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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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would balance the budget in just three years. let's do it. that's our show. see you next week. tonight on h teachers forced to join unions and pay dues. >> my union uses my money to fight against something i believe in strongly. >> bullied and silenced by her union she is suing to cope politics out of the education. and the body was left on the tarmac three hours. >> the father of one of the four americans killed in benghazi demanding answers from the president. >> i wished he had sent the troops that everybody knows was vaebl. >> tonight charles woods with the response from the commander in chief. did he get the answers he
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wented? a 12 year old committed suicide. a teen punished for helping a friend get home safely. parental guyedance on huckabee tonight. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> thank you, and what a great audience we have here. thank you all and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. well, did the republicans make a heroic stand as in the a la moor porly assault by little big horn by a failed general and ignored the scouting reports of the strength of the opposition and made a suchgz assumptions
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that proved not to be true. in the alamothey fought to the death. republicans launched the plan that was not of battle tested generals but newest rekrauts. blame the press and liberals and one's own team was the analysis of those who thought it wise to charge up the hill but without following the counsel of jesus who admonished to count the cost before starting a law. liberalism is not destroying the republican party. compared to the most conservative democrats there are no republican congressional liberals. legalism and not liberalism is devoiding the gop. i have sewn what legalism did to the church. focusing on how they express one's belief than what they believe. the liberal might abandon the
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truth but the legalist abandoned bibliical love. the facility of the church becomes a focus equal to the fellowship of the church. legalist fight for a artificial purity based on the truth. for them that is the way they do church more than the spirit with which they do. it it is an arrogant and prideful self righteousness that focuses on self than focusing on christ. legalism fight over the color of choir robe cans temple of hems and architecture. for the ph a ra sees. what one doeses is better. some people oat their soup louder than others. but it doesn't mean the soup tastes better. legalism in the republican party is complaining that it is
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basedie particular personality or specific tactical pathway. the republican's greatest threat is not from liberal but legalist in the ranks who rather raise and spend vast amounts of money n to defoot a republican in a primary than a democrats and they elevate themselves to be super in conserveatism because they can cause a train wreck. we ought to ask if the purpose is to derail the train or turn it around. derailing the train is easy and turning one around is time and patience and perseverance and planning. my political heroes are those like william wilperforce and martin luther king who died fighting inyesterday and racism. they understood that politics and change are the result of a process and not just a singullar event.
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they were tronning and unyielding in the convections but they were humble and patient and forgiving. they never got all they wanted but more than nothing. if the republicans want to defoot liberalism and socialism. they need to learn that their friends aren't their enemies. and regarding to a wall street journal report insurance data said faulty data is causing major problems and delaying sign ups. the most common errors are duplicate enrollments and missing data fields and spouses reported as children. that may not be too far off. but the glitches don't end there. you will not we found. all right. let's take care of the obama 1,
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2, 3, >> what is your age. >> 33. >> what is your income? >> little personal but 50,000. >> dow exercise. oh, yeah, i am real healthy. >> do you enjoy -- >> huh. >> do you have kids? >> no. >> do you want kids some day? >> what? >> how did you vote? >> this is getting way too personal. >> thank god that is over. >> based on the information you have provided at that time the affordable care act fields you should go on a date. >> i thought i was signing up for obama care. >> it is okay to see your match. >> why not. >> meet your match. >> a h. >> name, carlos danger.
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>> i hope obama care doesn't go like that for everybody. >> two years and four months ago, i didn't have any grandchildren not a one. as of wednesday night, i now have four. this is william huckabee sanders and he a ratified wednesday night nine pounds. they will call him huck. and let me punish you something. it was their idea. i am just fine with. it and so chandler and charlotte and caroline grace and huck. it is going to be noisy at our house this christmas and we couldn't be happier. and congratulations and welcome to the family little huck. >> being grandpa to four young grandchildren i am concerned about the stories making head leans. in florida, two tone age girls were arrested after police reallyinged relentless bullying
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led to the suicide of 12-year-old rebecca sedwick. one of the parents could be charged for knowingly allowed her daughter to post the bullying comments on line. vifian has been charged with two count was child, because and bodily harm and neglect. this video shoes her punching and screaming profanitiys at the two kids that were fighting. moenl in massachusetts, 17-year-old honor student and volleyball team captain erib cox was tripped of her roll as captain and suspended for five gapes after she drove to pick up a friend from a party saying she was too drunk to drive. how responsible should parents
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be and how do parents keep up with what they are doing. jenny ericson mom to 5 and 10-year-old girls and blogs. & then junior. >> so let me start with you. your youngest graduated from high school this past year, this whole idea of 0- tollerance, have we gone too far and lost any sense of common sense? >> my mom used to say don't be so open- minded that your brain falls out. you can't look at absolutes especially in the girl who helped a friend who was doing the right thing and then the authority that is her school is punishing her. and what that leads to is a lack of confidence in the authority. the authority is behaving in a way that doesn't make sense.
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if you want to lead your children, you have to be logical and understand that circumstances vary and black and white situations that are ze-ro tollerance are not helpful unless the kids understand their purpose and helping her friend is not the purpose of that particular policy. >> you know, jenny, mothers against drunk driving madd and they said the school was right to suspend erin. they thought she should have called an adult. that girl would not have called an adult. >> i think madd is in the wrong here. a tone age girl at a party and had too much to drink. i think it is incredible that she called a friend to pick her up. drinking mistake is one thing. after it is made what do you do here? madd is wrong here. a lot of teens will not call an
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adult when they make her a mistake. she called a friend and the friend came and got her and did her the right thing and deal with the under age drinking as another topic. >> richard, this story in florida is a heart breaker. she kills herself after being bullied for months. one of the questions is should the parents have responsibility for bullying their daughters for months on end? >> let me ask you, how would you handle this with your kids? if your kids were bullying member. and if you found out they were. and entertaining the fact that one of my kids will be a bully. and if my children were misbehavioring and i would have to sit them down and have a source conversation and throw at them. how would you feel if you were
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treated this way. if they were insensitive i would have to show them there is a lot of people in pain, and this is not a way to go through life being mean to other people. it is not going to bode well for you x. on the other side of this, my child, would have to know it is not a person worthy of being bullied. people who bully are going down the wrong path. njenny, what is the right way to deal with the parents of the girls who did the bullying? should they be held accountable and pnl? >> if they are not willing to take responsibility for the children. one of the girl's parents say i don't think anything is wrong with this. we don't know the social med why sites. it is parental neglect. they should be held responsible.
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>> should hay learn about bock bock. their kids are on it. >> that's your duty as a parent. we are here to train up our kids and turning a blind eye to the things that are happening is doing our kids a disservice. >> tough, tough cases in both of them. but it is nice to hear from responsible parents and maybe somebody is listening out there. still to come. charles woods asked pointed questions to the president about the death of his son in benghazi. we'll find out how the president responded. she said the unions that are supposed to represent her captain fellow teachers are actually silencing them. that's next. >> i would like to hear from you. go to and sign up for my facebook page and follow me on at any minute you could be a victim of fraud.
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teach ares don't choose their career because they want money. they do what they do because of their passion to help children learn. but a growing number of teachers are fed up with the unions that are supposed to represent them and put politics a head of stouns. repecka is one of teachers. in california. she's part of a grouch ten teachers suing the california teacher's association and the national education association. rebecca. i thought you are popular with the teacher's union. but you say it violates the first amendment right to speak. what is it that the unions want to force you to do that is
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offensive to you? >> governor, my union pushes for salary increases when my students and parents are in the poor economy. and parents are losing jobs and taking pay cut ands then my union is fighting to get me money. that is offensive to me and they fight for tenure laws that make it almost impossible to remove teachers that have become incompetent. >> what about the fact that you have said that unions can be like bullies. in what way? nwell, governor, number wot reason a teacher will not speak up about the union is because they feel intimidated. there is a culture and undercurrent of fear. for example, when i started to join the lawsuit in april and teachers found out about it.
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throw common things they would say to me. thank you. first one for doing something i am too afraid to do. and second one is do you have a body guard? and the third was are you ashes frayed for your life? that is how bad it is. when you feel like there is a lot of activity that the union does, what does the union do that you say i don't want my money to pay for that? >> there are new merous. >> the unions fight against parents right to choose. >> you believe in right to choose. >> it is not popular with the teachers and some teachers side with the unions. but many of us feel the other way. for example, i am in support of vouchers and my union fights voucher initiatives.
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and vouchers, i believe are common sense, they would save millions in tax dollars and good for the poor children who don't have a choice and tuck in low performing schools. >> and the dues of the union member do they support political candidates? >> yes. here's, i say funny for a lack of a better term, we sit in the teacher's lounge every time there is a election psyche and he will there is a magazine called magazine educator and list all of the cappedidates and initiatives we should vote for. and my colleagues and i sit there and laugh, because we say, oh, i use this guyed as a way not to vote. >> i want to keep up with the lawsuit. let us know how it progresses. we would love to have you back when there is a resolution and
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we hope we'll see you win. thank you for being here. >> and coming up. who should get foured over the obama care web site and the return of joe boyd boyd. my take on the
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>> vice-president biden absebt in the shut down. but after the reopening he offered workers muffins and then got political. >> what you saw last night is democrats with a significant response of the republicans saying enough. there was no economic rational
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or opinion. it was no economic rational for this at all. and i hope that everybody walks away that the lesson it is not necessary. >> the role question. where was joe biden in all of this? >> he spent 40 years in the pent and me one on the democratic side who is a better negotiator and does a better job. we were so worried about what happened to joe we sent out a amber alert. and it was shut down because of the government shutdown and then on a milk carton. when it is all settled he showed up with muffins from the easy bake oven. next time show up. we could use a negotiator. >> and we have heard more about
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glitches on the site than we are successes. even insurance companies are having a problem. and so what is the solution. here is robin gibbs. >> this is embarrassing for the white house and department of health and human services and this was bungled badly and not a server problem. this is a web site architecture problem and i hope they work day and night to get it done and when they are done i hope they get it fixed. >> i do, too. fire the people who get messed up. no one is fired for fast and furruous and benghazi and no one was fired for the irs. and no one was fired for obama care and the mess it has been. no one was fired for anything that is a disaster so far in this administration. no body. you know what, when i heard
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robert gibbes being honest and candid, i started missing robert gibbes. robert we miss you. come back, robert, come back. >> and representative trey goudy had tronning words. world war ii veterans were denoticed access to their own memorial and occupy protestors were able to break the law without repercutions. >> no camping. but the protestors camped anyway and you didn't do anything in terpwas arrest or citations for over 100 days, and so mr. jarvis. fast forward two years, parks are closing and access to monuments are restrictedine those when helped to build the
8:28 pm
monument. you didn't wait a hundred days to enforce the law with veterans who wanted to see the monument and you didn't work to gain compliance and veteraryerans were not groated with a measured response. they were groated with barricades on the very first day. >> wow, what can i say? trey gowdy nailed. it >> i listened there was nothing i could add because he was spot o. watching jarvis sit there in that seat, do you just wonder who had to bring the mop in and clean up under that chair after that particular moment? that's what i would like to know. father of tyroen woods one of four americans killed in benghazi september 11th, 2012. he wrote the president and asked
8:29 pm
why did my son not get the help the night he died. he showed me the letter. he heard back from the president but did he get the answers he
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>> workers in california bay area rapid transit put down their picket signs out of respect for colleagues killed boo by a commuter train. they were hit by a bar train returning from maintenance. that train operated nonunion engineers. they described them as highly inexperienced. but union reps say they warned of the dangers of allowing managers to drive trains. government security forces in kenya being accused of looting stores during the deadly siege at a nairobi shopping mall. this surveillance may support those suspicions. they appear to show soldiers
8:33 pm
picking items off store shelves and walking off with them all of this in the middle of terrorists that left 57 people dead. i am marianne rafferty now to "huckabee." it's been over's year since the attack in the american embassy in benghazi, libia. the brutal benghazi attack would be planned and precise. >> make no mistake justice will be done. >> tyroen woods ignored orders to stand down and instead fought to the death to save the lives of others. his father appeared on the show and told us he roached out to president obama for answers. >> i did send the president
8:34 pm
a letter saying there are several questions i would like to have answered to bring closure to the family. he's busy with syria but i am sure he will respond. >> with all respect you deserve an worry and so does the rest of america deserves a worry and the president should make time to give you the worry as to why your son died. >> since that appearance. charles received this response from the president. did he get the answers that he was asking for. charles wood joins us. charles tis great to have you back. >> thank you. >> do you feel that the president answered the questions. >> the two most important questions he did not answer. >> what were those? >> first of all. who gave the order to stand down. i wanted to make sure there was an order to stand down and i
8:35 pm
contacted the reporter that reported that and the reporter said they personally talked with a friend of ty and on the ground and there were throw orders to stand down. that not only probably would have saved the life of our ambassador had there not been the delay three times and plus, if ty was ordered to stand down and told there would not be support or rescue there would not be rescue for him. >> the president in his letter said on that tragic day, i directed my national security time to do everything possible to respond to the attacks to repopped to our people and do you believe that that is the truth? >> oh, no, that is not a correct
8:36 pm
statement. military leaders did not tell the president or the joint chiefs of staff that there were not assets immediately available. in fact, congressman cha ffetz after this happen went to benghazi with general ham. general ham was a four star general in charge of all afri calm and he had control of the assets and he wanted to rescue. that's the standing order. he received orders from above and only two people in the white house above him that could have contradicted the normal procedure to rescue. >> one of the statements he made from the congressman, i appropriate the president's response to mr. woods because i remain skeptical of the lack of military response. brave americans were struggling to stay a ratify and wishing for
8:37 pm
the arrival of u.s. military personnel. it sounds like a contradiction. we tried and the president went so far in his letter to you. and i quote the statement. plose know that my actions would have been the same if the attack were against my own family. do you believe that is the case. obviously our audience were not. >> i asked him that question. this is a father to father personal question from my heart. i don't know about him, i know myself, i would not have checked out for seven hours as the secretary of defense said that the president did and then not even worried about it. i could not and would not have gone to sleep until i anyhow that every effort was made to rescue. no effort was made. throw hours after it happen.
8:38 pm
ty's body was on the tarmac. and an american plane was not sent to pick up the body. we didn't have time. how do you know? this was a eight hour battle. he didn't know how long it was going to last 1 or 8 days. i have talked with a fighter pilot, hilo decorated who has 25 years experience, and he said that within approximately one hour, f-16s could have hot landed in italy and could have completed their mission in benghazi with drop tanks and foul -- fuel low could have gone to captain cant city of libya. >> the letter you got a response but never answered the questions. paul, last time you were here
8:39 pm
you gave me a picture of ty. it sits in my office and not a day that goes by i don't so charles's picture. we will not forget and we'll not let the country what ty and other americans went through. we want to continue to cope in touch. i don't want this country to let this issue alone until we know the truth. charles thank you very much. it is always a delight and plosure. your parents take care of you throughout your entire life. taking care of them can be a real financial burden. >> coming up. we'll ask if people ought to be required by law to care with
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detail at >> most of us would like to provide care and financial support for our partners that are older and in need. what do you have to do when you provide for ailing parent and sending your kids to college. 29 states have laws that make adult children responsible for their parents if they can't afford to take care of themselves. those laws are rarely enforced.
8:44 pm
in china, there is a new law that eldareally can sue their own children to make sure they take care of them. i kind of like that for my kids. i will think about that. should the united states citizens be obligated to care for aging parents or reloy on obama care and medicare and medicaid and social security to take care of them? >> joining me is pat, her mother's rose is about to turn 100 and she lived with her and her husband and kids for 25 years. >> pat, this is a tough problem for a lot of families. your family decided to take care of your mom 25 years now you shared that.. tell me about the blessings and burdens of making that decision. >> there are many more blessings than burdens to my family. my mom was a help to my family and helped me raise my children
8:45 pm
and she sacrificed her life to help us out and we decided to move in together because we lost my father 30 years ago and my mom is 99 now and she's had health issues, but we work through them. and she's been there for every single event in my family's life and children's life and it is a blessing for my children to have their grandmother in the home. is there a point where there is me longer an option because of acute medical needs and that require more time and resources. or maybe their own jobs are such or this has to be a tough decision that every family face its differently. >> absolutely. i am sure there is a point when you can no longer care and a person's illness becomes untreatable at home. you can rely on other family
8:46 pm
members and neighbors and you can rely on facilities that will help you and bring people in to help you. and i think that sending an elderly member out is the last resort and not the first. >> that is like the first thing at types. is the government responding for the aging and not necessarily the family. in terms was first government and then the family rather than the family government. >> no, it has to be family first. i think that too much government is intrusive and government can be incompetent and i think i know best what my family needs and what is good for my mother. my mother has flourished and she's a part of the family and been there for the good, bad and ugly and she's done so well. she doesn't just sit in front of the television set.
8:47 pm
she interacts and we eat all of our meals together and she is very much aware of the politics and tell you who the players are. nmaybe she could give them advice. >> she can. she is up on the issues. it is a blessing. >> she is blessed to have you and your family looking after her. what a great thing. >> thank you. >> well, they were happily married for 75 years. and she passed away earlier this year. heart broken, he wrote i love letter remembering their good times together and that letter is one of the most viewed songs on youtube. the song and the remarkable store tore behind it, you cannot miss our next michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel. well you can see if a hotel is pet-friendly before you book it and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? i don't have a cat.
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at 96 years old fred is the oldest artist to appear on bill board. his song "sweet lorraine" has gone viral. when you hear and see his story you'll know why. fred first laid eyes on lorraine in 1938 when she was working at a root beer stand in peoria, illinois. >> she was the prettiest girl i ever saw. >> they got married in 1940 and remain married for 72 years until she passed away last april at the age of 91 just before their anniversary. fred honored his wife by writing a song. he called it "o sweet lorraine"
8:52 pm
and entered the song in a contest. music producers were moved and recorded the song. >> listening to the lyrics and passion behind the lyrics and the letter he sent us was so heart warming. >> the song became an instant hit on the charts and online and fred received letters from fans around the world. >> it was a wonderful 75 years. i just often think it was unreal, dreaming or something. but it was real. that's all i can say. real. >> would you please welcome fred who wrote "o sweet lorraine" and jacob coleman who recorded the song. fred, what an honor to have you hear. >> thank you. >> what made you say i'm going to write a song to my wife?
8:53 pm
>> well, we were inseparable. one evening it came along into me seen i sat down and wrote it. >> did you ever think so many people across the country would connect with you and connect with a song about a relationship of 75 years? >> no, i didn't. not at all. never dreamed it would ever happen like that. never. just like a dream. >> well the dream is ours to have you here and we thank you very much, and jacob, i want to ask you. when you first got the lyrics of the song, what went through your mind about, okay, this could be really a hit? >> it didn't start off as that. he sent in a submission to our singer-songwriter contest. instead of sending it in online it was in a large manila envelope. p.s., i don't sing i'll scare
8:54 pm
people ha-ha. there was a beautiful letter he wrote and how sweet she was. then the lyrics. it was so compelling. we had to bring to it life and called him a few days later and who would have known it would have blown up like this. >> we're hoping we can get through the song. lauren green will play keyboard. it's a powerful song. it's called "o sweet lorraine." it's available on itunes. i would love to ask you because download this song. download "o sweet lorraine" on itunes and you will find this to be a beautiful song. fred wrote it for his wife, sweet lorraine. ♪ ♪ sweet lorraine
8:55 pm
♪ i wish we can do all the good times over again ♪ ♪ sweet lorraine life only goes around once and never again ♪ ♪ sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do all the times over again ♪ ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ the good times all over again ♪ ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ all over again ♪ always linger in my mind sweet lorraine ♪ ♪ all the memories linger on ♪ sweet lorraine ♪ that's why i wrote you this
8:56 pm
song ♪ ♪ o sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do all the good times over again ♪ ♪ o sweet lorraine ♪ life only goes around once but never again ♪ ♪ sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do all the good times over again ♪ ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ the good times all over again ♪ [ applause ] >> beautiful song. and a beautiful man. and a beautiful marriage and relationship that we can all
8:57 pm
celebrate. well hope you get the song on itunes. until next week from new york this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. ♪ from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece, kohler will make your reality a dream.
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>> john: tonight we eastbound pose myths and lies. >> politicians tell us what food we can eat. >> what difference of it of yours what i put in my body? >> a little fat >> john: we're told fracking will plague our water. >> but fracking is good. >> it's an amazing story. >> also because stupid people do this, these people lose their jobs? >> we're less safe because of you awful people. should government deliver the mail? shou


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