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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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50 or older say that they are very or somewhat satisfied with their jobs because they've accomplished things, they've climbed the ladder, increased salaries, reached positions. so there is hope for you. >> oh, well, thank you. how nice of you. >> that's it for us on "the five." the backtrack on obama care. the president's press secretary responds to fox news by admitting a major promise is being broken. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baie. it's not often that the confirmation of something we've all known for a long time can be called stunning, but it is. and it can be today. president obama's press secretary has admitted under questioning from ed henry that the obama care sales pitch was not entirely accurate. we have fox team coverage tonight. brett hume looks at what really
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was. peter has an update on the world's most infamous and temper mental website. we begin with ed henry and a very interesting conversation in the meeting room today. >> indeed. three years ago it was one of the biggest selling points, if you already have a plan, you get to keep it. today the white house acknowledged that's not true for everyone. >> i did it because -- >> reporter: after years of president obama vowing if you already had health insurance, you could keep your plan no matter what, spokesman jay carney acknowledged today that promise is not being kept. >> it's true that there are existing health care plans on the individual market that don't meet those minimum standards and therefore do not qualify. >> reporter: carney's admission came just hours after the president's long-time advisor david axelrod acknowledged on msnbc. >> the vast majority of people in this country are keeping their plans. >> reporter: which means others are not. even though the president said this when he was selling the law. >> if you like your health care
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plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. no one will take it away. no matter what. >> reporter: republican senator ron johnson is now pushing legislation to grandfather as many consumers as possible into their current plans after reports of hundreds of thousands of people getting cancellation notices. among the 14 million people who'd buy their own coverage because they do not have employer-based insurance. while those mass cancellations raise doubts about axelrod's contention, the vast majority will keep their plans, carney noted the insurance they get will be better in the long run. and he made a new claim, that six in ten in this situation will end up paying less. >> the president sold you that if you have a plan, you'll get to keep it. and that's not true. >> ed, i appreciate what you're trying to do. 80% plus of the american people already get insurance through their employer, through medicare, through medicaid. they don't have to worry about or do or change anything.
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>> reporter: in fact, the medicaid roles are swelling far beyond predictions. the state of maryland revealed late friday 3, 100 households have signed up for insurance through their exchange while 82,473 people have signed up for medicaid. a similar situation is playing out in kentucky. >> so it's not the young and healthy people getting the insurance plans that are really necessary to make this system work, correct? >> of the 26,000, 21,000 are in medicaid. 5,000 are in qualified health plans. >> reporter: secretary kathleen sebelius who will be on the hot seat over all of this at a congressional hearing wednesday was already the butt of the opening segment of "saturday night live". >> not working and breaking and sucking. well, tonight, i have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those technical problems. for example, have you tried restarting your computer? >> reporter: the real secretary sebelius will be testifying on capitol hill wednesday. and the president is planning what might be a little bit of a distraction. he's going to boston that same
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day where he's going to compare this rollout to the rollout of mitt romney's health care plan in massachusetts. bret. >> ed henry on the north lawn. thank you. while millions are still unable to learn the nuts and bolts of the health care exchanges from the government's troubled website, some people up to no good may actually be learning more about you. correspondent peter ducy tells us how that works. >> reporter: the system is down at the moment. that's what consumers trying to apply for coverage at were told for more than 12 hours sunday night into monday following a network failure at verizon teremark. the contractor paid more than $15.5 million to host the website's data services hub which helps verify applicant identities. this outage happened just a day after health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius wrote, "states are reporting that they are satisfied with the hub's performance." hhs announced today "as of 7:00 a.m. this morning the data
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services hub was fully operational." however, other problems with persist. and now lawmakers are beginning to wonder if the site is even safe. >> the functionality isn't working, i guarantee you the security isn't working of this system either. >> reporter: in fact, the house intel committee chairman believes hackers may have had access to the personal data of early applicants. >> the information that was traveling between these sites was not incrypted 15 days ago. if i were the secretary, i would not allow the site to continue until they have had full and complete security testing. >> reporter: administration officials said today "we continue to take cyber security issues seriously both to protect consumer information as well as to safeguard the site and its entirety." the end of november is still their target for completely fixing, but experts warn repairs that quick may come with a catch. >> the trade-offs you typically
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make are to reduce functionality, to reduce performance and to reduce the quality of the system. >> reporter: this weekend the picture of an unidentified smiling young woman seen by millions on's home page suddenly vanished. and officials will only say they are trying to make meaningful enhancements to the design of the site. bret. >> peter, thank you. obama care was sold as noninvasive, if you like your policy or doctor, you get to keep them. as you heard from ed. but it's not working out that way. senior political analyst has some thoughts. >> on the kelly file here on fox news the other night, ezekiel emanuel, brother of rahm, engs planing why so many people are losing their health insurance. "it does seem to me, he said, that you should have a policy of minimum amount of care." that minimum includes such
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things as maternity and pediatric care. helpful no doubt for young people, especially for those with kids. but older people with no children and no intention of having any, such services are useless as are the higher premiums they entail. but under obama care people have to have them. and insurance companies are not allowed to sell policies without them. thus the cancellation of hundreds of thousands of existing policies. but what about president obama's explicit promise if you like your insurance you can keep it? he later amended that to the government is not going to make you change plans. but that's not true either. emanuel and others argue such plans were a ripoff and people should have better ones. but better in whose opinion? why the government's of course. and never mind the president's repeated promise it would never come to this. a promise the very design of obama care made impossible to keep. maybe the president knew this. maybe he didn't. maybe he simply didn't care. bret. >> about that, i mean, said now the administration has said that the president didn't know about the problems with the website
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rollout. remember in the shutdown he didn't know about the military death benefits being held back. a story we're going to cover in a little bit, nsa listening to world leader phone calls, didn't know about that. is it possible or conceivable that president obama could be out of the loop on some of these big item sns. >> it's conceivable to me he could be out of the loop on any one of them. but it's hard to believe he wouldn't have known about any of them, any of these ones they said he didn't know about. we've been given to believe this is a very bright, very curious man who cares about policy details, grasps without difficulty and asks without questions. the picture that emerges from the array of things he was not in the loop on was a more disengaged president leaving it all to others. in which case it's imperative that you pick good others. it's questionable whether he has. >> all right, brit. thank you. the health care fiasco is playing a big role in the contest for governor. just how important that may be.
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>> hold back the tide of obama care. i need your vote on november 5th. >> crunch time in virginia's race for governor and republican ken cuccinelli trying to make referendum on obama care. who's helping? rand paul. >> was the first attorney general to sue over obama care. >> he's counting on paul who's popular with libertarians to counter a spoiler campaign by a former republican running as a libertarian with about 10% in recent polls that might otherwise favor cuccinelli. democrat already had a stop from hillary clinton, now it's her husband's turn. >> bill clinton. >> democrats worry low turnout could let energized tea partiers determined to derail obama care decide the race. clinton's job is liberalizing. >> will you care as much as they
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do and show up and vote? >> the clintons know about health care debacles. hillary care was defeated in congress with bipartisan opposition in the '90s. she blasts the gop for trying to block obama care but seemed to brace a referendum on it well beyond virginia. >> the people will be able to judge whether they like it or not in the midterm election. >> the gop is gearing up. texas senator ted cruz spent the weekend hunting game and votes in iowa, home of the first presidential caucuses. >> we are seeing an administration that seems bent on violating every constitutional protection we have in the bill of rights. >> the sunday shows also featured republicans eyeing the white house and slamming obama care. >> symptomic of a liberal ideology. >> both sides are playing referendum across the country and planning presidential and congressional campaigns for the next three years. virginia's going to vote in the next seven days. >> thank you. republican candidate ken
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cuccinelli will be here. our guest will sit in with the panel and talk policy and ask him where the race stands and take questions from you. what will you ask the candidate? we use a question or two from you tonight. let me know on twitter. you can follow me at bret baier. up next, president obama apparently not in the loop as we mentioned. it's another big policy mess. we explain the nsa deal, but first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in san diego with a routine traffic stop that turned out to be not so routine. cops found 5,000 pounds of marijuana in a teenager's vehicle. waga in atlanta has an 8-year-old with a rare blood disorder crowned queen for a day. and this is a live look in austin, texas, from our affiliate ktvb. the big story there tonight a judge is ruling parts of the state's new abortion law are
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unconstitutional. the state of texas has already filed an appeal. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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president obama has gotten a workout over the last several days or so dancing around questions of mounting revelations of nsa spying activity overseas. as james rosen reports, displeasure with the u.s. over these published reports is spreading like wildfire. >> reporter: it's getting to be a regular thing, european leaders summoning our ambassadors for a royal chewing out. today james costas, our man in spain, met with secretary of state for the european union after published reports suggested the national security agency collected data from 60 million phone calls in spain across a 30-day period last
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year. >> translator: for the moment spain has no formal grounds to believe there was a case of spying in our country. nevertheless, the magnitude of this information which was revealed brought us to request immediately the corresponding clarifications. >> reporter: meantime the german tabloid reported nsa chief, jen keith alexander, personally briefed president obama in 2010 on his agency's targeting of the cell phone of german chancellor angela merkel. the spokesperson said general alexander did not discuss with president obama in 2010 an alleged foreign intelligence operation involving german chancellor merkel, nor has he ever discussed allegationed operations involving merkel. news reports claiming otherwise are not true. reported, mr. obama was kept in the dark about the merkel surveillance for nearly five years until this summer when he ordered it stopped. >> the president didn't know about -- >> reporter: general alexander appearing on a d.o.d. blog cast last week somehow likened what
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most regard as the dirty business of surveilling our allies to the process of convincing young boys when it's time to take a bath. >> no, i never take a bath. why would i want to take a bath? but isn't there a better way? well, we had to take baths or showers. what about here? what's the better way to stop terrorists? >> reporter: british prime minister david kcameron appeale not to publish classified information from ex-nsa employee edward snowden. added if they don't stop doing so "it will be very difficult for government to stand back and not to act." bret. >> james, thank you. answers are still hard to come by in the investigation into last fall's benghazi terror assault. last night one of journalisms heavy hitter confirms what we knew and had reported on. correspondent add day housely has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: it's been more than a year since the attacks on
3:18 pm
benghazi and still information provided by the state department, military, cia and the white house has been incomplete, contradictory and fails to answer many questions. >> a lot of responsibility, a lot of ownous that needs to be taken up and accounted for. >> reporter: but accounts have been tough to come by. as witnesses claim they've been threatened and in some cases forced to sign nondisclosure agreements. fox spoke last may with an american special operator who witnessed the attack. >> i don't blame -- you know, it's something that's a risky especially in our profession to say anything about anything in the realm of politics or that deals with policy. >> reporter: much of his detailed account was corroborated in a cbs "60 minutes" report on the benghazi attack. the higher security chief of the local guard force that night also provided a dramatic account of an attack that was clearly
3:19 pm
planned in advance. >> i said what's going on and he said we're getting attacked. i said how many? and he said they're all over the compound. >> reporter: using an assumed name, the british citizen also talked to fox via phone and e-mail last winter. he says the cia annex team was told not to go but defied orders and went to the consulate anyway. this latest revelation in the benghazi case comes as congressional leaders continue to press for access to survivors. >> i'm going to block every appointment in the united states senate until the survivors are being made available to congress. >> reporter: there are also reports two key justice department witnesses were grilled in depositions earlier this month. and as many as four more benghazi witnesses may be headed to capitol hill in the next couple of weeks. bret. >> we'll stay on it. adam, thank you. a senior iranian nuclear negotiator said he made proposals today as part of a new approach to dealing with the u.n.'s nuclear agency. there are no specifics about what's in those proposals.
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it looks like all federal workers who received unemployment benefits during the government shutdown will have to pay them back. the labor department says even workers in states where there was some possibility they could keep the money must refund it. the number of americans who signed contracts to buy homes dropped sharply in september by more than 5.5%. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost one, the s&p 500 gained two, the nasdaq dropped three. the place that ushered
3:24 pm
millions of immigrants into the u.s. is once again receiving visitors tonight. ellis island has reopened a year after a devastating storm. senior correspondent rick leaventhat will was there. >> reporter: despite its location in the middle of new york harbor, ellis island had never flooded since it opened in 1892 until it was swamped by hurricane sandy last october. >> it's been a long year. we've had not only trying to fix the place but also trying to fix it sustainablely. >> reporter: destroyed electric, heat and ac. some exhibits were damaged, but most of the 1 million historical photographs, documents and autographs were spared and moved to safe storage. now ellis island has reopened the first and second floors of the immigration building so visitors can once again see where 12 million immigrants spent their first few hours in america. >> it's going to cost about $21 million and about 18 months to get the system changed. but once it's changed, if god
3:25 pm
forbid there is everanother hurricane sandy, it's going to be about half million dollars to fix. >> reporter: other parts in new york hit hard by sandy, including long beach, just finished rebuilding its boardwalk. but oakwood beach is still a ghost town. the neighborhood's 188 homes were flooded. most are still boarded up, empty or demolished. all but five homeowners accepted a state buyout. and one man who lives nearby says he also wants to move. >> within 45 minutes it was completely flooded. just don't want to live here no more. it's going to happen again. >> reporter: so much work left to be done across new york and at ellis island, which is open for tours. won't be fully restored until mex may at the earliest. tomorrow we'll take you to the jersey shore which was devastated by hurricane sandy one year ago. and many towns very much still a struggle to rebuild.
3:26 pm
bret. >> live at liberty state park. rick, thank you. we invite you to take part in tonight's panel discussion. if you have not yet participated in our sr bing polls, take a moment, go to our home page it's your chance to sit on the panel, provide instant feedback to what the panelists are saying. you can also access the pulse on your smartphone or tablet at no grapevine tonight, so we can welcome virginia gubernatorial candidate ken cuccinelli into our center seat right here on the panel. when we come back, fox all stars on the mess of obama care.
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if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. [ applause ] if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. no one will take it away. no matter what. >> the majority of people in this country, the vast majority of people in this country, are keeping their plan. >> it's true that there are existing health care plans on the individual market that don't meet those minimum standards and therefore do not qualify for the affordable care act. >> well, there it is.
3:31 pm
you're able to keep your plan and nobody will take it. today, the white house press secretary admitting that that is not true. and in fact we don't know the exact numbers but of the 14 million or so customers across the country who get their insurance individually, some percentage one report up to 75% to 80% of them could get cancellation notices to get into the obama care exchanges because their plans don't meet up currently. let's bring in our panel, steve hays, kristen powers, syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, what about this? >> this is remarkable. i think this is the first of the blows that will come after the scandal about the website. this is sort of the substance of it. it isn't just that it is a total contradiction of a promise that obama made over and over again. it goes especially the carney explanation as to why it's going to happen, it is the essence of what's wrong with obama care.
3:32 pm
it is that we know what's best. you have a plan, you like the plan, you want the plan. but we call it substandard because some expert in washington had written a regulation in which it doesn't meet or fit. and we're going to cancel it on you. i mean, it's almost a parody of the definition of a liberal, which is somebody who doesn't care what you do as long as it's mandatory. and it's the essence of obama care. it's the essence of the whole liberal ideology obama is imposing on the country. we know what's best. for example, we know we got to have a green economy. oils and fuels are the past he says, versus the fuel of the present everybody is using it. but we know that we have to get off all this stuff and create a new economy, which i have in my head and the experts have approved. and that's i think why obama care's going to collapse on its own. >> kirsten, speaking of noted
3:33 pm
liberals, elizabeth warren had this to say about the website problems. "getting people in and crucial. i know that's why it's so deeply upsetting that the government just dropped the ball on getting the website launched, but the answer is double down and get it fixed." a lot of focus here on the website, but today indicates that the substance could be a big problem. >> yeah. i think it is a problem when you have the president saying you can keep your plan if you like it. if he had said you can sort of keep your plan for double the cost, i don't think that very many people would have been excited about this. you need to actually tell people what you're going to do. grant it it is a minority. 14 million people for a lot of people but isn't even close to the majority of the country of 300 million people. but for those people it's happening to, it's pretty serious. and these are a lot of people living paycheck-to-paycheck who can't afford to have their health care that they were perfectly happy with to have the price double. >> let's just be clear. 80% of the country gets their
3:34 pm
health care from their employer. >> right. >> so in essence they are not affected by these exchanges, at least in the interim -- at the beginning. but when you're talking about the individual market f half or 75% of them get canceled from their current plan, you're talking about, you know, 7 million to 9 million people. >> potentially much higher. i've heard estimates as high as 16 million people. depending on how you actually do the calculations. and it should be -- we should be clear that the people who are getting, going to continue to get insurance through their employers will eventually be affected by the changes in the exchanges. that's the whole design. that's the purpose here. but i think, you know, charles is exactly right about this sort of particularly aggressive obnoxious paternalism. built into the argument that the white house is making right now saying in effect, look, you don't know what's best for you. we know what's best for you. we're going to tell you exactly what's best for you and ask you to pay for it even though it's going to cost you more.
3:35 pm
but there's a problem even beyond that. what they're saying isn't necessarily true. it's altogether unclear at this point that those will be better plans. in many cases especially the ones that we've read about over the past couple days, those plans are going to be costing substantially more, sometimes on the order of 100% more. and they're going to be offering considerably less. that's a huge problem. and it makes the new spin you started hearing this from the white house, started hearing it from the podium, started hearing it from the white house moes reliable surrogates that it's going to be better and it's going to be this difficult time in between. that doesn't appear to be true either. >> i mean there are people -- we had one person, jim angle piece, who compared prices and a bronze plan and he's 58 years old and he's getting prenatal coverage. now, it's mandated by the obama care mandates. but that's an indication of something that maybe somebody doesn't want. >> it's precisely why
3:36 pm
historically essentially planned economies don't work. the soviets had a plan for this much steel and this much concrete and it had no response to what was out there in the market. and they overproduced. so they had a lot of production numbers and they had an economy that was unworkable. here these people are deciding if you're a single male in your 60s, you don't need the maternal care, you don't -- you've never smoked dope, you don't need the substance abuse stuff. you want a catastrophic plan which is very rational, but jay carney is saying, you know, you're too stupid to understand what you want. once you eliminate the market response, which is a lot of people decide i know what i want better than the bureaucrat. and they're eliminating this. that's the essence of what's happening. that's why it's not going to work. >> quickly, does this lead to more red state democrats in particularly following away from the administration and calling for a delay? >> maybe. it's hard to say. it's hard to predict what's
3:37 pm
going to happen because like i said they are correct that the majority of people are not going to really see major changes in their plans. and so it's a question of whether or not they care that the president said something that was transparentally not true and is not following through on it. i can't unfortunately predict whether or not they're going to care about that. >> but the people who are losing their plans are going to be intensely angry about it. as we've already seen. and those are going to be very active people in all likelihood politically. i think this will be in effect -- and the key question will be whether it goes beyond just that universe of red state senators we've talked so much about. and you start seeing this from blue state senators, which i think is entirely possible. >> correct answer is yes. >> virginia republican candidate for governor ken cuccinelli takes the center seat when we come back. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley.
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welcome back. let's bring back our panel plus our center seat guest tonight, virginia attorney general republican candidate for governor ken cuccinelli.
3:41 pm
thanks for being here. >> good evening. >> let's start with the status of this race. the politics average of polls has the race mcconnell 46%, you at 36.8% and the libertarian candidate at 9.5%. start with a twitter question, keith writes, do you think the government shutdown played a major role in the polling in virginia now. did it hurt your campaign? >> well, you know, virginia with the odd year campaigns people pay attention late. it's not like the presidential cycle. i was behind in 200 and i ended up feting more votes for attorney general than anyone in history in '09. we have a lot of movement in october, but the government shutdown certainly drew people's attention. and obviously in virginia we're on the other side of the potomac a lot of people get in their car every day and cross that river to come work over here. so just the attention away from things like obama care, taxes, energy, those issues that are going to affect virginia in the next four years delayed our
3:42 pm
ability to get to voters at least to be on the front burner, so to speak. and that's where we are now. >> so it hurt. >> that's what we have to close with. >> it hurt? >> it compressed time to get people while they're paying attention to this race. >> steve. >> bret mentioned this independent libertarian style candidate. he is taking as many as i think the average was 9.5%, 9.5 points if you look at the quinnipiac polls and other polls, if his voters were your voters, you would be winning. how concerned are you about him and what's your pitch to libertarian style voters? >> i'm the most-accomplished pro-liberty candidate that's actually been elected statewide in virginia in my lifetime. so what we talked to them about is my actual accomplishments. being the first to challenge obama care, being an attorney general who's going to leave office having helped exonerate more wrongfully convicted felons than any other a.g. in history. whether it's fighting for one
3:43 pm
person or whether it's fighting the biggest opponent of all, the federal government, i've been there to fight for liberty. and no one has a virginia -- >> just to follow-up briefly, why is he doing so well? what is it about this race that has a third party candidate like him doing so well? >> well, we had third party race candidates in four of our races in the last 20 years. and they've all sucked up a lot of space in october. and they've all come down below 2% on election day. so we have to make our pitch for smaller government, limited government, why it's better for virgin yans and the fact i have an actual record whether it's property rights, health care, taxes, that's appealing to folks who believe like i do that we need to be limiting government, that we need to be protecting liberty. >> kirsten. >> the polls have showed you have a pretty big gap with women. >> i think we have a quinnipiac poll. >> about 20 to 25 points depending on the poll. why do you think that is? and is there a message not resonating with them? >> let's face it, we face tens
3:44 pm
of millions of dollars of pure negative campaigning. one thing i say to virginia audiences and i'll say it to this one is tell me one thing, one positive plan that terry has run on and explained and he can't. they've spent it beating the tar out of me. and frequently lying about things like contraception that women care about, about divorce of all things. and fitting it into their narrative. so i have a record of fighting sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic violence. and we're trying to push that message out. and that's part of what we're doing delivering one voter at a time in the last week. >> how is your view worse than distorted? >> well, we have years ago put bills in to protect children in that process. and they just grab the bills and lie about them in a tv ad to scare women. it's been pretty blatant. i mean, hillary clinton -- >> no-fault divorce. >> right.
3:45 pm
and with children present, the proposal was to force there to be fault so that you have to take care of the children because they're the ones who get left behind. they get left behind in this. the adults get taken care of. the children get taken care of. that's been a focus for me. >> to follow-up on the twitter question and the shutdown, the narrative in town that's been sort of written about and talked about endlessly in the media and by democrats is the great civil war among republicans. the great civil war was the backlash and the civil war is between the tea party and the establishment. you're sort of an innocent bystander of that. where do you, a, do you believe there really is this sort of war among republicans? and, b, in the conflict between them if you believe it's there, where are your sympathies? with the insurgents or the
3:46 pm
establishment? >> i have never seen a time in my over 20 years of being either a volunteer or candidate in the republican party where there wasn't friction going on, contests of one kind or another going on. i can't remember a time when that wasn't the case. and in virginia i'll tell you that we've had support among republicans across the spectrum. we also have, you know, john edwards political consultant as a democrat, he's supporting me. the democrat school board member in richmond supporting me. we've got a whole passel of democrats in northern virginia supporting me. they have their own challenges. the focus tends to be more on republicans on such things. but we've gathered support across the spectrum. and i have never won a race without republican independent and democrat and libertarian and vegetarian support. >> do you think the rise of the tea party is healthy within the gop? >> well, it isn't within the gop. anything that turns a new group of people on to the political
3:47 pm
process i think is a very positive thing. and we want more turnout. we want to focus on first principles. we want to be protecting liberty, earlier question. and we want to make that central to the case. that's why things like obama care, taxes, energy policy are central to the race. >> we'll talk about those things right after a short break. more with the panel and ken cuccinelli after this. i'm a careful investor. when you do what io, you think about risk. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum votility etfs. investments designed for a smoother ride. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums.
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>> it's like the whole debacle over the affordable care act. you know, passed by two houses of congress. signed by a president. affirmed by the supreme court. the people will be able to judge whether he they like it or not in the midterm election. it's not for a small group of congressman to basically
3:51 pm
say we didn't like it so you need to stop it. >> hillary clinton friday campaigning for terry mcauliff the democratic candidate. we have ken kutcher -- cuccinelli center seat. is this a referendum on healthcare. >> that's a big part of it. they are going to vote come if to the governor's race on november 5th for obama care to support terry mcauliff for the expansion he wants to undertake answered wanted it bigger when it started. some people are going to come vote to me just to register a vote against obama care. i'm against medicare expansion. why expand failure. it's already obvious it is failing it. it is at least in part going to be a referendum on obama care. >> steve? >> you told my "weekly standard" colleague mike warren that you have been frustrated at the lack of substantive discussion. policy discussion in the race and you went on to say that you were particularly
3:52 pm
enthusiastic about your tax reform proposal or tax proposal that will create jobs. explain what exactly that will do and why it's needed. >> sure. we're going to lower personal and business income taxes down to 5% and 4% respectively. 4% would be tied for the lowest in the country and pay for it by shrinking the growth of our general fund by population plus inflation that would have been worth $400 million tax relief, more than 500 the year before and get rid of one sixth of our tax exemptions and credits, that's going to take place over a couple of years. you can't just walk in and do that that's worth about 58,000 new jobs according to outside economists. and i'm the only candidate with a plan that an economist can look at and rate. and while my opponent obviously doesn't like my plan, he hasn't proposed one. you know, he just says the word jobs, and that's nice. i don't doubt that he wants more jobs in virginia but he has never laid out a plan
3:53 pm
how to do it. on the other side what he he has done is promised enormous amounts of spending all over virginia. my total, if you add it up by a family of four would would be about a 700 tax cut. his total would be $1,700 tax increase. >> kirsten. >> you said in a speech christian life summit that you feel that you are surprised that god hasn't imposed more judgment on the united states for legalized abortion. i guess my two questions are. what kind of judgment do you think the u.s. deserves for that and the other is do you think the u.s. deserves judgment for segregation? did you ever thought we should have god's judgment for that? >> i think all decisions have consequences including fernatinns that's answer jent concept. the nature of it, i have no idea. but certainly we are already suffering from some of these things. we have suffered as a country for segregation. virginia was one of the worst states. >> suffering god imposing
3:54 pm
judgment? >> we are suffering from abortion as well. we are missing over 50 million americans who would otherwise be here just since roe v. wade. i think that's a great tragedy. >> as a result of that you supported a person hood amendment where a theriotizeed egg ask endowed with person hood. the other side is falsity. that means you are against all contraception. would imply you are against all contraception which impedes implantation meaning iuds. >> what we have said in this race you are right. they have been pounding away on the false. as you know the supreme court has spoken to this pretty clearly. in a couple of cases, some of them older than me, and it isn't something that's available to a state. i believe in protecting life, but i have also never in the state senate and nor will i as governor be taking steps to take away contraception. the only thing -- the only
3:55 pm
area of contraception that i think is legitimate to legislate in is for parents to have control of their own minor children. >> ken cuccinelli thank you for the time on center seat. we'll be following the race. >> well, thanks very much. good to be with you all. >> okay. we should note that we asked terry mcauliff to come on. we hope in the days ahead of this race he does. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for sr bing pulse results. and all those giches plaguing the obama care web site. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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>> here are tonight's bing highlights. democrats strongly disagreed with charles when he said that not being able to keep your plan is going to be the first blow that will come after the web site scandal with obama care. during our center seat segment, men, women,
3:59 pm
democrats strongly agreed with ken cuccinelli that the shutdown has compressed the amount of time that he has to reach out to voters. there was a spike in agreement from both genders when cuccinelli says any movement that brings more people into the political process is positive. tonight total votes 200,000. with all the surrounding obama care to the gov. snl had h.h.s. cath leone sebelius. >> be sure to like us on facebook. >> oh, look at this. we are already up to three likes. and i like that enthusiasm. it, can we get someone from it in here? we have a problem. [ laughter ] >> >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special
4:00 pm
report." fair, balanced and unafraid. again, terry mcauliff please come on. greta goes "on the record" right now. filibuster ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. it is official. the obama administration just announcing it is granting a six week extension until march 31st for americans to sign up for obama care and avoid penalties. now, the extension was expected since h.h.s. said they planned to do it as technical problems continue to plague the web site. also tonight, many young americans, they are laughing at obama care. so what makes you think they would buy insurance on the exchanges if they are busy laughing at it and, if they don't, you tell me, where are we going to get the money? >> we're probably just overloaded with traffic, millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site


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