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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 24, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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♪ penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes ♪ >> here is a deal for you. the uss forest sold for a penny. the texas medals company is the new owner. it will dismantle and recycle that ship. we have to run. >> see you then. >> today on the real story. first time on fox. the guy who went on youtube remember him? confessed to killing a man joins us live from jail. and contractor behind the train wreck obama care website pointed fingers and a lot of blame. he will get real. geraldo rivera pointing fingers. and the honor code really?
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hi, welcome. lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of what went wrong with the roll out that reportedly cost a staggering $1 million why the administration decided at the last minute to not allow the ecommerce of window shopping which overloaded that part of the site and exposed problems. you are telling every american if you sign up to this or attempt to that is a direct contradiction of hippa and you know it. >> that is a cm axcms call that not a contractor call. >> this was good tv ed. come on. they said they had nothing to do with anything right? >> sure, they were trying to
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point the finger at the administration. kathleen sebilius was invited to testify today and chose not to do that. instead she is in phoenix at a call center trying to do a photo opthere. she is expected to testify next week on the hill. she will get her turn at bat and that will be interesting tv as you say as well. the bottom line is that she's contractors repeatedly said that they had warned the administration and the white house that there had not been enough tests and they needed an extension beyond october 1st, but someone in the administration decided to move forward any wi. that constracter said hhs is the quarterback of this and is
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respor responsibilit responsibility. i just pressed jay carney bit. >> ultimately is the hhs secretary responsible, is the president responsible? >> the president spoke clearly from the rose garden about the fact that he is wholly unsatisfied. >> i have said this is on us. and that going from the president on down. this was needs to work effectively for the american people. >> the challenge is that they do not just have republicans complaining about the website and the law, they have increasing democrats like senator bill nelson. he said that somebody somewhere should be fired. there has been more pressure at this hearing that you saw. a democrat in california was suggesting how in the world could this roll out not have gone smoothly when they knew
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that it was so important to the president's agenda? >> you keep speaking about unexpected volumes miss campbell. and that sticks in my crawl i have to tell you that. as i said, there are thousand ands of websites that carry far more traffic. i think that is a lame excuse. amazon and ebay don't crash the week before christmas and proflowers doesn't crash the week before valentine's day. >> now all of a sudden we are seeing opposition to the mandate which is the holy grail to the law the mechanism to pay for it. you have the the gentlemen from west virginia telling fox and others that he is writing language to delay it up to a year. there are senators saying they
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want a tweak to the law extending the enrollment deadline. it is mountain. ed henry, so much information. he has founded two it companies, big johnson joins me now. who is responsible? >> the buck stops with the president i wouldn't have kept my job if this was the
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performance that i had to deliver. >> what they were testifying to today, somewhere asked them a week out to change this browsing system where people could shop and see what prices they could be paying for health care. would that change be enough to crash and burn this system as it did? >> you don't make changes days before you are expecting to go live. what is very, very clear is either these developers or contractors did not follow a rigorous discipline which calls into question their capabilities
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the problem is that they ignored what the contractor said. they didn't start testing this thing fully. the testing until two weeks prior to going live with the system on october first. that is a recipe for failure. if 55 contractors couldn't build this system and run it, why should we believe that the administration can fix this website? >> it can't be fixed. impushing the president to find spending cuts and offsets. my prediction, it is going to cost a lot more than what he has already spent. that is hard earned taxpayor
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dollars and it is not fair to the american people. >> one of the contractors admitted that he tried to go online and sign up and even he couldn't get the job done? >> were you shocked? >> i was absolutely shocked and shocked at the number of non answers. one cheryl campbell from cbi said that she never said that it was sleerly in their contract that they were supposed to provide reports. so there is a lot of finger pointing going on here. clearly she has a lot of questions to answer and the president has to account. >> and that is my final question. what did she know and why did
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she choose to go live with the system and wave hundreds of millions of tax pay are door do why not delay the system until they can certify that it is ready to go? >> thank you for your time. thank you. >> health and human services secretary taking lots of heat with the website. but refusing to testify before several committees saying she is too busy. last night she was in boston and today she took a jet to phoenix, arizona where she is checking out a health care call center. republicans say she is stone walling. her office says she will testify in front of a different committee. the technology needed for the president's health care plan
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under attack as we know. so why is the president pushing immigration. and remember the officer who pepper sprayed occupants in california? he is getting a big check from the school. and word prosecutors are reopening the prosecution into the disappearance of madeline mccain. and he is posting on our facebook page i have to go check out what geraldo is posting now. be sure to check it out. ♪ welcome to here comes ♪
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new information coming in. millington, tennessee which is basically memphis, the millington naval air station is here and there has been a shooting there. four people have been shot. authorities tell us there is a shooter in custody. we have not been able to find o out. this happened just adjacent to the campus there. an employee relieved of duty went to his or her car and just
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started firing off. we have two people now confirmed shot. early reports were four people shot, but the navy is confirming two. incident near the naval support activity prompt er near millington. details as we get them in. democrats calling for delay. new poll show majority of americans call obama care a step backwards. 60% calling it a joke. here is what we heard at today's hearing. we have to fix it. not what the republicans have been trying to do fix it.
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>> let the goal here to be to fix it not nix it. >> problems need to be fixed. >> we have to fix it. that is why we keep hearing fix it doesn't nix it. >> we have to fix it not nix it. >> joining me now, former deputy assistant to george w. bush. bernard are you going to tell me to fix it? >> fix it doesn't nix it. it provides fantastic care to americans but it is a law and program that is open to change and innovation. frankly i'm signing up for the call to extend the open rollment period past march 31st, given the problems with the roll out and the website, i think we need more time to educate and engage
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the public and we need more than five months. i would support a six month extension so that we can get problems right educate the public and get them engaged. real talk today he is going along with this growing list of democrats. i thought delay was a dirty word on capitol hill. >> there wouldn't be a government shut down. we shade let they'll be a delay and what did democrats say? no. democrats shut down government by not taking the republican's advice and giving the extension. the hand writing was on the wall get the president shut the government down and for what? >> we are going to have an
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extension he's right isn't he? >> this is a hip pocksy is it not? that is why this government shut down. >> that is a wonderful spin. the government shut down because speaker john boehner refused to pass all of these attachments. >> we said delay. the last offer. >> preez brlease brad be honest. >> the last deal was to delay it. >> and we are now having a real conversation about delaying, i should say extending the enrollment period. >> it puts pressure on the administration. it should be extended so we are going to have to produce it or feel he the wrath of the voters. the president really tried to shift this to immigration
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reform. new poll says the government is likely to secure the border if it passes immigration reform. >> today i'm here with leaders from business, labor, faith communities who are united around one goal. finishing the job of fixing a broken immigration system. >> bernard a lot of d words today, distraction? >> this is a gift to republicans. the republicans need a win here and the economy needs a win. this bill has bipartisan senate support. it would pass with background checks that have to pay penalties and learn english. it would strengthen the economy and grow the economy by $1.4 trillion over four years. this is a win win. >> here is the problem. some of the key republicans that
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were behind this i'm talking about senator rubio, the way that they feel they were treated, they say no can do, brad? >> no can do and here is why. the president has to show his good faith before we discuss anything else. we can start the discussions but there shouldn't be any votes. there is not going to be reform until those two matters are completed. >> i have to wrap it there. thank you so much. >> matthew cordel the man who confessed to killing a man while drunk driving in a video is going to join me live next from inside the jail. next you don't want to miss it.
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next matthew confessed to killing a man while driving a v drunk in a viral video. >> i won't dishonor vincent's memory by lying about what happened. the 22-year-old killed vincent while driving the wrong way. now he joins us live on the phone from jail. i know you are facing the next six and a half years behind bars do you deserve it? >> i do, that is correct. >> so you feel remorse for the family? >> more than i can put into
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words. >> how do you live with yourself every day knowing that you killed a man. >> it is diff. i strive to be a better person and i owe it to them to be the best person in the future. >> so much was made by the fact that you confessed to killing mr. canzani in that videotape that became a youtube sensation, did you do that to get a lighter sentence? >> i did it to prevent others from making the same mistakes i did and to prevent the senseless loss of lives. >> i have a bit of a disconnect in my mind if you plead guilty
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which you did and you made this videotape, why wouldn't you man up and take the max sentence? >> it is not within my power to do that i plead guilty and left it up to the judge in the courts. do you think the videotape helped you? >> i can't comment on that, i am glad that the judge was able to see through the smoke and find the true message of the video which was to prevent others from making the same mistake. >> i know you are an alcoholic and you went to rehab, what are you going to do when you get out? >> i'm going to take advantage of every program while i'm in prison and every recovery
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program. after i get out, i look forward to continue speaking out against this tragedy. >> what is your message to the family today? >> um, i can't even again to express how sorry i am and i hope that with the sentencing they can begin their path towards recovery as well. >> do you believe in any kind of a higher power? >> i do yes. >> do you believe you have been forgiven? >> i believe i've been forgiven by god. forgiving myself is another thing. >> he wants to try and restart his life afterwards. thank you for your time today. let us know what you think about that. you can find me on twitter and facebook. bombshell develop:what
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we have confirmation from the navy that the shooting did happen on property. these are live pictures coming to us from fox 13. there is a reporter on scene giving new details who has reported to the memphis audience which happened at a support facility. one employee left the building and came out and went to his car, got a gun and began shooting. navy brass on scene. the base was on lock down. it is our understanding that there is some movement now.
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how this went down, disciplinary action led to a shooting. >> high drama at a murder trial. a prominent doctor accused of killing his wife so he can have an affair with a younger woman. and trace gallagher is live. >> reporter: two of the adult sisters believe the father killed the mother by giving her a lethal doze of medication in april of 2007. it was the younger daughter who discov discovered her mom fully clothed. martin mckneel told first responders his wife was draped over the side of the tub with her head in the water. the defense is the
11:34 am
younger daughter should not be allowed to testify because she was coached by her older sister. here are prosecutors now questioning that older sister. listen. >> did you ever prepare aida for what she told you or what she exhibited on the diagram? >> prepared? no. no, i never did. >> another word might be suggest to her what she should do. >> no, i just said draw what you remember. >> and the defense alleges that she began asking the younger sister questions before charges were filed in 2012. the younger daughter's testimony is key because the autopsy appears to support her version of events and not the father's. the prosecution alleges that he killed his wife because he was
11:35 am
trying to continue his alleged afire with that woman gypsy wilson. >> we've seen continued persecution and killings of christian minorities in egypt. now a new report from the liberty institute shows a sharp increase in incidence of religious hostility in recent years. let's bring in our faith panel. reclaiming the american christian spirit and bill donna who president of the catholic league. do you believe that hostility has doubled in the last year? >> there is no question that during the obama administration that there has been a anti-tilt
11:36 am
that -- let me give you examples. in the military we have people who are speaking to young cadets and telling them that the extremists that they have to look after and be concerned about are evangelical christians. janet nepolitano spoke a few years ago about the dangers of catholics so we see this happ happening. >> seniors at senior citizen's centers can't pray before meals. do you agree with the rabbi? >> i agree with him but it is worse than that i would say. i have been doing this job for 20 years. the largest section used to be the media but now it is government. an hour ago i put up on my
11:37 am
website where a professor compared priests to feces. i'm asking for something to be done about the situation. last night they took a swipe at priests calling them molesters. when it comes to the government that is worse. when you have the heavy happend the administration at work and redefining what a catholic or organization is, it is pretty bad. i would assume as an atheist on the panel that you are not as concerned that christians are being persecuted or maybe you are. >> there is a difference between purbetween persecuting christians and religion itself. there is nothing wrong with criticizing an idea.
11:38 am
that is different from criticizing an idea. >> it is okay to say priests equal feces? >> it is criticism. what would happen if they chose another religion. >> why don't they choose islam? >> they could. but they don't. why? >> i think we know. >> the obama administration is using the institutions in this country to demonize christians of faith. and they are always apologizing for anything islamic. they are saying america is not a christian country and then he says we have to recognize the great contributions to america. there is an attempt here to minimize christianity and minimize it. >> the air force academy now
11:39 am
considering after one complaint that they may change their honor oath and remove the phrase at the end "so help me god" america is 78% christian. when you have a fighter pilot up trying to save our nation that he or she may not be able to say so help me god and you are okay with that mis. >> if he or she thinks that god believes that there is nothing stopping them from saying that. >> but why does one person go to change what the majority believes? >> you have the first amendment. it doesn't mean that christians
11:40 am
get to happen for everybody. >> there has to be tolerance for what the majority feels it has inspired more americans they have done things that are heroic because they are doing it in the name of god. what about our freedom to express ourself. >> here is what bugs me. it always seems that people need to opt out. the majority need to opt out for one person. why shouldn't we have it that that one person opts out and that majority opts in. >> this thing is mikey weinstein. in 2005 the air force academy
11:41 am
did a big study. did they have discrimination by evangelicals. if 30% of the cadets there are catholic. wouldn't i know about these people beating up on catholics? this is made up stuff so this guy can impose his agenda on the rest of us. >> thank you so much for the panel and tell me what you think about the air force oath. new developments in the death of a teacher rocking the quiet community. geraldo joins us next on whether or not a 4-year-old should be charged as an adult. john mcafee next. ♪ come on to my house come on to my house come on frmgts ♪ when you have diabetes like i do,
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the lead contractors for the bumbled obama care website pointing fipoint ing fingers saying it wasn't their responsibility to make sure the website worked. did you see anything different today. what was your analysis of what you saw? >> i saw an attempt to put the blame on cms. and they are the system integrator. but imagine that you are selling bicycles and you have a supplier that sells wheels and the frame and the handle bars. if the wheel supplier gives you square wheels. indeed you are selling a bike with square wheels but that
11:46 am
doesn't eliminate the wheel provider. but cgi did produce the code that caused the problems. >> where do you lay the blame with regard to the government? is that the way that it works in the real world should they have resourced that roll out? >> i think the government can't avoid being theministratoadmini. the problem is that unlike private industry where you fly by the seat of the pants many times the government has 6,000 page regulations. these regulations were written ten years ago. our technology changes every six
11:47 am
months. >> what about the claim that we heard that there was such a high volume of people that, that is why it crashed do you buy that? >> there were 8 million people in the first week. google has 8 billion people in the first week. the system is not designed to handle the volume. but it should have been designed to handle the volume. what about requiring users to register their personal information online. could that last minute change have caused the system to crash and burn as it did? >> i don't think so. i think the crash and burn was caused by an inherant architecture. the user's computer is used for
11:48 am
over 50 programs. the transfer of data of the person logging on and the server is killing the system. it is a very bizarre situation. interesting but not very useful. >> somebody who would know how it is all put together. john mcafee thank you for joining us again. >> cold case reopened? why investigators are looking into the disappearance of madeline and what her parents are saying about it. ays the sam- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach'sot it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month
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potential new evidence and witnesses who were never questioned reportedly prompting police in portugal to re-open the madeline mccann investigation. the british girl who vanished during a family vacation back 2007. her rad -- geraldo miss guest
11:52 am
today. >> beginnings your null show. you're wonderful at and it everyone is watching. >> what do you make of this? they must have new leads? >> i was thinking about this is connected more than anything else to baby maria, that blond, blue-eyed kid found with the gypsies in greece. i freaked everybody else when the dna test was done and it was clear she had been snatched and brought to the gypsy couple in greece. it's just the entire continent of europe started saying, all of these old wife's tale about kids being snatched for sex trafficking our whatever, are true. and i think that energize -- i don't know for sure it's connect it to portuguese authorities. that are the first ones to re-open the investigation. remember, madeline mccann and her parents, from england, come to portugal for the family
11:53 am
vacation. the parents are at a cafe, they're having dinner. the children are in their rented villa a few steps away. so they go to check on the kids, the child is gone. there are stories -- and i think this is the evidence you're talking about -- there have always been tales of a man walking away from that plaza with a small child in his arms so the portuguese cops in 2011 want another look at this. the scotland yard, who said they would not get involved again untiles was in the evidence, has finally gotten involved. they did a british crimestoppers disshow and offered a reward of 20,000 pounds. so there are three separate new investigations, whatever new evidence they have i'm not sure, but i do say that the climate in europe now is very hyper. >> connecticut judge giving michael skacel a new trial.
11:54 am
he was found guilty in the death of a neighbor when both were 15. his new lawyer now seeking his release onband pending a new trial. are you stunned? i covered this case when it happened. i know you did as well. he served ten years. he might get out. >> and he should. i always thought that this was not a case based on proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that michael skakel committed this long-ago murder. i thought a lot of the attitude toward the defendant was precisely because he was a kennedy, cousin. i think he really -- >> you don't think he is guilt. >> he may be but this case was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. micky sherman, his only criminal defense attorney, dear friend of mine issue i was at his wedding. i did a terrify job, all due respect. he went to jail for unrelated reason dish. >> the claim by the judge is he
11:55 am
has horrible defense counsel. >> he paid him over a million does in fee, but milkey was -- mickey was more about celebrity. where were the private investigators? why didn't you seek to impeach the credibility of the witnesses? didn't you have alibi hits we didn't hear from? mark fewerman -- fuhrman thinks that michael skakel did it. i do not. >> this situation in massachusetts, the 14-year-old accused of killing his teacher. >> you can be charged with murder. the supreme court will come to grips with the issue. i want to know what the relationship was between the 14-year-old student and this teacher. how did he come to bring a box cutter to school that day? did he plan on killing her? was this a spontaneous eruption? some kind of passion? i don't know. there's more to this than meets the eye.
11:56 am
>> supposed lay good kid, which makes it more mystifying. >> a good kid but no dad. >> picture of geraldo on my facebook page. offing thank you for doing. >> your tweets next.
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>> here's what america is clicking on. clint eastwood's second wife ending their marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. seeking full physical custody of the couple's 16-year-old daughter. check out these kids. young cancer patients and parents and doctors lip sinking katy peri. >> you have a lot to say about the air force potentially dropping, so help me god, from the honor code.
12:00 pm
richard tweeting so sad we took prayer out of our schools and look at the condition of schoolyards and safety these days. now "shepard smith reporting" from the fox news deck. there has been a ship, an american-owned ship, hijackedded off the coast of africa. an update from a naval center near memphis, tennessee, where there's been a shooting and the shooter is now in custody. let's get to it. first from fox at 3:00, from the news deck. the u.s. navy just confirmed two national guardsmen have been shot. it happened at the millington naval air station in millington, tennessee, north of memphis. but it was at a national guard center there on the property. one person was shot in the foot,


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