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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 7, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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gretchen is in for gretchen today but you and i are back tomorrow. but first you get a triple dose tonight. we'll see you at 7:00 p.m. great to have you with us today. here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> today on the reet stoal stor jaw dropping real numbers of how not ready the website really was. time magazine, our power panel weighs in on that. >> why are there no women on the twitter board? plus my fox and friends panel will be here. he's fired up about how the obama administration handled obama care. remember the guy who admitted to using crack cocaine. we have video of him going nutso
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and it has taken us a while to get all the bleeps in there. press secretary jay carney again taking tough questions on obama care. what did the president mean when he said you could keep your plan if you like it and when will the website be functioning? what is the latest on the website? >> the folks here says it is getting better every day. carney says it will be working better by the end of the month. he said he can't guarantee it will be working perfectly. he said those working on the problem 24/7 are dealing with the bugs. >> i can tell you that the objective here has not changed. it is still that the website and it's problems are being addressed by a team of experts and that work is continuing
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around the clock every day and by the end of the month we expect that the site should be funging at the standards necessary for the vast majority of the american people. >> the center still wouldn't push the center to release the number of people to enroll though republicans are threatening to subpoena that information. the administration is threatening to release thamonth. >> yeah, i heard him say for the vast majority at the end of the month. that is different than what they originally said. breaking now, indications that unions might get an insurance break under obama care what do you know about that? >> people who have taft plans they are paid for by the small
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companies and partly by their unions will be getting a favor of a fee in 2015 and 2016. this is buried in the federal register. here is the quote we also intend to pro pose in future rule making to except certain self administered plans to make reinsurance contributions for the 2015 and 2016 benefit years. they wanted government subsidies to offset their insurance. republicans strongly objected to that and it is unclear who will get the waivers or whether it will satisfy the union's concerns since the contributions actually declined considerly in the following two years. all right thank you so much. >> and our political panel will
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have much more on these reports of waivers later, coming up in the show. millions of folks are losing their health care plans. three pinnochios on a scale of four. the ps on an apparent spin zone. >> nothing drives me more crazy th than the fact that right now there is great insurance to be had out there. this is like having a good product in a store and registers don't work and nobody can get through the door. and so, we are working over time to get this fitxed. >> gena goldberg, all right is it really the case that people
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are dying to get this product or if only the cash register worked, i would be dying to get it. >> the analogy is flawed. there is ample parking it is just that the place isn't open. we know from the reports from the state exchanges that are working that they are getting sign ups but mostly from medicaid. the millions of young people that they need to sign up to make this work they aren't there yet. >> that is why they aren't seeing the numbers. we are seeing this movement. if people are getting the medicaid and medicare for free, we need the young people to make this whole thing work. right? >> look, at the end of the day, the only way this works out is if they create a lot more winners than losers.
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and he makes it sound that once this website works, everybody will be happy with what they find and there is a lot of reason to believe that is not true. sure for the people that couldn't afford it and now get a subsidy from the government, people like getting free stuff. but for the millions of middle class people who have been told they can keep their plan, there is not a lot of evidence that say those people will be happy with what they find and president obama is acting as if he never said that. he met with 16 senate democrats.
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what do you make of the meeting? >> i think that is what happened. we saw them with the double digit lead blow it with obama car care. le only new information is with obama care. they are looking at a democrat losing ten points and almost the entire race because of obama care and they needed to complain to somebody. it must be purely political. these are senate democrats not up for re-election.
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is he asking them to take one for the team? >> yeah, i think he would like them to take one for the team but it is hard for a lame duck president who is seeing his approval ratings hit historic lows to ask democrats up for reelicks to sort of suck it up and go with him. they lost the house because of obama care. if they can't get the website going, and if the numbers in the news don't start getting better, it is every man for himself.
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thank you very much for your time. we want to hear from you. what do you think about the president comparing the obama care issues toe a broken cash register. e-mail us. new developments into the benghazi terror attack. as surrifors of the assault prepa prepare. >> big deal. a lot of the reporting has been by our selves and there have been people that have looked the other way. there have been a lot of o outstanding questions that have not been answered. when we brought the story to them, one lawmaker has the things that have not been
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answered. they were more than happy to hear that people are starting to come out of the woodwork and join them. take a listen to what we think is going to happen this week. >> a different narrative will emerge with the survivors and questions about what happened that night will finally be answered. was there a lull in the fighting which then the administration's line is because of this lull they decided not to send in additional help. i'm not sure that is true. >> accountability and answers have been missing since the attack that killed americans. some of the most critical questions need to be asked. alleged witness intimidation and non deployment of support teams. the congressman says he knows
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most of the answers and was told that he and the committee will get them. nunez's questions are being handed in a letter to john boehner and request an independent investigator if they differ from the narrative. witnesses still afraid to talk about what happened that night welcome these new developments. >> this is the only reason i think we are shedding some light on this because could americas s afford to risk everything to get the story out to make sure that it doesn't happen again. everything went wrong. nobody knew hey, who is going to make the decision to do what? >> now the house intell committee will be seeing and hearing from the survivors this week. they seem to be excited about these guys coming forward when
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we talk to lawmakers on the committee. many have been frustrated that they haven't been able to get access to these men and a lot of them told not to talk. >> ahead, congressman eisen not too happy about things he has seen on obama care. >> unbelievable new video that you haven't seen from the toronto mayor. [ bleep ]. >> i told you there were a lot of bleeps. >> this just days after he admits smoking crack. >> and bombshell testimony in the accused trial of a doctor accused of killing his wife. >> because he told me that he killed his wife. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water.
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new troubles for toronto mayor rob ford. trace gallagher is live for us. we knew this bass cowas coming. the toronto star has published that second tape showing the mayor in an unknown living room ranting and raving apparently very, very drunk. we have bleeped it out. >> watch this. >> ble[ bleep ] bleep. >> i didn't even want sto stick my nose into it. don't tell me we are lie ars an thieves. >> and that is by the way 20
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seblds seconds of it. this thing goes on and on and and. and shortly after the troronto newspaper published it. he said this. >> do you need help? >> obviously, i was extremely upset. so, that is all i have to say. >> all he has to say. the mayor has said he is not going to step down. in toronto they can't recall him. unless they vote him up for office next time he will remain the mayor. he has admitted that he smokeded crack and likes to drink. the calls are getting louder and louder for him to step down. you have to wonder how many other tapes may be out there. >> well, this could be a fox news alert. there is a bipartisan push to
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make the president keep his promise on obama care that you could keep your health care if you like it. two lawmakers introducing bills to reinstate those plans. no comment from the white house on backing those bills. ben shapiro is a syndicated columnist. good to see both of you. ben, there is no way that the white house is going to back this legislation. this undermines the president's signature law, right? >> i can't see how they would back this legislation. somebody has to pay. they have to be folks who have been kicked off of the regular insurance.
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>> isn't the test going to be whether harry reid is going to bring the bill to the senate floor. is this flpolitical cover or ar we going to see votes on these types of things? >> i hope that we do. i have always maintains that the aca should be delayed and not de denied. i say this from personal experience. in my early 20s i was told that i was uninsurable and just years ago i had life saving surgery. that said, i think it is good that republicans and democrats want to come together and amend this law of the land. >> now we are talking about coming together. no republican voted for this. and you know i have problems with that. when you try to shift one sixth
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to one fift h of the american economy. let us work with what we've got. >> there is no way to amend this. you can't fix it this way. >> you have senator you voted for obama care she loved it and now because of re-election thee wants to change it and let people keep their insure ants come on. ben? >> there is no possible way to remove the central plank of what it accomplishes. you have to redistribute from folks who would have non available insurance in the first
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place. for people to claim we are so angry at hhs. everybody knew this all along. the fact is this entire scheme was designed in order to fail so that the insurance companies could be blamed. it is not going to work. thank you for your time. >> thank you. god bless. >> and it will not stop. >> american woman turns up alive nearly ten years after she vanished. where police found her and how she said she got there. >> there is a glaring -- on the board. our female power panel sounding off on that. >> what do you think about that. e-mail us. tweet us. right back.
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a missing wisconsin woman has been found alive after nearly a decade. she says her boyfriend drugged and took her to mexico when she was just 16. she reportedly adopted a new identity and a man fathered her children. she wants to come home and bring her children with her. utah doctor accused of forcing his wife to get cosmetic
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surgery and then drugging her and letting her die in the family bathtub. wrapping up the case today by calling the wis tremistress sto stand. what is the latest today? >> that is right. at times this has been selacious. the defense trying to prove that mckneel had nothing to do with the death. mckneel actually drugged and killed his wife inside the bathtub. now willis has been testifying this week. she said they actually got a marriage license after her death but that they never got married. they have been claiming that they spoke about specific details about michelle's death.
11:27 am
in the details you talked about that you are a key witness. >> because he told me. >> told you what? >> that he killed his wife. >> that he drugged her up with oxies and sleeping pills? >> yes, sir. >> the defense trying to say that others have lied in the pst. the defense also says that they believe that michelle died of a heart attack and natural causes and that he couldn't have killed her because he was actually at work. we are told that the jury could get this case as quickly as tomorrow. >> thank you so much. >> obama care going country. ♪ obama care by morning why is this taking so long ♪ >> that was the kick off to the cma's that brought down the
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. the house releasing the so
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called stress test showing it could only handle 1100 users the day it launched. with us now the chair, congressman, it was up to you and other people that it was this sheer volume of people that were trying to get on the site that made it crash? >> not at all, in this case, todd pashlgs and other people, and other users todd parks 250,000 they couldn't handle it. their goal was 10,000 they
11:33 am
reached 1100. at 250,000 they were never going to admit this was a still opposite. they knew about on september 30th and they knew about it anyway. >> it was false statement. contractors and documents show that were worth the goal of 10,000. i was present and had the opportunity with the technology people to take the time out that congress was asking him to take to delay the launch until security and speed concerns and
11:34 am
so on and we don't have all the facts but we have indication that we have the software and they are going forward and hoping for the best. >> and testimony yesterday, we heard a convicted fellon could be the other person on the other end of the line. real quickly, are you going to make news here and say the other hearings are coming up next week? >> we have. others are part of the pattern of interference and false statements related to this site. we are going to get to the bottom of why it didn't happen in this case. it is the tip of iceberg and if they are willing to let politics get into a website, what will
11:35 am
they put into your health care. >> new jersey governor, did you see this? he is at the top of the list of the 2016 presidential contenders. his challenger taking 42, but he trails hillary clinton in this own state. let's bring in our own female power panel. and liz mcdonald. good to see you. i want to bring up this "time" cover. here it s and the title says the elephant in the room which i guess is a triple pun which i guess is because he is in the overweight and not conservative enough.
11:36 am
clearly his weight is the eastiest to make fun of. it shouldn't be okay to make fun of it. you would never make fun of the color of obama's skin. how is it okay but we can do that but it is the eastiest thing to go to. corzine being fa ining fat and . >> why can you do that when you see stand up comics come out and talk about chris christie's weight. more people need to say that is not okay. soak on twitter posted a picture of the president what if you
11:37 am
said jack ass in the room. >> speaking of twitter, "time" says elephant really? fat shaming has no place in politics. does this make him more popular because a lot of people battle their weight. sympathy. of course. battling weight is a medical condition. i did like one of the tweets on the story. somebody said the miami dolphins former football player time is letting richy incognito write their cover stories for them. obesity is a medical condition. that is probably why they are spinning off their magazines. >> it is a bit of a concern that this lap band is not working.
11:38 am
i mean no offense but did he not go to star jones's doctor. >> that is worrisome. >> he did have the surgery and you make a good point. >> we talk about two thin people too. >> i have to move onto twitter. >> people did and they talked about her pants too. sorry. >> twitter going public today. two business people here. what i want to talk about is, where are the women on the board. the people with the most twitter followers. kim kardashian is really one of
11:39 am
the most popular people to do the adds you pay her and she tweets about your make up. it would do them well to have women there. >> i don't think we have to worry about it in this one case. i think if you look at marrissa mier she is one of the most powerful women in technology. >> linkedh eedlinkedin doesn't women right now either. we hear that criticism coming out of silicon valley. when you are looking at the twitter board, you are seeing figure philosophy majors and the guys running the companies are cloth drop outs. women tend to be great at corporate governance which is key. remember the whistle blower who
11:40 am
was a woman at enron. >> teammates coming to his defense. this guy here amid reports that the general manager knew of the abuse and encouraged teammates to punch him. >> our own brian kill i see him out of the corner of my eye. he has a juicy book about spies. >> you are with all of these women. >> that's right. >> what's going on. >> slither on in. >> slither, that is nice talk. >>. ♪ the spy who loved me is keeping all my secrets sef tonight ♪
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thanks. what?
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[ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant well, we knew some obama care sign up numbers were bad. a report saying delaware only has four sign knees. and delaware hardly alone across the country other states
11:44 am
reporting dismal numbers. oregon a big fat zilch. joining me, my former co-host. >> so, in the morning we used to rant about different topics. what do you want to say about the numbers? >> first i want to say look at this sound stage. >> their crisis control lacks honesty and candor. at some point the president has to stop. he did not tell the truth in the beginning. he is not being candid and we got the word.
11:45 am
the numbers are supposed to come out on the 15th. the website for the vast majority might be working for the end of the month. it was like a cash register that doesn't work. when they are mocking you for the cma's it is widespread. >> interesting. now brian has a new book out george washington the secret six thespiring that saved the americans. he rephrases the steps of two. this is where robert townsend worked. as a merchant and a spy. and it is where he linked up with agent 355. we don't know her name but she penetrated the social circles and together they provided washington with invaluable
11:46 am
intelligence. but they were not alone. >> people who know you like i do, they were like my gosh, brian wrote a book about spies. >> i love hi thistory. i could not believe he walked these streets and these spies were print shop owners and did extraordinary things and did not want any credit or fame. i wanted to go look, it didn't happen like that. but the more i dug the more interested i got and the deeper a got. i thought i got to put this on paper. it was an amazing book. you don't know her name today but here is the thing it is a cliff hanger because you might
11:47 am
find out before the paper back. washington was 711. the bartender was 725. 721 was woodhoff, now women were in the 700s. gentlemen were in the 300s. we believe she was an upper middle class woman who had penetrated the social scheme. we know that you were fighting for our side. >> you suddenly made me hungry for a slurpee with 711. >> check out the book. >> hey, i miss you there. >> i'll ring you at 4:00 in the morning. for old time sake. >> please do. you can be one of my four old alarms. >> special counsel investigating the bullying for the miami dolphins. as players and other teams are
11:48 am
giving their take now. >> what is going on in miami goes on in every lockerroom. >> it is very strange. crazy situation going on. i hope they can find a way to resolve it.
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time to tell you what america is clicking on. the country music awards poking fun at the botched obamacare rollout. check it out. >> obamacare by morning. ♪ older sick people. ♪ >> catchy tune. live audience going wild. and mars rover capturing this image of a rock that looks like an iguana, found another one
11:52 am
resembling a rat this year. >> teammates of miami lineman richie incognito rubbing to his offense. and quarterback tannehill who relied on him to keep from getting clobbered, saying the two were best friends. >> if you asked john martin a week before who his best friend on the team was he would have said richie incognito. >> tim ryan is my guest. good to see you, tim. >> good to be with you, gretchen. thank you. >> what do now make -- a lot of these former players coming to the defense of incognito, not martin. >> i think first things first. if you have been in an nfl locker room, it's a culture unlike any other. if you could go in there a day and listen to some of the razzing going on, the smack talk and a lot of it inappropriate dialogue. it happens, and real, and goes on in every large and every team bus and who is the players are
11:53 am
coming to the defense of richie incognito is, number one, thaw know the locker room culture, and they know the relationship and the dynamics of the relationship between these two players can howl they did razz each other, how they did smack talk with each other, how they did support one another as well, and then frankly, i think they're confused and shockedded these harassment and bullying claims front johnman martin and confused as to his real intent. >> according to pro football, martin's agent called the gm of the dolphins before martin left the team and let him know about the situation, and he claims that ireland's solution to the whole thing was that martin should go punch incognito. do you give any relevance to that? >> i don't know. can prove that jeff ireland, the general manager, said that? i don't know. if can't, it's just hearsay, is it wrong?
11:54 am
yeah. you don't answer anything in violence. but i do believe that jonathan martin played a role in this whole thing as well. i don't think he is just the independent bystander. you'll see some things come out that he also played a part in how all this thing -- >> not what way? he check into a sher -- center for being emotionally distraught. how does he factor it into? >> i think he played a role in it and we're going to hear more in the next couple of days in the dynamics of the relationship and some of the things hey said to richie incognito. it's bizarre and he is out of the facility, back in los angeles with his parents. i think people are shocked how bizarre this story and really where it's gone. i've never seen anything like it. >> what kind of burden does fall on the shoulders of roaming goodell. he has put ted wells, a well-known attorney in charge of the investigation, i'm assuming
11:55 am
to look at the racist claims involving incognito? >> yeah. and that's obviously wrong. and richie cog neat to -- incognito is going to suffer consequences because of the voice mails and the texts. what i think roger will fine out is there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye and what is being read about right now. i think one thing he'll find out for sure is that joe philbin, the head coach, and his staff do not condone harassment of any players on their football team. and the joe philbin is loaded with integrity and character. that will be found out. and they'll also find out that jonathan martin in this whole thing, and how this relationship was between he and richie incognito, also played a role how this went down, and i can't say it enough. i'm shocked where this story has gone. >> wow. interesting, coming from tim ryan and also interesting to see if either of them plays football
11:56 am
again. tim ryan, thank you for your time today. >> no problem. >> up next, chris christie, your thoughts on this magazine cover from "time." is this an unflattering headline? the elephant? clay.
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welcome back. we told you how twitter blew up over "time" magazine's chris christie elephant in the room cover. you guys went off on it, too. jason says, christie may be a fat boy but he can lose weight. "time" reporters are stupid and you can't fix stupid. >> this tweet from bob. that shows only one thing, they're scared of him. hmm. >> and chick this out. sticks and stones may break his bones but names will ever hurt him. he's from jersey. all right, shoutout for jersey today. thanks for sharing your
12:00 pm
thoughts. we'll read them for you. shepard smith is reporting now live from the fox news deck. >> we're monitoring several developing stories here. first, just, well, apparentsly the gift that keeps on giving. a brand new video of the crack-smoking mayor of toronto, rob ford. he is freaking out, cursing, even threatening to kill somebody. and then there's the undercover cop who slept with the suspect she was supposed to be investigating, and reportedly revealed the identities of other undercover officers. >> one of the world's most popular web sites went public today on wall street and twitter. stock price is through the roof. it's never made a dime, yet it's worth billions. how can you get into the action? let's get to it. >> first from the deck


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