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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 21, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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he said the bike may look different than he remembers. after all it was nearly half a century but can't wait to take it out on the open road and ride it again. >> that is cool. it is 60 years old. >> thanks for joining us. american's news headquarters starts right now. thank you guys, we are watching a airplane take off. new zoo video in wichita, kansas. it is an atlas airplane it is really big and on a runway too little to take off. >> the plane bound from mcconnell air force base and missed its mark 12 miles. it needs a runway 9,000 feet long and this runway in kansas
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is 6,000 feet long. we will take you live where it is happening and hope for the best. >> they have gone nuclear and changes the rules. >> i am bill hemmer. sdmshgs the alisyn camerota. they have 51 votes than a 60 votes. we'll get joanna gold berg editor of the national review on line. jonna make sense of what happened for us. >> i feel like charl heston. you blew it up you fools. you blew it up. this is a mess. basically obama has -- republicans claim that obama has tried to tack the dc circuit court with judges that republicans think they don't need and would pad it and make it a democratic jurisdiction and
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so republicans have been blocking all of obama's nominees for that reason. and as a result harry reid finally said he invoked the nuclear option which means only 51 votes than 60 votes to accrue judges. he will not do that for supreme court justices. republicans said if they do the nuclear option, the republicans will use it in spades back in the democrats if they get back in the senate. >> harry reid, the way he justified doing this nominees deserve an up or down vote and they can't just be filibustered away and the president deserved his team. does that rational make sense? >> it makes sense on the merits if you look at it in isolation. the problem with the judicial sites. there is hypochris.
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republicans stop democratic judges using means available to them. democrats stop the republican judges. it is a legislative branch and the stakes are so high that both pears will pull out all of the other stops to stop the courts from being left wing judges or right wing judges. and i understand where harry reid is coming from on this. harry reid denounced the nuclear option as if it would end-all life in the union verse and now saying it is his only choice. it runs both sides very deep. >> this is a rule been in place since the 1700s. thank you for the context. >> here is the senate minority mitch mcconnell that is talking about this. >> obviously that was a commitment not kept. we thought he said if you like
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the senate rules, you can keep them. but in fact we ended up having a discussion with another threat of the so- called nuclear option and then you have sewn what they did today. talk about a manufactured crisis we confirmed 215 judges and defooted two. and the problem is was with regard to the dc circuit was related to the size of the court and docket. we took the same view, senate democrats took during the bush administration that there was no rational for extending and increasing the membership of the dc circuit. exactly the same rational and signed by shumer and kennedy and others saying there was no need for additional judges. we have this is a power grab in order to try to advance the obama administration's regulatory agenda.
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and you know, they just broke the senate rules in order to exercise the power grab. so i would sum it up it is a sad day in the history of the senate and after today, advise and consent probably means to them 100 means 100 percent consent. it is how common the rejection of nominees is in the past. it will be an eye-opener for you. nthanks, mitch. in my view, this is most important and most dangerous restructuring of senate rules since thomas jefferson wrote them in the beginning of our country. it is not about the filibuster it is another raw exercise of political power to permit the majority to do anything it wants when ever it wants to do it. it is obama care two in that sense. senator levin repeating senator
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vanderburg's words, a united states senate in which the majority can do anything it wants is a september without rules. it would be like the red sox falling behind in boston and saying to the cardinals. we are the home team and add innings until we score runs. this is a senate without rules and done based on the flimiest excuses and the argument is that filibusters were used to deny seats to presidential nominees. and the number of supreme court nominees who are denied their seat by a filibuster is 0, with an astrick which was an lbj maneuver and the number of judges is 0, and the cabinet members denied their seat by
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filibuster is 0. the number of circuit judges denied their society is five democrats and five republicans all because democrats for the first time in 2003, just the time i came to the senate filibustered ten of president bush's judges and that was the first time in history. they say it is taken too long to be there. a senate historian told me that president obama is well treated with cabinet members as last two presidents. you can pick the executive callenar off every senator's desk and it shoes of the people on the calendar that could be brought up to confirmed, 54 of them have been there less than three weeks and most of them. the rest were denoticed. what could the majority leader done about that under the rules changes. he could without changing the rules taken ten subcabinet members and put them on the
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floor on monday and start voting wednesday morning as early as 1 o'clock a.m. and give back four hours and have them don by friday. lamer alexander calls this obama care two. and mitch mcconnell said they broke the rules, a sad day in the u.s. senate. south dakota senator thume. >> what does this mean? >> it is a game changer in terms of the senate. this is a raw power grab by the democrats, they broke the rules to change the rules when it comes to executive branch nominations and it is unprecedented and you heard lamer alexander describe it change rules were in place since thomas jefferson wrote the rules. it gets weirder around here by
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the day. in simple terms. it is an attempt by the democrats to end run the rules to get what they want. >> senator, what about harry reid's rational that president obama deserves an up and down vote on his team and judicial and executive nominees and filibusters get in the way of that and they had to use the nuclear option? >> they didn't have to do that at all. there are 215 judges confirmed and two were rejected for this president and this is what the democrats did years ago. blocking circuit court nominees when george bush was in the white house and he sent up judges to get confirmed in the senate. there is no evidence what so ever that this was necessary. the numbers that we processed were a head with regard to bush's nominees and 215
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confirmed and two rejected. >> big picture here, mitch mcconnell said he will guarantee that if the majority in the senate flips in the next election it will not be a nuclear option with nominees on the judicial post and it will be on legislation as well. and it is drnls to play in the u.s. senate. did you hear him say that in your reaction? >> i didn't hear mitch say that spectacularly. they are playing with fire. and what goes around comes around and this is it a precedent setting move by them. >> would you agree with senator mcconnell? >> we hope the republicans control the majority and we'll have a debate about the rules and what they ought to look like. but at this point in time what we want to point out, democrats
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are attempting just like with obama care to get what they want with a raw power grab. obama care was the best example of that, you heard lammar alexander say this is obama care two. >> mitch mcconnell said it is a sad day. what do you do tomorrow? >> we are on the defense authorization bill and again, senator reid is what they said filling the tree they block republican amendments and this is not limited to just judges. this is a pattern that we are accustomed and he doesn't want to expose his members to tough votes. and many of them cast the vote for obama care. and so they don't want to make tough votes. we'll see it from the democratic
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majority and do everything we can to get our votes and our opportunity to have our voices heard and in the political process which is what the american people expect. >> we are waiting for reaction from harry reid. when that happens we'll bring it to you. >> what do you think about this? senate democrat's move today? >> we'll gauge your reaction on twitter at bill hemmer. >> and to me at alisyn camerota. much more reaction, and the move by the senate democrats. >> and running for office on obama care. the head of the republican party and using the botched health care roll out to its advantage and more. >> we'll make 2014 about obama care and tattoo obama care on each of their forehead and
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break news from connecticut. we expect michael skakel and his attorney in front of the mi cophone. released on bovenltd he was granted bail earlier today. expected to walk out of jail where prosecutors in that state appeal a ruling that essential vacate the decision of the court and give him a new trial. this goes back to the 1975 slaying of neighbor martha mocksley. nephew of ethyl kennedy. we'll watch that in stanford, connecticut as well. >> rule 2014 about obama care and tattoo obama care on each of
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their foreheads and that will be what 2014 is all about. they want it to be about obama care, we'll make it about obama care. >> that was rnc chair reinspreibuis that they will hit hard with the strategy. he is our gust now live with us today. sir, thank you for your time on hq. >> hey, bill, thank you, alisyn. >> give us a better idea of your strategy. painted on their forehead. >> here's what happened and what brought us to the press conference today. a couple of weeks ago, i had done a joint appearance of the chair woman of the dnc, and much to a lot of people's surprise, she deared that democrats were proud and eager and going to run on obama care in 2014 and it was because of obama care that they were going to win.
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and then put out a memo basically tellingitous bring it on, on obama care. we'll put on a press conference and allow an opportunity for all of your candidates to come and tell the press what it is about obama care that is great for your state and district. >> right. >> and give you an open platform and of course, no one showed up. it is it a ruse. it is just silly talk about how we want to run to obama care. the american people don't support it and democrats are running from it and i think they will lose because of it. there is a lot of things on the table. >> there is a new poll cbs poll. what it finds that only seven percent of the respondents believed that the affordable care act should be kept as it is. that is woefully low obviously.
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and 43 percent think it should be repealed. 48 percent of the americans believe that it could stand but changes are needed. they like some parts of the law, but some changes are needed. and so where does that leave republicans? do you try to scrap the entire law or make changes to it. >> you have to repeal the whole law and take the parts that are most needed, preexisting conditions and things like that, sure. they are just little morsels of a bigger monstrosity. and so yeah, granted. 95 percent of it is junk and five percent that you keep. >> but what is the republican plan? that's what people are asking? preexisting and buying insurance across state lines. what is that plan called by republicans? >> i will answer the question.
10:20 am
i think it is really important for people to understand that there is nothing wrong, what so ever for being totally opposed to obama care which people in this country don't want. there is nothing wrong with being opposed to something that is ruining people's lives and losing their doctor. we are 100 percent opposed to and always be opposed to as long as it is a disaster. however, we have done and proposed many things in the house and senate which the democrats want no part. they jammed us with obama care and didn't want to listen to few good solid ideas to bring down cost and access to the table. what about open pricing? and doctors and hospitals listing the prices of the services they are providing and allowing individuals and small businesses to pool all of our resources so that we can shop
10:21 am
for the lowest prices and allow for access to more people. what about junk lawsuits? tort reform and on on >> sounds like you the making of a campaign and we have len months to go. the computer is going to cut us off. we have a lot of breaking news. >> i know you do. >> we mark tomorrow 50 years of the assassination of president kennedy and one woman who can tell the personal stories of president and of lee harvey oswaltment>> and we are waiting for the dream liner to take off. the runway is too short to allow this to take off. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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breaking news, we are waiting for the senate majority leader and here is harry reid on why he invoked the nuclear option. >> there were no filibusters and the founding fathers were very clear in what they thought was super majorities. impeachments, and of course on trade. and in this same paragraph the founding fathers did not mention at all other things other than the two things that required a simple majority. in the entire history of our country there are 168 filibusters against nomination. and so for 230 years, half of
10:26 am
them were accomplished and last four and half years with obama as president the other half. in the history of our country. 20 district court judges were filibusters. i am sorry 230 years three. four and half years 20. president obama confirmed they are having to wait hundred days longer than president bush. we have one nominee who deals with making sure that the water we drink and the air we breathe is pure. he's been waiting 890 days because they don't like the agency. the environmental protection agency. it is undeniable fact that it is
10:27 am
new and different. so this is not just republicans versus democrats, it is what is doing right for the institution to evolve and remain responsible to the needs our country has and we are not doing that. status quo of the gridlock has guaranteed that the middle-class gets no attention what so ever. the most important distinction today between those willing to solve the problem and defend the status quo. how could they defend the status quo? and for people to stand and say you are breaking the rules and to change the rules. since 1977, the rules have changed 38 types. 18 times. sorry about that.
10:28 am
rules are changing all of the time. the master of the senate number two. we have changed the rules here, we have done it in recent years and we declared that we are on the side of the problem solvers. it is simple fairness. the changes we made today will apply equally to both parties. and when republicans for power, changes will apply to them as well. that is simple fairness and something that both sides should be working on. that is simple fairness. you know, the republicans are defending what is going on here and how can they do that? the dc circuit, you know, i got last night a call from one of my
10:29 am
republican friends saying harry, we have a deal for you. i was anxious to listen, what is this? >> we'll give you one of the dc circuit and it will be 5- 4. i just can't imagine and one of my friends, he's been in the house together and been together for a long time. came to me, what would you do i said. and he just the two of us. he said i will not answer that question. everyone knows what is gone on is unfair and wrong and i am glad we changed it. it is for the great country of ours. >> there comes a tipping point and today was that tipping point
10:30 am
in the united states senate. how did we reach this point? we tried to reach friendly agreements with the democrats and republicans in the senate and tried several different times and ways and no filibusters unless there is extraordinary circumstances. >> dick durbin said we reached a tipping point and harry reid said i am glad we changed it to get washington working it and this is simple fairness. and republicans are saying that the rules were in place since thomas jefferson and mitch mccanle said they broke the rules and it is game on in congress. and more on the fallout that happens next. we'll have complete analysis. >> historic day. still waiting on the cargo plane to attempt a dangerous
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all right checking the headlines now in washington. the so- called nuclear option vote and making it easier to override a filibuster. the speaker in the house made it clear he doesn't like it one bit. >> the senate planning to vote on jessica yellen making her the first female fed head. >> yellen. >> and check your wallet. 16 million power ball tickets out there. and it was purchased in tampa, florida. and winning numbers were 2, 6, 19, 21, 27. and power ball was 25. you can see that. and you have to find the ticket. >> oh, yeah, that is mine. >> was it on the purse or refridge traitor or car society. >> i tend to lose things like
10:36 am
that. >> winner. >> i do think that we have to fess up, that we mess up and hit the re- set button and take a look at the incredimental approach to bring the republicans over so it is not a partisan issue. >> reboot. advice from lany davis. >> is it possible to reset obama care? ed rollins for the bush reagan ticket. we like both of you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming on hq today. >> doug, you just posted a story on fox news.comas a democrat saying reboot it. make your case. >> we have a system in america that is good. uninsured americans that need coverage but it is clear for reasons of prem yups and website and loss of coverage obama care
10:37 am
is not working. on a day like today with the nuclear option deployed, we have to go back to the drawing board and work on a bipartisan. and lany davis was right. do across state insurance purchase and tort reform. >> and is number 44 in the white house shown an inclination to go there? >> no, none at all and he is. >> dream with us and go to the mythical place of bipartisanship. what if president obama would go to john boehner and the house and say i need your help if i canning it. >> it is not nobl this environment. i wish it was. it was a bill that is terribly flawed and will not pass congress today. it is the law. and nothing but further bad news down the road and more and more
10:38 am
americans will lose their health insurance as they stated today. and never an likewised how to pay for this thing. the plan, if he sticks to his gun he will veto. he will never get technical changes needed and my since he can give something up and say it is a health care for those who don't have. it sit down in the next six months. >> that's what you would advise him. >> he will not take moin or dougs. >> you think he is stay away from this thing. >> i think he is not go out and campaign in the midterm. if he is partisan. he lost independent voters that helped him to get reelected. if he goes out and tries to defend himself against the republicans, he will be the issue. like nancy pelosi was in 2010. he's better to be a behind the
10:39 am
scones and work man like president and talk honestly about the difficulties of implementing it. >> doug, what should the president do to salvage the affordable care act. >> exactly what bill suggested was a good step. called congressional leadership in and say we have to do a fix. republicans are going to run a straight negative campaign. that's not what american people want. as ed knows, they have a higher negative rating. the president has to rebot. bottom line, when i got to the white house in '94. we had president clinton to reposition himself on fiscal matters and welfare and this president needs to do that. >> bill clinton went on the and made friends. ed, who are the friends? >> this is the delimba. he doesn't have the support of
10:40 am
his own party at this point in time. republicans despise and hate him. and they think they will win on the issue in 2014 and in the future. he's not feared and he's not liked or becomely respected and he's got a tough agenda and can't do it alone. if he spent time with the house republicans and democrats in the senate and find common ground, he may get a little bit but it is doubtful. ned, and doug. thank you so much. >> gentlemen, you come on back. >> we have breaking news from the white house. we'll go inside of the briefing room. 1:55 eastern timeobama will com room and make a statement on the senate vote change that happen last hour. it is called the nuclear option. and for years, in order to get a judicial nominee through the process of confirming a in the senate, you needed 60 votes and
10:41 am
that is now lowered to a 50 vote threshold on behalf of harry reid and democrats voted with him. it was 52- 48 in the senate earlier today. we'll get reaction and we heard from mitch mcconnell who said that the rules are breaking. and we are watching that and we'll bring you the reaction when we get it here in 19 minutes. nfox news alert, another gep developing story. tension running high in iran's nuclear program. it will not suspend the enrichment of uranium and calling it a redline for the islamic are republic. despite secretary of state kerry claims now is the best change for nuclear deal with iran. the senate is holding off to
10:42 am
vote new sanctions on iran until after thanksgiving. there is a lot to talk about. ambassador bolton where are we with this negotiation at this hour? >> there is still talks in geneva are going o. they are scheduled for a third day tomorrow. it is surprising to me they have not signed the deal. the obama administration is desperate to get it done and there are areas of disagreement and see perhaps they don't get a deal and the talks break down again. >> is iran going to suspend uranium enrichment in >> no way, knowhow. the program is a weapon's program. and uranium enrichment is the lone pole in the tent. and they will never agree to suspend that. and the issue is whether the west will say something about it or cover this issue up for
10:43 am
purposes of the agreement. i think iran could live with that. >> secretary kerry calls the moment the best chance we have had in a decade to roll back iran's program, is he right in >> no. the iranians will not roll their program back. they will make superficial concessions to get the economic sanctions eased a bit. that is the shape of the deal. but last week, secretary kerry told measures of congress not to proceed with the new legislation that you mentioned. and secretary kerry said the deal is fail safe. no one uses words like that. and that is a mark of the administration's desperation. >> thank you for sticking with us through the breaking news. >> and live from the white house, ten minutes away, we expect president obama to come out and talk about the move that was made in the senate on the
10:44 am
nuclear option. this is one of those rattlers that you see all over the nation's capitol and curious to hear doug and ed to talk about the state of play in washington and what it might do to relations with both houses and the president.
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we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. >> history happening from washington and we'll hear from the president in a matter of moments on the vote on behalf of democrats in the senate to invoke the nuclear option and comes to changing rules in confirming presidential nominees in the judicial level. >> it interesting to hear from septemberor reid. he had a laundry list in ways that president obama's administration is treated unfairly in terms of their nominees and judicial and executive nominees and he had all of the facts to confirm. it we'll bring in ed henry from the briefing room to tell us
10:48 am
about this. what are your thoughts, ed, with the historic nuclear option in >> it is a big deal. republicans considering to it in the majority and frustrated when the democratic majority had stalled. and what this means, 60 vote super majority. you need a simple majority to get most executive and federal judential and does not apply to supreme court nominations. and what it means for the president. it may be easier for him to get his administration up and running. there are dozens of nominations pending here in the second term of the administration. people typically leave after the first term and he's struggling to get federal judgeships filled up and appointments filled up. but for his agenda, poison the well on a partisan basis and
10:49 am
republicans a determined opposition against immigration and grand bargain and get it more angry about this. when the president was a senator back in 2005, he was rallying against it and suggested it was a power grab. >> harry reid made similar comments. what harryid said to get washington working and he said he is glad they changed it. >> republicans don't think it is fair. and the president doesn't think his nominations whether it is it federal judgeships or executive nominations have been blocked. they are going to make their points, bill. but the president will come out and try to make the case and he's sitting around and waiting while the senate dithers on the nominations. and the republicans have their point to make. >> and quickly before the
10:50 am
computer cuts us off. one more point. republicans said if it happens, this is a way for the white house to change the topic and focus from bullpen bum care, how much truth is that? >> reporter: there is truth to that. the president is struggling in defense on health care. and this lets him get more on offense. and a year or so from now. they could easily turn the rules back. that's why it is a dangerous move for democrats. >> thank you, we're waiting for word on president obama on the nuclear option today that was invoked in the senate today, we'll have more on this on the other side of the break. laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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a sad day in the history of
10:54 am
the u.s. senate. that is the word from mitch mcconnell. we're waiting for the president to give his first public comment on the nuclear option now in place on the u.s. senate side. >> we want to bring in geraldo. >> it's a very big deal, you look back on the most dramatic moments in recent months. when you had ted cruise doing his sudo filibuster, and mr. smith comes to washington, all of the great moments there. so that's gone. but the sad thing is that by doing away with the super majority on these nom additions, you do away with any possibility of bilateral or bipartisan comedy there where people get together and they say okay, some republicans, some democrats, both vote to approve a
10:55 am
particular nominee. now you'll never get that. >> to that point, the phrase nuclear option suggests war. >> you thought washington was broken before, wait until you see this now. >> you will have unilateral government. whatever chamber or party runs the chamber, that simple majority will be able to dictate what is happening. you cannot diminish the fact that what it does is abolish any chance of bipartisan. any chance of the two parties working together to get anything done. >> senator harry reid came out with a litany of rational. he said the nominees on average took 100 days longer to get through than president bushes. he started by saying gridlock. this is their idea of how to
10:56 am
break gridlock. >> i wish we could pull up some of the newscasts from eight years ago. when the republicans were in control, they said the same thing. this is a game they have played historically since the third president, and they have always managed to stumble through somehow. now you have this rule change, which is quite startling and stunning, but you really will have, and i think that's the bottom line, you will have unilateral government, unilateral decision making in the senate, and a majority in the house. >> they call it obama care 2.0. changing the rules in the middle of the games. we'll take a quick commercial break, thank you g. man, back after this.
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i have probably never been more frustrated with washington, and one of the reasons is over the past five years we have seen an unprecedented patter of obstruction in congress that has prevented too much of american's business from getting done. we have seen a single senator or a handful of senators choose to abuse tactics to unilaterally black bipartisan compromises. or to prevent well qualified americans from filling positions in our government. at a time when millions of americans have searched for work, repeated abuse for these tactics have been


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