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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 12, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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buying insurance for october. and fox news contributor, and hello to you. >> good afternoon, bill. when you add in the state totals, obama care falls short of enrollment at 80 percent and by the end of march, where are they on this? >> oh, boy, they are under two percent of the way there to the over all total by the end of march which you said is the big date they are shooting at. let's take the number. 40 or 50,000 reported in the wall street journal and put those in perspective. you can take every single american that signed up for health care through, and fit all of them nationwide in yankee stadium with seats to spare. fox news and other outlets are reporting, bill, this number will grow significantly. but between 4 and 5 million americans have been dumped off
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their current coverage. that is ten times the number of folks who managed to obtain health care through that is a nightmare for the democrats and coming back to the administration's goals and time lines for success, they hoped to have 500,000 americans signed up poi the end of october. they are less than 20 percent of the way there. and they are in real trouble. >> you say efforts to clean up the data and reduce, could cut the formal count. is the 50,000 number going to go lower guy? >> it could. one of the problems they are reporting is they are getting numerous application for the people. website is broken and they are clicking send and buy. and they are going to the insurance companies and they are trying to call through the
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applications that they have received and probably will see the number go down, which is extraordinary to think about. and the other thing that is interesting and significant about this, this preempts the white house. they were planning to release their own number ands based on reports in the washington post and elsewhere, they were going to pad those numbers by counting all sorts of people that enrolled including one of the people who put one in a shopping carts but hadn't closed the deal. they were going to count them as enrolled and pad the stats with medicaid enrollees. we are getting a better look at the numbers before the white house puts their spinout. >> project manager of the website said less than 30 days before the launch said this thing has an endless list of issues and problems. snshg yeah.
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including data security. for people who are trying to sign up and my heart goes out to people with preexisting conditions who are trying to obtain health care. they may be plugging information about the financial situation and health and going into a website that has limitlessidate security flaws and never tested end to end. >> it makes you wonder why and who was doing this. there are questions for that when they get underway. guy benson, there, thank you. 1.4 percent of the way there. not great. alisyn. it is a different story for medicaid. more than 400,000 people signed up in the expanded program and that raises concern that obama care will have a permanent shortage of paying customer and become an expansion of a costly
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entitlement. lou is host of lou dobbs. >> ten times as many signed up for medicaid than private insurance in obama care. is that a success story? >> it is successful in that we are getting help to people who need it because they live so close to the poverty line. it is a tragedy that we have 50 million people on food stamps and upwards of 70 million people who at least one month last year were on medicaid. it is truly tragic. and it is not success. >> but lou, are the half million people who were never eligible for medicaid or never access the services? >> we don't know the answer to that. more importantly, the government doesn't know the worry and they
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sought to raise reports of obama care and medicaid and their thought was the ratio would be 9 to 7 and 9 people on medicaid for every seven that signed up for obama care. the question rises because of what we are witnessing here. this program cost 300 billion a year and approaching 200 billion for our states a year. the question a rises, who is to be covered by obama care? you have the poor going to medicaid. and elderly 65 plus, going to medicare. and the constitiency for obama care looks to be in question. and highly questionable is the model they created, that is to take high premiums from the young who need little health care to apply to the extraordinary burdens of the eldareally's health care.
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this is truly a program that is in far deeper trouble and more profound trouble than simply a website that is broken >> no one wants to find anyone go through the safety net. but where are we getting the extra federal dollars when we are in trouble with belt tightening in >> we are seeing higher taxes. we have seen an increase for so- called high earners and additional fees and taxes on medical devices for crying out loud. and reinstitution of the payroll tax. there are talks right now on capitol hill between the white house and leadership in both parties about these new fees and of course, there is always the time honored deficit to fall back upon. and this administration like so many before it shoes no aversion
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to going deeper in debt. nlou dobbs, it will be interesting, thank you so much. >> we mentioned that jay carney is briefing with the reporters. and meanwhile, president obama getting advice from former president bill clinton. hoo calls him the explaner in chief. did you hear this from today? >> i personally believine if it takes changing the law, the president should honor the commit the that the federal government made and let them keep what they got. >> the president should honor that commitment. is that a policy shift here or freelancing on his own? we want to know what you think. >> will bill clinton change president obama's mind? >> that is our twitter question. send me a tweet@billhemmer. >> and me at alisyn camerota.
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they fought implementation of obama care and now a shift from the gop. house republicans set to vote on a bill to allow americans to keep their health care plans. that vote is scheduled for friday and house republicans proposing legislation to delay the individual man date just as the president delayed it for employers. >> the senate are calling for government watch dogs to launch an investigation on dumdum wear. a democrat up for reelection in north carolina next year and a race that many people are watching. haggan said the problems for the obama care roll out are unacceptable and the americans deserve answers and swift slewings from the senator from north carolina. >> we'll go to the white house briefing room. they are responding to bill clinton's comments about obama care.
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>> i think it is important to note that president clinton in that interview and i quote, the big lesson that we are better off with the law than without it and the enrollment period did not come off well because the national website was not ready. it happen when president bush put in the medicare drug program for senators. it was a disaster and people who lost prescriptions for existing medicine and they fixed. it the president as you know, is pledged to ask him team to look at potential actions that could be taken to address this problem, because his focus is on making sure people get quality and affordable health insurance. >> what the president said is different than what president clinton said. president clinton is talking about anybody losing their plan and the president said they were focused more on people getingly cancellations and not getting
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subsidies to cover higher prem yups. what is president obama looking at more narrow. >> certainly the point that we made for more than half of those on the individual market, who because their plans were not grandfathered in and they did not exist or participants in those plans. half of those individuals will have higher quality insurance with better basic protections at the same or lower cost. roughly half and maybe that is roughly half. and half will quality for subsidies and medicaid in the states where it is expanded. and for the smaller group of people within that five percent of the population for whom the fact that they have a cancellation notice because they purchased plans in the last couple of years and don't meet
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the minimum standards and faces challenges, the president asked his team to look at ways to address that problem. that goes to the point he made about the fast majority of the americans here who if they are an employer provided insurance or medicare or medicaid or va will not have any changes. if they don't want them it will be improvement to benefits. >> there are reports out about the enrollment numbers and putting them 40 or 50,000. can you confirm that those numbers are accurate and tell them what they expect? >> i cannot confirm those numbers. there is a variety of reports saying a variety of different things. the administration will release data in the middle of the month. i anticipate later this week as we said all along.
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consistent with the way the data was released for other programs. so i would add two things. first, it was always the case prior to the problems with the website enrollment in the first month would be low. that's the experience we saw in massachusetts and experience we expect here. especially for health here, younger people. the pattern of behavior is to wait before you have to purchase before december 15th to have coverage on january 1st. we expect that pattern to play out with the marketplaces and affordable care act and the fact that the website is so challenging and problematic in the first month, means that the enrollment numbers are lower than expected. and beyond that, i don't have specific figures and i have not
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seen specific figures and i anticipate to release data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> but you don't have specific data. >> i do not. >> the president spoke about gas and problems with the roll out of the website that needs to be fixed. what are those gaps. >> he was referring to and i will quote. i assigned my team to see what we can do to address the holes and gaps in the law. he was talking about cancellation and concern about individuals who have had existing policies cancelled and that issue has gotten a lot of attention. problems with the website which you just mentioned are addressed by a team of tech experts and jeff scions over seeing the list. they are working through that
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punch list of problems and making progress. gradual progress each day. there is no question that the website is functioning better today than it was a week ago or ten days ago, and certainly much better than the first two weeks of october, but there is more work to be done. that work continues. our goal is to have that website functioning effectively for the vast majority of americans by the end of this week. >> if it is not, do you have a plan b? >> we expect it to be workingectively for the vast majority of americans by the end of the month. what we are doing since the issues of the website has arose, and focused and expanded our efforts to create ways through which americans can get more information about the options
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available to them both by in person conulations or over the phone, they can also apply and enroll by mail and those efforts continue. and we expect and we expect those closer to the ground that the site will be functioning effectively by the end of the month for the vast majority of the users and i reiterate that any website of this size and complexity will have issues with it. that is true of major websites today. and we expect it to be functioning effectively for the vast majority of users and so they navigate through it and review their options and find out whether or not they are eligible for tax credits and choose coverage that fits their needs, both their financial needs and coverage needs. >> can you say whether todd will
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testify before congress tomorrow. >> i can say a couple of things, first of all the administration cooperation with the six congressional meetings conducting over sight in the affordable care act. as you have all seen, administration officials have testified in numerous committee members and briefing and congressional hearings including for and in the last two weeks. the administration produced thousands of pages of documents and our cooperation on this continues. subpoena issued by house republicans on friday is unfortunate and unnecessary step since we made dloer that todd park is willing to testify. the issue for us is not if he will testify, but when? we had hoped that the committee would give mr. park to focus on
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getting the website fixed. this is a goal shared by the house republicans demanding his appearance on wednesday and that takes him away from the work on the website. chairman issa said he wanted the website fixed and fixed quickly. todd park is very much engaged in the effort of fixing it as soon as possible. i have no update but to tell you that the office of science and technology will respond as appropriate. now to iran. iran's foreign minister rejected the claim that iran that was the result of the failure to reach an agreement in geneva and said that divisions among the western nations were the cause of the failure of the talks. >> we'll keep a close eye. we were keen on getting the
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reaction from jay carney and surrounding all of the issues surrounding obama care. the 50,000 number. carne not confirming that but insisting by the end of this week, we'll have enrollment numbers and also there will be a hearing tomorrow in the house with the former project manager of, and so we are watching that for you as well. back to the white house, when there are more headlines. another fox news alert on the devastation in the philippines. millions of people are desperate as they wait for food and medicine amid the debris of thousands of decomposing bodies. this is four days after a typhoon demolished. >> i don't want to use my child because he almost fainted of high fever. >> we have been here so many days. we have nothing to eat or
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clothes to change intoochlt others got on the plane right away. we will die here of hunger. >> fox's streaming live from philippines. william, what is the latest? >> reporter: the key to feeding those people starts here. this is the air force base in manila where the u.s. and philippine military are moving supplies in and taking victims out of the hardest hit areas and that area is tocobo. it is where the typhoon hit. they believed that thousands died there. you have basically a huge surge that detried the trees and most of the homes and businesses the bodies are there in the water and buried in mud and debreechlt the airport there is a symbol for some, a portrait of despair as people look for food and
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water. for others it is an island of hope as in this video. 500 lucky ones flew out compliments of u.s. military. and others paint a bleak picture of the life they left behin. >> honestly now, there is just death and destruction everywhere. bodies in the road, and the smell is horrible. >> it is very, very bad. you have debris and decaying bodies and stench is horrendous and people, not a lot of food and water available. >> there are three priorities right now. one is communication that is down. and they are bring nothing mobile cell towers that is working and so people know where to pick the stuff. and logistics. you have all of the aid coming
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in 500 tons and before the heavy judgment. you don't want a bottle neck in manila but to to go to the people. that takes a lot of logistics to get in. and finally security. this is a challenge. some trucks are getting hijacked because people are hungry and now the military is going in and securing the routes from the airport to the city so that food will be distributed in a orderly manner. that is what we hear alisyn. they have a few more days of real struggle. >> you outlined the challenges so well and the pictures are heart breaking. >> back home, accused bomber back in court. what his lawyers are asking for. we'll tell you in a moment. new video of a suspect and officer taking a dive off of the overpass and wait until you see what happens next. will mr. obama heed the
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>> this is unbelievable video. a frightening end to a police chase in michigan. the suspects on foot in an over pass. we see him go over the overpass and the state trooper following and going with him. it was not water down there but mother earth. the police chief said there was no time to react for either guy. >> it happen so quick as you can see in the video. within seconds this incident and order not a lot of time to think
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it through. both are okay and the suspect is behind bar it's probation violation. we hope the officer gets better soon. >> that is maze, meanwhile lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev are back in courting and asking the judge to ease prison restrictions on him. >> will he get. judge napolitano is here with us. i am looking at your talking points and you think he has a point? >> he has a point if the prison regulations interfere with his ability to defend himself and the strongest point on that is not solitary confinement and he can't pray, that makes him unhappy. but the strongest point. if he gives the name of a person they should interview because he believes that person has information to help him in his defense. mental defense or something
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like. that lawyers are not allowed to talk to that person freely and without an agent of the federal government there. the government's argument is that he could be passing a secret person. his argument said the constitution guarantees me a effective defense. and you are denying my constitutional right to one. that is a tough issue that the judge will have to decide and i think he will come down on tsarnaev's side. prosecutors say when he was captured after a day long manhunt and much of boston was on the lock down and found in a dry down boat. he had written a message inside of the boat that they interpret as a battle cry. what they are saying, this is a suspected terrorist who might be trying to trigger another
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attack, don't they have a good argument? >> in some respects they do have a good argument and don't. it ought not to be broadcast but preserved. the government decided to take a picture and translate it and broadcast it out there. he didn't broadcast it to the public. he silently wrote it at the time he thought he was bleeding to death. and the government said there are no co-conspir eightors and who's-who is the government worried about? >> if the government is caught acting too restrictive for the suspect, judge, can that come back to hurt them in the trial? >> yes, it could. not with respect to solitary confinement or inadequate
10:29 am
religious facilities, but the guarantee of effective counsel. they can use their tools and ability to interview witnesses. if the government prevents him and he's convicted, he has a built in appeal issue. they don't want to convict him and have it overturned. >> we'll see what the court decides in boston. they are hearing from his attorneys. always great to talk to you. >> the president called bill clinton the explainener chief. the former president is offering a critique of obama care. could this change things? >> could this technology prevent the next monster storm? >> what lady gaga is doing. get ready for a performance. out of this world. >> and many are. and this one in particular.
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>> even out of this earth they are. >> we'll see. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". canned leerht before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of youmptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education.
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>> quick check of the headlines, family of james inhofe mourning their son. dr. periinhofe died in that
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plane crash. he was only 52. alec baldwin taking the stand in a high profile trial here in new york city. he denied a sexual relationship with a canadian actress. lady lady gaga is going where no singer went before. maybe to perform in outer space. only 250,000 per passenger. >> if it doesn't plush out i don't know what will. >> because she could find it. better than anyone? good luck gaga. i personally believe even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor the commitment that the federal government made to those people. that is a fox news alert. that is former president clinton
10:35 am
on a promise president obama should keep. >> keeping their health care plans. we have a republican strategist for american cross rods and richard, host of the richord fowler she. and defer to my lovely co-anchor and allow her to interrogate. >> i love the intros. thank you very much, bill. >> johnathon, past few weeks, republicans in congress called for bills so that president obama can fix his broken promise if you like your plan and you keep your plan. and now president clinton the democratic torch bearer called for it is it time to do something? >> president clinton is good at reading polls. the razzuk polls 74 percent of the americans believe you should be able to keep your health insurance. but the solution that president
10:36 am
clinton is proposing doesn't exist. it is not chlor they can be recreated and so where the focus needs to be on delaying the bill and going through and figure out how it is going to harm people as it has and dismandel the worst part of the law first. >> richard, what did you think of this when bill clinton talked this way? >> bill clinton is good old honest bubba and to an extent jonathan is right. delaying is not how you fix. it a lot of the plans will not come back because they are subparand sdo don't enclude the benefits. >> how do you fix it? >> how you fix it making sure you fix the website and communicate to the american people how they can get enrolled in a policy that meets the standards of the affordable care act and how they get to engaged.
10:37 am
no question it is the problem with the website and communicating the better plan. >> that doesn't fix the broken promise if you like your health care plan you can keep. it they are becoming more expensive for people? >> that is true. three main promise if you like the health care you can keep it and costs would go down and everybody would be covered. we know they are all three false. one thing about bill clinton, what is his angle in things like. that not like he punched the president in the chin for no reason. >> is he seeing a midterm election? and reading the public? >> he was out there campaigning with the president trying to get people to enroll and it didn't work. only 55,000 people are enrolling in this thing. his wife hillary clinton if she
10:38 am
runs for president she will own it and run on it and this is a way of creating daylight between the clintons and a law that is radioactive with the independent voters. >> what do you think richard? >> i don't think at all. the moteration is to get americans health care. they will fought for it in the 90s and he fought for it in september. we don't know what the official enrollment numbers are. but have a real conversation. there is a massive roll out of anything, there is technical. >> not like. this >> bill, wait a second. ipo came out wall street shut down. >> that was a couple of minutes and now we are a month and half down the road. bill clinton said a couple of things. low income young people are finding themselves at greater odds of getting bad insurance
10:39 am
and another thing he talked about. young people are balking for expensive coverage for things they don't need. they are man dated to carry and that's why 5 million with individual policies cancelled already. to be continued and johnathon thank you. and richard thank you. there will be a lot of questions. thank you guys. . all right camerota, check it out. researchers developing technology to precisely predict hurricanes and super stops any edge can make a difference between life-and-death. douglas kennedy is live on that next. >> reporter: a big problem with hurricanes, you often don't know where they are going. one man in new jersey can make unpredictable super storms predictable.
10:40 am
in october 2012, travis miles was working on the jersey shore. when hurricane sandy barrelled its way up the east coast. >> it was supposed to go out to sea and then it veered back? >> yeah, it was coming up the atlantic coast and made a hard left turn to new jersey. >> reporter: in fact, the storm caught new jersey off guard, causing historic damage to infrastructure and massive lines for gas. miles studied the super storm in rutgeres university and vowing not to be caught off guard again. and he said this is the answer. essentially this is an underwater robt that monitors the ocean temperature? >> yeah, we call them gliders.
10:41 am
>> reporter: miles said super storms are difficult to predict because forecasters limited access to ocean temperature. he said the glider will change that. >> ocean temperatures can drive how intense a hurricane s. knowing those temperatures we can forecast the intensity of the hurricane. >> reporter: currently rutgeres have 15 and 4 of which are in the atlantic and antartic ocean. scientist and students monitor every move with the gps tracking technology. your goal is to make sure something like sandy never devastates. >> we like to predict these in the future. >> reporter: more importantly, he said plan for them when they hit. that's it from here, bill. >> i like the technology. >> reporter: more information
10:42 am
the better. >> that's right. he runs america's fourth largest city. and the toronto mayor is refusing to step down for smoking crack or talking tough. >> should he step down. ger articledo has more on the rob ford. my customers can shop around.
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but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. silicon valley are picking a new jury today charged with deciding how much samsung owns apple for patent violation. one jury awarded apple 1 billion. but the judge tossed out 400 million in damages and ordered a new jury to calculate that amount. samsung products influfrjed on apple's pattern.
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gretchen, what is the stories coming your way? >> obama care chief geek guy is supposed to testify tomorrow. will he show up? and remember when senator cornyn brought to the attention to secretary sebelius the navigators had problems. he said the entire thing needs to be shut down and in sea world the trainers and orcas. >> big she. see you then. next. i want to be crystal clear, every single person, these mistakes will never, ever, ever happen again. >> that was toronto mayor rob ford apologizing for smoking
10:47 am
crack cocaine and he told the supporters he will not go anywhere. >> he is facing fierce opposition and council legislation to remove him if he does not agree for a leave of absence. geraldo, g- man on the radio. this is what they want to talk about. legally they can't force him out as it stands today? >> true. but tomorrow they will consider a motion to ask him for a leave of absence and apologize to the people of toronto. >> can you force out a politician if they are convicted of a crime and he committed a crime. >> how do you know? >> he smoked crack. >> an admission, it is not a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. >> you can't just say. >> there will be a motion and third year of his term and he will by all accounts last his
10:48 am
term. now it is fascinate and this question is why? why did he get elected in the first place? why does he have a popularity that is three points higher than the period of the united states? he is 44 and barak obama at 41? these are after the refalation of crack smoking and foul language and where he played the scar-face guy on the video. >> it is true he is an effective and popular mayor. >> he is popular and effective, can you debate. but you cannot debate popularity. it is fascinating what happen in toronto. it used to be a nugget tea and in '98, they brought in the six surrounding suburbs and the people in the suburbs look at downtown parent and think of them as snobs and elitist. and rob ford campaigned a guy like you and drinking beer and hockey jersey.
10:49 am
he ran against the gay guy and they rather be with him. >> latest polls show that 61 percent percent of the toronto voters want him to resign. this is causing problems for toronto. they don't want to be known as having a mayor that smoked crack. >> it is funny to think of toronto boring canada having a wonderful crack smoking. and look at marion berry. he is still on the city council of the district of colombia and capitol city of the united states of america. >> if the tea city of toronto co anything. >> his older brother is on the city council and they put a bubble doll for sale today. nbobble head. rob ford bobble head.
10:50 am
bobble head. and it solid out $20 and going to united way. they had a line of 300 people and they solid it out right in city hall and the money going to charity and solid is going to c and it is being sold on ebay for $300. what is that? that is because there is almost a tongue and cheek aspect and affection for this guy. that is the silver lining for this >> come back tomorrow with the vote we'll see what happens. >> gman now we have a winner, folks. how the final decision came about, about which of these two bi buildings is the tallest in america.
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and we have now a winner in the battle between two of america's biggest cities to which one is homes to america's tallest building. rick? >> reporter: and bill, the architect and buildings and others were holding their breath over this decision on the council on tall buildings to decide if one world trade is the tallest building in america. whether that needle on top was & ten na and shouldn't count. they said they understand how symbolic and the council chairman said the tcriteria didn't change. the committee considered every aspect of the building and they ruled that the light on top of it can be seen up to 50 miles
10:55 am
away echos the porch and raised hand of lady liberty across the water. >> the research and due diligence that i did prior to the meeting, was i had to make sure this building was 1776, if it was shorter or being measured improperly, that would have been, we would have had to have said that. we would have certainly revealed that. >> but in the end, one world trade is now the tallest building in the america, the willis tower in chicago is second at 1450 second tall left tallest in america. it is not on the finished list but the height is no longer in dispute. >> and the envelope please. rick, thanks. >> that is a great answer. there you go. >> meanwhile a wedding date to
10:56 am
remember. why thousands of couples are flocking to the alter today. with the local mayor. it is not too late. it is tuesday. after all.
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♪ gets me to the church on time ♪ ♪ thousands of couples flocking to the alter today. >> there was one year and one month and one day until 2014. we were at an event last night.
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what a great event. and that book is hiding your wine glass. >> what? >> ear muffs everyone. thank you so much for watching. >> here is gretchen carlson, see you tomorrow. >> mine too, it was a great party. former president bill clinton says president obama should keep his promise to americans. demanding an investigation and she is up for re-election and she voted for obama care. plus is the head obama care website guy too busy fixing it to testify in the house tomorrow? and the miami dolphin's owner says he is shocked at the team's bullying


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