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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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thursday, we will have that segment for you and we are reading your letters now. again, thanks for watching us now. miss megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. there's breaking news on the kelly file. i am megyn kelly live from new york city. the republican national committee awaiting a response from house democrats and from congressman allen grayson after pictures surfaced from a fundraising appeal that uses burning crosses and equates the tea party to the klu klux klan. the e-mail went out from the 2014 re-election campaign and the caption suggests this t stands for the tea party. caption reads now you know what the t stands for. they asked grayson and house democrats to pull down this
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appeal and return any money that it raised as fundraising effort, calling the tea party basically the kkk. fox news contacted the congressman a couple hours ago to see if he wanted to disavow the e-mail. he went on to launch new attacks. we will have those with reaction from former florida congressman and marine lieutenant colonel allen west who is furious about this in moments. but first, there is breaking news. an obama care bombshell. health and human services secretary giving an interview in the last hour about epic failures in the health care rollout and who is responsible. she was asked to appear before congress, she declined, had to go to some gala, but she sat down and gave an interview moments ago. she was asked specifically about enrollment numbers, about when they found out this was the mess that it is, and she was asked specifically about what the president knew.
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here is her answer. >> i think it became clear fairly early on. the first couple days -- >> but not before that, not before october 1st, there was no concern at that point in the white house or hhs? >> i think that we talked about having testing going forward and if we had an ideal situation and could have built a product in a five-year period of time, we probably would have taken five years, but we didn't have five years, and certainly americans who rely on health coverage didn't have five years for us to wait. we wanted to make sure we made good on this final implementation of the law. >> sanjay gupta sitting down with the secretary today and getting that answer. chris, the president didn't know about a $300 million website disaster that was waiting to happen until after the launch? is that going to be the story? >> well, it would tend to
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signify a remarkably incurious human being whose signature achievement, the thing he has been campaigning for since he took office, he tried for a year and a half to pass it, he spent three years plumping for it after its passage, campaigning on it, talking on it constantly, it would be rather remarkable, wouldn't it, believing up to the moment of the big debut, that he said i'm sure it is fine. >> this is just the latest. he didn't know about the irs scandal until we knew. he didn't find out about the associated press being spied on or james rosen being spied on until he learned on the tv. he didn't find out the website he was using to launch his signature initiative was a disaster waiting to happen, i mean that's what the reports say, that a week -- days prior to launch they tried it out with a couple hundred, and it crashed, couldn't handle anywhere near the volume they knew would come, curiosity
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seekers. they knew it. they briefed secretary sebelius and her people and now she wants us to believe that she didn't tell anybody at the white house, they didn't tell the president or what, the president knew and decided to blow it off? none of those options are good. >> right. this is one where everybody becomes plain from reporting across the board that this was a smoking crater and everyone knew it, here it comes, they're drinking energy accounts, they're chugging energy drinks, throwing pizza around, screaming this thing is going to crash, don't do it, don't do it, and still throwing change orders at them, and here we go. if nobody told the president that, if what she's saying is accurate and nobody told the president this was about to happen, this would be a rather astonishing lapse for his team, very astonishing. >> especially since the congressional investigators have spoken with two internet service providers, cgi, and the other one, that put the website
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together, and they're alleging tonight that what they were told is that those entities heard a lot of discussions about we have to talk to the white house, the white house wants this launched on october 1st, the white house wants it done this way. who at the white house, if not the president, then who at the white house, and is it plausible that they wouldn't have informed the president himself that the thing was crashing days before, that it couldn't handle a fraction of the volume they were expecting to have, and that this thing could really sink the entire rollout of the president's signature initiative. >> well, and if you think about what the president was saying in advance before the launch, well, it is going to be glitchy, it is going to have some problems, it may not be perfect when it comes out but it's going to be better. so was he being deceived, were secretary sebelius and others deceiving him saying it may be a little buggy, sir, but it will be fine. instead, it is a disaster. >> but the problem is not only
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does it undermine his initiative and a law that basically has his name on it, but now there's a real question about whether they're playing fast and loose with the numbers and whether we're getting the real skinny about how many signed up. they need 7 million according to miss sebelius by end of march for this to work, otherwise it collapses of its own weight, and the question is how many people have enrolled? how many? let me show the viewers what we looked at. nobody will tell us what the numbers are, but the research firm, millward brown digital has been cited by news organizations, according to them, we have 129,000 enrolled. that's the number. how many have enrolled. not how many have started the enrollment process. you have to start the enrollment process to have at that meaningful look, so you have to enter things, even if you're not signing up. they want to give us those numbers. the real numbers are who enrolled. they say 129,000, first 20 days.
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that's 161 days as of yesterday until march 31st. they are on track of a million, so if that's the case, they are going to clams. not how many tried, not the 500,000 number, how many enrolled. listen. >> how many people have signed up? >> we will be doing what we have done with every other program, medicare part d, we have done it with chip, we will give monthly enrollment figures. we said that since the beginning. we can tell you we have 500,000 accounts with people that established, are in the process of shopping for affordable coverage. >> they're shopping. we still don't have the numbers. >> by the time this is done, they're not going to stay at that level of enrollment. by the is done, the president will have to go to every door in
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the country to beg them to sign up. the bottom will drop out of private sector insurance, there will be big problems for everyone. they're going to do everything they can to get that number up, up, up. >> insurance companies will be mad and there's a report that the president is meeting with a couple insurance companies. >> i bet. >> why are they mad, why would he need to he is wage them? >> he promised he would bring them people that didn't want to buy their product, he would mandate purchase of private insurance, that's not happening. he will have to delay, plainly have to delay the modest fines that ended up in the final law. the young, healthy people aren't coming in, the website is a disaster, he is not going to deliver on the promise to them, they will explode and everyone's premiums will explode. >> more on this at the bottom of the hour. thanks. >> you bet. is anybody else irritated by that fox news alert and ringing? we will try to get rid of it.
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federal judge oh case a lawsuit that could stop the health care law. jay, we had some breaking news tonight. tell us what happened in the report today. >> no problem. this was a case that actually was argued by mike carvin. he did a great job. judge freedman allowed it to move forward. what's at stake is the irs taking on a broader scope of what it is allowed to regulate or impose. so what happened here, you have a situation where a number of states, over 30 states, decided not to involve state exchanges. another problem you talked about, state exchanges didn't come into existence. >> they said forget about it, you like it so much, you set them up, they tried to set them up, and the portal to sign up for the exchanges is what we have been talking about, what a disaster that's been. >> now the disaster that people will be penalized for something
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they can't comply with. the irs increased its jurisdiction by saying even if the federal controlled exchanges, which are most of them, the irs can come in and assert penalties against employers and individuals. so you've got a situation where this is another attempt. we have a major case against the hhs mandate. eight of those, one going to the supreme court of the united states, all end up going there. megyn, what you have is between the unbelievable roll out problems on the computer, litigation on multiple fronts, hhs mandate, the individual situation with exchanges, you have so many issues hitting obama care at the same time, it falls on it self. if that number is correct, 126,000 or 130,000 people enrolled, you're not going to hit 7 million. will the government say we want single payor which was the plan all along or a situation where congress will take control and get it fixed. 20% of our economy is at stake. >> we are going to look at single payor, we raised it last
6:11 pm
night to see if that's what's going on here in moments. the bottom line for the lawsuit today, the lawsuit has been allowed to proceed, challenging obama care and set up of these exchanges and forcing people to pay the penalties and we will see whether that winds its way to the supreme court and gives challengers another bite at the apple. jay, thank you. >> thanks, megyn. just ahead, david bossy, guy behind citizens united supreme court decision that the president dislikes so very much, his group was warning about the perils of this law, the potential down sides to it, and he is here live on the growing health care meltdown, and reports now tonight that 300,000 florida residents are being kicked off their health care plans and that's just florida. plus -- he is the lawmaker known for making some of the most outrageous statements in congress. >> that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly. >> tonight he touched off a fire storm with a fund raising
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effort, featuring a burning cross and message linking the tea party to the klu klux klan. the angry reaction next. and new casualties in what senator rand paul is calling the worldwide war on christians. tonight, the calls for the administration to finally do something. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp.
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this e-mail sent by representative allen grayson's re-election campaign shows clan members serving a cross, shows the t in tea party with a caption, quote, now you know what the t stands for. fox news contributor, former congressman colonel allen west is with me now. your reaction to this ad? >> thank you, megyn for having me on. having been born and raised in georgia, having parents that were born and raised during the '20s and '30s, i remember growing up, seeing that burning cross on a clear night atop stone mountain so everyone could see across atlanta. this is despicable, this is demeaning, we all know allen grayson is pretty much a sensationalist and can continue to say things that are over the top, but my concern is where is the naacp, where is the national urban league, where is representative john lewis, who is from georgia that marched with dr. king who as i was
6:16 pm
growing up was my representative as a young man in atlanta, georgia, where are voices of the congressional black caucus, ref recommended al sharpton and jesse jackson. obviously what we are seeing is the party, the democratic party that created the crklu klux kla and proud of having that symbol displayed. to all of us in the black community and those of us as constitutional conservatives in the tea party, we have to be outraged and this hypocrisy shouldn't stand. >> there are certain things in politics you don't mess around with, equating somebody to a member of the kkk, that could be one of them. the other thing is, you know, allen grayson, he referred to absence of health care for everybody in the country as the holocaust. i mean, he is always getting out on that limb, and where is the accountability for it? >> well, that's the question you
6:17 pm
have to ask. you know, the president came out and started talking about civility and our dialogue. where is president obama? here we have the guy that supposedly the first african-american president and we're supposed to be celebrating this end of racial animosity, but i think it has gotten even worse and i think the president should be speaking out about this and he should reprimand and censure allen grayson for what he said. the big difference is the president doesn't share the same experience that young men such as myself and women have seen and understand what the klu klux klan represents in this country, especially if you grew up down south. why isn't nancy pelosi speaking out about this, why isn't debbie wasserman schultz or harry reid. we hear the use of extremist language, jihadist language, arsonists, extortionist, and now equating constitutional conservatives, people that believe in a constitutional way of government to operate with people who were responsible for
6:18 pm
lynchings and horrible things in the south and all across this country. >> yeah. when we contacted him, he doubled down, cited a litany of examples where he believes the tea party was attacking president obama by citing his race, claims he is a kenyan and muslim, citing things from the bowels of the internet. you can find things like that from both sides about members of the other party, whether it characterizes the entire party is a very different question. congressman allen west, thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having me, megyn. congratulations on your show. >> thank you, sir. also developing, terrorists target a wedding and top members of congress are demanding they take action about what one senator calls the worldwide war on christians. and citizens united was one of the earliest opponents of obama care. up next, one of the founders is here on reports that hundreds of thousands are now getting letters this evening, that they have been kicked off their insurance plans because of obama
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the more i understood, the more concerned i became because when i see people being forced to pay for their insurance. >> how can the federal government control what health care that we have? >> you aren't going to get the same care out of obama care as what we are getting today. >> thank you, everybody. >> if they can pass health care and mandate that we carry it and penalize us if we don't, i don't
6:23 pm
know where it is going to end. >> a clip from the film "the hope and the change" released almost a year ago, but the group behind it, citizens united was fighting against obama care well before that film's debut. david, there are reports breaking out of florida tonight that some 300,000 florida residents are now getting notices that they have been kicked off their insurance, with the insurance company saying that it is due to the mandates that have been imposed on it by obama care. you have been warning about the dangers of this for some time. your reaction? >> that's right. some of the people you just showed were from florida, they're all democrats from that film i might add, that voted for president obama in 2008. what is going on is exactly what the conservative movement, what the tea party movement has been saying for years. the reason they oppose it was these mandated costs associated
6:24 pm
with the insurance carriers. now you're seeing for the first time the results, and that is florida blue, just now this evening is reporting that they are cancelling 80% of their individual insurance policies. 300,000 statewide are going to lose their insurance coverage because of the costs associated with them having to apply obama care. >> because obama care mandates these insurers offer a bare minimum of coverage, which in some cases includes, in all cases includes maternity leave coverage and all sorts of things that are expensive. there was fear they would not do it. >> and individuals may not choose to have because when you're getting insurance, you choose your premium, you choose what type of coverage you want to have and how much you want to be able to spend per month and what your deductible is. all those things play in the market for insurance.
6:25 pm
this law, this arbitrary, capricious law is big footing over it, that's why you have these problems. >> now more and more folks are coming out and suggesting maybe this isn't such an unwelcome event for the administration, maybe this is what they wanted all along. i am going to play what rush limbaugh said, let me have the viewers keep this in mind. someone was on air last night, leslie marshall, suggesting why would the government want the first bite at government intervention in health care to fail as justification for more government intervention in health care. she said it doesn't make sense. >> you may all want single payor, and obama told his union buddies, take 5, 10, 15 years to get there. if the american people wouldn't accept it, just legislate it, if they end up demanding it out of
6:26 pm
this. >> your thoughts? >> i think you're right. russia is right, that's the underbelly, what they want on the left, the single payor system. however, i think if they wanted that over 10 or 15 years, that's possible, but i can tell you after the first three weeks americans are standing up saying whoa, wait a minute, maybe the delay that ted cruz and the conservatives in congress wanted isn't such a bad idea and maybe, just maybe, president obama should kind of adopt it as his own idea. he didn't like it when it was their idea. maybe if president obama wakes up and decides in december we're not ready for this, we have to delay it, maybe he'll go along with it then. >> before i let you go, i know another issue you raised about this law is the fraud we have seen taking place throughout this. and there have been several reports, including "the washington post" how unsecure the portal is, how there's so much mass confusion. there were reports of thousands
6:27 pm
of social security numbers going to the wrong place and so on. you say this is a real concern. >> well, i think every american needs to be very concerned. you have criminals, cyber criminals coming out of the wood was work to prey on the sick and elderly. they're going to pick up the phone from the government, i am here to help, give me your bank account information and social security number, this will be rampant across the board. and of course, navigators have no background checks. congressman dennis ross from florida just today instituted a bill before congress to require background checks for all of the navigators. that's an incredibly good idea. we have them for less reasons than navigators. it is time to stand up and make a little accountability. >> there are reports of people setting up dummy websites, try to go to, especially the state exchanges, they're trying to monitor that,
6:28 pm
and something to keep in mind, make sure it is the real deal, not a fake dummy site. david bossie, thank you. breaking news about when the president knew about the problems with the rollout of obama care and when the, quote, a team was called in. wait until you hear what secretary sebelius said about that. brit hume reacts. and new developments in the disappearance of baby lisa irwin. tonight we know why the parents of baby lisa think this may be their daughter, who was just discovered living with gypsies in europe. >> this here is the window into the computer room the family believes the intruder came in through. they believe he pushed through this screen and went through the window. you can see down below that there's a little wood step. if you wanted to get in, you could step up on it, you would be tall enough potentially to push through this window, enter the house, they say the baby's room is through this computer room on the other side of the
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a new poll out shows the majority of americans remain opposed to obama care three years after the law passed. 51% now disapprove of the law. republicans are also taking a hit in the polls, but don't expect that to deter them. the latest polls show a gop in free fall after this month's government shutdown. but tell that to the folks in texas that gave ted cruz a hero's welcome today. after the shutdown ended, president obama chastised those that tried to condition the government's operation on changes to obama care. >> you don't like a particular policy or a particular president, then argue for your position. go out there and win an election. push to change it.
6:33 pm
>> the problem is that's what republicans did before obama care even became law and they succeeded. but then democrats changed the rules. in the summer of 2009, the democratically controlled house and senate began to push their ideas of health care reform. and the american people rose up. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. you want to leave? >> i got news for you, that you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. one day god's going to stand before you and he's going to judge you. >> lawmakers returning home that august were confronted at fiery town hall meetings. >> you have awakened sleeping giants. that's why everyone in this room is so ticked off. >> authority not granted you as united states
6:34 pm
senator. >> kill the bill. >> we cannot afford this, period. keep the government out of it, we're doing just fine. >> the tea party founded on principles of limited government was gaining steam, united in opposition to obama care. still, that december the senate voted to end debate on the bill. all democrats voted in favor, all republicans voted no. but the deal was not done. the senate still needed to vote on the bill itself. then ted kennedy died and scott brown, a republican, ran to fill his seat. his biggest campaign promise, he would break the democrats' filibuster proof majority and stop obama care from becoming law. >> i would be the 41st vote, not the 60th vote. >> the first time since 1972, massachusetts voters elected a republican to the u.s. senate. but democrats were undeterred. in a stunning move, senate majority leader harry reid used an arcane budgetary rule to deem it passed.
6:35 pm
>> i hope we won't have to do this. if we can't get 60 votes we'll need, we'll have no alternative. >> march of 2010, the house passed the senate's bill and the president signed it into law. >> as we have all said, many times, great pride and great humility that we undertook this great act of patriotism that occurred on the house floor tonight. >> can you say it was done openly? with transparency and accountability? without back room deals and struck behind closed doors, hidden from the people? hell no you can't! >> months later the democrats would pay a heavy price for pushing through a bill that unlike other entitlements in this country's history had zero bipartisan support and has never been favored by a majority of americans. a little pattern emerging with more moderate democrats getting voted out of the house and in particular democrats that voted
6:36 pm
for the health care reform law. republicans promising to repeal the law were swept back to control the house in 2010, capturing more than 60 seats, achieving the biggest party turnover in 70 years. after the 2010 elections, republicans introduced bills to try to repeal obama care over and over, but the president stated all along he would veto a reform bill, even if it passed both houses of congress. joining me with more, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. that look back explains some of the determination that republicans, including ted cruz and others that feel as he do have shown in recent weeks and will continue to show more, brit, now that we're seeing the law suffer such problems. >> no doubt about it, megyn. and of course this problem with the rollout we're seeing you have gone into at such length tonight is an illustration of how fragile this measure was because it did not have a single republican vote behind it when
6:37 pm
it passed in the house, after it squeaked through the senate, barely. that means the other party has -- no one in that party has any stake in this bill at all, in this measure at all. their opposition to it is not only intense in some places, but they were all against it, it is unanimous. so you don't have any political underpinning that previously enacted entitlement programs have. >> good point. you have half the country, more than half, and half the legislators at least in the house and pretty much in the senate rooting against the bill, so when the problems come up, there's not inclination to solve it, there's inclination to say we told you so. >> well, and there's also this, megyn, the premise on which the shutdown defund strategy was based was that if this thing ever did get up and running that enough people would benefit from it and like it that there would be no repealing it. now, there is a case of a bill that passed back in the 1980s
6:38 pm
that was a health care entitlement that was repealed the next year, but most people have forgotten about that. the premise has been that this would be unrepealable, unstoppable if it ever got up and running. i think from the point of view of people that want this bill ended, that's too pessimistic a view. we're seeing now the government may prove it cannot pull this off, that the government is not capable of mounting this kind of program. if that turns out to be the case, it is not only a blow to this program but a blow to the core ideas of liberal government is capable of doing great, large things for the people. >> it is a fascinating point. tonight secretary sebelius was asked, she had to admit to myriad problems that the website was suffering in the days before the launch, and the question was asked, kept crashing repeatedly, days before, when you had hundreds trying to get on, never mind tens of thousands of
6:39 pm
people, why didn't you say hold on, let's continue testing this and get it right before we launch it, and brit, she said people have waited too long already, decades for their health insurance, waiting was not really an option. >> yeah, that's a political judgment, megyn, and you know, when you think about it, and it may -- if this doesn't improve pretty quickly, when people look back on this, they will say this was a colossal mistake, that by far the better course would have been for them to wait until they tested this properly and were sure it could with stand the traffic and all the rest of it, make sure it worked, because if this rollout continues to be a fiasco as it has been so far for too much longer, the enrollment goals, signup goals they have will not be met, the program will face financial shortfall that will be major. there are all kinds of potential problems here.
6:40 pm
and the determination to go forward with it gives you a sense f hof how well aware they were of the fragile it is. >> i think it has gone 90% down from what it was initially, people they most wanted were young people, young people barely want to handle things by text. e-mail is long form letters for people like you and me, never mind going to the website and dealing with hours and hours and days of problems, so what they have now, brit, is a situation where they're not getting the very people they most want and they launched too early, and now kathleen sebelius says now they brought in the "a" team of people to fix this. now. >> and we don't know, megyn, whether the tech surge can be effective. all of it remains to be seen. we need to be aware of this.
6:41 pm
it is certainly possible, maybe even likely, that the problems will be repaired soon enough and people will -- they'll kind of roll it out again, people will take another crack at this and may find a health care plan suitable to them in sufficient numbers that young healthy people in sufficient numbers will sign up and it could all work. it is not outside the realm of possibility, it is just off to a terrible start and does raise the question whether indeed not only this program or anything on this scale can be done. >> does the technical problem become a policy problem. >> exactly. >> and become a political problem beyond that. >> exactly right. >> brit hume, thank you. >> you bet. top members of congress are demanding action on what senator calls the worldwide war on christians. we'll show you what pushed them over the edge. and tonight we know why the parents of baby lisa irwin think this young blonde girl could be their missing daughter. stay tuned. frds we chip away.
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that would be my daughter --
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6:46 pm
aggravation of legal system. that's rand paul saying there's a worldwide war on christians and it is being ignored. do you agree with him, and if so, why? >> absolutely. first of all, want to commend rand paul for bringing the media attention to this issue. what we are seeing is systemic persecution not just christians but muslims. anyone brave enough to speak out against this, brave enough to say minorities in the muslim world deserve human rights is being targeted as an islamphobe. they're quicker to condemn criticism of islam as he did twice, once in cairo, another time at the u.n., than he is to call out islamist terrorism for what it is. they have the view it doesn't exist.
6:47 pm
islam, jihad have been purged from counteder terrorism training manuals, muslim brotherhood, spearheading the terrorist organization spearheading persecution of christians in egypt is whitewashed in counter terrorism manuals and you have all out denial. there should be a case study done about how the west is reacting or not reacting for that matter to the genocide of christians in muslim countries. >> what could they do though? what more could we do? you might think the administration doesn't want to stoke the fires, maybe they're going about it by sort of with the arm reached out to create a more kinder, gentler relationship, hoping to inspire change in behavior, i don't know. >> what the administration is doing in its muslim outreach program is basically propping up the muslim brotherhood as we did in egypt and coddling the muslim brotherhood. when the president went to cairo, invited muslim
6:48 pm
brotherhood that was then banned to sit in the front row and parroted the line the future doesn't belong to those that defame the prophet islam. when you consider the plas fem ee to those in majority muslim countries, what's happening to them when they're accused of defaming islam, that was a strong statement made. >> what about the options, the attacks on christians have been repeated, we have covered them at length, in egypt now they're looking the other way, you can do it with i mpunitimpunity, th say don't report it, we're not doing anything about it. what more should we be doing? cutting aid to egypt? it is not just egypt. >> how ironic that we are having this conversation now when morsi advocated for persecution of christians, more people were put in jail and murdered than the entire time mubarak was in
6:49 pm
power, we are only now reconsidering aid. we have to stop supporting blasphemy laws. they cosponsored with muslim brotherhood and organization of islamic cooperation a resolution at the u.n. that criminalizes use of the media to condemn islam. we are supporting the pretext under which christians are being murdered. >> brook, thank you for being here. appreciate your thoughts. >> thank you for having me. tonight, we know why the parents of baby lisa think this young blonde girl found in a gypsy camp in europe could be their daughter. and hannity, at the top of the hour. speaking of ranting. >> the thing about it, if it is so good and free and easy to get on the website, why do they have to advertise to get you to do it. why are they going door to door to convince people it is so great. if it is free and cheaper, the best thing since sliced bread, why do we have to convince people?
6:50 pm
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right now the front of the house has a makeshift memorial on it, from well wishers who would like to see this baby returned safely. right here is the window through which the family believes the intruder entered the home. this is the computer room in the house. could the person have done that so close to the street and so close to the neighboring house? >> without being seen. that was two years ago when i spoke with baby lisa's parents after she vanished in the middle of the night from her crib. her parents now say they believe a girl named maria found at gypsy camp in greece could be their daughter.
6:54 pm
trace, are the authorities taking this possibility seriously? >> reporter: police say there are ten leads around the world they're taking seriously, including the case of baby lisa. this is baby lisa, what she might look like at the age of 3 on the right-hand side of the screen and the left is maria, the girl found in the gypsy camp. there is a resemblance and the attorney for baby lisa's parents just told me a short time ago that they are getting more confident. listen. >> debbie told me today when they looked at it more closely and they looked at the eyes and the face structure, they believed that it was a lot closer looking than to to what lisa would look like and they believe she kind of looks like jeremy. i guess they feel that jeremy looks like his maternal grandmother and felt that lisa and maria also did. >> reporter: the gypsy parents claim that maria was born in 2009, that she was 4 years old
6:55 pm
and forensic dental tests say she's 5 or 6 years old. deb bradley says that doesn't bother her one bit, megan, because she says lisa was a very big baby. >> but dental exams should tell you the accurate age, even if you're large for your age. what do the kansas city police say about this? >> reporter: very little except to say it's worth checking out. they also point out their investigation is going nowhere because all the leads are drying up. we called the fbi. the fbi also won't comment but kind of said to us, remember, that lisa is 3 years old. others were even more skeptical point out that lisa's eyes were blue and maria's appear to be very green. neighbors in that greek gypsy camp also say that they told police that maria has lived there since she was born. and mark fuhrman, who covered this case with you extensively, thinks that baby lisa's mom is just continuing this charade. listen to him. >> so if we're going to fast forward to today, she is going
6:56 pm
to claim that there was a gypsy band roaming kansas city that snuck in the one night that she was drunk and blacked out, took her baby and two cell phones and then snuck back to greece? i mean, it's pretty absurd. >> reporter: international police have 38 girls under the age of 6 years old in their database and none of them fit the description of this maria girl from greece. >> thank you. we'll have much more in just a moment. don't go away. wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often.
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so we're actually going to post my old interview with baby lisa's parents on facebook for you. also we'll post that piece with brit hume about how obama was passed. follow me on twitter @megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file i ". and welcome to "hannity." tonight they were warned damning new evidence has emerged that the obama administration knew the obama care web site was not ready for primetime, yet they went ahead with their launch date anyway. what else aren't they telling you, the american people? it time to get to the bottom of this national embarrassment. >> nobody's madder than me about the fact that the web site isn't working as well as it should, which means it's going to get fixed. >> they knew it would fail. >> as would any launch of a maybe web operation like


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