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tv   Hannity  FOXNEWSW  October 23, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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interviews including my interview with the irwin parents when baby lisa went missing a couple of years ago. interesting stuff. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is the kelly world. there is no excuse for the problems. >> team obama in full damage control mode. >> do you know when he first knew there was a problem? >> it became clear fairly early on. the first couple of days. >> not before that though? >> no. >> not before october 1st. >> was he clueless or is kathleen sebelius lying to cover his tracks? sp a low level white house aide is fired for -- what? criticizing the president. what about holding these people account bable for epic failures? >> what difference at this point does it make? >> six months delay is not going to make their lives different. >> bob beckel blasts obama care and is threatened by a top obama
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adviser. >> i got a call from the white house from somebody who bludgeoned me over it. >> mike lee and ainsley earhart on another quest to sign up for obama care. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to this busy "hannity" tonight as the obama care roll out spirals out of control. the administration is hoping and praying we'll finally buy their ridiculous talking points. that's not going to happen. we'll describe why democrats are calling for the health care over haul to be delayed. first she won't quit and has the patience of a saint. there is ainsley, back to try now for a fourth time on live television to sign up for obama care. >> hey, sean. it was launched october 1. this is our fourth week trying. the first week we got through the first page.
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we got through page three last week. let's see if we can get to page four today. >> this is the page that asks if you like italian food. >> they ask three security questions. your favorite toy, a doll. your first manager at your first job, cindy and your favorite cuisine. we think with health care we'll get a better rate. >> put seaweed in there. let's click it. processing. no. here we go again. week four and we are back to square one. the system is unavailable. we'll check back throughout the show. see the try again? guess what. we'll try again. >> puts you back to the cuisine page. >> no. this is create the account with wr you put your name, e-mail. >> back to the beginning.
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>> we'll keep trying. >> as frustrating as it is, keep trying. kathleen sebelius is trying to cover for the president. this is what she said yesterday. listen to this. >> i think there are challenges. it could be easier to access. nobody says the site is working the way we want it to. the president acknowledged that yesterday. nobody the could be more upset that happen the president that it isn't smooth. >> the president said he was angry about this. do you know when he first knew there was a problem? >> well, i think it became clear fairly early on. the first couple of days -- >> so not before that? >> no. >> not before october 1. there was no concern at the white house or hhs? >> i think we talked about having testing going forward and
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if we could have built the product in five years we probably would have taken five years. >> president obama didn't bother to ask if his prized welcome law would work on day one? i find that hard to believe. that's not all. we have proof the president lied to you, the american people when he promised this. >> under the reform we are proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. if you have hiealth insurance we'll make it more affordable and more secure. if you like your plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> if you have health insurance through your employer, keep your plan, keep your doctor. >> if you like your health care plan you can keep it. period. >> there is a new report that a
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florida company is cancelling 300,000 policies. quote, health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who i boou their own coverage frustrating consumers who want to keep a wha they have and forcing others to buy more costly policies. here with us, austin gool esby and ari fleischer is with us. the president said you could keep your plan. look into the eyes of all of the florida viewers tonight and tell them why they can't keep their plan. >> wait a second. >> what? how about answer the question. >> that was a request, not a question. you're taking quotes from before the republicans changed the plan. so uh you need to be fair. >> hold -- republicans didn't vote for it. they didn't change anything. you're blaming bush now?
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>> the grassle yrk amendment was put in it. we have talked about it many times. many of the cases in which people are saying they dropped the plan they are being offered plans that give -- >> the president said if you like your plan you can keep it. by the way, he also said the average family -- >> if they give you a better plan for less money why are you complaining about it? >> they did an analysis at heritage, forbes. 45 of 50 states see premium increase s. >> no. >> yes. >> at the slowest rate in the last 50 years. >> the average male is 99% increase in premiums. average woman, 62%. >> not correct. >> it is. look at the screen below there. you can see the increases. >> let me give you an example. my mother is an ibm retiree.
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they just dropped her insurance. they have given her a lump sum. she has to buy her insurance and sort out these insurance markets. she's in her 80s. >> that's not correct. >> she was told to drop her plan because iwm did. they are changing plans and putting people on the exchange or giving them a lump sum and telling them to buy in the private market. maybe that will be a savior of this. people buying private plans. it's not what the president promised. >> i'm giving you facts and figures, heritage numbers. if you vice president been reading the papers, aus tip, what's happening to ari's mother is happening all over. >> she's 80 years old. that has nothing to do with with obama care. >> wow. >> do you think if it wasn't for obama care ibm would have dropped her? ibm did this the because of banl. that's why. the private sector is responding to the government saying they will do it for you. >> medicare is not from obama
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care. that's not relateded. it is a different program. >> said they were dropping coverage because obama care would have -- the fact checking wasn't accurate. >> 13 people behind him touting obama care and three were signed up. >> if it wasn't for obama care ibm would be offering the plans to retirees. it was one of the great innovations that they got insurance on top of medicare. >> i want to go through it slowly. the president said people can keep the plan. 300,000 floridians, your mother, they are not the keeping the plan. president said $900 billion. the president said to save the average person would save $2500. there is an increase according to forbes of 2k4r7z 500. >> it would bring the health curve down. we haven't seen that.
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we'll have adverse selection so the only people who take the trouble to sign up are the sickest among us who need it the most and young, healthy people we need contributing to the pool will not. that's why this so-called quirk or kink is such a bad problem. >> glitch. >> the only people who get it are those who need it the most which is a good thing. but if the price is that insurance premiums skyrocket for the rest of us, it's a death spiral and health care is broken. >> austin, you're a good guy. i like meeting with you and talking to you. i like the bets we have. >> you still owe me dinner. >> i gave you a dinner card to ruth's chris steakhouse. >> you're trying to spend your way out of it. >> i gave you a gift card. here is the point. all of the evidence is out there. uh you are in a state of denial. >> i'm not. >> you are in a state of complete obamamania denial.
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>> i trieded to say, look, what facts would come out that would make you decide that what you were saying wasn't true. you refuseded to acknowledge those. if i showed you that health care costs have risen slower in the last two years than any period -- >> you are living in an alternate universe. >> you don't accept it. >> aus tip, i have a question for you. you were on the inside. you know how the obama administration works. why wouldn't the president have been told ahead of time about the problems before it launched? why would the secretary of hhs say that? >> i don't know. i couldn't the tell from that interview what she was describing. i would think they would go through. the president wouldn't be doing beta testing of the program but would be apprised. >> i have a follow up to that. >> that was only a ten-second reference. >> you're b an economics guy.
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can you name a private company that having three years to prepare for the laurvelg of a website and $634 million, would the person responsible for the lauchbl be fired in the private sector? >> i know if a band was so popular the that demand for the tickets shut down ticketmaster's website it's not a sign that the band is no good. >> would the person be fired for the roll out? in this case it's not a band. >> they brought in somebody to focus to try to get the website working. the program p itself -- >> you don't think kathleen sebelius should be fired? >> obviously that's not my decision to make. >> i didn't ask. i asked if you thought she was incompetent and needs to be fired. >> i need to look at the facts. >> secretary sebelius is the only person left in america with job security. >> seems like it. they fire add guy at the white house who tweeted valerie
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jarrett was an airhead. that's a fireable offense. not wasting $634 million. enjoy your steak. >> see you later. >> up next, an obama oh official is fired. we have a list of officials who should have been pink slipped. we'll get to that and tea party favorite, utah senator mike lee is here. later we'll check in on poor ainsley. she's on mission impossible. trying to her foutth time to sign up for obama care. make sure to tune in tomorrow for the "hannity" studio audience. how can the government roll out of obama care be that bad? that's 10:00 eastern on fox. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber.
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we can report it's finally happened. unfortunately it's nobody you have heard of. his name is jofi joseph. until last week he was a national security aide inside team obama. he was fired after being exposed as the tweeter behind @nat t t s behind @natsecwonk. officials took offense at the moi mahmoud ahmadinejad message he sent that were critical. where does the buck stop in the administration? for example why hasn't health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius been fired for the disastrous $634 million taxpayer roll out of obama care? why was lois lerner allowed to resign after being on paid leave when she was behind the irs efforts to target conservatives.
7:17 pm
then eric holder who lied under oath about operation fast and furious. border patrol agent brian terry was murdered but holder still has a job. why wasn't hillary clinton ousted for the benghazi terror attack that left these americans dead? these are people who should be held accountable for failing the american people, not some low level bureaucrat who posted stupid messages on twitter. senator like lee is with us. good to see you. what's your reaction? of course he complained about valerie jarrett. he's gone. what's your reaction? >> this is symbolic of big government. it's off the little guy who's hurt. jofi joseph gets fired here. people much high er on the food chain in washington are protected. protected from really bad things like fast and furious, benghazi and scandals at the irs and nsa.
7:18 pm
this is what big government does. it's symbolic of what it does to the american people generally. those are who are wealthy remain relatively prosperous under big government. a lot of times the wealthy people get richer and more powerful with big government. meanwhile those in the middle and the bottom of the economic ladder suffer the most. >> he took shot at valerie jarrett, put up a stupid tweet was huma wearing beer goggles the night she met anthony weiner. stupid stuff. not fireable just sit down, talk to human resources. let me play for the you kathleen sebelius. she was asked why not send in the a team. why didn't she send them in the beginning? she was asked that yesterday. >> we have asked all of our contractors to look at the teams on the ground and bring in their
7:19 pm
absolute a-team. i'm confident that's happening every day. >> the contractors department do a great job so far. why didn't they bring in the a-team in the first place? >> i can't tell you -- >> why are we saying now bring your a-team into this equation? >> that's a pretty good question from a liberal network. what's your reaction? >> it's an excellent question made even more poignant by virtue of the fact that not only did they not bring in the a-team or the b, c, or d team. they brought in a team that by all accounts according to any objective measuring stick failed miserably. they have a lot of questions to answer. how could it have resulted in this award to a cody company that was going to do a horrible
7:20 pm
job on this. we have sophisticated biddinging process zs. why didn't they follow those? >> no bid. how about americans looking for jobs now. we have the lowest labor participation rate in decades. let me play for you a call. the president said to call 2the 800 number and they will help you. i called and each time they sent me back to the broken website. yesterday, my third call. you can hear the supervisor in the background saying shut him down. listen to this. >> who is the guy in the background. i want to talk to that guy. i have to wait for you to listen to him. why don't i just talk to him directly? >> shut him down. >> shut him down, he said. why shut me down? that's not nice. tell him i said that's not nice. i heard that. he's supposed to work for the government, isn't he? he's supposed to be a public servant. i'm a citizen of the united states, you know.
7:21 pm
why did he say shut me down? ask him. can you ask him that? hello? >> okay. if you have any questions you could talk to our advanced resolution center. they will call you back in two business days. >> they're going to call me back in two business days. they tell you to go to the broken website. how do you spend $634 million for this? help me out, senator. and not get fired? >> and then they have the audacity to tell the subordinate worker to shut him down. these are people who are now being put in charge of our nation's health care system. of one-sixth of the nation's economy. if you have been been to dmv you are probably getting a feel for what it will be like to interact with the health care system moving forward under obama care unless we stop it. this is one of many reasons why the american people are calling out for relief from this law.
7:22 pm
it is causing people to lose jobs and access. >> did you see alan grayson's picture comparing to the tea party to the kkk? yesterday he said there is evidence that the tea party is the home of by gigotry and discrimination in america today just as the k, k was for an earlier generation. the comments made during the government shutdown, blackmail, anarchist, bombs strapped to people. that's your arrest? >> mr. grayson is reflecting a certain reckless disregard for the truth. he's engaging in false and detam family toir speech, the kind that's not protected. this is horrible. this is irresponsible action on his part. he owes the american people a profound apology. racism is a serious thing. to throw that around as he does without any truth behind it is
7:23 pm
irresponsible and his voters need to hold him accountable. >> senator, i know ted cruz got an eight and a half minute reception in texas. but some in utah may be trying to change the rules to hurt you. i was disappointed that republicans are not standing by heend you. >> this is what it feels like when you stand up to the establishment in washington, d.c. we have a battle between the washington, d.c. political establishment and the american people. i ran for the senate in 2010 promising to stand up to the establishment for the people. i intend to continue doing so regardless of whether the establishment likes it. >> if they continue to attack you because you are brave and history will prove you right on this, i promise i will do everything i can do. we'll go to utah and bring the
7:24 pm
tea party out there and remind them why you were elected. how's that? >> wonderful. thank you, sean. >> appreciate it, senator lee. when we come back, there's ainsley. we are back on page three again. four weeks after the launch of health and she still can't sign up. we'll find out where she is now. plus we talk to a software expert, a harvard grad who calls the website a technological disaster. he'll explain how he probably could have done it for a million bucks. later the co-host of the five bob beckel and andrea tantaros are here. bob got a nasty call from a member of the obama administration after he said they ought to delay the roll outment
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welcome back. time to check in with ainsley. >> sean, we got a great idea. we'll try it on three devices. we are at the same screen. in between my conversation with you and the last i kid try again. no dice. we'll try again. create account. >> maybe they didn't like you. >> yeah, maybe it's me. >> that's ainsley's private cell phone right there. hit it.
7:29 pm
>> please wait. >> i feel like we need sound effects. >> we'll keep trying. >> we'll check back in. are you frustrated? this is the fourth week we have had you do this. >> ari walked through earlier. he said, you know, it's not people like us that will sit here all day unless we are getting paid to log on. it's the elderly people trying this. many of them need health care. >> it's crazy. we'll check back in. first my next guest describes the obama care website as a disaster. here to explain how he would solve this mess is technology expert fms a software development company. luke chun. nice to meet you. >> great to have you. >> you're a harvard grad, a computer whiz. can i say that? >> sure.
7:30 pm
>> how bad is it? you tried to log on at 5:30 in the morning the first day. >> i was excited. i wanted an insurance quote. i have to buy insurance. i have a small business. unsubsidized health care. i wanted to get a quote, see how my policieses compared. >> 5:30 in the morning the first day. you get up specifically to do this. >> well, i was up. as i went through the process i was just aghast at how awful the process was. the questions they were asking, the personal information they were requesting when i just wanted a quote. i didn't want to apply. i just wanted to know what was available and how much it costs. >> did you get it? were you able to get there? >> no. as i was using it the system kept crashing. as soon as it started crashing i was like, oh, my god, this is not ready for primetime. the types of crashes i was
7:31 pm
experiencing had nothing to do with too many users. >> nobody was on it. >> it was just bad. >> they couldn't get a few hundred people on. it was bad. you do it for a living. i can barely download an app. you're a smart guy with your own company. what did they do wrong? >> well, they had developers whoi sensed had never been paid to create software bf. it was amateurish. it looked like it was their first job. the programming was bad. it looked like it wasn't tested. even if they programmed it properly and tested it the design was wrong. it didn't matter if they did it right or not. >> fixing it won't work? >> the idea that we'll tweak it over the weekend or throw more hardware on it is missing the boat. there are fundamental things that need to change and things that can be done so it can be improved. much easier to use. >> user friendly.
7:32 pm
>> and get you to what you need to do. they haven't thought about the buying process. people don't just zip through this. you have to see if you want a high or a low deductible. >> they sent it out for $634 million. if they came to your company could you have described a better system? you could have, right? >> i don't know all the specifications, but clearly they spent a lot of time and money doing thinger that were probably unnecessary. $600 million? i was playing around with $200 million. $t $200 an hour is a million man hours, 500 man years. >> they had three years. >> how did they have time to use 500 man years or triple that, 1500 man years. >> if you or your colleagues or people you worked with, if i said you needed to build a
7:33 pm
system what would it cost? >> i need to understand the pieces. >> roughly. >> to create something to allow customers to compare plans, estimate a subsidy, pick one and apply for the real subsidy? if it cost more that happen $1 million i would be embarrassed. i have built much more complex systems than this. this is filling out a paper form on a computer and it's not that complicated. >> i want to hire you. you should go in and fix it. you're the guy. >> you've got my number. i'm sure the president's connections could get it. >> the president loves me. luke, god bless you. thank you so much. good luck. appreciate it. up next, the tide is turning. a top senate democrat isle kaing for obama care to be delayed. she's not the only one on the left changing their tune. >> it is worth taking six months or year off to get it right and start it again. >> when we return, bob beckel is
7:34 pm
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welcome back. the tide may be turning against a president and his train wreck of a health care law. now high profile democrats are calling for it to be delayed. first senator gene shaheen who urged a delay in the mandate deadline. she's not alone. fox news can confirm senators begich, pryor, manchin support similar efforts. then there is fox's own bob beckel who turned heads when he said this on his hit show "the
7:39 pm
five". >> it is clear to me the people this is meant to help because it is now so screwed up that they can't get their benefits now that it is worthwhile the to take six months or year off to get it right and start it again. >> shortly after making those comments bob received a phone call from a former white house official who, quote, absolutely bludgeoned him for that remark. b isn't that the chicago way? if you dare to criticize the president you will be smeared attacked by thugs from the windy city. bob is here to explain along with andrea tantaros, co-hosts of the number one show in the country right now "the five." how are you? >> good. how are you? who bludgeoned you. >> i'm not saying that. i called and said as i often do i think it is a good idea to think it through because from a policy standpoint the people we are supposed to help -- >> tell us who said it. >> i'm not going to say it.
7:40 pm
>> what did the person say? >> bob, why are you doing this? of all people why are you doing it? i said, one, people have to run. if i were in the cam pain business i would take a step back. the house is not in trouble with the shutdown but why do you have to have this? >> we have red state democratic senators saying let's put the brakes on. >> do you blame them? >> no. >> when the person called from the white house did they say you have to stop listening to andrea? she's rubbing off on you? >> it was a former white house person, highly placed who on occasion yells at me. >> an obama guy. >> no, sean. a nixon guy. of course. >> a highly maced person.
7:41 pm
>> is it dead fish? >> dead fish? >> leave the gun, bring the ca nrgs noli. >> i could beckel, bob, but i'm not going to. >> don't. when we talk about things during the break i told you twhofs and i will not sell. >> tell me off air? >> yes. >> the interesting thing is if they listened to bob he would be helping democrats. i'm glad they are stubborn and sticking by the bad idea because the political fallout will be a disaster for them. >> there is no way to continue without the vinl mandate or they will end up delaying the tax. there is no way to tax people for something they can't purchase. my hunch the white house listens to bob to delay not the mandate but the tax.
7:42 pm
>> will it wait too long? >> this is the problem. if you took it to court and you're taxing on something they can't get that's tough for courts to deny. more than that, i believe the system is a good one. i believe the delivery so far has worked out. now you have marco rubio with a bill up. it's an attractive bill for democrats. harry reid will have to say absolutely -- are you paying attention? i'm right here. what am i, a potted plant? >> i'm writing down names. i figured it out, by the way. >> i'm trying to give analysis and you're looking off to the side. >> nobody at home listens to you anyway in my audience. they think you're nuts. >> why do you have me here?
7:43 pm
>> it's fun to have nutty people. >> bring your crazy uncle out of the basement. let andrea make a point. >> there was a lawsuit not getting a lot of attention. michael carvin is covering it. it looks like it will go forward on the subsidies. if it's true it's trouble for the white house. >> when we come back, a reporter walked out on by jay carney joins us and aches and painsly is trying to sign up. we'll check in in a few minutes. h of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every damn day. now, tell me, what's in your wallet?
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welcome back to "hannity," the most transparent administration in history is having trouble answering basic questions about the obama care debacle website and every day jay carney is donling questions or referring reporters to hhs
7:48 pm
for answers he should be giving. pay close attention to the very end of this. >> i'm not a computer expert. i don't build websites. >> when it comes to contractors and testing and that sort of thing i would direct you to hhs. i'm not familiar with the testing that was codone. i would refer you to hhs. >> i don't know about specific tests. the tech surge was announced by h hs. i would refer oh you to them. ed i don't have more information. i would refer you to hhs. >> the budget is houseded at hhs. i would refer you to them including expenses related to the website. beyond what i just confirmed and announced i would refer you -- beyond the details of what jeff is doing i would refer you to hhs. >> i don't have the information. this is an operation being run by hhs. >> i would refer you to hhs
7:49 pm
about the information they have and what they can provide system have white house officials watched anyone without insurance go through the website trying to help this situation? >> wow. just walked out. my next guest who was walked out on mid question is familiar with the ducking and dodging. she'll respond tonight. joining me now, washington bureau chief for the american urban networks. april, thanks for coming. >> thanks forring having me. >> i saw that. i was like, wow. right in the middle of your question. he could have said, talk to you tomorrow or later, but he walked out. >> any time you're in the press room you're always pressing for answers. i saw that many of my fellow journalists were trying to get answers and i tried a different route but at the same time jay carney had said good-bye. i was hoping he would come back to the podium. he said good-bye and kept
7:50 pm
walking. he smiled and turned back. i came back today, trieded to get more answers. >> did you get them or referred to hhs again? >> i will talk to hh s and just for the record you know a lot of administrations and with this administration, i heard your lead in talking about the most trance parent administration, all administrations hunker down and bunker down. it's about holding information tight, releasing what you want to release. that is with all administrations but this is a very big issue and they're trying to make sure one they're getting it right and two, they're getting -- giving out accurate information they're playing damage control. they did not understand the bigness of this whole thing with people were -- people have overwhelmed the system. the administration by just the sheer ground swell of the
7:51 pm
entry in this. >> i would say, then, i agree with you. there is a point, that there are questions every administration gets sick of. problem is, and i'm sure you've seen the ads a happy guy and girl loving the experience going to health did you see them? i'll play the female version. have you seen it? >> i have not seen it but i want to see it. go ahead and play it there is a point they get there. my question, i guess to you is what point do you feel like you're being lied to here? do you feel like that? >> can i tell you something? you're tired of the spin. i'm going say you say this prop ganda. for the president of the united states to talk about his system and the glitches or the kinks in his system, he did not -- there is a big problem.
7:52 pm
you can watch the videos and say whatever you want about this video we do know there is a problem. that is a reason they're trying to do a grass roots approach and put people on to phone. there is a problem with the web site. but you know, they're trying to play damage control. >> let me play it for you. now, listen, look at what the white house put out this, is funny. >> my name is daniel. i'm going college for computer science sh i enrolled in a plan. i had health insurance. i wanted to see if i can do better. i did. once on site was easy to compare plans. i was able to pick a higher quality plan. because of my income i pay $70 for a month for it. getting coverage this good, this price? i'm thrilled and hey, i'm covered. >> you can be covered too. >> i'm thrilled. it was great. i saved money that. is not what's happening to most people. >> you're right.
7:53 pm
i'm hearing hours and delays. but at the same time, you know, white house is not acknowledging there are problems. what we're understanding without them getting technology, there is a pass word problem, there are problems all over the place. so they're trying to work it out. it's damage control. they're, they're excited about this major piece for this administration. remember, they have, they're trying to save it from all critics because there is a -- it's amazing to see the numbers of people who are uninsured in this country who want insurance. and... they're not ready to provide it at this moment. through the web site. but, through the phone and grass roots efforts and other efforts, they are. >> but phone tells you go back to the web site. $30 million and prices higher in 45 out of 50 states this, is deep. april, listen. god bless you. thank you for good work you're
7:54 pm
doing. i know you're trying to get answers. >> i am. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, poor april. she's got to be exhausted. hello, ainsley. >> still trying. >> we're going to come back. we'll see if ainsley was able to do impossible, signing up for obama care, she's been trying for an hour, next ng new. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. so hurry in and try three succulent entrées. like our new snow crab and crab butteshrimp, just $14.99. only at red loter where we sea food differently. [ male announcer ] now try 7 lunch choices at $7.99. andwiches, salads, and more. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties.
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7:59 pm
okay. >> nothing there. looks like nothing there, too. >> this is, you have -- you made a point that is dead on. you said we have health care at the fox news channel but there are people that are counting on this. now we're going put old people through this nightmare? ridiculous. >> they're in front of their computers all day long. talking about we're not going to be sitting in front of our computers all day but elderly are. and are excited about getting coverage. they're not able to. >> i called three times this week one lady says anyone call that had liked it? she goes no. >> one guest a professor said to me, harvard graduate says this week your page three, maybe next week, it can be page four. >> one two,. three. thank you. >> ainsley you did a great job. >> thank you. >> by the way start your day,
8:00 pm
each weekday morning with ainsley, 5:00 to 6:00. that is the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> it is the going to be the corporations and the companies of the united states that drive the money into the obama care system not individuals. >> a couple weeks ago kirsten and i shout it out over obama care now the picture is clear. americans are getting hosed. we will follow up with ms. powers. >> at this point the tea party is no more popular than the clan. >> outrage growing over the comparing the tea party to the ku klux klan. is this guy crazy or what? we will tell you. would den miller spy on the french? why is this ad


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