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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 18, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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or text and instaff graham. >> have -- instagram. >> ever get to the position you thought you could spot the air marshal on the plane? >> google cracks a thousand dollars a share. and then there's candy crush. are you addicted to that game on your phone? oh, you're not alone. we waite until you hear what that company is making, and about the addiction that is apparently sweeping the nation and even the world. let's get to it. good friday afternoon to you. first from fox from the news deck this afternoon. the search for two convicted
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killers in florida, running loose now after these two guys walked out of prison without the guards batting a single eye. that's because the prison was under orders to set the killers free. orders that officials now tell us somebody forged. the two guys were both serving life sentences for separate murder cases in florida in the 1990s. the widow of one victim says she ills terrified. >> very scary. because if he don't come after my family, possibly he would kill someone else. >> this happened in the past few weeks. one last month, one in the last few weeks in a prison in the florida panhandle. this is that prison, or i was able to manipulate the prison -- moments ago -- at any rate this is a prison in the florida panhandle and right in the center of it, in a very sparsely populated area, just before you get to franklin county, so if
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you good north here in georgia and alabama, good to the east, the point is they could be anywhere. the first guy got out back in september when the court clerk's office received bogus documents that reduced to life sentence to 15 years. while investigating that case the state attorney's office learned that a second killer got out using the exact same trick. and then, those fake court orders included forged signatures from prosecutors. along with the signature of a judge you just might recognize, judge perry, who oversaw the infamous murder trial of casey anthony. the judge says there's no way that 0 these guys acted on their own. >> somebody had to help them. they alone could not do this in franklin. >> there is a jail somewhere -- >> i think someone outside. helped him. >> even one of the killer's 0
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own defense attorney said his former client was not smart enough to pull his ski mask down during the crime. so, phil keeting is live for us. we're learning these guys were spotted after their released at a jail on the other side of the state of florida? >> reporter: yes, shep. back in orlando, from where they came, three days after each of these men were released, jenkins and walker then showed up as they're supposed to, as a fresh inmate released from prison does. they go into the jail in the city where they're going to live to register, and fill out the paperwork that they're a felon. that's what a jail spokesperson says, both of these killers came in there, acted normally, nothing notworthy happened. walked in, filled out paperwork and walked out, never to be seen from again. this happened in the lobby of the jail so no video. the bogus release of prison
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documents, basically appeared to come from the state attorney's office, were signed by the state attorney, fake signature, and a fake signature by judge perry, and basically argued these men should be released from prison now because they were convicted not of first degree murder but third degree murder, so after 15 years, they really should be set free and that's what happened. >> what do you hear about the manhunt? >> reporter: the manhunt is widespread. the florida law enforcement will not give us special details but it's intense. clearly they're folk can you goes on their circle, social and family circles, in orange county, but these guys could be anywhere right now. but the department of law enforcement is also examining a third instance that happened this past spring, also involving a convicted killer who hailed from the orlando area. his name, jeffrey forbes. it appears he tried to do the same there to get released from
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his life sentence far earlier than he should have, but somebody in the department of corrections this past spring spotted something was not right, and so his terrific did not work. forbes remains in prison serving his life sentence. >> phil keeting, live in south florida, thank you very much. let's get to analysis on this, larry levin is with us, he served ten years in a federal lockup and went on his own to start his open company, called wall street prison consultants, and larry his shades are live with us today. nice to see you. >> glad to be here. >> it's my understanding that nobody in this prison facility in the panhandle even contacted those who supposedly signed off on the documents, but didn't sign off on them, they were forgeries. >> they wouldn't have to. they got an order that came down from the court. but they're supposed to verify with the court clerk to ensure they documents are real, but if they had it would have come back validated anyway. so as far as i can tell, the
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florida doc followed procedure. >> this to you looked like an inside job. >> ed would have to be. more than likely a paralegal, lawyer, somebody with knowledge on the outside created these documents, they forged and put the seal on them, so somebody at the courthouse inserted them into a stack of other documents, so they did an end run, and then the paperwork just got distributed normally to where it would go anyway. so it went to the florida department of corrections. they then sent it to the prison, giving them the order to release, and at that point the prison should validate it with the court. then the people are free to leave. >> shouldn't this have gone to the appeals court? >> no. this was a post conviction type of thing. a habeas corpus. in other words, an appeal, you appealing something that happened. a habeas corpus, which they used, a collateral attack post conviction, you're going back
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into court and presenting new evidence. you're bringing new issues to the court to rule on. so that goes back to the district court. and in this case they created the motion. the court apparently reviewed it. somebody issued an order, yes, this is granted, and then in turn that's when the offend paperwork started making its way through the court system, and evidently to the prison. >> your background and insight on this is interesting. you were in the system for ten years as an inmate, and as a result you seem to know a bit how this thing works or doesn't work. >> well, when i was in the federal prison in texas, el paso, texas, i ways kind of a jailhouse lawyer, jailhouse litigator, and i had inmates that actually had outstanding state detainers on them and warrants, and what i was doing was drawing up legal motions to the court, asking the court to either dismiss their sentence or run their state sentence
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concurrent with their federal sentence. well, my paperwork looked so good, and i did this in a law library, followed all the procedures, we sent a copy to the court and then sent a copy to the prison telling them we were doing this. the court saw the documents and actually took the paperwork i created and removed the warrantses and detainers off these people. so, the people would have been free to go. but inevitably somebody found out this happened and they tried to get me in trouble, saying i violated law and forged documents. i said, no, i followed policy. you people need to be more on the ball what you're reading and understand the documents. that's a big problem. there's so many different types of court documents from so many different courts that hit the prison, nobody knows what they're reading. >> larry levin, an eye-opener of a take on the prison system. nice to see you. live from los angeles, thanks. >> glad to be with you. a major terror group with a proven record of violence, now
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calling for the kidnapping of americans who are overseas. the group that recently attacked the mall in kenya. how credible is the threat? we'll gate live report on that. we'll play candy crush on a big wall because we can, to talk about an addiction that is sweeping the nation, and we'll tell you've about google. if you bought going at ipo in 2004, guess what the share is worth now? stick around. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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androgel 1.62%. >> the feds arresting a guy in new york saying tried to join al quite and commit murders overseas. the 25-year-old suspect lived on long island. this is a graduation photo of him from a while back. the arrest went down today at the suspect's home in the town of brentwood on long island. i can push the wrong button. now we have the prison back. the toys are fun when they work. this is about exit 55 on the long island expressway, less than an hour from manhattan, floaters say the suspect flew to london to get to yemen to go al. but british officials stopped him and send him back. hey say his computer was filled
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with terrorist propaganda, including articles titled, why did i choose al qaeda, and what to expect in jihad. we're also learning learning ofw threat to americans overseas. intelligence sources confirm that jihadists or extremists are calling for the kidnapping of citizens, in retaliation for the capture of this man, abu anas al-libi. al-libi has been under indictment for ten years, connected to the bombings in kenya and tanzania in 1998. he is now in new york awaiting trial on terrorism charges. catherine herridge is with us. what else do we know? >> reporter: the capture of the operative by u.s. special forces has become a light income rod for jihadists. after his capture in this
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tripoli neighborhood, two sources who track jihad just social meet ya traffic say there is significant chatter calling for kidnapping of american citizen in retaliation, and extremists are being urged to act immediately and on their own. one says, there's no need to consult with anybody to kidnap an american. after demonstrations, protesting the raid, a group is now posting threats on social media to sabotage gas pipelines and kidnap americans. a leading counterterrorism analyst says these threats should not be dismissed. >> calls are most likely credible because we know from the senior al qaeda leadership on down this, idea they're going to kidnap americans and hold them hostage in order to exchange for senior jihadists. >> fox news asked the state department about the threats. we have seen kidnappings before to raise money but this seems to
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be an effort to use kidnapping as a way to make a political statement or swap for a prisoner here in the united states like the blind sheikh. >> i mixed the kenyan mall. we're getting our fir look inside the mall since that went down. >> the newly released surveillance video shows the takeover of the westgate mall in kenya. as shoppers scramble for cover, the gunmen can be seen casually talking on phones, then shooting civilians, and taking breaks for prayers, as the number of dead and missing now rises to nearly 100, law enforcement force tells fox news, the security barriers were initially lowered at the mall, blocking escape routes, because kenyan authorities mistaken my believed a robbery, not a terrorist attack, was underway. meanwhile, the u.s. embassy in neighboring uganda is now under a threat warning that al-shabaab may'm have a similar attack.
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>> further specifics on it for you other than to say it was serious enough that we put out a message to citizens but we didn't have anything on the timing or location. >> the westgate attack, these new threats to americans, and also a anybody -- neighborhooding uganda, show that al-shabaab may be taking the step from looking globally rather than just being a regional player. >> thanks very much. google stock hit an all-time high today. surging past $1,000 a share. thanks to a strong earnings report. the stock is up more than 1,000% since the company first offered shares to the public in 2004. at the time they were 85 bucks a share. on paper the company is now worth $337 billion. that's more than the market capitalization of microsoft or hathaway, google is number three among u.s. companies behind only
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apple and exxonmobil. wow. breaking news coming in. authorities say, and we're witnessing, smoke pouring another of a high wrist on wilshire boulevard in los angeles. the fire department presence on the street is incredible. and this is the building as they pan up. you can see the spot where the flames have been coming out of. appears to have been isolated to these apartments or units. the fire officials say the blaze has been burning -- this is individual -- this is new video from a couple minutes ago when they zoomed in on the spot. burning on the 11th floor of a 25 story building on wilshire boulevard. it's a residential building and we had some looks at this over here. let me get to rob over here to show us. this is a arise -- >> this is a highrise on wilshire and this is stoner
12:18 pm
avenue, the cross-streets so if you say it's burning on the 11th floor, looks like from the video from this section right here. >> we're looking -- go back to the live pictures, you can see there were a lot of police and fire on the ground the. these pictures coming to us from kttv fox 11 from los angeles and the southland, and wilshire boulevard, a lot of people are familiar with that. >> you can see here the building and the larger context of the city. on the west side of l.a. 25-floor building, reports of smoke out of the 11th floor. it's really a massive, massive residential building. we're working on contacting the fire department right now to figure out exactly what is going on. >> we did just get in contact with the police department -- actually, i correct that. we just gotten in touch with the fire department, and l.a. fire department says no residents are
12:19 pm
in peril. the entire structure is structurally sound. looks like it will be isolated to one of the apartments. still questions about whether it may have spilled over to a couple more near it. you can see the ground traffic. l.a. fire department is out and in force early this friday afternoon. that apartment fire we don't yet know how i started but we can tell you that according to the fire department of los angeles, no human beings are in any danger, at least no residents of the building. are marshals, they're supposed to protect us while we're flying. now one air marshal is under arrest, charged with taking photos up a woman's skirt. the interesting thing is in the way he got caught. another passenger to the rescue. flying in america. it's an adventure, isn't it? ] . her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right?
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>> 22 minutes past the hour from the fox news deckment. we have some amazing pictures front san francisco, somebody clearly climbed to the top of the golden gait gate -- golden gate bridge in the middle of the day. here's some pictures. incredible. this spot from which whoever this is that's taking this picture is 750 feet above the water and 500 feet above the roadway below. so a football field and a half plus up there. and some beautiful pictures. they're not very pleased this happened. the authorities aren't, but, man, it made for some very nice images. if we have seen pictures like this from the golden gate bridge before, i'm not aware of them. the colors are incredible. this is the pictures we got them from the bold, and
12:24 pm
they make a nice picture on the big wall. as we move from what used to be studio a. >> a federal air marshal facing charges for taking photos. he took his phone as he was sitting in the seats in the airplane, and put it down low as people walked by, and captured the flight attendants' privates. happened yesterday morning. right up the skirt. while a guy was on duty at nashville's international airport. cops say a witness spotted this air marshal using a cell phone to snap the pictures as passengers boarded the flight. they say the witness grabbed the guy's phone out of his hand and called the flight attendant. airport police arrested the air marshal and he confessed to taking a dozen at least inappropriate ping tours. the transportation security administration has responded to this incident with a statement, quoting: tsa does not tolerate criminal behavior. well, that's comforting.
12:25 pm
the agency immediately removed them individual from his current duties and is in the process of suspending or terminating his employment. tsa continues to assist with the investigation. >> prosecutors charging the air marshal with disorderly conduct. with is, mel robbins, a talk show host and a trial attorney. well, you know, it's one thing after another. >> i tell you, the skies aren't safe for anyone, particularly women. what a freak that he is busy, while on work, there to detect and prevent any kind of threat to airlines to airports and passengers, and here he is committing a crime. >> it seems there is no end to these stories. it's important for context to realize they have like 435 million employees, the tsa now. but literally they have like 80,000. when you get 80,000 people in the middle of anything you're going to have some bad eggs, but
12:26 pm
feels like we could do this kind of story every day. >> i think we do seem to do this kind of story every day. the good news in this story is the fact that there was a passenger on board that actually saw this happening and he didn't just hit the call button. he actually stood up and grabbed the guy's phone, and alerted the authorities. basically making a citizens arrest. can you imagine, in the middle of the aisleways as people are boarding this southwest flight. >> i'm guessing that some of the ladies walking in and out with their -- thinking they're covered up weren't happy to see that. you wonder how o. this goes on. >> it's scary to think about. i was thinking you're on a plane and wearing a skirt, you're probably at work, and most of us are probably wearing spanks. i thought, it's kind of hard to take a photo and not have people notice. i was on the new york city subway and i wanted to take a photo of a lady doing something weird, and i held up my phone and she noticed that's what i
12:27 pm
was doing. so i think it happens more than people realize, and i guess what i'm really offended by is disorderly conduct in criminal courts athrowaway charge. you know that. this guy will basically get this smithed and going -- dismissed and that will be that. >> i love the tsa statement that the tsa does not tolerate criminal behavior. >> they just employ people that engage in it. that's all. >> thank you. a doctor in utah is now on trial accused of pushing his wife to get plastic surgery, and then killing her. as she recovered. he claims that he didn't do any of this kind of thing, but prosecutors say he very much did so it he could marry his mistress. think of this, honey, get some plastic surgery, and while ban damaged up he murdered her. even the doctor's own children say he is the man who murdered their mother. the details coming up.
12:28 pm
and then after that, we'll play a little candy crush. you know you're doing it.
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a fox report now. more of the day's headlines from the fox news deck. diplomats from saudi arabia will not accept a seat on the u.n. security council. it was set to become a terror member but the saudis say they're frustrated by the u.s. response to the civil war in syria and the security council is incapable of resolving world conflicts. >> ed snowden says he handed over all of the documents to journalists while he was in hong kong. he is still in russia, which granted him asylum as he faced espionage charges in america. >> archaeologists are digging under a fort in northern india, looking for a $50 billion treasure.
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>> we have to stay ready when disaster strikes. that from as he announced his nominee for homeland security security. the man's name is jay johnson, a top former pentagon lawyer and official says he played a major role in the obama administration's use of drone strikes. today the president said johnson has a deep understanding of the threats facing the u.s. >> from the moment i took office jay was an absolutely critical member of my national security team and demonstrated again and again the qualities that will make him a strong secretary of homeland security. >> he said he is a new yorker and his birthday happens to be september 11th and he was here in manhattan on the day of the 9/11 attacks. >> i wandered the streets of new york that day and wondered, and
12:34 pm
asked, what can i do? since then, i have tried to devote myself to answering that question. >> former homeland security secretary janet napolitano stepped down. he said her replacement would need a large bottle of advil. the senate still has to confirm jay johnson, and some republicans say, they do have concerns about his nomination. let's bring in chris wallace. the host of "fox news sunday." jay was a guest on this program once. tell me what you know about him and what his challenges are. >> well, you have talked to him one more time than i have. he is obviously got the president's full confidence. he has been involved in approving every military operation. he was involved in the change in the military on gays serving in the military. i don't think there's any question about the fact that he is in sync with the president on
12:35 pm
policy issues. the only question that i would have is, he is not a manager. he is not somebody who has run -- you think of the people who have been secretary of homeland security. two of the three of them were governors who had run huge operations, whether it was tom ridge under george w. bush, or janet napolitano. this man was a lawyer, and more than anything the department of homeland security is a huge agency, 240,000 employees, spread out across 22 different bureaus, agencies, fema, all kinds of operations, and that is, i guess, the one question, the biggest concern people have about him is, does he know how to run something like this? >> is that what we're getting from republicans today? i read there are questions and concerns. >> yeah. i mean, look, some of the policies issues they don't agree with, but he is the president's choice and is going to reflect what the president thinks on a lot of these issues.
12:36 pm
he certainly is no shrinking violet when it comes to the war on terror. he was very involved in the aggressive expansion of drone policy, and the invasion -- the action in libya. so, i don't think there's any question about that. but i do think there is a question about his experience in running a huge -- this is a huge -- quarter million people -- organization. >> how did we go from department organization that does not exist, to an organization with a quarter million people in, what, 12 years? >> well, i mean, it isn't like a lot of these organizations didn't exist. fema existed. a lot of the other parts of then department of homeland security. so to a certain degree it was taking all of these operations and putting them in one silo under the department of homeland security. of course, that, as you remember, was one of the big issues after 9/11. you had all these stovepiping of information and effort and you wanted to have more
12:37 pm
conversations within the intelligence community and also in homeland security community. >> all right, chris. you know what we're going to be doing this sunday? >> watching peyton manning go back to indianapolis? >> no, we'll be watching fox fox news sunday. how did you get quiet so quickly? your lips are flapping but nothing coming out. we'll be watching chris wallace in the morning, and then peyton manning. on sunday, marco rubio is on tv all the time but this sunday only on fox news sudden. they'll discuss the immigration debate and budget negotiations in d.c., this sunday on fobs news sunday. >> a doctor in utah is now on trial, on trial, accused of killing his wife so he could marry his mistress. his name is martin mcneill, and here he is in 2007 his wife michele died a week after she had a facelift. police say one of the couple's
12:38 pm
young daughters found her mother's body in a bathtub. prosecutors say mcneill pushed his wife to get the surgery, then gave her a deadly combination of prescription drugs before helping her into the tub. medical examiners initially ruled she died of narl natural causes, possibly heart disorder. now the findings were changed to undetermined. prosecutors say the killing was part of a plot to continue an affair with this woman. also the children's nanny. prosecutors say he invited her to his wife's funeral, then asked her to marry him a few things later. defense attorneys say the doctor may have made poor choices but did not kill his wife. yesterday, his one attorney toll jurors being, quote, total jerk does not make the guy a murderer. >> there was court today, dominic, what happened during
12:39 pm
court? >> reporter: a scene you don't formally see in a courtroom. the prosecutor brought in a fiberglas bathtub to demonstrate how mcneill discovered this wife's body floating in the matter. that's the same model michelle mcneill was found in, in 2007. a neighbor was one of the first on the scene, and today krisy daniels described cease michelle's body. >> what do you recall of her face besides the fluid you described? >> um, it was -- to me it was kind of greenish, a little color of greenish. >> reporter: the prosecution has been putting on an emergency dispatcher, and paramedics who expect to testify, and the surgeon who conducted the facelift the week before has given the most insightful item. he said he wouldn't normally prescribe the valium or
12:40 pm
oxycodone for michelle's recovery, but he said he did it because mcneill was a physician and actually asked thompson for the drugs and that's how the prosecution is arguing mcneill gave his wife an overdose so he could marry the nanny. >> from the defense is a case, they started with, he is a jerk but not a murderer. there is more to the defense than that? >> reporter: they say she had a heart disease problem, and that is what killed her. it wasn't her husband, is what the defense said she did have high blood pressure but the couple rejected a physician's advice to delay her surgery until the blood pressure was under control. but the doctor told the court that martin was, quote, eager to get things going in terms of the surgical, and, well, he wasn't charged with her murder until nearly five years after, and its that's quite some time for the prosecution to put their case together and that's the way the defense will go. >> dominic, thanks very much. >> a powerful addiction sweeping
12:41 pm
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>> it may be the most addictive online game ever. candy crush. i'm addicted. hi, my name is shepard, and i'm an addict. it's so addicting that some players are reportedly spending lots of money to feed their habit. the object of the game is simple. i have it here in this big thing. the object is you match these color groups of candy in three or more to clear the board. and it gives you suggestions.
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they're almost always wrong, and it has a nice sound. it's not a nice sound at all. i don't know if it's fun anymore or if i'm just a complete addict. it's harder to play on big screens, i will tell you as well. you need another orange one here to get a big square thing. if you're learning something on the news today, isn't this exciting? but this is what it is. and if you haven't played, you're the one, but if you haven't played, you can't understand how it is that this becomes so addictive. the noises and the colors and all the rest. you can play for free. for a while. because, as you're playing, it will keep letting you play for free, but there will come a time it says, okay, you have to wait now. you have to wait sometimes 20, 30 minutes for another life, and then sometimes what you have to do is wait 24 hours before you can get another quest. and if you don't wait you can pay. you pay 99 cents the first time,
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second time, and then you pick 1.99, and then it's costing people a lot of money. the creator reportedly rakes in $650,000 per day. per day. just from those extra charges. cooper lawrence is a psychologist and happens to be a candy crusher just as i am. are you an addict? >> i'm an addict. >> i don't know what to do about it. i'm on the subway now, and there was a time when i would download some content to read. not anymore. now i have my handy, dandy, candy available. and this is happening to people all over the world. >> i'm going to defend you and the game for a second. it's almost like chess. you have to think spatial, a couple of move inside advance so it's challenge. a lot of women started playing it because they start playing with their children and went, this is an interesting game. i think most of the people who play the game are women between the 18 and 55, by the way. >> most of the people -- class,
12:47 pm
everybody in class, who plays candy crush? come on, be honest. only you? who is that? you're the only one, ryan? that's -- we have one candy crush player and a bunch of liars. >> that's true. >> i love them anyway. everyone if see playing it. today i was on the subway and i saw the or four different people playing. and this addiction is very strong. they suck you in. and it's like any other addiction, i guess. >> the good news is 70% of us play the game, play it for free and fun, entertainment. >> and the others are liars. >> no. a small percentage have a true addiction it to. those people would be addicted to chocolate or shopping, just happens to be candy crush. >> our candy crush and shopping and chocolate. >> what's wrong with those? >> i was just curious about what people should do. at one point i deleted the game. when i used to anchor the fox report at night. all the prep work was done and
12:48 pm
i'm about to get there and i finish and look up to read the tell prompter and i have been staring at this thing so long i can't read it. >> you still eave a job so no real consequences, but that's what it is. so if you ask yourself, aim addicted? well, are your relationships intact? you still have your finances? people are still talking to you? >> everyone in my family also plays. >> must be a wonderful family dinner. >> no one talks. we just all stare at the phone. >> as a psychologist i can tell you it's a problem. >> is it a problem or are we better because we don't like each other. >> in your case, probably better. >> it's like anything else. if you start feel like you can't get away from it -- jonathan -- >> you mean light right out in? >> i don't have facebook cab dicrush. i just have regular phone candy crush. we have put your name and number up for all to enjoy.
12:49 pm
>> that's terrific. >> nice to see you. a native american tribe in arizona is taking on huge mining companies. tribal leaders say a new copper mine would disturb their sacred land. company officials say the plant would create thousands of jobs. what do you i say play candy crush.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
continuing coverage of the high rise fire in los angeles. the fire is out now. others reporting it's contained. the emergency is over. it took firefighters half an hour to put it out. it was on the 11th floor, but there has been a lot of damage to surrounding buildings, it's my -- surrounding apartments. in all, our los angeles station
12:53 pm
reports three residents of the tower, bearing ton plaza, tike the hospital for evaluation. l.a. fire says there's no sprinkler system in the building. it's an older building you can't put up a building now without sprinklers. >> this is a side view on stoner avenue, the cross-street of will -- wilshire boulevard. >> we don't know how it started but it's in the center of wilshire boulevard. >> you can see the surrounding neighborhood. we'll zoom in a little bit. it's a 25-floor residential buildings. reports indicate there were more than 100 firefighters at the escape. the fire broke out at 11:45 a.m. local time. and it appears that they're getting a handle on it now. but no word as to exactly how
12:54 pm
many people are injured or what those injuries are. >> we know three of them went to area hospitals, according to local reports, just for evaluation. nobody in any dane -- danger at the complex. a while ago the black moch was pouring out, and l.a. fire overtook the streets down below. we're waiting for information from the hospitals to find out the extent of the injuries but again, no sprinkler system in the building. one of the things a travel agent will tell you, before you travel to a hotel. if it's an older hotel, it's worth it to ask on the phone, do you have sprinkler system? and this is a aren'tal apartment building but the answer in this building is, no. >> just in to the fox news deck. a white house official just confirmed, limited tours of the white house will resume in the wake of the government shutdown, on november 5th.
12:55 pm
our d.c. news room is working with secret service to get more detail on how hair going to be able to manage this in light of sequestration, but limited tours of the white house to begin again at the beginning of next month. what did i say, november 4th -- november 5th so if you have just been dying to get inside the white house on one of the tours, beginning november 5th you can do that in limited numbers. we'll have more information in the afternoon about to what degree they'll be opening. when the white house says limited numbers we don't know what that means. our washington newsroom is working to find out. we'll be right back. [ woman ] when you own your own business,
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12:59 pm
debt. 17,024,162,190,000 -- that's it. i'm opinioning at it. i know where it is. right there top left. it's a big number. and growing. >> and then there's this on this day in 1985, gamers got a new fix when nintendo launched the first video gaming system here in the united states. at the time the american video game market was crashing. top consoles like atari were falling from the spotlight, folks were getting hooked on personal computers, but the nintendo entertainment system grabbed the public's attention. a laser gun, a robot, and more than a dozen new games. a couple year ratesser, supermario brothers hit the shelfs and blasted nintendo's popularity to the next level. but america first hit the start
1:00 pm
button 28 years ago today. miss that music. >> so there's the dow for the day. it has been a little bit all over the place. it's up 24, 25 on the session. i'll see you in breaking news happening. >> $17 trillion, america's debt now topping that level for the first time ever. that's according to brand new numbers by the treasury department today, $328 billion jump in one day. meanwhile, washington does next to nothing to address it. >> problems keep piling up. now the woman behind the launch of obamacare is laying low, refusing to speak to congress. welcome, everyone. i'm in for neil cavuto. this is "your world" your. >> remember this? >> on track to flip the switch. >> they have the information, easy, close at


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