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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 2, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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his commercial will be off the c air. >> that's it for us.air. thanks for watching. have aor great weekend. "special report" up next. hello, everybody. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news, the obamacare web site, well, it's down again tonight. now hear why republican lawmakers are saying the disaster is, quote, the tip of the iceberg. >> bill clinton delivering curious comments. what mr. clinton has been saying at state level campaign rallies that have hillary 2016 watchers raising their antennas. >> the new york city marathon will be kick off bright and early tomorrow morning. next, we'll show you hot -- how
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the city is beefing up security for this event, six months after boston. we begin with new details into a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. this is video from inside the terminal where a lone gunman orlando with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire yesterday, killing tsa agent and injuring at least five other people. according to police, the 23-year-old suspect who is now in custody had suicidal thoughts and was on a mission to, quote, kill as many as tsa agents as possible. dominic dinatale joins us live from the scene at lax with the latest. dominic? >> reporter: hey there, arthel. yeah, absolutely. sinister messages inside that note is what we're hearing. he was targeting not just the tsa, but apparently also the police. in that note he said he didn't want to hurt innocent civilians,
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but however, he railed apparently against the government, the dysfunctional government and apparently pinpointed certain individuals within government. details of that coming out in the f.b.i. press conference in a short period of time, about 4:00 o'clock local time. we've photo of the ar-15 that the suspect is believed to have used. that is an ar-15 lying on the floor in the photo. that was taken a short while after he was actually shot. we understand from the tsa officials -- sorry f the police officials today that it took 60 seconds for tsa officials to catch up with him as he ran through the terminal. of course, just before he ran to the end of the terminal, he had shot a tsa agent, 39-year-old man, and apparently they tried to actual lea treat him on the scene. he didn't die straight away. this is how the airport chief of police described the efforts to save his life. take a listen.
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>> they performed first aid on this officer. we all carry trauma kits that we're assigned to that can handle open wounds and chest wounds and things like that. they brought out that trauma kit. they worked very hard to try to help this individual until paramedics could get there. >> reporter: let's show you a picture of what ciancia looks like. he's said to be a young man, wearing battle fatigues at the time. we understood that he took to the leg. authorities are actually very much taking their time over telling us precisely how he's injured. we know the f.b.i. wants to talk to him. he's been shot in the mouth. that could be a serious injury p probably one of the reasons why they haven't gotten around to talking to him yet. we don't know whether his
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injuries are actually life-threatening. it's not something authorities have shared with us at this time. but it's very key just how he was injured in terms of how much information he may be able to give the authorities. we have a high security posture right here at the whole airport. terminal 3 has reopened and the airport authority saying things are getting back to normal. it begins to feel that way now. back to you. >> dominic there live at lax, thanks. pakistan is now slamming the united states for a drone strike that killed a taliban leader there yesterday. he is believed to have been behind that failed car bombing in times square in 2010 and the murder of several americans at a c.i.a. outpost in afghanistan in 2009. the friday strike came one day after the pakinstani government said it had started peace talks with the militants. conner powell has more from kabul, afghanistan.
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>> reporter: u.s. drone have targeted him several times before. in fact, at least twice he's been pronounced dead. however, both pakinstani and the afghan taliban have now confirmed that he was killed in a u.s. drone strike. supporters reportedly buried him under the cover of darkness in secret. he was a ruthless and violent leader of the taliban in pakistan responsible for deaths in both countries, in pakistan and in afghanistan, including at least nine people here in afghanistan that were killed at a secret c.i.a. base in 2009. while he was technically the head of the tack standee taliban, afghan fighters also looked up to him. he was an important figure in both afghanistan and in pakistan. now pakinstani officials are reportedly extremely angry about this drone strike. the new government that was just elected a few months ago in pakistan was elected in large part on the promise to end u.s. drone strikes and also to begin
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peace negotiations with the pakinstani taliban. they see this drone strike in the killing of massood as undercutting peace efforts. the death will have a large he impact on the taliban in afghanistan and pakistan. they named a successor and are vowing revenge. gregg. >> conner, thanks. the troubled obamacare web site going off line yet again. only this time it's deliberate. officials say they will have a tech team that will be working on from about 9:00 p.m. tonight until 9 tomorrow morning. but the failed web site being called, quote, just the tip of the iceberg, according to indiana senator dan coats who gave this week's gop address. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi. yes. tip of the iceberg. dan coats continued that line and suggested americans will be,
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quote, stuck on board this titanic unless congress acts. senator coats also challenged the president on his repeated pledge to people who could keep their health insurance if they like it under obamacare. >> well, tell that to over 300,000 people in florida who have received cancellation notices or the nearly 1 million californians that may see their health care insurance plans disappear. tell that to the tens of thousands of hoosiers in my state that will see similar notices arriving in their mailboxes. >> reporter: the president contends even if an insurance company drops a plan, it now has to offer these clients other, more comprehensive plans that meet obamacare standards. the white house says it does not have accurate data yet for how many people have signed up for policies under obamacare since its launch. but says it will release the numbers for october in mid november. >> we expect those figures to be relatively low, but we
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absolutely expect those figures to grow. and we always did. it is our challenge and our responsibility to make sure that we provide for the american people who want this product access to it. >> the health oversight committee released documents this week showing six people signed up for obamacare the first day the web site went live and 248 people signed up by the end of day two. the white house called those numbers, quote, rough figures from a government contractor that does estimates. the obama administration needs 39,000 people a day to enroll to meet its goals and make the system work. arthel? >> molly henneberg, thanks so much for that report. an extreme weather alert now. strong winds, heavy rain slamming the northwest. especially in seattle where tens of thousands now have no power. meteorologist janet dean is live in the extreme weather center. hi. we've got this storm and then
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another one moves in on monday and tuesday. so as you can see, kind of a rough day in seattle today. things clear up tomorrow. the temperature is going to drop quite a bit. then as we head into monday and tuesday, another storm moves in. so you can see the satellite radar imagery. up to six to 12 inches of snow in the higher elevations and then as we head into the early part of next week, another storm system moves on in. so let's take a look at your forecast imagery. again that system moves toward the northern rockies, inner mountain west and then we also have this storm system kind of looming in the background for early next week. in terms of snow, six to 12 inches easily. some areas could get higher amounts. we could see wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour. so that's why we're seeing power outages in and around the seattle area. that unfortunately could continue overnight. the current temperatures in the 50s. but watch the temperature drop as we head into tomorrow. barely getting out of the 30s and the 40s as the system moves
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eastward. that's going to kind of be the rule across much of the u.s. our lows tonight, a lot of cases, 20s and 30s. as you can see that system moving in, it will drop even further. the low in misoulla. feeling like winter. back to you. >> i'll skip that for now. thanks. >> hey, don't forget before you go to bed tonight, you know what to do. set your clocks back one hour. daylight saving time ends tonight at 2:00 a.m., giving many americans another hour of shut eye. >> if you're going to party like arthel, you better just change it right now. because when you come home you'll probably forget. party on. >> seriously? >> new york city marathon kick off tomorrow. police ramping up security by posting extra officers and using more surveillance cameras.
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the event taking place six months after the bombings that killed three people, injuring more than 200 others at the boston marathon. now that story. >> reporter: amid the cheering and celebration in the new york city marathon parade of nations opening ceremony, a massive security effort is already underway. while there is no specific threat, the marathon is being treated as a potential terrorist target after what happened in boston earlier this year. at the nypd joint operations center, commissioner ray kelly said, a key component of security for this year's event will be surveillance. >> in addition to the tv cameras in our lower and midtown initiative, we've established mobile units and collection teams. >> all in real time. along with that, the nypd will also use more than 1500 private sector surveillance cameras along the route.
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the nypd will have a separate marathon communication center in central park to help the thousands of police and private security working the event. as for the runners we talked to, they said fear is not a factor. like gary morgan who ran in this year's boston marathon. >> you ran in boston? >> yes, i did. >> do those events still affect you? >> no. anything could happen anywhere. but to come back really, this is so special being here. new york. they had to cancel last year because of the hurricane. so to be back here, this is really something. >> thanks. stay with us tomorrow when our own brian yenis reports live from the marathon route right here in manhattan. >> it will be a big day for the runners. >> good to be cold. >> it's good for them. >> they like that. embarrassing week for obamacare, presenting new opportunities for the republican party.
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but what's the right strategy going forward? we'll have a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> and former president bill clinton raising some serious eyebrows. the curious comments at recent campaign rallies naumov have some insiders talking hillary 2016. >> an arrest in a high profile kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl. how police got their man. >> the description was very good. she's a brave young lady and she kept her wits about her.
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time for a quick check of headlines. police identifying a suspect who allegedly kidnapped a girl from her bedroom in aurora, colorado. investigators say 26-year-old man already in custody on an unrelated case. he's accused of carrying the eight-year-old girl to an alley hyped her home where she then managed to break free, screaming for help. and a michigan man claims he told federal investigators in 2003 the location of osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. now he's seeking the $25 million reward from the government. navy seals killed him during a raid back in may of 2011.
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former senator bob dole and his wife, elizabeth, welcoming veterans at the hon error flight to the world war ii memorial in d.c the event taking place with just over a week to go until veteran's day. a bruising week for obamacare, from web site glitches to top white house officials getting grilled on capitol hill. stunningly low enrollment numbers. it's all just the latest in a laundry list of embarrassments for the administration. now the question for republicans, is it better to simply stand back and let obamacare implode or is now the time to strike against the legislation they never liked in the first place? >> by delaying the mandates until 2015, americans will be able to weigh in on the health care law's fate. until recently, many had not felt the impact obamacare would have on their everyday lives. but as premiums increase, paychecks fall and individuals face tax penalties in the coming
3:19 pm
months, people are rightfully outraged and they want their voices heard. >> we're going to talk about it right now with cal thomas. he's a syndicated columnist and fox news contributor. kristy setzer, the president of new heights communications and former spokesperson for former vermont governor howard dean. good to see both of you. >> hi. >> good to be here. >> cal, i'm going to start with you on this. i want to ask you, what do you think is the best move for republicans next? >> since they don't own this, arrest they will, there was not a single republican vote in congress for obamacare. i think they should get out of the way and let the full impact be felt by the american people. the initial preview of coming attractions is already out there. look, centralized government never works. it didn't work in the roman empire. it didn't work in the soviet union. both of which collapsed of their own weight. it didn't work in china. but at least the chinese adopt add modified form of capitalism this seems to be working in part for them. the other thing republicans need to do is to start promoting cures, like alzheimer's disease
3:20 pm
research, for example. cures are better than care. imagine if we could find a cure for alzheimer's. the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of americans who wouldn't have to suffer from that debilitating disease and the enormous cost associated with it. that's positive. it's affirming and doable. >> all right. i'm going to come back to you 'cause i have a question for you. let me go to kristy now. what do you think the dens should do at this point? >> the democrats? i think that kathleen sebelius and president obama should send the house republican has giant gift basket with a big shiny red bow on top for their performance this week. it's pretty clear that republicans seem to have a penchant for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and i would say this week was no exception. it's clear that there are some problems with the rollout of the health care law, particularly obviously with but the one thing americans were not inclined to do was shut down the government over the health care law, and right now they might have been inclined to support hearings to find out
3:21 pm
what were the actual problems. but they're not willing to do was see it become part of a witch hunt or monkey court. that's why we're seeing support for the law go up and support for republicans drop to a low. >> having said that, what do you think the democrats should do next? >> i think they should try to get exactly what they were doing, which they should try to get to the bottom of the problems with and they should continue to parlay and roll out the successes that have been the case of the law thus forward. for example, in oregon, we've seen a 10% drop in the uninsurance rate in the first two weeks of the law alone. that's because of the medicaid expansion and a lot of the other good pieces of the law. they should continue to promote those stories as much as they can. >> okay. cal, it's your turn now. so do you think -- i know you mentioned you think the republicans should come up with cures, or a cure for alzheimer's, which is a
3:22 pm
horribly debilitating disease and a lot of americans have to suffer from that. let me ask you about obamacare, cal. do you think that the republicans should help make obamacare work? >> i think they should get out of the way. it's clearly unpopular by more than half the country. i spent a lot of time in the u.k. i've seen first half the nhs, national health service, 65 years old this year. i've seen what government-run health care is doing in a much smaller country. this is a much larger country. there are long waiting lists for minimal care in the u.k. there are stories exposed by the daily mail and the u.k. telegraph, many investigations on this that have long waiting lines to even get into hospitals. one story had a patient waiting eight hours to get out of an ambulance and into a hospital. it's a disaster! >> i'm going to stick with you on that. i'm going to ask again, i want to make sure i hear you, which is you say no, they should not. the republicans should not help fix obamacare.
3:23 pm
okay. so then, cal, do you think the republicans should come up with a better way to overhaul the insurance market? >> yes. they have from paul ryan to the cato institute, heritage foundation, many, many good plans. you've got portability. preexisting conditions. nothing wrong with those. but when health care is run by a central government and decisions are made by bureaucrats on whether a 60-year-old person needs ob-gyn or pediatric care, clearly that's sowing the seeds for failure. republicans need to get out of the way. >> go ahead, crist cree. >> that's obviously not what's happening and for once i certainly agree with cal, the republicans should get out of the way. my free advice to them is stop helping the law fail. you're only hurting yourselves. we've seen a four-year campaign from republicans to try to sabotage the law, whether it's by not setting up state exchanges or -- >> kristy -- i'm sorry to jump
3:24 pm
in. do you think the individual mandate should be delayed? >> i do not. absolutely not. >> okay. there you go. i got to go. i started with cal and ended with you. >> stay healthy, arthel. >> i hope so. kristy and cal thomas, thank you very much. >> good to see you. how about 24 robot that helps with household chores and no, we're not talking about your spouse. does it work? all the details coming up in "consumer reports" segment. stick around for that. >> alice from the jetsons? the problems with obamacare keep coming. still ahead, why some are suggesting that the affordable care act is at risk of turning into one of the biggest tax burdens on americans. we'll lay out the numbers for you. >> certainly you need people who are older and sicker to be balanced with people who are younger and healthier.
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the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. officials at los angeles international airport say more than 1500 flights have been affected by yesterday's shooting. the f.b.i. and other law enforcement will provide an update on the shooting in less than a half hour. investigators say paul ciancia was determined to lash out at the transportation security administration. a 39-year-old man now charged in the death of an assistant football coach at missouri southern state university. the victim was shot last night in the parking lot of a movie theater. a yard sale and auction underway for items of houston astrodome. that's right. the first multipurpose dome stadium has been closed, all
3:30 pm
events, since 2009. we'll miss it. the first few weeks of obamacare revealing a rather troubling trend. according to a new report in the "washington post," the vast majority of people signing up for the affordable care act are enrolling in medicaid. not the private insurance on obamacare. creating an imbalance that arguably could place a much bigger burden on taxpayers. jonathan joins us. good to see you. in many places, 90% enrolled in medicaid instead of the private obamacare market. look, if this continues, isn't it simply a costly expansion of an existing costly entitlement that's already on the verge of bankruptcy? >> that is exactly what it is. thanks for having me. we are seeing central planning brought to health care and the destruction that its wrought. not fixing the health care problem or even the health insurance problem as obamacare
3:31 pm
purported, to but simply expanding the entitlement state. as you pointed out, the vast majority of sign-ups for obamacare here in the first few weeks have been for medicaid. 87% in washington. two-thirds in new york. up to 100% at least in the first few days in oregon. so we're not seeing expansion of the market. we're seeing the expansion of the entitlement state and it's no wonder a lot of people still believe and indicated by this, that obamacare is the role to single payer care. >> the expansion of medicaid has the feds picking up much of the cost of the first two years, except -- this is huge -- except those who were eligible for obamacare before and that is a huge percentage. i'm glad you brought up washington state, for example. in that state, it's a full one third of all the new sign-ups. my goodness, washington state cannot nearly afford all of that. >> indeed.
3:32 pm
taxpayers on the hook for a majority of this. and unfortunately, that healthy pool, insurance -- any insurance pool needs healthy people to participate. since we're not getting the actual healthy participatants in the so-called insurance program, you're likely to see their insurance premiums go up. i think even more frightening, longer term is that because medicaid does not reimburse health care providers for their costs, the more people who sign up for medicaid, the more the providers' costs will go up and the less services they'll be able to provide. ragging is an inevitable. >> there has to be an seen split, 7 million buying the private plans. 9 million in medicaid. that was the assumption upon which the structure was based. that's not happening. won't low enrollment in this private insurance cause the premiums to skyrocket to the point where nobody can afford this? it's the so-called death spiral of obamacare. >> that's exactly it.
3:33 pm
already we're seeing the few healthy participants in the so-called insurance programs seeing their premiums increase by 50, 100, 150%. so unfortunately, instead of going in the direction of freeing the market for health insurance, freeing the market for health care, went and in the opposite direction and a few weeks into it, we're seeing the destructive results. >> if enough healthy young people don't buy into it, and so far they are not in huge numbers, they're not participating. that's going to leave insurance companies with the risk weighted toward the unhealthy older people who, by definition, cannot now be denied coverage. i mean, doesn't that cause the financial structure to topple over, to collapse? >> indeed. and it's not insurance. what's interesting, the president and many who have supported obamacare keep using the terminology of a free market, shop for a plan. go to the marketplace. buy insurance. but in fact, it's just a veiled
3:34 pm
cover-up for really what is an entitlement plan. so that's why you're seeing expansion of medicaid. no real insurance risk transfer going on and costs going up. service going down across the board. >> speaking of service going down, medicaid is substandard. here we have the president this week ridiculing what he calls substandard insurance plans in the private industry. his obamacare expansion is dependent upon the quintessential substandard that is to say medicaid. why? because doctors and hospitals don't want to take it. they don't like it, right? >> right. they lose money on it. that's the real scary point, greg, is that we're seeing healthcare hallowed out from the inside and more and more people depending on the medicaid system and fewer and fewer doctors health care providers actually even getting paid back, even making any money on it. so we're going to see the health care providers provide less and less health care. they're losing money on it. the waiting lines get longer. the rationing gets larger, and the health care system, gets talked about in england and
3:35 pm
other socialized countries, falls apart. >> we've talked to so many doctors saying they're not taking medicaid anymore. >> you'll see lot of that. >> good to see you. thanks. >> thanks. there is this, latin flavors taking the u.s. by storm. we're talking about everything from salsa, tortillas and burritos and they're not just spicing up our taste buds, but the economy as well. brian yennis with the details from our new york city news room. >> hi. from burritos, from rice and beans, to chipotle flavored everything, to even tequila, these foods are now as american as apple pie. it's all thanks to the growing influence of hispanics. consider this, americans are buying tortillas more than spaghetti, macaroni, hot dog buns and even bagels. it doesn't stop there. salsa is america's number one condiment. sales in 2012 were about double that of ketchup and mustard.
3:36 pm
>> we have a different country. we have a different set of consumers who are now out there consuming most of the snacks that we buy at retail. the millenial generation, the generation behind them. they've grown up on hispanic foods. they've grown up on ethnic foods. they've grown up on tortilla chips chips and salsa. >> hispanics are the largest minority group of the millenial generation, ages 18 to 32. in 2012, hispanics food and beverage sales totaled $8.2 billion, up 8% from 2009. and that is expected to grow a whopping 30% by 2017. but it's not just about hispanics buying more of their food. nonhispanics are increasingly turning to hispanic foods for quick, healthy, and convenient options. >> there is a big display. one of our top selling items. the reason a lot of people transition to this is they're quick and easy meals. the thin sliced meats are easy
3:37 pm
to cook quickly. they're used for different things, put them in salad or make a meal out of them. >> hispanic food is incredibly diverse. puerto rican cuisine is different from mexican. but the bottom line, this is a food trend that's here to stay. >> oh, yeah. i like it, i like it, i like it. thank you. >> in my office, i have about 20 different bottles of hot sauce. >> you surely do. >> and everybody drops by and they pick it up and we throw it on everything. lunch, dinner, breakfast. >> tasty. >> you name it. >> i'm having salsa tonight. you're having taco. >> fish tacos tonight. former president bill clinton is stumping for a friend on the campaign trail in virginia, but his comments are leading some analysts to believe he's interested in more than helping him win the race for governor. susan estridge weighs in. remembering an american hero. a look how family and friends are saying farewell to legendary astronaut scott carpenter.
3:38 pm
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the nation pauses to remember a hero. a funeral service held in colorado to remember astronaut scott carpenter of, a pioneer of america's space program. he died from complications of a stroke last month. he orbited earth three times in 1962 after technical problem, his space capsule missed its landing target, but he was found safe. he was the second american to orbit earth following john glenn who said carpenter had the right stuff. >> scott's curiousity knew no bounds. it's just who he was. in classes, learning the newly designed systems of the mercury spacecraft, almost always finished by asking, any more
3:43 pm
questions? it got to be an almost routine that scott had one or more questions and ones that we had not thought of ourselves before. >> he also spent 30 days under the ocean in 1965 for the navy's sea exploration program. scott car pender was 88 years old. former president bill clinton raising a few eyebrows with some recent remarks. he's been on the campaign trail in virginia all week long, stumping for gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe. but his speech monday focused on more than just virginia politics. take a listen. >> they say things like, oh, he's a deal maker. just make deals. and i thought to myself, while that awful mess is unfolding with the debt ceiling and the government shutdown, oh, if we just had one.
3:44 pm
>> susan estridge, professor of law and political science and fox news contributor. all right, was that an implicit criticism, a not so veiled swipe at president obama? >> well, i think it was certainly praise of terry mcauliffe and deal making skills and, you know, maybe there was just a little hint in there, gregg, that what we need in washington -- let's face it, i moon, if you know bill clinton was him safe deal maker. he had been president, i'm sure he would have had everybody up all night every night for weeks on end getting this solved. you know, he and barak obama do have different styles. i think there might have even been a hint that if another clinton were to be president in two years or so, she might be a deal maker, too.
3:45 pm
>> yeah. clinton also said something else. he said, the thing i learned about being president, he said, was to respect and consider the other side's ideas. i'm wondering if this is really just a preview of hillary clinton's run in 2016 and her theme will be hey, look, i'm different than the last guy. i can actually roll up my sleeves and work with other people. >> i think there is going to be an aspect to that on both sides. you look at a terry mcauliffe. he is the kind of guy who is a moderate democrat, reaches across the aisle. you look in new jersey at a guy like chris christie, a republican, again, a moderate. a guy who reaches across the aisle. i think both of them are expected to win very handily. i think the issue going into the next presidential election, maybe especially on the republican side, is going to be who do we want?
3:46 pm
do we want somebody who is ideologically pure, ala rand paul, or do we want somebody who knows how to make a deal? and the answer may be primary voters want one thing and general election voters want something else. >> i wonder how much she might run on her husband's record, which is dramatically different than barak obama's. after all, bill clinton, say what you may about him, he did balance a bunch of budgets and he helped create 22 million jobs in america. would she use that in some way or form? >> what do you think? i would say yes. right? i think it's between we and no, let's go with yes. i think the funny part is that you and i are old enough to remember, but you barely, 20 years ago or so, hillary clinton was about the most polarizing figure in american politics.
3:47 pm
even more polarizing than her husband. and the irony will be if she runs or when she runs in two years that i think she's going to run as a unifier, as somebody who is a polarizer, she'll be the great unifier in america, which is pretty far away, since '92. >> hillarycare was a per majortive before obamacare. real quickly. mccough live had a double digit lead. it has now shrunk to two points. i wonder how much obamacare and its recent failures have influenced the voters of virginia. what do you think? >> well, i think disgust with government is probably influencing them. i think we'll have to see. but i think -- when you see something go from the 20s to the 2's and not much has happened, you got to figure that those polls may be just a little off.
3:48 pm
the first one was probably a little too big a lead and the second one is probably too narrow a lead. and the truth is probably somewhere in between. but nobody is feeling very good about washington or anything that happens to do with politics right now. >> indeed. susan estridge, thank you so much for being with us. good to see you. and don't forget to catch susan's syndicated column in newspapers all over the country each and every wednesday and friday. we'll see you soon, thanks. >> we love susan. by the way, i mentioned earlier that alice was -- she's from the brady bunch and rosy is from the jetsons. had to clear it up. wouldn't you like to kick back and let a robotic vacuum do all the work? they really do exist. but we're going to let you test it live. dan is here with "consumer reports" with some results. make one of these things move for us. that's the roomba, right? >> this is a roomba. >> nice. i like the way it sounds, too.
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
good news, robotic vacums cleaning the floors all by themselves. they don't work as well as the old school vacum. we have them with us for the results. >> i have heard we have three and we have the roomba. >> that's what my kitchen floor looks like. and they don't do quite the job of a regular vacum but surface debrie in between the regular vacums that you are doing, it is a great option and the roomba was top by far. we are putting it in spot clone mode here. it going to figure out where it is. romba invented the device and they have the most sofasticated
3:54 pm
software and moves in a random pattern and go over the same spot multiple times. >> it got most of it. >> $450. >> yes, i will shut it down. it will go back and knows to go home to the docking station. it is a clever device. lg is up to $800. good fit and finish and it sits out in the living room. performance was not what we saw with the roomba but it is a quiet motor. you did hear the roomba. >> sure.
3:55 pm
>> i don't hear anything. >> it is so quiet nothing. it is okay. takes a while to program it. it is very quiet. >> does it have a special function thaw like in >> there it is. >> it can hear right away. >> it has a turbomode that is designed for carpet and decent job. >> but 800 bucks. >> you can't hear it. go after joel. >> he's really dirty. >> going to get cleaned up by the state. i had to get it in. >> neato. 400. that is not cheap. but best value did not perform as well. i better stop this guy. and you will hear with this one if you can get it going.
3:56 pm
>> we only have 15 seconds. >> bottom line roomba is best one in your assessment? >> yes. we'll have harris falker up next if the fox report. at restaur so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual apply, go to
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this is a fox report. in wo hours from now our nation will have gone from a brokening health care website to none at all. the federal government is shutting down, center pose for accessing obama care. it will happen thu tomorrow. another wrinkle none theless in a pr disaster. >> the failure of the obama health care launch is a disaster. >> making a first impression that the white house did not wa


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