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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 17, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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amazing one minute of television that no one will ever forget. >> without mentioning once your dog. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. >> why? the president looks to the pentagon for the next chief of homeland security. this in "special report." good evening i'm bret baier. the federal government is getting back network today after a late night to end the partial government shutdown and the raising of the debt ceiling and apparently the executive hiring freeze is also over. president obama has picked a long time national security player to safeguard the nation's internal security, chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris is here with details tonight. >> reporter: thank you. official has confirmed to fox news the president will nominate
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jay johnson. he will be the fourth secretary. johnson who has been in private practice since leaving the administration was the defense department's top lawyer during the president's first term. today the white house described johnson as one of the most highly qualified and respected national security leaders. quote during his at the entrepreneur as department of defense he was known for his sound judgment and counsel. he was responsible for the prior legal review and approval of every military operation approved by the president and secretary of defense. johnson's nomination is surprising given potential candidates including new york city police commissioner ray kelly, former coast guard commandant allen and john pistole has served homeland security or handled missions including immigration and disaster relief. as she left the job, janet napolitano said a cyber strike is inevitable. >> looking back over the past
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4 1/2 years i can say that there's one takeaway, one object lesson and core operating principle that i've learned and embraced as secretary, it's this. in a world of evolving threats, the key to our success is the ability to be flexible and agile. >> reporter: johnson's nomination is likely to generate controversy among the president's supporters on the left because the president endorsed the bush era drone campaign but enlarged the list to cover u.s. americans. he said dr. king would recognize the u.s. military cannot lay down its arms leaving the country vulnerable to terrorist attacks. sources who work within homeland security questioned whether johnson has a strong enough management background for the job adding the department's internal security mission is a far cry from his position at the
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defense department. >> thank you. at the top of the show as we told you the shutdown is over. the debt limit is propped up a little higher tonight but with the federal government spending $10 billion per day, uncle sam will be reaching that ceiling before too long. >> reporter: the next challenge for congress will be if leaders of the new budget conference committee led by democratic senator patty murray and republican paul ryan can strike a deal by mid-december to provide a longer term budget solution. >> we want to look for ways to find common ground to get a budget agreement. our goal is to do good for the american people, get debt under control, do smart deficit reduction and do things to grow the economy and get people back to work. >> reporter: there's great skepticism after attempts to address the nation's fiscal
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problems such as simpson-bowles. >> the scope is much broader and larger. we have a challenge that's been handed to us to have a reconciliation between the senate budget and house budget and those issues are on table and we'll be talking about all of them. >> reporter: with the government funded for three months and the debt ceiling extended into february much of the next 100 days will fob cussed on these money issues. >> i'm not pinning a rose on this bill but i'm giving it a vote because we have to open government and we didn't have to close government because we made this offer, a number we knew was inadequate but at least takes us to the table. >> reporter: republican senator david vitter who tried to for the obama administration and congress to live under obama care said he's not giving up. >> i'm not going away and this issue is certainly not going away and i'm going to use every opportunity on the senate floor to get a vote straight up or down vote on this issue. >> reporter: the legislation
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included $636 million for fighting wildfires. it boosted funding for the overwhe olmsted lock and dam project between ohio and kentucky. >> this is not an earmark. it saves the money the taxpayers lots of money. enables the corps of engineers to continue a project. >> all i can say is that if i had written it none of those things would have been in it. >> reporter: with the senate on recease through next week and the house working several short weeks and then the holidays there won't be that much time for things to change a whole lot on capitol hill over the next 100 days. >> minority leader mitch mcconnell is taking some heat for that olmsted dam project a provision that will benefit his state. what your hearing about that? >> that's right. some conservatives have called it the kentucky kick back if you will. i'm told it came up yesterday in the republican conference meeting, and lamar alexander, republican of tennessee got up
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and talked about it and said if any conservatives have questions about it to ask questions. it's a huge midwest waterway project. it benefits interstate commerce across the midwest. and that there were no objections. there were other projects that were in this bill that were struck because of conservative concerns but not this one. >> mike we'll continue to look into that. a grouch state and local employment agencies in oregon confirms that furloughed federal workers there will not have to repay state unemployment benefits. a spokesman for work source oregon says employees received one week of benefits at most. president obama says there were no winners from the standoff over the debt ceiling and government shutdown. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us the president spoke this morning just hours after signing the legislation that ended what he called a self-inflicted crisis. >> reporter: as he called again for a new tone in washington, president obama started his remarks by suggesting the republicans who opposed him like senators ted cruz and mike lee
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who forced the showdown in the first place are irresponsible. >> because democrats and responsible republicans came together the first government shutdown in 17 years is now over. >> reporter: the president's effort to turn the page on the ugly budget battle also included shots at the media from conservative talk radio to unspecified bloggers. >> all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and bloggers and talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict and focus on what the majority of americans sent us here to do. >> reporter: republicans quickly noted it was the president's own aides who have been calling their opponents hostage takers and terrorists. >> the president spoke about the divisive language. we have demonized with anyone who disagrees with their position. >> reporter: his top aides celebrated the re-opening of the government from chief of staff
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to doing high five to vice president joe biden bringing muffins to the environmental protection agency and serving up a brief lecture of his own. >> even for a moment putting our full faith and credit online is just not responsible. >> reporter: white house officials note their criticism pales in comparison to the hand wringing within the gop. >> i think that the scolding, if you want to call it that, was far less severe than some republicans had received from members of their own party. >> reporter: the potential damage done to republicans ahead of next year's mid-term elections is apparent in the generic congressional ballot on whether voters prefer democrats or republicans running house to. back in july, a poll showed democrats led by the razor thin margin much 39% to 38%. as of mid-october democrats have gained six points leading 45% to 38% for republicans. the president highlighted three areas where he believes the parties can work together. a broader budget deal, immigration reform and a new
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farm bill and offered this challenge. >> you don't like a particular policy or a particular president, then argue for your position. go out there and win an election. >> reporter: gop leaders note house republicans did win their elections in 2012 and still control that chamber. and are getting cover from the senate republicans who voted against the budget deal and say the fight over health care continues. >> this law is not ready to be implemented. you know something is wrong. >> reporter: the president touted the fact the annual budget deficit has been cut in half. boehner aides noted that's largely because of the budget control act of 2011 when the president complained about a previous debt ceiling fight that hurt the economy but brought spending cuts to help lower that deficit. >> thank you. up next new information in the investigation of the benghazi terror attack and military preparedness that night. first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight.
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wofl in orlando updates the search for two convicted killers mistakenly released from the same florida prison. kdvr in bench fighting evidence on insanity of james holmes. live look at los angeles from our affiliate there, kttv, big story there tonight the suspect in the lax dry ice bombs set to be arraigned later this afternoon. 28-year-old baggage lander decarlo bennett is accused of planting those devices. that's tonight's live look outside of the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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in the 13 months since terrorists killed four americans in benghazi, a house armed services subcommittee has quietly held nine hearings on the subject. seven of them classified including a closed door session just last week.
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with joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey. james rosen reports exclusively on the document investigators are zeroing in on and the key player of the obama first term who they want to speak to next. >> reporter: investigators for the republican majority on a house armed services subcommittee tell fox news they have tentatively determined no military response or rescue plan could have worked in benghazi because u.s. assets were so poorly postured around the globe that night. that conclusion has led investigators to renew their focus on this press release issued by the white house the day before the attacks. i want said president obama met that day with key national security principals to discuss the steps taken to protect u.s. persons and facilities abroad on the eve of the 11th anniversary of september 11th. congressional sources say general dempsey and his classified testimony last week cast those meetings as casual and commander hamm told the
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subcommittee he was not included in those pre-9/11 meetings. >> the white house took the position that they did all that they could and invited people into the discussion. well i would hope in the future that they would invite the commander in theater that has the most knowledge about what is needed. >> reporter: dismissing questions about the press release as partisan white house press secretary jay carney suggested someone other than the commander-in-chief should be held to account for any issues with readiness. >> when it comes to military positions its assets again that's a question best answered by the department of defense and by commanders. but you get no argument here from the suggestion that there was not adequate security there. >> reporter: accordingly investigators now say they want to hear from the defense secretary at the time, leon panetta to see what he recalls about the pre-9/11 sessions on
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readiness. fox news attempted to ask panetta on it but the moderator wouldn't permit it and panetta's office didn't respond to our request to discuss it off camera. at the white house carney waved off a question about evidence related to the. september 10th press release. >> will you make those documents available? >> james, i think we're done here. thanks. >> because its jurisdiction is limited they can't subpoena white house documents. but they are work in tandem with other house committees whose purview may enable them to secure such evidence. secretary of state john kerry says he hopes the syrian government's chemical weapons will be rapidly consolidateed into one location. put on a ship and removed from the region. kerry tells national public radio the sights of the chemical weapons have been declared and are being secured.
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stocks were mixed dui. the dow lost two. the s&p 500 was up 12. the nasdaq gained 24. fascinating perspective from our friends at the "wall street journal" about the cost of the president's health care plan rollout. apple spent about $150 million developing a revolutionary iphone. the obama care exchanges so far have cost between $360 million and $600 million. as peter doocy reports business is not booming. >> reporter: traffic at has fallen off a cliff. 9.4 million visited the site first week. after that an 88% decline. 36,000 consumers actually signed up during the first week online, far, far away from the administration's october prediction of half a million enrollment by halloween. experts say only the government could weather such a slow start.
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>> just imagine a business who just put so much hype into a new product. again, saying to consumers this is going to change their entire lives. this will fix many of the problems that they have. hyped it up so much and there's a complete let down. i think they would have a real problem surviving in the marketplace. >> reporter: the white house said today people need to be patient since we've only reached day 17 of a 182 day open enrollment. >> people have been working 24/7 around the clock to resolve them and make the consumer experience better. >> reporter: the administration may be running out of time to get in order especially since 2.7 million of the 7 million enrollees they are hoping for this year need to be young, 18 to 35 and many young people aren't used to slow technology. >> anyone knows when you had to wait online for 15, 20 minutes for your cell phone company or your cable company that sometimes you just hang up.
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people have bad experience and they tune out. it's hard to get them to come back. so this, that speaks to how fast they have to fix this and get people to re-engage. >> reporter: one big question remains. why didn't the federal government build a website that works. for this project planners called old friends. >> when they awarded contracts for this they turned to a whole bunch of companies that have experience make being abrams tank and nuclear submarines and old line defense contractors. >> reporter: we learned today in a reuters report it's worth $292 million triple the original contract. house minority leader nancy pelosi said obama care should not be delayed even if problems with the site continue in december near the deadline to
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interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages went up slightly this week but are still near three month lows. that is, of course, good news if you're planning to buy a house and if you live in southern california you might consider a relatively new option that's gaining popularity out there. correspondent adam housley fills us in. >> it isn't the house you grew up in, it's not your parents' house. >> reporter: a small lot house a
3:24 pm
tiny trend that started in los angeles and building up across the west. >> it appeals mostly to young professionals, a lot of college educated right out of college who probably don't have kids yet. >> reporter: the narrow homes are usually stacked two to three stories high and range in size from o1,000 to 2,000 square fee. you share lot space to several to dozens of the hybrid homes. >> no per se kind of traditional yard in the front because you have a smaller lot but there's all these kind of creative things that happen with the space because you can go vertical. >> by taking the land and sub dividing it it creates for more affordable housing and creates again a new market that didn't exist before. >> reporter: but some traditionalists oppose these homes say it hurt the character of older neighborhoods. >> things are getting a bit more crowded. more crowded than people would like and more crowded than
3:25 pm
people are used to. >> reporter: supporters argue little houses can have a big impact on the local economy. >> when you take one lot that houses one family and provide a place for three families that's three more buyers that can go down to the local coffee shop, local restaurant. >> reporter: in southern california about 250 of these homes will be built here in the next year and a half and the prices here in l.a. not so small ranging from half million to 800 grand. bret? >> authorities in little rock, arkansas say a man armed with a knife forced his way on to a school bus as it picked up children and then drove that school bus several miles during a police pursuit. showing the video here. the man pulled over after seeing spike strips on the road. nobody was injured. navy war ship where an al qaeda suspect was interrogated
3:26 pm
has come to the rescue of somalia migrants. u.s. the uss san antonio was asked by the maltese army to help the struggling occupants of the vessel. the earth didn't really move today in southern california, but people just pretended it did. the annual global earthquake preparedness drill was held about five hours ago. some 24 million people sign up including almost 10 million in the golden seat. the great shake out was first held in california in 2008. and has since expanded worldwide. speaking of shaking things up how about a picture and a training manual that has the justice department all shook up. and the pope decides to ditch his harley. we'll explain. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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now some fresh news from the political grapevine. face firing squad for leaking government secrets? that's until application in a training manual for the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearmser and explosives. the online manual leaked to the wash times feature as picture of an old-fashioned firing squad on the same page it describes the consequences for leaking sensitive information. the national whistleblower center is not pleased saying the justice department is ignoring the first amendment and the image creates a chilling effect on legitimate speech. this is a campaign to silence and intimidate whistle blowers.
3:31 pm
they said the image was used as a joke. the atf agreed to remove it. a hezbollah website claims militants have captured and israeli spy in lebanon. the identity of the secret agent, an eagle. the jerusalem post says hezbollah claims the bird was equipped with a receiver and brass ring in a round its foot. a bird with a similar ring was detained for espionage over the summer in turkey. it an israeli conspiracy? likely not. one bird expert said he was tracking the eagle as research and is not happy that hezbollah guerillas is the newest threat. pope francis is giving up his harley davidson motorcycle. yes. the pope had a harley. it was given to him as a gift
3:32 pm
from the motorcycle company over the summer when the pope blessed about 800 bikers in st. peter's square. the national catholic register reports the pope donated the bike to be auctioned off in support of a local soup kitchen. the pope has called on clergy to be simple in his transportation choice. he uses a car with almost 200,000 miles on it. with the government shutdown finally over how long will it take for things to return to normal? correspondent molly hennenberg reports longer than you might think. >> reporter: some signs the government re-opening happened rather quickly. the barricades come down. the monuments including the world war ii memorial re-opened for all. the beloved panda cam at the national zoo sprung back to online life. 800,000 fur lod workers begin to return to work after some cases getting overnight emails saying they were scheduled to be in
3:33 pm
today some say the 16 days off wasn't all bad but others were feeling the financial pinch. >> unlike a lot of other americans who live paycheck to paycheck, it really put a hurting on me. >> i had a little reserve. i set aside for circumstances like this. >> i kind of enjoyed it. i know i would not like it all the time but i kind of took the time and got to do some things identify always wanted to do in city. we have a lot of messages and emails to go through and a lot of paper work. >> reporter: that kind of a backlog across numerous agencies could have an impact on applications for government services. from food stamps to passport applications. it also may take longer than usual to finalize a home purchase, according to baon who office of management and budget during the last government shutdown. >> anybody who has bought a home and tried to get a mortgage knows there's appraisers involved and then all kind of documentation with lenders. that can last a long time.
3:34 pm
>> reporter: it likely will take time to reschedule or restart government-run or sponsored scientific trials and research at the national institutes of health. government training programs and government contracts with outside private organizations may take a while to get back up to speed. congress has approved back pay for all government employees. the pentagon has said those checks will go out october 25th. other government agencies will decide when their checks go out based on the payroll service they use. bret? >> molly, thank you. new jersey's u.s. senator-elect says he's ready to go washington and channel americans frustration with congress into energy for change. newark democratic mayor cory booker eems defeated tea party republican steve lonegan to win the remainder of the senate term vacated by death of frank lautenberg. one crisis is over many say time to bring on the next one. we'll discuss the next 100 days
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all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict. the challenge we have right now are not short term deficits, it's the long term obligations that we have around things like medicare and social security. we want to make sure those are there for future generations. >> the president correctly points out the drivers of long term debt are medicare and social security but against any idea to fix those things because the radical left wing base of his own party refuse to consider any structural reforms to those programs. and they accuse them of being anti-elderly. the president spoke about divisive language in america. he's one of the leading causes of it.
3:39 pm
some of the back and forth today, the day after all the back and forth that's been happening over the past two weeks over the debt ceiling increase and funding of the federal government. what now? let's bring in our panel. tucker carlson, charles lane and charles krauthammer. okay, tucker. the fall out and the next 100 days. >> both sides seem happy, the one side is not happy is republicans who were horrified by this process from the beginning. the ted cruz wing of the party purports to be happy. they believe they gained something in getting support for republican primary voters. the white house is happy. that's one of the reasons they signalled today at the briefing to the press secretary jay carney that the president might not be directly involved in negotiations going forward over the next month and a half or so. that suggests to me it's typical of hands off management style but suggests to me they know they can profit from another crisis like this, they are not against seeing it and i think
3:40 pm
that republicans will perceive the smart ones with that in mind. >> the next step is this budget conference kmeept with house to and senate come together with the two budget proposals and they try to merge them. the heads of that effort paul ryan and patty murray. >> i want to have a budget agreement that works for the country. i want to have a budget agreement that gets this debt and deficit under control that does right by future generations and helps us grow this economy. we'll try to figure out if we can find an agreement to do that. >> our job in the next eight weeks is to find out what we can agree on. we'll look at everything in front us and know it's a challenge but we believe we can find common ground. >> it sounds good. >> hope springs eternal. maybe the difference between this group, the difference between this group and other previous supercommittees. one nobody is pretending there will be a grand bargain. they have trimmed the problem down to a more manageable size.
3:41 pm
two it's regular order. this is the way it's supposed to go. you have two house come up with their plans and reconcile them in a conference committee. if you wanted to be a little bit optimistic you would say there's a deal to be done where you trade, republicans would trade some of the sequester caps, raise those in return for entitlement reforms that have been outlined in president obama's previous budgets. that's sort of the optimistic scenario but my goodness i wouldn't want to go out on a limb betting on that. >> charles? >> when the president spoke yesterday, he mentioned three things he wanted to do and the first was immigration reform. >> he said it again today. passing the budget, immigration reform and farm bill. >> that's because with immigration he wins either way. i'm not sure he thinks he can get it passed seeing the resistance among the republicans to the deal over the budget. i think he knows he's not going to have a good chance of getting immigration through but he
3:42 pm
thinks and he's probably right he can exploit this for the mid-term election as a way to gin up support for the democrats to portray the republicans as anti-immigrant, anti-hispanic, et cetera. so for them i think he'll push hard on it. he won't be in the middle of the negotiationses over the budget and that would allow him to go out into the country and make immigration, i think, his big cause. on the budget, i do think they are going to try to do a small deal. to trade, you know, some relief on the sequester. but i'm not sure obama is going to give them or going to allow the democrats to give in return structural reform which is what you need. it would be simple. it could be raising the retirement age. but obama does not see himself as a man who came here to restrain, to restrict and to diminish the welfare state. he came to be the one who would
3:43 pm
complete it. national health care and national pre-school and a green energy economy which he creates out of washington. that's the vision he has. and the republicans are simply never going to agree sponsorship i see an impasse looming. >> 21 times i think it was, tucker, senator cruz blocked conferrees from being put to the budget conference committee in part because he thought that once you got in there the republicans involved would give up everything and then they would pass something in the senate with just 51 votes which is the rule. what about now? where does this stand now? you have paul ryan and jeff sessions. >> one thing, you can't say about jeff sessions is that he's a liberal accommodationist. a lot of this has been driven by the grassroots in the republican party who looks at the leadership with disdain and distrust. they are probably right. you can't say that about jeff
3:44 pm
sessions. you're not going to look at jeff sessions and say he's a creature of washington. that's not true. you get to the point where you're saying that. jeff sessions is a liberal you've gone off the rails. you've lost touched with reality. as far as immigration charles is right. it's not just hispanics moved but asian-americans. whipping up these voters into a frenzy convincing them republicans hate them. >> what about the tone and tenor of the president's remarks today. it had a bit of a different tone than they did last night in between the votes from the senate and the house vote. it was more victory lappish, even though he put in the line that no one won in the end there were some addition, really. >> well, you know, he can't resist. after all he did win. but if i were focusing on the substance of it in terms of what's going to play out in this budget i thought the most
3:45 pm
important line was his reference to the long term problem of social security, medicare, making sure those programs are there for future generations. that's sort of code in the democratic party for, you know, cutting entitlements a little bit. that's the kind of language he would have to sell to his party. so i think that was actually a little bit of a gesture in the direction of paul ryan. paul ryan voted against this little deal that they just done. i wondered why. i think one good guess would be precisely to preserve his credibility with thing right of the house gop conference to show that he's going in to this negotiation as one of them, as somebody who understands their side. >> i think the consensus is that speaker boehner is going to hold on to power, he's done a good job of listening to different faction, and they haven't come out of the wood work against him. but what about the republicans overall on this day after,
3:46 pm
licking their wounds and kind of trying to see what lies ahead? >> well, i think you're right. boehner will hold on. he will hold on the his job. i'm not sure he'll hold on to any power because he clearly doesn't have any. he cannot control his caucus. so i think everybody credits him with trying extremely hard to hold it together. he did put up a good fight. i'm not sure it was a wise fight. but in the end, obama says nobody won. you know, that's like sake at appomattox nobody won. it was a great defeat. there's one truth that comes out of this. republicans won't try it again. when we get to the deadline in january and february, especially after what happened this time,
3:47 pm
what happened 20 years ago with newt gingrich, i don't think there's anybody that will say we'll shut down the government, which will take away from the republicans a lot of their leverage. so they are going to go into this now weak ear second time as a result of the debacle this time. >> next up a new report on the benghazi terror attacks. where we stand now.
3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
this is a fox news alert. u.s. officials are confirming that the united nations has uncovered a credible plot by the somali islamist group al shabaab to mount a major terrorist attempt against the u.n. compound in mogadishu. according to officials, it's another sign the militant outfit
3:51 pm
once thought to be expired has become a major force for terror in east africa. all first reported by foreign policy magazine, but confirmed now in the past few minutes that the u.n. has uncovered this terror plot. in east africa. now for another story that we brought you earlier in the show. investigators for the republican majority on the house armed services subcommittee tell fox that they've tentatively determined that no military response could have been affected -- effective in benghazi, would have worked, because the u.s. assets were so poorly positioned around the globe ahead of september 11th, 2012. and they're pointing to this press release in the white house that came out september 10th, 2012. quote, over the past month, assistants to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, john brennan has convened numerous meetings to reskew security measures in place. during the briefing today, september 10th, 2012, the president and the principles discussed specific measures we're taking to prevent 9/11 as
3:52 pm
well aye as attacks to protect u.s. persons and facilities abroad as well as force protection. today the press secretary was asked about all this. >> i wonder if you could tell us more about what those meetings entailed, who the participants were, how closely vetted that or thoroughly vetted that press release was, and whether the white house might be willing to make available either to congressional investigators and/or to the public the e-mail, the memos and other sort of paperwork that was associated with the development of that press release. >> it is clear, because four americans died on that day, there was not adequate security. and that was revealed in the accountability review board. and i would simply say when it comes to -- and i know that we're creating an exchange here for fox, and i'm mindful of that. >> what we're engaged in here is not for fox, it's for the record. would you be willing to make any of those documents associated to that press release available as you did with the susan rice talking points? >> james, i think we're done here. thanks.
3:53 pm
>> okay. so another part of this investigation. we're back with the panel. we should point out there is another news organization that is working on a big story we're told about benghazi, and we're obviously staying on it every day. tucker? >> well, the a hurt dog barks. an appalling exchange where he asks a legitimate question and that they're vulnerable. i don't think it's on this specific line of questioning that they're vulnerable. why didn't you rescue these americans before they were killed. but the questions remain outstanding include what were those cia officers doing there in the first place? we still don't know. why did you lie about the cause of benghazi immediately, reflexively. we still don't know the answer to that. and most to the point, why hasn't anyone but held to account for these murders? these are real questions, and clearly, they are unwilling and nervous about answering them, as you can tell. >> well, this specific question is really about u.s. assets before 9/11.
3:54 pm
a big day, obviously, anniversary, 2012, and why they were so poorly postured around the globe. >> well, two points. it seems as if this house subcommittee has found that no military response could have worked, that confirms what the administration has been saying all along, that they didn't send troops in to rescue them because there was nothing available. now, then the second point is well, why weren't they available? it's always been a legitimate line of inquiry. and i'm afraid that, you know, it's already they plead guilty to having inadequate security. so i'm not sure exactly how productive this line of questioning is going to end up being. >> charles? >> i think the fact that you have a meeting that the president is at, some officials aren't there, including the african commander, you would expect he would be there. and then the assets aren't in place. there is obviously something in the laxity of that is quite shocking. you know that an anniversary is copping about, as we saw in this somali story you mentioned. today the surge generals of al qaeda is happening exactly in
3:55 pm
north africa, in east africa, and in the northern part of the continent, mali as well. there is nobody in the administration who has taken responsibility, and nobody who suffered other than the in libya. the one guy who tried to do something who was essentially demoted. he is the only guy i can see who has been punished. >> and we have not targeted, as far as we know, any of these suspects. and we haven't arrested them. >> have been readily available to news organizations. so what is the answer? it's not simply that the u.s. government is incompetent. it's not that incompetent. it's clearly a choice somebody made and the question is why that. >> is it for our panel. stay tuned for another group of all stars. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7.
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finally tonight, with the government shutdown officially finished, this time, and with more fiscal cliffs on the horizon, one late-night tv host debuted a new hard-hitting political roundtable to weigh in on all the gridlock in washington. >> what are politics? >> politics are kind of like barack obama, the government. >> and what is the president's name? >> president obama. >> barack obama. >> barack obama. >> marat. >> how do you spell marat? >> mrao. >> keep going. >> pk. >> nrack. >> o. >> oam. >> mararobom? >> no. >> okay. let's move on from that.
4:00 pm
>> okay. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that is it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. greta goes on the record right now. have you gotten that error message? or how about this? the system is down at the moment. that's right. 17 days after the roll-out, the obama care exchanges still causing pain. >> we are ready to go. >> congress shouldn't fund it. >> every time they have predicted something not working, it's worked. >> everyone will be able to enroll. >> it's dismal at best. >> this disastrous roll-out is a sign of even worse things to come. >> people are confused. >> we're talking about millions of people. >> are going to be directly impacted by this law. >> no customers are signing up. >> absolutely must be fixed. >> what's this? >> this is a -- >> he has been business for


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