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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 30, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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he smiled, patted him on the cheek, and the boy stayed on the stage while the pope spoke to the crowd. the more and more i hear about this pope, good guy. >> thanks for watching "the five." we'll see you tomorrow. the president's point person on the health cakacare rollout apologizes, saying americans deserve better. while the president on the road tries to do some damage control about a familiar promise. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. she's been under fire relentlessly and called for her resignation outnumber expressions of support. today, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius faced questions on everything from her website's technical shortcomings to its questionable security protocols. at times, heated. the testimony lasted more than
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three and a half hours. we have fox team coverage tonight. jim engle is here at the bureau on who sebelius blames for the millions of health care cancellation letters going out. what the president's comparison of his health care plan to his 2012 component's, but we begin on capitol hill where the political smoke still has not cleared. good evening, mike. >> good evening. kathleen sebelius defended the rollout of the president's health care law, but said ultimately, she is accountable. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of health care dot guv. so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> chairman fred upton accused sebelius and others of false advertising prior to the launch. >> over the months leading up to october 1 launch, the secretary and her colleagues at hhs repeatedly looked us in the eye and testified that everything was on track. >> after a lot of finger
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pointing in recent weeks, marsha blackburn from tennessee preced on who is to blame and asked if it was any of the top medicare officials. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle? >> well -- excuse me, congresswoman. michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> in four than four weeks after the launch, the website was taken off line again last night and remained out of commision all morning. >> the program has crashed and burned at least three times and the user is still having problems. it's been down the whole time you have been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> fixing it by the end of november is the administration's goal with some expressing concern about the ultimate price tag on what's been an expensive launch so far. >> we have spent about $118 million on the website itself and about $56 million has been expended on other i.t. to support the web.
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>> security is also an issue. this september 27th memo signed by medicare administrator marilyn tavoner said the commuter control assessment was not committpleted days before t launch which constitutes a risk that must be accepted and mitigated. low-level attempts at hacking have been successful and call for much more comprehensive testing. >> yes or no, has an end to end test on health gone live? >> i will find out. >> some democrats suggest why the rollout has been rough, the law has been helping. >> the affordable care act is working. it has been improving the health security of millions of americans for the past three years. >> one female lawmaker mocked an obama care provision that would include maternity coverage for men. >> to the best of your knowledge, has a man ever delivered a baby? >> the gentlelady's time has
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expired. >> and another said obama care is taking away personal choice. >> some people like to drive a ford, not a ferrari. and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup, not a crystal stem. >> there's clearly a belief among republicans that at some point and after some cost, the website will be functional, so critics are taking aim at weaknesses of the actual law. >> mike, thank you. president obama finds himself in a difficult place tonight. both physically and politically. in a city concerned much more about a possible world series championship, the president hoped to capitalize on the public's selective memory by comparing his disastrous health care rollout to the one of his vanquishled 2012 opponent. >> the president went to boston to draw a parallel between his signature health care plan and the massachusetts version he said it was modeled after. >> you guyed had a proven model that we built the affordable
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care act on this template. a proven bipartisan success. your law was the model for the nation's law. >> but former senator scott brown who was a state legislator when the massachusetts bill was passed said there is no comparison. >> obama care is nothing like what we passed in massachusetts. there are a couple of little similarities, but we didn't cut medicare half a trillion dollar, we didn't raise 18 new taxes, and our bill passed 198-2. >> aides to romney who signed the bill into law, said he worked for three years to build consensus with democrats, and brown says the value of the bipartisanship is hard to overstate. >> the governor, the senate president, the speaker of the house, business leaders saying we have a real problem. we have people going into emergency rooms and not paying a penny. >> the massachusetts law was also rolled out more slowly, and brown said states are better
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positioned to deal with health care than the federal government. the massachusetts plan didn't have the computer problems the affordable care act is suffering, and romney said, quote, had president obama actually learned the lessons of massachusetts health care, millions of americans would not lose the insurance they were promised they could keep. they demonstrate the latest health care act, the promise they could keep if they liked them. obama care sets minimum standard coverage that many plans on the market don't meet. mr. obama declared those plans substandard and said the affordable care act was designed to get rid of them. >> the worst of these plans routinely drop thousands of americans every year, and on average, premiums for folks who stayed in their plans for more than a year shot up about 15% a year. >> some democrats are saying the president should have talked more about replacing substandard
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plans and done less promising that people could keep any plan they like. even he admits with the websites's problems, finding a new plan isn't easy. he promises to get the problems fixed asap. >> wendell, thank you. during the bill clinton administration, the major grammatical question involved the meaning of the word "is" and what that was. the equivalent in the obama administration and the health care rollout disaster apparently is the word "grandfathered." here's jim. >> millions of americans are getting letters like this saying their current plans will be canceled because they're noncompliant with obama care requirements. letters like this one in seattle which say the current plan will be discontinued. >> as of december 31st, my plan would be canceled and i would be automatically rolled in a health care bronze plan. >> his income doesn't qualify for subsidies, so his costs are
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soaring. >> my premiums would increase approximately 61%. i went from $891 a month to $1437 a month. and also my deductibles all doubled. >> today in congress, hhs secretary sebelius and democratic allies sought to blame all cancellations of policies on insurance policies, not the requirements of obama care. >> insurance companies are cancelling lousy policies with high prices because they can't compete. >> does the aca require insurance companies to discontinue the plans that people had when the law was passed? yes or no? >> not when the law was passed if the plans have not changed. >> sebelius argued that existing plans were grandfathered back in 2010 so people could keep them. but one lawmaker read administration regulations from july of 2010 that anticipated massive cancellations because of obama care. >> the department expects that a large population of individual
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policies will not be grandfathered, covering up to and perhaps exceeding 10 million people. >> so the very regulations sebelius argues were designed to protect existing plans predicted three years ago that the very same policies would force the cancellation of 10 million plans. and one analyst says most existing plans do not qualify for grandfathering. >> there are some very small changes that insurers could make and remain in the grandfathering provision. but you also have to remember that this grandfathering provision froze in place plans from march of 2010. >> in fact, sebelius conceded plans change dramatically over time, which would keep them from being grandfathered. late today, republican senator ron johnson introduced if you like your health care plan, you can keep it act, trying to turn president obama's promises into law. bret. >> okay, jim, more on this with the panel. thank you. late this afternoon, we learned the federal deficit has fallen below the $1 trillion mark for the first time in five years. the government says the figure
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for fiscal 2013 is $680.3 billion. on wall street today, the dow lost 62. the s&p 500 slipped nine.the da. up next, why the obama administration does not want you to hear what happened in the benghazi terror attacks from the people who were there. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 13 in tampa with theparen ps of a missing soldier asking the ph public for help. he was last seen thursday in sarasota. in boston, getting ready for game six of the world series. it took the st. louis cardinals a long time to get to beantown. the plane apparently was stuck at the st. louis airport for seven hours yesterday. >> and this is a live look at new york from wnyw, our affiliate there. the big story there tonight, consider raising the legal smoking age to 21. that's tonight's live look
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more trouble surrounding the crackdown on the muslim brurth hood in egypt. authorities have arrested the deputy leader of the group's political arm. pro brotherhood student protesters responded by storming the administrative building of an islamic university in egypt. riot police broke up that demonstration. there is new controversy tonight in the search for answers in the terror attack in benghazi. a bitter dispute is growing in washington between lawmakers and the administration over a decision to block access to witnesses and fbi transcripts. we have the story. >> the justice and state departments are now citing the year old fbi investigation and
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criminal prosecution to block access to the benghazi witnesses. in this letter to republican senator lindsey graham, the state department references significant risk and serious concerns about having the survivors submit to congressional interviews. >> you can't hide behind a criminal investigation. that's not a good reason to deny the congress witness statements 48 hours after the attack. >> after the house government oversight committee and its republican chairman darrell issa recently interviewed two state security agents who witnessed the attack against the justice department's wishes, a leading democrat predicted the move would create inconsistencies and complicate a trial. >> it kearns me that was not a higher priority for the chairman to make sure we could bring these people to justice than to carry on this political exercise. >> waiting for a criminal prosecution and an appeal to wrap up, according to republicans, doesn't pass the sniff test. >> we're going to wait three years and we've had a terrorist attack, which is very different than your average criminal case that senator graham talked
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about, to get the truth and think about what we need to know to prevent future terrorist attacks. >> the hearings must be in public. the american people can handle the truth. >> as republican frank wolff renewed his call for a select committee, lawmakers also cited the reporting of fox news followed by cbs 60 minutes to name the benghazi suspects as having ties to al qaeda leadership. >> do you know why an ambassador asking for more security days and weeks before he was murdered and those requests went unheeded? >> with 84 signatures, republican congressman mike mccaul sent this letter to secretary of state kerry questioning why his department is not offering a reward for tips leading to the case. >> i don't have anything new for you on the al qaeda suspects from benghazi. >> more than three quarters of
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the republican congress have signed on for the select committee resolutions. more americans today than a year ago believe the obama administration has hidden the facts surrounding benghazi. >> thank you. >> there's a report tonight that the nsa spied on the vatican. perhaps even the pope. an italian magazine says the u.s. monitored electronic communications inside the vatican leading up to the election of pope francis. it also says the nsa may have spied on francis before he took the job. the vetcon says it is unaware and has no concerns. new questions tonight about priorities and common sense at the veterans administration. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with troubling details. >> good evening, bret. at a time when the department of veterans affairs has 717,000 ba backlog disability claims, there were more than 125 days overdue, the v.a., like the gsa and irs before it had enough time and
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money to make this video during a training conference for 1800 employees near disney world two years ago. the two conferences in orlando, florida, cost the taxpayers $6.1 million, including $762,000 in unauthorized expenses. according to a v.a. inspector general report today on capitol hill, lawmakers demanded answers. >> veterans affairs is a large agency with deep pockets. yes, it's a large agency with deep pockets, but those pockets were not intended to be picked. by either contractors that were likely unnecessary or in fact people who we held accountable and paid to be accountable to the taxpayers. >> here's an e-mail the department approved a $450,000 marketing budget for a conference.
3:19 pm
now, a $4 -- why do we need such a large marketing budget to make employees go to a conference they're required to go to? why would we do that? who makes that decision? >> or the decision to spend $50,000 to make this spoof of the hollywood movie "patton" prior to the conference. they received gifts such as rockets tickets and massages and helicopter rides at the conference as well. >> with all due respect, mr. chairman, on the advice of my counsel, i respectfully deklein to answer based on my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> the man who oversaw the conferences was forced to resign last year. the v.a. says it has zero tolerance for misuse of taxpayer dollars. >> thank you. still ahead, a political robin hood campaigns on promises to narrow the gap between rich
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religious freedom is one of the things that has always motivated immigrants to come to the u.s. but tonight, we learn some people want religious freedom to take a back-seat to another kind of freedom. our correspondent explains. >> it's a legislative battle that's been fought on capitol hill year after year. and once again, the senate is preparing to vote on the employment nondiscrimination act. its stated goal is to prohibit based on sexual identity.
3:24 pm
joe mansion said he will support the measure, and they're confident they'll find allies across the aisle as well. >> i think you'll find a significant number of republican senators will vote to put the bill on the floor and it will be passed. >> the results could wind up putting religious employers in a tough spot. a christian school that is worried about hiring a transgender teacher. they said they need not worry. >> no church is ever going to be forced to hire somebody that they don't want to hire. many states hire people of their own faith, if you will. they might discriminate against someone who is not of their religion. >> yet opponents point to statements by eeoc commissioner called the lead drafter of nda, who said in 2006 when sexual and religious liberties conflict,
3:25 pm
quote, i'm having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win. here's how he responded when confronted with that position in her senate confirmation process. >> i also have a deep respect for and understanding of religious practice and a deep-seated ca eed tolerance f j religious differences. >> they're unchanged by the conversion and the language on the exemptions. >> we have a administration that ignores the religious liberties of chaplains, of all kinds of people when you look at what happening with the hhs mandate. >> they're set to vote as early as next week, and supporters say they have 59 votes. they'll need 60 to make sure the measure is filibuster proof and gets to the floor for a vote. >> what do you think? do you think businesses should be forced to hire people whose beliefs conflict with that company's goals? let me know on twitter. trending now, one woman in
3:26 pm
north dakota is probably not the most popular in her neighborhood this time of the year. instead of candy, she is giving warning letters to children she considers moderately obese. the letters chastise the parents for letting the kids trick-or-treat for candy. one clinical psychology said the letter might actually do more harm than good. perhaps being tp'd this halloween have increased. >> a state environmental quality building is shut down and you can probably guess why. plus, a special member of the flock get up close and person with the pope. the grapevine is next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. and now from the political grapevine, the problems with are well known, but some state obama care websites have been struggling a bit as well. the new york state exchange offers assistance for nearly 500 health care navigators. the problem, instead of being connected with a helper, many callers have been connected to a cupcake bakery or a limo service, or another totally unrelated venture. the new york post reports mistakes on the website are causing many small businesses to be bombarded with people seeking insurance information. one local pharmacy manager is fed up, quote, i'm frustrated. i'm not registered to be a navigator. a health department spokesman said the website will be
3:31 pm
corrected, adding that only a few businesses were mistakenly listed. >> $731,000. that's how much the national park service spent on three studies of dirt on the st. louis gateway arch. zero dollars were spent on spending that well studied dirt. that's just one of the findings in a report released by oklahoma senator tom coburn. he said congress and numerous administrations have ignored the $11 billion maintenance backlog instead spending money on things like restoring 29 neon signs along route 66 for $200,000 and $30 million self-congratulatory dollars to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the park service. >> the health building has been temporarily closed. why? the quality of the environment. lead levels are up to 40 times higher than standards. the director said, quote, the
3:32 pm
irony is not lost on us. out of an abundance of caution, we chose to close the building. current and former employees are asked to take food blood tests to determine if there are any issues. >> and finally, it takes a lot to steal the show from the pope, but this young boy, it appears he may have done it. while giving a speech saturday, he was suddenly joined by this boy onstage, unplanned. the pope allowed him to stay onstage. when offered candy to try to coax him off, the boy accepted the candy but then refused to leave the pope. he even took a seat to listen in the pope's chair. >> you may have heard this one before. a former community organizer committed to liberal big-government ideas trying to take control of one of the world's largest and most complicated economies and environments. it's not what you think. that is the scenario playing out right now in america's largest
3:33 pm
city. senior correspondent eric shaun has the story from new york. >> he is likely to become new york city's next mayor. democrat bill de blasio, the city advocate who promises to bring a new liberal era to city hall. >> thank you for being willing to fight to change new york city and take us in a new progressive direction. >> de blasio leads joe loeta by as much as 45 points. he's struck a chord with his promise to end the controversial police tactic known as stop and frisk. he believes that unfairly targets minorities. >> bill de blasio voted to take over 5,000 cops off our streets. >> but loada, a former deputy mayor under rudy giuliani has hammered away at the issue. he says stop and frisk makes the city safer. >> police departments in new york city has been one step ahead of the criminal element in the city. that's how they've been able to reduce crime. and that's what we need to continue to do. >> de blasio also wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund
3:34 pm
school programs and he has a long history of activism. he traveled to nicaragua when it was under marxism in 1988, and in new york city, recently, supported a.c.o.r.n., the now defungs activist group. >> proud to have gone to nicaragua, working for a catholic progressive organization provided humanitarian aide to people in need. proud to have worked with a.c.o.r.n., which helped low-income people get the help they deserve. >> critics claim the plans will set the city back. >> we will have serious problems. it won't show up overnight, but over time, they'll continue to grow. >> he said his policies will strengthen the city, but after 19 years of rudy giuliani and michael blumberg as mayor, that shift will be large. >> ken cuccinelli appears to be gaining in the governor's race. terry mcauliffe leads by just
3:35 pm
four points in the latest quinnipiac poll. he was up at least seven last week. we have a virch well seat again for you tonight in our panel segment. if you have not participated, take a moment, go to the home page, click on the video, watch the simple instructions and have a seat on the panel. you can provide and monitor realtime feedback to what the panelist said are saying and also access the pulse on your sma smartphone or tablet. >> inquiring minds want to know what happened to the obama care website and what about the law now? we'll get reactions to the explanation from secretary sebelius. and the fox all-stars and you when we come back. there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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test test test test
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who was in charge as it was being built? >> in charge -- >> of that team, who is the
3:39 pm
individual? >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle? >> excuse me, congresswoman, michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for it debacle. i'm responsible. >> you're saying the president is not responsible for hhs? >> sir, i didn't say that. >> okay. so the president ultimately is responsible -- while i think it's great you're a team player and you're taking responsibility, it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct? >> you clearly -- whatever. yes, he is the president. he is responsible for government programs. >> interesting three and a half hours of testimony for secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius up on capitol hill. the questions ranges really all over the map, but as you can imagine, it broke along party lines. take one more listen. >> i don't know how you keep your cool, madam secretary, you know, with this continuous effort on the part of the gop to sabotage the aca, to scare
3:40 pm
people. >> it's been down the whole time you have been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> okay, with that, let's get our thoughts from our panel. jonah goldberg, at large editor of at view online, juan williams, and charles cr krauthammer who we welcome back from his book tour "things that matter" available at fine book stores everywhere, and after the special and this, am i getting a cut? >> we have to negotiate. it will be a hefty commission, and it goes straight to the cayman islands. >> charles, what about you? what about the secretary's testimony today? >> i hate to say this because i think i'm going south, but i almost felt sorry for her. but almost. i drew back from the cliff. she had no cards. she had nothing to explain the disaster. and i thought her answers, you know, it's the standard i'm responsible, but that doesn't
3:41 pm
have any real meaning. i thought the most devastating question came from mike rogers. this was a point that had not been emphasized. he's the house intelligence committee chairman. he was just incredulous they had launched a program knowing in advance there was no testing for the security system. >> let's listen to mike rogers and that part where he's asking secretary sebelius about the security on the system. >> you allowed the system to go forward with no encryption on back-up systems. no inkrepencryption on certain boundary crossings. you accepted a risk on behalf of every user of this computer that put their personal financial information at risk because you did not even have the most basic end-to-end test on security of this system. amazon would never do this. proflowers would never do this. kayak would never do this.
3:42 pm
this is completely an unacceptable level of security. >> she said it's being tested realtime. >> it apparently can't be done while it's being tweaked and fixed and lines of code are be written. you have to do it in advance. all the other stuff you can write off as mistakes, bureaucr. this means in order to launch this october 1, in order to establish, as israelis would say, a fact on the ground so obama care becomes, say, ireversible, they launched dr e deliberately knowing they're exposing everyone who signs in to the kind of easy hacking that would endanger them. now i think that is malfeasance. it's not just a mistake and incompetence. >> why? >> i thought it was pure theater, a big stage show with republicans attacking sebelius. meanwhile, democrats trying to rescue their partner in the ring by giving her resets and
3:43 pm
launching into speeches of their own in defense of obama care. i think even mike rogers in that presentation, i think the world of mike rogers, former fbi agent, doing a great job. all of this is in the weeds. what do i care about how things are put into computers? who is to blame, who is not to blame? look, the big -- >> the security of a major site -- >> first of all, there's no issue here about security at the moment. zero. nobody is saying, oh, yeah, they have now gained access to people's social security numbers or private information. that information is not necessary to sign up. >> it is to enroll. >> you allow people to put their financial information into the system, their social security numbers, stuff that would damage them for life -- >> no one has said this is happening. zero, period, no one. is there any way to go after obama care? >> a lot of respect for mike rogers.
3:44 pm
he's been working on cybersecurity for the past couple years. he comes out and says this, and you say he's full of it. >> mike is an expert in fact, and you know, looking at that kind of security. but that's not what this argument is about. the politics of this argument is about obama care. do we need this program? >> you're getting fired up here. i'm asking, do you think the website should have rolled out october 1st? >> obviously, it didn't work, but we know now. here we are, i guess we're october 28th or so. >> 30th. >> yeah, we know what happened. yet, the republicans continue to hammer. it makes you just want to grab, you know, on to something and say, wow, what is all this? >> i want to point out our bing graph has taken a little bit of an interesting turn. you can also vote on this, and you can vote on some of the questions here, who's more to blame for the rollout? kathleen sebelius, 87% right
3:45 pm
now, to obama, and did she seem sincere, apologetic? it's a little lopsided. >> i agree entirely with juan it was a lot of theater and speech making. i think your position about the security thing is very strange. it sound to me like saying, you know, there hasn't been any security breaches, it's a not issue. it's like saying a really poorly built bridge that is guaranteed to collapse isn't a big issue until a big bus load of kids goes over the side. if the thing is badly made, if the thing is destined to be a haven for hackers, we should know about that before people start putting their information on it. i think mike rogers did a good job, and it's fine and good. where i disagree a little with charles is this idea of her worst moment to me was you expected it to be theater. i agree entirely she had no
3:46 pm
cards. but the least you could expect of kathleen sebelius is she would know how the actual law works. and when she was asked why don't you join the health care exchange, she said it's against the law for me to join the exchanges, which is flatly untrue. it's factually untrue. left-wing commentators have shown it's not true. she didn't understand how her own law worked and she's up there defending it. i thought it was the most generous grade would be a "d-minus." and that's generous. >> last word. >> juan, you're two late. >> way past october 1st, and the fact you guys are still jumping on this, acting like there's news here, i don't know. >> okay, we'll continue this discussion after a quick break.
3:47 pm
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you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with it. >> if you like your plan, and you like your doctor, you won't have to do a thing. you keep your plan. >> if you want to keep the health insurance you got, you can keep it. >> actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep. and so you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan. i could keep my acme insurance just a high deductible, catastrophic plan. i would not be required to get the better one. >> for the vast majority of people who have health insurance that works, you can keep it, but ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel the substandard plan, what we said under the law is you have got to replace them
3:51 pm
with quality comprehensive coverage. so, if you are getting one of these letters just shop around in the new marketplace, that's what it is was for. >> different message in boston as he defended his healthcare law. the previous statements obviously made in years' past. and the last couple of statements made today. the "the washington post" thought this was all news today and this is what they wrote. quote, the president's statements were sweeping and unequivocal and made both before and after the law. the president's promise came with a large caveat quote if you like your health plan you will be able to keep your healthcare plan if we deem it adequate. it received four pinocchios from "the washington post. we're back with the panel. john? >> that's the polite way of saying that barack obama spent several years lying barack obama will do what to get it to passed. if he didn't say those lies it wouldn't have passed. essential argument to
3:52 pm
getting the thing passed. i know juan on "fox news sunday" said they may be getting better plans. some people are getting better plans. other people aren't getting better plans. they aren't the same plans they were told they could keep. when the obama administration blames the insurance companies which they are doing full swing now, it's like michael insurance market which is about 5% of the whole deal. >> two and a half times of obama's victory in 2012 and larger than the entire population of asians in the united states. not a small thing.
3:53 pm
>> 5% of 100% is pretty small. that's the private insurance market that we're talking about. we are talking about a small percentage of those people who may have to pay more as they shift plans to get better coverage. that's what we're talking about sook that people have the parameters in mind. the second thing to say is that a number of people were grandfathered in, but, as the federal government, i think this is the tricky part, the federal government says if the insurance company makes any changes to the plan then they are open to be cancelled. it's up to the insurance companies. some people might say that's demonizing the insurance company. oh, gee, why is it that healthcare costs are so terrible in this country? why are they so high? why do they interrupt families, individuals and companies? why? because the insurance companies in their private market have not been responsible to people with preexisting conditions. and the like. >> but you concede the president lied, mislead, not
3:54 pm
doing something telling the truth in all of the statements before. [. >> >> i don't think of it lie. it's an outright lie to. me what he said was and i think it's the fact, this stuff was grandfathered in. it has since shifted and the insurance companies have said on the basis of that shift, we have to cancel your plan. >> juan, what he did say was, if you like what you have, you can keep it, period. when you add the word period, what you mean there is no context there are no percentages. 1%, 5%, 100%. there is no excontinuing gation. there are no explanations. it's period. and that's the reason it passed, jonah is right. that was an extremely important element of the law. that is a flat out lie did he know it, did he he not? i suspect he did. possible that he didn't. what i find remarkable is that the president is able to give these speeches and he seems to live in a universe where his rhetoric
3:55 pm
trumps reality. he gives the speech a couple of weeks ago, the gin sue knife speech in which he gives out the 800 number and thinks that the people who call are not going to discover that at the other end of the line is somebody who has got to enter the information into the web site that's not working. and today he did the same thing. telling people policies are cancelled that they're going to get improvements. we see dozens of people on the air who say i like the plan. i chose the plan, i want to say with the plan and now i have lost the plan. he actually imagined that if he said something, it trumps reality. and that, to me, is what is staggering. >> he said they are working to improve the web site every day. obviously we will be following this every day. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for pretty unique baseball moves. were actually a mistake?
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
women when charles said the administration knew the web site was vulnerable to hacking. the peak intensity of the segment was when jonah criticized sebelius for not knowing how the aca works with it 25,000 votes per minute. huge vote intensity when jonah accused president obama of lying. total number of votes tonight almost 260,000. finally tonight, with game six of the world series this even and boston red sox ahead the cardinals three games to two. boston could clinch at home tonight. george will is there tonight. this matchup has been full of unusual plays and calls nothing quite as strange as the series at at bats by david ortiz. >> here is one of his amazing home runs. watch what happens when he comes up to bat. look at this, another home run. watch this, look at this time. look, he has got a pool cue. watch this more amazing he
4:00 pm
twerks it over the wall. he twrked a home run. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and you unafraid. the online show comes up when greta goes "on the record" right now. second secretary sebelius getting grilled in this chair for three and a half hours there are five words that she is probably going to regret she said. >> you have heard it in here it is again. >> i don't do this to me. >> don't do this to me? regrettably that's what measures are thinking about obama care. >> you are the architect of the whole program and you will not go into it with the rest of the public. >> i did not say that for me i think it's illegal. >> will you go in. >> affordable coverage. >> come on, in the water is fine. >> don't do this to me. >> she today appeared unaware that she was eligible for the exchanges. >> i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems.


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