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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 25, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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they're only hanging out with you because you're rich. good day. >> hello everyone. i'm andrea along with bob, dana, greg. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. well pay big night here on the five as one of our very favorites dr. charles will join us in a bit. stoik around for that. first the if anything ere pointing over obama care's disastrous roll out reached capitol hill as four website contractors were grilled over the failures of the signature legislation. we'll get to the hearing in a minute. first, bob a week a ago you said the white house should delay the
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implication for six months to a yea year. you got harsh feedback. you want to tell us about that ear full? >> i want to say he is no longer there. >> you got him fired? he quit? >> now i know who it is. the guessing game begins. >> any way. they were giving an opinion. my opinion basically sucked. this particular person was a friend of mine. he said that was a bad thing for you to do. i said i sit next to and he rubs on off on me. >> do you think they can control it at this point or no? >> you can control everything unless you get near the campaign. the political consultants take over and going to say don't touch this thing. >> any delay or pinned occasion from the phone call they will
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delay? the tax or anything? >> is he still in the white house? >> no. >> advisor? >> no. >> i'm not going to answer questions. >> name rhymes with -- >> is it jayz, beyonce? >> bob, in washington, you're always worried that your phone is never going to ring again. maybe take it as a compliment that they think your opinion is worth trying to influence. >> i am not called on a regular basis by democrats from the white house. i can guarantee you that. i get called by former clients. >> when we first started the show, your phone would get calls and the line would say white house. >> that's when my friend was still there. >> we're talking about the white house korean massage parlor. >> when friends like that call
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you, who needs friends? remember when eric told you last week about the obama care source code? joe barton grilled the main obama care contractor over that privacy problem. >> you're telling every american if you sign up or attempt to you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. that is a direct contradiction to hip pa and you know it, yes or no? >> once again cms has us comply to rules and regulations they've established under our contract. that's a cms call. >> who wrote that? >> i'm not clear as to who wrote that. >> check out obama care contractor admitting attempts his obama care account failed. >> did you personally try to get on the system? >> yes, i did.
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>> for what state? >> i put in texas. >> is that where you're from? >> i'm not. i was testing the system. >> did it work? >> well, i logged on to create an account, was able to do so. i just never received the confirmation e-mail. >> so it didn't work? >> didn't work. >> brutal. if you watch those hearings. dana goldburg explained it crabs trying to crawl out of a bucket. it says when one tried to crawl, the other ones pull you down. it was tough to watch. >> i always feel bad for people. that guy is being honest. he tried and it didn't work. the look on her face to congressman barton. that's a priceless look. she was probably thinking, who the heck are you? i think they're asking a decent question, the one about the privacy piece. it's the next big shoe that's going to drop that people realize they don't want to put
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in information because they're not sure that they're going to get anything back. they're not going to be confirmed. bob, why are you looking at me like that? >> i was going to ask eric if he felt bad for the people. >> i always feel bad for people. what's wrong with me? >> let's talk about the department asking the person from cgi. she blames somebody else. the reality is there's the legalese in there when you check you're agreeing to it. congressman from new jersey grilled barton for that. he called him a monkey court or whatever. i went back and spent time with a lawyer today to talk about this. what happened the democrat is absolutely wrong. when you check that, you're not agreeing with hip pa. they bypassed because the privacy rule applies to entit s
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entities. they made it so it's not covered by hip pa. when you check that you do give up your right. >> hip pa is a law to protect users with various forms of health care. they bypassed hipa with this law. you do give a away your privacy and open yourself to give away. can i show one quick thing? so i tried to log on. this is absolute true story. i did it by the book, did it properly. got my own pass word. it asked for security questions. i answered the three. what's your nieces name? tina. favorite pet's name? rover rove rover. i put it in. it says you can't use the same answer for security questions. i didn't. i used three different answers.
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i did it two more times with different questions and answers. >> we warned about this. u.s. a. went over this. they're going to compile all of it. they can accept or reject you for subsidies. they have all your information. did anyone think about or care about the privacy concerns? this is just one of the big things that are happening. >> i think it's a huge mistake. i said this yesterday and will again. it's a mistake to focus on the site and not the law. the law represents failure of liberalism. more americans have lost coverage than signed up for plans. president barack obama has reinvented a new kind of power transfer. it's no longer wealth redistribution. it's health redistribution. obama is a domestic impure
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ralist. it's happening internally. we can sit here and talk about flaws until we're blue in the face. we're just helping him. complaining about the website is like complaining about the paint on a time bomb. >> i'm saying we should talk about the law and how this is going to be a disaster. what happens when they fix the flaws? what are you going to do now? >> hold on a second, bob. george made this point. he said the website is one thing, but the law itself what greg was talking about, what's about to come down the pipe with the policy is far worse. take a listen. >> when they fix the website, the real problems will begin. they're going to look back on
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the last few weeks as the good old days. when people hack through the difficulties and get to real choices that obama care offers, particularly 2.7 million young people counting on to sign up. young people say this is expensive for something i don't wanted and recoil. that is the difficulties keeping people from seeing the bad choice they're going to have to make once they get onto the site. >> bob, i agree. republicans are making a mistake to focus just on the website. it is small ball. it's an issue. when you look at the law and look at the new york times story that talks about poor and middle class people can't get the premiums at the price they promised going up for poor people, that's a bigger issue for democrats to deal with. >> let me ask greg. i'm not arguing. people lose their insurance because they sign up for this? >> more have lost their insurance than have signed up.
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that's called health redistribution. >> they lost the insurance for what reason? >> share health plans dropped them. >> another piece of this is the youth of america, yes they're getting the hammer. rural america found out today in a report by russell mead on his website, if you enroll america, you hardly have a choice any way. it's one or two plans. they're five times as expense hiv as they used to be. i was surprised no congressman asked contractors if their willing to give taxpayers money back. i wouldn't have felt too sorry for them. >> they're probably getting ready to ask for money. >> they're going to delay this how many weeks? yet they're saying they haven't delayed anything. they're having it both ways. maybe that's homo phobic. they're saying they're not but they are. >> they're bihealth care.
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next up, president barack obama makes a big push for immigration reform but perhaps bad timing? later, karls will be here making his first appearance in the studio on the five. we're looking forward to that. keep it right here.
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would it be ok if i sat here? is she serious? ♪words, can't bring me down♪ ♪so don't you bring me down today♪
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when i was a kid, if i did something stupid i got punished, grounded. usually meant two weeks without the tv, car, airplane glue. government is different. the obama care roll out, president barack obama is acting fast on immigration, another priority without principal. obama is the kid that crashed the parent's car and fwlou busying a house party while mom and dad are at the mechanics.
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no wafer ris buler. you're grounded. you single handedly hazed one sixth of the economy. you think we're going to hand you the keys to our borders? are you smoking again? somebody go through his clothes. i'm for immigration reform, one that focuses on security not sympathy. in an economic meltdown featuring a jobless world for an entire generation, you think a guy desperate for new friends should be in charge to opening the door to 11,000 new pals. he wants to throw a house party in america after crashing the car? sorry dude. you can bare lie steer a golf cart much less a country. go upstairs, come back down in three years. shouldn't government have a timeout? >> yes, big timeout for president barack obama . same remarks me made today about
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immigration reform were the same thing he said about health care reform. trust us, it's going to be great, we have to do this. look what happened. my dad said to me when i tried to undertake two massive things at one time. he said andrea, you can't run with two watermelons. you're going to drop one. the president tried to run with two. get your head out of -- >> you brought up what obama said. let's roll that. >> providing a path way to earned legalized citizenship, growing our economy, strength g strengthening our middle class. that's what common sense immigration reform will do. now, obviously just because something is smart, fair, good
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for the economy, fiscally responsible, sported by business and labor, the angel kal community, many democrats and republicans, that does not mean it will actually get done. this is washington after all. >> hey bob, okay, he says that everybody is for this. shouldn't a liberal who is fighting for the little guy because you are, wouldn't the influx of chief labor hurt the american poor. the wealthy doesn't care who's working for them. poor lose the jobs. >> first of all i want to give obama due here. there have been more intercepted and set back across the border than ever happened before. the model they're using for this is ronald reagan's model. it's the right thing to do but they didn't have the enforcement of the business end. people weren't sent back. the answer to your question is, the farmworkers were predicting
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the union. they have the most to lose here if this happens. in texas, when george bush was governor of texas, they never had the problems. bush understood, farmers understood there was enough to go around. they had no problems. he got 45% of the hispanic vote. >> what do you think eric? >> i think there's another way to do it. if you do it that way, president barack obama 's way, you have 11,000 democrats voting. >> they can't vote for 20 years. >> they can speed up the process. they can vote. first of all, why would they do this process if it's going to take 20 years? everything changes. bob, you know this. they'll pass something to give them the right. privatize the border. let farmers control it. if you want to let republicans get in front of this, do it legally. let about a million in the year, triple it. have the people here, 11 million
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get out come back in legally, speed up the process so it doesn't take 20 years to get the process. >> how are you going to get 11 million out of here? >> the stress with the hill is at an all time high. they're going to have to explain how they'll be able to implement an e verify system for employment if they can't do the health care website. >> good point little lady. krauthammer joins the five make it the six. someone gives this group an a ward. we'll talk about the texas youth league that doesn't give trophies to kids anymore unless they earn them. you
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> . i'm sorry. these kids have to earn something. you have to be a winner. that's why the kelly youth association football league in texas will no longer give out trophies to kids for participating. >> you get a reward for anything and everything. so now we don't want them to get a reward just for participating. you have to go above and beyond to get those rewards. that's what we want to teach the kids. in order to succeed in life, you have to give 110% all the time. not just sometimes but all the time. >> we don't want them to have the sense of entitlement that's been brought on the last 10 to 15 years. >> some of the parents --
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>> he's got 10 or 12 trophies. they don't mean anything to him. championship trophy from last year means something to him. >> this is the story behind it. anybody on any team would get a trophy for participating. we've talked about this before. i feel strongly you have you to earn trophies. you do too eric? >> i do. i'm proud the coach stood up. take note it's in texas. all good things start and end in texas. >> why don't you move there? love to some day. >> dana, i suppose this is done in an area of your expertise. the concept -- wouldn't it be like going in a class, the worst kids in the class still get something? >> that happens. it's like the green ribbon on field day. that never happened to me.
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kindergarten, third, fifth grade graduation. ban all of that. you graduate high school and college. it's marketing. that's all it is. you're expected to get through those and get to high school. graduate high school and have a party. >> andrea you were an athletes a cheerleader. >> i wasn't a cheerleader. >> i competed in dance comp addition -- competitions. >> you don't need help to score. it's not an individual basis. it's really team based. two, if you keep giving kids a wards for showing up, they get older and show up for their first job and want a pat on the back for showing up and doing nothing. they turn into, government workers. not all government workers, bob. look at lois lerner and people in the administration.
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they think they're entitled to applause, green ribbons. >> i played football at a high level. i'm entitled to come here. greg, you probably participated in youth football. >> i was a volunteer coach until they asked me to leave after an incident. this is an attack on the trophy industry. it's going to drive up prices for trophietrophies. when you were a kid you got a wards for best spirit and most improved. those are basically participation trophies. i was the only one getting them. this is an attack on little people like me. what do they give away -- trophy companies must have a wards night. do they get a trophy for best trophy? >> there's a trophy association. >> they must have a wards for best trophy. >> that's probably so. >> you've got a bunch of
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trophies right? >> they're locked away. >> that's a lot of hard work. back then it was hard work. >> am i supposed to get out of here? okay good. >> you know what happens, people that get a lot of trophies end up running a trophy shop. true. >> i would think you would run a trophy shop if you didn't get a lot. so this way you could have a lot because you never earned them. >> i got a big trophy in new york for division 2 football. they put the trophy on the chair where my father was supposed to be sitting. it was taller than i was. it's like the big ones for baseball. >> i probably have, bob. >> i'm thinking about your story today. i can't wait to tell your story. >> hope we can tell it. >> we're not going to tell that story. >> instead of a trophy, i want a
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giant stuffed st. bernard for getting every bible verse right. it's the only thing i ever won. >> greg, how was your bible study? >> i don't remember. >> folks out there wondering about the segment, it's mine. i'm not used to having this much time. they say bob spend another minute. we continue to talk. you'll like it. it's a fun story. dana, tell us about something. >> well, i won this state speech tournament in high school. my family didn't come either. when i got home, no one even stood up. isn't that sad. they were sitting in the rocking chairs reading the paper. it was a good lesson. you learn you're not all that great. very humbling. >> most self-esteem is the best way to get successful.
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>> is that what's happening to me? >> up next, one word, krauthammer.
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welcome back everyone. very rare that the five welcomes somebody on the show. got to be a big shot, news maker or a guy in this case that is consider all of those. all around good guy, our friend, colleague, charles krauthammer. he has a new book. things that matter. today, welcome sir. i'm going to kick off questions. the well publicized divide on the right. how does the gop fix that?
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>> i think it fixes itself. when you think about the movement emerged with democrats in the late 60s and 70s. that was not an easy marriage. they lost two presidential elections. were you in on those? >> i was about to ask the guy you described when he was going to show up. >> to richard nixon is hard to do. i think the merger of the tea party which could have been a third party and destroyed republicans by splitting the vote, i think the immigration is very solid. the debate now the argument, rumble has been over tactics. it isn't over objectives. because objectives are the same, in the end it works out. >> it's not about objectives. there's an isolation spring that's come back in the party. it hasn't been there since the 70s. some of us don't want us to see this. there's an isolation string.
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that's not going to mix with republicans. >> we've always had the string in the country going back to way before the wars. the democrats have their own isolation language integrated in the 60s. after the war, you expected it with the glue communism holding the elements and conservative movement. . i was surprised the isolationism on the rights didn't emerge strongly in the 90s. you're seeing a weak echo of that. i don't think it's surprising. >> we're going to get moving along. >> i wonder if you could help us with a discussion we had the first block about the health care. >> i'm hear to help. >> in fact i'm a psychiatrist. i could run a group. >> we have that everyday with
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group therapy with bob. >> it depends on your insurance. >> charles, we have 20 minutes left. >> my question is, when we were talking about the republicans looking at obama care and the website glitches, do you think there's too much focus on the actual website and not enough on the law or one in the same? >> no. i think there is not too much emphasis. republica republicans ought to jump on the roll out, the disaster. right now hit it hard. it isn't as if you have to choose the disaster now and the one going to come from implementation. hit them at every stage. it is a disaster. the fact we have to hold back because they have to fix the glitches. when glitches are fixed it's going to be a disaster with higher premium, loss of coverage, hit them again.
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keep at it and don't hold back. there's no reason to. >> a lot isn't made about president barack obama playing golf during times of crisis. he plays at courses where there are lady tees. isn't that sexist? >> you know that's the kind of question i never get on special report. i wonder why. on the other side of the looking glass now. >> shouldn't he be at a course all men and women are treated equally? why does he need women tees? >> the same reason you women's and mens 100 meters. i gave you a straight answer to a dumb question. >> charles, what do you think the biggest threat is facing conservativism? is it a moderate wing of the right, not enough moderation, media? what's the biggest threat today? >> i think the idea there's idea
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logical war is exaggerated. in the last month we've had a rumble over tactics. i think there's a consensus in the party that came after the defeat of 2008. in fact paul ryan considered a moderate is the one that said we lost our way, allow the entitlement without a push back on that. it had to come back to its roots. that's the essence of tea party. i think it was a good thing. infusing that with the gop is injected energy. that returned to a constitutionalism which is what the party needs. all the soul searching as a result of a rumble over tactics. >> last but not least, bob. >> i wanted to say. charles and i were once colleagues. charles was a speech writer for
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vice president mon dell in the white house. you never had anything to do with the campaigns i ran. we lost. let me tell you one thing. we used most of your writing for our strategy. i want to thank you for that. i waited years to do it. i read through your writings and said now we've got it. >> at even then i was a candidate, enrolled for the other side. i got into the campaign and wrote the worst speeches ever written. >> you did. i don't know how you became such a good writer. honest to god, some of your stuff is awful. >> i should be your set up man. it's true. i did not work with you in '84. you tried to steal texas for carter in '80. you were short 9 million votes. >> i had them all the way you to
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mexico city. >> let me say this. of all conservative writers that i know, you are the one that makes most sense. most do not make sense to me. you do. >> my career is now officially over. >> the good news is you can reup your career in the next block. we're going to stick around. charles will dock back and talk about his new book "things that matter." he's sticking around for one more thing. don't go anywhere. it will be good.
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we are back now with charle testra new book "things that matter." pick up a copy online or at your favorite bookstore. i'm going to start with gutfeld. >> you migrated from liberal to conservativ conservative. what caused you to move in that direction. how do you see a conservative become a liberal and generally it's based on a personal bitter
1:47 am
vendetta. like brock went over a relationship issue. you never see it done over princip principle. >> on the first one, that's the introduction, a long essay, how i changed from liberal to conservative. if you're in public life, you owe an explanation. in the beginning is an explanation as i saw it. i say the short answer is i'm open to empirical evidence. i was a great society liberal. i believed in war on poverty. the evidence began to come out in the 80s with book by charles murray. then in all these journals, the public interest and others, the empirical evidence, the devastation it left in the wake of communities it was intended to help was stunning. in the early 90s i had decided
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despite good intentions what was essentially democracy or liberalism was not achieving the goals. the way to achieve them is with more limited government. that's how that happened. on the other question, there are examples of those that migrate the other way right to left on principle. gary wells, sullivan in our time. i'm not always sure there's a personal event in someone's life to affect their change. i'm not sure there's a real difference between left and right. >> one of the things in the book that's so important it's not just about politics. andrew you wanted to ask about one of the columns. >> my mom always says adversity never leaves where you find it. you are familiar about adversity. you write about your brother. in a column from 2006 you talk about your brother and his passing. i lost my brother two months ago
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with special needs. how did that affect your life? >> i thought the affect he had on my life because he went to medical school when i was 17. he was really older than me by four years. just the two of us. he was the ideal older brother. there were two ways to go. you can abuse and harass your young per brother as i would have probably done had i been older or you can help him and respect him and elevate him. when i was a kid he was a great athlete. he always insisted in pick up games if i wasn't allowed to play, and i was a runt, he wouldn't play. i learned to go at it one on one with the big boys at a young age. that's the gift he left me. >> what did you want to ask? >> they tell me charles' book is one on one on amazon. it bumped bill o'reilly's book
1:50 am
down. do you look over your shoulder walking through the hallway? >> o'reilly's next book will be killing krauthammer. >> are you trying to destroy my career in one-half hour? >> he praises me on the right which is utter devastation. and you're getting me in a fight with o'reilly. bill, i sure it's not going to long. >> can i ask a quick question. you wrote a column about the space program kennedy. i've always been a proponent. you agree a lot came out of that program. >> i think if you grew up in that age and you frailed to these events. i it wouldn't a launch about ten years ago. then you miss had the exploration that kennedy we do
1:51 am
things not because they are easy but because they are hard. that's a message that's been lost. >> i have to be a lightning round type question. how important is it to have interests outside of politics? >> that's what really matters. i wanted to write a book only with my columns on stuff outside of politic, but i decided as i write in the introduction trying to explain half the book is politics that in the end everything that matters depends on getting the politics right. beautiful sub lime, art, music, polle ticks everything. if you get it wrong, it wipes away everything. that's why i changed from being a doctor to political life. i thought that history will decide if all the other wonderful things will be allowed to flourish.
1:52 am
it's unfortunately politics that decides that. poll l politics grubbing and grasping is sovereign. you have to get it right. >> the book is a treasure. it's called "things that matter." charles is sticking around for one more thing up next.
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it's time now for one more thing. charles krauthammer our special guest is still with us. greg, you're going to kick it off. >> i'm going to the gym. at 9:00 a.m. there's a construction crew working busting things up. behind them on the sidewalk, a guy maybe 20s, in a sleeping bag
1:55 am
lined vertically like this sleeping against the wall like this. i decided to resurrect this phrase. in the 70, a phrase called bum. we understood homeless families. when you're 25, same age as the people working on the street, you're a bum. >> what about bumming cigarettes? i've heard you use that before. >> i thought you stopped smoking? >> i did for now. >> no one likes a quitter. yesterday i wasn't on the show but we played a sound for gavin getting beat up for making these remarks. >> i guess 7%. they want to be ceos, like staying at the office all night. all power to them. but by enforcing that as the norm, you're pulling women away from what they naturally want to do. it's making them miserable.
1:56 am
>> he says femininism is making women miserable. i think it's making men also pretty miserable. i know i'm going to get hammered for saying it. i do believe it. >> you all know i'm for ted cruz for republican nomination in 2016. one of the reasons he'll be the healthiest is because of his policy at goldman sachs and the policy $46,000 and for some reason, ted i wish you had mentioned in the 26 hours. i know you'll be healthy. ted cruz, 2016 he's at the top. >> we're not paying for his health care. that's awesome. >> i goat go quickly. timing is everything in life. here's charles last night. check out the timing. >> 30 years.
1:57 am
do you ever look back on these writings and think, what was i thinking? >> it's worse than that. >> the worst part of writing the book was going all the way back and reading the million words i had written and looking. by the end of this process, i was near suicidal. i couldn't believe i had written some of that stuff. >> what's the growth process been like? >> well, i was once a liberal. >> so the earliy lwritings show hope? >> then came change. >> well done charles. john stewart that was. i have a fairly quick question. i hope you get the answer right. what do you feel about america's dog jasper? >> we almost made it through the show without that damn dog. >> jasper in '16. >> that's a great answer. >> thank you.
1:58 am
thank you for validating my dog. bob likes jasper more than ted cruz. >> i like teddy and jasper for a ticket. >> now it's my one more thing. everyday i'm in the makeup room at fox watching you on the screen. now i have the out of body experience being on the other side of the screen. thank you for having me on. we love watching you and congratulate you on your success. i have the honor on behalf of the five to toss to the best evening news show in all of television in any country in any language. take it away special report tonight with chris rollins.
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>> it is october 25th. two americans held hostage at sea as a pirate took their ship. why they are being held after the rest of the crew was released. >> she is supposed to make sure obama care works. kathleen seb be sebelius talks. >> the majority of people who want me to resign are the people i don't work for. >> what about the american people who pay their salary? >> making a startling claim about the cost of her career. he's already paying the price


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