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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 31, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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guardrails. that doesn't tell us much except the bus is upside down in the water. ten kids have been rescued. no other kids believed to be involved. the bus driver said to be still trapped. updates as we get them. special reports and chris wallace sitting in. is health care rollout a mess? truthfulness is questioned. it's a scary halloween for president barack obama . this is special report. good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. on a day that celebrates frightening people. president barack obama has plenty to worry about. in the midst of bad news about the health care plan, the president's approval numbers have fallen to a new low. there are more scary stories of people losing health insurance. we have fox team coverage. lawmakers decide whether their staff will have to face obama
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care like the rest of us. jim here in the dc bureau found a way you might delay your entry into the system. ed henry is on the administration that seems to be more trick than treat tonight. good evening head. >> good evening, chris. experts from google, or kal were added to the text surge. they're hoping to turn the page on the website woes. there are other big problems. >> cancellation letters are hitting a tiny slice of the health care market. >> 5%. it's not 80% that get insurance through medicare, medicare or va benefits zblcht after a forbes report, the mid range estimate was at 66% of small employer plans and 45% of large employer
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plans relinquish grandfather status by the end of 2013. there kwoub disruption and cancellation letters coming for millions of people with employer based plans as well. >> it's not to say they won't have access. it's not what they want. it's what the government forces them to buy. >> spokesman jay carney would not cloiz the door on possibility of cancellation letters coming for employees with coverage. he said that's up to employers. >> the growth rate in 2013 is less than one-third of the increases we saw a decade ago. so problem solved? no. problem significantly improved? yes. >> yet the national federation of independent business revealed a new survey of 921 small business owner who is say the opposite. 64% of small businesses say they're paying more for insurance premiums per employee than they did in 2012.
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this small business owner in seattle says she's gotten the cancellation notice. >> i thought i'd get a letter from my company that says my rates have gone up. it didn't occur i'd get the letter saying you're cancelled. >> in the nbc news poll suggests the president took a hit on the issue. as for the opinion on the new law, 6% say it's working well. 38% say it needs minor changes, 38% want major overhaul and 24% call for hit to be eliminated. as for other poll, 9% say it made them more confident act the law, 40% less confident, 50% say their opinion has not changed. >> the president 's approval rating down to 42%. that's a low. that may explain why chief of staff was on the senate floor today trying to calm democrats. they'll have to defend the law in 2014. >> ed henry from the white house. thanks for that.
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as with many thing, the more you know about obama care the better off you are. tonight chief national correspondent jim angle with the way around the mandates at least for a while. >> the loophole will allow millions to stay out of the plan most the first year if they choose to do so. >> if you start or renew coverage before the end of the year, you can have another 12 months of coverage without the extra costly obama care addons to your insurance plan. >> that's it. then they have to move to obama care and their old plan will go away. it's a 11 month retreat. >> after that people can keep plans that are grandfathered with few changes since 2010 and those that dwindle by next year spite of the president's assurances. >> you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan.
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i could keep my insurance just a high deductible plan. >> in the meantime, 15 million in the individual market can avoid the more expensive obama care requirements by extending existing plans. some evidence suggests many are doing just that. >> one executive i talked to told me in one week in his call center by a ratio of 15 to 1 policy holders were taking the renewalle extensions instead of opting to obama care. >> the person we recently profile of louisville, kentucky got a letter recently offering him the ability to change the policy year. the letter said he could keep the current insurance and establish your policy year december 2014. your medical insurance policy
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will be discontinued. if many seize that option, especially healthier individuals, it could have an impact on the cost of obama care. >> those individuals won't help subsidize coverage for the poor and sicker people who obama care is meant to help. >> healthier people get letters saying they'll be paying higher deductibles and insurance plans once under the plan. >> so many are putting it off? >> yes. >> thank you. if obama care is so good, why are lawmakers right now deciding whether to exempt their own staff from the same regulations that affect everyone else? that is the question of the day on capitol hill and coming down to the deadline. here is chief congressional core spontaneous spent mike emmanuel. the aids to leadership and
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committees can remain on their current plans. staffers should go on the obama care exchange. iowa senator says his aids are treated accordingly. >> i have had the personal office go to exchange. i've had the committee staff stay where they are. >> house speaker john boehner and majority leader canter will sign up for obama care. house lead per nancy pelosi told her employees they'll all go on the exchange. harry reid is keeping his staff on the federal program. >> i'm following the law as close as i can. >> most senator republican leadership is put on obama care even though gop voted against the law. that includes john beras that
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says all should sign up. >> they don't want their own staff to live under it? i think that's wrong. >> 92% say members of congress and their staff should live under the laws passed for the american people. 6% say there are times lawmakers should be given special rules or exceptions. ron paul is pushing for constitutional amendment. >> if we've got to have it, everybody should have it. congress shouldn't exempt themselves from any law. >> with some room of interpretation of this guidance, david bidder has proposed the bill to make it public which are allowed to stay on the federal plan and those designated for obama care. >> thanks for that. stocks were down again today. dow lost 73. the s&p 500 dropped 7, nasdaq off 12. any opportunity to change the subject is welcomed for the
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president these days. today he talked to business leaders about the economy. there's not much to celebrate on that front either. white house correspondent win dell goaler has that story. >> the all hands on deck job creation, the president called on those to invest in the u.s. >> people are looking at low energy cost, stability, looking at increased productivity all workers. all things are adding up. >> mr. obama wants to give the federal government a bigger role in attracting foreign businesses to the u.s., something cities and states have done on their own in the past. he suggested a better relationshrelation between democrats and republicans wouldn't hurt. >> the answer would probably be no. >> there are signs the further shutdown slowed the economy
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underachieving to begin with. ploirs added less than 150 jobs in september and temporary layoffs because of the shutdown are expected to affect the october figures. pending home sales fell last month. 42% of the country doesn't feel things will change. more feel it will get worse than better. president barack obama suggested the expansion won't cost much additional money. a brookings institute report said his cash for clunkers back in 2009 was a dud. the $3 billion program created few jobs. the latest complaints involve people keeping insurance plans. republicans continue to consist it will cost jobs. >> many on the floor those have taken employees and families who were working there. they've got from full time jobs to part time. they aren't able to keep the
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health care job they wanted. >> more than 95% of businesses aren't affected. that adds up to millions still. the cancellations are causing major headaches here. >> thank you. authorities in butler county, kansas say all children are safe after their school bus went off the bridge and into a creek. only one injury believed to be the bus driver. the children are said to be on top of the partially submerged upside down bus. rescue efforts are ongoing. we'll keep you posted with developments. guess who's been going through your e-mails? here's what our fox affiliates are cover iing. in san diego, a secret
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tunnel. the investigation into the discovery of a high school teen's body rolled up inside a wrestling mat. this is a live look at austin, texas from ktbc. the big story there, it's shaping up as a wet trick-or-treat for ghosts and goblins. strong storms left behind flooding in parts of central texas. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way from special report. we'll be right back.
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if you believe your largely unaffected by the revelations about nsa spying on americans you may want to rethink that. chief intelligence correspondent katherine is here tonight with new information about what the government has been looking at that may belong to you. >> new documents including this sketch first published by the washington post alleged the nsa is breaking into the data
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strings of yahoo and google overseas collecting circumventing the national courts. the product identified by name musker is known as gchq. according to the post, entire data flows run ago cross fiberoptic cables are copied. >> they're after collecting information about a person. >> the nsa director denied the allegations with a equalle fire his agency does not break the law to harvest data from companies. >> this is not nsa breaking into any databases. i don't know what the report is. i can tell you we do not have access to google server, yahoo. we go through a court order. >> the internet companies denied knowledge of the alleged break
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ins. with google chief officer saying we have been long concerned about this kind of snooping and continue to have encrypting on services. >> an italian magazine made claims america spied on the pope. >> nsa says they weren't spying. i want to know did you collect data on the pope's phone. it's a specific question. to my mind they have been dishonest in representations in the past. >> the mandates would ban the bulk collection of american phone records. an early critic of the nsa says the bill does not go far fluff to address the domestic surveillance programs. >> more on this with the panel. thank you. the former contractor behind the massive leaking of nsa
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spying programs has a new job tonight. a lawyer for edward snow den says the client has a technical support position with a major russian website. snow den was granted asylum last summer. a mentally reservist was able to claim security clearance. aaron alexis killed 12 inside the building where he worked. homeland security chairman wants to know if the current system is identifying the right risk factors or missing important information. >> why was he originally granted security clearance when he did not disclose the arrest record on his application? we wonder how such filings could have taken place at the navy yard which is more secure than any work place in our country? >> capitol hill sources tell fox news threens withes to the benghazi terrorist attack will meet behind closed doors with
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a senior administration official tells fox news that israeli warplanes have struck a target inside syria. other reports say the israellelys hit a shipment of russian missiles. the foreign relations committee says process of destroying
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syria's chemical weapons is a positive note. so far the effort to get rid of weapons is right on schedule. >> syrian state tv commentator took to air ways declaring the government destroyed chemical weapons manufacturing cape bts less than 24 hours before the november 1st deadline. over the past few weeks, state tv aired bulldozers, crushing tanks and other equipment as un inspectors. measuring about 1,000 tons of chemical agents. destroys the weapons themselves will be far more complicated and a logistical nightmare especially as fighting between government troops and well trained al qaeda rebels rages on near the very warehouses u.n. inspectors need to visit. since the gas attack that killed 1,000 civilians, troops have continued their offensive
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retaking territory. regime troops have the upper hand in terms of air force. the opposition relies increasingly on those a broad fighting to turn syria into an islamic state. so far a peace conference between the sides has failed multiple times. since the syrian government agreed to give up their chemical weapons in return for a u.s. guarantee not to bomb, the international community has done virtually nothing about the continuing blood bath. they're taking this as a green light to kill as many people as they like so long as it's within conventionalle -- convention pl not chemical weapons. long after wars and land mines remain still able to turn a landscape into a potential killing field. douglas kennedy looks at a
3:25 pm
remarkable way to combat the dangerous enemy. >> i was in the front seat. legs were angled to the right. feet were destroyed that the moment. >> in december, 1993, ken was on a mission when his jeep ran over a land mine leaving him without the use of both legs. >> ins you were wounded, 300,000 have been killed or injured by land mines. >> land mines have injured or killed more people than chemical, biological weapons combined. 110 million land mines still hisshi hidden below the surface. the problem is how to detect them without detonating them. >> no second chances. one mistake and you're gone.
3:26 pm
>> they train and associate the odor of the explosive with the reward. they have an exquisite sense of smell. the solution is using something that can be lighter than a hair. namely a honey bee. >> you've been successfully able to train honey bees to smell land mines? >> we train them on the explosive vapors. they're able to detect those at low levels. a colony will have 10 to 20,000 trained searching bees. he uses the ancient sniffing ability of the honey bee with ultramodern laser technology. with the old and new, he says he can locate land mines with little or no risks to human beings. >> you've got the gps here, the laser and the mapping computer. all to track where honey bees
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are going. >> yes, the bees find the land mines. we need to find the bees. >> it's a leap in technology. ruther ford said this is a step in the right direction. >> there's not a complete cure. it's going to take avenues and silos of activity to solve this humanitarian problem. >> that need a natural solution. in douglas county, fox news. the u.s. isn't the only nation getting tricky with surveillance tact ticks. what do they say about the school that discontinues the honor roll? that's next. when our little girlas born,
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. russian that is denying the g 20 swag bag was something out of james bond. italian media reports gifts like teddy bears, diaries and bee keys were bugs to spy on hundreds of foreign delegates during the world leaders meeting in russia. now a spokesman for putin says the accusations are a diversion, an attempt to shift the focus, situations that exists with capitals in washington to non existent issues. that's a denial.
3:32 pm
scary thought for halloween. some security guards at federal buildings have not been trained to respond to an active shooter situation. according to a gao report on the federal protective service, that's not the only shortcoming. 38% of guards never received training on x-ray and screening equipment. almost a quarter were missing required documentation. this is the third time since 2010 that gao has highlighted problems with security guards. >> finally a canadian school has axed the honor roll to ease the those that do not make it. the school fishlgs explained in a letter to parents. quote, a wards lose luster to those that don't get them and hurt the pride of those that do not. parents wonder why the reward for success is taken away. one parent said you take kids how to win, teach kids how to lose. you also teach them how to improve themselves and give then
3:33 pm
goals to strive for. frequent fliers have something to celebrate tonight. you'll soon be able to use some of you're electronic devices from the moment you get on an airplane as long as you want the key word here, some. correspondent doug has the all important details. good evening. good evening chris. the next time you're in coach, you may appreciate the changes announced to the 50-year-old policy today. >> i am pleased to announce that airlines can safely expand passenger use portable electronic devices during all phases of flight. >> some restrictions remain in effect. cell phone usage remains forbidden in abundance of caution the faa says. >> the committee found in some instances of low visibility, 1% of all flights some landing systems may not be proven to
3:34 pm
tolerate the interference. in those cases, passengers may be asked to turn off devices. we agree with that recommendation and guidance to the airlines reflects that. >> that's a issue at altitude. cell phone towers are out of range any way. battery life diminishes is cannot be reached. games can be used but in cell phone airplane mode. if the plane has wi-fi, you mie use wi-fi. a portable keyboard or mouse acceptable. laptops have to be stowed in overhead bins during take off and landing. in a safety briefing, electronic devices have to be put down. these will vary by airline. airline trade groups have given approval. the association for flights attendants wants real life
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there's a fraction of a fraction of the population that is being told because their insurance company changed plans in the last several years they had no choice but to reup that they are now having new opportunities available to them to purchase insurance that meets minimum standards. the federal government decides what's good enough. we want people to decide what's good enough for them. that's the way the system ought to work. >> jay carney and republican congressman rice continuing the argument today over president
3:39 pm
barack obama 's promise. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. let's bring in our panel. steve hays of the weekly standard. stoddard from the hill, columnist charles krauthammer. i would love to see kids get your book and burst into tears. >> you get a tomato in your ear if that happens. another day, another surprise about obama care. it's not just individual plans. it turns out some people that get health insurance from their employers may eventually be forced into government mandated insurance plans. charles, your thoughts? >> i think this was always known. it was clear millions of americans who are on employer's plans would lose insurance. either the employer would drop them and push them to exchanges
3:40 pm
or reduce their hours so they become part time. so it gets you under the limit. the employer is then exempt from the requirements. or they let you go if it's a smaller business that can't afford the increase in the cost. as a result. i think that's not automatic the way it is with an individual. you have your own plan. it doesn't meet all the requirements that are in obama care. if you're a 60-year-old widow, your plan doesn't include maternity services, you're going to lose your plan. that is automatic. all the others are optional. they are going to happen in massive numbers starting next year. >> this idea. i love the white house saying it's only 5% of the country that ends up being 15 million people. it isn't just the 5% of the country. the other 95% maybe not right
3:41 pm
away but not off the hook. even if it were only 15 million, that exonerates the president that said if you have your plan, you keep your plan, period. that's absurd. that isn't dependent on fractions or numbers. it's a blanket promise or claim and turned out to be completely false. >> he said you can keep your plan period. meanwhile and this may be indication of what the american people think. the wall street journal has the poll out and indicates the president has taken a real hit on the roll out of obama care. take a look at numbers. earlier this month, the job approval rating was even. now the job approval dropped to 42%. there it is. that's the lowest since he took office. in addition there was another finding, more than half of those surveyed say obama care should either have a major rehaul or be
3:42 pm
completely thrown out. this is a hit for the white house. >> if you combine delay it or completely overhaul it or eliminate it. if you combine numbers, there are always between 60 and 70% of the population. i mentioned in the wall street journal poll whether or not it closed out on when the news broke that president barack obama -- >> the whole thing about the promise. that's not there. >> he misled the country on that. he was not using jay carney's word about a fraction of a fraction. you're going to get the tremendous opportunity to get a new and better plan. that's exactly the language they could have used three years ago. they didn't. these polls are much worse when they calculate the anxiety of the insured. it doesn't matter if you're a contractor and self insured. if you're insured in any other way, you're terrified. that anxiety and the fact people feel they were dooped is so terrible for the democrats and
3:43 pm
president. actually for the economy. the effects this has on enrollment. we combine it with the website. other structures in the program, how are they going to get this off the right way so it remains affordable to insurance companies. so they don't have to jack up the prices. >> you agree this idea saying it's just 5% doesn't fly? >> remember, if you're talking 15 million as 5%, you're talking half of the population of uninsured which is the reason for the entire plan in the first place. it's a little disingenerous to minimize that many people. i think they have bigger problems here. i've been talking to folks in the insurance industry. people have been in contact with those working with the administration on this. the website is really just the beginning of these problems. i think you're talking about the potential collapse of not only the obama care as we have
3:44 pm
understood it but potentially the insurance industry more broadly. you have the ceos of insurance companies working right now working hand and hand in the administration to salvage this. they're very depressed about what that might mean. the thing to look for in the near term is when do they stop playing ball with them? the administration is now shifted. they're blaming the insurance companies for this. they've decided to make them a villain. at a certain point the insurance companies are not going to take it while they're working with them and being blamed for the administration. >> i'm going to ask you about something else. today is the deadline when members of congress have to declare whether members of their staff are exempt from obama care or not. and can stay in the federal plan where they get a subsidy or go on a obama plan where they're not going to get a subsidy at all.
3:45 pm
this has to be tough for politicians. >> i spoke to people very upset about this. the way this got jammed at the last minute. they felt the leadership didn't allow for enough time. >> they've known three years. >> they didn't know what would happen in terms of stipulations. >> they've got guidance from officials who are in charge of this about two days ago. they've been scrambling to decide do i put the committee staff, do i exempt them? an ag nionizing is the word the used for this decision. >> how does this play out over in next few weeks and months? >> it gets worse as long as exchanges are down. all you're getting are stories of people losing insurance and practically no one gaining
3:46 pm
insurance. this program is doing the opposite. >> all these extra tech people come in. exchanges work like amazon. >> if exchanges are work right and they have the if you're young and healthy, there's no logic joining and paying what would be essentially twice what you pay today under requirements because the congress and law arbitrarily essentially doubles what the young healthies are paying. if they don't join, you get the debt spiral. you only have the very sick in the program. you don't have the ones who subsidize with premiums essentially overpayments. in the absence you get the insurers to increase their premiums reduces further the incentive. you get a system that cannot sustain itself economically. it collapses. >> boo.
3:47 pm
>> halloween, boo. >> like tonight at midnight. >> i suggest giving copies of charles book to the trick-or-treaters. they will love it. panel, we have to take a break here. next up, a revelation from snow den that nsa may be reading your e-mail accounts. today i have new campbell's chuy spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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this is not nsa breaking into any databases it would be illegal for us to do that. and so i don't know what the report is, but i can tell you factually we do not have access to google servers, yahoo servers, dot dot dot. we go through a court order. >> general keith alexander, head of the nsa reacting to a new report that his agency has broken into yahoo and
3:51 pm
google communications links. and we're back now with the panel. steve, and i say this to somebody who doesn't fully understand these stories when they come out, what does this new revelation from edward snowden from nsa reveal what the agency has been up to. >> the way that you just introduced that is crucial, right? because virtually every one of these stories, the day that it comes out, everybody pulls out their hair, runs around, i can't believe this is happening. this is crazy and then quietly over the next couple days we get revisions to the story. sometimes we get wholesale rewrites of the story and they don't appear to be anything like what they whrp they were first broken. we did that with the story we discussed here on the panel one night when it came out "the washington post" broke the story originally and then it had to be basically rewritten a couple days later. we have seen the same thing with the stories about the united states vacuuming up virtually every phone call across europe turns out that wasn't true.
3:52 pm
partners in europe were involved in that turns out they probably about most of the vacuuming for us. i'm reluctant to offer any kind of definitive take on what this means until we know that it actually means what it seems to me the term of art there was server. allegation court orders to get information from yahoo and google, but this is some sort of back door breaking into their system without a court order o. >> i think that's exactly right. the problem is people doing the interpreting don't necessarily know all these terms of art we are talking about. this is what led to these stories in the past. >> regardless of whether or not we know a.b. greying split on capitol hill about whether or not to put more safeguards on what the nsa is doing with the collection of data, especially when it comes to americans. >> who do you sense is going to win here in the privacy side or the security side? >> i think as steve says
3:53 pm
strong reaction to the stories. most people in the country say of course these companies have no control over what the nsa has the ability to monitor them or any of us or the citizens in our allied countries or enemy countries. they are everywhere all the time and everyone pretty much assumes that. what is happening on capitol hill is the unholy alliance of democrats and libertarian republicans. you are going to find rand paul, the leading libertarian voice in the republican party just today talking about how he is sure the nsa is spying on president obama's cell phone. worried about the nsa spying on the pope. this is going to be a big issue in the end, i don't believe that they reach critical mass and actually make profound changes and i could be very wrong but i do think in the end there are too many people that back up this kind. >> wholly alliance? one could argue these are people whether they are liberals or libertarians concerned with privacy. >> alliance that tends to
3:54 pm
frustrate their party in their traditional base of their party. they meet on afghanistan and meet on drone use and meet on surelts. you saw dick cheney surveillance. they are still in the republican establishment a strong defense whatever the. in sa is doing. in the end it will be interesting to see whether or not the new coalition is the majority. >> charles, has any of this, as it's come out and steve is quite right because the initial headlines sometimes isn't backed up by what we find out, has any of it changed your mind about edward snowden and whether or not he is a whistle blower or somewhere on the spectrum to traitor? >> i never had any doubt that he is a traitor. these revelations regardless of the con dent of it, for example, just the fact that we are -- he is implicating the british working with us is a betrayal of our partners. think of how it will damage other intelligence agencies
3:55 pm
who will not help us. we need the help of the british, the spanish, the egyptians all over the world. we will penetrate cells out to kill americans. i found one curiosity in this report who knows if it's true that we are eavesdropping on the pope. reminds me of stalin's question the pope how many divisions does he have? why in god's name are we listening in on the pope unless the nsa employees want to be theologically inspired. it sounds like the nsa is in a position where it can collect signal intelligence and anything it can collect it will collect. i think what's happening with this denial by alexander that we are not breaking into these nodes, these data centers is an artful way of perhaps not addressing what i think is the allegation that we aren't looking into the data centers but the line connecting them. that's where we are siphoning off the data. >> which may explain, incidence dentally we are
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, we congratulate the boston red sox on taking the world series but just think, if they they hadn't won last night a decisive game seven would have been played tonight, halloween. if you wonder how that would have been, well the san diego state college baseball team plays an annual halloween practice game for real and here it is. >> it's informal game guys dressed up as, baby, very serious baby, too. this is probably the best one. this is a group of five
4:00 pm
players. as the gentleman make can bobsled team. i think that's five outs. >> you can see big poppy in the jamaican bobsled? that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. "on the record" is next. flippant or compassionate? what do you expect from your president? here is president obama. >> so if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. that's what it's for. >> so what are you getting? flippant or compassionate? here is what rush limbaugh thinks obama was about flippant about them losing their policies, doctors or whether or not they could afford health insurance. they didn't yet know that obama had told the biggest and the most consequential lie of any president in recent