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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 23, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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problem instead of stepping up and dealing with the problem yourself. and from a police officer, most of the time, parents don't call us which leads to more problems down the road. gretchen, thanks, and welcome to game one of the world series tonight between the red sox of boston and the st. louis cardinals. we'll speak live at the legendary sports casters, there's a lot of news today, another student accused of murdering another teacher, this time right here in boston. and some important dna results concerning that little girl who cops found in a gypsy camp in europe. all that and much more unless breaking news changes everything. >> live from fenway park in boston. >> good afternoon again from right field, the roof deck at
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fenway where in just about three -- has the making of one heck of a world series matchup. the teams are tied for the best records in baseball. the red sox have had an especially uplifting season, one that perhaps mirrors the city's recovery from the deadly bombings from the boston marathon just six months ago now. it was the worst season in red sox history. the team climbed to the standings and carried with it a spirit of the city and one that it's adopted with the slogan boston strong. in just a moment, we'll have more on boston's recovery and the red sox resurgence and we'll honor the veterans who will be honored tonight right here at fenway, in game one, they're honoring our soldiers and those who fight for our freedom. there is some unsettling news to report, a town about 20 miles
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north and eefs of here, it's a story that has dominated the news across this city throughout the day. police say a 14-year-old high school student has killed a teacher in danveres massachusetts. somebody discovered blood in the bathroom of the second floor. her name was colleen ritzer and the kids say they loved her like you wouldn't believe. she was just 24 years old, handed out class assignments on twitter and stayed with children after school. most here are suggesting that the 14-year-old boy is accused of stabbing her to death. and court documents indicate there is surveillance video of the crime as it happened, abc news reports that the video shows that 14-year-old boy dragging that teacher into the
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woods. >> it's apparent that she's a homicide victim. she was a teacher here at danvers high school, this is a terrible tragedy for the entire community. >> that suspect appeared in court just a short time ago for arraignment. police said they arrested him earlier this morning after finding him on a nearby highway. this all coming after a 12-year-old boy shot a middle schoolteacher on friday. mel robbins a radio talk show host and trial attorney, also editor-in-chief of the website the i've been watching this since the story broke earlier this morning on the local news t noon news was dominated by all this. the question now is how in the world could this have happened? no one has a reason or a motive and no one has any idea why this
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beloved teacher would have been murdered. >> it's kind of a wild timeline, this kid ho's 14 years old, he's in ninth grade, he's about six feet tall and he's the leading scorer for the jv soccer team. he didn't show up for practice yet and he didn't show up for the pizza dinner and then his parents reporting him missing and then the family of the teacher reported her missing and that's when things started to coalesce. >> the cops went to the school and started searching the school. they went to that second floor bathroom and found a pool of blood. that's when they started a search team, they fanned out from the school and they didn't have to go far, to the woods behind them. these soccer kids were out searching for the boy, they didn't know the two things were related. but there's no story on where he
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might have been or what he might have been doing. >> he and his family had moved from tennessee and had only been in danvers, it's a tight knit town, it's a place where this just doesn't happen. we have a probable cause hearing on november 22, which he's entitled to because he's a juvenile. they are going to push this to the full extent of the law. but you're right, we have no motive, and as a parent, i'm sure you feel the same way i do, which is how the heck does this keep happening? >> our wonderful school with our great students who end up going on to some of the best universities in all the land. we're talking about a boy here who the laws in this state have been changing and rapidly and really they're very much still in flux. a 14-year-old can be charged as an adult, a 14-year-old cannot face the death penalty, but it's my understanding that whether or
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not he can get life in prison, is that uncertain? >> well, it's uncertain and it depends upon what they ultimately charge him with. you got to remember we don't really know what the motive is, we hear that it was a stabbing, which is such a gruesome crime. when somebody shoots somebody, there's that distance, but this is physical, and the dragging of the body out of the school. the judge did agree to a psychological examination, so who knows what we're going to find out. everybody that we heard about this kid, is that he was a beloved soccer player, he was superquiet, here we have got his friends out looking for him as police are investigating. nobody is connecting the dots until about 3:00 this morning. it's just a tragedy. >> danvers is a part of the greater boston community. for people who don't know boston well, it's a big city, but it certainly plays like a small town.
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danvers is as much boston and anywhere else. it seems like this tragedyics murder that happened last night and the excitement of what they're expecting to see behind me tonight, mel, it's a difficult juxtaposition. but boston, all the best to you. and mel, thanks again, it's good to see you. >> and you look great in fenway park, you're just missing a red sox cap, my friend. >> i'll continue to be missing the red sox cap with all due respect. we'll keep you updated on that story throughout the hour. life goes on and baseball goes on. and more on the world series now. what a season for the boston red sox. i don't know a baseball fan who was. saying, especially at the all-star break, these red sox can't hold on, they don't have the pitching, they don't have the team. well, they held on. and they have the best record in baseball, tied with the st. louis cardinals. tickets are sold out as they
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almost always are for red sox games. they broke the sellout forlike 50,000 games in a row. but you can bet tickets are at a premium. we're hours away from game time, and they'll have some 500 extra police officers stationed around the ballpark. the boston police have also called on fans not to wear backpacks to fenway today because it's all fresh what happened six months ago, in the wake of the boston bombings, they did use backpacks to carry their explosives to the marathon. i don't think there's even a boston fan who at the beginning of this season who said this is our year, this is it. >> as you mentioned, it's been six months, the city has come so far, the red sox have come a very, very far distance as well. the red sox and the boston marathon are intimately tied together.
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they have been, it's a tradition, it's a patriot day tradition. the runners run right by fenway park during the marathon. after that morning game, the fans headed out to cheer on the runners. twin bombings rocked the marathon, then followed the lockdown, the man hunt and the capture. red sox big hitter david ortiz said it best. >> this is [ bleep ] neil diamond made an appearance making the red sox even sweeter and the fans raised -- ensuring the boston strong mantra, which became a unifying phrase that symbolized the city's resilience would be a big part of an
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historic season. >> throughout the year, we have had patients, victims, heroes, law enforcement, doctors, nurses at the ballpark and our players have embraced them with the warmest, most passionate of hugs. >> and a wounded community embraced a team that kept delivering. >> i think it help bring the people together. if you remember that pitcher, jonny gomes on the cover of "sports illustrated" with the "boston strong." i think it just lifted the team up and that's why the red sox are where they are today. >> these were the things that were shared by the fans and by management alike, that it was a shared compassion, it was a shared passion that brought the red sox to this moment. >> i understand the sentiment, i remember after the bombings in new york city, and the yankees made their way and probably that year to the world series and it was a little bloop right over into -- right over shore that
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ended that season for the yankees and i remember standing out on third avenue with my hand up trying to get a cab with my hand up and thinking thank god we have the yankees. >> and you know, it really was instrumental in bringing all of boston together, the yankees pulling for the red sox and it's really been about heart all across the nation, not just here in boston, but all of baseball. >> it's not to say that those cardinals from st. louis don't. i don't think there's a city in america you can go where you don't see cardinals hats. there's a lot of sentiment here, but there is in st. louis today. and one of st. louis's biggest fans of course is a guy named joe buck, though he'll play it straight on on fox. molly, it's great to see you. now to aing my try that's so far stumped investigators really around the world. that young girl found with a man
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and woman who are not her parents and now the search to find who her real family is. there is some dozen children there and nobody knows where they belong. the gypsy camp from grease and the children left with no home. that and much more on this edition of shepard smith reporting. from fenway park, game one of the world series on the fox broadcast network. my mantra?
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14 minutes past the hour, i'm shepherd smith reporting. the mystery deepens over that little girl who turned up in a gypsy camp in greece. she does not match in the data base of missing persons. greek officials have asked the international law enforcement agency interpol for some help in identifying her. investigators say many of the promising leads have come from right here in the united states, which for them, raises the possibility that she could be an american. you'll remember police discovered the little girl in central greece last week near the town of farsala. during a nationwide crackdown on gypsy camps there, she had been living as the authorities describe it in squalor, with this couple who claim to be her parents.
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but according to authorities they didn't look anything like her to them, so they asked a lot of questions and officials say the girl is now in a hospital in greece and that a charity is taking care of her. they say future genetic testing may reveal maria's exact age and ethnicity. or at least they hope so. are authorities still trying to connect maria to any missing kids here in the united states? >> they're working, shep, but there's a couple of reasons they can't rule kids out from the united states. it turns out they're unclear if baby elise's dna is actually in the interpol database. they had eight strong leads of possibilities of kids being connected to maria and that four of them were from the united states. now greek authorities are saying that they're down to two solid leads and it's unclear if any of those are from the united states. remember, baby lisa disa appeared two years ago, and in
12:17 pm
any of those cases baby lisa was connected to this girl. baby lisa has blue eyes and maria has green eyes. the difference might be that baby lisa was a very big baby and that she appears older now that that she's three years old. connection could be possible. >> interpol investigating the gypsy parents as well? >> they have issued what they call a blue notice and that's to get all the information they can possibly get against these gypsy parentses. remember they said that the girl was given to them by a bulgarian parents because they could not afford to take care of them. the parents are involved in a welfare scam where they're collecting benefits on 14 kids, except they can't find ten of those children, so they think these parents might have
12:18 pm
falsified some birth certificates and they're also investigating what they could be involved in child trafficking. in the northern part of that country, there's a brand-new case involving a brand-new girl where the girl looks nothing like the parents and that could start another frenzy of wondering who that little girl might be as well, shep. >> if nothing else, bringing to light the number of children who are caught up in trafficking around the world. we learned from mark klaas, the father of poll klaas. remember the guy who posted a video on youtube who claimed that he was drunk when a car -- we'll tell you what's going to happen to that man who was seen on the youtube video by millions of people across this country. we'll have much more from fenway
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a man who confessed online that he killed somebody while driving drunk will spend the next 6 1/2 years in prison and he'll never be able to get behind the wheel again legally. that's the sentence that a judge handed down in ohio. the driver, in the middle there, matthew cordell with his attorney there. he pleaded guilty last month to aggravated vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol. the cop did not know that the
12:23 pm
22-year-old was the driver in the video -- he said he eventually ended up driving into oncoming traffic on the interstate. >> i'm begging you, please don't drink and drive. don't make the same excuses that i did. don't say it's only a few miles or you have only had a few beers or you do it all the time, it will never happen to you, because it happened to me and all of those are just excuses to make yourself feel better about a decision that you know is wrong and could cost lives. >> well, he could have gotten 8 1/2 years in prison, but again, as i said, the judge sentenced him to 6 1/2. the daughter of the man who died in the drunk driving crash said that she wanted cordell to get that maximum punishment. how did cordell himself react to his sentence in court today, garrett? >> well, shep, he was actually just relieved to have this
12:24 pm
entire case over with, that's according to his attorney. the 22-year-old, he said all along that he would accept whatever punishment it is that he received and he didn't diverge from those sentiments today while he was addressing the court. he expressed remorse for his action and his desire that nobody would have to go through what this family has done as a result of his actions. the daughter of the victim, we heard from her as well. she said she believes that cordell is sincere and she hope he is successful in encouraging others to not drink and drive, but none of that will bring her father back. >> the message i do not want to send is that if you hilt and kill someone all you have to do is admit to it later and get less than clean si. >> and cordell will be serving every day of those 6 1/2 years, he is not eligible for parole and his attorney told us after
12:25 pm
the case today that there was going to be no appeal. shep? >> let's get to judge nap poll tang know. >> i think it was unjustly harsh and it was generated by the unique and almost bizarre way in which it came to the attention of the police. normally 6 1/2 years in jail mean you're available for parole, so somewhere between four, 4 1/2 and five. but 6 1/2 straight years in jail, for a crime that he did not intend to commit, obviously he was too drunk to form the intent, a crime that he actually solved for police, because in ohio, you're supposed to be given credit for your remorse and he wasn't. >> an unlawful sentence? >> the statute, realize that the victim suffers egregiously, the
12:26 pm
young lady that we just heard. and obviously no sentence can alleviate her suffering and every victim wants the defendant to get the maximum center. but a ohio judge is supposed to give credit to a defendant who shows remorse and who helps police solve his own crime. this guy did both to an extreme example. he preached to youth, don't do what i did. and he told police who he was and that he did it when they had no indication of who he was. he was not rewarded for that and ohio law requires that he be so rewarded. but if they're not going to appeal the sentence, he's going to be stuck with the 6 1/2 years even though the sentence was unlawful. >> and they're not going to appeal. >> and he -- some believe that drunk drivers should be sentenced to the max and that's the only way to stop this scourge. it's not a crime of intent.
12:27 pm
usually these people are so drunk that they don't even realize they're driving the car. so putting them in jail for 10 years is not going to solve the problem. rewarding the remorse, encouraging them to confess, rewarding the confession, encouraging them to come forward and rewarding them to do do will help in the future and that's not what happened here. >> judge andrew napolitano, our senior judicial analyst. a terrorist is facinging justice in the united states for his alleged involvement in the 1998 bombings from the embassies in kenya. he will not need a public defender. he now has a defense attorney representing him and wait until you hear who's paying for it. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids
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it's the bottom of the hour and time for a fox report.
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on day one of that city's bankruptcy trial. a judge is set to rule on whether detroit is even eligible to file for chapter 11 protection under the bankruptcy code. the city's debt has gotening so bad, around 40% of the street lights have gone dark. the secretary of state john kerry met with the israeli primary benjamin netanyahu in rome. kerry says even though the united states has restarted talks with iran to curb their nuclear program, he says no deal is better than a bad deal. pangs george christened in london, the ceremony is set to release the first portrait showing four generations of royals in more than a century. the rest is up to you.
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coming to us from the scene of the home of a 14-year-old high school student in danvers who's accused of murdering a high school teacher there. this picture courtesy of the boston herald. investigators say they found the teacher's body in the woods behind the school. the teacher's name, colleen ritzer, she was found dead early hours of this morning, the young boy now being held and being charged as an adult. no word on police from danvers yet on a motive. the government in libya is covering the cost of a lawyer for the al qaeda suspect facing terrorism charges in new york. the government of libya is paying the bill. that's the word from a federal court employee. u.s. forces are said to have captured him during a raid in libya earlier this month. they brought him backs to the
12:34 pm
united states on board a ship to face trial. the defense says that al liby played a role in the 1998 bombingses of the u.s. -- right now he's serving a life sentence for orchestrating the 1993 bombing at the world trade center. this is al liby's second legal team. while all the changes? >> when he was arraigned last week, al liby was represented by attorneys at no cost to him from the office of federal defenders, but they had to drop out of the case because they had another client named in the same indictment. he said he didn't have money for a private attorney. the court was in the process of providing lawyer at taxpayer expense, when suddenly yesterday afternoon--a court attorney told
12:35 pm
fox the libyan government was picking up the tab. reportedly told an arabic language news channel that libya was covering al liby's attorney. the attorney has little to say when asked who was paying his bill. >> when your client was arraigned last week, he said he didn't have enough money for an attorney. can you tell us anything about who is paying for your services? >> no, no comment. >> how did he suddenly come by money to pay for your services as an attorney? >> he said he's not taking this case pro bono, he is being paid, he just won't say by whom. >> the word is by libya, and from the prosecution side, it sounds like they have a very strong case, david lee. >> during the hearing, the
12:36 pm
prosecutors said that al liby was given his miranda rights and -- 270,000 pages of unclassified documents that it wants to enter into evidence. the defense said it would need at least six months to review the government's material and that a trial probably won't get underway for at least a year. meanwhile a potential complication exists in al liby's health, he is suffering from hepatitis c. one issue that the defense did raise was the return of al liby's personal koran. the authorities wanted to examine handwritten notes contained in the margins. al liby's lawyer says he wants it back. >> david lee, thanks, president obama had no idea the new health care law's website wasn't ready for prime time.
12:37 pm
kathleen sebelius said in a television interview that the obama care website crashed during a test run and apparently nobody told the president before launch day. it's been three weeks since the president's signature health care law went online and the white house is still dealing with the glitches and the crashes that have been causing headaches since day one. ed henry is at the white house for us this afternoon. secretary sebelius just left the white house. why was she there and what happened? >> she was there with health insurance executives and others. they're playing some defense trying to figure out not just the website, but the broader implementation issues here that are cropping up. some people who paid for their own plans, getting cancellation letters, hundreds of thousands of them around the country, saying their policies are no longer being offered. we should point out they may get better coverage in the end if
12:38 pm
they go into the exchanges. but the president sold this in the beginning that if you like your current health plan, you like your current doctor, you'll be able to stay there. that's not true for everyone. so the administration is dealing on a number of fronts with all these charges. and what secretary sebelius told the president about how bad the website was going to be, what types of problems were popping up. days before the october 1 launch, they did a stress test and the website failed, it crashed. sebelius said she did not inform the president of that, that the president did not learn until october 1 that there were going to be problems and that there were problems popping up on that first day. i questioned why wasn't the president told sooner. >> was the president being insulated? >> what the president made clear,nd he's on the record
12:39 pm
saying well ahead of the launch is that we expected hiccups and glimplgs as you would expect from the launch of any major complex website. >> now the bottom line if the administration continues to say that they've got what they call a tech surge, bringing in it professionals to help fix this website and they also say the website is just basically in their eyes a small part of a broader law that they're trying to impment, jay carney at one point using a football analogy saying they're going do keep running this play and getting three yards at a time and sooner our later it will work. >> they have many months until march to stop the fumbling. we'll see what they do. we're live in boston today gearing up for game one of the world series which is tonight on the big fox broadcast network. fox sports stars will join us to talk boston strong as the city gears up for a major sports
12:40 pm
event just six months after the boston marathon. it's the cards at the red sox and that's next.
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read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. 15 minutes before 4:00 at fenway park in boston. where game one of the world series between the red sox and the st. louis cardinals is tonight, set to begin in just a few hours on the fox broadcast network. the city stood strong after the boston marathon bombing just six months ago now. tonight is dead indicated to our country's military heroes. tim mccarver and joe buck, long-time fox sports announcers will be at the helm tonight for this first game and throughout the series. >> i've been with this guy for 18 years, he's unbelievable. >> i don't think you and i have ever had a real argument.
12:44 pm
>> not yet. >> not yet. we have got seven more games potentially and we might be able to get through it. >> how do you see this thing getting started? we're talking during the break about the red sox rotation. we really don't know. >> two strong bullpens whether the first three guys can run against yadier molena, good starting staff for the cardinals and i think it's going to come down to who's more productive in the bullpen. i mean their closers are lights out. if it goes into extra innings, you know, that could be very, very interesting. >> and you just don't know, shep, how the young guys are going to do. the cardinals are dynamic and the starter who's 22 years old who nobody can score against. but their bullpen is filled with young guys, and so isles an unknown, in the world series on this big stage how they'll do. i think they'll do fine, but you just don't know. >> they'll have 12 rookie
12:45 pm
pitchers this year. 20 rookies and 12 rookie pitchers. >> who would have predicted that the boston red sox after the debacle of last year could get anywhere near this. >> it's the most immediate turn around that i have seen a baseball team make in the last 30 years. >> wow. >> and i think a lot of the credit goes to, not just the front office, they did a good job of unloading all those big deals on the dodgers. dodgers can take it on, red sox retooled, but the manager, the guy who was pitching coach here came back and from the beginning of spring training said we're going to change the mood and the altitude around this team and it worked and here they are. >> they had the team dead and buried for a long time. the boston papers were ruthless. a couple of other story lines tonight too. six months after the bombings, boston strong has the mantra and a lot of people who have endured that and lived through, and friends and relative who is did not are --
12:46 pm
>> we were going over replays the other day when the young bogarts, the third baseman who just turned 21 on october 1 hit that be strong sign in left center field. and i think both of us, we talked about it between innings and both of us were very taken, symbolically of what that meant. >> i think when you have a public gathering like you have at fenway park after an incident like that, we saw it back in 9/11 all over the country when everybody came back and gattered in these stadiums and the bay baseball can unify and uplift. so many good people, just walking the streets here that you run across that will pat you on the back a and then tell me not to root against the red sox and why do i love the cardinals.
12:47 pm
>> baseball dead dating game one to their families. >> baseball has done it right for a long time and they're doing it right for game one tonight. >> it's great. and it's something that when you gather here, and you get a chance, how often do these people get the opportunity to hear applause like that and have a full stadium let them here their appreciation, i think that's what makes it so great. >> we have got a serious new story that's been breaking across the city throughout the day. a 14-year-old high school student is accused of murdering this 24-year-old teacher, nearby here in a boston suburb and there will be a moment of silence tonight before game one of the world series, it had just been decided in honor of this woman, a 24-year-old teacher that a 14-year-old student murdered overnight. somebody found blood in one of the buildings bathrooms, the you
12:48 pm
just never know what is going to turn a mood. i've been watching carefully throughout the day. and this city is shaken by this and they're going to pay tribute to this young teacher tonight. >> you gather in something like this and you celebrate and you play a baseball game, and then real life interjectsitis and you get a reminder like that. it's just heart breaking. >> one thing about sports, you know with people who aren't sports fans maybe don't quite get it. but i'll never forget after the attacks of 9/11 and the yankees made that really improbable run and there was a little bloop single right over short off mariano that ended it. i remember putting my hand on -- looking for a cab and not being able to get one and realizing how much that team had helped me and my friends and my neighbors get through all we had been through. >> two of the three games in new york with the yankees trailing by two runs, ti'll never forget
12:49 pm
those games, four and five. with the mood of the city at the time, it gave you an idea of how baseball can pull people together and it certainly did for 9/11 and it's great to see in boston that they're doing it once again. >> it really is. and i know there will be a big showdown in st. louis as well. the weather's not going to be as bad as they thought. the weather gods are smiling, down to 20% and it's going to be about 45 degrees at game time. it's never going to go below 40 so it ought to be a great night for baseball. >> it's going to be fine. we'll be snuggled up. >> there's plenty of body heat going on at fenway park. >> the big fox broadcast network, 8:00 eastern time, 7:00 in st. louis. that's tonight on the fox broadcast network. for days officials in australia
12:50 pm
have warned that wildfires could merge into some kind of superinferno that might sweep all the roofses out of the back. now what we know may have started it all. it is not mother nature. in australia, they are up in arms. we'll have that and the rest of the day's news from fenway park right after this. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve. you're joking right? but as time passed, i stted to notice max just wasn't himself.e and i knew he'd feel better if heost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat ow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "speal powers" returned... and i got my hero back.
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syria recently, and jonathan hunt has been following it throughout president are we getting a better idea of what it is that's happening right now. >> we're getting initial reports th that the airport. some resident. of damascus. it's the artillery. it's on a daily basis.
12:55 pm
in damascus, as the rebels push further and further towards president bashar al-assad's seat of power. this appears to have struck a pipeline, and people are august about a particularly large explosion. >> jonathan, thanks. we know what caused one of the devastating wildfires in australia, the nation's own military. that's the word from investigators. they say members of the military are setting off explosives at a training site when flames eru erupted just west of sydney. that fire torched 100,000 acres. it was the size of denver. so far flames destroyed 200 m homes, and many have been burned beyond repair.
12:56 pm
at least one person has been killed. 20 years ago today, one of the more memorable moments of the history of the fall clesk. it was quite an afternoon, and it was next as we report live from fenway park. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals
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. history time on this day in 1993, the toronto blue jay, joe carter, hit a walkoff homer to win the world series against the phillies. toronto was up three games to two and about to win it all until the phillies grabbed the lead late in the game. in the bottom of the ninth, carter stepped up, two on, one out, and he was in the hole with two strikes. the pitch was low and tight, but big joe smashed it right over the left field wall. carter danced around the base path, and the blue jays became back-to-back world series champs 20 years ago today.
1:00 pm
and that's it from fenway park in boston as we get ready for game one of the fall classic tonight. it comes on the tv on the big fox broadcast network. 8:00 in boston, 7:00 in st. louis. until then -- ♪ when washington was on the brink, we were there trying to work out a deal. when the health care law was being cooked up, we were the first to tell you the chefs wanted no part of it, when the nation was facing a downgrade, we came in that very night to set the record straight. each time, every time, we have been there for you all the time. when it counted, you could count on us, you could count on me, your financial superhero, to to save the day. no rest for the weary. because this health care law i warned


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