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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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rainbow bracelets that have been banned by one principal on the upper westside of manhattan. michelle loaned me these. what do you think? tweet me. >> thanks for watching. >> it's bad. >> as washington exhales from a week of budget crisis, there is a week of budding crisis of the roll out of health care exchanges. this is special report. >> good evening. if you have actually tried to sign up for president obama's health care insurance exchanges or know someone who has or heard or read anything about it in the media, you know things have not gone according to planned. tonight we learn the situation is even worse than we thought. with corrupted data hampering even the few applications that
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made it through, the website has a problem. with several reports, i will talk to senator jim demint on why he and his organization will not back down on citing obama care. how the administration is trying to spin it all, but we begin with jim angle on the hard problems with the obama software. >> the new website is intended to sign up millions of uninsured are moving at the speed of molasses with them having to handle applications by hand because the website makes so many mistakes. all of which they find astounding. >> i am standing here in san francisco and hit 50 companies that could deliver web technology by walking down the street. they didn't use any of those because they can't get through the government contrasting. >> david notes while the
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government used private companies, they used technology and insisted on putting the pieces together itself which he compares to building your own house. >> you decided to do the contractor and have the electrician work for you and you will be the to make it work and you department know what you were doing. >> robert gibbs takes a similar view criticizing the roll out, saying the administration better get it together. >> to get the roll out and the website right so this works. get a plane full of engineers and get them into national and let's start building the website tonight. let's get something that works. >> nancy pelosi brushes off the concern and she was asked if the websites are not working better by november or december, should the plan be delayed? >> no, no. it has nothing to do with the problematic part of it. it's about technology. >> that of course is why it isn't working. in maryland once hailed as a model of how obama care will
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work, the governor said my sense of it is probably for the next month or so or month and a half, we will be working out glitches in the port american league. while companies can correct wrong or duplicate information can manually check it, that will be impossible if they get the numbers it predicts. he said government should have tested more and earlier and for many different scenarios when problems were found, he said politicians pushed ahead. >> the politicians when things started going wrong rather than getting out of the way and letting the technician solve it, they have been saying this has got to work. it has to work now. fix it now. >> because the administration didn't want to miss their deadline, there is a rule of thumb and they have generals buy it, not politicians. politicians are no better at setting up websites and should have put the tech people in charge. >> thank you. president obama is trying to move on to his second term agenda after this week's
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temporary resolution of the budget battle, but the question, is the extremely rocky roll out threatening to derail his master plan? >> with the government back up and running and the threat of default at least temporarily postponed, president obama was happy to get back to issues like naming a new secretary of homeland security. the obama care roll out problems that had been obscured by the fiscal crisis got more attention. >> nobody is more insist apt that work be done and improve than the president as he made clear. there is no question that work is not done and there still problems. >> outside the tea party there was broad agreement that shutting down the government was bad political strategy because it overshadowed programs that the republicans might have used more effectively to make the case for delay. >> they were mistaken and confused and it doesn't matter
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and this should be delayed as a result of the horrendous developments. >> even the president's former spokesman said people should lose their jobs for the poorly handled roll out though the adviser still has her eyes on the prize. >> the exchange roll out is highly problematic. health care itself, we are sitting on top of the fact that americans know if they lose their jobs they can have health care. >> hours after restarting the government, mr. obama said nobody won in the standoff. they found republicans drew more of the blame. >> they are working together and are not making any sense. >> the lawmaker who drew more criticism than any other was unbowed. >> i will do anything and continue to do anything i can to stop the train wreck. democratic senator patty murray and paul ryan said they would get to work crafting a budget to avoid another crisis. mr. obama said he is willing to
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consider medicare and medicaid cuts as part of a balanced package, though republicans object to the new tax revenue he wants. meanwhile with the nation's debt ceiling topping $17 trillion, senate mi yourity leader rules out a shut down in the budget fight of the next few months. the tea party victory declared him a conservative and former alaska governor sarah palin is calling for shake-up that begins in kentucky with the reelection bid next year. brett? >> thanks, wendell. the former south carolina republican jim demint is president of the heritage foundation and the front lines of the opposition of the health care overhaul. he wrote an opinion piece on why he is not backing down. why heritage is not backing down. he joins us from greenful. >> i head your piece and seen
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the back and forth. a lot of people are asking what is the next step for republicans? it seems to be a split in the republican party on the fight against obama care. >> the conservatives around the country are united. what we have done over the last few months are go all over the country and help people understand what the law will do to them and as the stories continue to come out of how this is hurting people and jobs and health care and the cost of health care, more and more people see this is a disastrous law for america. we started the debate and heritage is in this for the long haul. our goal is to get this law repealed. >> you see the last couple of weeks as a loss? >> not at all. it's the beginning of a battle. we won the debate with the american people and that's where the whole thing starts. eventually the politics will follow the people and the
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majority of americans will want it stopped or repealed or delayed. mitch mcconnell asked about senator and lee and their efforts at the beginning to defund obama care. he said it was not a smart play. it had no chance of success. he went on to say we got off track with the error earlier starting in july and august that diverted our attention away from what was achievable much we will be back at it in january and february which is why the best you can say about the deal is it's a toss. what do you think about that? >> it's a shame in washington when what the american people want is something that will hurt american people is not achievable anymore. at the heritage foundation our job is to help people see the reality of a policy to use research to find out how it's going to affect people. we know this is hurting people. i think ted cruz and mike lee and others who led the effort to stop the funding of this bill
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are heroes. what they did and what they understood is the only way to get the president to address the issue to get the country to talk about it was for the house not to fund it. this started a national debate and the battle is just beginning. i am convinced that the more people find out about this law, the more they are going to get rid of it and sooner or later the politicians will have to honor that wish. >> i asked my twitter followers a question or two for you. billy wrote this. why not let it roll out and allow people to see what a mess this is. >> that's a question a lot of asking. why go through what we just went through. why not let the stories drive the debt? >> pat the reason people are fining out what a mess it is right now, before it's even implemented is because of heritage action and a lot of
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groups and conservatives who are willing to start the debate. if the house funded this and gone on, with the attention to obama care would have been minimal. so we started the debate this very important thing. we could not let it slide. those of us who know this law is going to hurt america. i am proud of the work that a lot of people did to start this debate. >> do you think that the senators and the house members who voted for this deal voted the wrong way and are you going to try to challenge them in upcoming elections? >> that's not what we do at the heritage foundation. we are all about policy. i stepped aside from the political framework and we will continue to talk about what's the right policy for america. i am convinced and i'm sure most of the folks who voted for it would say this is a bad law for america and we need to change it. i understand political expediency and i worked in that environment a long time.
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this is about what's right for america and how to protect america from something that is going to hurt them and we will keep fighting as long as it takes to stop it. >> senator orrin hatch said something about heritage and it perked a few people's ears. take a look. >> it's the conservative organization helping republicans. helping conservatives. helping the conservative ideas. there is real questions on the minds of many republicans. i'm not thinking for myself. a lot of people if if heritage is going to go political, it doesn't amount to anything anymore. >> what are your thoughts? >> if you are not getting criticized in washington, you are probably part of the problem. that's what i found on the inside of the senate. when i tried to change the status quo, i got a lot of criticism. around the country people supported what i was doing. that's happening in the heritage foundation. we are putting out the truth and
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the facts. some people don't necessarily like it. our job is not to come up with a political strategy, but talk about what's right for the country. that's it is what we have been doing with obama care and continue to do. david dennis tweets in do you think it's time for a new leader in the house? >> i will let the house members decide that. what we are doing is you want to win the debate for the right ideas for the american people and the right leadership will show up in washington. the last thing, strategy-wise, to deal with policy, how do republicans come together on a strategy when it seems like they are divided? >> well, it has to begin with the right principals. if you begin with political strategy or compromise, you lose sight of what's right for the country. no question in this debate that obama care is wrong for the
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country and we should do everything we can to stop it. how they work out the strategy behind that is their business. frankly i like to see more people in washington from both parties listening to the american people and do what's right for them and forget the politi politics. >> jim demint, president of the heritage foundation, thank you. >> thank you, brad. >> up next, targeting americans for kidnapping. what we are hearing from the intelligence community. first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. in boston on a memorial for an officer slain in the hunt for the boston marathon bombing. fox 13 in salt lake city with how the boy scout leaders responsible for this video may be facing serious charges for toppling a rock formation in a state park. this is a live look from oakland at ktvu. a big story with a massive
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strike affecting the bay area's largest rapid transit district. sources in the bay area say this could be a major headache. that's tonight. a live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. bl ♪ from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece, kohler will make your reality a dream.
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>> earlier this month, american commandos hit the streets of libya ta capture and not kill a wanted terror suspect. now terror groups are calling for retribution. the threats come as we have new images to show the terror attack on a shopping center. katherine harris has the story. >> as shoppers scramble for cover, the surveillance video show the al qaeda affiliate taking over west gate mall. the al shabaab people can be seen talking on phones and taking breaks. as the number of dead and
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missing rises to nearly 100, they told fox news the barriers were lowered and kenyan authorities believe a robbery and not a terrorist attack was happening. norwegian authorities questioned the family of one suspect and said they are adopting an aggressive the posture. >> they have a regional agenda and maintained some part of core leadership that has been focused on attacks outside the region. >> the u.s. embassy posted this morning that they may attempt another west gate-style attack. a spokes woman confirmed the new threat information, but little else. >> i don't have further specifics on it for you other than to say it was serious enough to put out a message to citizens, but didn't have anything on the timing or location. >> meanwhile the capture of the operatives by u.s. special
3:19 pm
forces has become a lightning rod throughout north africa. two sources in the social media traffic said there is significant shatter calling for the kidnap of american citizens. significantly as things are being e merginged as immediately as on their own. one reads do not consult anyone in the kidnapping of americans. after these demonstrations protesting the raid, a little known group calling itself the white benghazi rebels is posting threats on social media to sabotage the pipeline and kidnap americans. >> the cia and the national terrorism center analysis unaware of the kidnapping declined to comment. they emphasized they got the leadership and endorsed kidnapping as the prisoners force and the relieve of terrorists. >> thank you all. >> a federal air marshal has
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been arrested standing accused of taking cell phone photographs underneath women's skirts in nashville. a passenger noticed him taking the pictures and grabbed his phone and alerted a flight attendant. they landed in positive territory and had 11. the nasdaq was up for the week and the dow gained a little over a percentage point and he was up almost 2 1/2. the nasdaq gained 3.25. next, on obama care with a panel. a progress report on the bigger battle to the virginia governor.
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the manhunt button continued for two convicted murderers who were wrongly released from prison. they were freed when prison officials were fooled by formed court documents. rick scott said the first priority is to recapture the man and find out what went wrong. an update on a political race beginning national attention for those at stake and the level of ranking. karl cameron looked at contact for virginia governors. >> democrat terry mcauliffe leads ken cuccinelli by more than points in recent polls. cuccinelli has been outspend in attack ads. >> he tried to change virginia's divorce laws. >> to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage. >> hoar is too extreme. >> 71% have been attacks on
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cuccinelli. they spent $12.7 million. 49% attacked auliffe. this is despicable. >> he invested in an insurance scam that preyed on dying people. >> both are using virginia as a testing ground for mid-term elections. democrats think the gop has done little to reach out to majorities and women. >> ken cuccinelli is intruding on our most personal decisions. interfering with access to birth control. >> democrats are being used by special interests to supplant the american dream. >> this is virginia and we won't let you get taxes and debt. regulations that kill jobs. >> leading every poll of 2016 contenders, hillary clinton campaigned for auliffe. he was the top fund-raiser in the clip on 90s. this is clinton's brother and
3:26 pm
embroiled in a federal investigation into potential visa fraud. >> she desperate to shift attention away from the federal investigation. a possible scheme. the chinese financing mcauliffe's own business. you can't trust him. >> polls show voters turned off and the turn out is expected to be low. that could help couch nell tow come from behind. . the base is energized and angry. tam paps with anger on their side often pull it out. >> former house speaker tom foley has died. he passed away of complications from a stroke. he served 30 years in the house and lost his seat when republicans seized control in 1994. house minority leader nancy pelosi called him a quint essential champion of the common good. capital flags have been lowered to half-staff in his honor tonight. former house speaker tom foley was 84.
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alert text messages are supposed to inform a local community about an emergency. apparently pancake breakfasts. that was the case in palo alto, california where the fire department sent 27,000 residents saying palo alto firefighters will be hosting a pancake
3:31 pm
breakfast and please find us on facebook for more details. a handful objected to the use of the emergency system for a nonemergency situation like pancakes. they said the purpose was to warn residents not to be alarmed by a gathering of fire trucks and helicopters that led concerned citizens to call 911. he admits he will get the word out in other ways in the future. >> texas is naming and shaming the top poll offenders by publishing their names and towns. a number of violations and amount they owe. the top toll jumper owes more than $236,000. in total, one texas resident who owes more than $200,000 in tolls and fees calls it insane and inaccurate. it is owed millions in
3:32 pm
violations and is owed settlement plans. it pays to bet on the next generation. the united singdom man believed his 18-month-old grandson would day play for the wales international soccer team. he believed it so much so he bet 50 british pounds on it. you can bet on anything over there. about 80 u.s. dollars. this week 16-year-old harry wilson became the youngest ever wales international player. his grandfather's bet paid off. peter edwards cashed in on a 2500-1 odds, receiving just over $200,000. he told the bbc when i came on i had another glass of wine. not bad for a bet. the elder edwards plans to retire right away, year earlier than planned. not long ago u.s. military intervention in syria seemed likely. a lot has changed since then.
3:33 pm
national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the list. >> just one month ago, four u.s. navy destroyers had their sights set on syria. they had been entered into the weapon on stand by ready to strike. now 27 weapons inspectors for the prohibition of chemical weapons, a group that won the peace prize that began destroying a delivery system. no cameras captured the process and the team uses sledge hammers and chain saws and bulldozers to destroy the production equipment. >> with respect to syria, we have been pleased to see not only the un rez lou nrkn resoluo getting weapons out of syria. >> they led the search in iraq for the cia. >> there discussions about the best wi of proceeding getting rid of the chemical agents itself. it's tempered in two parts like
3:34 pm
epoxy glue. two pieces have to come together. they are precursors. destroying this is in some way an easier task than you might think. >> they visited 11 of the 20 declared sites since october 1st, but in the last week, car bombs targeted the hotels and they face mortar fire at least twice. seven sites are in opposition territory and require a ceasefire to visit. they are playing for time after hedges for years. the syrian president confirmed he had chemical weapons in an interview with fox news last month. >> can you tell us, do you have chemical weapons or don't you. >> when we joined the treaty, it means that we haven't since that. it's not a secret anymore. >> as far as the american people, you will agree that you do have a stockpile of chemical weapons? >> that's an agreement.
3:35 pm
>> they have one month to make serious chemical weapons facilities inoperable. they are to be destroyed by 2014. >> they are set up in november. the u.s. and russia need assad in order to destroy his 1,000 ton stockpile. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. saudi arabia is rejecting a seat on the un security council due in part to frustration over the syrian civil war. the singdom said the security council is incapable of resolving the conflicts like the in syria and they are unhappy with the u.s. over handling of both syria, egypt and iran. we have a virtual seat for you again tonight in the panel segments. if you have not participated yet, take a moment to go to the home page and watch the simple instructions there. you can have a seat on the panel and provide and monitor feet
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back and what they are saying. you can act on the smart phone and tablet. go to the president's health care overhaul has a lot of people frustrated on both sides of the aisle. we will talk about all the problems with you after the break. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals
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>> i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphone or ipads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't. >> to get the roll out and the website right so this works. get a plane full of silicon valley engineers and get them in
3:40 pm
and let's start building the website tonight. let's get something back to work. >> the headlines are all over the place about obama care. the health care insurance exchange roll out. it's now beyond just the roll out itself. the companies are saying for the two poem who managed to sign up, they are finding a lot of errors and a lot of problems in that data. let's bring in the panel, fox news's howard kirk. one comes with the hill. you lock at the coverage of this and now it's across the board. you may see the end of this standoff with with the bumming et, but headlines all over the place are shining obama care. >> they have been shining brightly on what they would have all along. the 16-day government shut down. these are not glitches. a couple of days, maybe. this is a full out debacle with robert gibbs, the former
3:41 pm
spokesman showing independence on msnbc and saying people ought to be fired over this. it shows the depth of the problem. they could fix this in a couple of months and people could sign up to make it a success, but it is in a deep hole right now. >> there is no getting away from the problems that they encounter and it's a surprise that the problems have persisted. you think there going to be bumps. the idea that it has gone on for this long is very bad news for the roll out. let me say this this is a matter of the technology failing and i think from what i understand they got all forms and they don't have the latest on this. >> this is the management area. >> to be fair to the obama administration and to kathleen sebelius from health and human services, republicans have not provided the money that they asked for in terms of the roll out. >> a half billion.
3:42 pm
if that isn't enough, three times on the developing of the ipad. three times. it's not enough. >> if you have sebelius here, sebelius would tell you they asked for specific dollars to make this thing work. >> they rolled out with $40 million. they spent about a half billion rolling out insurance websites that don't work. >> the exchange website and the idea and the policy so far, in the 16th state where they are cooperating and you don't have republican governors, we had a different out come. >> charles, we had a lot of attempts at this stuff. here is the government attempting to take over 18% of the economy. they attempted in a lot of areas like steel, construction, and concrete. drove an economy of a country
3:43 pm
into a ditch from which it never recovered. when you run something this large out of the government, it has no chance of succeeding and we are seeing the worst possible example of it. the irony here, this is a continuation of the glitches. this is a new issue. if you are coding the wrong information, people are going to show up at the wrong hospital. you will have to pay and go the wrong way. people lived with their spouses and children. you cannot work at all even if you fix the glitches. the only saving element is that part of it is impossible. what saving the administration because now the individual areas of correction with a phone call and a manual innoef engz. bringing in all the people, it
3:44 pm
would be beyond the recall now. the system would be completely unusable. >> i want to read an e-mail just received from somebody in the industry. i want to put up health care stuff as i read here. one, the federal government had over three years to develop a website. the federal government spent over a quarter billion dollars to develop the website and they have known there would be problems with the functionality of the site. despite all of the money, they did not work. from the obama administration, too many people were trying to get on the site. the problem is during the second week of the site being live, traffic to get on the site fell boy 88%. too much traffic excuse no longer worked. he goes on to detail how many people are signing up including just in wisconsin and in dell waer and in iowa. according to the original plan, the first month after the roll out was expected to bring in one third of the sales of policies.
3:45 pm
there is not even enough folks to call it a trickle. there is essential low no meaningful response to the site going live. at what point, you had nancy pelosi saying listen, this doesn't work by december, it's still okay to roll it out in january. at what point does that become a non-starter. >> if we are in the christmas season and we are looking at possible shut down. the problems are approaching what they are now with this website and the sign up process, i think it's fair to say obama care and the continued roll out and requiring people to have that experience will be in peril. there a lot of people watching the news that believe that government can work. unfortunately it's government not working very well. >> is it possible that a one-year delay comes not from congress, but the administration? >> you can have the system so far that has failed. i don't think there is a dispute
3:46 pm
about that. the idea that it indicates that there is an overall failure or as charles suggested government can't handle major operations like social security. >> three years to develop. >> i don't know how many years they had. it passed if are years. they were facing opposition and didn't want to slow it down because they didn't want to play into the hands of the opponent. >> it was political. why not delay it until it works? >> approximate are they wanted to get it out and get it going and see what they have. it has not worked. there is no doubt about that. >> if the system is working as it is now at the turn of the year, you have to have a postponement. how can you impose a fine on individuals for not signing up to a system on which it's impossible to sign up. it's so absurd. if it persists, it will have to be -- without thinking in
3:47 pm
retrospect how reckless was the attempt to do it when it happens on its own without any of the noise around it. >> when when we go back to the months before this, you hear democrats and senator max bacchus saying this looks like a train wreck. there will be a history lesson after all of this. >> it's in the design and ambition. if the government wants to disrupt and recreate 18% of the economy which is a complicated ecosystem to doctors and hospitals and patients and plans and tradition and all of that and issue, thousands of pages of regulations rewriting everything. you cannot possibly succeed. >> this is about social security and medicare. the bacchus thing, they were complaining they didn't have enough money to advertise and explain this complicated program. >> if you had all the advertising money in the world, the website would not work. >> that's the failure, not the
3:48 pm
policy. >> it would be ironic if they accomplished what ted cruz could not. >> messed up. affirmative action and syria and this week's winners and losers. bl humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still runnto test test test see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? test test you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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and we're back for our panel with the friday lightning round. the winner this week by the way was obama care. the falloutcare of that in the first panel. for the lightning round. first off, syria. remember syria? what about that, charles? >> well, what we heard in the report earlier today in the show was that the inspectors are now beginning to destruction of the delivery systems, easy part. not yet the chemicals and only at declared sites. there is no chance in hell that we're going to take away all of his weapons, even qaddafi who was open in
3:52 pm
destroying his stuff had a secret site discovered only last year. but the real story is the saudi arabians refusing security council. that has never happened in the history of the u.n. it was an expression discussed on the policy of the weapons which essentially has installed assad permanently in power and that is what they understood and we didn't. and they are furious at the united states for empowering him and strengthening iran as a result. >> that saudi u.s. relationship will be a story we do in days to come. now the supreme court case. michigan case about affirmative action. juan, chances? why did the court take it? what do you think? the court took this case very intriguing. unlike other affirmative action cases. this is one in which people are saying wait a second, michigan has outlined outlawed affirmative action.
3:53 pm
they say they cannot at the university level enact affirmative action. unequal burden people seeking equal rights referendum to get their rights. ledge later can pass restrictions on affirmative action. use of race in any decision. it's hard to make a case to the the jurors oh but the people can't? that's kind of contradictory. i think that's a hard hand for them to argue. winners and losers down the road here. >> paul mccartney a whole good of new album out even though they are not on vinyl. one of the most beatle fanatics fox news james rosen. my loser here breath brett bloomberg business week. ted cruz pictured as a mad hatter at tea party we see it on the screen and called crazy. that seems to me out of bounds. >> juan? we heard the tease in there, that was good. juan? >> next to the web site.
3:54 pm
winners i think are governors, republican governors this week christie, governor walker, governor jindal, do you know why? because they can say i wasn't anywhere near that fiasco. i was way out in the hirnt lands and i'm a different republican party back in those guys in washington. my loser this week mitch mcconnell. i think the idea that the senate conservatives that sarah palin, they are all now endorsing his opponent in kentucky highlighting of special funds for mining or dredging of a river in kentucky. not helped senator mcconnell in his re-election bid. >> >> charles? >> winner ted cruz despite the enmity he incurred in washington on saturday won a straw poll of conservative activists 30 points. vision, energy and you a audaci. politically he wins. the loadser, i'm afraid exactly is once again is a male panda at the national
3:55 pm
zoo for a week the panda cam was shut down. cartoon during the shot june showed shim moseying up to the female panda with a wink say nothing one is watching. i'm sorry to say time is up, camera is on. and the window is closed. >> hopefully he had a good 16 days. that's it for the panel. student for more panda talk after the break plus your bing results. for seeing your business in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo.
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here are tonight's bing highlights republicans agreed with howie not glitches but a full debacle. democrats degreed with juan's point that the problem with the rollout is the technical failure. the highest intensity of the first panel is when i pointed out to juan that the government cannot succeed in
3:59 pm
taking over 18% of the economy. 23,000 votes per minute on that. i think it was charles that pointed that out. but bing, none the less, really liked it in the lightning round, democrats disagreed with charles when he said the u.s. helped keep assad in power. total votes tonight, a little more than 150,000. finally tonight, as charles expertly detailed, the panda cam at the national zoo is back online now that the government is back open. well, panda lovers apparently were not the only ones excited for the return of the live feed. this feed from the cam shows sometimes you have to make sure not to get too close. >> yeah. oh, there it is. okay. look at that and that -- [ laughter ] >> forgot to feed them or something. but, all right. well, look at that isn't that adorable?
4:00 pm
>> apparently they really like denim. that's for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes trord right now. make it a great weekend. >> this is a first alert. keep your eyes open. this is did deadly serious. do not approach either one of these men. they are extremely dangerous. -- killer using forged documents to get free. judge perry is the judge from the casey anthony trial. is he going go "on the record." shannon butler is live with the very latest and horribly dangerous story tonight. shannon? >> not only


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