chores growing up. is that now passe for our kids? please. >> they don't get their allowance. >> you had to do chores. >> and absolutely. >> and not so much anymore. >> send in the women, grechen.
10:41 am
a colcalifornia man surviving a vicious attack from a pack of coyotes. he was walking to work early yesterday morning and he heard rustling and then three coyotes attacked him. fortunately he was able to fight them all off. >> i started thinking about my son and fiance, we haven't had a situation of a grown man attacked by coyotes. >> wild life officials say two of the coyoshg tes was caught and killed. they are looking forked third. >> former leader of the domestic under ground speaking out. bill a yers is his name. his group was responsible for a string of peoplings. three members of the group were killed when a nail bomb they were making exploded early.
10:42 am
a yers is telling people on a recent book tour to be moral. and that's not all. this guest was nine years old when his family was a yers. >> happy to be here. na yers is saying that you want to live a life that doesn't make a mockery of had your values and a book about teaching and parenting. >> bill is a guy that he couldn't be monothingous because it got in the way of his political activity. this is a hypocriteeccal man and incapable of taking responsibility. >> good citizens and moral people. is this some sort of apology. >> there never has been a apology. what he and the ground he founded did not only to my family but the grady family and
10:43 am
others who were murdered; they have never taken responsibility or apologized or acknowledged what they did. >> you were nine years old? what happened in your house. >> my dad was a judge in new york at the time. we were all asleep, my parents and my sisters and brothers and i. they fire bombed our house. boeps under the gas tank of the family car and thank god no one was physically injured. bill a yeres said he engaged in property damage. when you four bomb of a home in the middle of the night you are doing more than risking property damage. >> you never know what will happen there? >> of course. >> your father was a judge? >> yes. >> he was a judge on the panther
10:44 am
21 case. about a case to fire bomb land marks and department stores in new york city back in 1970. >> what problem did they are with your dad? >> you know, you have to ask them the problem they had. but the new york post made a good point when they said. if you have a problem with one individual and you target that individual that is wrong and that is a bad thing and it is not indiscriminate. what bill did was indiscriminate and random violence and targeting who knows who? >> you say that for 40 years he's been going on and acting as if we were just, not our intent to hurt people. when he was interviewed, ironicaly on september 11th. they published that day. and he said his only regret was that he hadn't done more and he would not rule out violence in
10:45 am
the future. >> you have thought about a this guy? >> i will not shut up until he shut up. >> what next? >> i am tired of having to tell this story. it is embarrassing. >> have you ever confronted him. now might be your chance? >> i would be happy to confront him. all he does is find friendly venues and he was on another station having a cup of coughy and laughing it up with the host. he just goes to friendly venues. >> thank you john. now an attorney and radio hosts. thank you for sharing your story. >> new concerns about kids using facebook. social media giant allowing minors to share their posts with anyone on the internet. this could lead to trouble down the road. and learning more about
10:46 am
a terrifying flight. what investigators say caught the plane in on fire. >> flames came up the side of the plane. and it looked like the inside was on fire but it was the outside engine and the plane started shaking vilently and then the plane filled up with smoke. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup.
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the average american spends a host time not moving. a new study suggest that there is a lot to be gained by standing. to put it in perspective. if you stand a few hours a day.
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you can lose eight pounds of fat. >> who needs a chair. >> i kind of like. it >> you burn that much weight, come on. >> i am going to get rid of the chairs. burn that much weight? >> new information on a terrifying flight we told you about yesterday. the ntsb saying that engine failure was to flame for the fire on a plane yesterday. >> flight 165 it had left dfw international airport bound for atlanta. 150 people onboard and that is when things winterably wrong. a smartphone and this is video shot by a passenger. you can see the haze smoke filled cabin. people were texting their loved
10:51 am
ones and making calls. >> probably, maybe, three or four minutes later this huge explosion goes bam and we saw the explosion. plane started to shake violently and after that, it started to fill up with smoke. >> the ntsb said the aircraft suffered what is called an uncontained engine failure it is when pieces of the engine fly out of the engine itself. there is flying debris outside the plane. a spokes person for the discount carrier saying, onen jen was shut down which is normal procedure, however, all of our aircraft are designed to operate
10:52 am
effectively on one engine which is necessary. we should point out that the airline has a clear safety record. >> let's keep it that way. >> facebook is now allowing teen-agers to share their posts with anyone on the internet and critics are warning that this change could lead to trouble. here to talk about this, lance u ulinoff. thank you both for joining us. let's talk about what has changed here. from now on, people who identify themselves from ages 13 to 17 will have their privacy identified. but, they have the option now of exposing their page to everyone. they didn't have that option before. what are the potential al
10:53 am
implications? >> they expanded and contracted at the same time. basically your 13-year-old or 17-year-old can choose at the point of posting to publicly share information. the concern is that a 13-year-old or 14 or 15-year-old doesn't have the sense of what to share. they can get teens involved in the conversation. but, it is just you know, photos of your teen that could suddenly be shared with a group of friends. facebook does pop up a warning and who is going to be able to see this but parents are going to have to have a long talk with kids before they are able to do this. >> not just when you change your setting, but every time you post when you are using that setting
10:54 am
that means it is open to everyone a notice is going to come up warning you that a notice is going to be seen. do 13 year olds worry about something like that? they don't. what we know about brain development in teens is that this is a critical time. the areas that govern reasoning aren't developed and i agree that this is good short-term profits and quarterly reports over the long-term value of their kids. we know that kids don't behave well, i have to say we can't ask them to be parents and parents have to step up and take a bigger role in this. >> it has been a long-term problem. the reality is that i know so many people where their teens have multiple facebook accounts that they don't even know about
10:55 am
and many teens have lied about their age. there were 7 million people teens who were not even 13 yet who were on facebook already. so this has been a problem that maybe will be exasser baited by this. you need to be involved in social media right alongside them watching what they are doing and making sure that they understand that what they say digit alley is what they do f e face-to-fa face-to-face. >> people post where they are going and who they want to be with. and photographs of them doing incriminating things that could come back to haunt them later on in their lives. they are ahead of us tech logically. we have to reason with them and get it into their heads somehow. >> i think that is really a good
10:56 am
point. you know, we've within talking about this for a while and parents aren't doing this. businesses have to partner in innovative ways and parents need to say show me your friends. i'm going to let you on when you are 13 but i'm going to friend you. when i see that you can handle facebook resonsiblely, then i'll let you handle it alone. you say you know what, i wouldn't be comfortable if you posted this. this is what i would do and also use your own life as an example. i'm not going to post pictures of bob. we have to get parents to sit down more with kids. >> parents should at least advice their children to keep default set on friends.
10:57 am
>> bonnie thank you so much. >> wait until you see by what. if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune.
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sunsweet, the amazing prune. crowds are gathering for the 2016 olympics in rio. >> today on "the real story". one of the senate key women tells us whether we are going to go down the same stupid road anyway. our panel is going to chew on that for you. a doctor on trial accused of planning to murder his mother of 8 so that he could be with his mistress. hi everyone. welcome. i'm


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