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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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to unacceptable, visit to connect with a psoriasis patient advocate from abbvie for free one-to one education and support. sign up at, and talk to your dermatologist. welcome to "red eye." tonight,. >> coming up on "red eye." is the government building a secret time machine so the government can go back to 1787 and rewrite the constitution. and is the president seriously considering changing the american anthem to "free bird" this. >> it will benefit everybody and will have the potential to enrich the country in ways we can't even imagine. >> and should guys who wear blue tooth earpieces earpieces in public be sent to gitmo? the story geraldo refuses to cover. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> she has a heart of gold and a liver made of stone. i am here with author, columnist and fox news
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contributor jedediah bila. and back to bore us is tv's andy levy. and fresh from his one-man show, fred gwynn, jesse joyce. and comedian sherrod small. >> hash tag red eye. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> and now, 43 minutes of a battle. >> that's better than it was last night. it is a question all his fans are asking. did he choose to leave or was he fired? yes alec baldwin is gone from msnbc and there are conflicting reports a as to how it went down. hence -- msnbc just issued a statement saying, quote, this is a mutual parting. richard johnson who broke the news says baldwin was fired
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for a combination of his anti-gay slurs and his behavior toward co-workers. a source says baldwin pissed off staffers by demanding a make up room being used by a woman with cancer who had a sensitivity to hairspray. and when he was told it was impossible he allegedly screamed "i don't give an f" if she has cancer or not. i want that f-ing make up room. i edited myself. so not like him. you know who else does president like cameras? >> finally. >> sherrod was baldwin fired or was it a mutual decision? >> even if he was fired or he left, msnbc, he made off. >> we have only done two shows. he is probably getting paid for 12. >> one more than rob ford. he is a winner.
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>> and it was two weeks which surpassed chevy chase. >> he is going through a lot. the paparazzi and the hot daughter i am stalking. >> that's his wife. >> jesse, when you are working and ringing up t-shirt sales do you notice a lot of customers are talking about this story? >> no because most of them speak farsey. they buy the t-shirt and babble. that has got to be one of the most brutal show business quotes since ted dan son says i don't care how many baby pandas died in the holocaust. i want soy milk. >> do you think he said that, or do you think this is a planted story? >> well, they did say they like parted ways. i do think the baldwins have a
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tradition of parting ways like steven parted with reality a longtime ago. >>ith us and remembering there was a daniel entirely possible. >> he parted ways with his clothes in the park. it was outside. >> that's true. the ratings were bad and do you think that had anything to do with this decision? >> the ratings are bad on so many msnbc shows, i just think it is interesting martin bashire has his job. he said that terrible thing about sarah palin and people wanting to deficate in her mouth. he said that and got away with it and didn't face punishment. he apologized and alec baldwin apologized so what is the discrepancy and what qualifies for msnbc?
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what warrants firing? baldwin caused uproar at work and maybe they couldn't stand him and there were many layers here. i don't know. sara pay lynn, anti-gay slur -- >> that's the obvious answer and that's fine, but it is trans parent to everyone that it is pathetic. msnbc, don't make it so easy to figure out what you just did. >> if conservative women don't like it, get yourself a flashy parade. >> i would like a flashy parade. >> you have been looking at me as though you need to say something extremely important. >> it has been a minute and a half since she said what she said and that is already the most popular gift in germany. >> he has a lot of money and
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an adorable baby and these are things you will never have. he is angry all the time and you can't muster up the slightest emotion about anything. why are you so angry? >> i don't know. >> first of all, he wasn't fired. >> i think the reason he is angry is he legitimately has a bad temper. he may be one of those guys who are pissed at something and the third is it sucks to have paparazzi and news cameras following you around. that part is justified. i don't think he got fired for what he said. i think he got fired for the future things he was going to say. msnbc took a look and said well he has a history and it is just a matter of time. >> why did they hire him?
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when they hired him they knew he was taking that risk on. he has a crazy temper, and so why did they take the risk to begin with you have to wonder? >> i have to say i disagree with 99.9% of everything alec baldwin says. they knew what they were getting into. they did this off camera while being harassed by paparazzi and they were fighting words. fighting words almost everything is suspended. everything goes. >> to go back to what you said , his ratings suck. i think they hired alec baldwin saying he is a big time famous guy and he will give us good ratings and he didn't. >> can we just also agree -- >> they are dirty people. >> not this one though. >> they hired him because they want to get the problem bleep [ --] bleep [needy cancer
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chick out of it. >> i won't let you get away with saying f twice. i have replaced the two that you took out. >> at least you didn't add an extra one. >> shu toc sell with a -- should you tustle with a toddler? there is a video on how to kick your infant's ass. many were tickled by the time fight, but few expressed concerns about the baby safety. we can't show you the video. oh, yes, we can. go. >> hi, guys. a lot of you are scared of babies. you don't know what to do. i'm so scared. i don't know how to handle it. they are easy pease to do it. there are a lot you can do. hold the baby under the arm and then slam. this is a little known
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technique to fighting babies. the one achilles heel. you think you got what it takes? you think you can take your old man? >> i love the fear is assuming the punches hurt. the slaps don't hurt. doesn't hurt. >> sleeper hold. >> he just scratched my eye. >> he just got me right on the eye. he scratched my actual eyeball. so, yeah, dealing with babies is nothing to be afraid of. keep your nails trimmed jie. after a silly uproar over angry commenters "inside
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edition" went to gavin's house today to talk to him about a concerned doctor who said, quote, throwing a baby can do damage to the baby's brain and shaken baby syndrome happens like this. it is not something that should be getting attention. this is not something dads should be doing with their babies. she said i hope he -- they said i hope he loves his kid. this is what the doctor said. all right. >> oh my god. >> this is insane. that anybody would call that child abuse. that is rough housing. >> what doctor was this? dr. conrad murray? >> that was so true. >> dr. conrad murray was the doctor on the soviet ship, hunt for red october. >> this is a pronunciation -- >> we have to get back into this story again. jedediah, some say child
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services -- is this the woosification of america. >> i have to say gavin was infinitely hot. you have never been sexier, but they do say rough housing babies -- it shows it can be good for them. it boosts their self-confidence and it shows them how to interact with people. we start babying people when they are babies. >> you can't baby babies. >> man up, start young. we won't have a bunch of babies sitting around. >> i agree. >> jesse, you hate babies because they are always crying when you are cleaning the changing room at the gap. should this be a story because a couple of people left u -- youtube comments. one or two people said it was bad. >> first of all that was raisey writing. i have i'm pregnanted a lot of
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waffles. >> i don't know what you are talking about. that is from the 1997dwarfing final. they can't even make fists properly. you just have to leave it. you don't have to do anything. >> that is a good point. he has his kids. he is a pro lifer. he has his kids. he didn't do the other thing. it is getting grim. >> anybody that gets bent out of shape, shut your mouth. if you think the kids should be taken away, no they shouldn't. who will take care of it? you? >> you are shaking your head. as somebody who rough houses
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with your cats i am surprised. >> i think gavin should be thrown in jail. this is clearly child endangerment. if you amplify the video and isolate the baby's face as i did you can see the look of shear terror in that child's eyes. the baby is scared out of its wits. as it should be. it was thrown at a high speed on to a hard bed. that is not fun. believe me i know. don't fight your baby. from you having issues with your baby, talk to your baby. there is no need to fight with your baby. >> you convinced me that gavin is wrong. >> by the way, fbi, i don't know if you picked up on that, but andy on his hard drive has a lot of images of shirtless infants. >> thank you for that. people who can't tell the difference between rough housing and violence are idiots. and if they ever get into a position of authority when dealing with families we pr all screwed. they can ruin your life. did they not pay because she was gay? a new jersey waitress claimed a family refused to tip her
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because of her sexual orientation. dana morales posted a picture on her facebook page showing a receipt with a note reading i'm sorry i cannot tip because i do not agree with your lifestyle. they hate waitresses apparently. but then people sent money to make up for the tip. the family said the whole thing is not true. they tell nbc's new york affiliate they couldn't careless about dana's gayness and showed a copy of the receipt and a credit card statement proving they never wrote any note and did leave a tip. >> wow. >> but, dana is standing by her story saying i don't know. all i know is what i have been saying. well i am convinced. there is no disputing that this is amazing.
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>> they are dolphins. >> freeze them. >> who cares? >> she is standing by what she said. the key here is the credit card statement. when there is a different charge with the tip on it it means they can't tip. >> the restaurant is not really explaining and they couldn't have charged the full value. i just can't figure out -- at first i thought well maybe this girl made it up you and stuck it on the facebook and never thought it would be everywhere. it is based on lifestyle and it will be picked up by hot topic. the credit card statement made it a black and white issue. >> i went through the same thing and it happened to me. i need you to send money to make me feel better. >> when did that happen? >> a couple days ago.
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it got real ugly, racially ugly. >> that's weird. you don't work at an arby's. >> i don't, but send me a couple dollars to get me through the week. buy some belts and socks and stuff. >> did you see how excited jesse got when you said hot topic? >> i noticed that. >> i just wondered why he walked that an arby's and you talked him out of it. >> you don't work at an arby's. >> but jesse, i know you get mad when people don't put change in the sbarro tip jar where you work, but would you make up a story like this? >> as a former waiter with a lesbian haircut i don't know what you are talking about. i got tipped all the time. >> you did work at the hard rock -- no planet hollywood. people think i make up these jobs, but you had these jobs. >> 15 years ago, greg. >> kd lange, two sprites.
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>> you need to do that in a sri-lanka accent. >> don't do that because then i have to edit it out. andy, you must have a theory. >> the most important thing here is this could have happened. >> even if it didn't happen this can be a teachable moment. homophobia is real. even if there is none here there could have been. >> even if this didn't happen it raises awareness. >> it raises questions and awareness. it is good we are talking about it. >> there are two interesting points here. the husband claims he didn't vote for chris christy because of his stance on gay marriage. >> the other thing is people are talking about the kerry seat they had and that is meaning less. >> you can take and and write
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whatever you president what. >> it is the credit card statement and that proves -- >> that is expensive for two people. >> they had kids. >> excuse me. >> i did it to me. she is a marine. >> they donated the money. >> what if she is right? >> i don't know. >> there is no way to prove that though. >> if she is not keeping any money it is a push. it is a misunderstanding. >> there is hand writing on there. if that is her hand writing and she posted that on facebook wouldn't anyone who knows her know she did that? i was wondering if it was possible there was a third party. >> it seems like a lot to go through. >> it is happening every
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single day. it is a trend. it is huge. all right, coming up, should men in their 40s wear t-shirts over long sleeve shirts? jesse joyce discusses this in his new book "yes" and why is clipt eastwood -- clint eastwood daughter's in the news? i will tell you, but that's not how teases work,
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if it is about a turkey the site will work. they are fixing health care .gov and the website about which bird to pardon is functioning flawlessly. >> obama. voters are asked to choose
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between caramel and they enjoy soy bean meal and lady gaga. the two go together and popcorn. they are partial to corn and beyonce. >> i like corn. is the -- is the pardon worse? they call it gross saying it is, quote, a lighthearted way by easing into the holiday season by pretending a turkey bread to be eaten and then declaring that we will not eat him instead of letting him die without being useful as a participant in the food chain. that's a really long quote. >> speaking of stupid animals.
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these are just going downhill. >> free him and then eat him. that was like ted danson. is killing a turkey anything to joke about? it has a heart. >> i think -- i don't understand the symbolism -- if you want to make it an american thanksgiving tradition every year they should pardon a native american on death row. >> that's an interesting way of looking at it. >> the dude that was killed in "the green mile"? >> that's an interesting question. >> why do you put me in this seat, honestly? >> he is here to ask provocative questions. sherrod, which bird are you for? are you team caramel or team popcorn? >> i don't know which bird i want to live, but i want them to turn to the president and say what about my parents?
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and then chop his head off and make some sandwiches. >> the bad news about the turkey being pardoned is he won't have obamacare. >> are you for real? >> i am pretending how i am at 5:00. jedediah, wouldn't it be better if the birds are eaten rather than pardoned? they don't know any different. they are just here for a short period of time. >> it won't surprise you to know i feel bad for the birds. i used to be a vegan and it was rough. i have needs too. i feel bad for the other birds. why do these turkeys get special treatment while all of the other turkeys -- what is special about them. >> there are white pigeons getting killed every day. >> pigeons are white. i don't understand your logic. >> they are black and gray. their poop is white. >> maybe i am getting
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confused. >> why are you -- shut up. >> there is a hard-hitting race agenda that i appreciate about "red eye." >> we are not scared to go to the sensitive artery of the story. >> andy, how aware are these birds of what is going on. it is all a mockery. >> the reason we did this thing is it is a long tradition. it turns out president george h.w. bush is the first to pardon a turkey. that means there is still a chance of stoping it and we should take that chance. >> i think now that you told me that it is a great thing. >> it is better than obamacare. >> it is an unconfirmed story that the president lincoln's 11-year-old son asked him to pardon the turkey and the president did. our racist producer todd kelly says that was lincoln's greatest accomplishment as president.
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>> this is the day you gettin eaten. you used to be a dinosaur and you had your run. >> you killed a lot of people. by the way, i have never seen a baby turkey? a little turkey? >> no, but they must be so cute. >> they are probably not. aren't they vultures? aren't turkeys vultures? >> they are in the same family. >> you know who else is in the vulture family? >> who? >> give me a name from fox news. >> we are getting out of this one. dark meat. i love the dark meat. i don't like the white meat. i digress. >> dark meat. dark meat. >> thanksgiving. tonight's c block is sponsored by comets. the the celectial objects consisting of ice and dust. thanks, comet. you're welcome, greg. it is hot in here.
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look, a video of couples hooking up. get ready for a frank talk about sex, everyone. [ grunts softly ]
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[ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪
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>> we are trying to morph "red eye" into a lower version of the wendy williams show. >> how you doin? >> that was the first time we have done that. when it comes to sex they are circumspect. women are hard wired to regret casual sex because of the burden of raising a brat. men are bummed about not having sex at all. a study found that the main regrets for females include losing their virginity to the wrong person, andy levy, cheating or moving too fast. men on the other hand most often grive about -- grieve about being too tim mitt to approach a lady. women are protecting something available, ie the eggs. men have a lot of stuff to waste, the other junk. how is this mind blowing? >> it is not mind blowing. but i think women regret it oftentimes because it wasn't
11:33 pm
that good. >> do tell. >> it is wendy williams. >> the way women work, right, we are connected to someone on another level. it becomes a whole different experience. >> like in an elevator. >> casual sex, you have to be good, boys. most men don't mow how to bring it. we go home and say that wasn't worth it. >> what happened to her? >> i just said it. i am just saying. >> i was only kidding about taking this sally jesse raphael round. >> i have to be honest, that's what i'm here for, right? >> is this a big surprise? >> it is not a big surprise. women #r emotionally attached to a situation, if you will and men are filthy animals. >> how many women dowry greet not sleeping with at the short hills mall where you work?
11:34 pm
>> i got them all, greg. i got every one of them. one or two i am not even sure if it was a girl. >> how do they get through all of those layers? >> he does that so afterwards he can say, see, that lasted a longtime. >> you do understand how hard it is to get a taser through six layers. >> i tried it in shoplifting and it is great. >> greg, i only know what i have seen on the german websites. i imagine the person who most regrets casual sex situations is who has to clean up the coffee table. >> because there are always snacks, andy. this is the type of story that other shows are afraid to tackle. how do you think we have handled it so far as our maiden voyage in our let's talk about sex biting hard core afternoon-type segment. >> i give it an a minus. i learned a lot, a lot of which i don't want to know, but that's okay. i regret the times i was too
11:35 pm
shy to hookup. i also regret the times i was too shy and did hookup. the only thing i don't regret is staying home. >> poor thing. >> this is not about behavior. it is about science. i always go back to the infamous casino metaphor. you imagine a casino and a woman has two chips and each is $500. a man has a thousand chips that are $1 each. they are the same amount of chips, but they have to gamble differently. it takes all behavior in light. from building bridges to fighting words to regret. and by the way, i didn't come up with that theory. the theory has been around a longtime. >> i hope you don't say that to girls. >> we have another sex topic. i almost wish we could see that thing again, but we won't. researchers say financial worries and the distraction of facebook and junk mean people are having sex. a poll of 15,000 brits say
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those ages 16 to 44 were having sex less than five times a month. >> what? >> i know. that sounds like a lot. the crappy economy and that is to blame. that's a lot. said one genius, people have tablets and smart phones and they are taking them into the bedroom using twitter and facebook and answering e-mails. i happen to believe this is true. am i just old and frail? >> no. you very small. frailty comes along with being your size. >> the average woman aged and they had 7.7 partners. you wonder how that is possible to have a seventh of a partner. >> you know, that was coming
11:37 pm
at me so slow. >> it slowed down on purpose. >> i wanted the audience to catch up to the fact that greg is a seventh of a person. >> sherrod. sherrod, some are using on-line porn as a substitute. >> you can use that as a substitute, but not all the time. sometimes you have to include your partner and you have to bring your partner into your freaky. that way it is all good. don't be selfish with it. girls are just as freaky as we are. you bring her in there and she says i have better videos than that and i say, this is the freak i like. can i get one of these? >> has the modern era changed your habits? >> if my man can't distract me from my ipad too bad for him. yes i take it to bed and i
11:38 pm
fully expect somebody to distract me. >> do you have the new ipad air though? >> no. see, that's pretty good. >> i bring my phone to bed, but it is to break weed. >> i'm surprised you said weed. >> didn't know you can break it. >> how do you break weed? >> you break it up, you fool. >> what do i know? >> i like how a room full of people laughed and you staired at each other with emptiness. it was just white emptiness staring at each other. >> could this explain the look of misery on your pace? >> no, i don't think so. maybe part of it. to blame it on one thing is not fair to that one thing.
11:39 pm
>> i was talking about having less sex with a bunch of friends and i were watching the dr. who and we all couldn't believe it. >> i have a theory. >> these are not distractions. they are other things to do. they are different then distractions. other things to do fools you into thinking you are doing something whereas a distraction is a distraction. if you are planning on doing something -- >> there are not other things to do. you think you have other things to do because have you twitter and facebook. i wonder what my twitter is saying. you have nothing to do but to get on on that thing and do your business. >> you get up in the morning and say it is saturday at 9:00 a.m. you can get a paper and get some breakfast and a coffee and be back by 10:00. if you get up at 9:00 in the morning there is a laptop you don't leave until 2:00.
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it subtracted four hours of your life. >> think of how much you would get done. twitter alone has hogged decades from my life. >> it is not just from relationships. it is like doing work. if you have to write stuff or prepare for a comedy bit which sherrod rarely does. >> racism. >> say the n-word, it will hurt less. >> it could be appropriate because we have longer life spans we are now living to be 85. maybe that is what this stuff is all of our crap done y the time we are 30 and what do we do? >> you will get the sex in your late 80s. >> my logic is terrible. >> along with the longer life span you can have sex. >> no matter if you have viagra and cialis who wants an old man sweating on top of them with a [bleep] nobody
11:41 pm
wants that. >> i know a few that would pay for that. >> i am having to rethink my second career plans. it is time to take a break. i have a new book called not cool. look at that cover. it is coming out in march, but you can pre order it and you can go to my website, g go there and order 16 copies. i dare you.
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he wants to undo the i do. she is planing to end her drunken las vegas marriage to jonah hill's uglier brother. the 20-year-old daughter of clint eastwood tied the knot with jonah's sweaty kin a week ago in a ceremony in front of
11:45 pm
an elvis impersonator. how many cliches are involved? now she plans to get n a annulment because sources say that is a surprise the wedding was fuelled by alcohol. anyway, sherrod, you actually married. >> -- you actually married joy behhar. >> i did. >> why do people think about this when they are drunk? >> from you that drunk how do you even walk down to someplace and get married? i would have to be that kind of drunk that you would have to drag me in there and put my hand up and put a ring on it. she is already a dumb girl. all due respect, but i love clint eastwood, but she is as dumb as the day is long. >> have you ever met her? >> i saw her on the reality show. i thought clint eastwood has to get his family off tv. well america did because they don't watch the nonsense. >> you actually got hammered and married carrottop in
11:46 pm
vegas. >> he is amazing in -- no i'm kidding. >> he could be. >> people talk that stuff about him and he is like i'm gonna tear this up. >> you know what he can do inventing a dildo thingy? >> let me answer your question though. i don't drink but when girls drink we get lovey and you get affection gnat and you love everyone. one glass of wine is i love you and two is like let's get married. it is a slippery slope. >> you don't drink? >> not really. i drink two glasses of wine and i am drunk. >> awesome. >> jesse, back when you used to drink you married john hillerman in hawaii and it was a beautiful ceremony. >> i must have been really drunk because i don't know who that is. >> higgins.
11:47 pm
>> oh, why didn't you say higgins? >> all he heard was the knight rider voice and he fell in love. >> you have done worse things than this i imagine, correct? >> way worse, sure. >> some i don't think the statute out of limitations is up on so i will do a joke instead. jonah and jordan's father, the two hills, their dad was the accountant for the band guns guns n' roses. as kids they spent a lot of time around the band which explains a lot. that's why axel rose grew up to be such a [bleep]. >> i would have rather pre -- preferred a real story. >> that is like when i repurchase talking points on "red eye" and everybody looks
11:48 pm
at me weird. that is jonah hill's brother. >> it is weird he changed his name to feldstein. >> he didn't want to separate himself. >> we know about your type, andy. >> people shouldn't marry people who are drunk. the people who officiate the ceremony -- >> nobody should get drunk. >> most tattoo artists will not ink somebody who stumbles into their shop and is drunk. it is the same thing for people who officiate weddings. if two people are hammered just say, come back tomorrow. >> it is vegas. isn't everyone drunk all the time? >> no excuse. >> elvis was drunk. the elvis who married them was drunk. >> andy, you once married your cat after a meth binge. >> i was going to read the question i was going to push
11:49 pm
you to the limit. >> that's when you have to stick to the joke no matter what. even if they change the whole story. >> i thought it was when you hate your family. >> that's paul mccurio. do you have a comment on the show? it is red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? click on submit a video. coming up, the most influential animals that ever lived.
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e block. last story. that's the last story. >> all right. is the sheep the top of the heap? "time" magazine named the 15 most influential animals that ever lived. finally among the creatures with clout, dolly, the first successful cloned mammal. bubbles, michael jackson's chimp and god knows who else. the polar bear cub at a german >>- q. and he didn't -- zoo and he didn't poop. and kiko, the animal known for
11:54 pm
marying kchirsty alley jie. what about lassie? or benji? what about brian from family guy who they just killed off? rest in peace, brian you racist dog. >> i feel the cows are more influential because be we thet them. >> anything in a sandwich is more influential. >> i was hoping you would ask me who was missing from the list and it is jasper perino. as a result i can't support this. and lassie. >> i am bleeping out that perino thing. jesse, you are fired up about this story and i don't know why. >> none of the pandas that ted dan swraw killed in the holocaust were in there. i am a history dork. they forgot bolto. >> he is on there.
11:55 pm
>> he's on the list. >> check the list. i read the list and he is on there. he saved the people in alaska. >> oh yeah. he is on the list. >> then they forgot john bough bough -- john belushi. >> there you go. >> you are furious there were no cats on the list. not even garfield. you said what about cassie's cats? >> this is another example of you making [bleep] up because you are obsessed with cats. i never talk about cats. i never ask to see pictures of cats. you are obsessed with cats. you keep naming fake animals. this is real animals. >> are we going to ig authorize the heat that came off andy.
11:56 pm
>> i just like this as a sign of solidarity. i don't date rape chicks in the mall where i work. >> what some. >> he has been making that up too? >> i bought that. >> i know. >> the d.a.'s office bought that. >> let's go back to real pets. i have to say chicken, any chicken in general. >> because you can eat it. >> what about the geico gecko. he is real. >> and he is british too. >> i don't like him. he is taking american geico jobs. this looks like it is falling apart. >> pretty much. >> a professional host would try to save it, but that would be phony. >> you know who should have been on there? upset. they won and it is a big upset.
11:57 pm
>> is that is an actual horse. >> you are dropping nothing. jedediah, jesse, tv's andy levy, sherrod small, that does it for me. god know what's is left. >> happy
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tonight on huckabee. >> everybody is allowed to hang their minds. you have to explain why. >> charles kraut hammer on politics and what really matters. >> elegant and beautiful in life. just -- >> it's a small part of the universe he created. >> the last man to walk on the moon. gene joins the governor. plus -- >> the furthest thing to come out of my mouth is negative. everything is bad. >> al trips to the holy land are


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